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Ok, so we have the 10 most liked Instagram pics/videos taken by Phichit, but what about Chris's 10 most liked pics? I bet he must've managed to take a podium selfie with both Yuuri and Victor at some point, maybe the Olympics? I doubt he'd let that opportunity pass.

Chris’ Top Ten Most Liked Pictures/Videos To Date:

1) A picture of him sunbathing on holiday stark naked with only a strategically placed table covering his modesty 

2) A recent selfie of him and Viktor and Yuuri on the podium

3) A picture he took of Viktor when Viktor was drunk of Viktor wearing all his medals simultaneously

4) A pool selfie of both him and Viktor

5) A picture of him and his mystery man looking very couple-y

6) A compilation of adorable photos of him and his cat

7) A video of Viktor drunkenly dancing to ‘Rasputin’ while Chris can be heard alternately cheering him on and dying laughing in the background

8) A selfie of him and a passed out/ hungover Viktor on a hotel room bed after one of their famous nights out surrounded by an assortment of completely random objects including but not limited to a traffic cone, a plastic flamingo and a live lizard. No-one can remember what happened that night and no-one wants to

9) A picture of him pole dancing with a pair of very athletic and sexy thighs of someone else included in the picture although nothing else of the other person can be seen. (Chris and Viktor made everyone swear to never show the pictures of Yuuri at the Olympics to protect his dignity but since Yuuri couldn’t be identified from the picture Chris couldn’t resist)

10) A picture of young Viktor and young Chris looking very cute and adorable that Chris posted as a throwback 

+ no.1 of all time) A picture that does not exist in the timeline yet but one day in the future of the Rivals series timeline will eventually exist of a certain situation where Yuuri and Viktor look very happy together and Chris is standing there looking smug as a best *ahem* “friend” ;)

She’s Every Woman

Pairing: none specified - you choose!

Word Count: 760 (including lyrics)

Warnings: fucking cavities, dude.

A/N: A little drabble written based on the song She’s Every Woman by Garth Brooks

She’s sun and rain
She’s fire and ice
A little crazy, 
but it’s nice

He watched her sleeping, her hair forming a halo around her face and shoulders, fanned out across the pillow. It’d been a long time since he slept, but tonight was the first night he enjoyed missing out on rest, just watching her muscles twitch, her eyeballs moving behind her closed lids, and the gentle sound of her breathing as her chest rose and fell was like a song to his ears.

She stirred slightly, but didn’t wake, just curled closer into him. He’d never understand how she could go from this gorgeous, ravenous, unpredictable hunter during the day to such a sweet and kind, perfectly untainted angel at night. 

And when she gets mad
You best leave her alone
‘Cause she’ll rage
Just like a river
And she’ll beg you 
To forgive her
Oh, she’s every woman
That I’ve ever known.

His mind shot back to the first time they’d kissed. He took her by complete surprise, his mind and heart racing with adrenaline post-hunt. They almost died. Their lives were too damn short, too dangerous to risk not spending every minute he could with her by his side, as his woman. 

She drew back and her fist connected with his jaw when their lips broke away from one another’s, cursing him, ‘how dare you’s’ flying through the empty night air as people watched on in both horror and shock. Blood spattered her face and hair, but she was beautiful. He laughed while she stormed out to the car.

When he found her, propped against the hood, arms folded over her chest while she looked at her feet, she was crying. Her apologies came out in sobs, tears streaming down her face while she asked him over and over again for his forgiveness, that she didn’t mean to punch him, it just happened. His arms wrapped around her, pulling her against his chest while he calmed her down, told her she had nothing to be sorry for, that he could take a hit, but he’d trained her well, because damn it, that hurt. 

Looking up at him with a new sparkle in her eyes, she giggled lightly and smacked her hand against his chest, rolling her eyes. That was the night they both figured, why not? Why not give it a try? They were together all the time anyway, sometimes posing as a married couple if the job required it, and there was no denying that either one of them was attractive enough. 

She was like no other woman he’d ever met before, and somehow, all of them compiled together in the perfect package, wrapped up in a bow. She was caring, loving, would do anything for him and everyone he loved. But she was so… different.

