this took forever and a day ok

under $5 masterpost

i see yall buying cute stuff with like $$ and i cry bc u can buy the exact same product for like 99 cents. However, these are really hard to find. So, here’s a masterpost of lots of stuff that u can buy for way less than $5! This is also useful if youre living on a tight budget like me but you still want these cute shit like me. or if u wanna move out like me.

+ most of these are free shipping but u should check your country for some.
+ some of these are on sale so if you comeback to it months later the price might change. so hurry up!

Stationery/office supplies/school supplies:

candy & cats (?) 
furry ball 
grass pens 
these are just v cute
giraffe pens
ice cream pens
pastel af
star shaped highlighters?? so cute??
really pretty
i was legit about to buy this for $6 but then i saw this
these just look so fancy idk
bones lmao
a cute pen that is also a fan??

pencil cases/cosmetics bags:
ill just put this pencil case here
this is the cutest omg
c u t e
my pencils case

Sticky notes/sticky bookmarks/stickers:
butterfly bookmark
rabbit sticky notes
hello hello
washi tape (cute +  dolls + colors + dots)
super cute cats
dolphin (?)
very cute much pastel
hilarious fingers
rabbits & cats
v cute
adorable cats
fucking cute man

pencil sharpeners:

these are so aesthetic omg buy it for me
these too
fast food
lipsticks again
cute colors 


drawstring backpacks
id wallets 
bow wallets
why is this bag so cheap??
the cutest coins bags/wallets
adorable wallets (id use these as a pencils case tbh)
cute shirts (this & this & this & this & this)
cute bras
very cute socks
emoticon face masks
literally the cutest pins
chokers!! ( xxx + xxx + xxx + xxx + xxx + xxx)
super cute hair thingies 
i have this necklace its v nice
these socks are cuter than me
Pokemon socks
emoticon underwear
cats underwear lol


peeling lip gloss
cute af lip balms 
these are like $7 in other places
bath salts
face masks!!! (xxx + xxx + xxx + i bough this the other day + xxx + xxx + xxx )
hand masks (?)
nose masks (?)
magic lipsticks
water based lipsticks
kissing lips
color changing nail polishes
etude eye patch 
etude chin masks
v v cute mirrors 
mirror + comb = oreo?
more cute mirrors yes
triple lipsticks
bb creams
yet another set of lipsticks
and another
aaaand another
wtf another??
lmao yes another
yup another 

Home & kitchen:  

heart egg thingy
fancy ass spoons
cloud egg thingy
dumpling thingy
rabbit egg thingy
skull egg thingy
u use these things to make freezies or whatever tf u call them
sandwich thingy
microwavable lunch box
very cute aprons

ok that’s about it i guess. damn that took forever. 
please tell me if any of these links aren’t working or if u have any questions!
+ if u wanna check out more pretty things that aren’t exactly $5 but still considerably cheap, or if these products aren’t available anymore, check out this tag
+ last thing! if its not a bother please check this post and help me out if u can!


kacchako comic thingy i was working on for a few weeks but was too lazy to finish *blushes* but I finally found the motivation! There’s a couple more pages but the whole tumblr limit thing made me have to chose the more important ones so thats why its a little choppy. D:  However, maybe in the future i’ll format it correctly and post the whole thing. 


“don’t let go of my hand forever, i won’t let go of you again either

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Butterfly wings

When Lance was a kid his mom would say his skin looked like the wings of a butterfly.
Something that was beautiful in how the colours stood out over the base.
She would tell him that he was her little butterfly painted by the angels.
She would tell him this everyday he came home crying because of the teasing from the other kids and the pitying looks from the adults.
When Lance turned ten he stole his sisters makeup and used it to cover the pale areas that were visible on his face, neck and arms. Just to see what it would be like he went to town and for the first time ever blended in. He felt absence of confidence coming from the makeup. But he didn’t want to upset his mom. However getting makeup off is much harder then putting it on.
That’s why hours later his Mom found Lance in the bathroom desperately scrubbing at his skin as she called him for dinner.
He broke down and began to cry begging her not to angry for trying to cover up.
His mom just smiled and kissed his temple telling him that if he wanted to cover up he could or if he wanted his skin on show that was fine too, that he was perfect ether way.
So Lance started wearing makeup and gained a new kind of confidence that he never had before. He was louder and happier even flirting.
When he went away to the Garrison he took enough makeup with him to last until Christmas telling himself as long as he had makeup then everything would be ok.
But the night they found Shiro, Lance didn’t have his makeup with him.
He went to space without it.
With every day that passed the small container he always carried for touch ups became emptier and emptier. He knew it wouldn’t last forever but tonight of all nights to run out.

