this took 5 minutes i swear

You’re telling me Yousef “I swear we are soulmates” Acar would take more than 5 hours to reply to a clear invitation to a date with the love of his life, when he used to double text her whenever Sana took more than a couple /minutes/ to reply and who used emojis that clearly gave him away every time he messaged her? That’s not even realistic???? what the heck is julie playing at???

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This might sound weird, but how about a GIRLee Girls' Night Out?

hahaha you got it nonnie (names are from shinee’s school of rock (starts at 5:05) which they took part in TWO months after their debut wow! ~ the short’s genre is horror just a head’s up! 


  • has been trying to curl her hair for the past half hour
  • every few minutes “aH hot!!!” / minjung: omg you are a hazard to yourself
  • minjung offered to help and now she has v different curls going on on each side of her head
  • doesn’t know why she even bothered bc her hair is going UP when she dances 
  • absolutely refuses to wear heels bc the time she did she missed a step and almost died so she’s wearing dr. martens and no gwiboon we’re not even the same shoe size IT’LL BE FINE
  • almost fighting people to get to the bar bc she just wants a drink and a sEAT
  • she will stomp on someone’s foot with her heavy af boots by the end of the night probably


  • wants to stay in and bum but……………
  • breaks out her huge five inch red pumps (”HELLO MY BABIES” / gwiboon: you could kill a man with those…. i approve)
  • and after she puts on her bombass outfit she’s so hype
  • blasts edm while everyone is getting ready and that’s why her eyeliner is a bit uneven
  • walking around like her feet aren’t killing her 
  • it’s weird being able to see the top of minjung’s head 
  • she feels sO POWERFUL 
  • after a few drinks her wild side comes out (minjung: oh shit it’s jongmiiiiiii go jongmi go jongmi)
  • climbed up on the stage and when ot4 try to get her to come down she pulls them up and at first they’re like sos but then they dance their hearts out


  • her cat eye, brows, red lips, and highlighter are on point
  • basically her entire face
  • but her clothes/shoes too so basically just all of her, so on point 
  • when they first got to the club they all really needed to pee but there was a huge line for the girls’ bathroom so she burst into the boys’, wielding taeyeon and yelled “SHE NEEDS TO THROW UP” so they got a stall for themselves 
  • drinking a white wine bc she would (ot4: *~sipping of fruity cocktails~* these have so much more alcohol in them)
  •  is tired of yelling over the music so she texts everyone if she wants to say something 
  • when people ask her if she wants a drink she asks for water bottles and passes them out to ot4 (”hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, *takes away jongmi’s drink* junghee will thank me later and also hydrate”)


  • keeps rolling down the window of the cab to yell WHOOOOO at passerbys 
  • really pleased when people whooo back 
  • wearing sneakers and allowing junghee’s little height victory 
  • rolling her eyes when she tries to use her as an armrest (you’re not quite tall enough for that my dude / junghee: *grinning like her face is going to split* whatever shortie) 
  • took off one of her false eyelashes and put it on taeyeon and she swears she didn’t think that she would run out of the club screaming bc where is the logic in that?????? there are more bugs out ther taeyeon you misguided soul 
  • yell-rapping every song 
  • her lipstick is smeared and ot4 all have pink lipmarks on their cheeks 


  • making friends in the girls’ bathroom and now she has 7 more instagram followers (junghee: who was that?? / taeyeon: shrug emoji) 
  • dude they give french fries at the bar oh hey eunsook since when were you here 
  • wants to dance dance dance da-dance 
  • fantastic baby 
  • her hair has whipped several people who moved away grumbling 
  • if it looks like they’re going to start a problem minjung and gwiboon just stare them down until they walk away 
  • shuffling 
  • boom shakalaka 

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maybe a connor murphy x reader where he climbs in her window at night for no reason other than "oh- i uh i was cold so.." "so you walked to my house at 2:00?" "yeah. now cuddle me fucker" just like wow what a boi

The shrill sound of your phone sliced through the air. Your body immediately reacting to the loud sound of your text-tone going off on your pillow near your head. Blearily, you tried to blink away the haziness of sleep, as you fumbled with the vibrating device, practically going blind at the brightness of the screen. But despite your tiredness (and almost blindness), you fully awoke as you saw your boyfriend’s contact on the screen.

From: Connor
I know it’s really late, but can I come over?
It’s kinda urgent..

To: Connor
ofc you can!! you never have to ask, my window’s always open for u :-)

From: Connor
I’ll be there in 5 OK? Love you x

To: Connor
i love you too

It only took Connor about three minutes to make it to your house. Fortunately enough for the both of you, your houses weren’t that far of a walking distance away from each other. So it wasn’t a rarity to just randomly show up to each other’s houses whenever either of you had a particularly bad day.

Connor’s lanky limbs were trying to manoeuvre their way through your window. And he managed to make it most of the way in before he bumped his head on the window sill, making him swear loudly as you laughed.

“Fuck off,” Connor muttered, feigning anger, as he rubbed his forehead, contrasting against the loving smile he had on his face. 

Despite his super-intimidating aura, Connor was so adorably clumsy and so prepossessing; it was quite perplexing as to how anyone could think he was “a freak” or “weird.”

As he made his way to your bed, Connor stripped off his shoes and jacket before practically star-fishing onto your bed (and onto you as well. You groaned as he flopped his full body weight on top of you, causing him to laugh before he moved to lay beside.

“So,” you started, turning your body so you were practically chest to chest with your boyfriend. “What the hell are you doing, trying to sneak into my house at two in the morning?” A joking grin took over your face as you watch Connor scramble for a reason.

“Oh– I, uh– I was cold, so..”

“So you walked to my house at 2:00a.m.?” you asked with a smirk, cutting him off. A part of you knew it was probably something to do with his family, but maybe Connor was just lonely and didn’t want to spend the night alone. Whatever the answer, you weren’t going to push the subject any further

“Sure–yeah. Now cuddle me, fucker.” Connor said as he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you on top of him as he placed a kiss on your forehead.

this isn’t that great, i’m sorry. i haven’t properly written anything in months so i’m a little rusty :*  ask / request something !! feedback is also super appreciated *wink wonk*

God Damn Hills Race

Shawn Mendes
Words; 440 
Not really, but sippingchai at(ed) me so here ya go! 
Note; Not the best, but it’s pretty good considering it took me 5 minutes to write. I think this is the quickest I’ve ever wrote something 😄   

“How did you fail so badly,” I giggled, slipping my phone into my back pocket. Pouting, Shawn’s head hung low as he shuffled over to me, “You didn’t even manage half of it.”

“It was my shoes, I swear!” He wrapped his arms around my waist, bending down slightly to bury his reddening face against my neck, little tuffs of his hair tickling my chin, only making me laugh harder.

I kissed his cheek, at least that made him smile, “Sure, whatever you say.”

God, he was such a sore loser and it was fucking hilarious. We walked as the guys skidded back down the hill, each one taking their turn to pat Shawn on the back and congratulate him on his ‘attempt’. The whole time he stood there, red faced, trying to convince them it was in fact his shoes that was the problem and not his inability to climb the small hill.

“Okay then,” Geoff smirked, “Swap shoes with me.”

Shawn didn’t even think twice before kicking off his boots and slipping on Geoff’s. The guys all lined up again. Andrew was about to count down when I interrupted him.

“Wait, I want to join!” I passed my phone over to one of the crew members. Shawn and Geoff groaned as I ran to line up next to them, the other crew members looked confused, not knowing just how badly I was going to ruin them.

I didn’t even hear Andrew’s count down, just a loud GO and we were off up the hill. Geoff’s foot slipped at the start, causing him to fall behind. For the most part, Shawn and I were head to head with just a couple of inches between us. But Shawn started struggling about a foot from the top as he lost his momentum a bit, letting me take the lead.

I quickly grabbed hold of the concrete ledge, hoisting myself over it. Jumping up, I verified my spot in first place. Shawn followed a few seconds later, only just beating one of the other guys.

“See! It was the shoes!” He exclaimed, still out of breath from his mini workout.

“Yeah, but I still beat ya.” I teased, smiling at him sweetly as I kissed his cheek.

His hands grabbed my waist before I would pull away, mumbling a quiet whatever before drawing me in for a quick kiss.

“Seriously?” Geoff panted, finally flopped over the edge, “You guys can’t stop making out for three minutes?”

“No one asked your opinion.” Shawn jokingly pocked his mate’s cheek with his shoe. Geoff rolled his eyes and grabbed Shawn’s foot, tugging him to the floor in a heap of laughter.


