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Fantasy Night (M)

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A/N: guys, this is my first smut and it’s a threesome smut so pLEASE GO EASY ON MEEEE. hope you guys like it. now i’m gonna hide in a hole so…

ps: holy smokes, this took me forever but honestly, I over thought it way too much because nfbvdci’mghvakjfvirginjbc

Taeyong & Johnny x Reader

Summary: Who said that dreams don’t come true? An accidental confession leads to the best night your friends could ever give you.

Word Count: 3,735

It was a stupid confession. One that you meant to keep to yourself. But Ten threw a party and after playing more than a few drinking games… let’s just say that you opened yourself up more than you wanted to.

Johnny and Taeyong held you up as the elevator was taking you to your floor which you lived on. They were drunk, too, just not as much as you were. Your face had this permanent, lazy smile and your half-lidded eyes were ready to close for the night. Your head was dangling down in case you were to have an accident and while Taeyong is drunk, he was nice enough to put your hair up in a sloppy bun. A clean freak always, sober or drunk.

“Ooh, Y/N, did you have fun?” Johnny slurred his words in the beginning. Your head popped up really fast causing you to get a little dizzy. “I had LOTS of fun,” your giggle was contagious for Taeyong.

The elevator bell dinged and you tried to rush out the doors. The boys on your arms nearly tripped. Johnny asked for your keys and you mumbled about them being in your back pocket. Maybe it was the alcohol that gave him courage to reach back there without shame.

He struggles to put the key in the lock, cursing out loud, “I can’t get this to fucking fit.” You thought it was a good time to crack a joke at this moment, “HAHA, that’s what she said.” You and Taeyong were on the floor rolling. The neighbor on the opposite side of the hall came outside and saw the messy trio before her eyes.

“Oh my god, what a shame. She’s got two fucking guys with her on a Saturday and here I am watching The Notebook by myself again,” she ranted rather quickly that you barely understood her. She snatched the key from Johnny’s hand and unlocked the door for you. “Sherri, is that you? Oh my god, how are you?” you asked loudly.

Your finger pointed at her, “Guys, that’s my neighbor!” Sherri waved at Johnny and Taeyong with a slightly disgusted look on her face. “Y/N, maybe I should take care of you tonight. You should stay with me.” You protested against it, your voice slurring as you insisted that you needed your own bed. Sherri knew how you could get when drunk, as this has happened at least more than a few times, so she looked at the guys again and trusted that they wouldn’t do any harm to you and walked hesitantly to her apartment.

Inside, you were giving Johnny and Taeyong directions to your room. The bedroom door nearly tore off as Taeyong was leaning against the door and it swung open with a turn of the knob. Your body lunged forward and Johnny caught you on time. They grabbed both of your arms and laid you down on your bed.

You were in a fit of giggles and that’s when you said it, “Ooh~, you guys are putting me to bed. I always,” hiccup, “used to fantasize about the three of us. I wish it could happen. Oh,well. Night, guys~” You curled up in a ball and started dozing off.

Taeyong snorted, “She’s so dumb. Let’s go to sleep.” He started walking to your couch in the living room. Johnny seemed to have been a bit shook up by your confession, trying to figure out if he heard you correctly or not. His head started to hurt and he left you alone for the night.

You three will forget all about this.

You were out in town doing some shopping with your friends. Beside you was Ten already talking about going to some huge party one of his friends were throwing. It was going to be later that same week and called for shopping for some new outfits. Your girl friends were arm in arms with you walking through different shops while the guys trailed along.

In the corner of your eye, Taeyong was talking to Taeil and Johnny, but it seemed that Johnny wasn’t really paying attention. Rather, it seemed that he was… looking at you? You thought your mind was playing tricks with you, so you looked away then back. He was looking at Taeyong, giving him full attention to whatever he was saying. I thought so… you said to yourself.

Sherri tapped on your shoulder (the girl decided to get herself out of isolation), “Hey Y/N, what do you think of this top?” It was this cute off-shoulder blouse that consisted of pink lace and small, blue flowers. “It’s really pretty,” you commented. “Good, go try it on. I think it’ll look good on you.” Her hands pushed your back to the fitting rooms. It fit really nice. You pulled your bra straps down to get a proper look of how it was supposed to look.

It felt odd, but in a good way; you had narrow, fragile looking shoulders and the blouse hugged around them and made them look tempting. It didn’t accentuate your curves of your waist, but it gave you some good cleavage to show. The price was really cheap, too. Hmm… I’ll take it.