Lance stared in the mirror at the pale splattering that stretched over his eyes as he desperately rubbed at his skin praying to be able to cover up.
But it was no good.
He was out of makeup.
He wondered if Allura had any and if she would mind him borrowing some. But if he asked then she would see.
What if she laughed?
What if she told the others and they treated him differently?
He couldn’t take the teasing again he just couldn’t.
He put his hands on the sink trying to will himself to calm down. If he could just get to Allura’s room then he could steal her makeup and look normal.
Wrapping his blanket round his head allowing it to trail along the floor behind him Lance tip toes through the hall way.
At this time in the morning most of the other paladins were usually in the kitchen having breakfast or for Keith getting in some training before grabbing a quick bite to eat. This didn’t do much for Lance’s anxieties through. Just the thought of being outside his room without makeup on caused his chest to tighten with panic.
This was so much worse.
He felt like every cell in his body was on edge, vibrating with fear of being caught.
When he reached Allura’s room he had to wipe the sweat off his hands before getting the door open.
Allura’s room was huge.
Much bigger then all the paladins rooms combined and filled with various alien nick nacks and photos from Altea.
Lance felt bad about being in her room without permission, but he told himself it would be worth it in the end.
However after almost an hour Lance had found nothing.
No concealer.
No powder.
He felt his chest tighten as the tears began to fall.
What was he going to do?
The team already thought he was nothing but a pretty face, he’ll be even less then nothing if they realise he’s not even that.
As his breaths came less frequently and quicker Lance slowly slipped down to the floor holding his throat with his hands.
He didn’t hear the door slide open.
He didn’t hear the gasp or the sound of footsteps running over to him.
But he did hear his name.
“Lance?” Allura asked panic clear in her voice. She put a steadying hand on his shoulder trying to get him to look up at her. “Lance tell me what is wrong! Are you hurt? What happened?” She asked sounding like a worried mother.
Lance’s only response was a slow shake of the head.
Allura recognising the panic attack hugged him in her strong arms humming a calming tune.
After a while the tears stopped and Lance found himself able to breath normally again. He stayed in Allura’s arms letting her rock him gently back and forth closing his eyes and listening to the calming sound.
“Pretty song” Lance whispered.
“My farther would sing it to me when I was young.” Allura answered a note of pain to her voice. “Ready to tell me what’s wrong?”
Lance shook his head earning him a sigh from the princess.
“Well…is there anything I can do to help?
Lance was quiet for a moment “do you have any makeup I could borrow?” He asked nervously playing with the hem of the blanket.
“Of course. But I do not understand, you often boast about how perfect your skin is.”
A bitter laugh escaped Lance’s throat. “My skins ugly.”
Allura was so surprised by this answer she pulled back just to try and see if the blue paladin was joking. He had to be joking…right?
“Lance why would you think that?” She asked gently.
Lance slowly, very slowly looked up. The blanket falling off his head and showing his face to the older woman.
Allura couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped her lips as she stared at Lance.
His face began to crumble “I knew it! I knew this would happen!” He sobbed curling in on himself.
“No no lance I didn’t mean anything bad!” Allura rambled quickly. “It’s just I did not realise humans also had marks of beauty like Altean’s.”
Lance sniffed looking up at her “marks of beauty?” He asked.
“Yes” she tapped the pink marking on her cheek “on Altea it was a sign of beauty to have markings such as yours on your face. They called them marks of the Drioborn bug… I believe you have something similar on Earth. Butterfly I think they are called.”
Lance smiled for a moment “yeah butterfly is right.”
After his little heart to heart with Allura, Lance though still self conscious didn’t outright hate his skin anymore. He borrowed her makeup as to feel more confident but eventually he opened up to the team allowing himself to love who he is as much as his team does.

My Introduction into the LGBTA+ Community

This came to me while in the shower. I nearly forgot about it but now I can’t forget it and I think it’s important.

