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Reaction to You Being a Foreigner Who Knows Their Native Language

Reaction to You Saying What You Like About Them

Reaction to You Being Busier Than Them

Reaction to Meeting Your Ex at Some Sort of Function

Reaction to You Buying Couple’s Stuff

Reaction to Thinking You are Out of Their League

Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms

Reaction to Their GF Being a Foreigner Who’s English is More Fluent Than Theirs

CBX - Reaction to You Playing With Their Hair

Rest (Minus CBX) - Reaction to You Playing With Their Hair

Reaction to Their S/O Having to Film a Kiss/Steamy Scene With Another Member

OT9 - Reaction to You Becoming Pale/Sick, Breathing Heavily, and/or Almost Passing Out During an Argument

OT9 - Reaction to Wanting Another Member’s Comeback Outfit Which Their S/O Designed

Reaction to You Trying to Cheer Them Up

Reaction to Their Pregnant Wife Being Horny


Jongin at ISAC

Beach Date With Chanyeol


Grounded - Yixing (Fluff)

Surprise Party - Minseok (Fluff)

What You Wanted - Kyungsoo (Angst)

Don’t Look - Sehun (Angst)

Take My Hand - Jongdae (Fluff, Suspense)

The Choice - Sehun and Kyungsoo (Angst, Fluff)

What Best Friends Are For - Jongdae (Fluff, Non-romance)

An Unexpected Meeting - Minseok (Fluff)

Just Acting - Kyungsoo (Mostly Fluff)

Down for The Count - Jongdae (Fluff)



Reaction to You Crying After They Surprise You

Reaction to You Turning Them On

Reaction to You Being Clumsy

Reaction to You Getting Attention from the Other Members

Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms

Reaction to Your Interactions With Kids

Reaction to Their GF Being Shy

Reaction to Thinking Their Crush/S.O. Being Weird is Adorable

Reaction to Having An Argument With You

Reaction to Their Crush/Close Friend Making a Move On Them While Out With The Band


Jimin Sliding Into Your DM’s

A Day at Home With Yoongi

Hoseok Needing You ;)


Daddy Duty - Taehyung (Fluff)

A Silly Accident - Namjoon (Fluff)

The Secret is Out - Yoongi (Fluff)

We Don’t Talk Anymore - Jungkook (Angst)

A Show - Jimin (Fluff)

All It Took - Seokjin (Fluff)

The Plan - Taehyung (Fluff, Some Suggestive Content)

Second Chances - Hoseok:

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

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I need me some fluff after that angst QAQ Saeyoung, Saeran and Vanderwood with an MC who is very smol and shy, and nearly dies in the secret endings and is a bit traumatized?

I tried very hard to stay away from making it ansgty, I hope I succeeded… also I did Vanderwood kinds platonically because I can’t really write for his character? Im not sure how well it went.


·        O h g o d

·         This is what he was afraid of, you being hurt or scared

·         But you were still here?

·         Still by his side?

·         You had been shot at, and still three days later you were shaking and jumped at loud noises

·         You looked so fragile and scared

·         And you were????

·         Still with Saeyoung???

·         He was confused

·         He thought of pushing you away again, but despite your shy nature you were very, very persistent with staying by his side

·         So, instead of forcing you away, he pulled you close and protected you with his life

·         He also found it easy to protect you since you were so small 

·         He hugged you a lot after the whole Rika Fiasco, making you feel safe in his arms

·         He usually asked you if he could do things (hug, kiss, etc) before he did them, just in case

·         He kissed you sweetly and softly to make you feel secure with him

·         Secretly afraid you stayed with him out of fear

·         He was bad at hiding it, so you reassured him


·         You stayed with the twins, still terrified of being alone after almost being shot, which then added loud noises and of any type of gun to your list of fears

·         You and Saeran never talked, You and saeyoung only exchanged a few words, you just tried to stay out of the way and keep to yourself

·         You noticed Saerans nightmares, and his struggle with trusting people

·         You really wanted to help, but you couldn’t just walk up to him and start a conversation

·         So instead you did little things, you noted his favourite ice cream flavour and made sure there was always some in the freezer

·         When he had particularly bad days, and gave Saeyoung that look which told him to give Saeran some space

·         You made sure he always ate at least something during the day, which you did by making double the food when making your own lunch, and leaving it for left overs

·         But

·         Saeran wasn’t stupid

·         He knew what you were doing

·         At first he didn’t understand why you wouldn’t just talk to him, or tell him straight up to eat something

·         Until he saw you fidgeting when you were talking to the pizza delivery person.

