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Even tho I still can’t manage holding my tablet’s pen, my mechanical pencil is slim and light enough to let me draw! Which is why I spent the last few days sketching traditionally - maybe this blog has been inactive long enough to allow me to post shitty pics of shitty pencil doodles too haha

Give me a break.

Hii! I know it’s been forever since I wrote something and I’m very sorry. There’s been so much on my mind lately and so many things that made me feel overwhelmed and I just needed to sort it out. This is kind of very loosely based on ‘Love me or leave me’ by Little Mix because someone requested it. I hope you like it. I plan on writing a second

“Well, maybe I don’t fucking care anymore!”
It seemed like his booming voice made the whole house vibrate. It seemed like it cut right through Y/N. His words felt like he took a knife and rammed it into her heart and to top it all off he twisted it slowly so the pain had time to spread.
These last weeks felt like nothing but pain for her. He was never home and even when he was he somehow wasn’t. She let him in and he pushed her away. He pushed her so far away she couldn’t feel him anymore.
“Why are you still here then!?”
She had had enough. If he didn’t care anymore he could walk out the door and never come back.
Harry scoffed, turned around and walked up the stairs. When he slammed the bedroom door shut Y/N could feel the last bit of connection between them slipping away completely.
It’s never been this harsh. They slammed doors and yelled hurtful things before but it’s never been like this. Somehow this felt final.
She didn’t know how it happened, how everything between them began to crumble. But it did.
She didn’t feel his loving touch in at least three months. She didn’t hear his loving words in at least three months.
They fought almost every day and when they didn’t fight they didn’t talk to each other at all. Mornings were spent alone and cold, both waking up at their own times without a good morning kiss or a cuddle or anything at all. Nights were even worse. They went to sleep in the same bed but facing away from each other. They never solved their problems before bed. They broke their rule every single night and went to bed angry.
And even though right now Y/N might think it would be better if their paths would part she also knew she wouldn’t recover from it. Harry was the love of her life. She knew she could never be happy without him.
And so she broke down. Ugly sobs and fat tears. The whole weight of the last few months finally got too much and she couldn’t take it anymore. She was sure she’s never cried this much in her entire life. She was sure she never felt so hurt but numb at the same time before.
She didn’t know what the hell went wrong. What she did to push him away. What she did that made him stop loving her.
He doesn’t love you anymore.
Those were the words that constantly replayed in her head, after every fight.
He hates me.
She couldn’t find another explanation. That was the only reason she could think of as to why he wasn’t interested in fixing things between them.

When she met him she was sure he was the most wonderful person she’s ever met. He looked at her as if she was the most important thing on earth. He cooked the most delicious dinner for her. He held doors for her. He made her laugh and feel appreciated.
When she really got to know him she was knocked off her feet. He was the most gentle and loving man she could have ever imagined. He was there for her. He was the place she ran to when the world overwhelmed her. He was her happy place. Her home.
When things got a bit rough they stuck together. They were a team. They faced everything together and fought through it.
Y/N was the happiest girl ever. She thought she found her forever. Her happily ever after.
Until the perfect relationship began to change into great, then good, then normal and then…
Into whatever they had now.
She couldn’t take it anymore. And the worst thing was that there was no way out of this hell. They can’t go back to where they’ve once been. And parting ways? No fucking way could she survive without him.

It was three hours and twenty tissues later when Harry finally exited the bedroom and came down the stairs. Y/N was standing in front of the big living room window which had a view over what seemed like half of London. Her back was turned to Harry, her hair messy and her frame slightly shaking.
She knew that whatever would come now would change everything. She knew that they reached a point were something had to happen. Anything.
Harry took a deep breath and took the last few step towards her. Y/N closed her eyes when she felt his warmth. She hadn’t felt it in so long.
When he reached his hand out thread his fingers through hers she flinched. Harry could feel his heart breaking at her reaction to his touch. He closed the gap between them and pressed his chest flush against her back. That’s when Y/N started to cry again. Her whole body shook with the force of her tears and the whimpers and sobs seemed to get louder with every passing second.
“Shhh.” Harry tried to calm her and finally wrapped his arms around her from behind.
He nuzzled his face into her neck where she always smelled so good and that’s when he realized how long he hasn’t done that.
Y/N moved her arms so she could intertwine both her hands with his. She didn’t remember the last time she held his hand. She used to love his hands so much, always playing with his fingers and kissing his knuckles.
Harry kept pressing tiny kisses to her shoulder and squeezed her tighter to him every time a whimper left her lips.
They stood like that for at least ten minutes before Y/N turned around in his arms and hugged him again. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, his hands stroking softly over her back while her hands were fisting his shirt. She couldn’t get close enough. She needed him closer. Her hands wandered down underneath his shirt to touch his skin. Harry shuddered when her cold hands touched his skin but he knew she needed this. She hasn’t felt his skin in forever. It almost felt foreign.

When they finally pulled away from each other both of them were scared to let go. This couldn’t be it. They needed each other.
“We have to talk, Harry.” she whispered and pressed her forehead against his.
“I know, my love.”
My love. Was she still his love?
She thought he hated her.
They sat down at the kitchen table across from each other. Both of them couldn’t be fast enough to reach out for each other again and when their hands bumped against each other they both laughed softly. For the first time in months.
None of them wanted to be the first to say anything. Until Harry finally couldn’t take the silence anymore.
“I didn’t mean anything that I said earlier. Or… in the last few weeks. God, what is happening with us?”
“I don’t know, Harry. But it can’t keep going like this. I can’t take it anymore.”
“Me neither, love. I know I didn’t show how much it was affecting me but I want you to know that I feel just as broken as you do.”
Broken. Is that what they’ve become?
“I… I thought you hated me. During all these times you pulled away or turned your back towards me, I thought you hated me.”
Harry’s free hand reached out to hers so he could clasp her hand in both of his.
“I never ever hated you. Not for a second. And I never will.”
Y/N felt like a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders and she felt like she could breath again.
“I love you so much, darling.” Harry whimpered.
Her head snapped up so she could look at him and when she saw tears running down his cheek she reached over the table to wipe them away.
“I love you too, Harry. So much.”
Harry removed her hand from his face and pressed gentle kiss to ever knuckle.
“What are we going to do, love? I want to fix this. I want to go back to being the happiest couple ever. I want to go back to being happy with each other.”
“Me too, Harry. God, I’d do everything to get back to what we once had.”
They stared into each other’s eyes until Y/N cleared her throat and diverted her eyes to the table.
“I-I think we need a break.”
Harry’s whole world stopped in that moment. His mouth fell open and his brows furrowed. He pulled his hands from hers and a breathless ‘no’ left his lips.
“No.” He repeated after a moment.
“No way.”
“Harry, listen. I-”
“No!” he shouted.
Y/N flinched and her ears began to ring like every time he raised his voice at her. Her eyes closed and tears began to dribble down her cheeks.
“Do you think I’m stupid? I know exactly what’s going to happen when we do that. You’re going to realize just how unhappy I make you and that you are so sick and tired of me and you’ll never come back. Or you’ll find someone else who makes you laugh more than I ever did. God, I’m going to be gone for two weeks for promo. Is that not enough distance and space for you?!“
“Harry, I need time okay? I need time to take care of myself. I need time for sorting things out. I need time so that this all can work again and if you’re honest, you need it too.”
He laughed humorlessly and crossed his arms over his chest.
“You will have that time when I’m gone.”
“I-I don’t think two weeks are going to be enough.”
His eyes caught hers and she swore she’s never seen him look at her like that. So sad but angry at the same time.
“Two weeks are nothing, Harry.”
“There’s been times when you couldn’t go a single day without me. There’s been times where two weeks without each other seemed like the end of the world.”
She closed her eyes and tried to control the tears which constantly blurred her sight.
“I don’t think we can sort anything out in two weeks.”
“I don’t think we can sort anything out when we’re away from each other.”
“Harry, please.”
He closed his eyes briefly and sighed.
“How long?”
“T-Two months?”
“No fucking way!”
This time it was Y/N’s turn to sigh.
“Harry, I-”
“One month. And not a single day longer.”
She caught his eyes for a moment before she nodded.
They sat in silence for several minutes, both didn’t know what to say.
“I-I thought I’d stay in a hotel for the two weeks before you’re gone and then I’ll come back.”
“No. Please, I-… I want to know you’re safe. You’ll stay here and I’ll stay with Gemma.”
“If that’s okay with you.”
“No, it’s actually not.”
She looked at him with the saddest eyes he ever saw and he shook his head and and sighed.
“I’m gonna go pack some stuff and then you won’t have to deal with me anymore.”
“Harry, I did not suggest a break because I want to get away from you as quickly as possible. I want to fix this. And I feel like some distance is the only way to sort things out. Or at least make the first step.”
He didn’t say anything but just left the kitchen and went upstairs to pack a few things. For some reason Y/N couldn’t help but feel guilty. Of course she knew he wouldn’t be happy with taking a break, she wasn’t either. But she hoped he could at least understand where she came from.