Summary: just a lil one shot based on Perfect by the man Ed himself,from his Divide album. ((plus is still my fav album from him lmao))

pairing: isaac lahey x reader

a/n: i know i said i was gonna try posting more but 2017 hasn’t been too good for me and i’ve been working alot bc yo gurl needs to save for things and yeah life is just hectic af. sorry if it isnt too detailed but i hope this makes up for it and u enjoy this!! feedback is appreciated hehe thenks frands

I found a love for me. Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet.

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.

Cause we were just kids when we fell in love,n

ot knowing what it was.

Isaac never knew that you would be the one that everyone kept talking about. You first knew Isaac from history. You saw him grow. He started out as that shy kid that no one really paid that much attention to. Then suddenly he became this complicated hotstuff,who thought he immediately was superior to others. Before returning back to his old self.

He approached you to help him with his history since you were one of the better students in class. There were the top students,so you had no idea why he picked you to be his tutor.

Countless of study sessions later,it was finally time for the exam. Time to see if all those tutoring sessions was worth it at all.

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Bad Boy - Jack Gilinsky Imagine

Originally posted by aliens-bro



Jack’s POV

The next day 

‘Woah, and where are you going?’ I asked y/n when she came downstairs in a short , tutrtleneck, tight, nude dress and  peep toe, lace up, over the knee heel boots which drive me crazy. Her hair and makeup were on point and basically, she looked like a bomb.

‘Out.’ She said fixing her hair. ‘With the girls.’ 

‘And when were you going to tell me that?’ I asked. 

‘Oops? Now?’ 

‘What the fuck, y/n?’ 

‘What?’ She asked as she was offended. ‘I don’t need to ask you if I’m able to go out with my friends or not. You’re not my dad. I can do whatever I want.’ 

‘But you’re going dressed like this,’ I said pointing at her clothes ‘without me.’ 

‘It’s  not my fault that you can’t go because you’re covered in bruises and we all know why, don’t we?’ She said and I just threw my head back and sighed. This girl…she drives me insane. I knew she was still pissed at me because of yesterday, but acting like this was unnecessary.

‘Okay when will you be back?’ I asked. 

‘I don’t know, you don’t have to wait for me tho.’ 

‘Wow, I’m sure this is what every boyfriend wants to hear from his girlfriend.’ I said sarcastically. 

 ‘Yeah, I know.’ She smirked and leaned came closer to the couch to lean in and give me a kiss. She wanted to give me a peck on the lips, but I pulled her by waist and ran my tongue over her bottom lip asking for entrance and she let me in. I then started kissing down her neck and put my hands on her butt giving it a tight squeeze. 

‘Fuck..Jack, what are you doing?’ She moaned. 

‘Are you wearing that lingerie from last night?’ I asked her lifting her dress up. 

‘No..’ She moaned ‘I’m saving it for you’ 

‘Good girl.’ I smiled and stopped kissing her. ‘Now you can go.’ I said slapping her butt. 

‘W-what?’ She asked confusedly still holding her arms around my neck. ‘You did this just to find out am I wearing that lingerie? Are you fucking serious?’ 

‘Gotta know what my girl is wearing under a dress when she’s going out without me.’ I smirked. 

‘You’re such an asshole.’ She said climbing off of ny lap and fixing her dress and hair. 

‘I love you, baby girl’ I said. ‘Be safe!’ 

‘Go fuck youself, Jack’ She said leaving the house and I just chuckled.

3:25 A.M.

*phone ringing* 

I was woken up by my phone ringing. First thing I saw was that the TV was still on and that I was in the living room and then the second thing, it was 3:25 in the morning.

‘Y-yeah?’ I said answering the phone and rubbing my face with my plam. 

‘Hey, Jack? It’s Jordan and umm..I’m sorry that I’m calling you now, but it’s about y/n.’ She said and I instantly sat up. 

‘What about y/n? What happened to her?’ I asked. 

‘No, nothing bad happened, she just got drunk, but like really drunk. She’s sitting here outside on the sidewalk and she does’t want to move from here. We didn’t know what to do with her so we figured to call you.’ Jordan said.

‘Oh God..’ I sighed. ‘Okay, just give me address and I’ll be there in 5 minutes. 

After she gave me the address I took two botles of water with me and I immediately got into the car and drove off to the nightclub. I parked the car and saw 3 girls standing around one which was on the floor, around my girl.

‘Oh my God, y/n.’ 

‘We tried to stop her after she had too many, but she didn’t want to listen and just kept drinking.’ Jordan said. 

‘Yeah, I know..Anyway, thanks for calling me.’ I said.

‘No problem.’ She said and then they left leaving me to deal with this one.

‘Jaaaaaaaack! What are you doing here?!’ She shouted. 

‘I’m right here, next to you, you don’t need to yell.’ I said helping her to stand up. As she felt too weak to stand on her feet, she lost her balance and before she could fall I caught her. I lifted her up in my arms and took her to the car. 

‘Are you okay? Do you need to throw up before I start driving?’ I asked her when we sat in the car. 

‘No, no, no I don’t need anything.’ She mumbled. 

‘Y/n, if you throw up in my car, I swear to God..’ 

‘I don’t need to throw up!’ She shouted. 

About 5 minutes through the ride she took my arm and said ‘Jack, I feel sick..’ She said breathing heavily. 

‘Wait, don’t yet!’ I quickly stopped the car on the side of the road and she quickly got out. I took the bottle of water and held her hair up looking up at the sky so that I don’t have to look at her vomit. ‘Are you okay, baby? Do you-’ And then she threw up again. ‘Fuck’ I said to myself. ‘Here, rinse your mouth with water.’ I said handing her the bottle. She did it and then gave it back to me. 
She straightened up and I took her face between my hands. ‘Are you okay?’ I asked and she nodded. 

I started driving again and then. after about 2 minutes, she asked ‘Can you pull up here?’ She asked pointing at some old parking lot which belonged to some also old supermarket.

‘Do you need to throw up again?’ I asked. 

‘No, I don’t. C’mon just park the car there.’ 

I did as she told and then, before she got out, she took a blanket which we have in the back seat and I followed her. 

‘What are we doing here?’ I asked her. She spread the blanket in the middle of the parking lot and laid down. ‘Y/n, what are you doing? Are you cazy?’ 

‘Come, lay down with me.’ She said. 

‘You ARE crazy.’ I said, but I still laid down next to her. She snuggled up to me and I put my arm around her. 

‘I don’t wanna go home yet.’ She said. 

‘But do we really have to lay down on the ground, in the parking lot?’ 

‘So what?’ She said ‘Look up at the stars, look how pretty it is.’ She said. I looked up and the sky tonight was really nice. 

‘What would people say if they saw us like this?’ I chuckled. 

‘Since when do you care what anyone has to say?’ 

‘I don’t, but it’s just weird.’

‘I think it’s perfectly imperfect and I love it. She said. ‘I love weird things.’ She said quietly. 

‘Baby, you’re never drinking like this again.’ I said. 

‘Kiss me.’ She blurted out 

‘Y/n, you threw up minutes ago, I’m not gonna kiss you.’ 

‘So you don’t love me?’ She said sitting up.

‘Babe, I love you, I just-’ 

‘Then kiss me.’ 

I sighed and quietly said to myself ‘fuck it’ and then pressed my lips against hers. ‘I just kissed you after you threw up, I think that’s the biggest proof ever that I love you and how much I love you.’ I chuckled leaning my forehead against her. 

She smiled and leaned her head on my chest and said ‘I love you too, Jack Gilinsky.’ 

just us two - luke hemmings (part 5)

Luke knew that parenthood was never going to be easy when his girlfriend left him standing in the delivery ward with their baby clasped in his hands. his 5 year old daughter striking up a feud with the son of a coldly beautiful single mum was not a complication he had anticipated though. nor was falling in love with her.

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 

‘So I’ll come and pick Luna up after dinner?’ Luke asked into the phone as he moved around his studio collecting his things. Somehow over the passing weeks it had become commonplace for him and Y/N to share child care duties when she had to work late on a case or, like tonight, he had a surprise commission he couldn’t miss out on.

‘Sure, although I’m warning you now it is going to be pasta again.’ Y/N winced into the phone with a laugh.

‘Oh come on Y/N it’s not like she gets Michelin star quality food at home, you have nothing to apologise for.’ Luke chuckled.

'Well we both know that’s a lie Luke, if the whole photography thing ever falls through I’m setting up a go-fund me for you to start a restaurant.’ Y/N insisted and Luke could hear the smile in her voice, the mirror image he was sure of the smile on his own.

'Speaking of the whole photography thing I really do need to go now, but I’ll see you later.’ he said as he dashed out the door.

'Shoot something beautiful for me.’ Y/N teased before she hung up the phone. Luke found the words echoing in his head more times than he cared to admit as he drove to the location. He almost laughed out loud when the couple who had hired him happily announced their recent engagement, wanting to commemorate this mile stone in their relationship.

