this took 45 min to make my neck is killing me

Lemme Tell Yall a Story ..

About the time I made my ex squirt ..

So one day , here I am chilling in the crib minding my business playing call of duty and vibing to some music . Next thing I kno , my shorty calling . *Ring ring ring* I look at the phone and instantly got mad …

lol lemme explain . You know when you finally get that chill time to yourself where you really in the zone and like your WHOLE Mind , Body AND Spirit are into these songs to the point where you don’t wanna be bothered by nobody ?? Yeah it was one of them moments . I DID NOT wanna talk on the phone but after a few missed calls you kno I had to answer 🙄

So I pick up like wassup bae ?

She goes oh hey why you weren’t answering my calls

Me : I ain’t hear the phone ( I couldn’t tell her the truth cause I ain’t wanna hear her mouth you know once black girls start they neck rolling and snapping in Z’s it’s a wrap 😂)

She hit the famous mhmm and we started chatting . One thing lead to another and plans were arranged for her to be at my destination at 6 o clock . Need I remind you , nobody was home . So it’s 5:00 I’m happy asf started feeling good for some reason 😜. I’m in here blasting music , shower already taken ,clipping my nails making sure I got the finest of smell goods on the whole 9 . I even took the time to EXFOLIATE MY SKIN like bro I was ready for this …

6:00 start creeping up . Im in the crib ready and willing . Next thing I kno I got the text ……..

“I’m outside”

Man I started bugging out . I’m spraying febreeze everywhere , flicking the lights on and off to make sure the roaches don’t start acting up when she come in ( this was back when I was in the hood don’t judge me lol ) I even put the router to my wifi in my room so I can have that Ultimate Netflix and Chill . Nothing kills the mood more than a buffering Netflix. But today , No buffering over here bitches lol I was on top of my game …

So I finally go answer the door she standing there looking like the baddest Jawn I ever seen . Hair was done , face was beat , nails did .Fuuuck she had the clear lens glasses with the golden frames , casual look with the button up , jeans and some heels on . Woo ! Nigga I died at the door .

She come in , giving me that look with the head slightly tilted down and her hair partially over her eye . My nigga … that look aye lone !! Is getting my dick brick asf . She basically telling me baby dig in my guts . Smh so she go in the room I hit the lights one more time to check on these roaches . I seen one but he was on his way out the door he already knew what was up . Plus she ain’t see him so I was straight . So here we go …

Goin through the motions . I fed her , Netflix is on and we chilling . I hit her with the mouthpiece , I start talking my shit next thing I know shit started gettin real we making out heavy ! I ….. mean ….. going …… HAM ! hard as a mf . Sucking the tongue , biting the bottom lip and all . She rubbing on my dick , I’m rubbing on her pussy . Here she go , head going straight for the dick . Before she even whipped it out I grabbed her by her chin pulled her back Up and said nah baby lemme have this . It’s your day . She start smiling . I flip her over and started tasting every inch of her body not even touching the pussy yet . I got her riled up to the point where she shaking with every lick I do . Im over here eating the thighs like they extra crispy , mild , spicy and hot out this mf . She losing her mind at this point . I work my way up towards the pussy and start eating . She moaning screaming and telling me keep on doing it , on my A boogie shit . I lick the clit one time …. 👅💦 BOOM ! …. legs instantly dropped on my shoulders . This bitch put my neck in a figure four like she tried to make me tap for the title . Got me over here looking for a ref blowing the whistle and shit. I’m choking like I just ate 3 Popeyes biscuits with no Sweet tea . Face red as shit . But I ain’t no bitch so I keep going . Barely breathing but still wilding at this point . She came so many times I lost count . She over here tryna push my head away . Tryna run away and shit I grabbed her said where the fuck you going and pulled her right back in eating some more ,I was dead eating for like 45 mins at this point . I took 2 fingers ( middle and ring ) slid it in real slow found that G spot and started goin in ! finger fucking the shit out of her while eating that clit at the same time she deadass screaming at the top of her lungs . I’m on my trey shit , I bet the neighbors know my name at the end of this .

Next thing I kno her body started shaking HARD ASF like I mean every part . I did not stop eating. I was on a mission ! Operation kill 9 lives was in full effect ….. BOOM ! Pussy started spraying everywhere ! Bitch shot me in my eye and farted a lil but I ain’t give af . When I tell you her whole eye was white . YOU SEEN NO PUPIL ! I was scared asf ! I thought she was dead she laid there for like an hour . I left and came back in with the back up holy water just in case .smh

she said bae

I said yeah ?

She goes I can’t feel my body . I deadass cannot feel my body it’s numb all over even my face

I said omg .

Mind you I ain’t even stick the dick in . She tried to get up and fell over . I laughed and threw the life alert button on the floor . And started cleaning my bed . it was a big ass wet spot in my shit .

ALL NINE LIVES WERE TAKEN that day . I’ll never forget it .

Thats the end of my story …. legend says she still on the floor to this day . And I moved 3 years ago . If y'all ever in jersey please help this bitch up 😂😂