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*whispers* reydar

this got entirely too long so i took one of like three vignettes that ended up coming out of this. expect me to upload more reydar related to this setup sometime soon. ow o;

Rey, codename Aria, did not know what to make of the woefully inept radar technician and thoroughly awkward human being that she got assigned to be her understudy while she worked undercover on the Finalizer. Most of what she knew about him came from strange rumors.

“Matt? I saw him with Kylo Ren’s lightsaber once. He flung it clear across the room. Maybe the anger issues are contagiously transferred through that banged up laser sword or something.”

“Scared? Of the dark lord’s number one fan? Psh, no. But, he’s… uh… well, the last colonel to hang around with him died in mysterious circumstances, so… I’ll keep my distance.”

“Isn’t that the guy who threw a stormtrooper into a soda machine after he insulted Kylo Ren? How many techs have the balls and muscles to do that?”

Little of the threatening whirlwind of violence, anger, and death described by the rumors were reflected in Rey’s partner, at least from what she could see. Put simply, Rey thought that Matt was just sort of a dork. A really, really tall dork, but a dork nonetheless. He had laughter that was about as cliché a snort as possible, hair so yellow she was half-convinced it was fake, and a habit of doing more damage than repairs during his technician work due to clumsiness. The most homicidal he got was when they had blueberry muffins in the cafeteria instead of chocolate chip. He was more odd than threatening as far as Rey was concerned.

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Awesome Diorama of the Four Direwolves

The diorama depicts the remaining dire wolves (and their pups, that I imagined they have somewhere), as of the beginning of season 6. They are Nymeria, Ghost, Summer and Shaggy Dog. I hand needle felted each wolf and they are all three dimensional. Each dire wolf is needle felted of alpaca and sheep wools over a wire armature (which allows them to be posable) and each measure about 14" long. Their pups each measure about 6.“ The scenery is 2D and it too is needle felted of wool and alpaca and measures 55"x22.” It took several months to complete the entire diorama and was completed before the beginning of season 6 GOT.

I have additional pictures, I just couldn’t figure out how to upload all of them onto your page at the same time.

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Mary Beth Colton

PROJECT 9 YEARS part 2 with Seungri/Lee Seunghyun


I mentioned that Part 2 is going to be all of Seungri from MADE series so, all 7 songs he was in is here, including ‘If You’. I love that song to the core if you guys don’t know already. The sketch for these chibis were done almost a whole month ago to be honest, but never got around to finishing them. When I did finish colouring though, I decided to halt the upload because of the things going around that was more important than my fanart. Plus, we can always wait a bit right? 

The entire process took so long that even the speedpaint video took some time to edit and cut…. total of almost 4 hours! Split into several sessions too since sitting there in front of the computer colouring for that long is a killer~ So what do you guys think? How does it look? I was going to put them into separate pieces like I did part 1 but then… well it all belongs in the same comeback era so I decided to make it as a wallpaper almost. Sorry widescreeners, you’ll have to deal with it, like me~ I’m using this as one of my desktop wallpapers right now kekeke. 

Anyways, I could go on forever just blabbering about but I won’t. Here’s the speedpaint video belong and if you click on the video, you’ll know who did the mashups for the songs I’m using. I’m always fond of mashups and remixes, they’re all just so brilliant and refreshing!

(Please do not edit/take out logo and credit back if shared at other social media sites. Do not use it for any commercial purposes without permission and report anyone who does. Thank you!)