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mercs shaming

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good job you drama queens. years of work down the fucking drain

i hope it was worth it you goddamned tools

and another thing: if locus went after the reds and blues and felix took care of wash, they probably would have succeeded


werewolf-tracer  asked:

Prompt: max loses her memory because she used her power too much. Vic sees this as a chance to start over with Max.

Second Chances

Sitting in class Victoria looked over at a empty seat. Her favorite person to pick on was gone? It had been almost a week now. She had not seen her around the dorm either. Surprisingly, Victoria’s mind started to wander into wondering where Max had went. Looking away from the desk she sent her focus onto Mr. Jefferson’s words. It’s not like she needed to pay attention. She knew most of the things he went over, and if she didn’t and somehow failed this class, she could surely pay him off for the A. Looking down at her red nails she sighed and started to mess with them.

Could this class be any longer?

At this point Victoria just wanted to get out of here. She really wasn’t feeling it today. Picking up her phone from her desk she checked the time. The bell should be ringing here pretty soon and she could go find Taylor or Courtney to hang out with. Leaning up from her laid back position she started tapping her foot waiting for the sweet, yet very annoying sound of the schools bell.


Standing up and grabbing her things she quickly exited the room. Thank god Mr. Jefferson wasn’t interested in trying to keep her after class, she wasn’t very interested in kissing up to him today. Walking out the door and down the hall she spotted her crew sashaying towards her. Smirking she watched as they took their positions on each side of her, continuing forward.

“Hey, what’s up?” Victoria greeted them, not really caring unless it was some good gossip. Taylor grinned evilly. Now Victoria had to know what the scoop was.

I heard that Max Caulfield is coming back today after her little amnesia trip.” She giggled along with Courtney nodding. Raising her eyebrows Victoria nodded.

So that’s where she’s been.

“Amnesia?” Victoria questioned aloud as the group made their way towards their dorms.

“Yeah, I was thinking it would be great to mess with her some more, and it would be like the first time!” Courtney smiled at the thought of her plan. Victoria heard this and somehow had a sort of, rethinking? Should she really continue to torture Max Caulfield? What was she thinking– That’s all she ever does! Yet something about making her life any harder than it already is seemed unappealing to her.

“If we thought she was a freak before,  think of how weird she will be now!” Taylor added to Courtney’s plotting.

I heard that they found her wandering along the side of a road.” Courtney added to the story raising her eyebrows waiting for Victoria’s reaction.

“Yeah, Freak.” Victoria laughed along even though it did not feel genuine. The girls must have noticed.

“Vic, are you feeling okay?” Courtney asked with less concern for Victoria’s wellbeing, and more concern for how she reacted to this news.

“Yeah, I thought you would be pumped to hear this.” Taylor added along to Courtneys tone of voice. Their surprise made Victoria double think on how she was reacting to this. Shouldn’t she be plotting with the girls on how she could screw with Max?

“Of course I’m fine.” Victoria snapped. Now she wasn’t even in the mood to be around these two.

“Ugh, you two are making my head hurt.” She spoke with distaste at them. They exchanged glances and started to back away they arrived at the entrance to their dorm.

“Okay, we’ll just be out here then if you need us.” Taylor said treading on eggshells.

“As if.” Victoria responded to her friends rolling her eyes. She didn’t need anyone. As Victoria turned and was walking inside she heard Courtney questioning Taylor on if she knew why Victoria was acting so strange.

“You know how Vic gets when she gets headaches.” Taylor responded.

Victoria rolled her eyes and strutted on over to her own room. Opening the door she sighed and sat down at her computer. Better update her status. Her Facebook wall was mostly filled with pictures of herself. With the high tech camera her parents had bought her they looked quite professional.

Sighing she posted a picture that had been laying in her folders and leaned back in her chair. Why had she been acting so strange at the mention of Max? It’s not like she cared about Max Caulfield, the only things she used to love hearing about her was how much of a living hell she could make Max’s life. What’s so different now that she has lost her memory? She probably lost all memory of Victoria being mean to her too. Staring at her screen she continued to think over why she felt so out of it today. This caring thing wasn’t like her. It was so odd for her to feel almost sorry for Max. It was unusual for someone to just lose their memory like that. What happened to her? Victoria questioned herself as she sat at her computer wondering why it mattered to her. It wasn’t like she would treat Max any differently. Max was just a wannabe hipster who got on Victoria’s every nerve. That “I’m so sweet and innocent” act was really annoying. Victoria knew that there was something more to Max Caulfield. There had to be some secret she was hiding. Nobody is just that nice for no reason. Everybody wants something.

