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suho’s birthday countdown // D-3 ♡
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regardless of if you like “dig down” as a song, you’ve gotta admit the music video is pretty cool. @danielhowell

rt header for dan version here: x

yeah uh this took like 7-9 hours (i didn’t keep track oops) and i’m really happy with how it turned out. dig down isn’t one of my favorites that muse has released but the music video design was so cool so i had to.

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In which Lunafreya saves our Oracle boy from certain doom!
Some of you wanted to know how Prompto survived chapter 9, well here’s a quick sketched comic to give you an idea of what I had in mind ♥
The Niff rocket strikes again!

+Following this tidbit of story!
+All Oracle!Prompto art
+All Fateswap AU content

Please do not remove caption, repost or edit. Ask permission to use! Thank you ♥


“In the wasteland you must hunt and kill for survival!”
“But this courier isn’t doing it for survival. He’s out to face the deadliest creatures of the wasteland for a chance at fame and fortune!”
“A story of pure violence! BLEED ME DRY!”

Another pulp cover, this time for the quest Bleed Me Dry from Fallout New Vegas. It took over 9 hours to finish on Clip Studio Paint EX, with a lot of the work spent on the inks.
I’ve gotten several requests for quests like “GI Blues”, but I haven’t thought of a good way to depict them. I’ll try to find a good way though, and will adapt into a similar cover in the future.


What's My Line? → Masterpost

Will you come in mystery challenger and sign in please?

A - H

Alfred Hitchcock [x], Andy Griffith [x] [x], Angela Lansbury [x], Ann Miller [x],

Ann Sheridan [x], Ann Sothern [x], Ava Gardner [x], Barbra Streisand [x] [x],

Bette Davis [x] [x] [x], Betty Hutton [x] [x], Bob Hope [x] [x] [x],

Buster Keaton [x], Charles Boyer [x] [x] [x] Claudette Colbert [x] [x],

Cyd Charisse [x], Debbie Reynolds [x] [x], Deborah Kerr [x], Desi Arnaz [x],

Doris Day [x] [x], Dorothy Lamour [x] [x], Elizabeth Taylor [x],

Ella Fitzgerald [x], Esther Williams [x] [x] [x], Eva Marie Saint [x], Eve Adren [x], 

Frank Sinatra [x], Fred Astaire [x] [x], Gene Kelly [x] [x], Gene Tierney [x], 

Ginger Rogers [x] [x] [x], Gloria Swanson [x] [x], Greer Garson [x] [x],

Groucho Marx [x] [x] [x], Harold Lloyd [x], Hedy Lamarr [x], Henry Fonda [x]

I - P

Irene Dunne [x] [x], Jack Lemmon [x], Janet Leigh [x] [x] [x], 

Jayne Mansfield [x] [x] [x], Jeanette MacDonald [x], Jerry Lewis [x] [x] [x], 

Jo Stafford [x], Joan Crawford [x] [x] [x] [x] [x], Joan Fontaine [x], John Wayne [x], 

Jimmy Stewart [x], Judy Garland [x], Julie Andrews [x], June Allyson [x] [x] [x], 

Kim Novak [x], Lana Turner [x] [x], Lauren Bacall [x] [x],

Lucille Ball [x] [x] [x], Margaret O'Brien [x], Maureen O'Hara [x], Myrna Loy [x],

Natalie Wood [x],Nancy Sinatra [x], Olivia de Havilland [x] [x], Paul Newman [x], 

Peggy Lee [x] [x] [x],Peter Lorre [x], Phil Silvers [x] [x], 

Q - Z

Red Skelton [x] [x] [x], Robert Mitchum [x], Robert Taylor [x], Robert Wagner [x] [x],

Ronald Reagan [x], Rosalind Russell [x], Rosemary Clooney [x] [x], 

Sammy Davis Jr. [x] [x] [x] [x], Sean Connery [x], Shelley Winters [x] [x], 

Tallulah Bankhead [x], Tony Curtis [x], Van Johnson [x], Vincent Price [x],

William Holden [x]

Groups / Pairings 

Andrews Sisters [x], Carol Channing & Ginger Rogers [x],

Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis [x], Eddie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds [x],