Her instincts took over on a hunt, slicing and dicing the things that go bump in the night without a second thought. She was a force to be reckoned with. But he could handle it. 

She’s so New York and then L.A.
And every town along the way
She’s every place that I’ve never been
She’s makin’ love on rainy nights
She’s a stroll through Christmas lights
And she’s everything I want to do again 

It amazed him how she could just take on the persona of any person she’d come in contact with. Once, they had to go check out a college after sixteen people turned up dead with scars along their arms. She fit right into the sorority scene, despite the fact that she couldn’t stand those girls. 

The rain reminded him of her in every way. It came quietly, always calm before the biggest storm hit. But when it rained, it poured. Nothing about her was subtle. If she was happy, she was beaming. If she was angry, she was on fire. And if she was upset, hurt, lonely, everyone in the room felt it. 

Every new memory with her became one he wanted to relive again and again until the day he died.

It needs no explanation
‘Cause it all makes perfect sense
For when it comes down to temptation
She’s on both sides of the fence 

She was everything he’d ever wanted… and everything he never wanted. This wasn’t what hunters did, not the life they deserved. But here she was, beautiful, glowing, carrying his child, tempting him to step away from the only thing he’d ever been good at. 

So he did. For her - the only woman that he’d ever really known.

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You believe the sister, Baby, Ennard, Fredbear plush, and Marionette are all the same character right? Have you ever made a timeline of the order this character took all these forms, and how they switched from one form to the next?

I’ve mentioned it in larger compilations but never on its own, so here you go:

  • 1983: Sister is killed by Baby and possesses her (and probably the other Funtimes, seeing as she’s “broken”)
  • SL Night 5: Sister forms Ennard by assembling the other endos together (worth noting that the tiny toy Mangle from 4 was probably hers - she has a fondness for this kind of thing apparently)
  • SL Cutscenes: Ennard bails into sewer
  • (Exact time unknown, but pre-FNAF 4) Michael puts her back together, freeing her from Ennard; she chooses to stay behind to take care of the Bitten Child (her biological brother)
  • FNAF 4: Sister possesses Fredbear Plush and attempts (and fails) to help the Bitten Child (note how it appears in the sewer, a nod to Ennard’s escape earlier)
  • FNAF 2 (+ cutscenes) and 3: Sister takes the Puppet form in her sibling’s dreams (it’s modeled after the Bitten Child, probably showing how he was literally Afton’s puppet. Note the mask - she’s already been put back together, so she already has her afterlife mask as seen in 3′s minigames. Markiplier also kept saying “don’t wake the baby” in terms of the music box, which was later referenced by Scott himself - hence why Baby is called that in SL).
  • FNAF 1 (+ cut scenes): Sister confronts Brother about killing the Bitten Child as Golden Freddy; he metaphorically takes over the role due to guilt (this is why Golden Freddy turns into the Puppet in the FNAF 2 cutscenes. Sister being Golden Freddy is both a parallel to her being the Plush and why Golden Freddy emits a little girl’s giggle - it’s still mimicking her (also a nod to Michael Afton) Way Baby’s sitting on Night 5 is a direct nod to this).
  • FNAF 3: Sister fulfills her promise of putting the Bitten Child back together and gives him the final cake (she’s already freed, hence why you don’t free her at any point. Mask pre-moving on also looks vaguely like Ennard. Puppet silhouette with Mangle is a nod to it being her toy, hence why it’s so tiny.)
  • FNAF 3: Her mask fell slower because she’s still hanging around just long enough to burn Fazbear’s Fright in a final attempt to off “William“ (Michael Afton), as paralleled by the Immortal and the Restless. She passes on (hence why Michael says he put her back together and she’s free now post FNAF 3).
lol, fuck:
  • me: i'm so over all time low, man. i'm an adult now. i'm 22 this year, not 12/13. grow the fuck up. for. fucks. sake.
  • also me: *singing over-dramatically, keeping up with their new song "Last Young Renegade" released three days ago and album "Last Young Renegade" to be released june 2, 2017* YOU WERE MY LAST RENEGADE HEARTAAACHEEE!!!!!! IT ONLY TOOK ONE NIGHT CAUGHT IN THE EYE OF A HURRICANE, DARLING!!!! WE HAD TO SAY GOODBYEEEEEEE!!!!
  • also me: *sings an old-school ATL medley every time i have a shower*
  • also me: *can still quote their old tour videos from like 2007 from the fan-made compilations entitled "the best of Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat/Zack Merrick/Rian Dawson" and other ATL videos/interviews from youtube etc that I learnt off by heart in years 7-10.*
  • also me: *reblogs all time low gifs every so often*
  • me: why am i still emo trash? i hate myself. lol.
Last Minute Courage

