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top 5 reasons to love jjp!

IZZY MY LOVE!!! I’m glad you asked because you know how much my never ending love flows for JJP so be prepared its a long one im just gonna reLEASE THE FEELS

1. The neck grabs/loving stares

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2. Their relationship is not close, but deep



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3. Their touches….

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4. They shine so brightly when they’re together

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5. They worked through all their hardships so that they could stay together

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The 'Norts and Ansems

Master Xehanort the fucker that started this confusion, Master ‘Nort

  • Keyblade master
  • First master of Ventus, Creator of Vanitas
  • Original incarnation of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, partial of Xemnas, and counterpart of Young Xehanort

Terra-Xehanort or TerraNort

  • The result of Master Xehanort forcing his heart into Terra’s body
  • Becomes Xehanort after seemingly losing memories

Ansem, Seeker of Darkness whatabutt 

  • Xehanort’s Heartless
  • Based from Xehanort’s  physical appearance and retained TerraNort’s guardian symbiote 
  • Manipulated Riku for that weird time period

Xehanort the Not So Original 'Nort 

  • Apprentice of Ansem the Wise
  • Original persona of Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Xemnas
  • Originally “born” as TerraNort when Master Xehanort forced his heart into the body of Terra 

Ansem the Wise

  • Studied the heart with apprentices Braig, Dilan, Aeleus, Ienzo, and Xehanort
  • Exiled to the Realm of Darkness, where he gained dark powers and renamed himself DiZ (Darkness in Zero)
  • Using his new powers, he set out on a quest to avenge himself 

Young Xehanort Baby 'Nort 

  • Teenage Xehanort
  • Given the power to travel through and manipulate time to help his older self accomplish his goal of containing his essence in thirteen vessels. 

Xemnas Mansex

  • Xehanort’s Nobody
  • Has almost nothing to do with either Ansem

I hope this helps someone, it was a pain. It’s in an almost order, uh, yeah.


the night patrol, chapter nine

chapter title: Love, You’re Not Alone
words: 3.5k
chapter summary: In which everything is very, very, sweet.

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

a/n: Hi everyone, welcome to the final battle and penultimate chapter! I definitely struggled a lot writing this one and have spent most of the last two weeks working on it in my spare time, and I really hope you enjoy it! And before I go—I just wanted to give a very special shout out to @ladrienintensifies, who coined the name for akuma!Sabine—thanks so much!! Without you, I’d probably still be struggling with this!

AO3 | FF

Marinette grips Chat Noir’s hand so tightly that she’s practically crushing it. Her heart is beating a million times a minute and she has no idea what’s going on with her mother down below, but she can feel the calm reassurance he’s emanating through his gloves and it centers her again.

Even though she feels as terrified as she was the first time she fought an akuma, she knows that he’s there with her, standing by her side, and he understands how crucial the stakes are; perhaps even more than she does.

He looks down at her, calm but urgent.

“You can do this, my lady,” he says. “I believe in you.”

“So…you know who I am,” she murmurs. She knows the answer is obvious, but she still wants to hear it from her partner’s lips.

Chat Noir nods. “Salut, Ladybug,” he says, in a near whisper.  

Marinette feels as though a huge weight has finally been lifted off her shoulders, and he gently laughs as she looks down and sighs loudly, unable to contain her incredible sense of relief.

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in the mood for love pt. 2 {bts album} lyric starters
  • “stop worrying about me.”
  • “we’re still young so stop your worrying.”
  • “if it seems like you’re going to crash, step harder, kid.”
  • “we’re too young to give up.”
  • “i don’t give a shit, i don’t give a fuck.”
  • “you’re my only sun, the only one in the world.”
  • “just burn me, just push me away.”
  • “i can’t do anything but love you.”
  • “let me run more.”
  • “it’s okay if you get hurt.”
  • “you make me cry.”
  • “love is a lie.”
  • “will you stay by my side?”
  • “my heart still breaks over you.”
  • “i want to say i love you.”
  • “you’re my summer, autumn, winter, and every spring.”
  • “they call me a try-hard.”
  • “you must be kidding me.”
  • “i can see our relationship withering.”
  • “i can’t give up on you.”
  • “it’s a house made of cards, and we’re inside.”
  • “as time passes, we only mess it up even more.”
  • “even though we already knew, we couldn’t stop.”
Before The World Ends. (chpt 1)

synopsis: The world was always going to end someday. But Jungkook thought he would have at least told you how he felt before then. Turns out all the time in the world isn’t a lot of time at all.

genre: Jungkook apocalypse au // angst and fluff.

