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Newt and his Little Sister Headcanon

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(Request: Headcannons of Newt and ravenclaw little sister.) 

(A/N: Sorry this took forever, I honestly meant to fill it before- a lot of things happened these past few days, and not for the better :(  xx) 

Newt having a little sister in Ravenclaw would include: 

*~ At first, because Newt was your older sibling and he was in Hufflepuff, you couldn’t help but already think that you belonged in Hufflepuff too. 

*~But when the Sorting Hat cried “Ravenclaw!” you couldn’t help but stare at the Hufflepuff table in fear that would be upset, however instead, Newt was already standing up, with the biggest smile on his face, clapping; his eyes beaming.

*~Despite the both of you being in different houses, things between the two of you never changed, in fact, the Ravenclaws welcomed Newt with open arms, and so did the Hufflepuff’s to you. 

*~It wasn’t rare for you to call Newt whenever you were frustrated with school, in fact, he was always there to calm you down whenever you felt you couldn’t anymore. 

*~As your years in Hogwarts progressed, you joined the Quidditch team, and as embarrassing as it was for you, Newt was always shouting and cheering you on in all your matches.

*~Although he was a bit ditsy and clumsy at times, you knew that Newt was quite possibly the best older brother you could ever have, even if he did embarrass you in your Quidditch matches. 

*~If there was one thing that you knew for a fact, it was that Newt was always there for you, no matter how late, or early it was: he’d do anything for his younger sister. 

My experiences with the moon signs as a scorpio moon
  • Still can't sleep so why not
  • Aries: only know one that I can think of. Again, biased cuz best relationship yet. Very quick to feel and react, but also just as quick to stop feeling it. Kinda like that little woosh of flame when someone puts their name in the goblet of fire. Actually that's pretty fitting cuz this moon lets ya know not to mess around with them or challenge them.
  • Taurus: these people take FOREVER to react and feel shit. Like Flash in zootopia who took a whole minute and a half to smile and laugh at a joke. Seriously, one that I knew broke my heart and shit just ended horribly and it literally took 2 years for her to go "oh my god, ow my heart"
  • Gemini: holy nerves man. Do they have feelings? Sometimes I guess they're anxious but it's a mental reaction instead of from the heart. You know, where emotions usually come from.
  • Cancer: quietly emotional. They shut themselves in a room or went off with a closer friend to cry. And despite what they wanted me to think I know they cried a lot. Also, kinda like 24/7 pms to a mild degree. That's just their defense system cuz they're actually lil softies.
  • Leo: get over yourself and let someone in. It's ok to cry sometimes dammit. Ya don't always gotta be perfect. It's creepy and annoying if you act perfect and happy all the time.
  • Virgo: oh boy. You're worse than leo moon cuz you're not as good at playing the I'm fine card. But then again you ACTUALLY think you're fine cuz you don't know your emotions very well.
  • Libra: *eye roll* no. Nope. Stick up for yourself without arguing and manipulating please. Passive aggression doesn't always keep the peace. Well maybe it does but only on the surface.
  • Sagittarius: do you have emotions either? Kinda? But you ran away from them again didn't you?
  • Capricorn: ummm hmmm... I don't think I know any capricorn moons off the top of my nogan.
  • Aquarius: you're actually hilarious. Like you're always happy and can make anyone else smile too. Do you have bad feels? Probably not.
  • Pisces: you little softie-quit acting like a cactus. It's ok to be vulnerable sometimes, especially since you can get through hell and back with how tough you are and how long you hang on. Just keep swimming little luna fishy!

“Like I said I’m just getting tired.” Dean muttered as you and your brothers got in the car.

“Well get angry.” Sam snapped.

You sighed, turning your music up and putting your earphones in.

“I’m just saying, you can’t constantly be making small mistakes here and there, you need to work at them!” Dean insisted, even over the music you could hear him.

“Well I’m sorry for not being perfect!” Sam cried.

The car ride back to the bunker was tedious and seemed to take forever. You watched as your brothers took turns in shouting at the other. An awful lot of talking was happening but no listening. 

You kept silent the whole way, you didn’t talk all that much. You loved your brothers, you just didn’t like to talk much. Quiet was who you were, not shy, not scared, just quiet. And you were okay with that.

They simultaneously slammed the car doors shut in a loud and emphasised manner, followed by you quietly closing yours.

“You’re not even listening to me!” Sam shouted.

Then you snapped.


Immediately your brothers stopped, they froze and stared at you with wide shocked eyes and their jaws dropped to the floor. Their heads slowly turned to each other and they realised how long and loud they’d been arguing for, how much they’d ignored you, how ridiculous both of their sides to the argument were.

“Y/N, I’m sorry.” Dean began but you cut him off.

“Even if you are it doesn’t mean anything, give it a day and you’ll be back at each others throats again in no time.” You whisper, still amazed at yourself for having shouted so loud.

“That’s just what brothers do, I’m sorry too.” Sam explained, kneeling down next to you and putting his hand on your shoulder.

“It’s not me you should be apologising to.” You eyed Dean as you spoke, your voice soft and calm.

“I’m sorry, Dean. I’ll work on any mistakes.” Sam apologised and Dean stepped forward before doing the same “I’m sorry too, and thank you. I know it’s hard.” He gulped, looking over to you.

You rubbed your eye, tired yourself and shook off Sam’s hand, ambling back inside to your bedroom: away from the world again.

Requested by anon

Imagine getting in the middle of a fight between Sam and Dean please? Thanks! xx
Np! I hope you like it :D
Could you do a oneshot about the reader doesn’t talk much but when Sam and Dean get in a really bad argument she yells at them making them look at each other like did our little sister just yell at us?
I could indeed, thanks for requesting!

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Color Palette Meme: Rinharu + 1 & 4 request by kurokucchi & anon ღ

“…From the moment i met you, the world just opened up before me. This wide, wide world that spreads out forever… I’m sure you could see it too, if you’d just lift your head and look, Haru.”


Prince Ivan × Scorpio Mobile Wallpapers (720x1280)
For chernenkxv

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