Prompt: “I’m your last customer on Christmas Eve because it’s only now that I’ve realized I have no wrapping paper.”
Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 814
Warnings: language
A/N: Hopefully I’m getting better at writing Misha lmao. Also, I think we know the drill here – for the purpose of this story Misha is single. No hate to Vicki. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback is cool :)

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Taehyung x reader When you are drunk

Summary: You got drunk and your boyfriend had to bring you home.

Genre: Fluff

You were the type of person who gets drunk easily. You were having dinner with the boys and they ordered some alcohol. Even with your boyfriend controlling what you had drink, you still managed to down 3 beers. 

You were getting drowsy and lightheaded by the time you finished your third beer, the alcohol were doing its thing. You bang your hand against the table trying to wake yourself up but it made you even more dizzy.

Yoongi was sitting opposite of you and he accidentally dropped his chopsticks.

“What did you do to that poor thing?” You started to tear up at the sight of Yoongi dropping his chopsticks. 

No one was shocked. They were all close friends of yours and they knew you would cry if the alcohol got into your system.

“Taehyung, I think it’s time for you to take her home.” Jin said.

Taehyung groaned. “I told you not to drink that much. Now you’re going to have puffy eyes tomorrow.” 

You sat there sniffing your nose and looked at Taehyung with your doe eyes.

“She need to go to work tomorrow. If you don’t get her home earlier, she would have less time to rest.” Jimin nudged him.

Taehyung helped you up and walked to his car. You were stumbling so he had walked slowly and put his arms around you. You were still sobbing.

A stray dog walked past and you pointed at it. “It’s so cute. How… how could anyone let it go? Do… they have a heart?” The tears started to pour out again.

“Don’t cry, please.” He pleaded silently. “Come on honey. Just a few steps more.”

He opened the door and gently settled you n the seat, helping you to buckle up.

“But the dog…” You whined.

“Babe, the dog is gone now. And you cannot bring it home too, you need to bring him to the vet first.” He cooed you and get to the driver’s seat.

“How do you know it’s a boy. It’s a girl.” You huffed.

“Alright, alright. It’s a girl.” He pulled out some tissues and wiped your tears.

He drove back to your shared apartment. The traffic light turned red just as Taehyung made a turn.

“They hate me.” You suddenly cried.

He stared at you wide eyed. “Who?”

“Red. They must hate me because I didn’t give them money.”

Taehyung let out a sigh. You would regret tomorrow on how much you had drunk.

“Why don’t you answer me? Do you hate me too?” You cried out.

“No , honey. I love you.”

Taehyung just kept on nodding at your rambling and crying. He couldn’t do anything. He tried cracking up jokes and pulled funny faces but you kept on crying. He didn’t like it when you cry because it was heartbreaking. 

Taehyung was waiting for your next topic but you didn’t say anything. He looked beside him and saw you were sleeping soundly. You must be tired after all the crying. He smiled at your cute face. Your mouth was left agape and you were still mumbling words.

The car finally drove in the parking lot. He parked the car and went around to help you get off the car. He lifted you with ease and started to walk to the elevator.

He gently put you down to the bed. He went to the kitchen and pour you some warm water. He wanted you to have more rest but you need to drink water to stay hydrated and your hangover wouldn’t be that bad.

“Babe, drink some water before you sleep.” He used a hand to support your waist.

You woke up groggily and opened your mouth. Taehyung laughed but still compiled and poured water in your mouth. You immediately went back to sleep when he gently lay you back down. He took off all your clothes and slipped on your pajamas. Then he plopped down on the bed with you after changing.

“Don’t hate me.” You mumbled.

