““I don’t understand why you’re so afraid of the ocean.” Lance said.

“It can kill me.”

“So can I.”

“You wouldn’t, though. The ocean doesn’t care. We’re just bits of flotsam. It’d bash me against the rocks just as much as it keeps me floating here.”

“It’d do the same to me, though. We’re all just bits of flotsam to it, just like the earth would be a bit of flotsam in the sun, and the sun is nothing but a bit of flotsam in the galaxy- which is nothing but a bit of flotsam in the universe. I’m just as much to the ocean as you are.””

The art for my fic blue lightning and the red bandit, http://archiveofourown.org/works/9480275/chapters/23256750#main chapter eleven Go read it!



Decided to do a parody of Rozen Maiden’s Ouverture Ending using Mario characters, just for shits and giggles. Will try to do a similar video as well, probably, maybe not, idk.

UPDATE: I did it, you can watch it here.


The Greek Goddesses // Moodboards

Rosario Dawson as Hera
Kristen Stewart as Artemis
Emma Watson as Athena
Beyonce as Demeter
Amandla Stenberg as Persephone
Lady Gaga as Aphrodite