·         He realised how shy you were

·         Because Saeran is tsundere Because Saeran isn’t good with expressing his feelings, it took him a while to make the first move and show he cared about you

·         He did it by yelling at you for not eating

·         Wrong move Saeran

·         Saeyoung teased him for it

·         Saeyoung also mysteriously got a bleeding nose 5 seconds later

·         Eventually, Saeran just pulled you into a hug and quietly whispered a sincere thank you for all you’d done

·         From then on, you helped each other with your fears and made each other feel secure


·         What in the name of fuck do I do

·        He panicked more than Saeyoung

·         He wasn’t sure how to comfort you or make you feel safer

·         “MC im really not the person to help you with your fears”

·         “I might traumatise you more”

·         He helped kinda by telling you being scared was pointless, since he’d protect you

·         He made sure you were always by his side, where he could see and protect you

·         He had a very… harsh way of saying he’d always be there to protect you, it usually was disguised as an insult so it took you a while to decipher his true meaning.

·         He doesn’t like to think of the time you were almost killed, so he gets snappy whenever you bring it up

·         “That’s in the past, why are you still talking about it?”

·         But truthfully he didn’t like it because it’s the most terrified he’s ever felt and he never wants to feel it again

·         He’s trying

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Can I request a jealous Gray gruvia one shot? ^.^

Here you go, jealous Gray for your squish xD

“Thank you, Gray-sama!”

“About what?”

“For coming with Juvia to her photoshoot.”

“Yeah, no big deal. Thought you could use some company, since Mira couldn’t come.”

He didn’t have something else to do that morning, that’s all. Lisanna was in bed with a nasty flu and Mira, who had promised to accompany Juvia, stayed home to take care of her, so he offered to go in her place. It could take hours, he wouldn’t want her to be on her own for so long. It’s not like he insisted he would be fine when Lucy suggested she went instead, or that he glared at Cana when she gave him a suspicious smirk. Nor did he worry that the photographer (who had gained a reputation for his boldness) might touch her in inappropriate ways while explaining how she should pose. And he certainly didn’t feel his blood boil at the thought of all these people drooling at her in the revealing pieces she’ll be wearing once the next issue of Sorcerer Magazine would be out.

“I hope Lisanna-san gets better soon.”


“Juvia is nervous that she’s going to pose in a swimsuit though.”

“Then you should have said no. Why did you even agree if it makes you uncomfortable?”

“Well, Mira-san said it’s a nice experience and everything is going to be fine.”

Damn that Mira.

“Besides, Jason-san seemed so happy when he suggested it that Juvia didn’t have the heart to turn him down.”

He stopped walking. “You can still call it off if you want.”

“Juvia doesn’t think she can. We are almost there.” Her lips curved in a giddy smile. “But Gray-sama is so caring Juvia wants to melt!”

Gray chose not to comment as his motives were more selfish than he cared to admit.

A few minutes later, they were at the location where the shoot would take place.

“Juvia-san!” An overly joyous Jason came over. “You weren’t late at all!”

“Juvia is very punctual at her appointments.” She said, shaking his hand, to which he peeped his signature Coooool!

It only took the reporter a moment to notice Gray standing beside her and snap his eyes wide in excitement. “Gray Fullbuster! You came too!” He took a note pad out of his white snatchel and started rolling the edge of his pen on the paper. “Are you two a couple now?”

“We’re not!”

“Gray-sama is just here to keep Juvia company.” she explained.

