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finnpoe for the ships! ☄

hannah my love!! i wrote way too much lets get into it 

  • who hogs the duvet poe   

i’ve been sitting here trying to expand on this but honestly? hes just that guy the blankets belong to him  

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going both

before they get together, the #1 finnpoe supporter (besides poe himself) is general leia. she uses her influence to call them to meet her at the same time, and makes it a legitimate assignment in resistance group relations for them to keep tabs on eachother 

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts finn

while poe can be incredibly inventive with romantic stuff, finn never really got to have all the classic relationship moments™ that we see as tropes: his relationships in the first order were rushed and hidden, whereas poe is all about soaking in romance for all its worth. ANYWAYS, finn and rey definitely go and find cool plants outside of the base together, and after hearing poe complain about how his room is kinda lifeless, finn slowly but surely builds a plant wall in their his quarters :) 

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My jam’s have been the 60′s radio station on spotify 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,BELA!  Today Bela Lugosi is 135 years old! 

Even as a Monster Kid in 1970-when i discovered Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine-my favorite actor was Bela Lugosi. I cut the full page photos out of the mag and they were taped all over my wall. Sure-I had all sortsa monsters taped on my wall-but Lugosi took up the most space. Now-47 years later-he is still my favorite actor.

Celebrate accordingly-but remember-no wine!

Poly! Jinho and Shinwon
  • y e s fuck me u p and appreciate shinwon
  • lowkey I feel like he sometimes still has a lil insecurity about being eliminated on Pentagon Maker
  • so I imagine he would trust you and Jinho enough to tell you about it
  • jinho gets to be the caring, sweet boy we all know he is
  • shinwon sometimes needs reassurance
  • honestly jinho probably does too
  • I feel like sometimes all idols need reminders that they’re amazing and worthy of love
  • so sometimes you have to make a blanket fort and force them into snuggles
  • they just really both love cuddles
  • like a whole lot
  • and as much of a hardass as jinho likes to try to be he’ll fight to be the little spoon
  • idc if you’re taller or shorter than him, he’s the little spoon
  • except when shinwon is sad then jinho is determined to be the big spoon and will do whatever it takes
  • “you guys know I’m here too?”
  • jinho would snuggle every member of pentagon + you at the same time if he could
  • probably has tried tbh
  • shinwon would love classic dates
  • “come on loves we’re going to dinner!”
  • and it’s a super fancy and elegant restaurant 
  • and you three eat under the stars
  • and you’re all dressed up 
  • can you imagine the adoration in the boy’s eyes because wow
  • and Jinho has that one little smile where he’s kinda shy
  • because he doesn’t know how to tell you and shinwon that you’re stunning
  • and shinwon is the happiest boy ever because he didn’t want his date idea to be cliche and you are all actually enjoying yourselves
  • jinho likes more adventurous dates because he likes seeing your faces light up when you go somewhere fun
  • like to amusement parks
  • ft. these two idiots screeching on any and every ride
  • including kiddie rides
  • catch shinwon yelling on the tea cups
  • you have to buy them food because they’re dumb and also they forgot their wallets
  • so you all take turns buying snacks every date
  • movie nights are the best nights because you get to nap on Shinwon’s amazing broad shoulders
  • guys appreciate shinwon okay
  • and jinho probs falls asleep on shinwon too so shinwon cannot move
  • he ends up shoving you off the couch
  • “get up losers I can’t move and I want snacks”
  • jinho clinging to you like a koala
  • why am I the softest for pentagon send help
  • also expect dumb arguments a lot
  • “SO DID YOU”
  • shinwon being the mature one even tho jinho is old
  • “fine fine I’ll clean up I’ll do everything”
  • “Shinwon I cleaned the entire apartment like two days ago”
  • jinho just really likes sleeping and being around you two 
  • even if you aren’t doing anything
  • “babe you’re so prettyyyyy”
  • “baaaaabe come here”
  • “why”
  • “snuggles”
  • “go find shinwon”
  • shinwon appears out of the void like “I heard my man wanted some snuggles”

( @ladyzayismultifandom omg omg I hope you like this Im so sorry it took 47 years!! 💙💙💙)


It’s like having a class the day tomorrow and you still chose to watch korean movies. Anyways, forget it, if it’s A Warefolf Boy you’re watching. Haha! I fell in love with the movie, seriously. I’m speechless. I can’t say anything but just it was totally heart-warming and amazing! I definitely must-see. One of the best. I know that the ware wolf-human love story is so common nowadays but to tell you what, this one is really different from those.

  • It’s Song Joong-ki. No matter what the plot is, I will still watch this movie. Who wouldn’t what that? An almost 2 hour movie full of him even though he doesn’t speak. Like, omg! I am so inlove with him! ♥ 

  • It took 47 years. I mean, seriously? Waiting for someone that long? That must be true love. Tho it just saddens me that they can no longer be together in the end. Totally heart-breaking.

  • “Don’t Go”. It’s when you’re watching and you’re about to cry because of the scene, then suddenly, he spoke those words. I’m like .. “Now I’m really crying”. Haha! 

  • Pushing him away. I know it’s necessary but I still can’t help it. I hate that part. She slaps him then says sorry for hurting him. Aww. 

  • Fuck the Annoying guy. I hate him so much. It turns out that he turned into a psychopathic person in the. Then he dies. Yeah right, he deserves it.

Five words: I just loved the movie ♥ 

Whatever you do, don’t think about the fact that Bilbo adopted Frodo when he was 99 years old. 

Don’t think about the fact that he was only like 52 when he returned from Erebor to Bag End.

Don’t think about the fact that for 47 years he was alone in Bag End, with only the occasional outside visitor for company. Don’t think about the fact that after he returned he was seen as an oddity and alienated by his peers. 

Don’t think about the fact that on top of that he was probably mourning the death of Fili, Kili, and Thorin for 47 years. Don’t think about that he was so sad and lost and alone that it took 47 YEARS before he felt okay enough to find companionship in another hobbit. Please don’t think about how heartbroken and alone he felt for almost half his life because he found love and lost it in the blink of an eye. Please don’t think about it.

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Are you guys seriously trying to say David a 55 old man took his 47 year old "girlfriend" to a god damn Lego store for a date? Excuse me, but who are you people?! I can't stop laughing you guys are ridiculous.

You mean David 55 years old and two kids and Gillian, 47 years old, mother of three? Well…