'Sorry, could you just move your hand a little higher on her waist?’ Luke instructed as he stood before the couple who had introduced themselves as Annabel and Lewis.

'Like this?’ Lewis questioned as he turned to Luke.

'Perfect.’ he smiled, taking a few shots and checking them before he moved onto the next post.

'So are you married Mr Hemmings?’ Annabel asked with a smile.

'Please call me Luke.’ he smiled, motioning for the couple to change their position. 'And no I’m not actually.’

'There must be someone special in your life though.’ she prompted.

'The most important someone in my life right now if my daughter Luna.’ Luke replied, desperately trying to push Y/N’s image from his mind. And failing completely.

'That’s a beautiful name.’ Annabel smiled, pausing to pose for another picture before speaking again. 'The only reason I ask is because you seem to capture the love and affection between couples so beautifully. I just assumed you must be in love yourself to be able to see it so clearly around you.’ she blushed slightly as she trailed off, noting Luke’s direct eye contact with her for the first time.

'I uh, thank you.’ Luke stammered. 'I guess if you’ve felt love once you’ll always be able to recognise it again if it comes your way.’ he coughed. 'Alright now, how about we get some kissing shots? People always love those for wedding invitations.’ he smiled, switching back abruptly to professional mode as he changed over lenses and adjusted lighting and generally tried to focus on anything but the fact that the woman he thought of when he thought of being in love was no longer the mother of his child.

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In School Suspension ||Sammy Wilk smut

“Y/n and Sammy, tisk tisk tisk. Why cant the both of you stay out of trouble? I just dont understand it.” The school disciplinarian asked Sammy and I.

She looked at us and raised a curious brow. “In the last five months both of you have been in my office seventeen times. Thats record braking.” She spat. “But both of you will be in, in school suspension for 2 weeks with Mrs. Trish.” She declared 

I groaned and sat back in my chair “Your the one who chooses to make bad decisions and you must deal with the consequences.” She snapped. 

“Alright go to the ISS room Mrs. Trish should be in there.” She instructed pointing her bony finger at the door.

Sammy and I got up out of our chairs. I smoothed my hand over my uniform skirt and walked out of her office. 

We walked through the silent halls together. He leaned over and whispered into my ear. “Damn y/n you look so fucking good in that skirt I might nut off in my pants just looking at you.” He whispered sneaking a quick slap to my rear end.

I took a seat in one of the 10 empty desks in the ISS room, Sammy sat in the desk to my left. I was surprised to see that the room was completely empty except for Sammy and I and Mrs. Trish, who was sitting behind her desk attacking a salad. 

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Hi, haha i just wanted to tell sombody this, i'm currently working on subtitling the Minecraft videos (im starting with my fave king ryan part two) and it took me almost an hour to get 5 minutes done but in that time realized just how much they all say "all right" or just dont finish their sentences and talk over each other. Im having a blast doing it and hearing ryans laugh on repeat it enough to keep the discouriging thoughts away 😊 hope yoir having a lovely night

Having six people talking in one room is so complicated and they overlap a ton. It always takes them a few tries to get their sentences out too. Ryan’s laugh can cure anything i swear its so pure. Good luck with the videos, that’s awesome that you’re doing that!


A/N: hello!!! This was a cool little imagine I was requested to whip up so here you go! Sorry it’s a little short 😬
Genre: Fluff


For once, London was somewhat warm. I walked down the streets wearing a simple pair of skinny jeans and a light jumper. In a good mood, I got a Pumpkin Spice latte on the way to one of my favorite places in the world: the local record shop. Music galore, nice people, and peace. What more could you want?

The jingle of the bell over the door indicated my entrance. I took a sip of my drink and began to browse the jazz albums. I get so caught up in the different albums that I didn’t realize I was about to run into someone… Until I did.

“Oh!” He exclaimed! I had spilled a little of my drink onto this persons shirt… Why am I such a clutz?!

"I’m so sorry!! I-I didn’t realize what I was doing, or that you were there! I just-” I stop babbling when I look up to see who I bumped in to. Woah…

To say he was attractive was an understatement. His dark brown eyes had gold flecks in them which complimented his pals skin and brown fringe well. He chuckled, and I swear my heart stopped beating for a few moments.

"It’s alright,” he said kindly. “It doesn’t burn or anything.”

"Oh… Okay,” I say softly, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

"May I asked what had you so intrigued?” He took a step back as we were inches apart. I blushed and nodded, telling him about the album I was holding. And then we kept talking. It seemed as if it was maybe 5 minutes before a store manager asked us to leave since they were closing.

"What?” I ask. “It’s only…” Oh. It’s been 2 hours. Dan-he told me his name when our conversation started- quickly picked up a record and told me to listen to it, that I would like it. But he then takes it out of my hands and buys it for me himself. I blush yet again. We shuffle outside of the shop and stand awkwardly for a moment before Dan blurts out,

"Can I have your number? Uh… Unless you don’t want to keep in contact or anything, I mean-” I laugh cutting him off. I take his phone and insert my number in, then hand it back.

“Don’t worry,” I smiled. “I’d like to see you again.” It was his turn to blush.

“Well, I better get back to my flat, Phil would like to know where I am,” he smiles. I felt my heart drop a little, but I had to get back to my flat too.

“Okay, bye Dan!” Without thinking much, I give him a quick hug and begin to walk to my flat, unable to conceal my smile. Not 2 minutes later, my phone buzzes with a text from a number saying,

“Do you wanta get Starbucks tomorrow? Maybe this time I can spill a drink on your shirt :p”

I laugh and quickly respond with a yes, certain it’s Dan. I slide my phone into my back pocket, clutching the record Dan bought for me.

I knew I was going to play this record on repeat when I got home, and I had a feeling that Dan’s voice would be on repeat in my head until the next time I saw him.

RS#59 “Growl” (ft. EXO’s Sehun) (4/5)

Genre(s): Romance, AU

Warning(s): Violence, lots of blood, cursing, sexual themes (no smut, just very, very frustrating sexual themes)

Words: 5,642 (I know.)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

It’s been three days, 22 hours and 15 minutes since Sehun left and you swear you weren’t counting. He just left like that and your bath towel went missing, so you were assuming he took it with him for your scent. With a simple explanation that you sprained your ankle, your boss had graciously overlooked your previous absence.

You stirred the ramyun again for the umpteenth time, even the cheese on top did not look as appetizing as it did on bad days. You sighed and stuffed it in your mouth. Suddenly, your vision got blurry, as if there was a glaze over your eyes. Moisture fell on your cheek and you almost choked on your ramyun.


‘Are you seriously crying right now, Y/N?’ you scolded yourself as you took another bite and slurped the soup. ‘You were fine with being alone before. You were doing well then. Sure, you cried while watching rom-coms, but now, you’re crying while eating ramyun? Have you gone nuts?’

You wiped your tears angrily with your sleeve and continued eating until you choked on the noodles. You began coughing and went for your glass of water. After one painful minute of wheezing, you collapsed back on your seat and concentrated on the ceiling to keep yourself from crying.

‘His ramyun was much better.’ You thought absentmindedly, before groaning because your train of thought had stopped in Sehun station again.

You went to the kitchen to wash your dishes when you noticed that you had forgotten to take out the trash again. You glanced at the clock. It was late and you didn’t know what you were doing that it took you that long to eat dinner. You let out a huge sigh before running the dishes under water. Once they were done, you bundled up the garbage situation and went downstairs to discard it in the dumpster. You struggled with carrying the bags until someone reached behind you and took it from you.

Your hands flew to your own mouth to muffle your own scream.

“R?” you looked at him frantically as he discarded the bags to the bin. “What are you doing?”

“I’m helping you?” he smiled and for a second, you were fooled into thinking that he was your R.

“What… What are you doing here?” you asked as you backed away, calculating the possible routes that you should take if you needed to run.

“I was just passing by and saw you struggling with the trash. You could never do it alone before too.” He took a step towards you, his hands behind his back. “Where’s that guy? Is he your new boyfriend?”

The way he spoke, the way he walked and even the way his eyes pierced yours just freezes you up. You can’t do anything, you even have difficulty breathing. “H-He’s upstairs.” You were such a terrible liar. “I need to go now.”

You turned around with the goal of running away, but he caught your wrist. He placed a ring on your palm before you could even protest. “This,” he said, looking at the ring wistfully. “…I bought this for you before I went on that trip. Believe it or not, I wanted to marry you, Y/N.”

You looked at the beautiful ring and a stray thought confirmed that it was exactly how you imagined your engagement ring would be, but when you looked at R’s face, you didn’t feel the pleasant jumbled emotions that one should feel when they receive a proposal. Instead, you felt sick.

And so, you snatched your hand away and handed him the ring, He caught your arm when you tried to walk away and grabbed your face, forcing you to look at him. “Why? Is it that guy? Have you replaced me already?”

