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                         H O L Y   S H I T       !!             i’m going to be ENTIRELY HONEST and admit that when i remade my blog six months ago            ;          only making it ACTIVE on october 10th          (        my birthday         ),           i NEVER would have guessed i’d even remotely get to     200 FOLLOWERS.             but here we are           &             i’ve reached OVER 200 FOLLOWERS and i’m in absolute awe.                TRUTH BE TOLD            ;          when my mum passed away seven months ago,           i HONESTLY didn’t think i would even come back to role-playing because it just wouldn’t be the same.                  but COMING BACK,                i’m honestly amazed at how much i’ve MISSED writing and how many people still wanted to write with me              //            remembered me.             i’m going to STOP BEING SAPPY however            &              just get to the good stuff       !!

@saintanything       ;            hales,          hales,          HALES.           honestly          ;         you helped me through SO MUCH,            whether you actually realized it or not.          the fact that even though we hadn’t written in MONTHS and that now we have all these threads that are going to be ABSOLUTELY amazing, is just something i’m so relieved for.             i’m HONESTLY BLESSED to consider you one of my friends.

@brookesmxrt     //    @ingenuitys            ;             liz is always and forever BROOKE DAVIS.               it’s kind of hard for her not to be because she is SO ON POINT.             that being said          ;          it has been awhile since we’ve FULLY SPOKEN               (             probably because my skype is an ABSOLUTE ASSHOLE and deleted a good amount of my contacts             )             but i still consider her ONE OF MY FRIENDS,          and if you AREN’T following her          ——-        there’s something wrong with you.

@mythborne       //       @murdercapable          //         @hallfhearted              ;         okay so        —        holly has been with me ever since i had my MANDY MILKOVICH blog.            i remember how TERRIFIED i was to follow her and like one of her starter calls for lip because it had been AGES since i ventured back into the indie rp world.              and HONESTLY            ;            i don’t know what i would do if it wasn’t for HOLLY.              she can HANDLE all my sporadic plots and accepts when i throw ridiculous ideas at her.

@shewailed             ;             and then we have MANU.            we don’t talk that much anymore         —–        BUT            ;         manu deserves a wee little section BECAUSE she is one of the few people that gives me lysaac and knows exactly WHEN to give me all those feels and i can’t thank her enough for that.

                              UNDER THE CUT ARE ALL THE PEOPLE I ADMIRE A LOT.
(           whether i WRITE with them or just from a far             )

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The LONG meta on age and timeline of Nyx Ulric

Oh God I’m finally writing this HUGE post about Nyx and his age/timeline. 

It bothered me for so long because there were inconsistencies, whatever approach you took: a somehow spread in a fandom version that he is around 31 or my personal guess of around 24.

With an invaluable insight provided by a brilliant @jarofalives I can say I have found my personal answer to this dilemma and though I don’t say everyone should take it is canon, I certainly am going to, because I don’t really see any other possibility for all of it to tie in as neatly. 

My speculations are based on all canon information we have.

So first the problems I had with defining clear timeline for Nyx:

We have it officially stated that Nyx was saved by Regis as a child/teenager and started serving him in gratitude for that but also he somehow had a bar in Galahd and a letter most likely from a dead sister, congratulating him with his 20th birthday and saying that they live in the same house. 

Also if he was a teen during the attack in 751 he can’t be more than 24. But then again we have different dates for Kingsglaive founding: 10 years ago or 15 years ago and that just doesn’t make sense at all, if Kingsglaive was made after the raid on Galahd in 751 it should have been founded 5 years ago. And to confuse us even more, Nyx has a certificate signed by Regis in 744. But also how on earth could Regis save him if that was a sudden attack after 18 years of peace even without the wall and the news came after it already happened? So to have a coherent narrative we absolutely have to ignore at least some part of canon?

Well no. 

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To the antis out there … 

It’s very easy to make people desensitised to words. It’s easy to turn them into ‘umbrella’ terms, or the ‘word of the week’, all because your hyperbole and exaggeration is important to you in making a point, but … all it does is make people automatically switch off and stop listening when they hear that word.

I was just scrolling through the news, saw an article about your favourite p-word, and my first thought wasn’t “oh god, that’s awful”, but: “huh, is this just an attraction, or some age difference, or something blown out of proportion, or some -”

Like, you guys have turned the word into something it’s not … I’m so used to it being applied to adults, or age gaps, or just thrown around as an insult, that when I saw it in another context it generally took me a moment to realise that it was in reference to actual abuse and actual people were harmed. I nearly scrolled past, because - at first - it was like ‘not this crap again’.