“I love you.” He whispered into your ear before hugging you close.

You had a great dream that night despite having a massive headache the following morning.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

Scenario master list here


So, for fun, I took what little skills I had with photo edits (thank you, 8Tracks, for making me make cover art) and made aesthetic compilations for all my Camp NaNoWriMo projects this year!

I’ll be writing at least a little for two different stories, plus plotting out three others. Because I’m insane.

(All of them were going to have nine pics, but I couldn’t figure out nine for one of the concepts, so they’re only six pictures. Though, since they’re just ideas rn, it’s fine.)

Stories (top to bottom, left to right)-

A Town Called Mixer: Supernatural original story.

Ghost in the Machine: Five Nights at Freddy’s fanfic.

Eos Unit: Urban fantasy/action story concept.

The Naegi Virus: Danganronpa AU/fanfic concept.

Four Corners: Crime/romance story concept.

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Hello! Do you know any taekook arranged marriage au? (๑・v・๑)

Sure can do anonnie! Ohmygosh im exhausted im going to crash so sorry if i dont make sense.

Premeditated Jeongguk’s not sure when the case became about getting back together with Taehyung instead of finding out who killed his fiancé.

My Prettiest Husband And I’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways/ Maybe just the touch of a hand/ Oh me I fall in love with you every single day/ And I just wanna tell you I am/ I love you my Mr Annoying Brat.

Marriage of Convenience  Taehyung needed a husband because he had been in a situation where ‘no husband, no money’. Jungkook needed a normal happy marriage but being stucked with taehyung was more curse than blessing. Sokay! If Taehyung wanted to act childish, Jungkook could do the same

Married Based on this request:  So at first jeongguk doesnt love tae but tae always loves him since eternity.

A Pack’s Pride Growing up Taehyung was told all about his alpha, his mate and how they would bring peace and strength with their union- because the union between Taehyung and Jeongguk would be the union of their packs. Taehyung always thought this mate was going to be Prince Charming. He never expected Jeongguk to detest the very scent of him. He couldn’t even say no to all this, his marriage to Jeongguk would unite the two packs; he had a responsibility, his pack was depending on him. 

Shake the Glitters off Your Clothes Now Jeongguk’s sick of set-up dates. Taehyung just wanted to celebrate for being employed at 24. Somehow and in some way, both get tangled under fine bed sheets with rings, handcuffs and a discarded beret on the floor. The last time they checked, this phenomenon only happened in Vegas. One night stands were overrated anyway.

This took quite a lot of effort from Admin H and I to compile so I hope you enjoy this! Also, big cheers because Admin H is back! She has saved me on some many occasions it’s not even funny. Bless her lovely soul.

♡ Admin N(ezzie)

Sunrise Sunset

If there was ever a thing to know about Hayden, it was that she was busy. She was perpetually on the move. Every Sunday she took thirty minutes to schedule her week—those thirty minutes were previously scheduled in the week before, of course—so she wouldn’t forget or be late to anything. She found solace in being organized. People may have looked at her as if she were crazy for having an itinerary each day, but she had big plans for the future; and, when she took small steps toward it each day, the future didn’t seem so far off.

As prepared as she preferred to be, she was a nurse. Constantly being in the hospital called for numerous unplanned instances which planted a seed of uneasiness within her when she first got the job, but now she had worked out a method to the madness. Knowing that there would always be a somewhat chaotic situation, she taught herself to be prepared for anything. Each morning or night—she took classes Tuesdays and Thursdays, so she would work the night shift to make up for lost hours—she compiled a list of everything that possibly could happen. Then, she listed all her possible responses, and it might have been a bit much but it relieved her to know that, in theory, she could handle anything.

So, the disdain that bubbled within her when an intense burning sensation rippled through her arm, and moments later the words ‘at least your boobs are clean now’ appeared, was not at all a surprise. She knew this would happen sooner or later. Acute flashes of tingling had been plaguing her for weeks now. It was a sign that she was to meet her soulmate. A soulmate that she does not have time for.

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George Harrison painting what would become the so-called “Images of a Woman,” a joint painting between all four of The Beatles, compiled during their stay at the Tokyo Hilton, 30 June - 1 July 1966.