You mustered all of the courage left in your body as you struggled under his hold. With tears flowing down from your eyes, you spat out, “You were the one who replaced me first, so don’t turn me into the culprit.”

He raised a hand and you squeezed your eyes shut and clenched your teeth for the impact that never came. Instead, you felt an arm wrap around your waist and hurl you backwards. “Walk away.”

You popped your eyes open and traced the familiar arm around you with your eyes.

This scent, this voice, this hand.


“Oh ho, who do we have here?” R raised his palms up, as if he was innocent. “…or should I say what?”

You could feel Sehun shaking as he tried to control himself. “Walk away or I’ll kill you.” He growled out.

“Oooh… scary.” R smirked, before he started walking backwards, his eyes on you. “I’ll definitely see you again soon.”

Once he was out of sight, your knees gave out and Sehun caught you. He gingerly hooked his arms behind your knees and around your shoulders, avoiding your gaze. You, on the other hand, kept your hands clutched near your chest. You were careful not to touch him, afraid that he will leave again if you do.

He carried you all the way to your apartment with ease, but he stopped at your door. “Can you stand?”

You nodded in reply, averting his eyes all the while.

Carefully, he set you down and opened the door for you. You gripped the handle as you closed it slowly. Your eyes travelled from his shoes upwards and through the small crack left, you finally met his gaze. Without much thought, his hand shot out to open the door wider. He walked towards you until you were pressed against the nearest wall. With his hands supporting his weight beside your head, he pressed his lips against yours.

You heard him take a deep breath, before he pulled you against his chest and said, “I can’t be with you right now, so can you at least try not to kill yourself?”

“I can’t predict what he’ll do next. Can’t you just stay with me? I promise I won’t ask questions.” You whimpered into his chest.

Sehun didn’t answer and only held you tighter. He took another deep breath, probably to inhale more of your scent and disappeared through the door.

Without Sehun supporting you, you slid down the wall. In all honesty, you thought you would cry, but somehow the tears are not coming out. You were daunted by so many emotions that you didn’t know which one to focus on.

And so you sat there on the cold floor, staring at nothing, hearing nothing and eventually, feeling nothing.

How many days has it been? At this point, you can’t even bring yourself to count. The wind cut through the sidewalk as you walked towards your office building. You pulled the thin cardigan you were wearing closer, finally feeling the chills that sharply slapped against your skin.

At least you were feeling something, right?

It feels strange, as if you were back to square one. Before, you were simply broken-hearted over your cheating ex-boyfriend, but now, you were hurting because of a devilishly charming werewolf. Your ex-boyfriend? He is now the nightmare that haunts you even in broad daylight.

Exactly because you were thinking about these things, you weren’t paying attention to where you were going and bumped into someone. You gasped and immediately apologized, not bothering to check who it was before you started walking away.

“Y/N-ssi?” It was a familiar voice that you always heard, but rarely addressed you.

You turned sharply and met the curious gaze of your boss, clad in her stylish power suit. You heard the imposing clack of her heels as she approached you.

“You alright?” she asked with a hand over your shoulder. You nodded hurriedly as you both entered the building. Standing in front of the elevator, she felt the need to ask again. “You sure?”

“I’m fine, Ma’am. Thank you for asking.” You tried to smile, but you saw how she watched your expression through your reflection on the elevator doors.

The lift arrived and just when you were getting in, she said conversationally, “R has been asking an awful lot about you lately. He seems to be really worried about you. Are you two back together?”

For a brief moment, you were rattled and you felt your heart constrict in your chest at the thought of him knowing your every move even in the four walls of your office, but then again, you remembered that your boss and R had been friends before you even met him.

“N-No…” your head hung low.

She hummed in understanding, looking at the ascending numbers. “Can I ask why?”

Your eyes shot to hers through the reflection of the doors again and even she could see the lace of terror and anxiety in your gaze.

“No? Sorry. I went overboard.” She apologized with a sincere smile. She fixed her hair and you saw a familiar tattoo on her forefinger.

“A tattoo?” you breathed.

“Huh? Oh, this?” she turned around her hand in fascination. “I must’ve gotten it when I got drunk last weekend with R. Look here,” she said with her palm down and you saw the detail of the tattoo. It looked like a snake coiled around her finger with scales that seem to come alive. “…looks cool, huh? But there’s a secret to it.” she turned her palm up and you saw the head of a serpent and black pools where its eyes should be. You jumped back slightly, but she only chuckled at your reaction. She glanced at her watch and said, “Meet me after lunch in my office, I have something that I need you to do.”

The elevator dinged as you arrived on your floor. She coolly strutted away while ou lagged behind, trying to catch your breath as if you had taken the stairs instead of the elevators.

You went out for an early lunch with the idea of eating out and getting your favorite ice cream. You went out of your way to eat at that new burger place that you haven’t tried yet only because you didn’t want to eat somewhere familiar and invite some stray memories.

You breathed in the same polluted city air. You didn’t like it but it was better than the stuffy cubicles in your office. Because the day had been gloomy and you overheard that there was a storm brewing, the wind also carried the scent of rain. You chewed on your lip, weighing whether you should go and get some ice cream or go back before the impending rain fell.

As you took the first step towards your intended destination, you felt a droplet hit your cheek; a warning that came in too late as the rain poured. You cursed under your breath and looked around for a roof that could go over your head.

You saw a convenience store about 20 steps ahead of you and you were preparing to make a run for it when you felt someone pull you and made you stand under the awning of a construction scaffolding.

You met familiar glowing orbs that seem to read every thought that has ever passed your mind.


He kept his lips in a thin line and without a word, started removing his grey hoodie. He easily got you out of your cardigan and put the thick garment over your shoulder. It was warm and held his distinct scent. You realized that he was taking your cardigan for your scent and even though you didn’t need to the same, the trace of him that wafted through your nose comforted you more than anything has that day.

Pulling the hood over your head, the corner of his lips tilted up in what you assumed was a slight smile. He whispered something unintelligible when the tips of his fingers hesitated on your neck before he blurted out, “Don’t get sick.”

He turned around ready to walk away when you screamed with everything you had, “STOP!”

With the remaining force that bound him to you as his owner, he halted his steps. You crashed against his back, your fists gripping the material of his shirt so hard that it almost ripped. “Why? You can just tell me why you have to leave, I would understand.”

He flinched, the sensation clear from where you held him. “If I stay,” you could tell that his voice was hoarse from exhaustion. “…I might not be able to leave you again.”

“Fine with me.” You answered almost immediately.

“You don’t know what you’re asking.” He warned and if you saw his eyes, you would have seen how it was taking all of his temperance to push you away.

“Then tell me because I want to know why I feel like I need you beside me to feel safe.” You cried and with his keen senses, he felt the way your lips trembled against his back. “I’m scared, Sehun-ah.”

If it were any other occasion, he would’ve spent one more second relishing the way his name fell from your lips, but he had somewhere he needed to be and even if he didn’t want to leave you there in the middle of the rain, the clock was ticking.

“You’re… weak. I hate people who act weak and rely on someone else as if the other person is responsible.” Your fingers unfurled themselves and collapsed on your sides.

He walked off and you watched as his broad shoulders disappeared in the rain unaware that along with the wailing skies, you were also shedding your own tears.

You came back an hour late to the office, drenched to the bone with your make-up smeared in all the wrong places.  Your officemates fuzzed over you, drying your hair and wiping your face clean. They were looking at you with worried gazes and they kept on repeating the same thing, the same motions, but you were zoning out too much for you to understand any of it.

“Y/N-ssi?” your boss came to view and you finally realized why everyone was frantically looking for you so suddenly. Your boss had called you to her office an hour earlier and no one knew where you were. “I suppose you had a great lunch? Can I see you in my office?”

You nodded from where you were seated and with a few shoves from your officemates, you stumbled towards her. You walked quietly behind her, your eyes glued to floor until she suddenly stopped in front of her door and gestured for you to go ahead.

You pointed at yourself dumbly, trying to gauge her stoic face. She curtly nodded, a gesture that you understood as hurrying you along. You gripped the doorknob and twisted it, swinging the door open to reveal her neat office.

However, your mind did not dwell on the way her various plaques were arranged in a corner because standing next to and looking out the window was a figure that you would recognize anywhere. You used to admire his posture and how all of his suits seem to sit on his shoulder comfortably, but now, you felt something else. If it was really possible to feel your adrenaline rising then that would be the feeling as your fight or flight instinct kicked in.

He must’ve heard the door open because he immediately turned around, greeting you with a smile. Contrary to the surprise and terrified look on your face, his was almost welcoming.

He knew that you were coming. When you felt a light shove and listened to the door closing behind you, you understood that your boss was in on this. R raked a hand through his hair and you saw the tattoo he also sported on his forefinger.