So - yeah - keep throwing around words without meaning … 

You’ll only hurt real life people by doing so.

  • he put up a decent fight against shironeki in the first aogiri arc. that scene may have been one of his lowest moments, but he did some damage to an SS rate at age 14
  • additionally, during that fight he was said to be stronger than an S rated ghoul (jason)
  • and he healed pretty fast considering he had literally half of his body shattered
  • In chapter 8 of :re he easily took out a whole squad on his own, leaving only one person heavily injured
  • it’s been about a year in the story since the auction raid when we last saw him in action. he’s probably trained loads
  • he might even have a kakuja. who knows, i mean his dad had one
  • speaking of arata, ayato’s planning on going to cochlea, which is where his dad’s at. i’m trying not to ask for arata because ishida will do something bad to him, but i want a kirishima reunion
  • he’s an SS rate at age 17/18/19 (oh my god he’s an grown so much), which is younger than both seidou and donato (also SS rates). that makes him the youngest SS rate in tokyo ghoul i think
  • he’s overcome the main weaknesses of an ukaku ghoul (stamina and close-range combat)
  • he can shape his kagune really well

basically my point is the second aogiri arc is happening, and kaneki vs ayato rematch i’m not seeing so many posts about what damage ayato could do. i’m not a proper tg theory blog, i just really like ayato kirishima.

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U know I have been thinking of lil!jason and Jim gordon. Even if it's in an AU but just jason getting in trouble with police and maybe bc he's homeless kid or he did something and idk but i just want jim gordon to look out for him sometimes

(I. Love. THIS. And this au idea has been side-eyeing me for ages so it is way past time I replied to it. I started out just adding to the au, but then this scene came to me, and I couldn’t resist writing it out. I put part 1 because I have a bad feeling this will turn into a ficlet series.. joy of joys.) 

“Never trust a cop.” Part 1

Jim Gordon sighed and ran a hand through his grey hair with exasperation.

It was late July, and late July in Gotham meant heat-waves that wreaked havoc on the poorly ventilated rooms and terrible air conditioning system at the GCPD. Everyone had their jackets off, sleeves rolled up, and the metallic, clanking fans running as they blew crime reports half-way across the room accompanied by the occasional “shit—!” from a rookie detective or secretary. 

Gordon mopped his forehead with a handkerchief and shoved it back in his pocket as he stalked towards the interrogation room.

‘Well?’ he raised his eyebrows at Montoya expectantly, looking into the room from behind the one-way mirror. ‘Jesus. Did Bullock have to handcuff him? He’s just a kid.’

Montoya gave him a look. ‘That kid nearly bit Bullock’s finger off as we were bringing him in. I tried speaking in Spanish with him to see if he would respond better, but all he did was cuss me out.’ 

Gordon nodded as he opened the door again. ‘Well, fair enough. But we should get Bullock out of there. He’s only antagonising him, making the situation worse.’ 

He walked into the dim, grey-washed interrogation room just as Bullock was beginning to lose his temper, the boy grinning up at him in smug success and spite. 

Smart kid, he knows how to manipulate people, Jim thought and pat the red-faced Bullock on the back. ‘All right, I think we’ve worn out the “good cop”. Time for the “bad” one.’

‘You’d better fess up, kid. Or it’ll be worse than me and the Commish here. It’ll be juvie.’ Bullock snarled and threw one last glare at the boy before slamming the door behind him. 

The boy stuck his tongue out at the door, then watched as the Commissioner calmly sat across from him, observing him from over his thick-rimmed glasses. He looked much like the dozens of other street kids that wandered the dark, crime-infested, cement jungle that was Crime Alley. Grubby, scowling, lean body, curly brown hair that needed a trim, and a complete disregard for authority with a “devil-may-care” attitude to boot. 

‘I’m not telling you jack,’ the boy growled out his threats, holding his chin up. ‘You can never trust a cop. And I’m no snitch.’

But Jim could see the fear that seeped out from his green-flecked, hazel eyes, noticed how he was nervously fidgeting with the handcuffs that bound him to his chair. 

This may be Gotham, and he may be from the most vile, crime-infested area of the inner-city… but he’s still just a kid. 

