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Fix you || Closed RP with thehijackboysroleplay

Fixing, this was Hiccup’s job. And if he had to say something about himself then it would probably be that his jobs was one of the best parts of his life. The smell of oil, the audible tingle of electricity and then – of course – his clients. They were what made it special. Sometimes he felt like a doctor, a job his father would probably have more approved of than engineering and repairing broken robots.

Yes, robots. A few years ago this would have sounded like a stupid joke to most of world’s population, but then an absolute genius of the scientific world introduced his invention. Everyone was absolutely intrigued. The so-called G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N – Geared Utilized Assistant for Realization of Desires, Ideas, Anticipations and further Needs – was invented to be a help for everyone in daily life, may it be the household, assistance in sitting and raising children or even as ancillary workers in shops.

This was the world Hiccup grew up in, one full of technology and wonders. He met his first G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N when he was still a child. He remembered the design of the female robot, only created for him to have a nanny because his father was a hard working man and his mother had been dead for a few years. When Hiccup was old enough, the robot was replaced by a new one. Back then he couldn’t understand why they would replace a good working woman like her, but today it was obvious to him: The technology used to build her was outdated and obsolete, she wasn’t capable of the things the new version of her was and so she got replaced. And even though Hiccup always enjoyed the company of the robots, he would have preferred it to grow up without their service.

Why? The answer was easy. The older he got the more he could see what it actually was to have them as your employee: It was slavery, depending on how one looks at it. They didn’t get any money for their work. They rarely received a kind word. And if they did something wrong or weren’t the most current model they got switched off and replaced.

One would think it wouldn’t be that horrible, but it was. Especially at some point the robots weren’t just plain robots anymore. They had developed a way to make them more…human. They had the ability to feel, to

It was a system the boy just couldn’t and wanted to get used to. So when it came to choosing a career at school to him it was obvious he wanted to do: help the robots.
The only question was how. And that brought him to the job he had today. Of course not only his desire to help but also his talent in building, creating and understanding the complex scenarios had him brought to this point, the point of being a well-known engineer. Sure, he was still young, but his way of fixing the robots, got popular very fast. Especially because it saved their owners money.
Other engineers would have told them to get a new one instead of repairing him. But just a few changes were needed and they were as good as new. And Hadrian H. Haddock – better known as Hiccup because of his lanky appearance (compared to other engineers who were rather stout) – was willed to do these changes.

And that’s what he would do today, too. Fixing, repairing and maybe even encouraging his clients to let go of the fear of getting replaced. But when he entered his workshop today, he felt that something was off. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked around, his tools not in the place where he had left them and he was more than sure about this because he always tidied up before Everything was lying scattered around. He was about to see if something was missing when he heard a loud crash from the back of the workshop. Startled he stumbled a few steps backwards.

“Hello?!” he asked loudly, slapping his hand against his forehead. Oh Gods, he was like one of those stupid teenage girls in horror movies, expecting the intruder to answer.

Instead he grabbed one of his big spanners, raising it cautiously over his head, ready to hit whoever tried to burgle his workshop. He pressed his lips tightly together, adjusting his grip around the tool as he made his way into the back of the workshop. He listened closely, still hearing cluttering noises and it took him a few more seconds to figure out where it was coming from: the spare parts storage. Maybe the thief didn’t hear him before, maybe he thought he was still alone and got all the time in the world. He took a deep breath, laid the door on the door handle and ripped the door open, about to hit with his spanner. But he stopped the movement mid-air, his gaze slowly lowering to the ground. His mouth fell slightly open as his green eyes stared down to what he saw there: a boy holding his own leg in his hands.


Almost forgot to show you guys my hair.
So I ended up doing a twist out, which took FIVEEVER! & taking it down for work. I forgot wash and gos on my short hair are a huge no no because of the tangling 😣
This go round I probably won’t be wearing my hair out as much, since with my shorter length it’s actually MORE manipulation than my long hair. But overall, I kinda dig the short look. The colored tips make it that much cuter! 😍

I Can’t Forget

(So this request is about BTS having a one night stand and not being able to forget about the person they spent the night with)

Suga: She left. Just like that. The night we spent together was amazing. I felt something more, it wasn’t just the way her body felt against mine. Her scent, her skin, and the small bits of personality that she’d shown me last night. From the way she seemed so comfortable with the body she had, to her snarky responses she’d spit back at me after I’d said some particularly suggestive, things. Even from the briefness of our time together, I could tell she was someone special. I feel something. I can’t say I’ve ever felt this way about anyone before. Why shouldn’t I go after her?

Namjoon: As soon as  I woke up, I felt the painful pang of a hangover. There’s only been one thing on my mind. Her. She’s left and gone back to her regular life. I’ve gone back to mine, but the thought of her is still here. My mind lingers as I go over the details of what happened last night. For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about it. About her. I pull out my wallet, wondering if I still had the small slip of paper that she gave me last night.

Taehyung: She’s really pretty. I like this. I like us. So why should it just have to be a one time thing? The thought of more time with her seems fun. More time to be tangled in each other’s arms, more time to be surrounded by her. All of her is so stimulating. So I’ll ask first, “Hey, do you want to meet up again sometime?”

Jungkook: Fairly beautiful. Who am I kidding, stunning. She has an intoxicating scent. Her eyes are like a forest so intense it’d take me years to break out and catch my breath again. The way her body moves is mesmerizing. All I need to know now is if her personality matches with the rest of her. By the looks of it, she’s even more captivating than I would think.

Jin: So cute. The way she gasped for breath like that. Everything she did was so pure, so clean, so meaningful. She wanted me to feel good. Did she really like me at all? I hope so. She was so kind, and gentle like a shimmering goddess. I should return the favor. But would she want me too? Only one way to find out.

Jimin: I’ve never felt anything like that before. I was so drunk off of her. Everything she did was amazing. Her scent was musky but sweet. Her skin was smooth as silk, her lips, so plump and soft. the most beautiful thing of all, was her self- confidence, it oozed from ever pore and dripped down on her body like a river’s current, sly and fast.  Will I ever be able to find someone like that again? 

Hoseok: I can’t even describe what happened in complete sentences. This left me so stunned I’m almost speechless. All i can think is, it was a mess. Sweat coated our bodies, lust covered our eyes, skin touching skin in the closest way possible. What makes a women so good, yet so bad? That’s the first thing I’ll ask when I call.

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