When he came down the stairs half an hour later with two big duffle bags Y/N almost felt like crying again. She watched him, how he placed them beside the front door, wiped his tears away, took a deep breath and turned around to make his way to the kitchen so he could say goodbye but she was already standing in the foyer. They stared at each other for a few moments before Harry cleared his throat and removed a greasy strand of hair from his face.
“I’ll go now, I guess.”
“Yeah.” Y/N nodded and sniffled.
He looked at her for another few seconds before he let out a frustrated sigh.
“Can I at least get a hug?”
He saw the surprise on her face but she nodded anyway and took the last few steps towards him. She slung her arms tightly around his neck and pressed her body tightly to his and Harry wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her to his chest. He pressed kisses to her shoulder and neck and stroked over her back in gentle patterns.
When they pulled away a bit Y/N reached up to cup his cheeks and stroke over his skin.
“I love you. Nothing changed about that and nothing is going to change. I don’t want you to worry about me breaking up with you. I couldn’t imagine life without you.”
Harry pressed his forehead to hers and pulled her body even closer.
“Will you say goodbye when I’ll leave for New York? Don’t think I could leave without seeing you before.”
“I’ll think about it, okay?”
Harry sighed but nodded.
“C-Can I kiss you?” he asked her in a whisper.
She leaned in and connected her lips to his as an answer, his bottom lip slipping between hers. She kissed him four times before she pulled away a bit to look up at him again.
“I love you. You know that, right?”
She nodded and smiled softly at him.
“I love you, too.”
Harry gazed into her eyes for another few seconds before he pressed a few gentle kisses against her lips again. He pulled away from her then and took his duffle bags.
“I’ll let you know when I’ll leave for New York. You can call me or come over anytime you need, okay?”
“Okay. You can come over or call as well. Even if it’s the middle of the night.”
He nodded and opened the door.
“Take care, yeah?”
“You too, love.”
“I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
And just like that he left.

Do You Miss Me (at all) Sherlock x reader part 1

A/N: This took me forever to finish! For the love of god, I struggled with this hours and days! So, this will be two parted, and apologizes for not posting fanfics for awhile, I’ve been busy with other things (also tried to figure out how to continue the heartless, there will be a new chapter of it soon enough, hopefully) also this was supposed to be out at Friday, but I couldn’t get myself to finish this since this basically a dialogue done by shouting and fighting. But anyway, hope this is good in some sort of weird way.

Here’s a link for the next chapter

You had been in a relationship with Sherlock for over four months now and not to get you wrong, you did love the high functioning sociopath even if it got rough. For example he barely told you he cared for you more than as a friend. It had taken him all his might to tell you that just that once when you started dating and you were as surprised as anyone would’ve been in that situation. To hear Sherlock Holmes, the detective incapable of understanding sentiment or compassion, say he loved you was enough to make you faint, but you didn’t. First you thought it had to be a trick, to test an experiment and one specific kind had slithered in your mind. He was probably testing how you felt about him, even having his own suspicions of you having feelings for him. Maybe he was waiting for your pupils to dilate, testing your pulse? Then he did something that nearly gave you a heart attack. He had kissed you. From there on you two had started dating, but it took some time from him to convince you he really liked you and it wasn’t for a case or a test.

It had been just once he had said he loved you, from that on everything had gone down hill. You knew he wasn’t into opening his heart, which you had become aware of that second he had opened it to you, but you couldn’t but wonder had he come to his senses of you and realized he had only fancied you for short amount of time and the feelings had died by now. At bad days he seemed he barely even acknowledged you were in the same room. He was snarky with his comments, nearly making eye contact and ignoring you at times. It wasn’t anything John hadn’t ever experienced with Sherlock but you couldn’t stop thinking that you would be even slightly privileged to be treated in better way than that.

Sherlock had been buried with work, now on his list at the top was a new case that hadn’t made any progress and it frustrated him. He was tense and easy to piss off. You were the same, but for other reasons. His acts had reflected on you, his now nasty personality and way of ignoring you made it impossible for you to stand him.

The two of you had just come back to Baker Street from a crime scene and you were fuming of rage. Once again you had been pushed aside and treated like you knew nothing. Even Lestrade, just like Sherlock always said, was capable of sensing the situation. Even the police inspector was able to make out Sherlock was doing a lousy job as a boyfriend. You couldn’t forget the wide eyes and the blank, puzzled stare he gave to you two when Sherlock pushed you, no, he literally pushed you more than once aside and kept telling you to keep quiet as your suggestions and deductions would just embarrass him, you and everyone around.

You stomped up the stairs to the flat, Sherlock following after you. You stayed close to the door leading back downstairs while Sherlock went to sink in his chair. He released a long heavy sigh and closed his eyes in disappointment. He muttered how useless the visit had been and how it had only cost his precious time on the case in hand. The crime scene you two just witnessed had, as he said, obviously nothing in common.

”Did you really have to do that?” You questioned after waiting enough, listening to Sherlock muttering and complaining about the case. Your hands were crossed over your chest and your right foot was tapping the floor in an impatient way. To this Sherlock answered with lowered brows and watched you in confusion. You huffed and looked away. ”Embarrass me in front of the whole Scotland Yard?” You corrected. Sherlock only rolled his eyes and went to correct you. ”There was nearly even half of the Scotland Yard present.” Sherlock shifted in his seat. ”I wouldn’t worry about them. They barely know anything so you being incorrect now and then wouldn’t make them any better than you.”

You could hang onto that statement, he had almost praised you just now and it was the best you had got from him for since he had been burdened with this particular case, but then again you didn’t need to settle for this. This wasn’t enough to wipe all the bad comments he’d made in the past though you weren’t even sure was there anything he could do, a one single act that would calm you.

”To you that was the entire Scotland Yard.” You pushed persistently. He had said it himself countless of times. The people in Scotland Yard that had ever worked with him were the only people that counted if you asked for his opinion.

”Well, yes, but obviously it wasn’t exactly the whole Scotland Yard.” Sherlock placed his fingers under his chin, resembling his mind palace position but he kept his eyes open and on you. He eyed you suspiciously, trying to deduce what you were going through in your head, but judging by his expression he had no idea what made you so pissed. ”Is something bothering you?”

To that you let out a sarcastic laugh. Had he really only got that out of you? He really was as magnificent and astonishing as John always said. Sarcastically saying of course. But this time he surprised you by how dumb he was.

”Are you really that blind?” You finally snapped. You humorously watched as Sherlock gave away how offended he was by your statement but without skipping a beat you continued. ”You embarrassed me in front of Scotland Yard! And that’s not all! You’ve treated me worse and worse the further we get down on this case. Hell, you even treat Anderson better than me!” And it was true. He had even praised Anderson today for stating something so obvious and simple that even a blind person would’ve seen it.

”I was being sarcastic.” Sherlock muttered seriously and looked down on the floor, clearly drifting away from the conversation and to his mind palace.

”Well, it wasn’t clear!” You yelled and threw your hands in the air. ”Everybody thought you really meant it. And don’t dare shut me off now!” You took three long steps and put your hands on either side of Sherlock’s armrests on his chair, your face inches away from his. ”Don’t treat me like this!”

”Treat you like what?” Sherlock shot up from his seat, you taking a fast step backwards to make more room between the two of you. He stared back at you coldly. His blue eyes were like frozen and he looked intimidating. Sherlock tilted his head, his eyes narrowing as he questioned you.

”I told you already! You ignore me! Like I don’t exist at all! You always pretend like I’m not there. You put your work first and I feel like I don’t even exist on the list of your priorities! You also have pushed me around, literally, and you won’t let me even speak when we’re out!”

”Stating the obvious shouldn’t be reworded! You want me to let you embarrassed yourself? By pointing out what everyone is able to witness with their own eyes?”