George Burns & Gracie Allen [x], George Montgomery & Dinah Shore [x],

Husbands and Wives of the Panel [x], I’ve Got a Secret Panel [x], 

Joanne Woodward & Paul Newman [x], Linda & Bob Hope [x], 

Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz [x], Rodgers & Hammerstein [x],

Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows [x], Von Trapp Children [x], 

What’s My Line? Cameramen [x]

Special Clips

Dorothy Kilgallen: Mystery Guest [x], Steve Allen: Mystery Guest [x],

John Daly: Mystery Guest [x], Goodbye, Dorothy Kilgallen [x],

Goodbye, Fred Allen [x],

  • armin: man, why aren't i in any promo arts?
  • armin: like i can get that i'm not cool and stuff, but really? replacing me with levi?
  • armin: what's so cool about an old fart with a cleaning fetish?
  • levi's disembodied voice: I DO NOT HAVE A CLEANING FETISH
  • armin: *yelling back at the disembodied voice* TRY TELLING THAT TO THE FUJOSHIS AND FANDOM

look I made a meme. Has this been done already? Part of me says yes, but I couldn’t find one anywhere if it has…

Also huge shoutout to @majorfrustration who let me use some of her screencaps for this!

frat boy!got7;

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a/n: for the anon who requested frat boy!got7!!! this is my first combined scenario so bear with me 


  • president of the frat ofc
  • his brother was an alumni at the school and was a loyal member of the same frat so jaebum was basically raised wanting to be a part of it too
  • jaebum cares about the guys in his frat so much like he always makes sure they’re taken care of
  • the morning after a big party he walks around the frat house distributing tylenol and water bottles and saying stuff like “you’ve got an exam in four hours, youngjae” “make sure you don’t get soap in your eye when you scrub the penis drawings off your forehead, jackson” “i’ll drive you to the hospital for that twisted ankle, bambam”
  • works with frat mom jinyoung to keep the boys under control
  • he’s a very polite and relatively reserved guy and at first when you meet him you don’t even think frat is in his vocabulary
  • he has the neatest set of study notes you’ve ever seen like there are headers, sub points, little boxes to the side titled “fun facts” like what a cute boy. for real
  • he offers to tutor you when he finds you stressing and banging your head against your desk and you accept bc you’re honestly hopeless at this point
  • he tells you to meet him at the frat house, which is already surprising to you bc you don’t see him being a member of a frat
  • and then he’s like “I’m the president of the frat so don’t worry about anyone bothering us”
  • you’re even more surprised
  • super smart tho like you can tell he’s very diligent abt his studies and stays on top of them very well
  • the other boys are super lost when they find jb with someone in his room tho and they take it the Exact Wrong Way
  • jaebum is tripping over himself blushing trying to explain that it is not like that but they all just keep giggling to themselves
  • jackson: don’t worry (y/n), you’re guaranteed an A+ tonight am i right
  • bambam: don’t “study” all night guys ;))))
  • they keep making jokes until jb reminds them that he can and will put them on toilet duty for next week’s party and they immediately shut up and bolt
  • despite that jaebum is pretty much loving with the boys and dotes on them like a big brother and it’s so endearing to see
  • like he swears that they all drive him crazy but you always see the warm smiles he shoots them when they’re being silly or causing a ruckus and it really does make ur heart flutter
  • jaebum also turns out to be really bad at asking ppl out on dates
  • he ends up asking you if you wanna study at the park one day and you’re like sure!! but he shows up with a picnic basket that jinyoung and youngjae put together and he doesn’t even have,,, books
  • has you looking like booboo the fool with a scientific calculator in one hand and dressed in mustard stained sweat pants
  • he ends up bashfully telling u that it was supposed to be a surprise date and that jackson told him if he mentioned studying at the park you’d get the hint but, as you could see, you did not
  • still, the effort is so sweet that you just dump your stuff in the grass and peck his cheek, telling him “all you had to do was say so, doofus”


