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Malec!AU: Magnus becomes a famous beauty vlogger on Youtube after posting a video about guys wearing make up. Alec plays bass in a band with his siblings and their label think more exposure on social media, so they make a deal with Magnus to post a series of videos featuring their band. After Izzy set them up on date, they become the cutest couple on the internet. 

based on this AU by @isabellebiwoods

Les Amis as lines from "La Vie Boheme"

Enjolras: “Revolution, justice, screaming for solution”
Combeferre: “The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation!”
Courfeyrac: “Mimi Marquez, clad only in bubble wrap, will perform her famous lawn chair handcuff dance to the sounds of iced tea being stirred”
Bossuet: “Hating convention, hating pretension”
Joly: “To people living with, living with, living with, Not dying from disease!”
Feuilly: “no way to make a living”
Bahorel: “To riding your bike midday past the three piece suits”
Jehan: “Angel Dumott Schunard will model the latest fall fashions from Paris while accompanying herself on the 10-gallon plastic pickle tub”
Grantaire:“Wine and beer!”
Marius: “Anyone out of the mainstream, Is anyone in the mainstream?”
Gavroche: “Not to mention, of course, hating dear old mom and dad”
Valjean: “Let he among us without sin be the first to condemn”
Tutti: “I get invited then ignored all night long”

(This took forever, and some of them are clearly more serious than other lol)

The Major - Jasper Hale x Reader

Requested by anonymous: jasper x reader and the reader is shy but confident and can be funny at the wrong time. Since she’s dating jasper, she hasn’t met the major yet, so when she does she teases him, but good natured, yet everyone is worried that the major will overreact. The volturi find out about her and her powers *controls the elements* she accidentally makes fun of how Aro giggles, the major comes out but everything turns out okay. I just need protective and fluffy major so much right now

I’m sorry this took so long! I lost all inspiration to write for a while and I didn’t want to just write like complete garbage lol. Also, I changed it up a bit, but protective Jasper is still there. I hope you like it!

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You were sitting in the Cullen living room along with the family, just enjoying the afternoon together.

Suddenly, Alice gasped and the book she was reading fell to the floor.

“What is it Alice?” Bella looked at her with concern and reached to touch her arm.

Alice’s eyes were completely zoned out and she looked faint. You felt nervous not knowing what she was seeing. A few moments later her eyes cleared up and her brows knit together in focus. “They’re coming for her.”

Your stomach flipped and fear burned through your veins. “W-what? Me? And who?”

Jasper moved quickly over to you and held you. “Why? What do they want?” You had never heard him sound so scared.

“I saw them testing her abilities…they must know she’s special…” She trailed off and looked at you.

“Who?!” You shouted.

“The Volturi.” She blinked, still a bit out of it.

You remembered Jasper once telling you about the Italian coven, but you had never met them in person.

“Well what do we do? When will they be here?” Esme stepped forward.

“Soon…I’m—I’m not sure exactly, but soon.”

All of a sudden, Emmett came through the doorway looking angry. “The Volturi are coming. I saw them in the clearing while I was out hunting. Why the hell are they here?!” He raised his voice.

“They want to meet (Y/N).” Esme looked over at him. She moved in front of you and held your hands, looking into your eyes. “We’ll keep you safe, I promise.”

You nod and look over your shoulder at Jasper. You couldn’t quite read his face but you knew he was thinking of how to protect you.

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Melodramatic, But It Turns Me On

summary: teenage!phan are at a sleepover and begin to have a bit of fun with the sex dices they’d found earlier that evening. 

warnings: smut (kinda)

words: 5.3k


I was gonna write more of illaks but apparently a weird 1am idea took priority and now . idk what this is laugHs oops

Im so tired I cant even think straight im sorry if the majority of this makes 0 sense I need 2 have a nap

This is probably the closest yall will ever get to me attempting smut lol appreciate it while u can x x

(if u don’t know what a ‘sex dice’ is click here)


Phil’s always felt weirdly privileged to share Dan’s bed whenever he sleeps over.

