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Knocking on the Wrong Door AU.

The chill Jay Gatsby felt whipped right passed his salmon pink suit to his skin then continued and would not stop until he was cold to his very bones. Every part of him shivered with the cold but the adrenaline of seeing her again was enough to keep him going. He had been in America less than five hours. The first he had spent organising getting his things to his new home, the rest getting here. To Daisy Fay’s home. No. Buchannan. He had to remember that she was married.

He didn’t see it as a betrayal. He had no doubt that Daisy did not love this Tom Buchannan. Jay had heard all about him, he was a brute. The only positive about him was that he came from money. But Tom didn’t deserve his Daisy and Jay knew that once Daisy saw he was worthy of her now that she would come straight back to him. He just knew it.

The rain came out of nowhere. One moment there was just a chilling wing, the next the rain was torrential. Jay went from just cold to cold and sopping wet in a matter of seconds. But it didn’t matter because there it was. There was the door he was looking for, there was Daisy’s house. He walked up and hammered on it without a thought.

It was only after he knocked, only when it was too late to take it back, that Jay realised he could not do this. He couldn’t simply turned up after five years, soaked and cold and expect a warm welcome. His heart raced in excitement and fear as he waited for the door to open. Eventually a figure appeared behind it and it did open. The man who opened it was not Tom Buchannan, nor was he a worker. He had the air of a kindly man, he was small and his face was friendly and approachable. When he spoke, his voice was tired but polite. “Can I help you?”

“I’m looking for Daisy.”

“Daisy Buchannan?” The man asked. When Jay gave a hopeful grin as confirmation, the man continued. “I’m afraid Daisy moved with her husband and daughter some time ago. Look, come in, come in. You’re catch your death if you stay out there.”

The man stood to the side so Jay could enter and after a moment’s hesitation, he did so. “Thank you, Old Sport. I won’t intrude long; the rain honestly came out of nowhere.”

“It’s not an intrusion. The name’s Nick Carraway.”

“Jay Gatsby,” Jay replied, sticking his hand out for Nick who shook it.

“I’ll make some tea.”

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