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The devil’s worst fear

Please read from right to left, I forgot that it should be the other way around *hides*
God, finally… I work on this since the last chapter came out because I couldn’t get it out of my head that He Tian’s worst fear is probably to lose somebody he loves and sometimes, he has nightmares from it.
And if it happens when Guanshan is around… Hm… *tilts head to the side*

6 pages of hand and brain cramps. *laughs* I put so much effort into this, I cried two times. I’ve got to practice, learning by doing… or something like this.
I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading it! <3


25/01 | Happy birthday, Minato! ♥♥


It’s like a photographer went out on the island, La Grande Jatte, and took a picture of a lot of people strolling in the park. The humanity of it, I thought… These people don’t know they’re gonna be immortal. And so I’m gonna write a song about that. That it’s gonna be outside of themselves, and they’re gonna be singing about what themselves and they’re doing. But they’re gonna be acknowledging that they are immortal. It all leads to the word forever. Which is- when I wrote that word, I cried, because I thought, that’s what it’s about. And I then decided, that I would do it all in one sentence. It’s a lyric that’s in one sentence. Uh, because there is a kind of… I don’t know how to put it. It’s like it’s eternal, it’s infinite, whatever, whatever- it’s what I feel about art… It just has no beginning and no end. It’s just one thing. Then I could see that they would all be singing that one idea. Um… That here we are in a park. And we’re gonna be here forever. That’s why it has that… It’s got an almost funerary beat to it, you know, it’s almost a funeral march. But it isn’t quite. It’s a triumphant march

 -Sondheim on Sunday from Sunday in the Park with George

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BTS Reaction to Them Saying “I’ll Love You Forever” But You Don’t Believe Them

A/N: Gifs are not mine and all credit goes to the original owners!

Jin: You and Jin would be in the kitchen, just idly chatting as the two of you cooked together, enjoying the smells of the food and the presence of each other. Jin would hug you from behind as the two of you waited for the food to finish cooking, kissing the nape of your neck gently.

“Jagiya, I’ll love you forever.” he’d say airily. Jin would feel you stiffen in his arms at those words and he’d suddenly become nervous; did he say something wrong?

“Jin, don’t make promises you can’t keep.” you’d say jokingly, trying to alleviate the tense atmosphere you knew you created. Jin would pause for a moment before tightening his hold on you.

“Whoever ruined those words for you should be ashamed of themselves. I know it may seem impossible now, but in my heart I know that you’re the only one I want to love. I promise, jagiya, I’ll love you forever even after the day I die. And that’s a promise that will never be broken.”

Suga: It would just be one of those days. One of those dark, rainy days where the two of you would waste the day away sleeping and cuddling together in bed. He’d run his fingers through your hair delicately, repeatedly placing soft kisses on your cheeks and forehead when the words came tumbling from his lips in a soft mumble.

“Babe, I love you. I want to love you like this forever.” he’d hear you sigh and he’d slowly open his eyes to see your saddened expression.

“That’s what they all say.” you’d mumble back to him, causing his hold on you to tighten.

“Are you doubting my love for you, Y/N?” his voice was laced with pain and vulnerability, afraid you didn’t want to have the relationship he wanted.

“No! No, Yoongi of course not.” you said hurriedly, trying to get him to understand, “I know you love me and I love you so so much. I guess…the melancholy day had me kinda down and that’s why I said that.” Yoongi would sigh in relief and place a teasing kiss on your lips.

“Don’t scare me like that babe, otherwise I’ll just have to show you with my body how much I love you.”

J-Hope: J-Hope would be the one to tell you that he’ll love you forever in the spur of the moment. He’d probably say it during a tickle fight or when he’s spinning you around in circles like the goof he is.

“Y/N, promise me you’ll always love me forever? I’ll love you forever in return~” he’d offer, a cheesy grin on his face.

“That’s a hefty deal Hobi, are you sure you could handle it?” you’d tease him. He would pout and pucker his lips mockingly at you.

“With you by my side, of course I would. Now come here and give me a kiss baby~”

Rap Monster: Namjoon was frustrated, and you both knew it. As you watched him crumple paper after paper of lyrics and beats into the trash, you became distracted from your reading and instead chose to watch him at the desk on the other side of your room. When he slammed his hands on the desk out of frustration, you jumped out of shock from your place on the bed. You watched him run his hands through his hair and place his head in his hands, and you knew the stress and frustration was eating at him. You carefully untangled yourself from the blankets and walked towards him. You’d hug him, resting your cheek against the broad expanse of his shoulder as your arms wrapped themselves around his torso. He’d physically relax at your touch, sighing and releasing the tension in his muscles.

