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Can We Dance Again?

Pairing: jeffmads (jefferson x madison) and a little burrens (burr x laurens)

Request: will you do a jeffmads fic where they dance together? thank you 😃 - anon (a billion years ago, I’m so sorry)

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 857 (sorry it’s so short again)

“… But in all seriousness, John, you make Aaron so happy, and I’m really glad you guys found each other,” Thomas said, finishing his toast. He raised his glass in the air, and called, “To the grooms!”

“To the grooms!” everyone echoed, and drank their champagne. Thomas took his seat, pocketing his speech.

“Thanks, Thomas,” Aaron grinned at his friend. “That was a great speech.”

John leaned forward to look around his new husband. “It really was. Thank you.”

“Of course,” Thomas smiled back. “I’m really happy for you guys.”

Despite this warm regard, a frown soured Thomas’ face as soon as the newlyweds looked away. He truly was happy for his friends, but he had found himself feeling increasingly lonely.  He hadn’t dated anyone in a long while, but he had a huge crush on one of Aaron’s friends, James. Unfortunately, though he put on a confident demeanor, he was too shy to do anything about it.

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Endless List of Why I Ship Jane & Kurt

EDITED (20 May 2017) post season 2 finale and we are over 200 reasons! WHAT IS THIS GLORIOUS SHIP!

EDITED (10 April 2017) to add all the reasons (five months later) to the original post.

original post: so, I know the jeller morale is down, and the kurt hate is on the rise, and I am not telling people how to feel or what to ship, but I’m gonna start a “why I will always ship Jeller” list, and if you guys feel like it, reblog with your own reason(s). And if you don’t feel the same, just don’t reblog, and especially don’t reblog with hate, ok? This is a happy place. So here goes

1. Because he is her starting point
2. Because they are in this together
3. Because he notices when she gets a haircut
4. Because he will risk his life to protect her
5. Because she will risk her life to protect his family
6. Because he will risk sarin poisoning to save her
7. Because he believes in her
8. Because they both wanted her to be Taylor more than anything
9. Because when something good happens to him she’s the first person he thinks about
10. Because she dreams of them being together
11. Because he’s her bunny
12. Because he doesn’t believe she will betray them
13. Because he trusts her instincts
14. Because she did what she did to protect him
15. Because she wanted a moment that was just them
16. Because he still owes her two drinks
17. Because they will always have game night with Sawyer
18. Because sometimes he just needs to hear her voice and for her to tell him everything will be ok
19. Because she couldn’t take the shot
20. Because he couldn’t take the shot
21. Because they always have each other’s back
22. Because just the mention of an undercover op makes them both smile like idiots
23. Because he gets jealous if she even looks at another guy
24. Because Kurt has never looked at another woman the way he looks at Jane
25. Because she believes in him even when he does not believe in himself
26. Because she never stops
27. Because they’re both stubborn
28. Because they always find a way to touch each other even when it is not even necessary
29. Because she’s his wife
30. Because Kurt always looks at Jane whether things go wrong or right
31. Because she likes the jealous type
32. Because she wouldn’t bare something happening to him
33. Because he would kill the deputy director of the CIA with his bare hands for her
34. Because she doesn’t blame him for hating her
35. Because despite everything he doesn’t hate her
36. Because he’s not just protecting her
37. Because he cannot be objective
38. Because he went to the park
39. Because she wanted more than anything to go to the park
40. Because they’ll always have the locker room
41. Because everyone else sees it
42. Because Rich Dotcom
43. Because even though she lied to him she still loves him
44. Because he still loves her but he’s confused
45. Because his name is on her back
46. Because Smuckles
47. Because heart eyes
48. Because Jane has a drawing of him in her sketchbook
49. Because when she got fired the first thing he thought about was that he could kiss her now
50. Because he doesn’t think she looks ridiculous in that dress
51. Because they danced in the Hamptons
52. Because she wants them to go undercover as a married couple again
53. Because he doesn’t care what anyone says, she is not a killer
54. Because she never meant to fall in love
55. Because she is more than just one mistake (and so is he)
56. Because there’s something between them even if he doesn’t know what it is
57. Because she beat him up the stairs and rubbed it in his face
58. Because she was scared out of her mind when the door shut and she heard the gun shots
59. Because she was never just a case to him
60. Because no matter what she will make sure he will come home to his family
61. Because has absolutely no chill when he’s worried about her
62. Because he will miss her if something happened to her
63. Because they are two thirds of Rich and the Feds
64. Because when they’re not together the chemistry on the team is all off
65. Because she went to see his dying father just to it easier on him
66. Because he took a chance on her
67. Because he always needs her by his side
68. Because the polygraph knew he lied about her
69. Because when everyone thought she was the mole he still fought for her
70. Because he knows Jane
71. Because he’s her someone special
72. Because she can totally kick his ass (and he knows it)
73. Because she has his phone number memorized
74. Because he wouldn’t let her say goodbye when she thought she’d never see him again
75. Because he would never believe that she would betray the team
76. Because all she cares about is his safety
77. Because she gets to tease him about him being stubborn and he lets her
78. Because she gets to tease him about his cooking and he lets her
79. Because he’ll get her back before they shut down Sandstorm for good
80. Because she just needs to say the word and he’ll be there