  • networking god
  • there is not a person on god’s green earth that jackson can’t talk to okay
  • he’s always the one that goes out and recruits people for parties and fundraisers
  • don’t speak korean? that’s okay!! he speaks four other languages!!!
  • at every party jackson is going up to lit everyone like “john from the laundromat! harmony from the grocery store!! oh, hey maria do you want to meet my frat brothers? i’m sure they’d love to hear everything abt your accounting job at the bank”
  • super persistant and basically if you turn jackson down for a party he’ll make you feel so bad with his lil pout until you hate yourself so much you just accept
  • you’re just going abt your merry way one day, running off three hours of sleep and six cups of caffeine
  • you’re pretty sure you can see the earth rotating at this point
  • jackson just has to come up to you when he notices that you’re wearing a tee shirt for an artist he likes and tbh you don’t even know the artist and just thought the shirt was cool but he’s rambling and you don’t wanna be mean and ignore him
  • plus he’s cute
  • then he’s like “hey, my frat is having a party this weekend and i’d really love it if you came :DD” 
  • a party does sound fun tbh and your week is already hell with finishing up all these tough tests so you’re like sure, what’s wrong with a lil unwinding
  • he exchanges numbers with you and you don’t even expect him to text you every day leading up to the party but you can’t say you mind
  • he’s adorable and really knows how to make you laugh, keeping you great company in between studying and classes
  • on the day of the party, you’re half convinced that jackson had just kept up with you through the week to ensure you came to the party but then only a few seconds after entering the party one of the boys who greets you named Mark is like “Oh!! jackson told me to look out for you, lemme go get him”
  • and sure enough, jackson comes barreling over and gives you a big hug like you two have been best friends for years and he looks so happy to see you and is rambling just like the day at the coffee shop
  • but this time he’s also asking abt you
  • he seems to want to know everything abt you and what you like to do and what your major is and suddenly jackson “life of the party” wang is tucked away in a corner discussing the meaning of life with you
  • you two escape up to his room and while the others think you’re up to something else you two actually end up falling asleep talking abt your futures to each other
  • it’s only when you wake up the next day tangled in the limbs of a snoring jackson do you realize what’s happened and you bashfully wake him, telling him you’ve got to head back before your classes start
  • so he offers to walk you back to your dorm, and it’s not even five minutes after he’s “left” that you receive a text 
  • jackson: coffee date after class???
  • you bite your lip to contain ur grin and text him back an affirmative, before you’re startled by a loud exclamation of “HELL YEAH” from outside your window, and you look out to see jackson running down the sidewalk with the biggest smile on his face