“Y/N, thank you,” he’d turn around to face you, removing your arms from around him only to pull you into his lap. “I love you Y/N, my precious girl. I’m gonna love you forever, y'know that? You’re the only one that can make me relax so easily, and you’re the only one that I’ve ever loved this much before.”

You’d stare at him at a loss for words, having a hard time comprehending where all this was coming from.

“But Namjoon-.”

“No ‘buts’ Y/N, I love you. And nothing is going to change that.”

Jimin: Jimin, this cheesy, romantic fucker. He’d confess his undying love to you in such a corny way. It’d be late at night and he would be guiding you through a secluded park, giggling occasionally out of excitement and nerves.

“Jiminie, as much as I love your surprises, can’t you just tell me what’s going on?” Jimin would 'tsk’ at you and ruffle your hair with his free hand.

“C'mon Y/N, we’re almost there.” he’d smile, ignoring your question.

You’d sigh and smile slightly anyways at his cuteness. When you both finally walked through a hidden stone archway covered in vines, you gasped. Thousands upon thousands of candles were laid out on the ground of this hidden meadow. They formed the shape of a heart and in the middle of the heart was a picnic set up for two. Jimin hugged you from behind and he felt pride swell up in his chest at his work.

“So?” he questioned.

“Jimin, it’s beautiful. But, why?” you’d ask him as you turned around in his arms to face him. Jimin pouted.

“What? Can’t I do something special for the one person I’m going to love forever?” you’d blank at his words, making Jimin suddenly panic.

“Y-Y/N?” he’d ask if you were okay, gently running his cute little hands over your cheeks.

“Forever Jimin? Don’t you think that’s a bit much?” you’d finally speak, making Jimin halt his actions.

“What? No? I-I don’t think so, because I-I don’t want to love anyone else. Do you not b-believe me?” he’d stutter.

“It’s just so serious to say Jimin.” you’d try and explain.

“But I know what my heart says is true Y/N, I will love you for as long as the Sun burns in the sky. Please know that is the truth.”

V: Tae would be humming softly to himself as he scrolled aimlessly through his phone, waiting for you to come home from work. When he heard the door open and close he hopped up from his seat on the couch and practically ran to great you with a large smile on his face. He missed you so much today and he really just wanted to cuddle and talk with you.

“Jagi!!!” he’d yell, wrapping his arms around you tightly, not even waiting for you to kick off your shoes.

“Taehyung, please, let go.” Taehyung would be taken aback at your depressed tone and would let go of you instantly. His heart would break when he saw how tired you looked, how your makeup was smudged and how the life was drained out of you.

“Jagiya, are you okay? What happened?” Taehyung asked as you took off your coat and kicked off your shoes.

You just shook your head and walked to your room, going to change out of your work clothes. Taehyung trailed behind you like a curious puppy, wondering what was up with you. He heard you sigh as you unbuttoned your shirt; he looked away as you changed into a t-shirt and sweatpants.

“Tae.” you mumbled. He looked up at you instantly at the sound of his name.

Tears welled up in your eyes and Taehyung instantly was beside you. He took you into his arms and sat you both down on the bed, rubbing your back and humming to you softly as you cried it out.
“Shh shh, Y/N. It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m here. I’m here jagi, and I love you so much, I’ll always be here for you. I promise, I’ll love you forever.” Taehyung whispered, tightening his hold on you.

“Y-You really mean it Tae?” you asked, and Taehyung placed a chaste kiss on your lips that made any doubts you had slip away.

“Of course Y/N, I love you so much. It’ll take a lot for you to get rid of me.”

Jungkook: Jungkook would be really hurt when you would question his statement of loving you forever.

“Y/N, why don’t you believe me?! Is it because I’m so young? Is that it? Do you think I don’t know what true love is? Well I do jagiya, and I feel it everyday when I wake up and see you laying next to me, when I hug you and when I kiss your lips, I feel true love with you everyday. And for you to question that love I feel for you…it hurts so much Y/N you don’t understand. You have to believe me and you have to trust me when I say that I’ll love you forever, because I don’t think I’ll ever feel like this with any other girl. I don’t want to think about losing you because of this, so please, baby, please believe me. I love you so much.”