”Oh, so now I’m embarrassing myself? Thank you for saving me, Sherlock, for keeping me quiet when I could’ve said something dumb!” The room was silent for a second, until you took a deep breath. ”Look, you keep me around but make it feel like I am the one clinging on you and following you like a lost puppy, and when I try to advance you, you only shoot me down. You won’t show me I matter!”

”I have told you how I feel about you, do you really need me to do it several times a day? Because you know I won’t be up to it. I am not a man who keeps showering you with all the pleasantries and praises-!”

”I know that and it’s not what I asked!” You snapped back. You were wondering was Mrs. Hudson listening to you two shouting. If she was she was probably worried. Worried what you’d do if this would go further on and how you would end up like. Mrs. Hudson knew what Sherlock was capable of when he was bored or even drugged, but when angered? And with you against him? You couldn’t answer to that either.

”Then what is it? I can’t quit my job and forget all the cases just because of you. Just because of love.” He pronounced the last word with disgust, as if the whole word was ridiculous to even be said.

”I’m not telling you to quit, I’m suggesting you to leave it be when you clearly can’t work it out, not now at least. You’ve run out of clues and there is nothing you can do to make the problem solved. You have to wait!”

”I can’t just wait until another one gets killed!” Sherlock spit out and glared down at you.

”Well, there’s nothing else you can do.” You told him matter of factly. ”Just talking about the case makes you a mess, Sherlock. You don’t eat, you don’t sleep, and how you treat people around you is horrible. Even if you have a problematic case in hand it doesn’t give you the privilege to act like a moron!”

”Oh so I am the one acting like a moron?” Sherlock looked down on you. ”You have done nothing to help me on this case, the reason I keep you around is only because I thought there would be use of you, but guess I was wrong with you. And here you are, waiting for me to sugar coat you with flatter and sweet talk. Like it wasn’t enough I told you once how I care about you.” He had struggled enough by telling you he loved you once, and what were the looks of it he wasn’t going to do it ever again and actually it made you want nothing more than him to never say anything to you.

”I knew what I was getting myself into when I started this relationship with you.  I know it’s hard for you to say how you feel, but I’m not asking you to tell me that. It’s just that you never show it! You never sit next to me, you never walk close to me, and you barely talk to me! If you could just treat me like a human being!” You didn’t let Sherlock answer, you paced around nervously, but not scared. You were infuriated. ”I really thought I wouldn’t be the only one to do things I don’t usually like to do. Like waking up at 3am in the morning to visit a crime scene, or running around London after a maniac without eating for a whole day! I still never complaint! But where I draw the line is when I am treated worse than even the people you can’t stand!”

”Enough with Anderson already!” Sherlock sighed and spin around.

”I’m not talking about Anderson! I am saying you don’t treat me like your girlfriend and even Lestrade saw what was going on today!” You felt bad at thinking about it again, your stomach dropped at the thought of it. ”The way you act towards me isn’t normal, Sherlock!”

”So I’m supposed to be all around you when we’re on a case? Oh, wake up, (Y/n)! I do not show emotions or am I even capable of feel certain of emotions. Love and sentiment do not get me anywhere and there for I keep them out of my life!” You flinched. That was it. You had enough.

”Then let me help you.” You said and went to get your bag.

”What are you doing?” Sherlock asked sounding bored and fed up by your attitude, his brows furrowed.

”Like you said, you rid yourself of certain feelings. There for I’m leaving. Sorry I ever bothered to step into your life.” You said and turned. ”Goodbye, Sherlock Holmes.” And with that you left. You went down the stairs in a hurry and rage, stomping loudly. You heard Mrs. Hudson come out of her flat, now standing next to the front door, looking at you worriedly.

”Are you two having a little domestic?” She asked with a sad and nervous tone.

”Could say so.” You answered coldly and opened the door.

”When are you coming back, dear?”

”I’m not.” You deadpanned. You had stopped at the entrance and were looking at Mrs. Hudson with a serious expression.

Mrs. Hudson gazed up the stairs to the living room. ”I’m sure what ever he said he doesn’t mean it.” She assured you, but you knew better and you also had made up your mind.

”I’m sure he did.” You told, then closing the door and left Baker Street.

Mrs. Hudson was left alone to wonder what had happened. She let her eyes wonder towards the stairs again, whispering sadly to herself, ”What have you done now, Sherlock?”

anonymous asked:

Hey, whats you top five dresses, jeans, skirts, hairs, shoes? Love you!

hi, i’m sorry this took me forever to answer! i’ve answered hairs and jeans (sort of) previously, but i can do another updated hair faves if you’d like! buckle in for a long ass faves post

1. citrontart’s lazy loafers
2. slyd’s classic mules
3. slyd’s super stars 
4. madlen’s serafino sandals
5. mysteriousdane’s adidas gazelles

1. rusty’s high rise denim skirt
2. sondescent’s denim skirt
3. trillyke’s black skirt
4. citrontart’s verseau skirt
5. serenity’s kat skirt

1. serenity’s euphoria dress
2. waekey’s lazy dress
3. sentate’s monica dress
4. pickypikachu’s fortissimo dress
5. rusty’s turtleneck dress

FP x Reader: Lonesome Bodies

Warnings: none
Requested: yes, this is a continuation to “Indecent
A/N: so I received a lot of prompts surrounding the idea that was brought up in “Indecent”, however I didn’t want to do 100 different versions so instead of picking just one, I just did my own original prompt.

Read the prequel, Indecent, here.

*your POV*

It’s been three months to the day since I was brought home by FP. To his home, now our home. The smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol was burned into the walls and now my nostrils as well. FP himself smelled of musk, an overwhelming sign of power in his eyes. It was a “manly scent” he claimed, and the more his colleagues and enemies could pick up his masculinity, the better off as a leader he thought he was.

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Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 5)

Part 4

“Do you want to tell me what the hell happened to you last night?” Your friend demanded as you walked through the supermarket. 

“I texted you and told you I left,” you said grabbing some broccoli. 

“I know, but you just like disappeared and left your jacket and your unpaid tab,” she said. “So, what the hell happened? Did you freak out?” She asked. 

Technically, yes, but you didn’t want to tell her that. 

“No, I just, remember the guy I was seeing,” you said. “He was there and we talked about things and then we left together.”

“Well, why didn’t you just say that! I’m perfectly okay with the fact that you left me, knowing that you went and got you some!” she smirked. 

You blushed. “We didn’t, we haven’t exactly…” you whispered. 

“Really? It’s been what like a few weeks already right?” she asked. 

“Yeah, but I mean, we’ve been getting to know each other,” you said. “Which is what you do when you first start seeing someone besides we’re not even official yet.” 

“That makes sense,” she nodded. “So, what’s all this for anyway?” she said pointing to your cart full of food. 

“He’s uh, he’s coming to my house tonight and I’m cooking dinner,” you said. 

“Oooh, are you planning a little something special?” she smirked. 

“Oh god, no,” you laughed. “Will you stop with the sex interrogation? We haven’t even talked about going that far yet.” 

“But have you thought about it?” She asked. 

“Of course I have, I’m human aren’t I?” You said. “It’s just, you know how I am. I have to really like and care about someone before I feel comfortable to go that far.” 

“I know, remember when we tried to take you out for a one night stand after your last breakup? That was bad,” she laughed. 

“Well, it also didn’t help that the guy you happened to point out was the current boyfriend of the girl that my ex cheated on me with, and that’s how he found out about her cheating on him,” you laughed. 

“That’s true,” she laughed. “Anyway, am I ever going to meet or at least know the name of this mystery boy toy?” 

You laughed. “You will at some point, I promise, but it’s still really new.” 

“You’ve always told me when you’ve been dating someone, so what’s different with this one?” she asked. 

“it’s complicated,” you sighed. 

“Y/N! You’re not the other woman are you?” She gasped. 

“What? No, no, of course not. He’s not married or in a relationship at all,” you said. “It’s just complicated…” 

“Does it not want to be seen with you?” She asked. 

“It’s sort of the opposite,” you said. “I can’t be seen with him because of… work,” you said. 

“Wait, is it someone from work?” She gasped. “Like a coworker?” 

“No…” you said. 


“Oh my god, will you lower your voice,” you hissed looking around at everyone staring. 

“Sorry, it’s just a lot to take in,” she said. “Wait a minute… if it’s someone you met at work and you can’t really be seen with them…and you saw him at the club the other night… HOLY FUCKING SHIT ITS HARRY STYLES ISN’T IT?” she shouted. 

You groaned. “Sorry, she’s a bit uh… drunk,” you said to an old lady staring. 