  • one of the ones that doesn’t look like he belongs in a frat
  • he mainly did it to look good on job apps and whatnot and when he first joined, he was reeled in by the help of mr. president of the frat im jaebum
  • jinyoung isn’t a big fan of the parties but he will go to a few for the alcohol and chicken wings and then hole himself up in his room with headphones on listening to his latest audiobook
  • when he does show up to frat related events, looks really dapper in a nice prim blazer and stylish turtleneck with his hair combed perfectly and his shoes shining
  • the maknaes try to roast him but they always come up short bc. i mean. he looks great
  • always yelling at the youngest pledges and sighing dramatically in the background when one of them fucks something up
  • he meets you one night at a party held at the frat, where he’s sat up in bed, eyes closed, quietly listening to his audiobooks as he zones out
  • and then he hears a thud in the background and his eye opens only to see you, sweating and panicking, shutting the door behind you while you gasp for breath
  • slowly, he pulls his headphones down and frowns at you, “can i help you?”
  • you jump, startled to see him there, and immediately rush over to him “please please please hide me!! there’s some guy following me around the party and i think he saw me come in here” 
  • at the revelation of your situation, jinyoung shifts into “oh fuck no” mode and gets up, shrugging on some shoes before he grabs your hand and pulls you with him to the door and you’re pleading for him to hide you but then he looks over at you and says “point him out to me and I’ll do the rest”
  • sure enough, the guy who is bothering you is bothering other people too, touching them and making them visibly uncomfortable
  • jinyoung’s seen this sleaze across campus before but he’d never been able to get into one of the frat’s parties until now
  • jinyoung can already see the brothers put on door duty too busy partying to focus on their job
  • immediately, jinyoung stomps up to the guy and grabs him by the collar and you’re momentarily shocked by the force jinyoung uses bc he doesn’t look that strong in your eyes, but he’s managed to lift this guy straight into the air
  • jinyoung shoves him into a wall and the guy is nearly pissing his pants when he sees the anger in jinyoung’s eyes “leave. now. before i kick your ass” and when he drops him the guy sprints out so fast that jinyoung just watches with a roll of his eyes and turns back to you
  • you’re standing dumbfounded at the top of the stairs as jinyoung passes by you and goes “i’ll have one of the younger boys walk you home”
  • but before you can stop yourself, you’re asking if you can stay with him for the rest of the party
  • he reluctantly agrees, mainly bc he feels bad and you don’t seem like a nuisance
  • at first, he just expects to turn his tv on and to leave you to your own devices as he gets back to what he’s doing, but then you start asking about why you rarely ever see him at the parties
  • “they aren’t actually why i joined the frat. if anything, i just endure them” he explains, only slightly annoyed
  • so you ask another question, and he answers
  • and then another
  • and another
  • jinyoung ends up unknowingly abandoning his book altogether to talk to you, finding it kind of hilarious how entertained you are with just him
  • usually the younger pledges tune him out when he talks abt things he’s interested in or always tell him he’s got a stick up his ass but you, you actually think he’s interesting
  • it’s well into the early morning when you both realize the party has died down, and he offers to walk you home himself, which you oblige to
  • it’s brisk outside and it’s extremely dark, so jinyoung thinks it’s totally okay if he slips his arm around your waist to tuck you under his arm in fear of losing you
  • you’re mad blushing cause?? oh my god he’s so hot but also he’s lit hot like you wish you could carry him around like a personal heater 
  • when he arrives at your dorm, he gives you a nod and tells you to be careful, and that if you see anything strange outside to tell him
  • at first you’re kinda confused abt how that would work, but then he slips a piece of paper into ur hand and when did he have the time to write down his number…?
