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| HAWKE SIBLINGS | DA2 | Legacy |

“…I ask only that you learn to accept yourselves, regardless of flaws or strengths inherited. That you allow yourselves to love and to be loved, for it can breed wonderful things. That you keep each other safe from harm; the Hawke name means little if there is no one left to bear it. Yet know that, should conflict arise, I would prefer your happiness to my legacy each and every time.”

hello everyone!! today i hit my first thousand!! ive only been on this website for about 2 months so the fact that ive already hit a thousand already is absolutely insane to me!! im so incredibly overwhelmed with genuine happiness and love for each and every one of you, whether we talk or not, i love you immensely and care about you more than you could ever imagine. one thousand individuals all with you own thoughts and feelings and problems and lives, i love you all and i cant thank you enough.

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I couldn’t decide which color to make the background for Eddie, so I just did both and ya’ll can choose either one you like better! Time to do the rest of The Losers Club!

Musical Screening Q&A

 HUGE thanks to @jjosh-lyman​ / johnsfkennedys (twitter) for sending me her audio recording from the post-screening q&a. ** Please note: the first few minutes are missing and I transcribed this to the best of my abilities **

1. What’s it like working with Ginny?

Josh: It’s been… It’s been.. What has it been?

Ginny: Magical? (Audience laughs)

Josh: (laughs) It’s been magical.  No, it has, it’s been–

Ginny: The best thing that’s ever happened to you! (Audience laughs)

Josh: It’s been, it has been a magical situation. You’re working with another actor who knows you so well. You can be very vulnerable, you can be very open, you can be very brave, you can do all those kinds of things. So yeah, it’s a real gift.

Moderator: I’m feeling the feels, y’all, are you?

2. What is your favorite Disney character or movie?

Adam: This will sound phony, but it is Snow White. (Audience goes aw) 

Ginny: Right answer again!

Adam: It’s true!

Josh: I’m really glad we came to you.

Adam: It was the first movie that I remember seeing as a child and it clearly made an impression.

Ginny: I really like Zootopia because of um– (Audience laughs - can’t hear the rest of her answer) An equally savvy answer would be that we’re very partial to Winnie the Pooh. Pooh was my very first boyfriend and Josh, here, read the entire first Winnie the Pooh book to my belly when I was pregnant with my eldest and that was the first movie that Oliver saw. Then we accidentally bought Sterling Holloway’s house and he was Winnie the Pooh (note: he was the voice actor), so that’s kind of a crazy story. So yeah, Pooh’s got a whole thing. There’s a whole three-line of Pooh in our lives.

Josh: Or we stalk him. (Audience laughs)

Moderator: How about you, David?

David: I am fond of Maleficent and the whole Sleeping Beauty thing.

Moderator: Eddy?

Eddy: I’m gonna go with Alice in Wonderland and just because I like it. (Audience laughs)

3. Back to the musical, even though the songs are new and original, do you take inspiration from the Disney characters the actors portray?

Adam: It’s more like we’ve taken inspiration from the way our actors have realized these characters on the show. You know, we use the disney movies and animated films as a jumping off point, but every one of them has made it their own. So when we started this process, they sat down with Alan and Michael and we really all tried to work together to tailor everything specifically to who these characters are on our show and those guys did an amazing job with the songs and these guys did alright singing them. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: The idea was each episode has the tone of the character so a Snow/Charming episode is different than a Rumple. I think Alan and Michael really captured kind of the character, they were fans of the show, and then the tone & inspiration for each one.

David: Also it was about returning to a S1 feel for all of these characters, which speaks to how we were introduced to them and what the actors brought to those characters, kinda going to really the heart of when we met them and putting it into song.

Moderator: Awesome. So deep. (Audience laughs)

4. For Josh & Ginny, if you could be any other character besides the one you play currently on OUAT, who would it be?

Josh: I’ve always said Rumplestiltskin for sure. Just because Bobby, the actor, gets to play such a huge range. I just think that would be a whole lot of fun.