During your lunch, you couldn’t help that Johnny kept acting weird. Kind of tense. He barely spoke a word to you, which is odd because you thought you were close. But whatever, I guess. Like before, you just pretended it was nothing. If you needed to, you could talk to him to see what’s wrong.

I’m sure it’s nothing

Pulling up to the house party, your jaw dropped to the ground. The house, or rather mansion, was huge and it was filled with people. “Ten, I know you said it was going to be a big party, but this is just a plain rave at this point. Who is it that you know that has a house this big and knows this many people?” Taeil questioned.

“Well, Jongin only told me about the party. It’s not exactly his house.” You couldn’t help but get nervous at the size of the crowd. You could only pray that you didn’t get lost in the crowds of people. Inside, the music was blaring from these huge speakers that almost reached the ceiling. It seemed that they took furniture out of the place to make more room for people. The kitchen was an absolute disaster; red solo cups and boxes of food were piled on the counters and there was a couple having a rather passionate make-out on the island counter. Next to them were a group of friends that didn’t really seem to care about them.

Not your kind of scene but it wasn’t bad, either. Jen, your best friend, was talking about some cute guy she saw at the entrance. She had a look in her eye that indicated she was asking if she could leave you behind and talk it up with him. “Ugh, just go. I’m a big girl, I can handle being by myself.” Jen blew a kiss saying ‘I owe you.’ “Yeah, whatever.”

All alone, you drank from your cup as you looked around. There were some cute guys around but it looked like they were taken, some even… occupied. “Why are you by yourself?” a voice snuck up next to you. Johnny looked down at you and had a drink in his hand as well. You looked around him and didn’t see any of your other friends in close distance. “I could say the same to you.” He chuckled to himself and took a sip. His eyes visibly looked up and down at you. “You look good in that. Didn’t you buy that the other day?” It caught you off guard that Johnny payed any attention to that.

“Yeah. I did.” An awkward silence stood. You wanted to say something to him now that he stopped acting weird. But what is there to talk about? You saw each other almost every other day. Pushing his way through the crowd, Taeyong was waving at the both of you. Your hand repeated the action to let him know he got your attention. Panting, he informed you guys about some group of people starting a game. He guided you both to the spot in the back of the house. Admittedly, it was better than where you were. There were less people and the night air was fresh.

They were getting for a drinking game and you stood with Taeyong and Johnny – as they were the only ones you knew in this small group – and waited for the explanation of the rules for said game. “Okay, so everyone has a drink?” the supposed leader asked, getting everyone to lift their drinks in response, “Okay, good. Make sure they’re filled. We’re gonna play a classic: never-have-I-ever. And you have to tell the truth.” Not too bad. Minus your friends, you were surrounded by strangers. They can’t judge you for anything later and vice versa.

Johnny bent down and whispered in your ear, “Do you think you can handle this game?” He had this smirk on his face. Does he know something I don’t? Before you could say something to him, the leader started the game. Johnny kept the mischievous smile on his face the entire game. It especially grew when the leader asked a more than personal question. “Never have I ever thought of sleeping with the person currently next me.” Only a few people drank from their cups, oohs going all around. Taeyong was nervously taking a sip and Johnny took his confidently. You looked at the girls next to them and mentally commented that they were cute, no wonder they took a sip.

Everyone looked at you for a final answer. You held back taking a sip because, although you thought of it – and many times at that – before, Johnny and Taeyong were just friends. You didn’t want to make them feel weird. “Why are you lying?” Johnny whispered to you again. This time, you looked at him with surprising eyes. He knows? But I haven’t told anyone. How could Johnny possibly know that one secret?

He kept staring until you took the sip. Slowly, you let it pour down into your throat without breaking eye contact. Your little scene had all eyes on you. “Wow, three people next to each other took a sip. I wonder who they were thinking of—”

“Taeyong, let’s go,” Johnny grabbed your hand and went back into the crowd. Taken aback, he told everyone ‘bye’ on the way out. He followed you into Johnny’s car, not even getting the chance to properly put on his seatbelt as his friend just drove ahead. “Where are we going?” you asked, clutching to the roof handle with one hand. “Your place,” was all he said in a deep tone. What’s with him?