It’s real!:

It’s really real!:

I thought I would have to wait forever for Takasugi’s route to come out, but now the announcement appears in the actual game!

Hopefully lots of players will see it, and pick up the app again. If you can believe it, DtL used to be more competitive than MidCin, on par with SLBP rankings. 

Ahhhhh, I can’t wait! 

DtL lives, again! I almost cried!

Did you see the Home button? How cute is happy, dancing Shin-chan?:

I don’t think I took screenies of Haru and his cat Rin, who were on the Home button previously– and I don’t care! Teeny tiny Takasugi, dancing around with a kitten, is adorable enough to make up for it! 

I mean, I won’t stop you, but I don’t think you can threaten me with a good time:  

IkeSen Mitsuhide, is that you?:

I’m not saying it’s me, but I know someone who will probably blast through a ton of tickets to get right up to this point:

The hell kind of rhetorical question is this?:

Are you emo? Is the sky blue?

The real question is: when is “coming soon,” because I need my Takasugi fix!

I wonder if there will be an event that goes along with Takasugi’s route release, like they did for Haru and Okita?

That would be so much fun!

Heartbreak Is Inevitable

word count: 1,631 words 8,765 characters

summary: the scenario where harry has a daughter who he loves so dearly. when she grows up she brings home a boy and he can’t help but to be worried thinking about how she would eventually get her heart broken.

author’s note: this was so last minute but i figured i should write something before my weekend ends. please keep requesting. thank you for the positive comments and feedback. i promise i am always reading what’s left in my inbox. it’s a lot to get through. sorry i had a lot of technical difficulties uploading this. it took forever!!

it was natural for a man to be overprotective of his daughter. his only daughter. that’s just how being a father worked. however, you wondered if his overprotectiveness was a bit too much at some times. ever since your little girl emery was born she was a daddy’s girl from day one. and harry didn’t mind that one bit. if there were two girls he loved in his life it was you and your daughter.

her cries would fill your room at 3am and harry would be the one to get up from your comfortable bed and walk to her room. he would hold her in his arms
rocking her side to aside. silence immediately filled the room when he held her in his arms. and if he sang to her she would fall asleep peacefully in his arms without a care in the world. his arms were her asylum. her safe place. if she ran into your bedroom at a random time in the morning she would jump ontop of you and harry and pout. he knew what that pout meant. he would look over at you mentally begging you to let her sleep with the two of you just for the rest of the night. you would give in and tell him “just don’t let it become a habit.” and she would immediately go to him and he’d wrap his arms around her snuggling his daughter close to his chest. and if she wanted a toy so badly in the store all she needed to say was “daddy please” and he would immediately give in buying little emery whatever she wanted. carrying her down the aisle while she pointed to a toy she desperately claimed she needed while laying her head on her daddy’s shoulder.

she just had it that easy. she was his favorite and only daughter. and he loved her to death. there was nothing she could do that could make him angry. and she knew that. but she never took advantage of that. and she would never take advantage of her father.

but growing up is inevitable. you cannot stop time. children get older. sometimes as a parent you wish they could stay little kids forever. however, that’s not how life works. and harry didn’t want emery to grow up. harry wanted emery to be his little baby girl forever. and although emery always reassured him that no matter what she would always be his little girl he still had worries.

“harry!!” you screamed, from downstairs in the kitchen. you were preparing breakfast. nothing like french toast on a sunday morning. sometimes you wish you could just lay in bed with him all morning. sleepily resting his head on his chest while he held you in his arms spending the day watching shows on netflix. however, that was not the case. and you could not do that…. well, at least not all the time.

harry made his way to the stairs walking down them before entering the kitchen a small smile on his face. “you called beautiful?” he asked, in a joking manor. he was always silly and could make a horrible situation turn silly and overall happy in a matter of seconds. it was something you loved about him.

“emery’s boyfriend is coming over for breakfast.” you spoke, looking up at him distracting yourself from making the french toast. he sighed before sitting down at the breakfast bar.

“is he now?” he asked. he knew the answer. however, he wasn’t looking forward to the kid who had his daughter’s heart. i mean sure she was only sixteen but once upon a time he was sixteen too. and at that time he swore up and down he knew what love was. obviously, he didn’t considering he isn’t dating the same girl he dated when he was once sixteen.

“you couldn’t have possibly forgotten dad? have you?”

he heard a familiar voice and turned around looking at his sixteen year old daughter walking inside the kitchen. harry always said she was your twin. there was a striking resemblance of the both of you. however, she was born with his beautiful eyes. you loved those eyes.