Jason looked up from his notes, failing to hide his disappointment. “Oh I see. Well Juvia-san, the stylist is waiting for you over there.” He pointed a tent on their left. “Mr Fullbuster, care to give us an interview for our next issue in the meantime?”

“I don’t think so.” he replied sternly.

Gray walked back and forth as he waited, studying the settings of the shoot.


He turned on his foot to be welcomed by a surprising yet undeniably pleasant sight. He knew well –too well for his liking– that Juvia was an attractive woman, but whatever they had done to her, it accentuated the charm of her features manyfold. Her hair was tied in a high ponytail with a pair of bangs framing her face. The liner across her lashes made her gaze oddly captivating, bronzer left a sun kissed shade on her cheeks while her lips, god her pink gloss coated lips looked as though they demanded his attention and much more, luscious and alluring. His eyes roamed lower without his permission. It took every ounce of effort to not stare at the pushed up cleavage that peeked from underneath her robe, trying to keep his gaze distracted by the many bracelets adorning her wrists and ankle.

He realized he had been silent longer than he should. “Ready?”

“Yes.” Her fingers twisted nervously around the ribbon of her robe. “Does Juvia look good?”

He cleared his throat, brushing beneath his nose. “Yes. Yes you do.”

A mild blush spread across her cheeks as she smiled. “Well, Juvia has to go now.”

“’kay, see you later.” He took a seat on a bench nearby, elbows resting on his spead knees.

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Start Again

Calum Hood Imagine

Requested: yes, request from here !! message me or send it in my ask

Word Count: 700+

Rating: flufff

Warning: this is weak

It was your average Sunday, your favorite day of the week to settle yourself in bed with a tub of ice cream and binge watch movies and TV shows.

You haven’t had a significant other in a long time, just not being able to find the time or effort to put into a relationship. All you wanted to do was sleep.

Occasionally you hung out with friends, but most of the time you stayed home and did homework instead.

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I don’t even know how to properly express my love for star trek beyond.

as soon as  the music started playing at the very beginning of the movie I almost lost it. it took them approximately .5 seconds to almost make me cry okay. 

that damn elevator scene between spock and kirk aRE YOU KIDDING ME.

sulu and his family has given me eternal life and I will never be okay again.

every single interaction that bones + spock had in the entire movie. that’s all I’m going to say. 

jaylah and scotty better be a team in the next movie okay.


I can’t even talk about Anton I will literally start crying. Seeing Chekov actually get to go out and do stuff with the crew and spend time with Jim and just UHGLSDJKF. BYE.

this movie is a movie I need to see at least 8 more times in theatres. 

Demigod 5sos AU Snippet

Here’s a brief description of whats to come with my Demigod 5sos AU ~Cel

Luke: Son of Apollo; Paired with Daughter of Hades

The first day the daughter of Hades showed up, Luke already knew she was trouble. Yet he was drawn to her. However, she was told to stay away from Luke by her older brother Michael. Of course, the Daughter of Hades never listens. She can’t help it though! Like her father, she has a soft spot for music and Luke, being the son of Apollo, is the best musician in the camp.

Ashton: Son of Poseidon; Paired with Daughter of Athena

Ashton seemed to get along with everyone at the camp. That is everyone except for one of Athena’s daughters. Those two were always going at it. It’s only natural seeing as there parents hate each other. Maybe it was because she wasn’t like most of her siblings. She was never into the fighting stuff, but boy did she love to read. She was the smartest out of all her siblings. But when it came to Ashton, he made her feel like an idiot.

Michael: Son of Hades; Paired with Daughter of Demeter

Michael was a total bad ass. He didn’t give a shit about anybody but his mother and his little sister. He meets the daughter of Demeter and thinks she nothing but joke. “A total hippie” He called her. But she refuses to leave him alone. She thinks theres more than the carefree attitude and stops at nothing to prove it.

