this took for e ver to make

Thank you, I’ll say goodbye soon
Though its the end of the world
Don’t blame yourself now 

i s2g if i have to see her die again… [transparent]

Girlfriend Nana

jin-ah, my as/oc bias 😍

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  • well, first of all, you always look good
  • i’m sure you always looked good before but nana’s a trained beautician so you legit look flawless/on fleek/ready 2 slay, all the time
  • but no matter how damn fine you look/feel, she always out-slays you somehow?? she could have no makeup on and just roll out of bed but she’s so beautiful and stunning and flawless and - shit, what even is air?
  • which she thinks is hilarious; “it’s just me, jagi? we’ve been dating a while already?” she teases, playing it cool. she doesn’t want you to know just how much the way you look at her means
  • ofc she knows she’s beautiful. she’s a model, she’s told it all the time, she’s been ranked high in beauty polls. but that doesn’t always mean she always feels beautiful. sometimes, she just feels crappy and down but then she opens her eyes in the morning and there you are, looking at her as if you were looking at the finest, highest quality artwork
  • and it makes her feel loved and beautiful and appreciated
  • she reminds herself of those moments whenever she feels down or while being on roommate and receiving hate comments. the only thing that stops her tears is remembering your loving eyes. sure, not everyone likes her, but you do - you love her - and that’s worth more than the affections of thousands
  • she’s such a hard worker and v dedicated. which leads to many frustrated nights, trying to convince her to stop practicing or working out and just come home already!!
  • it probably took you for e ver to win her over though. jin-ah will tease you and act coy and give you all these little tests to garner if you’re worth her time before she’ll even go on a date with you
  • she expects your first date to be a cute but predictable one, maybe in a cafe, until you bring her to an animal shelter where you both care for some cute creatures. as an animal lover, she completely melts and turns into squishy goo, cooing all over the puppies especially
  • that, she thinks, is when she first started falling for you
  • another one of her tests to see your worth was a subtle one; “ah, i’m so hungry today” she texts you. by the end of the day, you show up at hers with take out. she could tell you were tired from school/work but there you were, handing her free food and making time for her

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  • that’s when she knew she loved you
  • isn’t shy about skinship. doesn’t care about the stares or any judgement the world might pass. she’s proud to have someone by her side who loves her so wholly
  • will try to pull pranks but never ones that go too far. however, she usually laughs and ruins them before you can fall for anything
  • her IG will be filled with cute couple selca’s
  • i imagine her being a great mother. she’s just so warm and loving that if you’re okay with having kids, it won’t be just one; there’ll be a little army of cuties
  • late nights watching sailor moon
  • and cuddling
  • which sometimes leads to more … ;^)
  • the person who initiates sex changes, depending on who gets in the mood first. she was rather shy the first few times, since she doesn’t have as much romantic experience as most assume. but once she knows what you like, she’s more dominating and confident
  • imo, she’s the adventurous type. quickies while her roomies are sleeping or in the bathroom of award shows aren’t uncommon
  • prefers phone calls over texting, since she loves to hear your voice. it makes her feel less lonely when she’s touring or busy with photoshoots or on roommate
  • dating her involves lots of dealing with her being a beauty icon. she turns heads wherever she goes

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  • everyone in the idol world knows you two are dating
  • lizzy and raina mention it as often as possible to annoy the hell out of jin-ah
  • one time, they stuck up photos that the paparazzi captured of you both, everywhere. like, not just in the dorm but all around pledis too
  • 17’s dokyum and soonyoung are their accomplices in crime. the after school girls roped them into sticking up the photos around pledis while nana was at practice. so when she walks out and sees them, she can’t figure out who done it because she was with all the girls
  • it takes a solid six months until she figures it out
  • and you both team up to prank the 17 boys
  • leading to a prank war in pledis

Hell Yeah, I’m The Motherfucking Princess ♥ (a hime shirayuki/shoujo fanmix)

~ Let us all rise and bask in the glory of our benevolent Royal Highness, the First Princess and sole Heiress of this prosperous kingdom, Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky ♥ ~

i. world is mine ♥ hatsune miku ii. fashion monster ♥ kyary pamyu pamyu iii. pop it ♥ anamanaguchi iv. flamingo ♥ kero kero bonito v. cat cafe ♥ yoshi & komono vi. love & girls ♥ SNSD vii. your love will surely sky rocket ☆ ♥ GUMI viii. freely tomorrow ♥ mitchie m feat. hatsune miku ix. wo ai ni (hitomi takahashi x BEAT CRUSADERS) ♥ daniel azimat wong x. magic ♥ MEG xi. me!me!me! (remix) ♥ EO xii. sweet magic ♥ ろん×junky xiii. gacha gacha cute ♥ mosaic.wav xiv. fukkireta (lon cover) ♥ kasane teto xv. the real sugar baby ♥ stephanie beard xvi. magic girl ♥ orange caramel xvii. magic of love ♥ perfume xviii. sugarless girl ♥ capsule xix. princess charleston ♥ wakashima kanon xx. fly me to the moon (aya bossa techno ver.) ♥ neon genesis evangelion

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