“i didn’t necessarily forget. i was trying to avoid the situation actually. i suppose im just not ready to meet the boy who’s in love with my daughter.”

“oh harry, she’s sixteen. give her a break. love? what did you know about love when you were sixteen?” you asked, before resuming the french toast.

“exactly, i knew absolutely nothing about love. which led to my heart being broken. i know how teenage boys think. you know i was one not too long ago!” he argued.

“oh great, another teenage dad story.” your daughter sighed, before sitting at the breakfast bar near her dad resting her chin in the palm of her hand rolling her eyes.

“i just don’t want you to wind up with your heart broken. nor do i want you to chase after no good boys. i want you to focus on what’s important like school and what you’ll be doing for a living.” he spoke, however he knew deep down those were the last things he was worried about when he was sixteen.

“dad, im not going to wind up with my heart broken. matthew, he’s a really good guy. he’s not like other boys. i can promise you that.”

however, harry wasn’t buying it. he didn’t want to be the one to teach his daughter that there was a slim chance of high school relationships ever working out. he didn’t want to set her hopes up just for some guy to crush them and hurt her. but he knew that’s how you learned. people learn and grow from their mistakes. he just wished she didn’t have to go through it that way.

and when the bell rang she smiled before looking over at both her parents before speaking up.

“that’s matthew! please don’t do anything to embarrass me. he’s so excited to meet the both of you!”

she jumped from her stool and stood up. she looked down at herself before smiling and immediately running to the door. she tried to make herself look presentable but overall calm. she didn’t want to hype herself up too much however, it was hard to calm her excitement.

“please be on your best behavior harry. emery really likes this boy and i don’t want her chances with him to be crushed because he’s intimidated by his girlfriend’s dad.” you spoke quietly, looking at harry.

he sighed before shaking his head. “i just don’t like the sight of any kid over my daughter. if he breaks her heart im gonna break him.” he murmured, before grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl in front of him.

“no you aren’t. that’s just being immature. if he breaks her heart you’re going to do nothing because emery needs to learn from heartbreak and mistakes. if he’s not right for her than so be it.” you spoke, looking at him. “lighten up.” you said, before pressing a kiss against his cheek as you finished up the breakfast.

although he was being quite protective he knew deep down inside you were right. kids tend to learn from their mistakes and actions. he knew he couldn’t always be there to save her from her every battle, let along every war.

when emery walked back into the kitchen with another male next to her side all the attention was turned toward him. you could tell she was nervous but she tried her absolutely hardest to stay calm, cool, and collected. though, it was much obvious she was shaking while holding the male’s hand.

“mom, dad, this is my boyfriend matthew.” emery introduced the male and he gave her parents a small smile. harry immediately stood up before walking toward him.

“pleasure to meet you mr. styles.” matthew spoke before extending out a hand. harry kindly shook it giving him a firm handshake looking down at the male. it was so obvious he was intimidated.

“pleasure to meet you matthew!!” you spoke, from behind harry. you sat the french toast on each plate giving the male a small smile before putting the dirty dishes into the sink letting them soak.

“my mum was just finishing up breakfast. join us.” emery spoke, leading him to the breakfast bar where the both of them sat down. you passed plates to every one before sitting next to harry and holding onto his hand under the table. he was tense.

you mouthed the words “calm down. be nice.” but before the both of you knew it harry was asking plenty of questions. what do you want to major in? what are you intentions with my daughter? how old are you? tell me about your family?

smooth. very smooth.
however, matthew only smiled and answered he questions as if he was on a trivia show. he was very nonchalant and overall seemed like a nice kid.

however, fairytales don’t last forever. heartbreak is inevitable.

the night where emery comes home with tears running down her face. her cheeks stained with mascara and when asked if she wanted to talk about it and her response was “let me be alone” harry had knew. he knew then and there his daughter was experiencing her first ever heartbreak. and when her heart broke… his heart broke.

he just wanted to be there to fix the pieces and repair the broken heart. but you were right. teenagers must learn from their mistakes. and you knew that one day she would look back on this very moment. but as long as he was there to care and love her, it was the best comfort she could possibly ask for.

The choice

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“Ok, what’s wrong?” Harry asked out of the blue one night as he set down a bowl of mac and cheese in front of me, pulling out the chair across from me at the table and taking a bite of his own.

