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Je T’aime, Mon Cher Eddie

For @time-for-tozier who came up with this idea, I hope you like it!!

Eddie watched as the clock’s minute hand moved towards the number 12, making a ticking noise as it wet round. He was so fixated that he jumped when the bell rang, the cue for people around him to pack up and leave the room.

He slammed his yellow note book shut and shoved it, and his pencil, into his backpack, before running out of the classroom to meet up with the other losers.

He sprinted down the hallways, bumping into several people and nearly tripping twice, before he reached the door. He swung the door open and walked to the bike rack around the side of the school.

“Hey Eddie,” Ben called to him as he walked over.

“Hey guys,” Eddie took in the positions of his friends. Mike was sat on the ground, fiddling with his bike, it kept breaking. Ben was sat on a bench about a meter away from the bike rack, a book resting open on his lap. Beverly was sitting on her bike seat, hands already gripping the handlebars as if she was in a hurry to go. Bill and Stan were stood next to each other, however, Eddie noticed, much too close to be considered normal. And Richie, well, he was being his usual self. He was hung upside down on one the metal bannister of a nearby stair case, dark hair brushing the ground.

“Eds! You finally arrived!” Richie near shouted bouncing his way back over to the group. “Can we go now?”

The losers collectively rolled their eyes and grabbed their bikes, climbing on and cycling towards the woods.

Their was a field there that they had claimed as their new hangout. It was completely secluded and surrounded by trees. In the spring, the ground was covered in daisies, Richie loved it, and prided himself on making “the best daisy chains in Derry”. In the Summer and Autumn, the grass was green and soft. And in the Winter, the Loser’s decided to just hand out at each other’s houses instead, with the careful avoidance of the Tozier, Marsh and Kaspbrak residences.

They were all laying on the grass. Beverly had her head resting on Ben’s lap as he sat cross legged playing with her hair. Stan and Bill were laying shoulder to shoulder, Mike was spread out like a starfish, and Richie was resting his head on Eddie’s stomach.

They were peaceful.

“Richie, I couldn’t help but to notice that you were in my French class this morning.” Bev spoke up, breaking the silence.

She knew there had to be a reason behind his sudden appearance in the class. She knew that she took it so that one day, when she was old enough, she could move to France and never look back. She knew that Stan’s parents wanted him to focus more on his religion. She knew that Ben was already fluent in the language and didn’t need to take a class. She knew that Bill found it too hard because of his stutter. She knew that Mike and Eddie simply didn’t want to take the subject, seeing no reason for it.

So what was Richie’s reason?

“You take French?” Eddie chuckled, sitting up. “Since when?”

“Well, obviously since this morning dipshit. I already know how to say some stuff. Such as,” Richie cleared his throat. “Ta mère aime ça dans le cul.”

Bev’s head shot up. “Beep Beep Richie.”

“W-what did he say?” Bill asked.

“Do you really want me to tell you?” Bev whined. The rest of the group, bar Richie and Ben, nodded. She sighed. “He said “your mother likes it up the ass.”

Groans of “Richie”, and “really?” We passed around as Richie smirked.

“Hey Rich? Do you know anything that’s not rude?” Eddie asked.

“Umm yeah,” Richie replied. “Eddie, tu as de beaux yeux.” (You have beautiful eyes)

“What does that mean?”

“Ahh, my dear Eddie Spaghetti, that is a secret.”

“Don’t call me that. Bev? Can you tell me what he said?” Eddie asked Beverly, who was staring at Richie with a strange look on her face. She stared for a few more moments before turning to Eddie.

“Sorry Eddie, I don’t know what he said.”


The next morning Richie bounced into school with too much energy for 7am on a Tuesday.

“Good morning, mes petits choux.” He smiled, leaning his chin on Eddie’s head.

“Richie, if I may ask, why did you just call us ‘your little cabbages’?” Ben questioned.

“I did it because I felt like it.” Just then the bell rang for class.