Max had been nice to her that one time though, when that freak accident of paint fell on her. Why would she be nice? After the rudeness she had given her why would Max just be pleasant to her? Maybe Victoria was reading into her wrong? Shaking her head she sighed.

“Vic, you know she’s just a little bitch.” She whispered softly to herself while looking up at her ceiling. Perhaps with the lose of memory Max would reveal her true disgusting side of herself. Drop the act because she forgot that she was always this perfect little princess here. Hopefully. Closing her eyes Victoria sat there in thought.

“Max!” A unfamiliar boy yelled from across the parking lot when she exited the bus. The brunet boy came jogging over to her. Blinking she titled her head not sure of what to make of him.

“Max, I heard you’d be coming back today!” He exclaimed and hugged her. With wide eyes Max stood there taking the hug awkwardly.

“Uh, Hello? Nice to meet you?” She said unsure of what to say. Who was this boy?

“Max, come on, I’m not that forgettable am I? It’s me! Warren?” He said trying to jog her memory. Max nodded thinking this name over. It sounded right, she felt like she knew a Warren.

“Warren.” She spoke his name aloud and looked to the concrete.

“Yeah! That’s it! You need any help finding things around campus or do you remember?” He asked politely. Wow, this guy was really nice. Even though the memories of who he was were sort of coming back she trusted that this person would get her to where she needs to be. Walking with him he seemed chipper.

“So as I remember you don’t have any more classes for the day, so dorm time it is! Unless of course you want to hang out with me?” He asked to persuade her before she even answered.

“That’s…A nice offer, Warren, but honestly it’s sort of like I just met you?” She said trying to let his offer down easy. He seemed to dislike this answer, yet let it go with a shrug.

“Okay, I can feel that. Maybe some other time. Either way I get to be like your tour guide and that’s pretty cool!” He tried to make this walk to her dorm interesting after that by explaining things around her. She was pretty much spacing off and nodding to what he was saying without really listening.

“…And to your left you will see a troop of Apes as they play with their football…” Max soon found herself by the door to her supposed dorm while Warren was droning on.

“So, This is where I leave you, fair maiden.”He bowed and smiled while strolling off.

Huh, So I was friends with a geek.

Max shrugged and turned the door to the dorm. While she had a paper telling where all her classes were and her room number in her back pocket of her jeans, Max felt like she knew this place. Perhaps she could find her room on her own? The doctor had recommended trying to remember things on her own instead of relying on what others told her solely. Walking down the hall and taking a long look at all the dorm rooms she forced herself to try and remember.

Come on Max, you know this.

Taking a chance at the door she believed to be her own she twisted the knob slowly. Not locked. This might be hers after all. Pushing it open gently she found her cheeks heating up.

Nope nope nope!

This was not her room! Eyes large Max stood there not knowing what to do. There was a girl sitting at her computer desk, turning around to look at the intruder of her domain. Max mumbled and stuttered out a response to all this.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry–I thought this was–” She started out and was quickly interrupted by the owner of this room.

“It’s–Okay. Are you lost?” This girl spoke to her, not extremely nicely, but pleasant. Max nodded as the girl stood from her desk.

Wowzers, she’s so pretty.

Max blinked thinking about how expensive her clothes looked, while she on the other hand was dressed in a cheap hoodie and jeans. This girl could practically be a model. Max thought of even asking her to let Max take her picture sometime.

No, that’d be creepy, I mean you just walked into this girls room. Does she even know you?

“It’s Max right? I’m Victoria, Victoria Chase. You can call me Vic.” She out held her hand with a small smile on her perfect pink lips. She must have known Max. Sadly Max couldn’t remember her. With a face like that you think it would be hard to forget.

“Yeah–You uh, must know me then?” She questioned, her memory foggy. Taking Victoria’s hand she shook it. Her skin was so soft.

“Yeah, we talked in class a few times.” Vic gave a small nod answering Max.

“I’m sure you’re looking for your room?” Vic went on.

“Oh- Uh, yeah I thought this was my room.” She confessed looking down even though it must be obvious. Pushing her light brown hair behind her ear she looked up with only her eyes. Vic was smiling kindly when she looked up.

“It’s just over there.” She pointed to a room not far down the hall.

“Thank you so much, I’ll be going now.” Max hurried off towards her room as Victoria called out to her.

“Hey, if you need anything I’m here.” Max smiled and waved goodbye as she entered her room.

Oh my god Victoria Chase–I can’t believe you just did that.