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Newt and his Little Sister Headcanon

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(Request: Headcannons of Newt and ravenclaw little sister.) 

(A/N: Sorry this took forever, I honestly meant to fill it before- a lot of things happened these past few days, and not for the better :(  xx) 

Newt having a little sister in Ravenclaw would include: 

*~ At first, because Newt was your older sibling and he was in Hufflepuff, you couldn’t help but already think that you belonged in Hufflepuff too. 

*~But when the Sorting Hat cried “Ravenclaw!” you couldn’t help but stare at the Hufflepuff table in fear that would be upset, however instead, Newt was already standing up, with the biggest smile on his face, clapping; his eyes beaming.

*~Despite the both of you being in different houses, things between the two of you never changed, in fact, the Ravenclaws welcomed Newt with open arms, and so did the Hufflepuff’s to you. 

*~It wasn’t rare for you to call Newt whenever you were frustrated with school, in fact, he was always there to calm you down whenever you felt you couldn’t anymore. 

*~As your years in Hogwarts progressed, you joined the Quidditch team, and as embarrassing as it was for you, Newt was always shouting and cheering you on in all your matches.

*~Although he was a bit ditsy and clumsy at times, you knew that Newt was quite possibly the best older brother you could ever have, even if he did embarrass you in your Quidditch matches. 

*~If there was one thing that you knew for a fact, it was that Newt was always there for you, no matter how late, or early it was: he’d do anything for his younger sister. 


   General Information

Name: Sasha

Pronunciation: Sa-sh-a

Other Names: Sash, Sashay, Sashy(As in the ship—)

Gender: Female

Birth Name: Sasha

Birth Date: 10/09/06 - 10th September, 2006

Age: 11

Dominant Hand: Left

Astrological Sign: Virgo


Motivation: around 10% motivation to do anything, just like me–

Self Confidence: Has next to no confidence in herself

Self Control: Low

Self Esteem: Low

Hobbies: Listening to music, drawing

Habits: Biting things when angry

Worries: That everyone will leave her, or ignore her completely forever

Soothers: Music, sweets

Soft Spots: Younger kids

Favorite Dream: Her, her little brother(Who will be introduced soon by Trashy), Trashy, and me going out to the park and being able to play together forever

Worst Nightmare: Losing her family in a house fire

Happiest Moment: When her brother told her that he’d protect her no matter what, despite being younger than her(Even if he was taller and stronger)

Most Prized Possession: Her necklace, it was given to her the day she was adopted

Collections: Gemstones, silver jewellery(Which she never wears)

Humor: Dark

Regrets: Shouting at her family multiple times

Secrets: She has no friends-

Creativity: Very creative- uwu

Generosity: Rarely generous–

Honesty: Not very honest

Loyalty:Loyal to those close to her

Insecurities: Insecure of her body, personality

Patience: Semi-patient


Compliments: “U-Um…you look nice…”

Insults: “Idiot!!”

Farewells: “G-Goodbye…” “Bye…!”

Greetings: “…H-Hello…” “…Hi!”


Likes: Food, sweets, family, music, drawing, singing(rarely sings tho), being alone

Dislikes: Getting hurt, seeing family members be harmed in any way, dramatic shit–


Mother: Trashy- uwu

Other Mother: Me

Siblings: Tiru

Best Friend: Her brother

Close Friends: None

Friends: No one other than her bro rlly- :’)


Angry: She will sound off for awhile before snapping, may bite herself

Anxious: Will fidget, and sweat

Depressed: Frowns a lot, or seems blank

Embarrassed: Blushes deeply, and stutters, no matter what the situation

Excited: Seems hyper, jumps up and down

Frightened: Cries—

Guilty: Won’t keep eye contact

Happy: Will give small smiles

Sad: Will cry, or make a sad face-

Stressed: Won’t really eat much, will sleep more

Thoughtful: Spaces out

This took forever–

I also drew the pic with a mouse so shu s h - -


Prince Ivan × Scorpio Mobile Wallpapers (720x1280)
For chernenkxv

                                                  Happy Birthday Mandy (*・ヮ・♡)。゜☆

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Can i request a markson hp!au in which jackson is the gryffindor quidditch captain and mark comes from slytherin? and like when they are officially dating, people looked at them stangely since their houses are rivals so jackson became really protective (i have a thing for possessive jacks sorry T T) I hope you understand what im trying to say since my english is so lame T T Thanks a lot in advance!!

warnings: none

word count: 7.6k why am i alive T.T

author: angel

omg so this took me forever and I’m like dying right now, my exams just finished so I’ve been on this writing spree (watch me expertly gloss over the relevance of my writing to this blog) so yes omg I hope you like this T.T I know it’s a little jerky and stuff but it was like growing and growing and I had to make it stop so yeah. /cries

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Tag Game!

