this took far longer than it should have taken


Hello everyone!!!

Just wanted to catch all you lovelies with things!

Fist off, a BIG apologize to my commissioners! its taken me longer to work on your orders then i planed, i also took more than i should have, im very sorry! i’ve sketched several out so far, and i am still doing so~

I’ve needed to make the endcard project a priority because of it’s upcoming due date, here’s what i have so far

with of course this much more to go

along with coloring, lighting, shading, ect.

I also have a haikyuu project to work on, it’s much smaller than this so it shouldnt take long, but it also has an upcoming due date. 

As for miraculous moves, i’m really happy to see how so many people like it!! i’m sorry i havent given you a story, or made many pictures for it. However it’s still an open AU for all your pleasures ;U <3

And of course your asks, your many many 317 beautiful asks, i’m so so sorry i haven’t answerd them ;;U;; no excuses, but so many is pretty intimidating! Also trying to consider how i don’t want to spam you all~ i’ll try to get them in soon ;v;

in other words, march is honestly just super busy with both real life and online so im just