81. Because they are uniquely capable of understanding each other in a way that nobody else can. -MG
82. Because they’re going to be ok those two. -MG
83. Because they have a bond that is hard to break. -MG
84. Jane and Kurt’s relationship is always gonna be the emotional driving force for the show. -MG
85. Because they have an indelible bond that we’re never going to tamper with. -MG
86. Because Martin Gero ships them!

Rich Dotcom Reasons! (because he’s the captain of our ship and we must respect him)

87. Because they’re so badass
88. Because they keep him focused
89. Because they sold being a married couple to one of the smartest conmen in the world
90. Because, holy derby, they look good
91. Because they had some serious chemistry in the Hamptons
92. Because  every time something goes wrong, or goes right for that matter, Kurt looks at Jane
93. Because when Kurt talks to Jane it looks pretty intense
94. Because life’s too short and they should just tell each other how they feel
95. Because the chemistry is all off when they’re on the outs
96. Because the emotional distance is unbearable
97. Because Kurt is clearly still in love with her but he’s just confused
98. Because Kurt has the brawn and Jane has everything else
99. Because the three of them can take down anybody they wanted
100. Because they’re his favorite couple

101. Because he would never question her loyalties
102. Because he doesn’t care who is around them, he will hug her in the middle of the office
103. Because he will risk his career to keep her brother safe
104. Because she’s grateful he almost killed a man in cold blood for her
105. Because he was not objective and he got the best out of her
106. Because they both believe that having her memory erased was the best thing that happened to her (because it brought them together)
107. Because SUV heart eyes
108. Because he will always worry about her
109. Because she knows when something is bothering him
110. Because he trusts her enough to open up to her and show her his pain
111. Because she was worried he was also moving to Colorado and leaving her
112. Because there’s no point of them feeling alone when they can spend time together
113. Because Pennsylvania beer
114. Because her brother shot him (and they can joke about it)
115. Because she got excited about his year book
116. Because it took her 2 seconds to recognize him as a 15 year old
117. Because he wanted to impress her with his high school basketball glory days
118. Because she knows how to make him smile
119. Because feelings have to be earned
120. Because she would never be expendable to him
121. Because she is super proud of her assistant director of the FBI husband
122. Because he should just grab her before anyone else does (and use her to make billions of dollars?)
123. Because he wishes she was there to see him shoot Rich (and she wishes she was there too)
124. Because if she’s happy, he’s happy (even if it means she has a date with someone else)
125. Because she knows how important Emma and Taylor were to him and is only trying to protect him
126. Because he’s taking time to help her brother regain some memories
127. Because he ignores everyone’s concerns and takes her brother out to the field to help him regain some memories
128. Because he’s worried about the guy she’s dating (worried not jealous, nope, not at all)
129. Because everyone can see that he’s crazy jealous
130. Because her ability to see the good in people is just one of his many many favorite things about her
131. Because he kinda likes her brother
132. Because he saved her brother
133. Because when she comes over, she doesn’t need to knock, she can just let herself in.
134. Because her word is law in the Weller household. If Jane says they don’t need to toast with every shot, then they don’t toast with every shot.
135. Because she can go snooping around the apartment if she feels like it (and he will only give her heart eyes in return)
136. Because she thinks he did a great job with the nursery.
137. Because of all the people in his life, she is the only one who can ask personal questions and she is the only one he talks to about Allie and the baby.
138. Because she is the only one who can help him calm down when he’s pissed off about Shepherd.
139. Because he refuses to work with someone who tried to kill her and just wants to throw them in jail.
140. Because it was different between them - there never was any baggage.
141. Because he couldn’t stand the idea of her being so unsettled.
142. Because he watched Jane struggle with her past to become the amazing woman she is now
143. Because in her absence he looked out for her brother