Thank you for tagging me @seongwoo-ong & @meteongshower 💖 (sorry it took me forever 😬)

I would like to tag: @danielsoftgf , @seongwoonie (Ik you have a lot of tags to do lol), @kangyungbrian , @soo-now-what and @huntingachievements ! You guys don’t have to do it lol


  • Drink: Coke
  • Phone call: with my mother to see where she was lol
  • Text message: “Yes lol how was your day”
  • Song you listened to: Monsta X: The Code Mini Album
  • Time you cried: The other day from this show called This Is Us. It’s really emotional lol


  • Dated someone twice: No
  • Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes
  • Been cheated on: Yes
  • Lost someone special: No
  • Been depressed: Yes, every now and then. I get too deep in my thoughts sometimes….
  • Gotten drunk and thrown up: No I have gotten drunk before……never will do that again!


  • Pink
  • Black
  • Red


  • Made new friends: YES IM HAPPY TOO 😁
  • Fallen out of love: Yes
  • Laughed until you cried: Yes
  • Found out someone was talking about you: Yes
  • Met someone who changed you: Yes
  • Found out who your friends are: Yes
  • Kissed someone on your Facebook list: Yes lol
  • How many Facebook friends do you know in real life: Most if them lol
  • Do you have any pets: No, but i want a dog!
  • Do you want to change your name: I did want to when I was younger but the older I got the more I loved it.
  • What did you do for your last birthday: I don’t remember lol. Probably went out to eat with my family.
  • What time did you wake up: 6:30am
  • What were you doing at midnight last night: Read a fanfic lol
  • Name something you can’t wait for: For me to leave Indiana FOR GOOD!
  • When was the last time you saw your mom: Like 10 mins ago lol
  • What are you listening to right now: Monsta X - Now or Ever (this album 🔥)
  • Have you ever talked to a person named tom: Oddly no lol
  • Something that is getting on your nerves: When someone tells me I can’t do something.
  • Most visited website: Tumblr or Facebook
  • Hair colour: Dark Brown
  • Long or short hair: My hair is long but when it’s curly it’s short
  • Do you have a crush on someone: Nope 🙁
  • What do you like about yourself: Despite all the things I’ve been through with people treating me wrong, I still treat people the way I want to be treated 💖
  • Blood type: Idk, even though I have gave blood before lol
  • Nickname: Diamond is my nickname lol but also, Dimes, Dime, D, Miamond and DiDi
  • Relationship status: Single as a Pringle 🙃
  • Zodiac: Pisces ♓️
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Favorite tv show: Supernatural, Friends, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder and Golden Girls lol
  • Tattoos: I have one on my forearm. I want lots more!
  • Right or left handed: Right
  • Surgery: Nope
  • Sport: Uh no lol
  • Vacation: Yes I went to New Orleans this summer with my family! It was amazing!
  • Pair of shoes: I have LOTS
  • Eating: I had a Grilled Chicken Sandwich today.
  • Drinking: Water
  • I’m about to: Watch tv
  • Waiting for: My little brother to do his homework so I can do what I want lol
  • Want: To sleep because I’m tired honestly!
  • Get married: Yes after college.
  • Career: I’m a college student but I work too


  • Hugs or kisses: Hugs
  • Lips or eyes: Lips
  • Shorter or taller: Taller
  • Older or younger: Older
  • Nice arms or nice stomach: Arms
  • Hook up or relationship: Relationship
  • Troublemaker or hesitant: Troublemaker
  • Kissed a stranger: No
  • Drank hard liquor: No
  • Lost glasses/contact lenses: No, I’m very responsible lol
  • Turned someone down: Yep
  • Sex on the first date: Hell no
  • Broken someone’s heart: Yes
  • Had your heart broken: Hell YES
  • Been arrested: No
  • Cried when someone died: Yes
  • Fallen for a friend: Yes yeaaarrrsss ago tho


  • Yourself: Always
  • Miracles: Yes
  • Love at first sight: Yes
  • Santa Claus: When I was younger of course
  • Kiss on the first date: Sure