Back when I was a small eighth grader, my Christian school asked me to go to a local fair and hold a book reading for kids. I was super excited and said yes right away. I got there, read a book or two, then I had a half hour break. I walked around and saw a sign that said ‘ART!!! X% OF PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITIES TO HELP LGBTA+ MINORS!!“. I don’t remember the exact percentage, but I remember thinking "Art??? I love art!!”

I walked over to the tent where there were two people. One girl with dark purple hair, and another 'girl’ (in quotes for a reason) who had a shaved head. They were in highschool and I was terrified… They were the big kids at a PUBLIC SCHOOL!!! I asked them what lgbta+ meant because I wanted to know where my money was going.

They said “Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transexuals, ace/aro, and others!” And I’m like??? There’s more than just gay??

They laughed and said yes, asked me my orientation (straight then) and introduced themselves. (I’ll use their traits as names) Purple was a girl, and pansexual, which she explained meant she could love anyone no matter what. (Anyone? I asked. Yep! She said smiling. I just care if you’re kind). She has a girlfriend who was a lesbian.

Artist (the persons who art was being sold) was nonbinary and bisexual. They explained what they meant, and how bi was different from pan. But I was confused about nombinary. I told them I didn’t understand how you could be nothing! They smiled softly and told me this.

“It’s okay if you don’t understand! It can be confusing. All the matters is that you’ll treat me like everyone else.”

We talked until I had to go back, but on all my breaks I went back to them. I told them how my mom was at my stand and wouldn’t be happy if she knew I was there. They told me about highschool and art and lgbta+. I ended up buying two pieces from her. One I’m not a huge fan of bc I grew out of the style but the other I still have hanging up after almost five years.

At some point, I had to leave. They hugged me, wished me luck in life, and we parted ways.

I was packing up when I saw a huge floppy sunhat come into my tent. It was Purple and Artist, who got a huge hat so my mom wouldn’t see their “boy hair cut”. They said hello, pretended not to know me, but slipped me a slip of paper, smiled, and walked away. I opened it to see a drawing of a hotdog Artist drew me (I let calling every dog a hot dog because it was very hot outside). On the bottom was a small heart.

This is so important to me. Those people could’ve easily brushed me off as just a kid who is sheltered and bigoted. But they didn’t. They took me in for the day and (most likely painfully for them) explained everything and answered all my questions. I don’t think I’d be on terms with my sexuality without them.

Long story short, always be nice. Have patience, be kind, and never get short with kids, teens, or even adults who just want to learn or are under informed. Or even if they don’t understand some things, like how I was at first with nonbinary.

Always be patient, always be kind. Anything you say or do can impact someone forever.

Loot- Part 2 - Jim Kirk

Loot masterlist

Word Count: 2,045

Warnings: language (probably) 

A/N: this part is just to establish how Jim is towards the reader and vice versa, it is very dialogue-driven. I just wanted to make their respective attitudes and behaviors known since they didn’t really interact in the first part. i have nothing else to say, really. like/reblog n leave feedback n say whassup every now and then. yall are experts at NOT DOING ANY OF THAT. smh ENJOY THIS N TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK i personally find the reader character p cool. IF YOU WANT TO BE TAGGED IN SUBSEQUENT PARTS, LEMME KNOW

Your back pressed against the wall of pillows behind you, you stared at your hands as you passed the artifact from one palm to the other through the gaps between your fingers. You weren’t sure why it was such a big deal to the Federation, to the man on whose behalf you performed the robbery, to the fanged, stone-knuckled creatures you stole it from. It didn’t look to be any more special than the average pocket watch it resembled— it was the size of your palm and was made of an iron-like material. Said metal of the round artifact felt rusted and worn from years of neglect and corrosion courtesy of the bi-monthly acid rains that fell upon the industry-oriented, environmentally-unconscious, dingy-brown-skied wasteland of a planet.

You stuck the fingernail of your thumb into the opening along the circumference, careful not to pry it open with fear for the subsequent result. You thought there must be a reason it was so sought after— the Federation wouldn’t send the flagship of the fleet for something unimportant or ineffectual. Hell, you wouldn’t have been beat so mercilessly had the artifact been as ordinary as its appearance.

In order to curb the results of your paranoia, you were actively ignoring any sounds around you. The beeping of the biobed made you anxious and the sounds outside the thin metal door were less than pleasant with an apparent food poisoning epidemic going around the Enterprise— you had no desire to listen to the high-ranking officers you were supposed to admire vomit up everything they’d eaten for the last week, especially when your stomach was already sensitive.