“Um, Richie? Can I talk you you for a sec? In private?” Beverly asked. Richie nodded, he loved the girl like family, they both dealt with similar issues in their home lives. “Do you like Eddie? You know, as in like him?”

Richie blushed. “No, where did you get that idea?”

“You’re always hugging him, you never stop staring at him, and yesterday you told him, in French, that he had beautiful eyes.”

“You said you didn’t understand what I said!”

“Well I lied, I guessed that you didn’t really want me to tell him, otherwise you would have simply said it in English.” She sighed. “Richie, what’s the real reason you started taking French class? You know I’m not going to judge you.”

Richie sighed. “I’ve been dealing with so much at home and then I come to school and he,” Richie leant back against the wall. “He makes me feel safe, and, I dunno, loved I guess? I just wanted a way to tell him how I feel and explain what’s happening at home. But it was way too painful to say it all in English, so I thought it’d be easier to tell him in another language.”

“Oh, Richie.” Beverly wrapped him in a hug. “That’s so sweet.” Richie gave her a half smile, and they began walking to their first class, which happened to be French.


Eddie was just dozing off when he hears the taps at his window. At first he was scared that it was a leper, or a murderer, but he was assured it wasn’t when someone spoke up from behind the glass and curtains.

“Eddie? You awake?” Eddie pushed he covers off and got out of bed, he walked over to the window and opened the curtains.

The person at his window was Richie.

“C-can I come in?” Eddie could see the tears making their way steadily down Richie’s cheeks. He pushed the window open as quietly as he could and Richie clambered in.

“Rich, are you okay? What happened?” Instead of the answer Eddie knew he wasn’t going to get, Richie clutched him in a hug, openly sobbing.

Eddie guided Richie over to his bed and lates him down so that Richie’s head was resting above his heart. He never got answers, but he knew how to calm his best friend down. He liked listening to Eddie’s heartbeat, to confirm he wasn’t alone, and he like it when Eddie ran his fingers through his hair.

That’s exactly what Eddie was doing when Richie stopped crying and mumbled something.

“I’m sorry? I didn’t catch that.”

“Je t'aime. S’il te plaît, ne me quitte jamais.” (I love you. Please never leave me.)

Richie fell asleep soon after that, Eddie had no idea what the sleeping boy had said to him.

Over the next few months, Richie refused to stop talking in French whilst around Eddie. Beverly noticed he would constantly be blushing whenever Richie spoke the foreign words, in a thick accent. All of the Losers agreed that it was The only good impression Richie Tozier had ever done. During these months, Bev had to put up with Richie’s constant pining for Eddie.

She would always catch him calling Eddie a ‘magnifique petit tournesol’ (gorgeous little sunflower) or telling Eddie that he ‘avait l'air si mignon dans ce pull’ (looked so cute in that sweater’. He even said ‘Mon Amour.’ (My love) a few times

She was fed up of it. She knew without a doubt that Eddie had the same feelings towards Richie. So, during their 5th period geography class, Bev gave Richie a stern talking to.

“You need to tell him.”


“Eddie! You need to tell him how you feel! I’m like 99% sure he reciprocates your feelings.”

“Yes Bev, but what about the 1% hmm?” Beverly rolled her eyes, they spent the rest of the lesson in silence.

A few weeks passed and Richie and Eddie found themselves alone at Loser’s Meadow, as the gang had dubbed it, watching the sun set.

“Eddie, I’m about to ramble in French and you just need to listen, you don’t need to understand.”

Eddie furrowed his brow. “Oh, okay.” He secretly loved it when Richie spoke French, however, he’d never admit it.

“Vous ne comprenez pas un mot que je dis en ce moment, et honnêtement? Je pense que c'est une bonne chose.

(You don’t understand a word im saying right now, and honestly? I think thats a good thing.)

J'avais besoin d'un moyen de pouvoir te dire ce que je ressens sans que tu me détestes.

(I needed a way to be able to tell you how i feel without you hating me.)

Parce que je sais que tu ne m'aimes pas en retour. Qui pourrait m'aimer de retour? Je suis un morceau de merde sans valeur.

