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So. I’m guessing no one remembers the post I made talking about me mum’s dream ;u;

She had a dream where Zero was climbing the Empire State Building and another dream where Sectonia, Haltmann, a bunch of Kirbies, a mini Giygas, were running around Chine Town in New York.

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Top 10 reasons to ship Klaroline?!

When it comes to Klaroline, anon, there’s SO MUCH to send your little shipper heart a’fluttering. (Here) is a post I did a while ago that details some of these reasons, but since I am a bottomless reserve of Klarolove I shall add some more in another long post. 

Because…porque no? :-D

xx Ashlee Bree

Reasons to Ship Klaroline (Part 2): 

1) All it takes is the subtle mention, presence, interaction existence of Caroline Forbes to give Klaus DIMPLES. FOR. DAYS.

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2) Caroline takes absolute zero percent of Klaus’ shit, and ain’t afraid to be a big ‘ol bitchy, challenging piece of sass when she’s pissed. Or when he deserves it.

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This woman will live in my heart forever.  

She’s beautiful, 

She’s strong, 

But not just as a fighter, I think it took so much for her to open up to Clarke. 

And I think her love for Clarke scares her, but she loves her so much that it’s worth it. 

I’ve never loved a character as much as I love her, 

But she is so much more then that to me 

She feels so real to me. 

And her and Clarke should have gotten a happy ending. 

But to me Lexa isn’t gone, for me she lives. 



“It took forever but,hey!! apparently 400 of you people think I’m worth being noticed so thank you very much for that I really do appreciate it.”

“Yeah this was supposed to come early but, I have a dumb summer job. (THAT GIVES ME THE CASH MUNEY)”

“so here are some of the rad people that I have RPed with:


@goldenprinceasriel: really nice mun and I do love how you put so much detail into how you present the world that we are in. not to mention, I love how you portray Asriel.

@valeriejumper: you know I have to say….we joke a whole lot and it is pretty great. Also val is a pretty radical Human (immma give ye a 10 outa 10)

@ask-thatonebunnykid: we have only RPed once, or we are still RPing, but I find kip to be a really cute little monster so smol o3o

@minttheglitch : you are an amazing RPer, I also have to say with replies back you seem to be on top of that and that is something that I have to say is pretty cool, I mean they are all so nice. And I’m really weird

@determined-fighter: penny is a really nice character and I have to say the dramatically long bandana was kind of just pulled out the back of my head. But yeah the mun is nice and the muse is the cool.

@acedetective1947 : Time traveling detective? Uuhhhh YES PLEASE?! But for real good character, you detail the rp’s very well and I do find them pretty interesting. ;3

@ask-kibthetaguel : they are a really nice person to talk to and all that kind of nice stuff, really understanding also really good with pixel art. ;3

@wanderandward: A nice muse and mun (like an m&m) not to mention I like the whole rambling stuff, maybe we just need to do that in chat and all that because you do seem really interesting.

@shattereddetermination : one of the first kinda people that I actually RPed with, and amazing artist not to mention a cool person. Also food o3o

@gasriel-dreemurr: YOOOOO!! Dude bro. really cool RPer and it seems every RP is a totally different situation….and it’s cool.

“Overall these people are just fantastic and kind people that you should most defiantly talk to and follow. They don’t bite…..well, some do and some don’t.”

“Okay and here are the people I don’t know that much about….yet >:3”
@askolivar @griminsnowdin @lucida-blackletter @endss-of-the-earth @onewithoutpurpose @silent-demonic-regrets @smol-skeleton-child @rocket-mouse @askemyr @bro-frisk @i-always-watch @thefluffiestknight @shard-the-guardian @cocoabittles935 @determinedbun

“now we invade Alaska…..”

“then the world…”

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“you may now go about your normal business.”

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Oh my gosh I just saw. Thank you SO MUCH for filling my kylux soft kink prompt! I loved it to itty bitty pieces. Just Hux being so thoughtful towards Ren and that bath scene was super relaxing. I could almost smell the bubble bath while i was reading it. OMG how did you know I love it when Ren gets to be the little spoon!? And that ending! I think my heart melted.

Ahhhhhh thank you so much for these kind words! I was hoping you would find it! It took me forever to write it after you posted it but I am glad to hear it was worth the wait. <333


29 May 2016 || Hong Kong Day 2: The Peak and Ngong Ping Village

  • Have always wanted a picture against the MTR stations in HK but didn’t get to have one last year so yay! Low qual though because my sister only took it with my itouch. Maybe next time hehe. 
  • Will forever be fascinated by excellent public transportation system HUHU. Someday, Philippines. Someday.
  • It was fun walking around with my family and especially seeing my baby sisters’ excited faces. :) Worth the sweat and tired feet!
The struggle is real

The amount of time and effort it took me to put on my pants is hilarious.

I’m wearing my sister’s jeans because hers are cuter than mine. She’s waaaaay smaller than me even though she’s older.

It took me forever to even get them past my heel. Anyway, that happens to all of us.

I got it past my thighs okay, but I have Shakira hips and it was IMPOSSIBLE. So then I had my sister help me get it to my stomach but it was still hard.

This is just a personal story.

It was so worth it because I look fabulous right now.