It’s not like it’s anything he’s a stranger to – quite the opposite really, but out of everyone, Phil’s the only one Dan will actually let in his bed on account of the fact he can actually have a decent night’s sleep without Phil taking all the duvet or accidentally rolling over and pushing him off the bed. That’s Kyle’s trick – explaining why he’s down there whilst his marginally less irritating best friend is up here under his duvet, sharing his mattress. It’s nice sleeping with the knowledge he won’t wake up either freezing cold or on the floor.

Phil’s used to them being the last ones awake – having been friends with a bunch of total fucking lightweights for the best part of three years, it’s become the norm for the rest of them to be down there, asleep. They’re wrapped up in empty sleeping bags and spare duvets whilst the only two who can actually handle their drink are lying side-by-side, a cut above the sea of empty bottles and shot glasses littering Dan’s floor. They’d passed out about half an hour ago, leaving the two slightly tipsy teenagers still giggling over what had been a contribution to the night’s entertainment along with the heated games of ‘never have I ever’ and one too many Malibu shots.

“Does this not feel weird to you?” Dan’s eyebrow quirks in Phil’s direction as he holds the two small wooden cubes in his hand. “I feel-… it feels- I don’t know- gross, kind-of,” he huffs out a chuckle.

“Why would-…” he squints in the darkness, “-… lick-… elbow-… feel weird to me?” he replies, a threat of sarcasm in his tone.

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Blog recs?

i havent done this in a while and i could use some positivity so heres the exact opposite of a shit list (in no order or like,,, most recent to least recent follow bc im just getting these from my following list so i dont forget anyone lol)

  • @nikiiforovs i only followed and started talking to her recently but shes super nice and really talented at making graphics??? google how do i be like liz enter
  • @mysanitynotfound is The Kindest!!! what a darling!!!!! she let me rant about one of my favorite characters in a show she doesnt even watch like when will ur fav ever??
  • the mods of @askoppositeotayuri are super sweet and the art is ADORABLE
  • @dicktor-thicciforov has the best url ever??? i havent talked to them much yet but theyre still cool aND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT LIFE IS STRANGE WITH THEM :(((
  • @yourplisetsky / @otabottom sub beka is the best ALSO THEYRE SUPER NICE AND I WANT TO TALK TO THEM BUT KJHFKJHF
  • @meimagino a loser
    no im kidding shes extremely kind and has the best responses to everything ever also a fantastic writer and she lets me call her ‘mei’ 
  • @yuratchka-speaks super sweet!! has the best headcanons and her voice for yuri makes me weak at the knees
  • @kanekkis an aMAZING writer idk how she manages to churn out fics so quickly also REALLY FUN TO TALK TO ILY ELLE
  • @justanxietythings im too shy to talk to them much but their fics??? i cant deal??? FUCk?? also my co-captain in the “mila and yuri are platonic soulmates” boat
  • @katsu-nikii adorable art and seems really nice but im shy!! also a fellow filipino so i really want to talk to them and maybe like eat at jollibee with them 
  • @aphhun too talented for words i cant dEAL with her!! also endlessly kind?? wtf?? sami leave some for the rest of us
  • @daddybek KIM UR AMAZING literally the kindest and sweetest person on this earth also rly pretty HOW DO I DEAL!!!
  • @novocaine-sea fellow “oh my god sometimes the yoi fandom is just Too Problematic” person love u aja
  • @viktuuri-pork my bes!!! somehow amazing at music and art at the same time like leave some talent for the rest of us >:(( ALSO I’LL MEET HER IRL SOMEDAY THIS I VOW
  • @dandybek the dandiest… but also the sweetest!! and the strongest!!! what a blessing 
  • @otabaeplisetsky best older sis figure!!! also the kindest and the prettiest how do i deal
  • @kawaiilo-ren intimidates the fuck out of me but theyre really sweet?? and talented??? notice me senpai
  • @draco-rys intimidating at first tbh but really talented?? and kind!! and les mis trash which i appreciate
  • @tecochet NADIA!! SO PURE SO KIND BYE!! and has the softest art ever did u know ur art is still my ipad homescreen heheh
  • @sarah-yyy every time she notices me my heart stops tbh they have THE BEST fics ever??? also if ur into les mis specifically e/r ur in luck
  • @otayuriism the chillest of them all, that cool kid next door u kinda want to talk to but at the same time ur hella intimidated by id like to marry her someday
  • @boxwineconfession the man. the myth. the legend. the creator of fawl. drunk 25/8
  • @fuku-shuu my go to source for the Hip New Happenings and amazing art in the fandom, also very kind and approachable!!
  • @nikiforohv i wouldnt be surprised if shes starting to get creeped out by my admiration for her but. here i am. doin it again
  • @seeyounextlevel MOTHER!!! super talented and pretty and the queen of snapchat *viktor voice* wow amazing
  • @nooowestayandgetcaught salt friend!! riverdale friend!!! i dont talk to them much but when i do its always a great time :’)
  • @felicitatem meta on point?? beautiful?? cute art?? incredibly kind?? when will ur fave!!!
  • @otayuri-queen i miss u wifey!!! but has super cute art and is incredibly kind, but we all know she a bitch inside :^) im kidding ily
  • @kingotabek honestly idk much about them just that every time i see a fic from them i die