Once everyone was away, you sighed looking at her. “Yes, okay, I’ve been seeing him,” you said. 

“Oh my god! How did you keep this information from me for so long?” she gasped. 

“Because I had to,” you sighed. “And you can’t tell anyone.” 

“Scouts honor!” she said. “I can’t believe this. This is so cool!” 

You laughed. “Come on, I’ve got everything I need.” 

“I bet you do,” she smirked. 


Later that night, you were getting everything ready for the dinner. Harry would be over soon and you were just finishing everything up. You had music playing in the background as you cooked. You were nervous about tonight, especially after your conversation with your friend from earlier. 

If you were being honest with yourself, you were definitely ready to take that step with him, but you wanted to wait until you knew where this was going to go. 

The doorbell rang and you knew it was Harry. You quickly washed your hands and headed over to the door. 

“Hey,” he smiled holding a bottle of wine in his hands. 

“Hey, come on in, everything is almost ready,” you smiled. 

Harry walked in and you shut the door. He gave you a quick kiss before following you into the kitchen. 

“Need any help?” He asked. 

“You can pour the wine,” you smiled. 

“Sounds good,” he smiled going over to your cabinet and getting two wine glasses. 

“How was your day?” You asked. 

“It was okay, I had a few radio interviews,” he said. 

“Oh, how did those go?” You asked. 

“Pretty good,” he smiled. “How about you? Did you go back to work today?” 

“No, I’ve been working from home,” you sighed. “I know it seems childish, but Madison just… she irks me the wrong way and I’m just afraid that she’s going to say something and I’m gonna punch her or something.”

“Now, baby, violence is never the answer,” he laughed wrapping his arms around you. “But I do think you should go back to work because the longer you’re gone, the more it looks like she won.” 

“You’re probably right,” you sighed. 

“I am right,” he smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. “Well, Mr. Right, why don’t you go set the table and I’ll bring the food in,” you laughed. 

“So, you admit I’m your Mr. Right?” he smirked. 

“I never said that,” you laughed. 

“Oh, I think you did,” he said walking over to the table. 

You laughed shaking your head. You put everything on the table and sit down. You both start eating quickly and Harry looks over at you. 

“I’m going to Paris in a few days,” he said. “I have an appearance there on a show and I was sort of wondering if you’d want to go with me?” 

“Oh, wow, I’d love to go, but would that be the best idea for us?” You asked. “I mean, how would I go with you and not be seen?”

“I guess I didn’t think about that,” he sighed. “But I mean are we supposed to hide out forever?” 

“No,” you sighed. 

“Then come with me,” he said. “It’s going to be a big appearance for me and I want my girlfriend to be there with me, plus we’ll have some time to spend in Paris and I’d love to have you there with me.” 

You stopped eating and looked up at him. “Girlfriend?” 

Harry blushed and took a sip of his wine. “I uh… well… I mean… Aren’t you?” 

“I guess, but I didn’t know we were…at that step yet…” you blushed. 

“Well, that’s sort of my fault,” he coughed. “I never did really ask you.” 

“No, you didn’t,” you laughed. “But I would say yes if you did.” 

He smiled taking your hand. “Y/N, will you be my girlfriend and come with me to Paris?” he asked. 

“Yeah, I will,” you smiled. 

He leaned into kiss you before pulling you out of your chair and into his lap. You laughed wrapping your arms around his neck and looking down at him. 

“I really like you,” he whispered. 

“And I really like you,” you whispered. 

Harry leaned into kiss you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You deepen the kiss and tightened his grip on you. You pull back a bit and turn so that you’re straddling him. He then gets up from the chair to carry you over to the couch. You both practically fall onto the couch and start laughing. 

“Oops,” he laughed. “I tripped.” 

“Way to go,” you laughed. “Now, come here.” 

He smirked and kissed you again. It didn’t take long before you found yourself unbuttoning the rest of shirt. He leaned up a bit from the couch as he helped you take off his shirt and throw it. His hands were making their way up your thighs and sides before pulling you closer to him. He pulled away from your lips and started kissing down your neck. You closed your eyes as you tilted your head to the side. 

You felt his hands at the hem of your shirt and touching the skin underneath. You pulled back from the kiss and took it off. Harry smiled and leaned up to kiss you on the lips. You put your hands on the side of his face as you smiled into the kiss. 

A half an hour later, Harry pulled away from your neck. “W-We should probably stop,” he whispered. 

“Why?” You said kissing his neck. 

“Because…as I’m sure you can tell, I’m developing a bit of a problem,” he said. 

“Oh, right,” you blushed. “But uh… we don’t have to stop,” you whispered. 

“What? I mean, are you sure? We don’t have to do anything,” he said. 

“I know, but I want to unless you don’t,” you said. 

“It’s not that I don’t because I do, trust me I do, I just don’t want you to feel like pressured or anything,” he said. “I don’t want to rush things with you,” 

“Okay, I’m confused,” you said getting off his lap and sitting next to him on the couch. 

He tried his best to rearrange himself once you got off of him. “So, you want to have sex with me, but you’re not going to?” You asked. 

He sighed grabbing a pillow and looking over at you. “Not tonight,” he said. “I want our first time together to be a bit more romantic than this,” he said pointing to the couch. 

“We can go to my bedroom, I wasn’t exactly insinuating that we do it here,” you laughed. 

“I know, but I still want it to be more romantic,” he blushed. “And I want to know that we’re both ready for this. I don’t want us to just give in to the moment and then one of us regret it the next morning.” 

“If you’re worried about me regretting it, I wouldn’t,” you said. 

“I’m glad that you wouldn’t, but still,” he smiled taking your hand. “I would feel better if it happened a different night. I hope you’re mad…” 

“Why would I be mad?” You laughed. “It’s okay, really. I understand and I see where you’re coming from and I agree. We hadn’t really talked about it and you’re right, I think we’d both feel better about taking that step when we both are on the same page.” 

He smiled. “But I promise you, it will happen soon.” 

“Looking forward to it,” you smirked. 


The next morning you decided that you were going to work. You got up, dressed, and headed out the door. You weren’t exactly gung-ho on going to work, but Harry was right, the longer you avoided Madison, the more she could gloat that she won. 

When you arrived at the office, Madison wasn’t there yet, and you couldn’t be happier. You went into your office and started finishing up some things that you had been working on at home. 

A few hours later, there was a knock on the door. You opened it and it was a delivery guy holding flowers. 

“Are you Y/N?” he asked. 

“I am,” you nodded. 

“These are for you,” he smiled. 

“Oh, thank you,” you said taking them from him. It was a huge bouquet of red and pink roses. You found a card and opened it.

“I figured you might need something to brighten your first day back at the office. Meet me for lunch at noon?” - H. 

You smiled widely and put the vase on your desk. You grabbed your phone and texted him that you would meet him, but only at a cafe a few blocks away from the office. 

“What’s this?” A voice said standing in your doorway. 

You turned around and saw Madison standing there. “Well, I’m not exactly sure, but I think they’re roses,” you rolled your eyes. 

“Duh, Y/N. I meant why did you buy yourself roses,” she said. 

“I didn’t buy myself roses, they were sent to me,” you said. 

“But who?” She scoffs. 

“None of your business,” you said. 

“No need to get defensive, Y/N,” she said. “Anyway, glad to see you back at work.” 

“Thanks,” you mumbled before going back to work. 

When it came time to leave for lunch, you left your office and got in your car. You drove to the restaurant that you were meeting Harry at and walked inside. Harry was already there and sitting at a back table that was pretty private. 

He hugged you tightly when you got there before giving you a quick kiss and you two sat down at the table. Before you could even say anything to him, someone walked up to the table. You figured it was the waiter, but you quickly found out that it wasn’t. 

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Madison smirked crossing her arms as she looked at you and Harry. 


Mischief Fiction

Lady Killer - Requested

Tom Holland x Reader

Words: 2,174 (wooooo)

Requested by: anonymous

“Can you do one where tom is like sort of a player and you like him but pushed your feelings aside since he would never commit. But then he realizes he loved you the whole time you were friends and tries to win you back after you started dating someone etc etc??”

I have two completely different versions for this one, I’m such a mess lol. I am so so sorry this took forever. Ily. Good lord, I hope you like this one. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW. I’m sorry!!


“So what was her name this time?”

“I’m not entirely sure.. I think it was DeeDee? Something along those lines.”

