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“Once Zarkon is defeated, the universe won’t be needing Voltron anymore. It will be the day that we all can finally go back home to live in peace and leave our duties as defenders of the universe behind.

But it will also be the day our names … will be remembered throughout the galaxy forever.”

Shallura Week 2017 Day 07: legacy; revolution

( Reminder: This is only an UNOFFICIAL FANART Voltron poster. The artist intended to follow the official format of the series aim to add ‘realistic’ impact to its viewers only. Just so we don’t have confusions. )

Contestshipping week, day three: EXPEDITIONS~

She knew he was just humoring her, but she didn’t care. When Drew agreed to document and scrapbook their travels, May was positively overjoyed! 

(Besides, after a while, he seemed to get just as into the craft as she was. Perhaps all those rose stickers had something to do with it….)


Warehouse 13 - Onion headlines  With mucho thanks to pbandfluff for spending loads of time helping me find headlines.



Niall on The Graham Norton Show - FULL EPISODE 720p
October 14, 2016 (recorded on 10/13)