this took forever and ever plus ever

Dear Journal,

Hey it’s Teddy. Today we had transfiguration and I fell asleep in class. I was not only exhausted from the first task, I barely slept last night because of my nightmare. James Sirius had let me sleep alone in my bed so I would get a good night of sleep. The thing is, I know that If he were there, He would’ve help me fall back asleep and tell me that it was just a bad dream. We met at the Great hall with Victoire and had breakfast.

« Hey love, you slept well? » James said, giving me my morning kiss.

« Not so much.. But i’m alright. » I said, sitting in front of Victoire.

I drank a smoothie full of fruits to try and get a bit of energy back but I wasn’t sure if it would help. Everyone looked to the ceiling to see the owls entering the big room. I spotted mine instantly. I had sent my dads a letter, telling them about how I won the first task. They already responded and it made me smile. James Sirius got his Daily Prophet and started reading it. Victoire also got a small letter. It was in a pink enveloppe and the writing was gracefull and delicate. I smirked, knowing it was from her girlfriend, Kiara, which is also my childhood best friend forever and ever and neighbour.

« Is that from Kiara? » I asked her.

She blushed and hid he face with the letter.

« It is. She’s graduating muggle school this summer and she wants to know if I want to go to prom with her. » She smiled.

« that’s the most adorable thing! » James said.

« I’m just scared that her muggle friends won’t like me.. »

« I’m sure they will! You’re like the nicest person that ever lived Vic. Plus, you have the Veela charms! » I laughed.

She blushed again and smiled down at the letter. A few polaroids fell from the enveloppe. She took them and looked at them one by one, love in her eyes. The last one made her gasp and she blushed even more.

« Are those risky pictures vic? » James joked.

« Shut up Jamie! » she said, hitting his shoulder. « She’s just showing me the cute lingerie underwear set I got her for her birthday. » she winked.

It made us all laugh and the bell rang. It was time to go to class. I had transfiguration with Vic while James had herbology. As I told you dear journal, I fell asleep in class. I never do. I was just so exhausted. Thank god McGonnagall didn’t notice. When the bell rang again, Victoire woke me up.

« Ted are you sure you’re alright? You should go get some sleep, you look exhausted. » she said, her hand on my shoulder.

I met James Sirius in the hall and he noticed my tired look. He took me to the common room and we layed on the couch, near the warm fire. He played with my hair, trying to make me fall asleep.

« You had a nightmare didn’t you? » He said.

I noded and he hugged me tighter.

« I’m sleeping with you tonight. Now get some rest okay? » he wispered.

And I fell asleep. Safe in his arms.



Dovahkiin - The Dragonborn, a warrior with the body of a mortal and soul of a dragon.

AU - Emma Swan as the Dovahkiin