‘That was why it looked so familiar. Did they get couple tattoos?’ The little voice in your head whispered and you hated the way it sounded so malicious.

“R…” you breathed. You unconsciously backed away and tugged at the doorknob as he advanced towards you, but it didn’t budge. “What are you doing here?”

“I came to visit you, darling. I’ve been talking to your boss lately and you seem to be in a rough patch.” His voice was gentle, but to you it was menacing. He continued stalking towards you with slow steps as if he was an animal waiting to pounce on its prey. “Maybe I could help? How about a promotion or better yet… why don’t you just quit your job and marry me?”

There must’ve been wrong with your vision because you could’ve sworn that he closed the distance between you too with inhuman speed. You kept your mouth shut because you were sure that from the way you were trembling, speaking would do you more harm than good.

“Still no?” He grinned and it distorted his face so much that you felt like you were looking at the face of someone else. In a split second, he punched the door you were leaning on, missing you by a hair strand. “I know that you and your little… pet have called it quits, so why don’t you make it easy for everyone and come over to me?”

In a manner that you have never seen R do before, he placed his palm over your head and squeezed so hard that you could almost feel his fingers dig into your skull. In a voice that sounded more like a collection of screams than R’s usual baritone, he cursed and growled, “Die.”

You woke up sore and numb. You can’t feel your hands and you felt like your arms were going to fall off. Cold sweat glazed over your skin like a protective layer that made you even colder. You threw your head back and forced your eyes open, inhaling the thick miasma that polluted your lungs.

The surroundings looked familiar. In fact, too familiar because you were back in your own apartment. You raised your gaze and saw that the reason why you lost all sensations in your hand was that you were bound to the ceiling with rope-like lights. You tugged at it and realized that they weren’t lights, but some kind of… energy.

You felt the chills run down your spine and looked down at your naked body. The fact that you were naked was not as surprising as the circle etched on your living room floor. Though the symbols filling the circle did not make sense to you, you had seen them in different movies before and it usually involves dark magic and devils. The fact that you were suspended in the middle of it is not a very good sign either.

You were careful not to let any whimpers escape your mouth as you tried to plan your escape, but the bruises that decorated your body started aching as if they realized that you were awake enough to feel. You suddenly felt twice as heavy and the mere action of steadying your breath and blinking your eyes have depleted at least a quarter of your energy.

You heard a purr behind you and that was the first time you heard a purr that was so terrifying.

“You’re awake.” He stepped around you and sat on your dining table, crossing his legs comfortably. “Did you sleep well, jagiya?”

“You psychopath. How can you do this to me?” The words raked itself up your hoarse throat, but you hardly cared. “Did I not mean… anything to you at all?”

He clicked his tongue, shook his head before laughing hysterically. “Oh my, Y/N. Your naiveté is fascinating.” He barely caught his breath before eyeing you again. “Do you still believe that I am R?”

His words made your heart stop and suddenly a mirage formed itself in front of your eyes. After he came back from his overseas tour, he changed completely as if he was a different person living inside R.

You held that thought and turned it over inside your head again.

As if a different person was living inside R.

A different person was living inside R.

He smirked when he saw how it dawned on you. “That’s right. You see, I’m originally a good person, so I played along with you for a while until I almost got bored to death. As a favor to my host, I broke it off with you nicely, saying nice words and all that. I really wasn’t planning to see you again until I accidentally met you in the subway and you carried with you…” He threw his head back, rotating his neck as he chuckled in disbelief. “No, it clung to you—the scent of a werewolf.”

Your eyes widened even more, if such a feat was possible, and your lips trembled not because you were stark naked, but because you feared for Sehun’s life.

“Who would have thought that you would bring me exactly what I have been searching for all these years?” he sighed, blowing the words into thin air with a haunting melody.

“What do you want from me?” your gritted through your teeth.

He began laughing again in a more insulting manner. “You’re hilarious, Y/N. I can see why this fine young man fell for you even when you’re so plain and average. If you hadn’t understood, I don’t want anything from you. I want Oh Sehun.” His face warped into a somber expression as he walked over to you again, running a finger from your lips down to your torso. When his hand dropped, he raised the other and you saw how the same energy used to tie you to the ceiling appeared in his hand, pulsating and turning into a shape that you recognized.

A sword.

“Sehun and his brothers may have done one or two things to cross me. First, for example, they killed me. Second, they killed my family and well, maybe my whole bloodline.” He used his new weapon to trace the same pattern from your lips down to your legs.

You recalled Sehun’s story about the royal vampire that once owned all of them after killing their previous owner. Your lips echoed the thought, “Vampire.”

He raised an eyebrow and looked at you as if you had just said something impressive. “Yes, I was a vampire. I was that vampire.” He stood millimeters away from you and raised the blade at the level of your eyes. You felt it press against you cheek, cutting ever so slightly and yet making you feel the pain nonetheless. His lips folded back into a snarl and you saw his sharp canines glisten. “Where are my manners? The name is Damien Carlouszelle and I have come back to this world as a demon. Thank you very much for giving me the honor of killing you in your very own house, so that I could become Sehun’s owner again.”

In one swift movement, you felt him stab you through the chest and it was impossible not to feel the blade pass through your heart as it went through your back. The hilt stood erect on your chest for a brief second before he pulled the whole sword out.

The tears fell soundlessly as you looked at your chest. The wound was there and the pain remained unbearable, but somehow you were still alive.

“Well, the killing part has been a bit difficult.” He shrugged as if stabbing you was a trivial matter. “I’ve been trying to kill you for at least… 14 hours now, but you just wouldn’t die. Sehun must’ve put a very strong and fairly recent shield on you, so I hope you don’t mind that I ruined your floor by putting my little art on it.”

You chortled, blood spluttering out of your mouth and for the first time since you opened your eyes. You began laughing, your teeth stained red by your own blood.

A short look of terror crossed his features. “What an incompetent demon. You can’t even kill a mortal? Besides, if you think Sehun is going to come, you’re wrong. He left on his own accord.”

The face that Damien made when you said those words was probably the most unnerving one he had ever made in front of you because it was a look of pity. “Why did I even think for a second that you and your little puppy were a match for me? You don’t even know that he’s already here?”

As if on cue, the door burst open and Sehun came barging in. Maybe you were hallucinating from the strain you were under, but he almost had an inhuman glow around him when he appeared.

Sehun didn’t spare you a second glance. With the gun in his grasp, he began shooting at Damien who had dodged all of the bullets as easily as he had anticipated Sehun’s arrival. He saw you and your naked state, but he decided not to get distracted.

Damien was quick to stand behind you and use you as a shield from Sehun. With the wave of his hand, the bindings that kept you taut disappeared and you immediately fell back from the mere pull of gravity on your sore body. Damien immediately caught you and you felt the sword that had pierced your chest graze the skin on your throat.

“Long time no see, Sehun.” He laughed and gripped you closer to him as Sehun took a step forward. “I see that you’ve found a new owner. A weak, helpless one.”

The words echoed in your head and you remembered how Sehun had said the same words earlier. The blade inched closer to you and you felt a strange emotion that fought off your overwhelming fear.


‘Ah, I’m going to die like this—naked, in the arms of a stranger and with my… Sehun watching me.’ You almost sighed as the sword cut through your skin. ‘Shit, my body doesn’t even look much.’

“Damien, you can’t kill her. She’s under a protective charm.” Sehun spoke up in an attempt to prolong the encounter. He only needed a clear shot to his head, but the way he was holding you made it difficult because not only you were blocking him, but also the fact that he was touching you at all made him blind with rage.

“You sure about that? I broke down the charm already. After I kill her, you become mine and you will lead me to your brothers.” He laughed again as he buried the sword deeper into your neck, millimeters away from the vital vein. “I wonder… how you would feel if you lost everything that ever mattered to you just disappeared?”

“Trust me. I know exactly how it feels.” Sehun’s eyes found yours and you found what you were looking for in his.

Damien made a move to slit your throat and Sehun was caught off guard. His fingers hesitated on the trigger and you squeezed your eyes shut waiting for the ending. “Let her go. I will lead you to my brothers willingly. I will serve you as if you were my master.”

The demon paused, a wicked grin spreading on his face as Sehun put the gun down and raised his palms in the air. “What makes you think that I will accept such an offer?”

“Because you know it would be much more agonizing for me to serve you and betray my brothers even if you weren’t my master.” Sehun said the words painfully as if he was being struck in the face.

“Hmmm… You see, you used that trick already a long, long time ago. I wouldn’t risk it.” The low register of his voice clung to your ear as he pressed the sword against your neck, intending to end your life in one blow.