plus a lot more but this is long enough as it is so COUGHJSDK

52 Facts about Jason and Bruce:

1) Jason was Bruce’s first adopted son and the only one for a long time. 
2) Bruce met Jason on the anniversary of his parents’ death and at the place where they died. 
3) Jason manged to make Bruce laugh.
4) Pre-crisis Bruce was extremely overprotective of Jason (which Jason wasn’t happy about). 
5) Bruce was pretty strict when it comes to Jason’s education and even forbidden Jason from going out with him in school nights. 
6) In their first meeting in Rebirth, Bruce bought a hamburger for Jason and had a talk with him about giving people a chance while the two were eating on the Batmobile. 
7) Bruce called Jason “Jay”, “lad” and “champ”, but mostly “Jay”. 
8) Pre-crisis Bruce didn’t want to Jason to become his partner because he wanted him to have a normal life. He also tried to find a suitable woman to be a mother to Jason (lol).
9) Jason saved Bruce’s life from the joker in their first meeting in Arkhamverse. 
10) Bruce took Jason to a baseball game once and played a game with him too. 
11) In RHATO Annual 2, young Jason called Bruce “dad’. 
12) Bruce once missed a date with Vickie to take Jason to the cinema. 
13) Pre-crisis Jason was jealous of Selina for spending a lot of time with Batman. While Selina was pretty amused by this, Bruce was upset that Jason was keeping his distance away from him and tried to make the two get along by setting them up in a mission (the GPD even helped out!). The two eventually get along and shared a hug at the end.
14) Bruce done two things for Jason he never done them for anyone before. He ignored a bat signal because getting Jason back after he was taken from him by the court was more important. And he missed a patrol to spend time with sick Jason. 
15) Jason slapped Bruce once to wake he up after he was brain washed in THE CULT. 
16) Bruce declared once to his lawyers that he is willing to give up all of his fortune to get Jason back. 
17) Jason most precious memory was the one where Bruce spent time and watched a movie with him when he was sick. Jason has given up this memory to Saru though and told him to keep it. 
18) Bruce thought to himself once while he was hugging Jason that “For the first time it seems true: A son is not always born of his father” (awww..). 
19) Jason once had a nightmare of Bruce being killed which got him up screaming and Bruce and Alfred running to his room. 
20) Bruce has a picture of Jason on his bed stand after Jason died and he carries another in his Batman’s belt. 
21) Jason last words and thoughts before he died was an apology and thank you to Bruce. 
22) Bruce always wondered if Jason waited for him to save him and whether Jason hated him when he realized he will not arrive at time (ouch).
23) Jason was calling and crying for Bruce despite the fact he didn’t remember anything when he was brought back to life in his grave (double ouch). 
24) Bruce was planning to kill the joker after he murdered Jason, but having supes there for him stopped him from doing that.
25) Jason was mad at Bruce for not avenging him and was absolutely sure that he was never loved by him while Bruce was sure that his love was quite obvious by declaring that “Jason knew how much I loved him” to clayface.
26) In Superman/Batman, Bruce admitted that he would have done ANYTHING to get Jason back. In Hush arc, he revealed that he was planning to put Jason in the pit to bring him back, but didn’t do it because he was worried that Jason wouldn’t return right due to his brain injury.
27) Bruce gives Jason a piggyback ride once.
28) Despite the fact that Jason was completely unresponsive when Talia found him, he still reacted by tearing up when Talia mentioned Bruce to him.
29) Bruce broke down in tears when an investigator asked him about what happened to Jason (those two seriously).
30) In Final Crisis, Bruce had a break down where he wished that he could change the biggest two events in his life. His parents’ death and Jason’s death.
31) Jason planned to kill Bruce after he returned, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it when he got the chance.
