this took about 6 hours



I finally finished the commission for @kwamimusings that I spent WAY too much time on because I have no self-control !


So y’all remember the Hunger games Au I mentioned about Tyler and Mark? Well, I tried to make a trialer for it, but it turned out to be to complicated. It wouldn’t have made sense. So I did it with Amy! I hope you all enjoy!

P.S. This took me about 6 hours total to complete.

On the use of the first two movements and the effects of the third and fourth movements

As I rewatch The OA, I have a few questions that I’d be interested in discussing.

My first thought was if the number of people performing the movements strengthens the effects of the movement. It took Prairie and Homer about 12 (edit: maybe 6 at the least) hours to revive Scott using the second movement. Would one person or more people take a shorter or longer time, respectively? Could the relationship you have between the other person/people doing the movements and/or the person that is consequently being affected change the power of the effects?

Secondly: the other movements. We all know the first two movements can bring someone back from the dead. From this you can probably assume the first movement can heal semi-serious wounds. Once Prairie learns the first movement, she gains her sight back, so it’s very likely the first movement can heal the “unhealable.” It is, of course possible it could do other things. Since the whole theme of the movements seems to be creation, maybe the first movement increases fertility, makes one more intelligent or creative or savant-like.

Since the second movement can heal, and the fifth movement opens a gate to another dimension, you have to assume there’s some progression of power in the movements. What do the third and fourth movements do? Bringing someone back from the dead would almost be considered the highest form of “magic” in some cases. What else is there?

Perhaps the third or fourth movement brings about some level of phsychic enlightenment, like seeing invisible selves. OA can tell that BBA lost someone during the conference, and that Steve mouthed “boring” when pretending to be blind. It could be the fact that OA was blind, that’s how she explains it to Steve. While I would assume being blind definitely helps you listen better, it’s unlikely she would get semi-psychic abilities from it. I mentioned previously savant-like behaviour, which some people gain after NDEs. Could it be possible that the movements could grant people special gifts in a field?

That’s all I have to say, for now. If by any chance someone takes interest in this feel free to shoot me an ask, a message, or reply to the post. I don’t know if anyone has already asked questions like this, and if they have, I apologize, and let me know what you think as well. Have a good day, everyone.

Here it is!

(behold my awesome editing skills to hide my potato face!)

But yea! Here it is! The jedi costume I made with my dad for my last day of high school (aka Penkkarit) a wee tradition in Finland! I still need to buy nice long boots for this costume.

I’m so proud of my dad! He is on sick leave at the moment and had so much spare time to create this costume with me! AND IT ONLY TOOK ABOUT 6 HOURS IN TOTAL HE’S SO AMAZING!

I like the robe the most. It’s big and the hood is amazing! Dad made nice shoulders on it too (sadly it can’t be seen on the pic) and the lightsaber is actually about +10 years old! Vintage ftw! 

Whaddaya think guys? :D

About four years ago, I started working on the biggest, most intricate art piece I had ever attempted. Sadly, halfway through I lost the thumbdrive that had the original file on it and was so disheartened I didn’t even think of the character until now. Since my skills have developed considerably since then, I decided to finally draw her again! It’s not the same composition as the original,but it’s the same character, refined a bit to make up for the years.
She’s an okapi centaur, like the original piece though! Took about 6 hours total, or two mostly full class periods.
Hopefully it looks all right on tumblr, given the original file here is about 20x19inches.


❀ 160227 ❀

Hide&seek - Pink stage outfit 

(do not save or edit)

Here’s the dorky toony animation I made today in the stream! :,D Took about 6-ish hours from start to finish if I caught the time right

Really fun getting to work with these guys again. Also the reason I wound uP getting the urge to make this is cause I’m playing a bit of TTR again, so if you see a purple Sandy rabbit or a black Snappy cat, feel free to say hi! <3