With a screech of the tires, he commanded you and the equally confused boy in the back seat to get out. “Johnny, you’re freaking me out. Why did we just leave the party like that,” Taeyong was whining, “Was it lame or something? We could have just gone for pizza or something.” You agreed with your friend, waiting for any response from the taller one. Johnny pressed on the elevator button harshly.

He didn’t bother talking anymore, so you picked up small talk with Taeyong. “The girl at the party next to you was cute.” He shrugged his shoulders and replied with, “I guess.”

“You guess? But didn’t you drink for her—”

“That was for you,” Johnny quipped. Taeyong gave a look of ‘what the fuck, dude’ with hands half up into the air. “What?” Johnny said as the elevator finally got to your floor. Once again, your hand was in his and you were basically running to your apartment door. In your pocket was your phone with various texts from your friends back at the party.

             Jen: Hey, I got his number! If you need me, don’t bother 😉

             Sherri: When can we go home?

             Ten: Where’s Johnny and Tae?

             Ten: Oh, and are you having fun? 😊

“Keys,” Johnny sounded demanding. You opened up the door and Johnny paced forward to your room. “Umm, Johnny… I think you should explain why we’re here at my apartment and in my room.” He was fidgeting before gaining composure, “I know about your little dream about the three of us.” Shit. Taeyong still looked confused, obviously forgot about your little slip from a couple weeks before. You blinked repeatedly before playing dumb, hoping Johnny would drop this. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Dude, did you drink something funny because you’re not making any sense.” Johnny scoffed at the both of your replies and walked closer to you. The closer he got, you kept walking back and eventually fell onto your bed. You sat yourself up and questioned Johnny as to what the hell he was talking about, even though you knew clearly what he meant. “Tae, we both like Y/N,” the other male was blushing as his friend just blurted that out, “how would you feel about sharing her?” Your cheeks repeated Taeyong’s at the declaration. Is this real? This has to be a dream.

Stuttering, Taeyong said, “Y-yah, don’t say things like that casually. Where did you even get that idea?”

“Y/N here told us. We were too drunk to pay any mind to what we were saying. But I remember it.” Johnny kneeled in front of you. His hand what on your thigh, unknowingly sending a shock through you. He looked back to his friend, “Are you up for it?” You looked at him, too. What surprised you was the amount of time it took him to think about it. In seconds, the nervous wreck turned into this confident man that was walking to you and getting on his knees before you as well. “Yeah, I’m in. But,” both look at you, “Y/N, are you up for it?” The back of your neck grew goosebumps in excitement.

Johnny stared into your eyes, “Are you?” Slowly, your head nodded yes. He leans up and kisses your lips. At first, he’s a bit shy but it escalates as time passes by. His hands trail up to your waist, tugging you slightly closer to him. Taeyong notices and jealousy takes him over. Thanks to the access your blouse gives, he starts peppering kisses on your shoulder. You didn’t expect such action; your body naturally reacts with a chill up your spine.

Playing fair was right, so when you were losing breath, you lifted Taeyong’s head up with your finger and brought him to your lips. He had softer lips than Johnny, which you actually expected. Something about watching you and Tae kiss had Johnny feeling more excited, more aroused. Your tongues getting tangled with each others, a taste of alcohol slightly evident. He pulled back catching short breathes and hungry eyes.

Getting impatient, Johnny started undressing you with some help from Taeyong. The rush made you giggle at them. Taeyong laid you back and raised your hands above you and carved his tongue on parts of you he hasn’t explored yet. On the side, Johnny almost ripped his shirt off and started going in his pockets. He pulled out his wallet and saw the aluminum package.

Tae took his own shirt off and you groaned at the sight. Both bodies looked as if they were hand sculpted by gods, too beautiful to be real. But before you could continue your foreplay, Johnny spoke up, “Taeyong, do you have one?” showing his condom as indication of what he meant. He dug in his pocket and found nothing, “No, I didn’t bring one. Do you have another one?”

“No.” They looked at you but as luck would have it, you didn’t have any in your room either. Because why should you? Aren’t they supposed to be responsible for that?

Johnny and Taeyong scavenged their pockets and would check their wallets at least four times and hoped another one would pop out from magic. but it was no use. Johnny had one condom, and you had two horny boys in front of you.