You heard the series of knocks, though, and instantly dropped the artifact into your lap. You then covered yourself with layers of white made up of a white blanket, white sheet, and white comforter— nothing could be seen through that much stark white fabric. You cleared your throat. Your pulse was now too quick and the beeping of the biobed let you know so. “Come in.”

The door slid open with a swish and a smile adorned the face of the man waiting on the other side. It wasn’t the brightest smile, nor was it the biggest— yet it touched his crystalline blue eyes a little and caused the skin beside them to wrinkle faintly. However, because his eyebrows were raised only a fraction of an inch and his posture stayed tense, it didn’t help the spike in your heartbeat. “Cadet.”

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It’s officially been a year since I graduated from college as a chemical engineer and yet I haven’t done all the things that I thought I would have. That is exactly how life works, you think that finding a job won’t be hard, you’ll be a working professional in a big shot company just because you are an engineer, you think everything will be provided to you easily but all those things don’t happen. They don’t happen because they are not meant to happen, if getting a degree required years of work and effort then why will anything afterwards to be any different. I’m saying this in the most optimistic and positive way for people just graduating, know everything takes time. Getting your degree took time then why won’t finding a job a take time. Yes, some majors are more challenging than others and they end up paying more but you won’t find that dream job on day 1️⃣ And you won’t be where you had planned in the next year and that it is completely OK to be in that position. You’re not alone and you won’t be stuck here forever either😌 On that note, congrats to all the new graduates 🎓

❝ ※ *. :。 → verse/otp tags pt. 1

i know there’s a lot of these floating around and already made, but i wanted to have my own list with my personal favorite lyrics that i can refer to for my own tags. i thought it might be helpful to others, so here we are !! under the cut, you’ll find 1,000 different lyrics that are organized into various categoriesgeneral/misc, slow burn, betrayal, unrequited, & more ) based on my interpretation on them. this list has everything from smokey robinson to dear evan hansen to eminem, so it should also be very diverse. trigger warnings will be placed in the categories they have them in. also, some words have been changed so they make more sense. let me know about any spelling mistakes or triggers i may have missed, as well as any lyrics i may have put in the wrong section. please like/reblog if you use or found this helpful, and most importantly, enjoy !!

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for tordedd week: Day 1 & 2 

im late as heck! sorry, the day 1 picture took me forever to finish but i’m happy with it :)

anyways…theses were really fun to do! I’m probably going to be a bit late for these i hope that’s ok… @baconcolaweek

 (context for the pictures are under the cut! i don’t want to make this post super long! so check that out if you’re interested.) 

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Originally posted by flydestiel

A/N: I had this thought awhile ago, why is it the reader who’s always getting kidnapped? Why doesn’t one of the boys get kidnapped because of the reader? Not that I don’t love those fics, but I thought this was a different take on it. So, here we go. Thanks to @impala-dreamer for her advice and supreme beta skills. Let me know what you think, and as always if you want on/off a tag list hit me up!

(The sections in italics are a different pov…I hope it’s not awkward and confusing how this is broken up)

Dean x Reader

Words: 2,800

Warnings: Angst (I think this is my angstiest yet), Dean-napping, Wee bit of torture (it’s not all that graphic, but Dean gets his ass kicked), Swears


“Good! You’re awake, this isn’t nearly as fun when you’re knocked out. There just isn’t a point to it at all really.”

“Who the fuck are you?”

Black eyes flashed in Dean’s face. “Brom, we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting before.”

“Brom? Like the paralyzed kid on Game of Thrones? Wait, no that’s Bran. In any case, can’t say I’m all that thrilled to meet ya.”

“Understandable, under the circumstances, and especially when one considers all the things I have planned for you.”

Walking around the metal table Dean was strapped to, the demon stopped at a small cart, surveying the tools, deciding where to start.

“Listen, I’m not one to judge a guy for his kinks, but I hate to break it to you I’m not into being the one tied down, not to mention I’m not really batting for your team, so if you’re gonna kill me let’s just get on with it.”

“That’s right, demons are more of baby brother Winchester’s speed aren’t they?” Picking up a thin blade, the demon began making small cuts into Dean’s legs, “I’ll remember that for next time, but I need you alive for a bit longer.”

