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I’m so sorryyyyyy I couldn’t submit this on the 5th of Julyyyyy q.q !!
FIFTEEN Chibis were challenging :‘DDD ! took me longer than expected… but I also was on a trip and had a guest for a couple of days ( Rhomiii >w>! ) ~

It’s finally done xD enjoy all those Chibis ~
…which one is your fave, tho >w>) ? just curious :M

for now we’ve watched 2 Episodes of the Anime :DDD ! It’s great so far, neee ? 8D The Artstyle is breathtaking like ever >////>)
Andeverysinglescreenshotofsakuyaisgorgeous <3
But the third Episode is gonna be….so heartbreaking D’: ! The SakuyaArc T//////T !
the bg-music + his past will totally make us cryyy q.q <3

- alright, I’m very excited *^*!! we also get to see Otogiri…! OTOGIRI, DAYUM - and Mother and WorldEnd…! and the 'lil KuroThingy *^*

hope u like it :DDD !


story time: this is based on my personal headcanons for what happens at the circle of ostwick. we do know it remained neutral during the war and it’s a pretty chill circle. 

still, right after the circles declared their independence, some of the ostwick mages decide to leave and join the rebellion, some of the templars are wacko (including the knight-captain, who just goes rogue to hunt apostates), and then some of the rebels try to force some of the other mages and apprentices to leave as well. verena and some other enchanters + the remaining sane templars oppose them and things get heated… during the fight, a telekinetic weapons spell goes wild and hits her badly, leaving her some pretty scars that she doesn’t consider pretty at all. specially when she’s had over two decades to get used to being good-looking and popular because of it - and she's a bit vain in general.

so basically this is an aftermath comic. with gratuitous siblings interactions because i just love them so much.

eighteen | at the circle | wounded | after the conclave

4/4 what he's like as a boyfriend

requested by anon! (i assume this is what you meant by “what type of boyfriend he is; please tell me if you meant something else!!)

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