You heard Sehun scream as he lurched forward, trying to stop Damien, but something happened that none of you had expected. Damien’s hand trembled, making him drop the sword, which disappeared before it hit the ground. All of your reflexes screamed for you to break free, but you can only sprawl to the ground once his grip on you loosened.

“What now, boy?!” he yelled, but it was neither directed to you nor to Sehun. “You’re dead. This body is mine now!”

Sehun took this moment of confusion to retrieve his gun and fire into Damien’s head.

Your mind slowly comprehended what just happened and it wasn’t until much later, when you were looking back, that you realized that your R had saved your life.

You had felt the tension in the room the moment Sehun had set down your limp body on the bed and retrieved some clothes from your drawer. He hesitated as he knelt in front of you, the situation strange for the both of you and countless feelings were being suppressed just so that you could face each other.

“I’m going to dress you up now, okay?” he asked cautiously.

In movies, you have seen couples undress each other and even those combined did not match half the intensity of how you felt when Sehun slipped on a pair of panties past your ankles. You lifted your hips to help him and allowed him to slip a thin camisole over you, careful not to aggravate any of your open wounds.

Sehun eyed you from head to toe, seeing you in pain had brought tears to his eyes, but he swallowed them as he sat by your feet. You saw him gulp visibly and for the first time, it was clear to you what Sehun was thinking. You saw as he tried to shake it off and locked gazes with you again. “This is going to look and feel really strange, so I suggest you close your eyes and grab onto something.”

You were about to ask what was he referring to when he hooked his hand under your lower leg to keep it still and began licking your wounds. When his warm tongue finished tracing the length of one cut, he went on to another, giving you no time to protest as the wounds and bruises began repairing themselves painfully.

He worked upward, lapping on the gashes you sustained on your legs until he reached your inner thighs and hips. His hot breath near your sensitive spot sent you into a frenzy and before you could help it, a low moan escaped your lips.

“I won’t be able to finish if you seduce me like that.” He muttered, focusing on his task instead of your rose-kissed face. His fingers hesitated on the hem of your flimsy shirt before he asked, “May I? You have a gash on your stomach.”

When you didn’t speak, Sehun glanced at your face only to find your eyebrows furrowed and your bottom lip between your teeth, nodding slowly to his question. The thin layer of sweat that covered your forehead and neck didn’t add to Sehun’s temperance at all.

He pulled the shirt up to reveal the bloody cut, but all he could think about was how your body convulsed under his touch and how you were breathing erratically, as if… as if… nevermind.

His mouth covered the wound and the addition of his lips albeit unintentional made you grip the sheets a little tighter. Your elbows gave out behind you, making you collapse on the bed, unable to watch any more. Sehun pulled the straps of your top aside, letting the fabric rest on top of your breasts as he licked the stab that Damien left clean. He turned you slightly and did the same on your back where the sword had passed through. He replaced the strap, barely touching you and lay you gently on the bed again.

You were panting through your mouth when you cracked your lids open only to find Sehun diving in to lick the incision left on your neck. The temperature of his body as it hovered over yours made you shiver.

“Can’t you just fucking kiss me first? I think that would be easier for the both of us.” You cried as his tongue swiped across your neck. At your words, he pulled way slightly and felt his self-control, which was already stretched to its limit, snap and the recoil resulted into him capturing your lips. He was careful not to crush you under his weight as his lips molded over yours in a sweet exchange.

He pulled away and tipped your chin to the side. Gently, with the caress of his lips, he made the wound that ran across your cheek disappear.

Your tender feelings for Sehun seem to have gained wings as it fluttered about in your chest. “Was that so difficult that you had to run away?”

“Very.” He answered almost immediately. He swiped his thumb over your moist cheeks. “Sorry for these. This is how we do it. Besides, we won’t be able to explain your injuries to a hospital anyway.”

“I understand.” You nodded weakly, your energy suddenly sapping out of you. “I mean, I’m trying to understand, but with all that has happened, my head is all jumbled up. Tell me properly because I don’t know what questions I should ask or if you would let me ask at all.”

He took a deep breath, his lips forming the words and just before he could, a voice rang in the apartment. Its familiar tone and register startling you enough for you to shoot upright.

It was R’s voice—not Damien, your R. The voice that you used to recognize anywhere.

The taste of Sehun’s lips might have been sweet, but it fleeted away as soon as the blood that remained on your tongue intensified; as if it was a reminder—a silent, fervent warning.  

Secret ; Liam Dunbar


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newsflash: alright so i’m teen wolf trash now too, if you couldn’t tell

& this is pretty lengthy sooooo

You were shoving a mouthful of Doritos in your mouth as you keep your eyes locked on the TV screen when Liam came to your doorstep uninvited. 

There were reruns of Supergirl on and having a busy schedule at school, you knew you had to find a way to catch up. However, your boyfriend obviously had other plans tonight.

As you opened the door, you realize that it had been raining. Hard. Liam was drenched and so was the bouquet of flowers that he had in his arms. You raise your eyebrows at the younger boy. Your heart started to pick up its pace.

“What did you do this time?” You questioned. He raises his eyebrows in surprise as you pull him out of the rain and into your home.

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Tales from Brandeis, #101

My sophomore year of college, I took a lecture course with about 100 students in it.

One day, our professor had some sort of last-minute conflict, so he sent one of his graduate students to start the lecture until he could get there. It was already 5 minutes into the class period by the time she arrived, and we were all chatting away by that point, and didn’t really notice her. 

So, in order to get everybody’s attention, she stood up on the desk and sang out:

“Sheket B’vakasha!" 

And I swear to G-d, like, 90% of the class immediately stopped talking and yelled back: “Hey!”

Creepypasta #247: Support call ID: 100156-03


ID: 100156-03 Supp User: Jim_D
Call Date/Time: 08-16-201X Cust Acc: 212254674

Supervisor Notes: Customer account identified at intro – passed thru to support. FLSH case No. 83447


JIM: Hi. I’m Jim, your mobile phone support contact. This conversation may be recorded for training purposes. How can I help you today?

CUSTOMER: Hiya. Having some trouble with the speech recognition. It doesn’t seem to understand what I’m asking.

JIM: Okay. I just need to get a few additional details first before we go any further. Are the contact and billing details on your account up to date?


JIM: And I see here your contract began a month ago.

CUSTOMER: Yes. I connected to the 3G network last week and it flashed up something about a software upgrade and that’s when the problems started.

JIM: Thanks, but I just need to confirm a few more things before we can start trying to identify the issue and resolve it for you. Your mobile is a Samsung Galaxy S2 and you have 3G internet access, is that correct?

CUSTOMER: Yes. I mentioned the 3G already…

JIM: I just needed to confirm the facts before going any further. So, what appears to be the problem.

CUSTOMER: As I mentioned BEFORE, the speech recognition is playing up.

JIM: In what way, and with as much detail as possible please.

CUSTOMER: When I try to search using Google, it keeps mishearing what I’m saying and brings back what I don’t want.

JIM: Well Sir, no voice recognition software is 100% accurate. Have you tried speaking slower and/or louder, preferably somewhere with little or no background noise?

CUSTOMER: Why didn’t I think of that! I’m being sarcastic by the way.

JIM: I have to cover all the suggested options, even the obvious ones Sir. Could you give me an example?

CUSTOMER: Yeah, sorry. Yesterday I tried a search for ‘Restaurants near where I live’, and the results were local graveyards and mortuaries! I’m not planning on booking a table for one at a location like that for another 50 years or so.

JIM: Understandable. Anything else?

CUSTOMER: A couple of days before that I tried a search for some family pictures so I could change my background, and it returned, well, a whole lot of sick images I can tell you!

JIM: What do you mean by ‘sick’?

CUSTOMER: Dead bodies. Some mutilated. Lots of blood and gore. What looked like cannibalistic rituals or something. Really sick shit. What if my kids had been using the phone!?

JIM: Could you refrain from swearing please Sir.

CUSTOMER: Sorry. What about the pictures though?

JIM: You can put parental controls on what your phone can access on the internet, which I can take you through next if you have the time, but this sounds like something we may have to escalate if these pictures break certain decency criteria.


JIM: I believe you mentioned these problems only started occurring following a recent update to your phone?

CUSTOMER: Yeah. No idea what it was. The window just popped up and I clicked ‘Install Now’. Took about 5 minutes including the reboot.

JIM: Do you know what version of Android your phone is running?

CUSTOMER: What, you mean one of those funny food related names? Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich. That kind of thing?

JIM: There are specific numeric versions, but the codename should do as a starting point.

CUSTOMER: OK. I wrote it down somewhere, hold on.



CUSTOMER: Back. It says ‘Android 2.2.3 Flesh’

JIM: So that’s version 2.2.3 Froyo, short for Frozen Yogurt by the way.

CUSTOMER: No, no…it definitely says ‘Flesh’ here.