“Boy, you’re dumber than you look if you think I’d ever talk.” Dean fell quiet and kept still as Brom went back to his cart and left the knife behind.

“Oh no, I’d never expect you to talk.” He scoffed, fist suddenly landing a blow to Dean’s ribs. “I simply need you alive, long enough so that stupid gash you call a girlfriend…” Again and again his fist collided with Dean’s ribs. “Can watch you die.”

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More Than That (Pt. 3)

[Summary]: Who knew your boyfriend knew Tony Stark in college. At a college alumni party, you meet the Avengers and they immediately take a liking to you, treating you like a “sister-like” figure. Except for one super soldier who likes you “more than that”. When your relationship starts to fall apart, you confide in Steve about it who’s willing to do anything to be more than friends with you.

[Pairing]: Steve x reader (mentions of the team)

[Warning]: a tiny bit of “sexy time”, but it’s over pretty fast…

Tagging: @bovaria @marvel-ash @just-call-me-mrs-captain @dividedwecantfall @buckysmetallicstump @mellifluous-melodramas @avengerofyourheart @buckyslion @metalarmproblems @marvelingatthewonder @beccaanne814-blog @mcuimxgine @capsbuchanan @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @that-sokovian-bastard @hellomissmabel @abovethesmokestacks @maybe-mikala @violentlyfarts @hymnofthevalkyries @after-avenging-hours @buckys-shield @buckysberrie @callamint @redgillan @whotheeffisbucky @candyrogers @blueeyedbucky @tragicalchemist @marvelous-fvcks @professionally-crazed @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @fanfic-shiz @i-dont-know-how-to-write @iwillbeinmynest @theassetseyeliner @lilasiannerd @aubzylynn @viollettes @tatortot2701 @marvelatthepeople @raegan-darling @iamwarrenspeace @clinicalkayla @sammysgirl1997 @gatorgal94 @erinvanlyssel @pufflethehuff @littlenerdgirl16 @magellan-88 @marvelgoateecollection

A/N: BSB gif was made by yours truly! More Backstreet Boys comin’ your way, peeps! [x] This one literally screamed Steve’s name when I was listening to it, so here’s the result… A short series! 

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 |

Originally posted by comicbookfilms

Even though Steve was still in pain, he tried picking you up to carry you to his room. He winced in pain as he slid his one arm under your legs and the other was on your back, supporting you.

“Steve? I can walk, ya know. Plus, you’re still in pain. If anything, I should be helping you ease it.”

“But what I want to do with you would ease it, [Y/N],” Steve said slyly, with a slight twinkle in those blue eyes of his.

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anonymous asked:

i love your backgrounds with the sif cards made to look like photos!! i like to think that they're all photos taken when those three girls went on a day out, and each one got her photo taken by someone else - i like to try and work out who took each photo out of those who were there. also if you could do something rinpana i would love you forever

Ok so I was really hyped by your complement and ended up making a lot of RinPana backgrounds so I hope you enjoy this and Thank you!!

anonymous asked:

could u do nsfw hcs abt making soda jealous fkdnfndjjd if not it's totally ok

sorry this took me forever I totally didn’t even see it I have a tonnn of stuff to write but I procrastinate and 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

— soda loves short skirts
— if you’re wearing anything short, he’s watching you the entire day
— like simply talking to a boy is magnified by a trillion percent in his head
— if you just let the straps of either your bra or top fall “unknowingly” he just glitches out
— the best time and place to make him jealous is at the DX
— when he’s very busy too bc he can’t do anything about it
— if you kiss his neck or his ear during any point of the day, he’s turned on so just tease him
— stand w your back against him and hook your arms around his neck
— he’ll melt
— make an odd amount of contact with any boy you’re talking to
— that hand touch??soda saw that???the way you fixed his jacket???steve and soda saw that??
— if you’ve done it all right, soda will be fucking you against a wall
— and extremely hard
— he’s actually done it in the break room before & steve didn’t even get pissed
— he was like shit if that was evie I would too
— ALSO sodapop will tell you everything you did wrong & what you did to him to make him so jealous while you’re having sex
— he is the best at talking dirty honey
— like, he’ll grab you pretty damn tightly and drag you somewhere he can fuck you
— he plays 0 games
— you will have learned your lesson after this bby
— he’s brutal isjwsjx