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everything i did. i did for the rebellion. and every time i walked away from something i wanted to forget i told myself it was for a cause that i believed in. a cause that was worth it. without that, without a cause, we’re lost. everything we’ve done would have been for nothing. i couldn’t face myself if i gave up now.

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When the 7 were all at camp together (or 6, before Leo came back), they would sneak out at 3 in the morning to paddle out on surfboard into the sea and watch the stars/sunrise while singing acapella and tell stories about their before-prophecy of 7 lives.

It was Percy’s idea.

It was one of those rare moments that the 7 had decided to meet up in New York for their monthly reunion, and Leo was back officially as alive.

Originally, his plan was to get a huge boat, but after a lot of self debating, he decided on surfboards.

Piper was the easiest to convince. She loved the idea of going out early in the ‘morning’ on a surfboard.

Annabeth wasn’t as easy, but she didn’t want to say no to him. 

Frank and Hazel agreed, but only after Percy promised Hazel that she wouldn’t get seasickness on a surfboard and that they didn’t have to wear a regular swimsuit “Just a body suit would work too”

 Leo was bribed into doing it. Percy didn’t know what exactly got Leo on board, but he’s pretty sure it was the promise of an Atlantic Metal delivery, which was a little stronger than Celestial Bronze, was a self cooling metal, and the coral red colour goes perfectly with Festus.

Jason was the worst.

Percy spent most of the day convincing Jason that Neptune will not kill him if he went surfing. Of course, Jason’s opinion was only swayed when Piper had to get involved.

Chiron, bless his heart, knew exactly what Percy was up to and was powerless to stop it. 

The 7 went about their day like usual, but when nighttime fell Percy went to fetch them.

The first night was anxiety filled for the first have, and small talk for the second. Nothing really happened, they all just sat there thinking ‘We’re here, we’re alive’

The next night, they did the same thing.

And the night after that.

On night 7, Percy couldn’t get the song Independence Day by Martina McBride out of his head. He started to hum it while they stargazed and Piper started singing along. Soon the entirety of the group were singing boldly to the stars.

The next day, they couldn’t speak because they sang too much for too long, so they just wondered camp with giddy grins on their faces.

Jason proposed to make this their new tradition; everyone agreed.

Somewhere along the line, they started making acapella and doing riff offs. Even further down, Nico and Reyna joined in Thalia would too if she was lucky enough to be at camp

And, for once, they had something normal and happy in their lives.

Okay so I guess I’m doing Asks from Months Ago and Also I’m Sorry

Nah, but it could’ve been. In mcaf, Sans told Papyrus his description of the perfect girl and Papyrus then went out looking for someone who matched that description. Then once he found her, over the next couple months, he tricked her into falling in love with him (for his own amusement and for the surety that it would make it hard for her to leave if she considered running away). 

Though, if Sans and Paps weren’t looking for a maid and the meeting happened how it did in Soulless, then that’s probably how it would happen, with Sour falling for Paps and Sans’ unrequited love for Sour. 

After hearing all of the other mcs stories, Sweets may be the jump starter in the murder front :^)

It was a little of both <3

She only seems devilish because she hates the underfell bros, but she’s actually a really nice gal. Though, everyonce in a while, UF Paps sees Spicy when she’s not hating on him…

Though, tbh, Savory is more his type.

Nah, no more AUs

Sure, it’s all you man. I prefer PG 13 but that’s just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think it’s cute when he’s rude and unpleasant, so I suppose one man’s trash is another raccoon’s treasure :>

Not saying that would be the best thing ever, but that would be the best thing ever.

Check out this awesome Fanfic someone made for me that delved straight into that!

Nah, they would DEFINITELY treat them differently if it was a child. I mean, for one the Underfell bros would completely ignore them if they were 8, because it’s no fun messing with a child for Red and for Black he could care less about the small thing. Blue and Papyrus would actually play with them alot more because of their similar shared love for games, and -if you’ve ever met an 8 year old you’d know- the child would not see it as a chore but actually enjoy the puzzles. Orange and Sans would probably go a little easy on them because they’re so small.

TBH it’d still be child labor and awful, but it would be easier than if they were an adult. Think spirited away, but less spirits and more bones.

It’s because the others respect him. If Purple were to take Sans alone, it’d be a pretty even match. But since he has two other equally matched skeletons willing to back him up, Purple wouldn’t stand a chance. It’s really a hierarchy system.

We’ll see them two more times, one of those times being at the end. Though, we’ll be seeing them alot more in mcaf than 6s1m.

AND THAT’S ALL FOLKS, super special thanks to all the folks who made me feel better after I was sad. YOU ARE THE BEST! <3


FINALLY. Chapter 7 of “It’s You” is posted! ❤️💛

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