JIM: …

JIM: Could you hold on whilst I speak to my supervisor please.

JIM: …

JIM: …

JIM: Sorry for the wait Sir. Having spoken to my supervisor and reviewed your firmware download history, there does appear to be a problem with your recent installation. Please open the Settings on your phone and select Software Update to download the most recent version. That should resolve all your problems.

CUSTOMER: OK. Thanks for that. I’ll give it a go.

JIM: Could you try it now Sir and let me know when it’s done.

CUSTOMER: I can’t right now but I’ll contact the support desk again if it doesn’t work. Thanks for the help.

JIM: Please try it now whilst you’re on the line Sir.

CUSTOMER: As I said, I can’t. I’m calling on the land line. My daughter’s using the mobile right now, talking to her sister. The credit ran out on hers. She might be a while – you know how these teenagers are…

JIM: Please ask your daughter to end the call NOW Sir. With your recent update there is a known issue in the firmware that can also affect both incoming and outgoing calls. Some users have complained of headaches, nausea, and other unexplained side effects.

CUSTOMER: What? I thought that scare about mobiles giving you brain tumours or whatever was just that…a scare?

JIM: I am neither confirming nor denying anything Sir, and our Terms and Conditions plus liabilities are available on our web site. However, due to a recent bypass of our firewalls, an unknown update to the Android operating system was released without our knowledge over our network. We claim no liability for this software upgrade and are investigating the breach in our security. In line with the requirements of your contract and for your own safety and that of your family, please upgrade your software NOW and refrain from using your mobile for any and all calls.

CUSTOMER: Is this a joke?

JIM: Sir, please take the mobile off your daughter and end any current calls. Our company will not accept responsibility for any harm that may come to your family following this warning.

CUSTOMER: You’ve got to be kidding me! Damn small-print assholes. Hold on….Lauren….finish talking to your sister Hannah and give me the phone. I said, give me the goddamn phone! What the…….shit, are your eyes bleeding honey!?

JIM: Exit the house now please Sir.

CUSTOMER: Lauren….wha…speak to me. Put the phone down and speak to me.

JIM: Lock all doors behind you and vacate the premises.

CUSTOMER: Just…just come over here and let me take a look at…at your eyes… There’s….there’s blood coming from your ear as well. Here, let me take the phone off you….

JIM: Please refrain from interacting with your daughter and exit the building now Sir.

CUSTOMER: [yelling]….Goddamn it Lauren, you bit me! What the hell is wrong with you! Back off now! I mean it. [screaming] Jesus! My fingers….my fucking fingers! No, no, no, no……stay….stay back. [sobbing] Lauren please…..

[sounds of physical struggle and furniture damage]

JIM: Sir? Sir?

[sounds of wet coughing and of a pet, possibly a large dog, feeding]

JIM: ……..If you can still hear me Sir, thank you for calling your mobile phone help support. A specialist contractor and clean up crew has been dispatched to your address to deal with your on-going issue. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

[call terminated]

Credits to: Charmingly Shallow

Baby, We’ve Got A Problem: Chapter 9

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, fight violence 
Words: 3,052
Summary:  The reader faces some trouble when Baby isn’t just a car anymore. Human!Impala

A/N: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

In case anyone is curious, the “chants” you’ll see further down is an Arabic translation via Google. So I apologize for any errors.


Dean drove slower than usual, and it took you 47 minutes to reach the lake. Usually he’s able to cut time off trips, but this time, he took ever stop and every yellow light with caution, driving the speed limit as he went.

The four of you are quiet as you grab random weapons from the trunk, having no intention of hurting her, but wanting protection just in case. Plus, you still weren’t entirely sure if she was human practicing magic, or just something else all together, which meant you weren’t certain what would actually protect you if you needed it.

Once your armed with a shotgun, a pistol, a wooden stake and an angel blade, the four of you gather at the hood, ready for the game plan.

“The easiest way to do this will be splitting up around the lake and take her from both sides.” Dean takes over, as he usually does. “Everyone needs their phone on them, because once we find her, our best bet is to go four against one. No engaging her until we’re all together, clear?” Dean stresses the words at you, since you’re usually the wild cannon of the group.

“Got it.” You nod firmly. This wasn’t something you wanted to make any harder, and you were going to follow Dean’s words to a T.

“Y/N and I will head east around the lake, Sam and Baby, head west.” You all nod, double checking to make sure you had everything you needed.

Sam and Dean head back to the trunk to grab flashlights for everyone, leaving you alone with Baby.

She’s staring out at the lake, a shotgun resting against her thigh, her shoulders rolled back and head high.

“How you feeling?” You walk over to her side. She doesn’t look at you, but you can see the corner her of lips turn up as she sighs.

“All right, actually. This needs to happen.” She says confidently, her voice not wavering.

You sigh too, and this causes her to laugh, light and carefree, not a note of fear in her lean body.

“While you’re still here, and alive,” she smiles, like the two of you are sharing an old joke. “I just want to thank you.” This gets her to turn to you. Her steel grey eyes taking in your soft smile.

“I mean it. You’ve always been there for the boys, been a home for them when they had none. You’ve been the most reliable thing in their life, and they’ll never say it, because the Winchesters,” you both laugh. “But you’ve protected them and cared for them in ways they never really had, all just by being there. And they needed that, god do they need that.” You shake your head, eyes downcast at your boots.

“So thank you. For always being there for them.” She nods, her eyes returning to the water.

“And I’m sorry, for being such a bitch to you. You never deserved it.” You say softly, truly meaning it. She didn’t deserve your constant cold shoulder because of your insecurities.

Before you can even react, two slim arms are wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you in to the warm, leather-clad body. Your eyes go wide, and you almost drop your gun in surprise, but you wrap your arms around her.

“You ladies ready?” Dean calls out. You both look at him and pull away from one another with a smile.

“All set.”


The four of you had broken up about ten minute ago, you and Dean going right around the lake, and Sam and Baby going left.

So far you found nothing; just a few late night creatures scurrying out of your way as you came through.

“So what was with the hugging?” Dean asks as you push a branch out of your path with your shotgun.

“She hugged me.” You clarify.

“You hugged her back.” He retorts and you nod.

“I just….thought I should thank her, for everything she’s done for you and Sam, ya’know?” Dean nods, his eyes watching his steps, though the corners of his lips slightly pulled up. “Plus, I wanted to apologize.”

That stops Dean in his tracks.

“You, Y/N Y/L/N, actually willingly apologized.” He says stunned. You roll your eyes and sigh.          

“Shut up.” You groan, causing Dean to laugh. He jogs a few steps, catching up to you and wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side until his lips meet your temple, telling you how proud he was without uttering a single word. Like him, you didn’t do chick flick moments, and you needed to be focused for when you found this girl, so you just roll your eyes and push him away with a light smile.


You’re halfway around the lake when Dean’s phone rings.

“Yeah?” He grunts into phone, holding up his hand gripping the shotgun, silently telling you to stop walking.

“Where?” Dean turns around, scanning out over the lake.

That’s when you see it; a faint blue glow, coming from the shoreline about a half mile from where you are.

“Okay, new game plan then; we come at her from both sides and trap her. Text me when you get close.” Dean says authoritatively, his shoulders rolled back and chin up as he dictated orders.

He hangs up and pockets his phone, turning away from the lake and looking at you.

“We’re gonna ambush her from both sides before she can get away, which means we need to get over there now.” He orders to you, and you nod.

Despite the two of you being the same, headstrong hunters, you two managed a special relationship while hunting; despite being a hot-head, who was told time and time again as she grew up that she had a “problem with authority,” you respected Dean’s experience and knowledge enough to let him lead, and he knew that you could handle yourself to make on-the-fly decisions to do what it took to take down the monsters. Out in the field, you weren’t a couple, you were partners, and when it was all over, the monster dead, and hopefully someone saved, you climbed in your shared bed, your arm draped across his chest, the other curled at the base of his neck–your fingers playing against his stubble–as his lips found home on your forehead.

It wasn’t always easy, but you two made it work.

With that, you and Dean take off, jogging as quickly as you can despite having several weapons on your body.

It takes you about five minutes to get into position; about a hundred yards away from the woman, positioned behind a few trees; her hair is pulled into a loose ponytail, and she’s dressed down in jeans and a tee. For some reason, you were expecting someone more….mystical looking, not like the girl-next-door.

The screen of Dean’s phone illuminates his face as he stands across from you, texting Sam, waiting for them to get into position.

You’re keeping an eye out, making sure she doesn’t see you before you can get to her, or before she takes off.

But she didn’t look like she was going anywhere.

She was humming some unknown song as she bottled things into mason jars; Some dirt, leaves from the lake, a frog. She looked too lost in her own head to accidentally notice you.