(Because I know you don’t love me back. Who could love me back? I’m a worthless piece of shit.)

Vous voyez, vous n'avez absolument aucune idée de ce que je dis. En ce moment, tes joues sont d'un rouge vif avec combien tu rougis, et ton sourire n'a jamais été aussi beau.

(See, you have absolutely no idea what I’m saying. Right now, your cheeks are bright red with how much you’re blushing, and your smile has never been more beautiful.)

Tant que je continue à sourire et à parler, ce regard restera sur votre visage. Je ne veux jamais que tu arrêtes de sourire.

(As long as I keep smiling and talking, that look will stay on your face. I never want you to stop smiling.)

Ok, maintenant pour la vraie merde.

(Okay, now for the real shit.)

Eddie Kaspbrak, je t'aime depuis que nous avons neuf ans. Vous avez toujours été mon refuge, pour les nuits où il n'est pas sûr de rentrer à la maison, ou j'en ai fini avec le monde.

(Eddie Kaspbrak, I have loved you since we were 9 years old. You have always been my safe haven, for nights when it isn’t safe to go home, or I’m just done with the world.)

Vous êtes la seule personne à qui je fais confiance. Sauf ça. C'est la seule chose que vous ne saurez jamais, parce que je sais que vous ne ressentirez jamais la même chose.

(You are the one person I trust everything to. Except this. This is the one thing that you’ll never know, because I know you’ll never feel the same.)

Je t'aime Eddie Kaspbrak, je t'aime.

(I love you Eddie Kaspbrak, I love you.)”

Eddie giggled. “What the hell did you just say?”

“Oh, um, just a very detailed description of your mom’s vagina. I can retell it in English if you’d like?”

“Beep beep Richie.” Eddie said whilst laughing, as Richie sat admiring him, a wistful expression on his face.

A few days later saw Richie climbing into Eddie’s window at 3am with a bust lip and a black eye and tears streaming down his cheeks.

Without having to ask, Eddie pulled him into his bed and wrapped his arms around the crying boy. Richie wouldn’t stop muttering something in French until he fell asleep.

“Je t'aime.” Eddie made himself a promise that he’d look those words up as soon as the library was open tomorrow.

As soon as Richie left the next morning, Eddie pulled on a Red sweatshirt, one of Richie’s that he’d left behind years ago, and some shorts. He ran out of the house, making sure to kiss his mother goodbye before he left, and raced to the library.

He walked in and asked the receptionist to point him towards the ‘languages’ section.

He grabbed himself the first French dictionary he could find and flipped straight to the ‘T’ chapter, he already knew that ‘Je’ mean ‘I’.

Eddie gasped when he read the meaning. He dropped the book, causing a loud thud, and ran straight for the exit. He clambered back onto his bike and sped down the streets. He knew where Richie would be. The out of use highway bridge. He would always go there on a Saturday to smoke, listen to The Smiths and get away from his Parents.

Eddie threw his bike down as soon as he arrived, taking a puff from his asthma inhaler. “Richie?” He called out.

“Eddie?” He looked up to see Richie sat on the bridge’s ledge, feet swinging backwards and forwards. Eddie began to run up the hill towards the dark haired boy, whilst said boy stumbled down towards him. They met halfway.

“Eds, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be babysitting your mother or something.”

“Je t'aime aussi.” Eddie stated, not even bothering to tell Richie off for calling him Eds.

“What?” Richie looked unsure of what he’d just heard.

“Je t’aime aussi.” Eddie took a breath. “I love you too.”

Richie wasted no time in pulling Eddie in by his waist, connecting their lips. Eddie fisted his hands in the collar of Richie’s shirt. They pulled away a few moments later, in need of air, and rested their foreheads together.

This felt right. This felt like home.


Naegiri phone backgrounds (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

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Dorian: Daggers, amatus? Either you are here because you suspect an assassination attempt, or you are the assassin yourself.

Varlen: Well that depends… are you happy to see me?