  • when you look down at it in awe, he just smiles at you, bigger than a little smirk for the first time that night, and shrugs, “and if you ever need a breather at one of our frat parties, you know where my room is”


  • the cutest??? frat boy??? ever?/??
  • honestly when ppl see him at the parties they’re just like who dropped this baby angel from heaven
  • he’s always smiling at everyone and asking if everyone is having a good time
  • he doesn’t drink a lot bc alcohol makes him kind of sluggish and he usually has a lot of energy on his own to begin with lol
  • him and bambam are inseparable, and usually start all the dance battles at parties
  • that’s actually how you meet him
  • he ends up giving you a concussion :)
  • OKAY LOOK BASICALLY bambam bet that yugyeom couldn’t make a really high kick and yugyeom was like fuck u ill do two high kicks consecutively
  • the first one is great but when he comes down on the second one he feels resistance and a few people are gasping and he’s like oh shit what did i break
  • then he looks down and sees you on your ass, groaning as you hold your head in your hands 
  • immediately he’s freaking out and jaebum is screaming from somewhere upstairs that he’s going to kill yugyeom
  • bam helps scoop you up tho and then he puts you in yugyeom’s arms and is like “go to the emergency room now!!!” and yugyeom doesn’t even think to listen to anyone else’s advice he just sprints with you in his arms screaming “sorry! sorry! sorry!”
  • you hold on to his shoulders and fight the vomit back down from how you keep getting shaken on his shoulder and jesus christ doesn’t this kid understand “handle with care”
  • but you two get to the emergency room fairly fast with how quickly he’s sprinted, and when you get checked out, you’ve got a bump on your forehead and a concussion, but other than that, you’ll be fine
  • yugyeom is whispering apologies every time the doctor isn’t talking to you two, and you almost want to grab the roll of gauze in the corner to gag him with it
  • finally, when you’re released, the doctor simply says “make sure your boyfriend checks up on you often, and refrain from sleeping for a bit okay?”
  • you’re about to protest that this tall goof is not your boyfriend but yugyeom is so nervous and he just sputters out a yes before he realizes what the doctor said
  • when he’s leading you out of the hospital with his arm wrapped around you, asking you every few seconds if you’re really alright, all you really want is a drink and some rest so you ask him if he can be quiet for a bit as you collect your thoughts
  • he follows through, his lips pulled into an adorable pout and damn if you weren’t in so much pain, you might feel a lil more sorry for him
  • it’s only seconds later that he whispers “what’s your name?” 
  • you tell him irritatedly, and he tells you his, before he bends down at the knees in front of you
  • you’re furrowing your brows, trying to figure out what he’s up to
  • he looks behind him and smiles gently, “come on, i’ll piggyback you back to your place”
  • you’re reluctant, but once you fall onto his back and he’s hoisting you up, you feel ten times better
  • you whisper a soft thank you into the crook of his neck and miss the way his face beams bright red after
  • you keep feeding him directions back to your place and when you arrive, your roommate immediately starts fussing over you, akin to the way yugyeom had
  • when yugyeom carefully sets you down in your bed, the two start discussing what went down and she’s like “you’ve got to come by to check on her as your punishment, i know your hyungs and i will get them on you”
  • you want to tell her so bad that no, it’s not needed, but yugyeom agrees without literally any prompting
  • then he turns to you with an apologetic smile and gently hands you an ice pack, telling you to text him if you need anything and he’ll get it
  • you let him put his number in your phone and then he’s on his way
  • the next day, when you wake, you check your phone to see a new message
  • dumbass who gave you a concussion: i’m free this afternoon, want me to bring over lunch?? my treat :)
  • you let out a soft laugh of disbelief at the contact name, pleasantly surprised that he wanted to follow through with his promise, and type back with a blooming smile on your face
  • you: that sounds great, dumbass who gave me a concussion


