this took a long time i dont know why

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tagged by @tuknang !! sry it took so long but ty for the tag! i dont talk to many ppl either and i’d love to kno u better!!! 

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g-d there's this woman who says she's "abrosexual" and "fluid between bi and lesbian" and i don't understand how she can say that!!! as a lesbian who took a long time to come to terms with not liking men, that's such a horrible thing for a bi girl to say and it makes me so anxious i dont even know why

unless she chooses to solely identify as a lesbian and only act on attraction to women then she doesn’t get to use the label at all ffs

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This took a long time… Anyway, this is a gift for a new friend of mine @stonestridernerd of her beautiful Druidess Kennocha.  I wanted to practice drawing for when I open commissions and wanted to draw a gift for her, so why not do both?  

I was listening to a ton of Zelda Breath of the Wild songs while drawing this. Also I feel like this song fits the mood I was trying to capture.    Shes such a beautiful Tauren that I wanted to match how pretty she was in my drawing. Anyway please Dont Repost.  Let me know if anyone would want a drawing of your character and I’ll see what I can do. Im still taking models to practice with for free.

Drawing belongs to me,

Kennocha belongs to @stonestridernerd

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why do you love louis

………………man its late i dont wanna get into this right now. 

i could write a whole discourse on why i love louis. i dont have enough TIME to write that discourse it would take me hours (maybe even days??? depending on how fast i type) to write it probably. 

Here is a messy version containing all my jumbled up thoughts about my love for louis (under the cut bc idk how long itll be and also bc im embarrassing af):

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my literature class is so frustrating. it isn’t teaching me much about how to write at all, all it’s teaching me is how to write an essay in 40 minutes. i dont need to know how to write an essay in 40 minutes. i want to know how to write and make my words flow and this isn’t going to happen in 40 minutes. i mean finnegans wake took seventeen years to write and i swear it becomes more and more apparent that any way of writing for quality won’t be learned in an english class.

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hey im a foreigner studying in a different country and I just graduated junior high school so I'll be senior high school next school year but I dont know why im so nervous 😕

Being nervous is completely normal, you don’t know how things will go and I’m betting that’s why you’re nervous. I felt the same way when I went into college. Just take things a step at a time. Everything will work out swimmingly. Just try to relax, I know it is very hard to do. Do things that make you happy to get your mind off it for a bit. Be yourself and you’ll do just fine. :) if you ever need me I’m right here too! 💖


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