Photo © Robert Whitaker/Getty Images

“Back at the hotel between concerts I think it was sheer boredom that prompted The Beatles to start painting. John, or possibly Paul, asked Tats [concert promoter Tatsuji ‘Tats’ Nagashima] to supply them with paint and some beautiful Japanese paper. Over the course of two nights The Beatles collaborated on their only joint venture that didn’t involve music. They played the paper on a small table and put a lamp in the middle. Each of them took a corner of the paper and started painting towards the light. John and Paul used heavy acrylics, while Ringo - and I think George - used watercolours. They never discussed what they were painting. The end result, and how it all joined up, evolved naturally.

I used my new camera and lens to photograph their progress, illuminated only by the lamp’s 60 watt bulb. An acetate of the new Beatles album had recently arrived from London and we listened to it over and over again while they were painting. They decided to name the album Revolver, and it playec continuously in the background while they debated the running order of the songs and wondered if there was anything they could have done differently. I felt privileged to be among the first to hear this incredible music in the company of the guys who created it.” - Robert Whitaker, Eight Days A Week: Inside The Beatles’ Final World Tour by Robert Whitaker with Marcus Hearn


At MICA, we’ve been asked to compile all of our concepts, process, assignments, and personal work from the past academic year into a single volume. While a lot of work, it’s been a lot of fun because the design and title of the book are entirely up to us. After settling on Hinterland (an area lying beyond what is visible or known) as the title, I drew copious amounts of inspiration from some 1960s vintage book covers last night, then made it happen!

I took this opportunity to fill the frame with some of my favorite things: funky mushrooms, fluffy alpacas, greyhounds with robo-legs, and topless deer ladies doing the pug hop. 

Ms. Powers Part 5

Ms. Powers Part 1

Ms. Powers Part 2

Ms. Powers Part 3

Ms. Powers Part 4

He stayed with you until 12 at night when you insisted that he go and get some sleep. Both teams of men had returned safely to camp but the sand storm was still going strong so you were still in charge of protecting the base. The storm finally cut out at 4 am- just in time for everyone on base, including you, to start their day. You dropped the force field and made your way to the dinner hall for some, much needed, breakfast. “A little reading material for your morning meal,” a file dropped next to your plate of fruit. You looked over and saw Key standing behind you. “Goodmorning to you too Key,” you examined the file. “What’s this?”

“What don’t feel like using your x-ray vision,” he said sarcastically.

“Please. You know I don’t have x-ray vision.” You flipped open the folder.

“That’s the newest intel we have of the terrorists. Shows that they had three vans drive to their ghost town last night before the storm hit. Intel was unable to confirm what was in the vans but, as you can guess, it’s probably not good.”

You nodded along as he talked. “Ok Key, thanks for keeping me up to date. Let me know if you find anything new.” He nodded and left. You immersed yourself in the file that he had just given you, which contained all the information you had been given since receiving this mission, and were brought out of focus by someone sitting across from you. You looked up, “Good morning Clint.”

“Morning boss. Nice work on the field last night,” he said tossing an apple up and down in his hand. You muttered thanks. “What’s that,” he was looking at the file. You slid it over to him.

“Compilation of all the mission information. Key got some new stuff so he brought this to me this morning.” Clint opened the file and began reading the new information. Red hair swooped over and slid down next to Barton.

“Secret file? You know I love secret files,” Nat slid closer and started reading over Barton’s shoulder. She grabbed the apple Clint was tossing out of the air and took a bite out of it.

“Really? That’s my pre-breakfast.” You opened your hand as a apple flew from the counter and landed like it like a ball in a glove, “Here,” you passed it over to him.

“Thanks. That’s why I keep you around, telekinesis really comes in handy,” a smug smile played on his face.

“Sure. That’s why you keep me around. What time is it now,” you had forgotten your watch in your tent last night.

“6:30,” you turned and saw Steve had just entered the mess hall.

“Thanks,” you smiled up at him.

“Don’t mention it. How’d you sleep last night.”

“I didn’t. The storm let up at 4 and then I came here so…no sleep.”

Nat cut in, “You used a lot of energy last night. Don’t you even want to try and sleep,” her question was more stated like a fact.