  • probably the only maknae who is not a danger to the rest of his frat brothers
  • this boy actually gave himself the sweetest job ok
  • throughout every party, he checks up on all the super sick or hungover guests and makes sure they get home safely
  • the boys have a car that youngjae affectionately calls the hangover train
  • he piles a few nearly comatose students on and gets their addresses before driving them back to their dorms
  • he usually has jackson help pile and unload all the passengers bc youngjae is,,, not into the whole picking people up and moving them bit
  • and jackson likes manhandling ppl so it’s a win win 
  • you, unfortunately, have the great fun of escorting your very drunk roommate back to your dorm :))) all the way across campus :)))
  • but then you hear about the hangover train and decide that hey, that should be helpful
  • you’re told youngjae is in charge of it and you go up to him, attempting to hold on to your friend and keep her from falling
  • she’s almost abt to crash on to the floor when youngjae suddenly turns and grabs her around the waist, laughing softly “oops. need a ride, i assume?” he asks, and you nod with a pleading smile
  • he gets jackson to come over and scoop up your friend, and jackson is more than happy to show off his biceps as he carries her out to the car
  • you let out a sigh of relief, having the pain in your shoulder soothed from not having to carry your friend anymore, and youngjae starts making conversation
  • “is she usually like this?” 
  • “oh no, but her sociology exam is coming up and-” “ah i see, nuff said” 
  • once he drops you two off at home, he gives you a bright smile and waves, telling you to have a safe night and you think is the last time you’ll see the sweet smiling boy
  • but then your friend convinces you to go to another party at that same frat a few weeks later, and sure enough, she ends up getting blackout drunk again
  • you’re looking for youngjae again without thinking about it, and he meets you halfway, with the same charming smile on his face “need another ride?”
  • it weirdly becomes a thing where you and your roommate go to parties at their frat and you almost always end up taking youngjae’s offers of a ride back to your place each time
  • sometimes, neither of you are even drunk
  • sometimes, you go to the parties alone just to see him
  • one of these nights, he’s taking a break from the hangover train and one of the other frat brothers is in charge of it
  • it turns out that youngjae is actually really wild on alcohol and you come to the conclusion that jb put him in charge of being designated driver for a reason
  • he’s climbing on chairs, has nearly mooned everyone (you stopped him in time), and also is seeing double
  • “wow, two (y/n)’s… this is like a dream come tru”
  • for the first time, it’s you who’s taking care of youngjae when he’s drunk
  • you help him up the stairs to where his frat brother mark says his room is and you gently deposit him on his bed, watching as he smiles dazedly at the ceiling
  • you’re abt to tell him goodnight and get yourself outta there in case youngjae started stripping again not that you would have particularly minded when youngjae calls your name
  • “wait, are you going home?” 
  • you nod
  • “but didn’t you drink too? what if something happens to you on your way back? damn it, i should have held back tonight. i’ll go get yugyeom, he can walk you home-” but as he’s moving to get up you stop him with a flattered smile, watching as he pouts up at you
  • “it’s fine, youngjae. i’m a lot better at holding my liquor than my friend. and you”
  • his cheeks turn even darker, the alcohol and his embarrassment making him look cherry red in the dull lamp light
  • he hiccups cutely and sighs, “but your dorm is so far across campus. can you let me know you got home safe?” he asks softly, and you’re so endeared by how much he cares that you give in and give him your phone number before calling him
  • he picks up the phone with a confused face, seeing as you’re right there and calling him, but then he watches as you lean over and kiss his forehead, motioning for him to get under his covers
  • you slowly back out of the room and wave goodbye, and when you make it out of the party, you start talking “i’ll talk with you until i get home, okay youngjae? and then until you fall asleep”
  • “i don’t think i’ll be able to fall asleep if it means i have to stop talking to you”
  • if you thought he was blushing hard oh boy
  • you two start talking about nothing, passing the time as you get closer and closer to your place, until finally you’re in bed and whispering gently as to not wake your roommate, “i can tell you’re falling asleep youngjae”
  • “no ‘m not… keep… telling about physics…”
  • “goodnight youngjae~”
  • “will i see you again soon?” his questions catches you off guard, but you decide to whisper back “i’ll see you tomorrow, how about that? i’ll bring you something for that hangover” 
  • and he quietly mumbles “i’d really like that” before he drifts off, and all you can hear are his adorable lil snores on the other line
  • you barely have the resolve to hang up but once you do, you fall back into your pillow with a lovey sigh, dreaming of a cute, pink cheeked boy who you may be crushing hella hard on