Dorian: An interesting question. Or perhaps a threat. Either way… yes. Maker, yes.

Because this mod gave me immense emotions about Dorian and Varlen eventually reuniting in Tevinter, and now I can finally play pretend… 


baekhyun x encore stages for anon 💙🏆🌄


Jon & Sansa + Sleep

↳ “When you close your eyes and you go to sleep
And it’s down to the sound of a heartbeat
I can hear the things that you’re dreaming about
When you open up your heart and the truth comes out”

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anonymous asked:

Request: Chocobros (as many of as few of them as you would like to do) caring for their pregnant S/O

Similar ask: Request for hc’s for the boys’ s/o having baby fever?

A/N: I decided to combined these two ask, hope that was okay anons! Also a made this Older!Chocobros, and before anyone says “but Noctis needs a heir” shhhhhh, listen. I think that, if he were to live through the whole ordeal with Ardyn, their would be no need considering (at least from my knowledge) that a crystal doesn’t really exist anymore? (didn’t it use it’s power to destroy the scourge? And in turn kind of be destroyed?) Also warning, this is long, way longer then I intended…

Older!Chocobros having baby fever/how they are with a pregnant S/O:


  • Noctis never really pictured himself having a family, and never pushed for one either, but once he settled down with his S/O, and saw all of their friends, even some of his friends, having little ones running around, he started to daydream about having a child of his own
  • His baby fever only progresses when he went out shopping and saw the cute little outfits they sold in stores (his favorite were any that had fishing humor on it omfg he needs to stop)
  • He’ll casually bring it up to his S/O, asking if they were willing to try, but if they weren’t ready or didn’t want to, he was fine with that as well
  • When they say they are okay with having a baby Noctis is thrilled
  • And oh boy, when he finds out he is actually going to be a father, he tears up and just kisses his S/O saying how excited he is
  • Once their baby bump is visible, he gets so worried and a bit overbearing
  • Constantly asking “Are you okay?” “Need anything?”
  • He has good intentions though, even if he got annoying at times
  • He’s going to try to be at home more during those 9 months, knowing full well that they are going to need him, plus it just gives him more reason to spend time with his S/O, which he hasn’t got to do much since he became king


  • Prompto has always wanted a family
  • So once Insomnia was rebuild, and him and his S/O moved back to the Crown City, he definitely thinks about the idea of starting a family more and more 
  • It only increases when he and his S/O are out walking one day and he spots a family who were pushing a baby around in a stroller, and he only wished to have a child of his own more
  • He’ll bring it up to his S/O after they pass the couple saying “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a family?”
  • If they pause and fall silent for a few seconds Prompto will become a bit anxious 
  • “We don’t have to have a family if you don’t want! I just thought I’d ask, it’s okay, if you don’t want to have a baby, really, no pressure!”
  • He’s now laughing nervously, waiting for his S/O’s answer
  • When he hears the words “Sure, let’s try” leave their mouth he might almost cry
  • Once it’s confirmed they were successful and were in fact having a child he starts researching, looking into what type of diapers, formula, and foods are the best for his future baby
  • Both his S/O and him want the gender to be a surprise, and ask his S/O if they could theme the baby’s nursery gender neutral colors like greens and yellows (mainly cause yellow=chocobo in his mind and he wants to get all things related to the bird for that room)
  • From the moment his S/O’s baby bump becomes visible, he can’t keep his hands off it
  • He’ll ask questions like “What week do they start kicking and moving around?” “Can you feel them moving around?” “Do you think they can hear us?” and if his S/O answers yes to the last one you can bet he will start talking to their stomach 
  • Once his S/O is at the 8 month mark he hardly leaves their side, asking them if they need anything or if they want a massage, he’s just trying to keep them comfortable cause he understands that pregnancy is everything but that