“I’ve slept less and used more energy, Nat, I think I’ll be good. Don’t worry.” Although she was an ex-assassin she was one of your closest friends and always tried to take care of you. “Is the rest of the team up?”

“I saw Stark and Banner in their makeshift lab on my way over and I think I heard a couple of the young agents challenging Thor at something so I’m sure he’s with them,” Natasha answered. She changed the subject quickly, “Can we discuss how hot it is right now and it’s only 7.”

“We are in a desert Nat,” Clint replied.

“We could go swimming,” you offered.

“Right in the invisible pool,” Nat sassed you.

“There’s no pool now but I can easily make one. Drop part of the ground down. Bring up some water and keep it cool. No problem,” she raised her eyebrows thinking over the idea. Before she could tell you if she wanted to swim Roberts ran in the tent. “Y/N, they need you in HQ right away. Something’s happening,” you all shot up quickly and ran with him to the HQ.

“Status report,” Captain called out as you all walked in.

“We found out what was in the vans. And like I said this morning…it wasn’t good. You walked over to the large monitors setup in the middle of the room.

“Who are they.” On the monitor you saw 6 little kids being rushed from one building to the building in the center of the town.

“We don’t have specific names but there’s been talk of kidnappings happening around villages and towns about 100 miles away from the village their set up in. We think it’s probably those kids. Their parents all have ties to the government, government officials, natural resource reserves, and mass wealth for the region.” Thor, Tony, and Bruce walked in in time to hear the information on the kids. “What’s the call Ms. Powers?” All the eyes in the HQ tent turned to you. You looked at your team. “Boys”, you referred to your original team, “stay here and keep an eye on the area. Radio me on anything that changes. Avengers…suit up.” The Avengers left to get ready. You ran quickly to your tent and put on your uniform.

Much like Natasha’s you suit was a black body suit that hugged closer to your body- easier to move in stuff like that. The outer part of the pants were colored a dark blue color, as was the middle part of the top, and your black boots completed the look. You threw your hair up into a ponytail and rushed to the QuinJet. Being the first one there you got the Jet ready for flight. The rest of your team got there quickly and you sprang into action. “Bruce, you’re going to be based here for backup. If things get too messy we’ll fly you in. Hawkeye, when we get there you’ll get stationed at the top of the building to the right,” you said and pointed to a picture of the village that you had posted in the Jet. “Tony, I need you to get him up there. Once you do that I need you to use Jarvis and sweep the buildings. Find what they’re hiding in there. Natasha and Captain, you’re on this building here. The kids were last seen going into this building so it’s your jobs to get them out. I’ll fly Nat up to the top so she can work her way down and Captain you’ll work your way up from the ground floor. Thor, you and me will be in this building. Intel shows that this is their HQ. If all goes as planned 40% of them should be in this building alone so we’ll be getting some heat. Can you handle that?” He nodded in reply. “Our first priority is to keep those kids safe. Alert us when you find them,” you looked at Captain and Nat. “Let’s go.” The ride was quick and the Jet wasn’t exactly quiet so you all had to spring into action quick.

Things happened very quickly. Tony took Hawkeye up to his ‘peak’ and started going through the buildings looking for any dangerous technology that they might be storing. You flew Nat up to the top of her building took off to the one you were taking care of with Thor. He was already in action smacking the enemies with his hammer. You joined in and started taking care of the problems that emerged.

“Found the weakling. Looks like we got a runner,” you heard Barton call through your earpiece.

“Don’t let them leave,” you heard Steve call out in a rough voice.

“Any luck on the kids,” you asked.

“One second,” Nat replied. You heard something thump in the background before she started talking again. “Nothing on my levels. Cap?”

“Nothing yet. I cleared the first 2 floors; I’m going to the basement now.” Having cleared your building you and Thor ran outside to the middle of the village square. The sound of gunfire was prominent now. Stealth time was up and the remaining enemies were ready to fight. The building across from you starting raining bullets at you. You deflected the first round before they could hit you and Thor. “Get to the sniper,” you yelled at Thor; he flew to the building quickly and you saw a wave of electricity coat the building.

“We’ve got the kids,” Cap called from the ear piece.