  • f u c k b o y
  • jk jk he’s not that bad……. kinda
  • he dresses like he was born in a frat im ngl
  • he ties plaid shirts around his low hanging tank tops, wears backwards hats and thinks he is the shit
  • mostly everyone thinks he’s the shit too im not even gonna try and play yall
  • but,,, there are two kinds of Marks
  • there is party mark who is usually like always lit, always drunk, and always flirting
  • and then there’s college student mark who wakes up extra early for classes, helps tutor his brothers, and buys everyone coffee during finals week
  • you meet mark at a fundraiser the frat is doing
  • they’re going to donate the money they make to the art programs at school bc they’re severely lacking in funding and it’s pretty sad
  • you think that’s cool bc you happen to be in one of the art programs, and so you attend, thinking you’ll just help out any way you can and enjoy a lil fun
  • you end up seeing a dunk tank and immediately begin to try and hightail it out of there when
  • “hey!! you in the cute blue tee shirt”
  • shit. you were wearing a cute blue tee shirt
  • you slowly turn around to see this grinning boy with a smile that could cure sadness waving you over and you. go. very grudgingly
  • “do you wanna play? we’re offering dares” he tells you
  • “what kind of dares?” 
  • and then the guy points over to the dunk tank where this tall brunette is climbing into the seat, tossing a towel over the rim of the tank 
  • the guy in the tank grins at you and you get reminded of why you were running away from the tank in the first place
  • you’d heard of mark tuan and his antics around school, and had basically never wanted to be a part of it
  • the guy next to you introduces himself as youngjae and tells you that the crowd says what they want mark to do, and if you manage to dunk him on your first try, he has to do it. however, if you miss, they wage something else mark has to do on top of the first thing. if you miss a second time, they wage one more thing mark has to do and the game continues until you hit the target or give up
  • it sounds like an awful lot of work and you’re really not interested but youngjae keeps giving you that smile and is like “its for a good cause~”
  • finally you give in
  • the first dare happens to be pretty okay
  • they dare mark to pay $100 toward the cause and mark just shrugs
  • you throw the ball and it flies way out of the general direction you were aiming for
  • so the crowd starts getting interested and the next dare is that mark run around the campus screaming “i’m a big weenie”
  • mark is slightly miffed now and he’s making eyes at you like “pls make it so i won’t have to suffer more than this”
  • you throw, and purposefully miss this time
  • you can’t contain your laughter at mark’s distressed expression and listen as the crowd then wages for him to only drink shirley temples at the next big frat party
  • you miss again, not even pretending to hide your laugh
  • suddenly, mark calls one of his brothers over and whispers in his ear, and the next thing you know, one of them is yelling “the person throwing has to go on a date with mark!”
  • shit
  • you have no choice now, even if you hit the target you still have to do it
  • no longer fooling around, you hit the target, and the crowd groans, unable to put mark through anymore hell
  • when mark resurfaces, he’s lightly glaring at you before he climbs out of the water
  • you’re hoping he won’t follow through with the last dare, and are abt to scurry out of there before you feel wet fingers grasp your arm, and your spun around to see mark smirking at you from above
  • “aren’t you forgetting something, honey?”
  • “no one will know if we don’t go on that date-” “oh no, we’re going. i waged it for a reason”
  • you’re dumbfounded for a second before you glare up at him “that was your idea?? i thought you just told your friend to pick something bad!”
  • and okay. mark is offended
  • you know that face he pulled when the boys made fun of his album cover?? this one??? yeah that’s the face he makes
  • he lets you go with a slight pout and folds his arms across his chest “excuse you, i am a delight”
  • you’re thoroughly annoyed now and being forced on a date so you wanna get it over with as soon as possible
  • you give him your phone to put his number in and he mumbles “but how will i call you if you don’t give me yours?” but you’re already on your way out of his sight before you answer him
  • you finally text him three days later when you happen to be free that night
  • you’re really hoping that he won’t be free, or maybe that he and his brothers have forgotten about it so he won’t care to go through with it
  • but not fifteen minutes later there is a call from mark
  • “come outside, i’m ready to go”
  • sure enough, when you look out of the window, mark is standing there in slightly nicer clothes, having ditched his usual snapback and tank top style for something more respectable
  • “h…how did you-” “youngjae’s driven your roommate back to your dorm after a party too many times to count so he remembered”
  • you quietly glare at your roommate who is knocked out on her bed, snoring loudly, and decide that you might as well get the whole thing over with
  • stepping outside a few minutes later in what you hope embodies just the right amount of “this is me being inconvenienced but otherwise putting in effort”, mark immediately stares
  • you think something is wrong or you’ve missed a possible stain on your clothes but mark just whispers “you look wonderful”
  • you’re slightly taken aback by his compliment, having expected him to say something douchey or to not say anything at all, so you thank him, annoyed at how your tone sounds way too flattered
  • i mean, you definitely are very flattered but
  • “let’s go. there’s a festival in town and i want to try the cotton candy before it sells out like last year” when mark takes your hand, he seems like a whole different person than you’re used to hearing about
  • he’s got a childish gleam in his eyes and he looks so excited to go to the festival with you that slowly, you start to relax and allow yourself to have fun
  • well into the night, when you both are on your way back, you turn to mark and tell him “i had a lot more fun than i expected to have. you’re not like what i imagined”
  • mark is pretty good at hiding it, but you don’t miss his slightly bashful smile as he turns his head away from you, “there’s more to me than a party boy, sweetheart”
  • when he walks you up to your door, you tell him goodnight, guessing this’ll be the last time you see him for a long time, when mark gently calls out for you again
  • you turn, and this time mark is making no move to hide his bashfulness
  • “can i… kiss you goodnight?” 
  • it’s so simple, so innocent, that you’re actually standing in front of him a few moments later, and he’s leaning down to press a sugary kiss to your cheek before he nods at you, “thanks for tonight (y/n), i had a lot of fun too. call me!”


