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Sanvers AU : Detective Maggie Sawyer is interrogating her prime suspect involved in a bank robbery. Is Alex really involved in it ? To what extent ? Will Maggie find the real story behind it ? And will she be able to resist the magnetic pull towards Alex ?

i hate when ppl assume my adhd is Fake or Not A Real Problem bc i can function/do well in school like

you see the good grade but u don’t see the 3 hrs of stress-crying and general breakdown shit it took to do 30 mins of work on that project the night before it was due or the frustration in math class because i want to care but i literally cannot bring myself to focus on the textbook. it’s gonna take an hour and a half to make up 15 minutes of notes when i get home

so like ?? yeah i do pretty well in school but often at the cost of my general well-being/mental health. that might be a slight exaggeration. but yeah 

Hopus Jaysidicus

(Ho-oh-puh-s Ja-eh-si-deh-kus)

Also known as our hope, our angel, J-Hope, or Jung Hoseok, Hopus Jaysidicus has been spotted all over the world filling hearts with his sick rhymes. Some say that this creature can ‘spit fire’, but these flammable aspects have yet to be verified. Hopus Jaysidicus has been known to take multiple forms. His forms include, but are not limited to, a sun, angel, and horse as indicated in the pictures below.

This striking gift of nature is said to have been created on this day. Mythology states that tonight, if you listen closely, you may be able to hear the scream of a wild Hopus Jaysidicus. We can all only hope to meet this illusive creature.

Happy Birthday Hoseok!