“Keep them down there until I get there! It’s not safe out here right now.” You weren’t getting an answer from him or Nat. “Do you copy?!”

“A little busy right now,” Nat grumbled. Before you could leave to help you heard Tony’s voice.

“We’ve got a problem. That thing they were hiding…it’s a big explosive. Set to go off in 5.” You quickly asked him where. You felt the ground shake as he landed next to you. “The building back there,” he pointed, “behind where they are keeping the kids.”

“Steve, Nat, I’m on the way,” you turned your attention to Tony. “See if you and Jarvis can figure it out. Keep us updated.” You ran to the building that held Captain, Nat, and the children. When you arrived to the basement you saw pieces of wall were scattered on the ground. Nat and Steve stood banging on the far side of the basement; there were no kids in site. “Where are they?”

“There were too many guards. They kept us busy and lead the kids being this door.”

“Whatever security they have,” Nat added, “is top notch. I can’t crack it.”

“We think it’s a tunnel that lead to the next building,” that caught your attention and you turned to leave. “What’s wrong?”

“That’s where the bombs at Steve. You and Nat get to the Jet. We need it close to get the kids out.” You made your way, quickly, to the building the kids were now in. “Stark, any progress,” you called as you listened for any sign of the kids.

“It’s not looking too good. Jarvis is still working out the bomb but we need a code and I don’t know how long it’ll take to run all the possibilities. We have three minutes left.”

“Get to the buildings on the outskirt of the village. Our goal now is to contain the enemy and take them out before they can leave the scene. I’m going in for the kids, they’re in the basement. Everyone get ready to cover us when we leave.”


“Can you fly this by yourself,” Steve questioned as Nat buckled into the pilot’s seat.

“It’ll be a little difficult but I’ve had worse circumstances,” she retorted. They set the jet down two blocks from the building, hoping that the large structure in front of the Jet would add some extra coverage for the kids when they were evacuated.

“Get to the buildings on the outskirt of the village. Our goal now is to contain the enemy and take them out before they can leave the scene. I’m going in for the kids, they’re in the basement. Everyone get ready to cover us when we leave,” Y/N’s voice came in through the earpiece.

“Copy,” Nat said sharply. “We’re set up two blocks West of your location. Contact when you are ready to go.” Nat and Captain took off towards the outskirt of the town to stop those trying to get away. They had 5 people to stop, not to hard when you are the Black Widow and Captain America. Just as they thought they were done a man stepped out from behind one of the getaway cars.

“It’ll be hard to save the children when they are reduced to ash,” he said. Steve wasn’t sure what he meant until he saw the man hold up a small device with a large black button on it. Before Nat or Steve could react the man pressed the button and the ground shook as the bomb detonated. The intercoms of the team were silent as they all turned to look at where the shaking came from. They looked just in time to see the building that Y/N and the children were in come crumbling down upon itself. The brown bricks concaved on themselves as they dropped over it’s own structure.

“No….” Steve whispered. He had no time to truly process what had happened as he and the rest of the team were forced to kick back into gear. The last wave of enemy forces were making their last stand. The few minutes it took to take down the rest of their forces felt like a lifetime. The team gathered around the fallen building slowly unsure of what to do next.

The whole team looked down at their feet. “Do you copy HQ,” Nat tried to make contact to base.

“Copy,” a depressed sounding Key came through. “We copy.”

“What are those strange colors,” Thor stood up a little straighter and tried to peer at the colors. Hues of barely noticeable blues came through the cracks between some of the fallen bricks.

“Start digging,” Steve commanded the team. After digging for 2 minutes Tony decided that digging was going to slow.

“Stand back I have an idea,” the hand of Iron Man lifted after the fellow Avengers had backed away from the rubel. Sending little bits of ammo from the suit Tony was able to abliterate some of the bricks surrounding the colors; now all that was left was a couple layers of bricks. The team got back to digging and then they came across it.

“I’ll be damned,” Tony said. The team looked down to see the 6 kids sitting together silently crying. In the middle of them is where you laid. “She’s tough to kill I’ll give her that,” Tony commented.