  • the man, the myth, the meme
  • bambam got into the frat with yugyeom when they were freshmen
  • the two of them really wanted to be cool ya know and they thought a frat would be perfect
  • like halfway through the initiation process yugyeom was crying and begging bambam for them to just give up and move on with their lives but NO kunpimook bhuwakul is nothing if he is not dedicated and stubborn as hell
  • and of course yugy is not just gonna let his best friend go thru all of that on his own so he powers thru in the name of friendship
  • bam loves being a part of the frat even tho for a while he’s basically made to do everything
  • jinyoung is always sending either him or yugyeom to take care of errands or making them wash dishes after dinner and while yugyeom sometimes rebels (and jinyoung just stares at him until yugyeom comes back to his goddamn senses) bam is always happy to do what he has to to be a part of this big family of weird guys
  • on the day of one of these errand runs, bam is put in charge of helping out one of the new pledges from a female sorority across campus, which just so happens to be you
  • the two frats are gonna be working together for a fundraiser soon and need all the newbies to pull their weight
  • you’re basically told one of the newest pledges from the other frat is coming with you to go shopping for cups and plates for the big bbq they’ll be holding
  • so you’re waiting outside impatiently, wishing that he’d come fast so that you could get all of your chores out of the way early, when you see a tall skinny legged guy running down the sidewalk, and a small white blur flies right past you
  • when you take a better look, you realize that it’s a dog, and the guy is chasing it frantically yelling “coco! coco please come back!”
  • suddenly you’re running after it too, catching “coco” when the dog stops in front of your lawn to pee (you grab the dog after it finishes peeing of course)
  • you hold the small offender between your palms and out as the tall guy comes to a stop and bends over at the waist, attempting to catch his breath before looking up at the dog between the eyes “coco, you bastard. you ran away from me on purpose” 
  • you can’t help but giggle as the boy gently takes coco from your hands, cuddling the dog close even tho he looks visibly displeased, and then he looks over at you and the house you’re standing in front of before he realizes “oh!! (y/n) right? i’m bambam. i’m the pledge you’re going shopping with today… well, were going shopping with today”
  • you frown, looking down at the pup in his arms before looking back at him “why past tense?”
  • “my hyungs told me to give their dog a bath and i’ve only got a few hours to get everything done, but coco won’t stay still. i’ve already spent half an hour trying to get him into the bath tub itself”
  • you watch as he pouts and start to grin at the cute boy, a plan forming in your head, “well, how about i help you bathe coco and then we can go shopping? it’ll be much faster with two of us right?”
  • wrong
  • literally it takes twice as much time trying to get coco to settle down bc not only is he still feisty, he’s wet too which makes him slippery
  • you can’t count on your fingers how many times coco has suddenly sprinted out of the tiny plastic tub full of bubbles and ran away from you two at lightning speed,
  • you were getting exhausted thinking abt it
  • it was only an hour later that you finally got coco cleaned, dried, and in front of coco’s owners
  • since you two only had so long to shop, bambam suggested to use a blow drier on coco
  • another bad idea
  • coco came back looking like a small white peacock, but you only got to see the split second of horror that flashed across mark’s face before bambam was tugging you out of the house with suppressed giggles
  • when you two finally got to shopping, bambam was telling you stories abt his adventures in the frat house, how stressful it was being so new and being expected to do so much without complaining
  • you share tales of the things that go down in both your sororities, and complain about your superiors openly
  • you feel so happy to know someone else who’s going thru the same thing as you, and slowly you start bonding over all kinds of things
  • it’s only after you two really start talking that bam realizes he has to be back in time to finish some other stuff for the frat, and you do too, so you walk with him back to his place since it’s on the way to yours
  • as soon as you get him back, you’re bidding him farewell and abt to head back, when bam calls out, “do you wanna do this again sometime?”
  • “shop for cups?” you ask, frowning
  • “no! I mean… like… hang out… together. you know. not shopping for cups or chasing a wet dog” he chuckles, smiling a lil wider when you smile too
  • “yeah, i’d like that” you nod, grinning softly to yourself before you wave goodbye to him
  • he waves back
  • you two actually wave at each other until you finally turn the corner to get to your place and bambam is grinning like a little kid to himself as he rushes into the house
  • the boys are asking why bam is so happy about helping jaebum organize volunteer information and he just shrugs and tells them “just thinking about something cute” or someone


My precious hwihwi ~ happy birthday little mandu. Even though you aren’t so little anymore ㅠㅠ Thank you for blessing this world with your beautiful smile and for always making my day shine brighter! love you ♡