“Your phone says it was Corinne and she thanks you for an amazing night.”

“Oi, give that here!”

Your friend, Tom, snatched his phone from your hands. Although hanging out with him was always the highlight of your day, there were always unanswered texts and missed calls that you would spot on his phone from different numbers that made your blood boil.

Tom was a full blown player, he didn’t look like it but that was what he was. And what were you? Oh, you were just his best girl friend (note the space between the words), who would hang out with him all the time until a booty call worth his attention called him away.

You were also his best girl friend who was in love with him, very reluctantly in love. It was such an unpleasant cliché, falling for a handsome, wickedly charming lady killer like Tom. Why you kept hanging out with him, you didn’t know why. Actually you did. You kept hanging out because you loved being with him.

But whatever, right?

“How did I get DeeDee from Corinne?” Tom mumbled to himself, standing from his seat. You two were on the train, heading back to his apartment from a late lunch. Your stop had just been called.

“Excuse me.”

You two turned around to find a chesty blonde eyeing Tom flirtily.

Really? On public transportation?

The blonde slyly handed Tom a slip of paper and winked at him before walking off to another part of the train. The doors opened and you couldn’t get out of there fast enough, your feet carried you speedily towards the turnstiles.

“Hey, Y/N! Wait up!”

Tom caught up with you and placed an arm around your shoulders, you really, really wanted to shrug him off but you didn’t want him to know you were affected. You two exited the train station like that, his arm around you. People looking on the outside would assume that you two were together and you wished they were right.

It was such a lovely day, as lovely as it could get in grey old London. The sun surely wasn’t going to be shining any time soon but it wasn’t as dreary and miserable as it usually was and it certainly wasn’t as dreary and miserable as you.

“What’s up?” Tom asked you once you reached the park in his neighbourhood. He sat on one of the benches and patted the space next to him.

“What do you mean?” you asked as you sat

A harsh gust of wind blew past, making your hair fly into your face. You heard Tom laugh as he scooted closer to help you out. His hands wove into your wild hair, smoothing it back so you could finally see. The feel of his fingers combing through your hair was soothing, you closed your eyes momentarily.

“Y/N, we’ve been friends for quite some time, love. Don’t you think I’d know when something’s bothering you?” he spoke softly, tracing your cheekbone with the tip of his fingers

It felt heavenly.

“Was it the blonde on the train? I won’t call her if you don’t want me to. She’s pretty fit though, it’d be a shame to miss out.” he mumbled the last part under his breath

That made you crash back down to earth. Why did he always have to ruin moments like this with his stupidity. You caught his hand before he could touch you again and you gave him a tight smile.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Tom. I’m not jealous, I just got a bit dizzy.”

“Oh, so you don’t mind if I call her up?” he already had his phone out, typing in the number on the little piece of paper he was given

“I’ll be a minute, Y/N.” he kissed you on the cheek and went farther away, phone pressed to his ear

Why did it have to be like this? You just couldn’t understand it, was there something wrong with you? How come Tom couldn’t see you that way? Why was he always looking for something else when you were right there at his side?

All the questions floating around in your head didn’t have answers, none that you could find, at least. You’d always tried your best to push aside your feelings for Tom since he was.. Well, Tom, and he didn’t want anything serious. But every time you looked at him and he gave you that stupid smile, it felt hopeless.

Tom walked back to you, a smug look on his face.

“Got your date?“ you asked, hoping his answer wouldn’t hurt you too much

“Don’t I always?” he replied, sitting back down and stretching his arms above his head


The following weeks, you and Tom continued your tradition of meeting for a late lunch then sitting at the park, swapping stories. The names in his would change regularly while only one name was the headline of yours.

“Y/N, you talk about this Sebastian a lot. Is there something I should know?” he questioned once he finally got fed up with it

You couldn’t help the rosy blush that coated your cheeks, Tom noticed it and felt his heart drop. He waited for your reply with mild nervousness.

“Well.. Sebastian is the guy I’m dating, sort of.”

“Dating? You’re.. Dating someone?”

The stare he was giving you almost bore holes onto your face. Why was he looking at you like that?

“Jesus, Tom. Is that really so unbelievable?” you ran a hand through your hair, flustered

“No! No, that’s not what I meant, Y/N! I just.. You do talk about him a lot but I didn’t know you were dating him.”

Or anyone actually, he thought to himself. Tom crossed his arms and squared his shoulders, struggling to push off the uneasy feeling he was getting.

“So, tell me about him.”

You fiddled with the ring on your index finger, twisting it around and around. Tom observed the soft smile that was beginning to form on your lips.

“Well, he’s quite nice really. Handsome.”

Tom rolled his eyes but you went on, giddiness blooming in your chest. He watched you beneath furrowed brows, the light in your eyes, the way you radiated a different aura when you talked about this Sebastian. He didn’t like it one bit.

“Don’t tell me you fancy him already.” he didn’t like the jealous undertones in his voice. He wasn’t jealous. He shouldn’t even be jealous.

“Maybe I do.”

“Oh, come on, Y/N. You’ve been on what, a couple of dates?” he scoffed in an attempt to hide how hurt he was starting to feel

“At least it’s been a couple of dates, you bed your date in the same fucking night.” you retorted harshly

Neither of you spoke, the stinging truth of what you said was still making its rounds within Tom. You wished you could feel bad, the way he was dejectedly looking down at his hands should’ve made you want to apologise. But it didn’t.

“I’m going to head home. Text you whenever.”

He didn’t acknowledge that you said anything nor did he make a move as you left. Tom remained there on the bench, deep in thought.

Later that night you were all dressed up and ready for your date with Sebastian. He’d texted you that he was on his way but it’s been quite some time since then, it wasn’t like him to be late and not let you know.

You were just about to call him to ask where he was when there was a knock on your door. You excitedly rushed to get it.

“Hey, I was just about to call you-”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that.”

There was indeed a handsome man on your doorstep, but it wasn’t the one you were expecting. Tom was standing in front of you, a big smile on his face.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” you hissed, stepping out and shutting the door behind you

He just gave you a dazzling smile in response, it just made your heart flutter. You hated it how even though he manages to piss you off monumentally, just one smile could thaw your initially icy demeanor towards him.

Before you could even stop yourself, a smile came unbidden onto your face. Once Tom saw you smiling back at him, he visibly relaxed. Because if his initial plan of standing at your doorstep while he smiled charmingly at you didn’t work, he’d have to resort to plan B, which was getting down on his knees and begging you not to slam the door in his face.

“I’m glad you’re dressed, you look beautiful, darling.”

Heat climbed up to your cheeks at his compliment. Despite dating Sebastian, and despite Sebastian being so sweet and nice, Tom still owned your heart, he always has.

“Tom, what are you doing here? I have a date, he should be arriving any minute now.” you made it a point to look up and down your street, searching for any sign of Sebastian

“That Sebastian really is nice.” he told you as he led you into his car, you wondered why you were just going along with him.

He slid into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“What made you say that?” you asked as he left your street

“Well.. I might have.. Intercepted him as he arrived at your house. He was quite gracious about it.” Tom sounded impressed

“Oh my God, Tom. What the hell is this? Where the hell are we even going?”

“This is a date. And it’s a secret, sort of.” he stated, plain and simple. Tom Holland was finally taking you out on an actual date, after years of friendship and your one-sided feelings.

This certainly wasn’t what you thought you’d be doing with your night. A hijacked date and your womanising friend driving you to some mysterious location.

Turns out the mysterious location wasn’t exactly mysterious. Tom had taken you to the park in his neighbourhood, the park where you two always went. You climbed out into the cool night, Tom brought out a picnic basket and a few blankets.

You made the familiar trek to yours and Tom’s usual bench but as you walked closer, you noticed that fairy lights were strung along the sides, making it look like it was glowing.

“You did this?” you asked

“Uh, yeah,” he scratched the back of his neck, chagrined. “I know it’s not much.”

“It’s beautiful.” you mumbled as you sat down

Tom set the picnic basket down on the ground and wrapped a blanket around yourselves. He sat facing you, you felt the need to position yourself the same way. And so you two sat there, the fairy lights projecting shapes and shadows on your faces.

“Y/N,” he began, taking your hand in his “You’ve always been so kind to me, so patient. You’ve always been a good friend and you’ve always been there for me, even when I was being an asshole. And I never deserved any of it.”

You started to shake your head but he squeezed your hand to stop you from saying anything.