  • Like Noct, Gladio doesn’t really push for a family, even as Iris or Prompto bug him and his S/O with the question “so when will I become a Aunt/Uncle?” (okay but I headcanon that when any of these boys have a child of their own, the rest of the chocobros become their baby’s uncle, considering they are like brothers to each other)
  • He does get baby fever however, when he himself becomes a Uncle after Iris has her first child
  • Just seeing how happy she was made him kind of want to have a child with his S/O
  • Gladio brings the topic up one night while him and his S/O are just laying in bed, talking about their day
  • Once they think for a bit and say yes, you better bet right then and their they get started ;)
  • When his S/O comes home and says they were in fact having a baby he picks them up and spins them around, leaving little kisses all over their face, he’s just so happy
  • His S/O should get use to being babied while being pregnant, especially once the bump starts to become more noticeable, that’s when Gladio gets super overprotective
  • If he can’t physically be their with them  for any reason, he ask either one of the guys, or someone he trust from the Crownsgaurd to watch over them until he gets back
  • Gladdy is super sweet during the whole thing, he’ll do more work around the house so his S/O doesn’t have to stress over dishes or laundry, he’ll buy and make them what ever food they are craving, no matter how odd of a request it is
  • He probably set up the baby’s room entirely by himself, though he might have asked Iggy questions here and there for design and layout purposes


  • Ignis liked the idea of having a child or two with his S/O, but knowing how busy he normally was, it didn’t seem to be a reachable dream
  • That is until he starts getting bad baby fever after he started seeing happy families everywhere, in the city, in stores, hell even in the Citadel since Prompto liked to drag him and Cindy’s kid everywhere (shush I think they’d be adorable together!) yes, that included important meetings with the king
  • He’d bring up the idea to his S/O when they were out getting groceries for dinner and sees a mom out and about with her her two children, one being a small newborn and he couldn’t help but imagine that being his S/O
  • Ignis would say something along the lines “I’ve been thinking for awhile now, and, I was wondering, would it be okay if we tried for a child?”
  • When his S/O says yes he’s so thrilled he could kiss them, but obviously didn’t, considering he was in public
  • Weeks later, after they had tried, he was getting nervous that they weren’t successful , but his S/O came home with good news, that they were actually going to have a family
  • Ignis probably started to tear up
  • During the pregnancy he’s extra
  • I mean, really extra
  • He will research on healthy foods to eat while carrying a child, but also takes into concern his S/O’s strange cravings and makes the best gourmet dishes he can that fit both needs
  • He gives massages to his S/O when their back or feet hurt, knowing it takes a lot out of a person to grow another human
  • He’s probably going to get a bit over bearing, and he means well, but he’s a mother hen throughout the whole thing
  • His S/O should be ready to be asked questions like “How are you?” “Are you hungry?” “Do you need anything?” “Are you feeling well?”  e v e r y d a y

- Mod Lucis

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Hogwarts AU! Monsta X


House: Gryffindor
Favorite Subject: Apparition
Quidditch Position: Keeper

A very respectful, soft spoken, and studious Prefect. Everyone expects a lot from him as a wizard, expecting him to land a job in the Ministry of Magic as soon as he graduates. Students from other houses are often intimidated by him, but Son Hyunwoo is commonly thought of as “The Father of Gryffindor” among the people of his house. Although he isn’t particularly vocal about it, he only wants the best for his peers and will look out for them constantly. Not a bossy Prefect or anything of the sort, but is straightforward with scolding to the point his “You shouldn’t do that”s and “It isn’t particularly kind”s prevent people from doing tricky things out of guilt. Although most believe it’s only natural for someone like him to excel at a subject as difficult as Apparition, many express their worry towards his pursuit in such a dangerous concept. Still, Shownu doesn’t fear the risks and is rather capable of himself anyways. You may find him with his broomstick, probably a recent Nimbus model, training. He often helps his teammates, but his training session is not limited to them exclusively. Shownu is willing to train with anyone who asks, and often does so with his fellow Prefect Wonho. His role as a Keeper only adds to the misconception of his personality, but those who truly fear him are those who are up against his team in a Quidditch match. Chasers often how to score with Shownu blocking shots, and some even question whether or not he uses some sort of spell or charm to be that level of excellence.