144. Because he doesn’t care what the psychiatrist says, he will release her brother from his glass cage and let him move in with her.
145. Because he knows exactly what it means to her
146. Because he will do anything to make her smile
147. Because when someone is really right for you, you make room
148. Because they’re like proud parents whenever Roman does well
149. Because there’s no team without him
150. Because they’re relationship isn’t just professional
151. Because they’re on the same page
152. Because even Matthew Weitz knows they’re in love
153. Because normal ain’t so bad (if it means taking a quiet stall together)
154. Because she just wants to make sure he’s fine
155. Because the best thing (and the worst) was her penetrating his walls and getting inside them.
156. Because he is honest and loyal
157. Because she trusts him with her life
158. Because he was never forced to work with her
159. Because it doesn’t matter that Shepherd’s the reason they’re there
160. Because all of this led him to her and her to him
161. Because this is something he would never want to undo
 162. Because he wants to cook his famous Thai curry for her (and her brother)
163. Because she only likes to him to protect him
164. Because when something is off between them, the whole office feels it
165. Because he knows she is not the same person she was before
166. Because he has forgiven the things she has done before
167. Because even when he is hurting as a result of something she did, she remains the one person he can open up to
168. Because she is the only one he tells his deepest secrets to
169. Because he can cry around her
170. Because he never canceled dinner
171. Because he wishes he could just flip a switch and get over the hurt
172. Because she wishes she could go back and change the past
173. And so does he.
174. Because no matter what she will always be the only one he trusts.
175. Because he is sorry he made her lie to Roman.
176. Because they flirt while disarming a bomb.
177. Because “don’t die” is the new “I love you”.
178. Because he refuses to accept that she is responsible for anything that Sandstorm are doing.
179. Because he was willing to take a bullet for her.
180. Because he’d never let her be the one who takes out her brother.
181. Because they are not their families.
182. Because he knows her heart and knows who she is.
183.Because when he says “I am not leaving my people” what he really means is “I am not leaving Jane”.
184. Because hand on knee.
185. And hand on heart.
186. And holding hands just before he leaves.
187. And because he just wants to keep her safe.
188. And because he fluffed her pillow.
189. Because after everything that has happened she is still the only one he trusts.
Because she is worried about him.
191. Because when Director Hirst tells her she is free to go to wherever it is she would like to go, Jane thinks of Kurt.
192. Because running through SIOC and hugging fiercely in front of everyone.
193. Because if there is something he wants to say to her, he shouldn’t put it off.
194. Because they are both allowed to be happy.
195. Because he will drive the ambulance full of nukes away as long as she remains somewhere safe.
196. Because she won’t let him go alone.
197. Because he won’t let her be the one to shoot her own brother.
198. Because he wants her to stay here with him.
199. Because “I love you, Jane, I love you.”
200. Because this is where she wants to be.
201. Because “I love you, too, Kurt”.
202. Because she still has longing in her eyes.
203. Because he traveled to the ends of the world searching for her.
204. Because he cannot believe he finally found her.
205. Because he was scared and she is sorry.
206. Because it needs both of them to work.
207. Because he is still wearing his ring.
208. Because their fates are forever intertwined.
209. Because his first thought after being in a crash is of her.
210. And because her first thought is of him.
211. Because MARRIED!

kajuned  asked:

Mick reminds me so much of Season 4 Castiel. He goes from untrustworthy, becomes rather friendly, then gets in trouble with his superiors so he becomes a douche again, but eventually, Sam or Dean will convince him to rebel and be their actual friend. (On a side note: Did Bucklemming just make Ketch and Mary lovers?)


Yeah Mick believes in their mission. He believes it’s RIGHT the same way early s4 Cas did. He gets a little bit of a taste for what it’s like to get his hands dirty. He tries to do the right thing with Claire (flashing back to the other girl he killed). But he still believes he “did what needed to be done” in killing the monster here.

