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Enoch O'Connor Smut

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Sat on the dinner table were all of us, stomachs grumbling from a long afternoon walk. Our eyes were intently locked onto the warm food that Bronwyn and Miss Peregrine brought to the table.

Enoch breathed heavily beside me.

A few seconds passed like a whizzing wind and we stuffed our mouths with chicken pot pie, our stomachs grumbling in satisfaction.

Enoch sighed and shifted in his seat. I glanced at him a little and he appeared uncomfortable. I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Nothing, love.”, he muttered, shifting again. I nodded and went on eating.

After a silent while with just clinking cutlery, Enoch fiddled his one foot with mine and I shot him a look again. What was bugging him?

His eyes shot back at me but I couldn’t seem to read what he was trying to make me decipher. I gave him a questioning look again.

He groaned lightly and shifted yet again on his seat.

I ate, listening to his constant shifting, breathing and fiddling with me. He made me shift uncomfortably as well, getting in my nerves as I tried to eat in peace. This was nearly the last straw.

I glared at him, trying to keep my voice low. “What do you want?”, I said but he instantly made me shiver and twitch as he gripped my thigh, very closely to what he wasn’t supposed to touch.

“What is goin’ on?”, Emma snapped at us. I gulped, my heart pounding. We shook our heads.

Dinner ended in silence and a few of us walked to our rooms after; except Enoch pulled me in his room, covering my mouth so I couldn’t squeal too loudly.

“Enoch, what is going on with-”, I exclaimed, cut off instantly with Enoch’s lips on mine, pushing me against the wall. I whimpered as he gripped very tightly my hips, bucking his against mine. I instantly knew what all the fuss a while ago was. I pushed him off.

He groaned. “You could just have told me, you know.”, I rolled my eyes, folding my arms, my lips still quite soar from the heated kissing. He groans again. “What, like, ‘Oh, hey, Y/N, I kinda wanna bang you tonight with your pretty dress and hot face’.”, he rolls his eyes back at me and I bite my lip and smirk.

“You like my dress?”, I asked. He looked me up and down and adjusted his pants. “Take it off.”, he breathed. I teased him, painfully slowly peeling it off me, leaving me in my underwear. He slowly unbuttons his shirt, watching me throw the dress to the floor. He walks to me and rubs my shoulders. His lips meet mine again and my hands press against his bare tense chest. I unbuckle his belt and he kicks his pants off. He pushed me against the wall again. His hands squeezed my butt as I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist.

He carried me and laid me on the bed as I took my bra off. He began to kiss down my neck, down to my chest, caressing my breasts and my torso. A shivering breath left me. He groaned in response. He quickly pulled off my last material of clothing and kissed my inner thighs, spreading my legs a little so cold hair hit me.

“Enoch…”, I moaned, tugging at his hair. He kissed my heat once. “Say it.”, he says huskily. “I want y-you.”, I shiver, gripping tightly at the sheets. With that, he dips his face between my legs and my back arcs. I let out a satisified moan as I feel his lips playing with me. “Oh… fuck.”, I whimper, running my hands down my body, squeezing my breasts and twiddling my nipples in my fingers. He held my thighs down so I didn’t wriggle. My stomach was tense as I tried to make my moans softer. Just as I was about to topple over the edge, he pulled out, taking off his underwear quickly.

With a few extremely inviting strokes, he pushed himself inside me, intertwining his fingers with mine so he pinned it above my head. Then very slowly, he thrusted in and out, leaving me in a heavy, sweaty mess of wanting to kiss him so roughly. Sweat pooled around my body and my chest heaved as we moved against each other. He stared at me as he thrusted, biting his lip so he didn’t make a sound.

“Ah, ah, Enoch.”, I moaned, the sensation overwhelming me. “Fuck.”, he said, a groan rolling through his tongue. He attached his lips to my mine and kissed down my neck again. “O-oh my God.”, I closed my eyes, feeling a twisting knot in my stomach. His thrusts gained more power and speed so it brushed through a spot that made my toes curl. “Y/N, ah, s-say my name.”, he hissed.