“Just, let me finish.” he took a deep breath and continued, “I never deserved you, Y/N. The things I’ve been doing, how I’ve acted, I know you never approved but you never said anything, you just let me be myself until I realised that I wanted to change.”

“And that’s what I love about you. You never pressured me to be something I’m not but I’m ready to change now, Y/N. It took you dating someone else just to make it all clear for me. I’ve been so busy getting caught up in other people,” his eyebrows knitted together

“That I didn’t see that I had this amazing person right next to me. And I’m sorry, Y/N, I apologise from the bottom of my heart that-that it took so long for me to realise..” Tom trailed off, gazing into your eyes like a man seeing colour for the first time in a field of flowers in the spring

The weight of his words began to sink in, you looked at him with wide eyes.

“Y-You mean..?” you stammered

He nodded, scootching closer to you. His hands moved up and down your arms.

“I’m here, if you’ll have me. Flaws and all. I know it might be hard considering.. What I was like, but Y/N, I promise you. On my mum’s life. I won’t hurt you. I may already have before but I swear to you,” Tom’s eyes shone with such emotion against the glow of the fairy lights

“I swear I will take care of you, I will love you and only you for the rest-”

You’d heard enough, you leaned over and pressed your lips against his.


Sleepy Days: Young!James Potter x Reader

Originally posted by scrapbookofmarauders

(Am I the only one who fucking loves his hair, like, in every James gif ever?)

Request: hiiii! you have such a great acc omg… would it be possible for you to do a fluffy marauder x reader?  I mean… i guess, like x would be a girl who’s good friends with the marauders… and can she and James be a thing?  I know that sounds canon but I just wanted to get a feel for what it’d be like to be at Hogwarts with the marauders, and I kinda have a thing for James. :3 Please do whatever you think is best, it’s your thing <3 tysm!

A/N: First. you are so sweet, thank you! ♥

Absolutely am so down for this request. James is my baby and I love him, so I totally understand your interest in him. This took me forever to come up with some sort of scenario, and let’s not get started on the title…So I hope this meets your expectations, I quite like it. Thank you so much for the request! ♥

Word Count: 1233

Warnings: Fluff, Sex jokes?

”And that is how the golden snitch became to be.“ The teacher’s monotone voice echoed throughout the classroom. "Now if you’d turn to page 248, we’ll continue our way through the history of Quidditch.”

A couple page flips lazily flipped throughout the room, all except mine, that is.

My eyes were dropping closed as I leaned back against the chair. The professor’s voice slowly drifting off into the distance.

Why am I so tired today…?

“Quidditch is a well known-” The professor began before quickly stopping. She cleared her today and began speaking in a stern voice. “Miss. Y/L/N, if you wish to sleep, please do so outside of my classroom.”

Although I heard her voice change, my body didn’t comprehend that I was being spoken to. My mind continued to fall into a state of pure relaxation, until someone’s lips met my ear.

“You should probably wake up, love.” A teasing male voice vibrated in my head, causing my body to jerk up.

Fixing my posture, I looked around before making eye contact with the severe face of the professor in front of me.

“Miss Y/L/N, if you could read the next paragraph, please.”

Looking down at my book, I knew I wasn’t on the right page. I cleared my throat and glanced up at the woman’s face, “Uhm, w-what page are we on?”

She looked at me as if her head was going to blow up as she spoke. “Don’t bother.” She then sighed and walked back to the center of the room. “Please see me after class. Now, top of page 249.”

My body stayed tensed up in the chair, not wanting to move, I could feel the sweat coating my lower back as I turned my book to the page she’d just spoken.

“Tired?” James asked, I couldn’t tell if he was teasing me or genuinely concerned, which was a usual feeling.

I glanced over to him and as if on queue, I yawned.

“Suppose I should take that as a yes?” He laughed, lightly patting my on the back. “We can skip next hour and sleep together if you’d like.”

I swiftly turned my head to look at him, sending a deadly glare in his direction, sleep with him? “Oh come on, you know I didn’t mean it like that.” He snickered, “I mean, I’m totally down if you’d like-”

I smacked his arm with the back of my hand, causing him to explode is a fit of loud laughter. “Sorry, sorry.” He laughed while looking up at the professor, gesturing with his hand that he’ll stay quiet.

“James, we can’t skip class, what if someone sees us?” I yawned out, rubbing my eyes.

“Nobody’s going to see us,” he smiled and reached out in front of me, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear. “On the off chance that they do, so what.”

“What about Sirius? Didn’t he need to talk to you about something next class?”

“It’s fine, I think he’d understand if I told him I was going to bed with you.” He snickered.

Smacking his arm again, I propped my elbow up on the wooden table, resting my head on it. This class period is going to be forever.

Class had finally ended and I was on the brink of passing out as I slowly walked back to my seat from the lecture I had just received. Gathering my things I glanced up at James.

“I’ll take that.” He reached over in front of me, taking my textbook from my arms and placing it in his. “Alright, let’s get you into bed, love.” He smiled and grabbed my small hand in his large one, leading me out of the room.

“Sirius is going to hate you, you know how sensitive he is.” I smiled, thinking about Sirius clinging onto James for the rest of the day.

“Yeah, lets just ignore that thought for now.” James laughed as he turned down the corridor with a large framed painting at the end. “Here we are.” Speaking the password, the painting swung open, revealing the Gryffindor common room. “After you,” James said, setting his hand on the small of my back and pushing forward.

“You can put your stuff in my dorm for now, something tells me you’re not going to make it up those stairs without me.” He laughed, pulling me up the stairs to the boys dorm, our fingers still laced together. “You could at least walk, I feel like I’m dragging you up the stairs, Y/N.”

“I’m sorry.” I yawned, lifting my feet up the last couple stairs.

“Why’re you so tired anyway?” James stopped in front of the large dark oak door that led to his dorm. “Can’t sleep alone?” He snickered as he leant on the door.

“You need to stop saying things like that.” I smiled through another yawn.

Placing his free hand over his heart, he feigned a hurt look. “You hurt me, Y/N. What if I told you I wasn’t joking?” He pouted, jutting out his lower lip.

“Shut up and open your door, I’m tired.”

“Didn’t realize you were that eager to get in my bedroom.” James snickered, letting his hand fall from his chest and on to the door knob.

“James…” I yawned, lightly smacking his arm for the third time that day.

“I’d say that I’m sorry, but I’m not.” He said, laughing to himself. He then opened the door, pulling me along with him. “Just set your stuff there, this is my bed right here.” He said, gesturing to one of the red and yellow clad beds than sat near the entrance.

Nodding to him, I sat down on his bed, setting my stuff on the floor next to his end table before falling backwards on the mattress.

“Comfortable?” James asked, sitting down beside me and running his fingers through my  Y/H/C hair that had sprawled out across his bed.

Closing my eyes at the feeling, I nodded, leaning into his hand.

“Alright, give me some room, love.” He said, pushing me over slightly before laying down beside me, wrapping his warm arms around my waist. “Honestly didn’t think the first time I’d be in bed with you would be to sleep.”

“James, I will leave and go to my own dorm.” I threatened, snuggling into his chest.

I could feel his laughter through his shaking chest against my back. “You’re too adorable for your own good, Y/N.” He tightened his hold on me and kissed the top of my head. “Sleep tight, you’re going to need it.”

“James!” I couldn’t hold myself back from laughing anymore.

“I’m done, I’m done.” He snickered as he propped his chin on the top of my head. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, James. Your sexual jokes and all.” I said through laughter, tilting my head up to look at him.

“They won’t be just jokes for long.” He poked my cheek before gently pressing his lips to mine.

“You said you were done.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Who said that was a joke?” James asked, tilting my head up with his hand and raising an eyebrow.

“Oh whatever, let me sleep.” I kissed his cheek before pulling the covers over the two of us, getting comfortable in his arms.

I suppose skipping class does have it’s benefits.

What I See | Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,072

Inspired by: @the-modern-typewriter the excerpt i used will be in bold and I have added the accurate pronouns. I hope I did it justice. (:

Warnings: Weight insecurities, swearing, and a half-naked reader

A/N: This took me forever to write and i know it isn’t very good. I did base the reader’s habits off of my own. You should never feel that you are not beautiful, because I promise you that you are. You are amazing and you are loved. It is sort of slow in the beginning but I am very happy with the ending. I hope you all enjoy. Much love, lucayaatrash. <3

Originally posted by spderman

How does one love themselves? You honestly have no clue.