32) Alfred once revealed that Jason’s death affected Bruce more than his parents did because he had the power to stop it.
33) Jason thought that Bruce was died after the event of Endgame and he was really upset about that, but he pretended that he didn’t care. Later on, he discovered that Bruce wasn’t died (he just lost his memories) and he hugged him and thanked him for everything he done for him.
34) When Bruce lost contact with Jason (who was in dangerous mission with the Outlaws), Bruce pretty much freaked out and started yelling at someone to call Superman to save Jason (awww).
35) Jason punched a guy for insulting Batman.
36) When Jason’s face was burned down by the joker, Bruce spent his whole time sitting by his bedside.
37) Jason revealed once that he isn’t much of a sleeper because when he was a kid, he spent his nights worrying that his mother will choke in her own vomit and his father will snap and kill him and his mother. When he became Robin, Jason couldn’t sleep because he preferred to spend his nights patrolling and when he wasn’t, he spent them waiting for Bruce and making sure he return home alive and well (triple ouch).
38) Bruce once asked Jason to come home.
39) Superman told Jason once that Bruce vouched for him which was the reason why the justice league never went after Jason and his team.
40) In alt-universe, Bruce snapped and killed the joker after he murdered Jason.
41) Miller'Bruce retired the Batman mantle after Jason was killed.
42) Despite how crazy Jason acted sometimes, Bruce still didn’t have the heart to hunt him down and it was Dick who captured Jason and put him in Arkham Asylum.
43) Bruce hold back against Jason whenever the two of them fight (and Jason know that). In Arkham knight (where Batman is extremely brutal in the game), it was noted that Bruce didn’t go all out against Jason and couldn’t even bring himself to punch him in the end.
44) When Jason was Robin, Bruce told him that he will always protect him and be there for him till the end.
45) In a world where Bruce died when he was a kid, Jason become a priest and had a good life. Which means he would have been better off if he never meet Bruce (ok, this one really hurts).
46) When he was hit by Scarecrow gas in Pre-crisis, it was revealed that Bruce’s biggest fear was Jason getting hurt and him being unable to protect him. In PC, the worst fear Batman can imagine was Jason’s death. After Jason died, Bruce’s biggest fear was witnessing Jason’s death at the Joker’s hands which made him go crazy and beat the joker brutally while screaming Jason’s name like a maniac. After the event of Hush, Bruce biggest fear was Jason coming back angry at him and telling him that he can’t stop because he loves him too much. In arkham knight, his worst fear was witnessing Jason’s torture and him being helpless to do anything.
47) Bruce smiled a lot around Jason before he died and hardly after he did which showed that Jason’s death changed and affected him deeply (even the cold hearted Owlman was saddened over Jason’s death).
48) Bruce once described Dick as the laugh that grow up and move on while he described Jason as the love and caring that was stolen from him (yup, I’m totally fine).
49) Bruce forbid Jason from joining the teen titans.
50) Jason was supposed to be the next Batman after Bruce retires in The Dark Knight Returns, but he died before he could take the mantle.
51) Bruce lost Jason in every universe (seriously, what the heck batsy?).
52) Bruce said once that he could never forget Jason.

Well, that was tiring and there still many more facts! But I felt that ending this post with number 52 was fitting :-)

Last year I had some scheduling issues, long story short pretty much everything worked out but I got stuck taking this photoshop class that was an absolute joke. Luckily two of my best friends were in that class so it was bearable, but man so much stupid crap happened in that class. The teacher would look up photoshop tutorials online then read them to us as we all copied his example project on the projector. He had this weird accent and always mispronounced words, he would say “pitcher” instead of picture and “ee-mage” instead of image. He also graded projects by rolling dice and randomly assigning grades.