Mick: I had orders
Dean: You had a choice.

I love that Dean doesn’t trust Mick as far as he can throw him. He had his Lie Detector Senses in full active mode tonight.

Mick: Killing monsters is what we do. Or maybe palling around with demons and witches, you’ve forgotten that.
Dean: Don’t tell me how to do my job.
Mick: Then do it.
Dean: You think it’s that simple, do you?
Mick: I really do.
Dean: Yeah, I used to think the same thing.

(yeah, back before 2.03…) (and heck I could’ve sworn I did a meta post for my rewatch on 2.03, but apparently not? wtf? Did tumblr eat my post O_O I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW)

Dean: Here’s a little tip. Things aren’t just black or white out here. All you have is the case in front of you.

He tells Mick about Magda, that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone, that she was being abused.

Dean: We gave her a second chance, because it was the right thing to do.

And Mick KNOWS that Magda is dead, probably on his order.

And he uses a word that Cas has used when he was compelled to torture a kid once… in 6.03.

Mick: That’s your luxury.

Back in 6.03, Cas tortured Aaron Birch to touch his soul and find out the name of the angel he’d dealt with:

DEAN: You’re gonna torture a kid?
CASTIEL: I can’t care about that, Dean! I don’t have the luxury.

But back then, Cas was at war, he’d gone rogue and was being hunted. Mick… well, he’s still resisting and sticking to the company line here.

But back to your original point! S4 Cas vs Mick (and not s6 Cas… which is a very different thing altogether)

From the 15 seconds of promo for next week’s episode, it really does look like Mick’s going to reach that Point Of Decision. He’s going to have to make a choice between upholding the BMoL’s “code” and choosing to do the right thing.

Will he “do what he has to do” or will he find another way?

(seriously there is no worse phrase on this show than “I did what I had to do!”)

I don’t know if they’ll convince him to rebel, or if they’ll just sort of ~shame~ him into not acting. Either way, it’ll be a small rebellion, but I think it might mean the end of Sam and Dean trusting the BMoL at all.


Also, for the singular/plural thing, because of Mick:

Dean: Well, now, Hayden’s mom? She gets to bury two kids instead of one. Thanks to you and thanks to your code.

Two instead of one.

I think a lot of this episode focused on “second chances.”

  • Claire got her second chance to be honest with Jody about what she wants in her life, to go her own way.
  • She also got a second chance at life AT ALL because of the werewolf cure
  • Heck the jerk fuckboy werewolf dude was looking for his own second chance after the BMoL destroyed his family and took it upon himself to make his own (against the conset of his victims)
  • Sam and Dean decided to give Mick a “second chance” but as Dean said, there won’t be a third
  • (oh gosh if they only knew about Magda, that Mick’s already blown his second chance)

Okay back to your question for a THIRD time I swear wtf is wrong with me >.>

POINT IS! Yeah, Cas reached that Moment of Decision where he tossed out billions of years of following the rules of heaven in 4.22 (really, that was the Big Moment for him), but will Mick make the same choice Cas did?

Inside your head is the most complex structure in the known universe. You have 100 billion neurons, every single one of which is delicately connected to another 10 thousand neurons. It took nature 4 billion years to craft your mind, to make all this possible. You are a living, breathing miracle. Don’t forget how truly phenomenal you are. 

Mormon missionaries visit my parents house every week to speak with my 12-year-old nephew who is currently in their care and they were discussing a topic that delved into the highs of life. I was also visiting my parents at the time and had just barely made myself a nice cup of tea with perhaps a little too much sugar. 

I stepped out of the kitchen and into the room that they were all sat in and listened to one of the missionaries say, “…And that is why all true followers of God avoid things like drugs and marijuana and coffee and tea, we don’t need those things because they distract us from the word of God.”

At this point, they know I’m at the doorway and my mother looks to me and asks, “Hi, Dillon, do you want to sit down with us?”

I reply, “Oh, no, I’m fine. I was just making myself a cup of tea.” Then I smiled and took a small sip. “See ya!”