‘Son,’ he said, measuring his voice, ensuring there was no trace of threat in it. ‘This isn’t pre-school. This isn’t about being a tattletale and snitching on one of your classmates, getting them in trouble with the teacher.’ 

He leaned forward and folded his hands on the table, looking the boy in the eyes, his gaze unrelenting. The boy drew back slightly but did not look away from him. 

‘This is about life and death. This is about people dying if we aren’t able to get the information we need to help them. Do you want to be responsible for their deaths? All because you were too proud to talk to the cops?’

The boy bit his lip and leaned back in the uncomfortable chair, sulking as he pondered the implications, the gravity of the Commissioner’s words. Gordon could tell he was a smart boy, it was something in those eyes. Yes, the anger was the first thing you saw, then the fear and pain lay underneath, but in between, in his very heart you could see the pure wonder and curiosity of a bright child. A child who was fearless, who craved adventure and wanted nothing more than to go out into the world and learn all her secrets. 

And Jim felt his stomach sink as he thought of his own child, how similar Barbara had been when she was younger. How Barbara had actually been given the chance to chase her dreams, to go to school, to college, to use her father’s connections and get a part-time job at the GCPD… 

The kids of Crime Alley had none of that.  

‘Why don’t we start with your name, son,’ Jim said in a quiet voice, giving the boy an encouraging smile, and realising that was a mistake as the boy narrowed his eyes at him. Sympathy would not help him to open up, because it was too easily confused with pity.

Beads of sweat were running down the boy’s face, his breathing was rough, it was hot. He needed a drink, and it didn’t look like this was going anywhere. The kid was either too spooked, or too angry… too stubborn… probably both. Either way, he wasn’t going to talk.

Gordon sighed into the silence and rose, preparing to leave, to get someone to get the poor kid some water and then let him go. They would need to start over, find another witness, rally up a search party to look for the suspect… which meant another long night at the office for Jim Gordon.

But then, the boy spoke.

‘Jason Todd,’ he muttered, and looked up at the Commissioner with those piercing hazel eyes. ‘My name, is Jason Todd.’


Journey opened the door to find a woman that must of been around her age. Journey was about to ask if she can help the lady when she just walked right in and took a seat at the table. “Oh my god I love what you’ve done with the place!” The lady said excitedly.

“Um…Can I help you?” Journey said confused to why this lady was here in the first place. She couldn’t remember inviting anyone one over. She hadn’t even met any of her neighbors yet to invite over.

“Oh silly me I can be quite abrasive at times! My name is Kamilla Voss, and you’re my new neighbor!” Kamilla said nearly bouncing out of her seat.

“Hi I’m Journey Kincaid. If you don’t mind me asking, could you keep it down I have a newborn sleeping upstairs. She kept me up most of the night.” Journey said putting her finger to her mouth indicating for Kamilla to quiet down.

“I’m sorry I get a little carried away at times. Did you say you had a newborn?” Kamilla asked quietly.

“Yes. She is about a month old now her name is Sophina.” Journey said her eyes lighting up as she talked about her daughter.

“What a coincidence! I have a 6 month old boy at home named Talon. They can be best friends!” Kamilla said excitedly. Journey just laughed and shook her head. This girl was sure full of energy.

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Speaking of DK. That boy has been trying to tear a lot of bias list like cheap tissue paper for ages and it nearly took a shaved brow for me to almost lose it. Why do bias wreckers even exist? Why can't they leave us alone? -only hao's anon

“tear a lot of bias list like cheap tissue paper” oh my god HAHA yeah seok is pretty striking he deserves all his stans i remember when he barely had any :( 

dude his shaved brow reminded me of key from shinee bc his brow had a weird shave too in drinking solo. and WONWOO WAS MY BIAS WRECKER AND HE DID IT SO WELL TO THE POINT HE BECAME MY SECOND BIAS GOODBYE 


Title; to the moon and back

Description; AU where Phil is an astronomer and Dan is an astronaut.

Wordcount; 17,600+ (holy shit)

Beta; beware-phangirl

A/N; woow so this has been finished for ages but I just wanted to release it on Valentines day bc uwu. I guess I hope you like it! (read: yoU BETTER MOTH ERF UCKIN LIKE IT I TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE IT) happy valentines day everyone! :D (also ty to hannah ( beware-phangirl ) for beta-ing uwu)

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