Because of this, I had no respect for this teacher. I would talk really loudly on purpose, and of course I was with my best friends so we were always laughing anyway, and it pissed our teacher off so much. He was annoyed by all of us but he hated me especially. We would finish assignments within the first ten minutes of class so then we would plug all our keyboards into one computer and play this computer version of super smash bros. I also made a bingo board in photoshop with all the spaces being stupid stuff our teacher always said or did, emailed copies to my friends and we would have it open in a separate tab in photoshop and play it during class each day. One time we had a lockdown drill and our teacher didn’t even make us turn off the computers or hide or anything, and my friends and I were trying so hard not to laugh in this dead quiet, dark room, and not being able to laugh made it even harder to try to stay quiet. We also had to make these projects for our final using some horrible software from the 90’s or something, it was ridiculous because our computers had illustrator installed but did we use the industry standard, professional software? Nope, we used weird old software that even grade schoolers could likely understand, and we had to make our “dream house” using this software. It was basically like a shitty morph between MTV welcome to my crib and a bad powerpoint presentation.

That teacher hates my guts now. I saw him in the hallway before school one time and he said good morning to me in a really angry tone while glaring at me. Another time I came into orchestra late from a doctor’s appointment and he was the substitute. He took one look at me and just started laughing. Lol I hate him but my friends and I have some great memories of all the crap we pulled.

Okay but seriously

I know everyone loves Hamilton and that’s great because it’s amazing but like, that intro song?  Does not even come close to covering what a fucking train wreck this guy’s life was before he even came to America.

His mom got an inheritance on St. Croix at 16 that gained her all sorts of suiters, and then, at her mother’s behest, she married this dude, Johann Michael Lavien, who was at least twelve years older than her.  He was kind of a douche but dressed pretty and made Mama happy despite the fact that she had a marriage so unhappy that she legally separated from Rachel’s father years before.  They had one kid and I’m assuming she never wanted to see dude naked again after that.

Anyway, after dwindling away her inheritance on pretty clothes and failed ventures, because of some obscure Dutch law (because it was the West Indies and basically any law you could find from any country dubiously in occupation could work), he got her thrown in jail for adultery (not refuted, but not actually substantiated, but WHATEVER, throw her in with murderers and runaway slaves because those are all the same sort of heathen anyway).  He thought her incarceration would make her a more godly and dutiful wife, til she got out and was basically just like LOL NAH and took off to St. Kitts.

After a while, our buddy Johann shacked up with another chick and decided he wanted to marry her.  He got a divorce decree that was Trump level of petty and nasty and gross, calling her a whore and demonizing her for leaving him to care for their son alone on his meager earnings, and managed to get it down that he could remarry, but she couldn’t.  Ever.

So over on St. Kitts, Rachel meets James Hamilton and they get together and have two sons and present themselves as James and Rachel Hamilton, but she has literally no ability to legitimize James Jr. and Alexander.  Fast forward about fifteen years, her boys are 12 and 10, and James brings them back to St. Croix where she has a Reputation and they can’t even fake that this is legitimate.  He’s involved in some legal action there, and when that’s over, he splits, probably because he couldn’t afford to take care of them anymore because he was ALSO kind of a giant loser.  Nice, but awful at trying to get rich quick and ending up in even more debt, time and time again.

So Rachel opens a mercantile in the first floor of their house…common practice as far as dwellings go, having a shop on the first floor, but unheard of for women.  Rachel gave no fucks, seriously.  Then obviously we know she got sick and Alexander got sick and they were given some weird treatments like enemas and bloodletting (????) and then his mom died in the same bed he was in.

So then Levine comes back, fights with the court and brandishes this divorce decree, and manages the get the sons who had no chance of being legitimate disinherited from whatever estate she DID have.  Instead it was all given to Peter, the son she hadn’t seen in 18 years, who showed up, collected what he was due, and left again, with nothing for his half brothers who, I’ll remind you, were 12 and 14.

They got sent to live with a cousin who was living with a mistress and their son…and then the cousin committed suicide, being found in a pool of blood in his bed.  Everything was given to the mistress and their kid, with nothing even mentioned about his orphan wards.  Their uncle shows up, trying to take care of things, and….dies a month later.  Again, no provisions for the boys, despite Uncle John having changed his will FIVE DAYS before he died.