I walked out with a burnt tongue just for the sake of being a smart-ass. I have heard about the coffee thing enough by just living in Utah, but tea was a new one I hadn’t heard yet. Sorry 6.1 billion other religious people on earth that aren’t Mormon, only those that have not tasted hot liquids are allowed into Heaven according to this 19-year-old Mormon missionary boy.

“Starbucks - Helping people stay out of Heaven since 1971.”


The President

The 3200 year old tree so massive that it had never been captured in a single image until recently.

This giant sequoia stands 247 feet tall and measures 45,000 cubic feet in volume. The trunk alone measures 27 feet and the branches hold 2 billion needles (more than any tree on the planet).

This picture took a team of photographers from Nat Geo, 32 days and stitching together 126 different photos to make.


Old Habits - Chapter 12

Chapter 1                                    Chapter 7

Chapter 2                                    Chapter 8

Chapter 3                                    Chapter 9

Chapter 4                                    Chapter 10

Chapter 5                                    Chapter 11                 

Chapter 6

Pairings: Lucifer x You

Word Count: 918

Warnings: None

Notes: Sorry for the break in writing! I was spending Thanksgiving with my family and then I came down with a stomach thing on Sunday/Monday. I’m back now though!



Lucifer was still angry with you a week later, but he was at least speaking with you. When the boys decided to go off on a hunt together, you decided to try and spend time with the archangel. After all, a lot had happened since he was locked in the Cage and he still hadn’t talked about it. To anyone. You had a sneaking suspicion that this was why he was so angry all the time and you wanted to help him. So you suggested a day out of the bunker and though he glowered at you, he agreed.

And that was how the two of you wound up in Acadia National Park high up on Cadillac Mountain. It was late autumn now and there were no tourists present. The two of you sat down on a large rock and stared out at the serene view. It was a while before either of you spoke.

“I’m sorry,” You said.

“For what?” He asked, sounding tired.

“For not letting you kill Azarius. It’s just, I couldn’t let you do that. Kill another angel. You’re going down such a good path and I didn’t want Azarius to through you off track. He wasn’t worth it.”

Lucifer sighed. “I know that now. But he tortured me. And more importantly, he almost made me lose you. I can’t do that again. It’ll kill me.”

You looked at him and said softly, “You don’t ever have to.”

He snorted. “Yeah right. If this friendship thing doesn’t work out, you’re gone. I know that and you know that. And it’ll only be a matter of time before you’re with someone else.” He stopped and took a breath. “I’m trying my best here, but I don’t know that it’s good enough.”

“I’m the one who decides if it’s good enough and guess what? You’re more than good enough.” You said, scowling. “Lucifer, if I didn’t want to be here with you, I wouldn’t be. If I didn’t want to speak with you, I wouldn’t.”

He stood now and started pacing in front of you. “But who’s to say that you’ll feel that way a week from now? Or a month? Can you honestly sit there and tell me that ten years from now you’ll still want me in your life?”


“We said we were going to be honest with each other.” He snarled.

“And I am,” You shot back, standing as well. “Lucifer, I will always want you in my life. That’s an absolute fact.”

“But you left me down there,” He said softly.

You rocked back on your heels and took a moment to respond. “Lucifer, the only reason I left you was because you didn’t want me there.”

“I was caged like an animal.” He responded in that same soft voice. “Betrayed by Michael, and my Father.”

“I know.”

“No one ever came to see me. I was trapped in that horrible thing. My only consolation was knowing you would come back for me. At the very least, I thought you would be waiting for me when I returned.”

“I was angry. Hurt. I tried to be there for you, but you made things very difficult.”

He nodded. “ I know I did, and I’m sorry for that. But not one visit in four billion years? It’s like once you left me there, I never crossed your mind at all.”

“I thought about you every day, Lucifer.” You said, anger starting to bubble up. “Every. Damn. Day. For four billion years. And I wanted to come visit you. Hell, I wanted to free you! But I thought you didn’t want me there. So I never came back?”

He clenched and unclenched his jaw a few times before responding. “Look, if we’re being honest here, I don’t want to get any closer to you because I’m terrified that you’ll leave me again.”

Your anger subsided immediately and you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I will never make that mistake again. I promise.”

He pulled back and you could see the pain written on his face. “If you were anyone else, I wouldn’t even take that chance. I don’t want to get any closer, but I can’t leave. The thought of being without you is enough to make me panic. Just this past month without you almost drove me insane.”