(gif not owned by me)

words: 5,389.

It has been said that the world will end not with a bang, but with a whimper. That in reality we’re all nothing but meaningless people with meaningless dreams who put ourselves on soap boxes to make us feel like we have something to contribute, that the loss of us will leave a dent in the galaxy, a dent in the universal cycle and that time will seek its bearings in the extinction of us. Yet, we forget that time is a man-made construct, a socially accepted norm among us and us alone. Time doesn’t really exist, it’s bounds have been compressed into numbers and calculations by people who most of us cannot name. The world will end, not according to our time, but to its own will, regardless of whether it is with a bang or a whimper. Regardless of whether you have said and done the things you said you would, regardless of your readiness. The world will end.

There is a lot of unsaid things between people, despite how close they are. The man across the street doesn’t tell his wife that it wasn’t the kids down the street who scraped her car, it was him. The little boy who lives to the left of you never told his mother that it was him who broke her favourite vase and not his sister. Your best friend tells you that he hates your boyfriends, but he doesn’t tell you that it’s because none of them love you in the same way he does. A friendship had blossomed between you and Jungkook when you were eight years old, a typical friendship with a not so typical meeting. It’s only once in a life time you manage to meet a boy who didn’t mind sticking his hand down a drain to save a frog and ever since that summer day in June where the wind swept through the grass and the sun bore down on the side walk, you two had been inseparable. 

His feelings, however, had not burst into fruition on that blue sky’d day in June, but six years later, on an October night at a party. There was a lull to the night, most of the party guests had left and you, Jungkook and several others occupied the living room where popped balloons and ripped paper in the form of make-shift confetti littered the carpet, lights off aside from the blaring blue glare of the television. It was only down the street from both of your houses, so neither of your, nor his, parents had really minded if you stayed the night. Half asleep, your cheek rested in your hands while the dulling conversation still peaked your interest enough that you remained mildly conscious. They were playing a game, somewhat like truth or dare but without the dares or the hassle of being forced to answer a question if you didn’t have an answer and it soon became your turn.

“Out of everyone in this room, who would you like to marry the most?” Someone asks.

Rubbing your eyes with the palms of your hands, you sit up and cross your legs, looking to everyone in the room before glancing down at your feet. Your socks were blue, well, they weren’t your socks, they were Jungkook’s who was kind enough to let you borrow his pair so you wouldn’t have to attend a party with holes in your socks. Yet, while you were distracted by the question and lost in your own thoughts, Jungkook shuffled uncomfortably back in his chair, the anticipation of your answer somewhat bothering him. ‘Why are you so uncomfortable? It’s not like she’s going to pick you, she’s your best friend’, he thinks to himself, folding his arms across his chest in an awkward fashion. This whole game was awkward, especially for awkward teens like yourselves. 

“Nobody really, I mean, it’s not a good idea to pick your husband or wife when you’re exhausted, right?” You yawn, drowsy smile somewhat natural on your features. Really, you didn’t have an answer, but if you had thought it through, you probably would have said Jungkook. You were spending most, if not all, of your time with him anyway, so what more would a lifetime do. That’s when Jungkook knew, when he felt that sting of disappointment when you didn’t say his name, that heavy feeling in his stomach that weighed him down. He could tell himself a thousand times that he didn’t want you to say his name, but he would know then that he would have been lying to himself. Because if that question had been directed at him, he knew he would have said your name in a heartbeat.

The boy planned to tell you the extent of his feelings some day. The feelings that made messing around together even easier, the feelings that had him lying in bed at night imagining where you two would live, where you would go, how he would tell you and how you would react. Jeon Jungkook believed he had all the time in the world to tell you the deepest, most confined expressions of his heart and all that they could have meant. Jeon Jungkook did have all the time in the world, and yet, unbeknownst to anyone at the time, all the time in the world was not a lot of time at all.

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To all my lovely el duderinos, you guys are THE DAMN WORLD.


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