this took about 10 tries to get it to upload


Late upload haha//

Tried to get my head around eclipses; never thought they’d be so interesting to learn about (◐ o ◑)! The Crash Course video definitely helped! :D

Still, it was pretty discouraging that it took me 2 whole hours to understand a 10-minute video… “orz

wild things in the shameless fandom 2k15

so, as this year comes to a close let’s look back on the wildness of this year… 1) cam dragging our very own @jollymickeymilkovich 2) that time mickey was voted president of the world?! 3) how the fandom spontaneously combusted into a ball of hate 4) finding out about c*leb 5) all of us joining forces to roast sheila callaghan 6) when those pics of noel at the first table read were released and we all died 7) when we found out he was only gonna be in one episode and mickey’s in jail….. and we all died again 8) getting the deleted sex scene/dream sequence but there was like only one person on the damn planet who had the video and for some reason they refused to upload it so @caputdraconis had to spend £25 9) fighting about kinks?????? 10) when that anon tried to defend kash to me 11) @noelsandcams having a war w warner bros. and almost getting deleted 12) @mickeystan fought jm*c because she said she didn’t like iggy and he took that personally 🤔 13) when everyone realized after like a year that the shot in 5x12 showed noel’s pelvis roll and we all busted a nut at the same time 14) when those fans asked noel if he was coming back to shameless and he said no 15) people were upset that cam smokes????? 16) also cam and sadie… *war flashbacks* along with cam’s sad tweets 17) that time someone called noel humpty dumpty???? 18) honestly fighting over the most trite shit but ok 19) collectively feeling dead inside because of this show but w/e happy new year and may we be free of this show in 2k16!!!!! 🎉🤗