Clint rushed down and touched the force field you have put up around you and the kids. Instead of repealing at his touch the field dropped. He walked over to the kids, “My name’s Hawkeye. We’re here to get you guys home, ok?” One of the kid’s knew English fairly well and was able to translate to the others. Steve rushed to your side, Natasha followed slowly behind. Thor and Clint and Tony grabbed two kids each and lead them to the QuinJet. Steve waited until they were out of earshot to speak. “She doesn’t have a pulse Natasha,” his voice was low and solemn.


Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting as often, I’m currently in Brooklyn visiting my sister/exploring New York :) Today is somewhat of an off day for me, so I’ve taken the opportunity to look back at some of the photos I took at the Tacoma Dome last Saturday & compile them together in a photoset. What an incredible night, I want to go back! Also, it was a pleasure meeting without-a-trance, so glad we were able to make that happen. It’s too bad I didn’t get to meet more of you guys but let’s make that happen sooner than later! Cheers x,


3) Whose earrings did Ali and Aria find in Byron’s office? (Meredith said they weren’t hers. Did Ali plant her own to get more blackmail $$$?)

4) Which Rosewood girls were pimping out their friends to the N.A.T. club?(Jason says the N.A.T. club paid girls to set up their friends.)

5) Who was the N.A.T. club working for? (Jason thinks that by the time he left the club, Ian was filming for someone else.)

6) Who killed Marion Cavanaugh?

7) Who are Bethany’s parents?

8) Why did Mrs. D want to be so close to Bethany?

9) Why did Bethany hate Mrs. D?

10) How did Alison and Bethany know each other?

11) Why did Ali want Bethany to dress like her “that night”?

12) Why did Ali want Jenna to think she was dead if she only decided to run away after someone tried to kill her?

13) Who hit Ali over the head with a rock and buried her alive?

14) Who was Mrs. D trying to protect?

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County records show more than half of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland, Ore., last week didn’t actually vote in the election, according to a local TV station.

WKGW reported 69 of the 112 people arrested in recent protests either weren’t registered to vote or didn’t turn in a ballot. The TV station compared the names of the people arrested by police and compared them to state voter logs compiled by Multnomah County elections officials.

According to the report, 34 of the people arrested didn’t return a ballot and 35 of them weren’t registered to vote in the state. The station is still working to verify 17 of the protesters’ voting records.

Of the 112 arrested, 25 voted.

Protests shook up the liberal Oregon city for several nights last week. Protesters shattered windows and took over parts of Interstate 84, which runs through downtown.

The city had to close parts of the light rail system in town for safety reasons and the state shut down all major highways running through Portland due to the protests.

Compilation of StarKid Takes Manhattan videos

This is a compilation list of some videos that people took during the “StarKid Takes Manhattan” performances. 

1. Malfoy’s part in “Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts” here.

2. Kick It Up a Notch (partial) here

3. Nobody Remembers Achmed here.  

4. Rogues Melody (partial) here

5. TalkFine’s opening here

6. I Wanna Be here.

7. Hey Dragon here.

8. Dark, Sad, Lonely Knight here.  

Many thanks to Samantha for finding and reblogging all of these (you’re making my job so much easier). I’ll keep adding throughout the night as more videos surface. 



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Sorry it too so long. I made a compilation of me doing black metal hands to make up for it.

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Only Fools

Rating: T (because I dunno)
Ships: This is pure Ladynoir (Chat-centric) 

Summary: Only fools fall for you, Ladybug

A/N: Alternate Title: I fucking hate myself for staying up so late to write this.I have other fics to write and classes to attend tomorrow T_T This is completely unedited and written because this song is stuck in my head and won’t leave it. There are likely to be a million mistakes which I will catch later after posting this, but for now enjoy this angst XD (If you really liked it I might do one for Marinette)


Melancholy struck Chat Noir at the worst times.

He couldn’t understand why Ladybug’s smile made his heart hurt so much. She was dancing with him, laughing under the muted lights of the posh hotel ballroom. It should have made him happy. But his heart ached. She was here, within reach, but always so far away. So very far.

He’d see her masked face all over the city, rivaling his face on his father’s ad campaigns. They once made him smile but now all he wanted to do was cry.

He loved her, but recently he began to wish he didn’t.

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