House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Subject: Care of Magical Creatures
Quidditch Position: Beater

His fear of heights is hardly evident because he’s such a diligent Quidditch player. Labelled as “Wonho” by many ー including a few professors ー Shin Hoseok gets his nickname due to his role as a Beater. His Quidditch team never has to fear Bludgers hitting them because Wonho is very reliable, he’s even taken the blow for teammates (which earn him minor concussions and other injuries as a result). If anyone confronts him to ask why he flies despite being acrophobic, he’ll smile and say his fear is “exactly why he plays!”. His owl was his mother’s pet when she attended the school, and Wonho literally writes to her at every opportunity. He’s the Prefect of Hufflepuff, and he’ll do his best to aid anyone regardless of their year or house. The role was a surprise to many due to his mischievous nature during his first few years in Hogwarts (he was frequent in the Detention Chambers and often caused ruckus with his brooms and potions). He eventually grew out of those actions the more he became dedicated to the Quidditch team, but he does love a good prank or two here and there. He’s practically the human embodiment of the infamous phrase “Mischief Managed”. He has a deep love and respect for creatures of any kind, which is very evident in his favorite class, Care of Magical Creatures. When he’s not spending time in the Training Grounds, he can often be found in the Owlery located at the West Tower.


House: Hufflepuff
Favorite Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Quidditch Position: Beater

Unlike fellow Hufflepuff Hoseok, Lee Minhyuk has yet to grow out of his mischievous ways. Unmanaged mischief as one might call him, as he proves to be a nuisance with his “playful acts” and spells he often casts. He is at least able to make up for the points he loses for his house by absolutely excelling at Defense Against the Dark Arts. Students both experienced and inexperienced challenge him to fuels quite often, though with his quick wit, keen evasion and deflection, as well as a natural gift for picking up spells, Minhyuk is practically a dueling champion. Despite having beaten most of the school, no one can stay mad at the bundle of sunshine for long. His outgoing, friendly personality earns him quite a bunch of friends regardless of what year and house they’re in. His sharp reflexes not only serve him well in Duels, but also in Quidditch. He and Wonho make an excellent Beater Duo, as they hardly allow their team to sustain any Bludger-related injuries during games. He does, however, have a habit of sending Bludgers towards the audiences by accident. He has a pet rat with a mischievous mind of its own, and the rodent often chews through his books and clothes and even nibbles marks into his cauldron. Because of this, Minhyuk is commonly seen roaming the halls with holes in his robes, stray papers and wand trapped in his arms as he asks his peers if he can borrow their textbooks for a class or two. Filch’s favorite person to pick on, apparently it took a lot of convincing on Minhyuk’s part to stop Mrs Norris from taking his pet rat for dinner.  The only time you’ll see Minhyuk upset is when he gets a Howler from his parents consulting him about his mischief.


House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Subject: Transfiguration
Quidditch Position: Chaser

A typical Ravenclaw, many students wonder why he wasn’t appointed as a Prefect. Rumor has it that he actually declined the offer in his 5th year because he didn’t want to take even more responsibility. Although he doesn’t like to admit it, Kihyun really does look after his peers and definitely does a good job with it. To other Ravenclaws, Yoo Kihyun is much like the mother of their house. He sets a good example for all younger students, and many aspire to be as intelligent, wise, and studious as he is. He is often found in the library, though you’d have to do a bit of looking as he makes a habit of going to a different section each visit. That way he’s able to broaden his knowledge about anything he goes for, and some people wonder if he’s used a spell that helps him contain all the impossibly large amount of knowledge he has (that is, if such a spell even exists). If he’s not in the library, he often maintains the Ravenclaw common room and keeps an eye out for anyone attempting to sneak out or so. House points are very important to him, and it’s like he loses one year of his life span when a Ravenclaw loses points in his presence. He’s the type of student who will correct others or assist them when they mess up a spell, and will definitely help those who have the courage to approach him. Kihyun is actually very respectful and sweet so long as you’ve got a good attitude! He has a knack for all subjects, but especially exceeds in Transfiguration. His friends (especially Minhyuk!) warn other students to avoid angering him because he might just turn them into an animal for awhile. (He probably has, but he doesn’t do that sort of thing in vain so the kid must have deserved it)
He’d rather pursue his education and definitely go for a job as an Auror or something, but on the rare occasion he plays Quidditch for his house he turns out to be a very excellent (and competitive!) Chaser.


