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When you two kiss for the first time

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Fluff i died while writing this even though this probably isn’t the best scenario ever 

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”Your hands are so cold,” Jinwoo frowned when he grabbed your hand.

You gave him a look. “Don’t hold it if you don’t like it,” you tried to pull your hand away and he let go. You frowned behind your scarf and looked away.

The day hadn’t been as good as you had thought it would be. It was Saturday and you were on a date with Jinwoo who just recently became your boyfriend. In the morning you woke up too late to do your hair or makeup so you showed up at the cinema – your date location – looking like a mess. Jinwoo said he didn’t care but you did since you two didn’t get to go on dates that often thanks to your busy lives. On top of all that, the tickets to the movie you had wanted to watch were sold out so you had to watch a different movie. The movie was boring and neither one of you liked it in the end.

After watching that boring movie you two went to eat which went pretty well. You both got food that you liked and it didn’t even cost that much. Now you two were walking home. You hadn’t thought about the weather when you left in the morning so you had left your mittens and beanie home. You were feeling upset because your date had been pretty bad and it was cold.

Jinwoo grabbed your cold hand – that you were trying to warm up by putting it in your jacket’s pocket – and you turned to look at him. Before you could react, he put a mitten on your hand and grabbed your other hand to do the same to it. The mittens were warm and you looked at him, surprised.

“I had an extra pair,” he said, not looking at you.

“Aren’t these yours?” you asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said and you looked at his hands that were buried in his jacket’s pockets. You smiled a little. “Thanks,” you said.

Jinwoo glanced at you and then smiled without you noticing. He was happy that his warm mittens could make you feel better.

“Oh,” Jinwoo said, making you look up from your hands. “Look at that,” he pointed at a store’s window. All kinds of cute plushies had been stacked into a huge pile behind it. You two walked over to it and looked at the plushies.

“That one’s so cute,” you pointed at a white dog plushie that looked as soft as the snow that was slowly falling down from the sky.

“I think that one’s cuter,” Jinwoo pointed at a penguin plushie that looked somewhat similar to Pororo. “It reminds me of you,” he chuckled.

“What? I’m a penguin?” you looked at him with raised eyebrows.

He nodded with a smile. “You really resemble a penguin,” he laughed. “It’s cute though,” he said when he noticed you looking at him. He gave you his hand, you grabbed it and the two of you continued walking. You caught some snowflakes on your mittens and looked at them. They were actually really pretty and every single one you caught was different.

“You look like a child _____,” Jinwoo chuckled when you took a few bigger steps to catch a falling snowflake.

You turned to look at him. “Is it a bad thing?” you asked and he kept chuckling.

“It’s not a bad thing,” he said after grabbing your hand again since you had let go of it to catch that one snowflake that you couldn’t even catch.

After a while, you two arrived in front of your apartment building. Jinwoo lived a little further away which meant that he would have to keep walking alone.

“Did you have fun?” he asked with a small smile while looking at you.

You hesitated for a moment. “I could have had more fun… but it was okay I guess. It was nice to hang out with you,” you smiled.

He looked at you, happy to see your smile. “Let’s have another date soon?”
You nodded and he smiled widely.

“You should go in,” he said and motioned you to go inside the warm building.

You nodded, feeling a tiny bit disappointed. You had thought he would maybe give you a kiss. You were a little too shy to kiss him so you patiently waited for him to do it first. You two hadn’t kissed yet since you hadn’t been together for that long. It wasn’t like you were desperate to do it but it would have been nice to kiss him.

“See you,” he said and you turned around to walk in to the building. “Ah, wait a minute!” he said and you turned around.

Could it be?

“Can I have my mittens back?” he asked. You were disappointed once again but covered it up with a smile and took the mittens off before handing them to him.

“You should go quickly before you catch a cold,” you said, hiding behind your scarf. You turned around to walk away but couldn’t since he grabbed your hand, stopping you.

“What-“ you started but he cut you off by pressing his lips against yours. You were so surprised that your heart was beating really fast. You could feel the blush creeping up on your cheeks and thought that you probably looked like a tomato.

“You thought I’d leave without giving you a kiss?” he asked after pulling away.

You avoided his gaze, a little embarrassed about the fact that you were blushing so badly.

“Cute,” he chuckled at your reaction.

You smiled behind your scarf and slapped his arm gently. He laughed wholeheartedly and you looked at him. He looked happy which made you feel good. You took a step closer to him and cupped his face before giving him a quick kiss.

“See you later,” you said and waved to him while walking towards the building in front of you. You were feeling really happy.

this scenario gives me a warm feeling, idek why, jinwoo’s just such a cute person and i enjoy writing scenarios of him TuT

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jungkook ; sexual attraction ;)

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You looked up from your novel and noticed that Jungkook had walked into the library with his eyes glued onto his phone. He paused and looked up and made direct eye contact with you, which only made you look back down to your book. He smirked and walked over to the table in front of you and took a seat facing straight towards you.

Your heart beat started racing as he adjusted in his seat with a sly smile while looking at you. He showed off his pearly whites with a toothy grin before pulling out his earphones and sticking it in his ears. He picked a song and then let his phone sit on his lap as he leaned back in his chair and rest his arms on the arm rests of his chair. He smirked as he looked at his crotch.

A surprised expression crawled on your face as he started parting his lips and slowly sinking his teeth into his bottom lip. You covered your mouth, hiding a smile. He rolled his head back, chuckling lightly. His fingers gripped the end of the chair arm tightly. He lifted his head back up and placed his hand on his crotch. Your breathe hitched. A small giggle escaped from your lips. You shook your head as you crossed your legs and pulled your black skirt lower. Jungkook tilted his head, looking under your table.

You closed your book while biting your lip and stood up. You straightened out your skirt and proceeded to walk to the exit, moving your hips on purpose. You looked back at him with a smirk. He ran his hands through his hair and picked up his phone and followed after you. Pushing the big wooden doors of the old library, the warm breeze rushed passed you as you walked down the steps. You heard the doors open behind you and rushed steps being planted on the stairs. A warm hand pulled your wrist and spun you around gently.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

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