Calum: Son of Hermes; Paired with Daughter of Zeus

Calum is a bit of a rule breaker. Makes sense that his best friend is son of Hades. The two of them are always doing things that could get them into loads of trouble. So it was a bit odd that he showed internist to the daughter of Zeus. She followed all of the rules and was a total good girl. Definitely not Calum’s type! But he so badly wanted to know what it took to make her break her good girl attitude.

Little Brother

Fandom: The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings

Rating: K
Character(s): Thranduil/Legolas
Word Count:
Prompt: Hello! Here I am again. Can I please request a Thranduil & human wife fic, please? In which his wife gave birth to his second son. They’re all very overjoyed. Especially Legolas, because he felt alone being an only child and had always wanted a sibling. He felt so happy when the reader shows him his brother for the first time. Just some cute family fluff. It took me a little thinking to come up with something which hasn’t been requested before. I hope you’ll write it please. Thank you! :)
Requested by: verdonafrost

Author’s note: I didn’t want to make Legolas very young, as I know that 5 in elvish years is still very infantile. However it’s completely unrealistic for a human to live long enough for Legolas to be a tween. So I’m playing on the idea that maybe the reader has Dúnedain blood and married at the age of 16 or something, which would enable her to have two children many years apart. 

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5SOS (y/n) Imagine: Opening Act

“rt if you think they should date or fav if they’re just a hookup”

“They need a ship name!”

“(y/n)’s SOOOO talented I bet they sign her band to Hi or Hey”

An absurd fan edit of Ashton proposing ends your daily Twitter search. It’s only been 3 weeks since Ashton and Calum reached out towards your band on Youtube, and you’re now gaining 100′s of followers a day. They scheduled a “business” meeting (where you played human Jenga longer than you actually negotiated business) last weekend at their L.A. rental home.Somehow the fans took more pictures of you meeting Ashton in the driveway for 5 seconds than you’ve ever taken in your entire life. 

The lead singer of their previous opening act has a family wedding to attend in Europe, so they are unable to make the next 3 shows on 5sos’ tour. Your band is a mixture of pop music and rock- almost a female version of All Time Low without the secondhand embarrassment of their emo stage. You’re the lead vocalist, alongside your older twin cousins who play bass and lead guitar. Your drummer was an ex-boyfriend who ended up being a better percussionist than he was a boyfriend. Your band has played a handful of sold out local shows, along with a state-wide college campus tour (which has generated enough interest for a fan base). Ashton and Calum were made aware of your band’s undeniable stage presence after a bunch of your loyal fans repeatedly dm’d them your best tour video that has had over 6 million views so far.

“Venti or Grande?” 

“Venti!” you reply back to Ashton. He asked you to make a coffee run with him this morning before the afternoon concert rehearsal begins. The rest of the band was either sleeping off last night’s booze fest or grabbing some greasy chinese take-out (looking at you Michael Clifford). Ashton waits at the edge of the barista’s corner for your drink, while you grab a spot to sit outside.

“I didn’t know if you’d be hungry or I grabbed you a muffin and a lemon cake slice, or a cake pop..I think it’s birthday cake flavored! Anyways, I can eat whatever you don’t want,” Ashton sets all of his purchases on the wooden table.

“I’m game for that lemon cake and let’s split that cake pop while we’re at it.”

“How does one split a cake pop?” 

“I’ll bite half, you bite half? Like on Lady and The Tramp when they share the spaghetti!”

You roll your eyes at Ashton as he licks part of the cake pop suggestively, you decide to take a bite out of it while he’s still holding it up to his mouth.

“No fair! That bite was totally more than half,” Ashton complains before eating the rest of it. 

The next hour and half slides by as you both scroll through your phones, showing each other places you want to visit thanks to tumblr. As per usual, a security van comes to pick you up just in time for rehearsal. On the way back to the arena you notice your name is trending alongside Ashton’s on Twitter. “Starbuck’s Lovers!” is the caption on an insanely zoomed in photo of you eating part of the cake pop. Another photo of Ashton taking a selfie of you and him has already been edited and angled to appear incredibly intimate. A bunch of your fans are already tweeting potential ship names for the relationship they think you and Ashton might be in. Ashton leans over the seat and reads a few of the tweets.