“Are they ready yet?” You whisper to Dean, starting to grow impatient. It wasn’t because you were trying to turn Baby back any quicker, it was just that the longer you were stuck on the sidelines, the more time there was for something to go wrong.

That was the reason Dean had made the comment earlier to you; you liked to get in, get out and call it a night. The faster you started, the less time there was for something to go haywire. Which meant you sometimes strayed from the plan. You always followed it, but just quickened the process.

“Just got into position.” Dean whispers back. Stowing his phone in his pocket and looking over to you.

“So we’re going in from all corners, guns raised, and entrapping her. Do not engage her.” He hisses.

“I won’t engage her.” You promise and Dean gives you a look of “so help me if you don’t.”

“On my count,” his voice trails off, his free hand raised as he holds up three fingers, lowering them one at a time until they’re all down.


All four of you jump from your hiding spots, shotguns and pistols raised towards her as she screams and drops a jar full of bark.

“Please don’t shoot!” She cries, her hands up and head down.

“What’s your name?” Dean barks at her, and her body shakes.

“Eavan.” She sobs. “Eavan Zahran.”

The four of you look at each other, trying to figure out your next move against the girl in front of you who is practically falling apart in tears.

Not exactly what you had expected.

At your silence, she looks up, taking in the group around her.

“Wait a second,” she sniffles. “I know you guys. You were in Ohio when I was.” She trails off, remembering. “You’re hunters!” She shrieks.

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down.” Dean instructs her, but she’s not listening.

“Hey!” You whistle at her, catching her attention. “We’re not here to hurt you, we’re looking to make a deal.”

“A deal?” Her young features scrunch up.

“You see her over there,” you motion to Baby with your head, and Eavan nods. “While a few weeks ago she was a car. And you put some talisman in her, and now she’s human.”

Eavan’s face lights up as she takes in Baby, her tears disappearing in her excitement.

“It worked!” She claps, and you and Dan look at each other in confusion.

“Worked?” Sam questions from behind her.

“Yeah! I had never tried that spell before, and you guys were getting too close, so I figured I’d give it a shot. And it actually worked!” She holds her hands out to Baby, like she’s showing off a prize.

You sigh and roll your eyes.

“That’s great for you, but we need you to turn her back.” Her eyes snap to you, and she frowns.

As she looks at you with her sad, big brown eyes, you figure she can’t be more than twenty-two, much younger than you thought she’d be.

“Why would you turn her back?” She pouts. Your mouth opens, like a gaping fish, and no words come out.

You didn’t want to answer that.

Eavan looks to Dean and Sam, looking for them to answer her question, and both of them avoiding her gaze.

“Because I want you to.” Baby speaks up, and all four of you look at her.

“You want to be turned back to a car?” Eavan asks confused. “Do you not like being human?” She sounds disappointed.

Baby rolls her shoulders back and holds her head high.

“It’s not right. You need to turn me back.” She says with authority.

“No.” Eavan says matter-of-factly, crossing her arms. 

“No?” Baby’s nose scrunches up.

“I made you, I gave you life! Why would I take that away?” Dean rolls his eyes and sighs, and you can practically hear his thoughts.

And here comes the crazy.

“Listen, bitch,” your eyes go wide and your forehead raises as Baby’s voice rises.

She definitely picked that one up from Dean. 

“You’re going to turn me back. Right now. I don’t give a shit how you feel about it. It’s not your decision. It’s mine.” Baby spits. “Now turn. Me. Back.” Baby growls like her engine.  

“I would listen to the lady.” Dean says from behind, his gun lowered by his hip.

Eavan looks around the group, her eyes glowering at each one of you.

“وأدعو القوى إيزيس.” She begins chanting under her breath. “لحمايتي من خطر انا واجهت.”

Dean’s eyes go wide and he raises his gun, looking around to each of you, waiting for something to happen. 

“إحمينى!” She screams, turning on her heel and throwing her arms out towards Dean and Sam, sending them flying through the forest.

You watch as their backs make contact with the trees around them, falling to the ground with painful grunts.

You raise your shotgun, ready to put a bullet in her shoulder to stop her, but before you can pull the trigger, she’s facing you, screaming the chant again.

It feels like a sucker punch to your chest as you go flying through the air, dropping your shotgun as you go.

You splash as you land on the shorelines, half in the mud, half in grass. 

You try to push yourself up, but the burning pain from the hit leaves you breathless, and your head falls back down.

You hear more chants, followed by yells from Dean and Sam. 

You grit your teeth, that sinking feeling of worry in your stomach fueling you to push yourself up through the pain and get yourself back out there. 

As you stagger up, you see Sam face down by Eavan’s jars, Dean is no where to be seen and Baby is slowly pushing herself up from the ground, a fresh bruise across her cheek. 

“That’s it,” you growl, pulling the pistol from your waistband and raising it, firing off a shot before Eavan even notices you’re up again, nailing her bicep and sending her to the ground with a cry.

You keep your gun raised to her head as you limp over to where she lays, pain shooting from your knee with each step. 

“أطلب,” she begins to chant, and you silence her with a kick to the ribs, sending her rolling into a ball. 

You kneel down, placing a hand on her bleeding shoulder and rolling her towards you, ignoring her cries as you put your bad knee on her chest, and pressure on the bullet hole.

“Now listen here,” you raise your gun to her head, placing the barrel against her temple. “We tried asking you nicely, but so help me, if you try any of that voodoo magic shit again, I will kill you.” You threaten, meaning every word, even if it meant not getting Baby turned back. 

From the corner of your eye you can seen Baby and Sam back on their feet, watching you from a distance.

“Now, do we have a deal?” You cock you gun. “Or not?” You growl.

Eavan groans, trying to look around to see what her chances are, and relenting with a sigh.

“Fine.” She spits through gritted teeth. “I’ll change her back.”

“Good girl.” You coo sarcastically at her, but not letting up your weight that’s holding her down, or removing your gun from her head.

You look up at Baby. She smiles down at you, thanking you, and you nod back, happy to be the one to force Eavan’s hand, and not putting Sam or Dean in your position. 

“من الحياة أعطيتك ، وأنا الآن أعتبر الوراء،.” She chants with a ragged breath, glaring at you the entire time. 

A bright blue light flashes, so scintillating your hands flies over your eyes to protect them from the glare. 

The glow fades, and you remove your arm from your eyes, looking around.

You feel your shoulders fall as you take in the shiny, black metal in front of you.

It was done. Baby was gone, and in her place, the Impala. 

“Would you mind getting off me?” Eavan hisses up at you. You snarl and raise your fist, brining it down and across the cheek, knocking her unconscious. 

You hear the sound of branches breaking and you turn to see Dean emerging from the woods, blood splattered across his face and a hand holding onto his ribs. 

His eyes quickly take in the situation, his eyes finding you first, a small smile of pride as he takes you in, seeing you’re okay and apparently in control of the situation. He then looks to Sam, his eyes falling a bit at his brother’s bruised body and bleeding arm, but a sigh of relief that he’s okay.

And then he sees her, the sleek mental curving up and down in the familiar silhouette that has been a part of the Winchester family since 1973. His shoulders fall with a heavy sigh and his lips form a hard line. 

You push yourself off the ground, wincing as you straighten up. You walk over to Dean, his eyes still on Baby.

“Hey.” You hand grabs the lapel of his jacket, forcing him to look down at you. You smile up at him, hoping he’ll return it. “We did good.” You assure him, trying to quiet whatever doubts were running though his mind.

He doesn’t say anything, just wraps his arm around your shoulder and leads you to Sam.

“So what do we do with her?” Sam motions to Eavan, still unconscious on the ground. 

Dean looks over his shoulder at her with a frown.

“Turns out that ‘do no harm’ oath didn’t quiet stick with her.” He sighs. 

“Only cause she felt threaded.” Sam interjects. Dean rolls his head back and forth, thinking.

He arms leaves your shoulders and he walks over to Eavan, kneeling down to her side and slapping her cheek a few times until her eyes flutter open.

“Listen up, kid, cause I’m only going to say this once.” He points at her with his pistol. “Today’s you’re lucky day, because you’re getting a second chance, and we don’t really gives those. But if you make so much as a blip on our radar, we will come after you, and your chances will be up. Do we have an understanding?” He growls, his voice sending shivers down your spine. 

Eavan looks up at Dean with fear in her eyes, nodding as she gulps.

Dean doesn’t say anything, just stands and walks over to Baby, his hand trailing over the hood until he finds the handle to the driver’s door.

Silently he gets in, his hands running over the steering wheel with a deep sigh. You and Sam follow suit, Sam taking the back and you climbing in next to Dean, your hand resting reassuringly on his thigh.

The keys dangle from the ignition, and with a easy turn, Baby comes to life, her entire body rumbling under you. 

“Let’s go home.”


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