House: Slytherin
Favorite Subject: Charms
Quidditch Position: Seeker

His ravishing looks and house he was sorted in often leads to much misinterpretation, Chae Hyungwon is kinder than he seems. Although undeniably witty and at times even sassy, he has a genuinely kind heart and is nicer than he gives himself credit for. The way he moves through the halls with such elegance and grace often causes people to label him as another vile, Pureblooded Slytherin, but he actually doesn’t care much for blood status and is probably only giving such a gaze because he just woke up from a nap. He falls asleep often, knows the best places in the school to take naps but often gets away with it. Occasionally people will attempt to cast a spell on him or do some sort of prank while he’s in slumber, but he is very much aware of his surroundings when asleep. Hyungwon may seem like someone who slacks off or doesn’t pay attention, but he really does have good intentions and it often goes unnoticed. Overall he’s very much misunderstood, and unfortunately little get to know how pleasant this Slytherin truly is. The only time he actually gets recognition is with Charms, where he is praised for his exceptional skill. He is also an excellent Seeker, though most refuse to admit it. A habit of his is staying still for a long period of time during a match, only to move if he locates the Snitch or if a Bludger comes his way.


House: Gryffindor
Favorite Subject: Muggle Studies
Quidditch Position: Chaser

Hailing from a Pureblood family, Lee Jooheon doesn’t get much exposure to the Muggle World. This is why Muggle Studies fascinates him, and he takes great pleasure in discovering anything about their culture. Muggle music in particular always seems to strike his fancy.
He does have a bit of trouble with magic and what not, though the spells he casts are undeniably powerful. Jooheon enjoys being around enchanted fauna and flora, though they don’t treat him particularly well in return. He’s probably sustained an injury or two from getting trampled by a Hippogriff, pecked by a Phoenix… it still doesn’t reduce his affection towards them, though.
Many students deem him as someone scary, but those who get to know him wonder why the Sorting Hat placed him in Gryffindor rather than Hufflepuff. He’s very kind, and the smile he gives off is contagious even to his teachers (most of the time). The most avid letter writer during the summer, his friends are used to getting a letter from him first. He also likes to write to his parents to tell them about his experiences at the school, and he occasionally gets gifts delivered to him in return. Jooheon considers Hyunwoo as “his rival”, yet somehow considers him as a father away from home.


House: Ravenclaw
Favorite Subject: Potions
Quidditch Position: Seeker

There are two ways in perceiving Changkyun; he is either “too quiet” or “too odd”. Frankly, he is neither. (He may have a skeptical, different way of thought, but it always seems to work in his favor) He’s a bit of a lone wolf due to these misinterpretations, but he has all the friends he needs. When he isn’t being selfless and mature, his sense of humor shines through. He gets even professors laughing, at least most of the time. Changkyun has a bit of a record with spells going awry, and potions causing safety hazards. It’s not that he’s bad at magic, he’s actually very good, he just likes to experiment as much as he can and it doesn’t always end up successful. When they are, however, prepared to be amazed because his good potions are so well brewed, he might as well rewrite instructions of his own to replace the textbook’s.
Everyone seems to wonder Changkyun’s strategy as Ravenclaw’s Seeker ー including his own team members. They don’t know how he does it, one match he might stay still the majority of the time, another he’ll be flying around wilder than the Bludgers. Sometimes you’ll barely catch a glimpse of him; but no matter what he does the match often ceases with a loud declaration of “Lim Changkyun has caught the Snitch! Ravenclaw wins!”, and he descends to the ground while holding the winged gold orb in his hands triumphantly.