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The Lady.

Did you think the detailed fur thing was a joke

Commission part 1 of 2 for @theredwallrecorder, that sly beast. I received an amazing writeup of the character and while it would be too long to copy here I want to at least highlight the main points: 

The Lady’s design and nature is inspired by Madame Pele, Izanami no Mikoto, and Adi Parashakti in terms of power yet playfulness. She has the body of a vixen, but with three heads and six arms: one of a fox, a rat, a ferret, a wildcat, a monitor lizard, and a crow’s claw. At her command, without the need to be wielded, she can summon Damug Warfang’s rapscallion sword, Gabool’s cutlass, Mokkan’s axe, Ungatt Trunn’s trident, Ferahgo’s knives, and a rosary of Asmodeus’ teeth dripping with poison. 

Redwall Hell is The Lady’s domain, and none know the true extent of her power - though you might have some idea when she lets some of her goddess form grace your mortal eyes  。◕‿◕。


Niall on The Graham Norton Show - FULL EPISODE 720p
October 14, 2016 (recorded on 10/13)