“You take a fellow musician out to coffee and suddenly you are getting married on stage tonight! They wouldn’t do this if I went to lunch with Pete Went..actuallly they still probably would have.. I love our fans, I really do, but sometimes they make things more dramatic than a soap opera.” Ashton comments on a few of the extreme tweets. 

“Some of them are sweet though- like this girl said she loves both of us because of our music and she hopes that we could make each other happier.”

Ashton nods before sinking back into the seat in front of you, he gazes out the window and you can’t help but notice his smile reflected onto the window. 

Once you start practicing your set with your less-than energized band, you notice that a few of 5sos’ crew members are hanging around backstage along with Michael and Ashton discussing tonight’s setlist.Once you finish your final song, you head backstage to chat with them. Michael is messing around with Ashton’s drum kit and it’s driving Ashton crazy.

“MICHAEL GORDON CLIFFORD! This is not Step-Brothers, I swear to god if you defile my set I will not play tonight.”

“Chill out Ash! I’m just hitting the drums with your stick things not putting my ball sack on them.” Michael’s smart ass comment causes Ashton to get off his chair.

You can’t help but laugh as Michael hits the drum one final time before running towards the stage exit. 

“He is such an ass- Let’s draw a dick on his concert outfit for tonight,” you laugh as Ashton grabs the costume box and finds Michael’s favorite ripped skinnies. You hand him a silver sharpie you have from editing your own setlist. He draws a rather large spaceship on Michael’s pants and you add a few meteors for good measure.

“That totally looks like a dick..”

“We have 6 year old fans, so shut up (y/n) it’s a spaceship.”

Ashton hands you the marker back, but he grabs your hand first.

“Hey!” you start to smack him away as closes his palms around you.

“Uhmm..see you tonight.” Ashton walks off as you start to wonder why he held your sweaty hand for so long.

(Fast forward to the concert)

You were nervous to perform to such a huge crowd, but the energy of your bandmates and the funny signs helped you power through the setlist. Just as you were about to sit down and perform your final, slow ballad the lights switched off. The lights were supposed to dim, but not turn completely off, unsure of what to do you decide to sit on your stool and hope that the crew fixes the mistake soon. An orange spotlight comes on and you start to realize that the crew didn’t mention this new addition to the lighting. Just as you start to begin your ballad, Ashton drags his own stool onto the stage and along with his personal guitar he showed you last week.

“What is going on?” you whisper as you start to strum the beginning of the song.

“Just go with it! And give me a few verses,” he winks as he joins in on his guitar.

“Traveling doesn’t mean I’ve left my heart. I’ve just began finding it, help me find myself by finding you.”

“I’ll find you..I’ll find you if you find me,” Ashton sings the response.

“Miles are what I want, sunsets are what I collect, and I can see the journey in your eyes, so let’s adventure…”

“I’ll find you when you find me..I’ll find you” Ashton drags the notes out longer than his last part.

“The road is only scary when I’m alone,” your voice starts to waver a little as you notice Ashton paying full attention to you. It dawns on you that he must have planned this awhile ago, because everyone is watching your performance backstage- Michael even gives Ashton a thumbs up.You finish the rest of the song and struggle not to laugh as Ashton makes up his own verses about your favorite song to sing in the shower (something that you’d shared with him earlier during a game of 20 questions). As the song ends it’s obvious that Ashton has something to say before your band comes back on for the final bow. 

“(y/n), I know we haven’t known each other this is kinda a long shot- I want to to ask you something in front of all of our loving, wonderful fans so you can’t turn me down,” he laughs as most of the fans scream and clap, finally realizing what he is doing.

“Will you grab another coffee with me sometime and maybe a little dinner or a movie.. we could save the world, go swimming, or whatever you want? It doesn’t have to be Starbucks, I just want to take you out on a real date sometime,” his boyish smile is directed towards the ground and you can tell that he’s actually nervous that you’ll turn him down.