Keep reading

permets-tu-apollo  asked:

Egobang w/ Danny having flirted with Arin for the past ever and Arin finally noticing it.

“You got this baby bear,~”
Danny cooed to Arin, who was playing a very frustrating level of Super Mario Galaxy.
“Agh! It’s fuckin’- I can’t, dude, I just- ah- gaAAGH!” Arin shrieked in rage.
“It’s fucking impossible dude! The depth perception is so fucking bad! This is fucking GARBAGE!”
“Nah man, I think you got this,” Danny encouraged.
“You think so, huh?” Arin replied sarcastically.
“I know so, boo.~ How about you give it another try for Daddy Dan.~” Arin chuckled at the nickname Dan gave himself.
“What’s up with you today?”
“What do you mean?”
“You- you’re being so fuckin’ weird right now dude.”
“Am I?”
“Yeah man, you keep calling me pet names and shit!”
“So? I do that all the time, why is it so weird now?”
“I-” Arin paused.
“Y-you do?”
“Yeah, dude. You haven’t noticed? I’ve been flirting with you forever.”
“Should- should we cut this out and pause the episode?”
“Only if you want to man.”
“Barry, cut that out, uh… we’re gonna… pause for a minute,” Arin spoke into the mic before pausing the capture. He sat back on the couch next to Dan. Arin’s face was bright red. He was trying to think back on all of the years he had spent with Dan. Had he really been flirting with him the whole time? How come he was never able to notice? Was he just joke flirting or-
“You need a break?”
“I-um… it’s just… I can’t… I dont-uh,” Arin stuttered, he was at a loss of words.
“How about i get you a water while you sort yourself out?” Dan got up to grab Arin his drink, leaving him to his thoughts.
The truth is that Arin had a crush on Danny for a while now, and all of the sudden he’s now realizing that he’d been flirting with him. It makes Arin question if he liked him the same. Should he ask? What would happen to their friendship? He had already discussed his situation with Suzy, who was very supportive. But that didn’t stop him from being nervous about confronting Dan about his feelings.
Dan walked in with a glass of water, sitting down next to Arin. He handed him the glass, and Arin responded with a “Thank you.” He drank from the clear glass and set it down next to him. The two men sat in silence for a good minute.
“Is there something you want to tell me?”
Arin felt his face grow hot, and he wiped his sweaty palms on his sweat pants.
“Um… there is actually…”
The room went quiet again. Dan opened his mouth to say something, but Arin started talking before he could say anything.
“I really don’t want this to affect our friendship, and it’s cool if you don’t feel the way but,” he took a deep breath.
“I kind of sort of am in love with you and all of the flirting you’re doing isn’t helping and I kinda really wanna kiss you but I don’t know if you feel the same way and I don’t want this to be awkward or anything but can I?” Arin’s words were frantic and rushed, and he shut his eyes tight, as if opening them would cause him to loose Dan forever. Dan sat in awed silence as he stared at his friend. He felt blood rush to his cheeks as he processed what Arin had said.
“Arin…” Danny began.
Arin looked up at Dan before he could continue.
“I-I know it’s dumb. I don’t know why I said anything. I-I should probably just go…” Arin sat up to leave, but Danny grabbed him by the hand before he could go anywhere. Arin turned around to look at Dan with misty eyes. Dan looked Arin in the eyes and gave him a warm smile.
“C'mere and let me kiss you, Big Cat.”
Arin grinned and sat back down on the couch. Dan grabbed Arin’s shoulders and pulled him into a kiss. Danny moved his hand to wipe the tears from Arin’s cheek. Arin pulled away from the kiss to look at him. Dan grabbed a nearby blanket and wrapped both him and Arin into a cuddle pile. They both smiled as they drifted off to sleep into each other’s arms.

Keeping Promises {Calum Hood Smut}

REQUESTED: Yes! It took fucking forever, I’m so sorry :(

I’ve had major writer’s block since August, ugh :/ but I finally finished this, and I sort of love it, yet sort of despise it so…anyways, let me know what you think!


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Painting. (Artist!Oikawa x Reader)

A/N: Everyone: “write a imaginary friend AU with Oikawa :-)”

Me: how about a fic where Oikawa is a demonic painter???

Everyone: ???

Also, finally writing w a first name bc I remembered to do it this time LOL

Also @ that one anon that wanted an Artist Oikawa fic. Here u go.

Costume Fic #2: Painter

Tooru’s talents were not a foreign concept to you. Being his partner of two years, you were more than familiar with his vast variety of skills and services. Murals, portraits, abstracts-you name it, he’s done it. People around the world have commissioned your boyfriend to do work for them. All his art was expertly detailed and realistic, almost godly in a way. He was gifted.

Despite growing older, your boyfriend still retained his model-like appearance. His hair remained full and intact, the slight curl to it never faltering. His body was taut and muscular in all the right places, and you were pretty sure if you weren’t careful you could cut yourself on his jawline. His skin was flawless, no wrinkles, moles, or freckles donned his year-round olive complexion. It was almost like he was a piece of his own artwork himself. You felt a little insecure around him yourself sometimes, no matter what doubting you kept up, you couldn’t stay as conventionally attractive as him. Copying his lack of routine didn’t work on you either. You eventually brushed it off as him hitting the genetic lottery.

Unbeknown to you, today was the day you were going to uncover an undisclosed fact about your lovely boyfriend.

As you creaked open the old wooden door into Tooru’s art room, the smell of freshly flowers and wet paint hit you. You walked in, eyes widening in the sudden change in lighting. The room was dark. Uncannily dark considering it was only five in the evening. The curtains were drawn over the windows, you could barely see the imprint of the setting sun behind them. A gorgeous vase of ornate flowers sat by the window on a small table. You knew they were all different colors, but in the absence of light, they all appeared dusky to you. The sound of a paintbrush dipping in a glass of water alerted you of someone’s presence. In the far other corner of the room, you spotted Tooru’s figure leaned over a canvas, painting something with an intense concentration.

“Tooru, hon,” you called out to him. “Do you want me to turn on the lights for you?”

The only sound that greeted you was the paintbrush making contact with the canvas.

You stepped closer. “Hey, did you hear me?”

His voice was barely above a whisper, yet it was sinister nonetheless. “Quiet. I’m almost finished.”

His change in demeanor floored you. Tooru has never spoken to you in such a tone before.

“Uh…are you okay? I can just leave you alone if you want.”

Tooru’s hand shot up, waving your statement off. “No, no, my dear. You came in at just the right time. You need to see this.” His hand quickly returned to the canvas, the swishing of his paintbrush becoming increasingly faster.

You stepped back slowly, easing your way out of the room. Something was up, and you weren’t going to stay around to witness it.

Tooru stood up, grabbed the painting, and beamed. His smile was was wide enough to cause the corner of his mouth to twitch, and his chocolate brown eyes glowed in the darkness. They were glazed and unfocused, as if he were staring into something beyond your comprehension.

Tooru’s eyes shifted to your figure, the contact instantly sent a chill up your spine. He sauntered towards you, and you stepped back. Your back made contact with the door, and your hand crept down to the knob, twisting it with fervor.

It was locked. You were sure you didn’t lock it behind you when you came in, and now that you think of it, did this door even lock? Dread sank in your stomach as Tooru stood over you, smirk evident on his face.


He turned the canvas around, revealing what he made underneath. It was a portrait of the two of you facing forward and smiling, hands interlocked, in a field of bright pink peonies dotted with a few black roses. In Tooru looked very, very different in it. His skin was paler (due to the absence of light during the cold winter months), faint crows feet were apparent by his eyes, he had a few freckles lining his arms and underneath his eyes was a dark tint from countless nights spent finishing commissioned pieces. The aspect that stuck out the most were his eyes. They his irises were scarlet and had an eerie hint of light that made you wonder if there was something, possibly of Tooru himself, living behind it. You, on the other hand, looked way younger in the portrait than how you presently did. Everything about you was conventionally perfect. You resembled some sort of doll, unscathed by the hardships of the world. In contrast to Tooru, your irises were unpainted, the bleak beige of the canvas clashing with the rest of the beautiful painting.

Tooru spoke, his voice returned to its normal frequency. “This is it…You can be like me too,” He set down the painting so it could rest against his legs, then gently took your hands into his. “We can be together forever, love. Just let me do this for you.” His gaze softened as he looked at you, stroking your hand softly with his thumb.

You couldn’t bring yourself to speak, fear filled all of you senses. You could only stare on as he continued to speak.