“Y/N, I need you to make a choice. I only have one condom. So, which one of us is going to be the one to use it?” Johnny looked you in the eyes. It was a hard decision, but you’ve been dreaming about this and you weren’t going to give up now just because you were low on protection. Do you risk it? It’s not the best idea, but…

Taeyong sat behind you and started kissing your neck, looking for your sweet spot. “Who’s it gonna be, Y/N?” Johnny was getting visibly jealous, “Don’t use her like that so she can choose you.” He joined the two of you back on the bed and started kissing the other side of your neck Taeyong wasn’t paying attention to. He even went as far as grabbing your breasts and massaging them with that perfect amount of pressure.

You arched your back in pleasure, the stimulation being almost too much for you. “M-more,” you moaned for them. Taeyong wrapped one of his hands around you and reached for your clit. His middle finger massaged around it as his mouth made markings all around your neck. “Fuck, that feels good,” your breaths were getting heavier by each stroke.

Your cries of pleasure echoed in the closed walls of your room. The two boys attached to you had your stomach churning in excitement and the real fun hadn’t started yet. Johnny lifted his head up and kissed you feverishly. He waited for your lips to give his tongue access. The wet muscle danced with your own, taking the small amount of breath you had.

You grabbed his hair, hands shaking from the pleasure coursing through your entire body. Taeyong took his free hand and grabbed your chin to look back to him, and attached his own lips to yours.

You wanted to turn your body to face Taeyong but Johnny wasn’t letting you. He bent down to kiss and leave his own marks on your cleavage. Your head was falling back and eyes shut tightly. Your mind was going a mile a second but the answer was clear. “Johnny… I—” you weren’t able to finish what you were going to say but they knew. His ego boosted as he took off his pants. You turned around and assisted Taeyong with his. You saw the growing bulge, the sight getting you wetter than the number Taeyong was doing to you.

You looked into his eyes for reassurance that you could touch him and he scooted closer to you. He took off his boxers and his dick sprung up. He had an impressive size, you were almost ready to take back what you said.

His eyes stared into yours as you took his dick in your hand. You almost didn’t notice Johnny sneak up from behind you. He took his long fingers and felt around your pussy before inserting them in you.

“Fuck, you’re really wet.” He started off slowly and gradually picked up speed watching as you were giving Taeyong a hand job. Your hips involuntary moved with his finger, telling him you wanted him to go faster. You felt him put another one of his fingers inside you and you arched your back with pleasure. Just as you were about to come, he pulled his fingers out. You whined at him but saw him line himself to your entrance.

He slowly slid in and gave you a minute to adjust to his size. You moved your hips back as a hint and he started with soft pumps in and out of you. Taeyong’s eyes watched Johnny fuck you as he was jerking himself off, picturing himself in his friend’s place. The imagery was erotic and you loved every single bit of it. You licked the strong vein upwards, never breaking eye contact, widening your mouth as you took him in. Taeyong’s hand reached up to your hair and took a handful, pushing you down deeper.

You had to slow down your movements to stretch your mouth up a little. One of your hands slid under to play with his balls.

“Fuck, Y/N, just like that,” Taeyong shakes as he thrusts up to you. You move your head up and down faster, moaning vibrations all through him. Looking up, his head is back and his groans of your names are consistent.

The only reason you contracted back was when Johnny roughly smacked your ass a couple times then smoothed it over. He spread your legs a bit wider and pushed himself deeper in you, hitting the spot that had you screaming. Taeyong resumed jerking himself off as he listened to your cries of bliss. He was the first to cum and got some of it on your face and his abs. He was catching up on his breath while watching you move back and forth against Johnny.

“C’mon Y/N. Cum for us,” Taeyong said in a breathy, sultry voice. Johnny reached around and abused your clit. He bent down and you felt the heavy breathing against your ear. Between grunts, he whispered to you ‘together.’ You tightened yourself around him and laid your face down on your bed, knuckles white from your grip on the thin sheets. He groaned at your action, thrusts becoming harder and out of rhythm. Almost simultaneously, you came right when Johnny stilled himself in you. Your legs became limp after he pulled out and fell next to you.

On your other side, Taeyong adjusted himself and being the one who is calm from his high, he pulled the sheets and covered the three of you. “That was… amazing,” was the last thing you said before dozing off. You all cuddled closer and slept silently.

The next morning brought the awareness that you were sore all over. You opened your eyes and saw Taeyong’s face peacefully sleeping. Your head turned and saw Johnny behind you, also still asleep. You didn’t bother getting up – not that you could anyway, seeing as they completely trapped you between them; Johnny’s arm over your waist and Taeyong’s legs on yours.

Your stomach did little flips and thought, ‘what a dream come true.’


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