Victoria slid down the back of her door after she closed it from her encounter with Max. Did she really just make friends with Max Caulfield.

What happens when she remembers all the bad things you had done to her. Would she ever remember? How are you going to explain this to your friends?

Victoria sat there stunned at the new change of heart she had just had in those few minutes. There was just something about Max. Like this was a sign for a new start. For her to find what could have been between them. For her to get to know the complex creature that was Max Caulfield. She had been the same nice and shy her when they spoke. Could she really be what Victoria thought? Well, now was her chance to find out more about her. To get closer to her. Courtney and Taylor would just have to deal with this. Or she could lie to them. Make something up about the plan being to befriend Max and then–? Victoria didn’t want this to be a trick. She felt like she really wanted to be Max’s friend. Her heart was beating fast from the experience and her mind was racing. Max was the type of person to probably come to her for help after she offered it, so someone’s bound to find out about this new friendship–There’s not really away for her to hide it.

Either way, all Victoria knew was that right now she wanted to hang out with Max. She wanted to get to know her. She was somehow attracted to this nerd girl. Victoria the moth and Max the light. What a turn of events. As much as Victoria’s head tried to deny any positive feelings towards Max, her heart beat to a different tune.

What had Victoria gotten herself into?

(A/N: Thinking about continuing this? What do you think? You like it? It not it’s probably going to be a one shot– Towards the end about Victoria’s feelings though I was thinking about the song Headlock by Imogen Heap and I’ll leave a link if you want to listen!)

let’s get these teen hearts beating faster, faster || chapter 5 + chapter 1 rewrite



i know this took forever but anyways here’s an update and a reconstructed chapter because i’m a dissatisfied little shit  

ALSO a big thank you to @oquiznakitznary for beta reading and editing and being a wonderful writer in general pls check her stuff out she’s amazing

now onto the chapter! 

Things were suddenly different.

And it bothered Katie to no end that she couldn’t pinpoint what exactly she meant by that.

They just were.  

Normally, even the smallest changes in details would never be missed by her keen eye; she was a computer programmer, dammit. There was a reason why she was in charge of cleaning and going over the final script for the school website.

But now, Pidge found herself drawing up a blank.

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Ahhhh I loved this episode so much! I made so many screencaps~ Let’s start talking about this, shall we?

We start the episode with Yukino is a dress. SHE’S TOO CUTE I THINK.

Erza looks so cute in this attire~ I’m sorta disappointed that she’s not holding a cake though xD

MILLIANNA, BABY! Don’t be like that. I love you and you are so cute I just want to hug you!

LEVY IS FINALLY ALL HAPPY. I’m so happy for her :’) (I bet you guys were sqealing when Gajeel came xD)



Meanwhile with Kagura and Erza (fangirls because Kagura is so cute here)


So cute (dies)

Here, have some tigers~


Uhhh blonde hair? Wat.

Gee, I wonder what that is….?




Ahem… Moving on…

Just a few days ago, I was re-watching Fairy Tail and I came across Lyon saying Millianna should get to a safe place or whatever, so I started to get shippy feelings. AND LOOKIE HERE XD.

I say you shut up before I tackle you. Stop being so cute, Dragneel.

AND THERE WE GO. A PERFECT ENDING (though I would’ve liked some NaLu, but I appreciate this wonderful episode)~ Ahhh I loved everything in this episode, it was just so fun to watch. It was worth the wait and I looooved it.

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He’d never forget his first glimpses of true family life in the Greene household; the warm sunny kitchen, his mother with her sweet smiles and her gentle hands, sliding plates of fresh-baked cookies or brownies or slices of pumpkin spice bread between them and nudging over glasses of lemonade or iced tea with perfect square ice cubes inside. Every time they’d insist on him spending dinner with them and he’d never eaten so well in his life; baked chicken and turkey and ham and potatoes and sometimes, when Beth insisted for fun, pancakes and eggs and bacon even though the sun was setting.

He had his first Thanksgiving dinner at Beth’s home, staring wide-eyed over the table at the massive turkey that Mrs Greene set down and Mr. Greene carved, carefully and slowly. His plate had been loaded up with mashed potatoes and corn and stuffing and turkey, and he’d never been so full in his life. (The Greenes had gone around the table giving thanks, and no one had minded when he just shook his head and didn’t say a thing. But later that night when Beth had walked him out to her front porch so her Dad could bring him home, he’d whispered to her in the safety of the darkness: I’m thankful that you’re my friend, Beth. She had smiled right back and reached out to squeeze his hand as she’d whispered back: Me too.)