At that point, James Jr. becomes a carpenter’s apprentice because he’s not super smart or super skilled at anything else (takes after his dad) and Alexander, in some weird Dickensian twist of fate, gets taken in by a trader who might or might not be his actual father but that’s for another time.  That’s when he started working as a clerk in a trading office and getting noticed, because he was smart, he could keep track of all the different currencies (there was a lot), was bilingual in French and English (even more so than Jefferson was in later years, and if you don’t think Hamilton taunted Jefferson in French because of that I don’t know what to tell you), he could chart ships, he read everything, he wrote poetry like the romantic hero weirdo he was.

And then there was a hurricane.  Because of course there was.  It was a letter to his father that he showed to the sometimes editor of the paper–well-written, intelligent, and full of melodramatic descriptions (something about distressed shrieks making angels weep or something???) that got him the attention of the whole island.  It was published anonymously, the editor even claiming that the youth who wrote it at first protested it being published, so it wouldn’t look like he was trying to capitalize on a tragedy.  Word still got out that he wrote it, and they did indeed take up a collection to send him to school in America, despite the devastation on the island.

So Alexander got a free ride to Boston and an allowance for his education, and boarded a ship with all sorts of new opportunities in front of him…and then the ship caught fire.  In the middle of the ocean.

I can only imagine that at that point, Alexander was just like…are you fucking kidding me???

tl;dr: Alexander Hamilton’s life was a shit show before he ever even came to America, but his mother’s intelligence and will and his father’s pride and a horror show history of violence and tragedy just made him more stubborn about surviving and rising above all of it.

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JB making sexy face ME: I think he knows were watching him, giving us everything for the tea. Okay see you soon JB, see you Soon.

Girllllll if you guys haven’t watched it yet, here’s a rundown of GOT7 interactions with them…

  • When they first came out JB mouth was wide open and then he said “Wow” and kept looking over at them.
  • And when the host started talking about them, (their turn to discuss who they could be) Mark and JB turned their chair to look that way.
  • Then JB stood up , he was so engaged in the conversation!
  • If you didn’t notice the girls were there sitting in their box on the far left, bottom and JB was looking over at them the most. Him and Yugyeom.
  • Youngjae didn’t know what close his mouth meant.
  • Jinyoung was speechless and just kept looking like O_O the WHOLE time!
  • They got so excited on the lip sync round but they didn’t do that with the other contestants (by saying “woahhh” “ahhh” lol) they were anticipating the girls’ turn. and JB took a sip of water.
  • During the lip sync round Younjae said he got chills from their voice and they literally just started singing lol he loved their voice! (he was serious too. he kept getting chills from their voice).
  • JB, Jinyoung and Bambam stood up to watch them while they lip synced.
  • And also during the lip sync round GOT7 kept making commentary and saying “Whooo” “ahhh” and JB still stood up clapping for awhile everyone else starting to sit down lol.
  • When they were bringing them out all of GOT7 stood up (except Mark) even the other side were still sitting.
  • Mark almost chocked on water when she said “Hi how ya doing?” to them.
  • JB was smiling soo hard when she turned and said “Hi how ya doing” and he literally had his head tilt (cute af) but then slowly tilt his head back like he realize what he was doing xD (and still smiling.)
  • JB was smiling the whole time when they brought them out and it was cute, I love his reaction when they brought the 3rd girl out, he almost broke his neck looking around that corner.
  • Bambam was clapping for the 3rd girl when she came out and JB was smiling so hard. He probably knew he was going to get snatched.
  • Jinyoung was whispering to JB when she came out, I guess they were trying to figure out who they really are?..could be anything
  • Bambam was all hype engaging with them when they came out. and he told her “say something” lol that when she said Hi.
  • Bambam came all the way to the front to watch them sing. (he was sitting in the back).
  • Youngjae sat closer on the floor.
  • I’m sure you all saw how they reacted to their singing, so I’ll skip that part
  • Yugyeom was holding his heart
  • Bambam, Yugyeom and Youngjae motioned that they have the chills.
  • Bambam told them “I love you guys cool” and she blew him a kiss but they didn’t show their reaction too that..fuck!
  • You probably missed it but Bambam dabbed to them and one of the girls did it back to him lol.
  • Mark kept whispering to JB while they were leaving and JB was clapping for them.
  • THE END!!
  • Any questions? Lol!