“Enoch…”, I moan, our bodies rubbing against each other. The pleasure built up and by then we were a hot, moaning mess that was so close to the edge. In no time, we came and our tense bodies trembled to satisfaction.

Enoch fell next to me as we breathed heavily.

“I…”, Enoch breathed. I laughed, brushing hair off my face. “Love you.”, I continued, pecking him on the cheek.

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AU where Sasusaku are in a paint ball fight with team seven,may be even all the chunin rookies if possible.

“Ugh, I suck at this,” Sakura mumbled to herself, sliding down on the hard wooden wall and putting her gun aside. “It’s no use, I’m just slowing you guys down! Go on ahead without me—you can win this game without worrying about getting me out of trouble.”

“Sakura-chan, don’t say that!” Naruto exclaimed, putting the gun back into her hands and nodding with a bright grin. “You’ve been coming up with awesome strategic plans—”

“That was Kakashi, actually,” she interjected surly.

“—and uh… you.. um.. well I mean you—OW!”

Cradling his head, Naruto turned to glare at the dark haired man at his side, who still held his weapon in a manner that was obviously threatening another hit if he didn’t shut up. 

“Dobe, fuck off,” Sasuke snapped, shoving him to the side, where Kakashi patiently observed the field with the other teams with a concentrated frown. “Get back on watch, you’re not making this any better.”

The knucklehead mumbled a bit under his breath, but acquiesced nonetheless. Sakura drew her knees to her chest, eyes softened with a bit of sadness.

It was silent, for a moment, as Sasuke simply sat there and studied her, black eyes flickering over her form pensively. It was only when she looked up to him, sullen, that he finally spoke.

“Annoying… you still underestimate yourself.”

Startled and a bit awed, her mouth parted a little. He looked a little embarrassed when her eyes softened at him, the corner of her lips lifting a little. 

He glanced away. “I don’t know why you always do this,” he added. “Maybe you’re not as quick and can’t dodge the shots, and maybe you’re not good at following through with obstacles while shooting at the same time…” 

Her heart tightened with hurt, and Sakura looked away, but he was quick to tip her head back his way with careful, gentle fingers to her chin. 

“Your brute strength might not be that useful here, but Sakura…,” Sasuke smirked a little, eyebrows arching proudly, “you’re a damn good shot.”

Her eyes widened, and a blush spread to her cheeks, but Sasuke didn’t relent.

“If we find you a spot somewhere, you could take them all out and win us this game—we just need to get through the next field and take out Team 10 so we can take their tower, then you can use your sniping skills and take them all out and—”

A sound of surprise left his lips when she lunged at him and wrapped her arms around his head, mouth brushing against his in a soft kiss of appreciation. She smiled a little when he responded to the kiss with tender affection, a warm hand finding her waist.

When she pulled back, there was a faint dust of pink on his cheeks, and he looked a bit annoyed. 

“Sorry,” she whispered, a wry smile growing as she pulled away and sheepishly tucking away a lock of pink hair behind her ear. “Kinda forgot you hate PDA.”

“Hn,” he mumbled, clearing his throat a little. The blush on his cheeks was a little more apparent. “Just… not when people can tease me about it." 

He huffed and adjusted the strap of his paintball gun. But before he turned, he seemed to realize something.

She watched as a smirk twisted at his lips, amused black eyes locking with her green, green ones.

"You taste like paint, by the way.”

OMG!!! This girl is luckier. She’s inside of JB’s arms!!!! 😭😭😭 I Screamed for the girl cuz she seems she didn’t react, so I screamed for her. 😂 OMG!!! I wanna be her! That took a lifetime. But I understand her, she was literally stunned. If I was her, maybe I’ll be stunned for a sec but hug him immediately. Hahaha Sorry Jackson! It’s just that, JB was my first love in Got7. 😍😍😍 Just this once. 😘😘😘