Much to all the fans’ dismay, you lower your microphone headset down and whisper a coy “yes” into Ashton’s ear so that they can’t hear what you’re saying. Ashton however gives away your answer when his faces lights up like a suburban house in December.

anonymous asked:

ugh that reply you wrote with the alternate 3x16 ending where instead of Alie and Becca we get ALIE and Lexa... it just makes SO MUCH sense even if it's still so heartbreaking and all but damn that end would have definitely given MORE to literally everyone: the viewers and especially Clarke. Like that sense of urgency or that feeling of tension and knowing/feeling how hard it is for Clarke to actually pull that lever... And there would actually be at least a bit of catharsis in the end

I completely agree! That is why the finale was SUCH a let down for me (like if you were part of periscopekru you saw just how Done™ I was). And the sad thing is…..this is something that fits SO WELL with canon and would tie up the Clexa storyline so much better than Lexa leaving Clarke to fight off the ‘influenced’ . But like, even Lexa going to fight the ‘influence’ makes ZERO sense to me. ZERO!!!! “You go, I’ll hold them off”…okay, you go behind that door you can most likely LOCK or Raven could just as easily altered the code so that the door VANISHES or won’t open. Like, Raven made the portal appear in the alley she could have made it disappear too. And you know a cool visual way to do that? Have the Raven on the door ‘fly away’  and the door then disappears. There was no NEED for Lexa to ‘hold them off’, they could have both stepped into that door the <5 seconds it took to open it before the ‘influenced’ even got half way there. 

Yeah, I see them trying to make the parallels for when Lexa left Clarke at Mt. Weather vs now when she is fighting for Clarke, but that is not taking into account all that Clexa has become to both the characters and the audience. God, such a letdown. That is why we don’t have closure. Because Clexa’s final goodbye should have been more and been of more substance. Having the ‘love is weakness’ be flipped on its head. Showing how ALIE is trying to use love against Clarke like she had done with so many before to bend to her will, but not Clarke. Not Clarke because Lexa and her love is selfless. Their love is real. They make this decision together. Lexa is not forced to leave Clarke (when she was killed) or making the decision to leave her behind (mt. weather & you could say when she fought the ‘influenced’ while Clarke went into the door). This decision would allow Clarke some peace as they stay true to who they are. goddammit, I'm pissed all over again. 

'Blind Fan' PART 3


summary: I met Ashton outside a radio station, I appeared on the radio show, I got my own TV show and then I had dangerously experimental surgery

part 1          part 2

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(Let me know if you’re enjoying the updates)

-he had a really bad headache today
-he burned himself on his hair straighteners last week
-the App
-he had to do some animal impressions
-the danandphilshop competition
-they see all the videos
-it took about 6 month to make the app
-he’ll do a panel about creativity with Dan
-and they’ll do a meet up (summer in the city)
-he lost his phone
-Cat is coming over for ‘Summer In The City’ (later)
-he’s on his old phone now
-Collab with Cat coming soon
-Asdf movie 9
-the 7 second challenge video was the important video
-they’ll play 5 Nights At Freddy’s,Dil and then Shelter
-the radio show
-spooky week might happen again
-PINOF in november
-promo for Dan’s video
-another 7 second challenge
-he’s watching 'True Detective’ as well
-he might watch Supernatural soon
-the YouNow llama
-tv shows
-'Buffy the vampire slayer’
-'Phil’s high school life’ is a topic in the book
-he has to go to the shops now before Cat arrives
-a lot of good byes

MENTIONED DAN: ||||| ||||| | [11]

anonymous asked:

I check some of Jpn concert attendees, and I didn’t see any complaints about forgotten lyrics, or ‘looking trashed’, or ‘boring clothes’ or anything. It’s a positive experience from what I see. The complaints came from armchair critics who wrote their stuff based on 6secs vine. Then you got those leeches from untv who picked up whatever these ppl are complaining about, and write stuff about it.