“So what do you want me to do?” You asked. “How can I make things better for you?”

He took a breath. “Stay.”

“I’m not going anywhere. Ever. But is there anything else I can do?”

“Tell me what’s happened to you ever since I was locked up.”

“That’s a lot,” You said, half-smiling.

“I want to know everything. It’s been so long and I want to get to know you.”

“You know me.”

“I don’t though. You’ve definitely changed since we’ve been apart.”

Your expression fell. “Is that bad?”

He chuckled. “Not at all. We just need to get to know each other again. Four billion years is a long time.”

You smiled and sat back on the rock, patting the ground next to you. “Well take a seat mister. This might take a while.”

He laid on the ground next to you and you cuddled up to his cool body. He wrapped an arm around you and you took a moment just to take in the fact that you were back in Lucifer’s arms before you began your tale.

“Well, after leaving Hell, I went to Jerusalem, which at the time…”

“I’m Sorry”  ~  Draco x reader

“lol that one ask where they said that you should make an imagine where Draco dates pansy to make the reader jealous sounds really good” ~Anon


So sorry it took me 4.6 billion years to compose this. I’ve been so busy with school and theatre, it’s a miracle I get sleep. I’m also going through a bit of a writers block where i’m not able to write as much, and it’s honestly killing me. Finishing this up at 3AM doesn’t help either😂

Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this once some ideas came to my head, and I hope you like it!!😊😘💕


The scent of coffee filled the Slytherin common room as 7th years all studied for their NEWTs. Y/n found it quite fascinating, watching them all work together, even if they weren’t taking the same classes. Through the whispers, y/n heard the door creak open. She looked over to see none other than Pansy Parkinson, hand in hand with her ex, Draco. She eyed the two of them for a moment before returning to her textbook. Unfortunately, they took a seat beside her on the sofa and continued their conversation on their holiday plans. Quickly, y/n left to her room.

The silky sheets on y/n’s bed were filled with comfort. It would be a miracle if she could get any studying done; being this comfortable, tired, and not to mention the thoughts roaming around in her head: what Draco was talking about with Pansy, their break up, the way his lips tasted after a heated kiss. Trying to shake it all out of her mind, she went back to her reading.

Their relationship hadn’t ended well. There were a lot of things left unsaid. Occasionally, she’d think back on those moments and try to tell herself it was all a dream. But, every time she’d see him, Pansy was there, being ‘little miss perfect’. She’d tried to change herself, hoping it wouldn’t go unnoticed by the blonde boy. She wanted him to see that she still had feelings for him, but then again, she didn’t. She wanted him to see that she could get by without him. She wanted him to realize what he’d left.

She wanted him back.

Time passed, as did the previous pages in y/n’s Advanced Potions textbook. Memories kept floating back to her mind, and she finally had enough of it. Slamming her book down on her desk, she got herself ready for bed.

She woke up in a sweat. She didn’t know why, having a dreamless night. Pulling the sheets over her head, she laid there unable to fall back asleep.

7:00 AM arrived quickly. Getting up for classes was already hard enough for y/n. With only three hours of sleep, she didn’t know how she’d hold up. Groaning, she rolled out of bed, bringing the covers with her to keep her warm. She got dressed as quick as she possibly could. Somehow she still ended up being late for class. Realizing she left her bag in her dorm, she didn’t even bother entering the room. Her bed was far more interesting anyway.

She crawled into bed without changing back into her pajamas. Realizing that her skirt was far too uncomfortable to sleep in, she got up and changed into a t-shirt. For once, she was glad to be skipping class. Everything had been emotionally draining her lately. Even just talking to her friends at the table during meals. She closed her eyes and thought of her happy place, still unable to sleep.

Dinner that night was horrific. Pansy was all over Draco, as usual, and spent the entirety of the time complaining about the grade she made on her History essay. Y/n rolled her eyes as she tiredly ate her food.

“You’ll do better next time.” Draco assured her.

Pansy gave him a cheesy smile. “Maybe you could help me…”

Y/n couldn’t take anymore of this. Jabbing her fork into her steak, she got up and left the table.

“Maybe you could help me…” she mimicked, pacing through the hallways. “Ugh!” She entered the common room, headed to her dorm, and threw herself on her bed. Was he even worth trying to get?