Ginny: I would be Henry because I wouldn’t have to wear a wig and that would be the closest I would ever get to playing Harry Potter. (Audience laughs)

5. What’s your Disney favorite ride or attraction?

Ginny: Haunted Mansion.

Josh: Pirates.

Eddy: Pirates! Haunted Mansion too, it’s close.

Josh: I also like Indiana Jones.

Adam: It’s a tie between Pirates and Star Tours. There’s like 94 possibilities.

(Someone said Space Mountain - can’t tell who. Maybe David.)

Eddy: The Buena Vista Commissary. There’s a salad bar like right down Dopey Ave. (Audience laughs)

6. Which characters were the most exciting to create a song for?

Josh: (clears throat loudly) Answer honestly!

Alan & Michael (note: I can’t tell which is which): I mean, Zelena was… Yeah.

Josh: Alright, nice to see you (note: I assume he gets up halfway as a joke)

A&M: We had to test you there.

Eddy: It’s hard to say who.. It’s like your favorite child.

Ginny: Us obviously. (Audience laughs)

Eddy: I think, for us, it was really just exciting to do as many as we could. You know, I think we weren’t sure how many songs we could take on, we weren’t sure we could do any of it and, you know, literally these guys wrote 7 original songs and they started meeting in December so… if you have a birthday or anniversary coming up, Alan & Michael~

Moderator: Anything to add, David?

David: Nope. (Audience laughs)

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Okay the thing about this is Harley Quinn is also an extremely sexual character and ALWAYS FUCKING HAS BEEN! She ENJOYS IT! The people making these posts are also the people posting about how women should be able to choose what they do with there bodies. In the Batman universe HARLEY CHOOSES TO BE SEXUAL AND ALWAYS HAS!! SUICIDE SQUAD DID NOT SEXUALIZE HER! SHE’S ALWAYS BEEN SEXUAL!

ever since her original appearance in 1992 where she wore a skin tight suit in a show meant for little kids

In the comic Mad Love 1994 she tries to sauce the Joker! Even wearing lingerie she’s still got a personality.

even the 2001 comic Harley Quinn had her drawn very explicitly for the time

In the 2002 TV show she wore an open top, seen as extremely inappropriate


Let’s jump to 2008 where she was seen in Lego Batman and even made a sexy lego!

her 2009 apperance in Arkham Asylum, a game made for adults rather than children gave the creators a way to expand on the sexual undertones of her character and dress her accordingly 

Now that the media is more accepting of sexual characters and the NEW 52 reboot, the design for the 2011 Suicide Squad comic looks a bit hotter

and SHOCKER the 2011 Arkham City comes out less sexual than the comic book

With the new comics of course comes a new Harley Quinn in 2013

2015 marked the release of Arkham Knight


My point is Harley Quinn has ALWAYS been a character with sexual undertones, and as the original audience became adults and the world changed, Harley’s looks have changed to more display this characteristic. In Suicide Squad she was still funny, awesome, and did her best to encourage her team. She’s still the same Harley Quinn my dad grew up on. Just in a different package. Enjoy ALL Harley Quinns, not just the ones that fit your mindset on modesty. She’s not meant to be a modest person. 

EDIT Okay, so, apparently I did make a mistake. I’m sorry, the “you make me so thorny” line IS in fact an edit. I checked almost everything else in this post, and it took 2 hours to even make. So I’m depressed that that slipped by me. I am sorry. Please forgive me.

because of the support of all my amazing followers, i’ve finally hit 1.5k! so first, i’ll start with a thank you to all of my followers, but i have to also give some love to the people i follow! (i recently changed urls from peterparkher if y’all are wondering who tf i am)

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[3/16] MOVIES: Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) - “The thing is, um…What I’m trying to say, very inarticulately, is that, in fact, despite appearances, I like you very much. Just as you are.”