Anonymous said:
A friend who is in her early 30s went to the show last night and thought it was great. She didn’t know much about 1D except that they were on the cell phone ads in the train station and on the commercials, she wound up going to the show because a friend had to cancel. She said, “they’re cool.” That was a refreshing review after seeing all the entitlement and people acting like they own the boys. Some people in this fandom need to find their chill. 


Anonymous said:

Thanks for showing some sense re the lads and the reaction to them going out. Maybe on some level its some kind of message they’re sending out to someone or maybe they’re just twentysomething lads that like to have a laugh from time to time, perhaps both but I can’t believe the hand wringing going on. They’ve sounded excellent so far generally. some more crowd interaction would be good of course but from those who’ve been hardly heard any complaints. That has to count for something surely? 


Anonymous said:
Why don’t we just say One Direction is a new kind of thing we haven’t seen before. making up their own rules. We may not be comfortable with everything they do but so what! if you are a fan you are here for all of it. and tbh focusing on a 30sec long mistake in the middle of a 2 hour show (with fireworks nearly every song) is ridiculous. they are just being themselves and doing it their way. no dancing, no matching outfits. 5 guys, friends, who sing together… that is all we were promised. 


Anonymous said:
what are these anons smoking thinking the boys are rated g? it took me about five seconds after joining fandom back in october to realize they were WILD onstage with the sex innuendos and like….. do people not listen to their songs? LWWY is about a one night stand. No control is about morning sex. Stockholm Syndrome is about being in love with a nympho (confirmed from harry’s own mouth). These are not rated g lyrics. 


Anonymous said:
I really hate it when people call 1D a “boyband”. they haven’t been a boyband since Midnight Memories. when are people going to let that boyband stuff go?! but if we are going to go down that route… the Wanted was a boyband and they routinely got trashed on stage. Jackson 5 - trashed backstage, Jonas brothers (read Joe’s confessional), hanson, backstreet boys, nsync… come on! the only difference is Liam was honest. If you didn’t know they were partying you wouldn’t care if they forgot lyrics


Thanks for your thoughts, nonnies. I agree with all of you. The criticism has been a huge overreaction, imo. And yeah, I think the overwhelming majority of the people who actually attended the shows were happy. They’re unprofessional? Disrespectful? We are talking about minor mistakes. We’re talking about 1D going out to celebrate a crew member’s birthday. This is what people are bitching and moaning about. I’m just…they’ve yet to screw up an entire show or cancel a show due to their inability to perform. Four years of performing. Three years of headlining their own tours. What do people want from them? 

I’m amazed that people will be super vocal about this stuff yet when real issues come up where we need the fandom to rally, people go ghost. People can critique Liam’s tweets, but can’t defend him against ridiculous attempts at body shaming? People can shit on Zayn’s performance for forgetting a few lines of a song, but can’t defend him from people shitting on his religion? Fandom, you cannot be serious.

And yeah, these boys are men now. Let them live. They don’t wanna sing love songs to 13 year old girls anymore. They wanna sing about their sex drives and sex lives. And that is ok. If it’s not ok for part of this fandom, they don’t have to stick around for it. Bailing out when it’s no longer your cup of tea is ok too. 

Where criticism is warranted, cool. Nobody is above reproach. But people trying to pick 1D apart for their own twisted amusement? Or out of totally unreasonable expectations? Or just because it’s an opportunity to trash the ones who aren’t their faves? I’m not trying to hear it.

anonymous asked:

Top 5 videos of Amy on YouTube?

Sorry this took a while for me to get to! I wanted to make sure I spent some time thinking of my favs (considering I’ve watched basically them all)

1. Amy Poehler Laugh Tribute
2. Amy Poehler’s Awards Show Hosting Prep
3. Amy Poehler Plays Celebrity Word Association
4. Amy Poehler and Bill Hader Play ‘Head’s Up!’
5. Amy Poehler Pranks a WB Tour

I’ve changed these a billion times and I’m second guessing them anyway. I LOVE THEM ALL so this is just some of my top vids, I love anything with Poehler in it tbh <3

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