this took forever and it still glitches sometimes

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite thing about the Friday the 13th game? Do you have any criticisms of it?

I mean, of course I have a couple of criticisms, but for too many people, the glitches and the problematic start it had are all that they care about. It took forever to find a match at first, and it still glitches a bit sometimes, but they’ve fixed so much and when you’re there in the middle of it, it is so much fun. I can’t believe the game exists, I can’t believe it’s of this quality and I definitely can’t believe the passion for the franchise that went into it. 

If there’s one major criticism, it’s that it needs more maps, which is a common criticism and something I know they’re working on for the future. I love that things are never quite exactly the same between the locations and love the insane attention to detail, especially at Packanack and Higgin’s Haven, but I would love some more soon. A lot of people keep recommending Jason X and Jason Takes Manhattan for DLC maps, but those really don’t seem feasible. 

Both of them would be almost like designing totally separate games just for the DLC. I actually think Jason X would be a more feasible map, though, because the space station is more confined than tossing Jason into the middle of NYC like it’s suddenly Grand Theft Auto. I also think it would be great to put all the counselors in those ridiculous futuristic outfits for a Jason X map.

There are a lot of things I really, really love about the game. First and foremost, I love that each Jason not only has its own strengths and weaknesses, but that they actually make sense for their respective films. Part 2 & 3 Jason can run, but they’re a little weaker, Part 7 Jason is a lot slower, but he can take a lot of damage pretty easily. Part 8 is really strong and quick as hell in the water. All of those aspects of it are great and each Jason looks completely spot-on. 

I love all the Easter Eggs in general. There are so many littered throughout the game. Crazy Ralph’s bike is a good one. I also noticed that there’s a copy of Tommy’s “Rituals of Occultism” book from Part 6 in almost every cabin. That’s insane, eagle-eyed detail right there. 

But the number one thing, without a doubt, is the thing everyone was groaning about when the game was first announced, and that’s the multiplayer aspect. Getting a group of people together, hanging out and talking about the franchise while waiting for a match to come together, trying to plan an escape… it’s so much fun. 

There’s such a great communal aspect to it that I wasn’t expecting at all. Yeah, public matches can get rough and sometimes fill up with assholes, but a great group of people in a private match always makes for a fun, exciting, often hilarious time.