Tears flooded y/n’s eyes as soon as her head hit the pillows. Nothing she did was ever going to win back Draco. She sat up and clutched her pillow to her chest, pressing her face into it. The door opened, but at this point, she didn’t care. Why not get it all out in the open?

There was a tug at her pillow. Y/n tightened her grip.

Another tug.

Y/n felt someone sit down beside her and place their hand on her back. It was a familiar feeling. One that made her even more upset.

“Are you okay?”

Y/n looked up at the blonde boy. The whites of her eyes had turned red from the crying. “Why do you even care?”

“Because I do.”

Y/n scoffed at his words. “Yeah right…”



The anger in her voice stunned Draco. He didn’t realize how much he’d actually hurt her. He stared at her, unable to speak.

“Exactly.” she continued. “Nothing. You’re an idiot, Draco Malfoy. And how I manage to still have feelings for you? I don’t know. Just leave me alo-”

A soft pair of lips crashed into hers. Draco’s hands gripped her sides, pulling her closer and closer with every movement.

“I’m sorry.” he whispered, pulling away. “I didn’t mean to make you this upset. I just…” He paused. “I missed you. And, I thought you had moved on, so I wanted to make you jealous with Pansy, because I know how much you hate her.”

“How do I know you’re not trying to make a fool of me?”

“Because I know better than that.”

Draco pulled y/n close, her head resting on his chest. He rubbed her back soothingly. “I don’t know what I was thinking, really. Pansy’s an arse, and she’ll never compare to you.”

Y/n stayed silent.

“I’m really, really sorry, y/n.” His voice cracked. “I shouldn’t have done that. I was being stupid, and I regret it deeply.”

Still, no words came from y/n.


Draco looked down at her and smiled. She had finally fallen asleep. Gently, he laid her down and pulled the covers over her, sliding in next to her just afterwards.

Y/n slowly opened her eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t get any sleep last night.”

“Don’t apologize.” he said, pressing himself to her.

“But I-”


Wrapped up in Draco’s embrace, she quickly fell back asleep. Draco kissed her forehead and closed his eyes, tightening his grip on y/n. He was never going to let her go.

MEJIBRAY - シアトリカル・ブルーブラック (Theatrical Blue-black) lyrics & translation

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How many seconds in eternity?

I was already teared up when the Doctor said his storm house was the TARDIS and Clara Oswald in there, and he imagined he’s already survived so that he could show off and explain all those to her, to make her laugh. And, THIS was what broke me, a whole two billion years he struggled. It took him two billion years of time to make the first second of eternity pass.

Moffat once said that we are all time traveling, every day, once a little bit to the future. That’s basically how our life goes. And now, so was the Doctor’s. He finally realized he didn’t time traveled. He just lived and died over and over and the eternity stood in front of him. The eternity he had to break through, to break free, like Clara said to him, to break free.

They condense two billion years’ suffering to a few minutes, the visualization and Peter’s acting just hit right through my chest. That’s a hell great metaphor of lost, sorrow, feeling trapped and basically, sometimes, our life itself. Time is passing by. It always does. But the eternity stands there. It doesn’t move a little, despite your sorrow and desperation. You’ll be alone. You’ll be sad and angry and wanting to give up, to change yourself, to just lose this one. Especially there was no longer a reason to win. Two billion years time was just the first second of eternity. And the Doctor is immortal, eternity is his truthful friend.

There is a little web game called, “the company of myself” or something. Its rule was simple, you use the arrow keys and space to move “you”, crossing a gap to get to the other side. At first, it seemed impossible, for the gap was huge. Then, you’d realize that, to win this game, “you” have to die first. There would be a ghost “you” staying at where the previous “you” fell, occupying that space, and over and over, the present “you” could step over those previous “you"s to get to the goal. I used to play this little game when I was in my university. I thought that’s a very sad game. It’s about lost and carry on and live. A metaphor of life. Our life is composed by all those unaccomplished wishes. The people you missed. Dreams you screwed up. The promises you failed to keep. Then you get to the other side, the next stage is waiting. If you turn back and stare to your past, that’s a hell of ghosts, of yourself, heartbroken, left behind, dead. 

“How long can I keep doing this, Clara? Burning the old me, to make a new one.”