“It’s easy, I promise. I just need a little something from you, and it will work. You’ll be youthful like me forever.” One of his hands broke from yours and moved down to this smock’s pocket, grasping some sort of handle.

“What do you want from me?” You stuttered, voice cracking from the sinking feeling of fright enveloping you.

“I just want what’s best for you,” his hand slowly rose from his pocket, unsheathing a sharp, silver kitchen knife. “A little blood. That’s all I need to paint the eyes.”

Hell no. You weren’t having any of this demonic shit. You whipped around and gripped the doorknob, attempting to turn it with all your might.Tooru puffed in annoyance.

“It’s obviously not going to open, dear,” He placed his hands on your shoulders, making your whole body stiffen. “Now…won’t you let me do this for you? Or will we have to do it the hard way?”

anonymous asked:

"We’re bad people. That’s the only thing we have in common." With Cheryl saying it plez

 “We’re bad people. That’s the only thing we have in common.”

 aka, Cheryl loses everything she loves in one fateful day 


Cheryl Blossom knew love in very few ways. The weight of the love her brother gave her was the only one she considered real love. The fair skin boy with light red hair and a smatter of freckles across his nose was the only person she ever thought she needed. He was ingrained into her soul

Months before the infamous disappearance and death of Jason Blossom, Cheryl met someone who challenged that belief. 

She fell in love with someone who had the spirit of a child and always kept her smiling. And when Cheryl smiled everything glowed, from her amber waves to her almost deep purple calla lily gaze. Not many people had the honour of seeing such a sight. 

You knew the moment you watched her laugh at a terrible joke that came from your very lips that the world deserved to see that smile. It was the most enchanting sight that you had the pleasure to watch in a long time. You made it your mission to make her laugh every day that she came into Pop’s and took seat at the table you catered to. It was funny that when your life had gotten so low and lonely, Cheryl came into it just in time to change everything. 

Making her smile gave you a twisted sense of purpose. 

She fell in love with you one day when it was raining so hard that no car dared to leave the driveway. You were still being forced to work, needing the money for than your own safety. The only costumer who dared to risk the storm came waltzing in with a white cloak and soaked, silky hair. She slid into a booth and ordered a soda, the only thing she ever really ordered. Coming to Pop’s was mainly to ever see you, not to upset her careful diet. 

“Sit down, there’s no one even here,” she asked with a playful smirk. It was daring, like she needed to make it a game instead of being honest. She really just wanted more time to speak because Lord knows that she never spoke to you at school. 

Neither of you ever brought that up though. She respected that you were quiet and stayed out of school happenings. You respected that she had her own crowd. But in the booth of an old beat up diner, there was no hierarchy of high school royalty. 

There was only you and the brilliant girl with painted red lips. 

“What brought you here in this terrible weather?” You weren’t even being coy, in fact you were truly curious. Sure, you both had chemistry [maybe you were in love with her but you wouldn’t let your mind go there], but why that particular day? You both knew the rain would stop and she could see you tomorrow. 

Cheryl licked her lips and lifted her gaze from her soaked gloves laying still on the table. “I have an odd request. I talk to you ever day and I know I can trust you. It’s so strange and I can’t explain what is happening between us.” She took a deep breath as her eyes met with yours. “That’s why you’re the only person I know I can ask to help me.” 

She explained her odd request as you sat there with open ears, willing to do almost anything for the red haired girl. And though again, you’d deny that you were falling in love with her, she was the only person you’d ever agree to do something that big for. 

It was the strong and sure “Yes.” that came from your lips the moment she was done explaining herself that made her finally realize. Cheryl Blossom was intensely in love with everything about you. No one else would ever sacrifice so much for her without a second thought. 

Ironically, not even Jason. And it was for that very reason that Cheryl had asked for your help that rainy afternoon.

And the day that Jason Blossom’s body was found was the day that Cheryl lost faith in love altogether. 

Your hand had reached for her wrist, your fingers firmly wrapping around her cold, pale skin. Her lipstick was smudged and black makeup clung to the skin beneath her glassy eyes. She wasn’t just broken, she was still breaking. It was endless, setting fire to every strong bone in her body and leaving her in ashes. 

“This isn’t your fault. We didn’t know that this was going to happen. We couldn’t have known.” 

Cheryl ripped her hand from your grasp and looked at you with disgust painting her gaze. Not disgust for you, but herself. “I was his other half, Y/N. It was my job to know. What I did got him killed.” 

Your chest felt so tight you swore you were moments away from losing the capability of breathing. Every part of you hurt for the breaking girl that you loved and knowing you had taken part in this mess was torture. 

“You didn’t do this alone.” 

You wanted to take the blame, to share her misery if it meant giving her more room to heal. Maybe that was naive, maybe Cheryl was meant to be broken forever. But you couldn’t believe that, you need to hold onto some sort of hope for her. 

“You don’t know what Jason was to me, Y/N. In fact, you don’t know anything real about me. I never talked to you at school, I never took you places or held your hand in public. Doesn’t that ever make you realize that we don’t even have anything real?” 

Words were just spewing from her mouth, her anger and sadness controlling her thoughts. Some of it was true but what you had was most definitely real. She just didn’t want to see it when the world felt as though it was completely ending. 

“I remember every single conversation we ever had in the diner, Cheryl. And every moment we shared in secret this summer. I’d do anything for you and you told me you’d do the same. So I need to you just remember for one second what we share let me help you.” 

You could see the hesitation in her eyes, the absolutely pure desire to just give in and share her suffering with someone. Without Jason, you were all she had. 

“We’re bad people. That’s the only thing we have in common.” The path of self destruction was so familiar to Cheryl that those words came out easier than they should have. It was just another sign to you that Cheryl was broken far before her brother left her. 

She could see the battle going on within your mind, she recognized the fight before it was resolved. And before you could rid yourself of anything pride you could muster, she stole the chance from you. 

“You just don’t know what it’s like losing a soulmate.” 

Those words would echo throughout your head for months to come. You’d never forget the way your heart shattered as you silently screamed after her from within your mind. 

I do know what it’s like. I’m watching her walk away right now. 

Sound of Silence | Peter x Reader

note: this fanfic is on an odd timeline. its post civil war given that peter has been introduced, but the avengers are still kickin’ and haven’t split up. i did not include thor (though he is mentioned) or bruce because their whereabouts are unknown during the civil war movie. i also didn’t include a few other more minor characters, hope you guys understand and enjoy regardless!

Anonymous asked:  Please can you write a fanfiction where reader is in a relationship with Peter Parker and is seen as sort of the Daughter ™ of the group, and reader thinks that they have died but then finds out they’re alive. Thank you for the blog.

i love this request! being the child of the group is such a dream honestly… I want them to care for me. also, peter is a sweetheart. it took me forever but i hope you enjoy the read!

reblogs/tags and replies will make my entire day as i put a lot of effort into this :)!

story continues beneath the read more. let me know if you can’t access it!

Sound of Silence

The ground felt like it was shifting beneath your feet, the stones from crumbled streets and monuments rattling as you tried to steady yourself by crouching. Creatures you’d only just gotten familiar with began to shove their way through the layers on concrete, breaking up pieces of the road as they surfaced and shook off the dust like dogs out of water. These creatures were different than any others you’d faced: they moved like animals but could also manage to run on two legs, their heads resembling mechanical masks with large teeth, three green glowing eyes on their forehead. Their battle screeches left your ears ringing, hands clasping over each side of your head and trying to not tip over.

The creatures were quick to surround you, all howling their horrendous calls, and some digging artificial looking claws into the ground before lunging at you. With the dizzying effect of the sounds assaulting you, you barely were able to canter just enough for the creatures nails to skim the sleeve of your outfit before another followed its attack. Unlike the first one this one hit you dead on, knocking the wind out of you as it grounded itself on your chest and made an effort to bite at your throat and face.

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Sirius finding out about you dating Regulus

I am officially the worst person in the world. I’m so so sorry this took forever- my laptop broke, but I promise I will have requests up ASAP! It’s long, so I hope that sort of makes up for it:/

Much love!


You felt guilty- of course you felt guilty. Sirius was your best friend, and you knew he and his brother had poisonous history, that they didn’t see eye to eye on most things- you could tell that by the death glares they gave each other on the rare times their paths did cross- but you couldn’t help it. You couldn’t leave Regulus, because the love you held for him ran deep to your very bones, and you couldn’t tell Sirius, because telling him could mean losing your best friend.

So you went about your relationship in secret.

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