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“A Date with Markiplier”, Darkiplier Theory.

After watching “A Date with Markiplier” multiple times, and replaying and replaying the parts where Darkiplier is featured; I have created a theory as to why Dark acts the way he does (In these videos, not as whole). Now, let me first start off by saying, this probably, (definitely) is not the BEST Dark theory out there. And there are probably holes are mistakes in this theory, or repeating themes. But nonetheless, it is a theory that I have created that is interesting.. hopefully. Note: This theory comes with spoilers! If you haven’t watched the whole video, or at least the Dark parts, please do. (The video and Darkiplier parts are linked above.) And even if it may not seem like it, I worked really hard and long on this theory. (Literally about 3 days. And typing all of this up took about 2-4 hours.) So please treat it with respect. (But don’t be afraid to add your own theories or thoughts on this! Feedback is always welcome. Positive or negative. Just don’t be a butt about it.) So, without further ado, let us begin! I hope you have the patience to read it all. Enjoy! 

This theory is mainly based on the parts where you are confronted by Dark while you are watching “The Dark Mark”. What you are going to read below is me basically showing images of Dark, taking direct quotes he has said in the videos, and explaining why he is saying what he does. 

We start off by having Dark glitch and fade into view. He tilts his head to the side, saying he has missed us very much. And that he has been waiting a long time to see us again. 

Then he continues on saying: “I’ve been pushed asideReplacedMocked.” Now this caught my attention even from the beginning. How has Dark been pushed aside, replaced, and mocked? Who has done this to him? Why? I tried to reflect more on what that meant, but Dark kept talking, catching my attention even more…

Who is “He”? And why does Dark think this… “He” is going on an adventure with us? Why and how was Dark not invited to it? 

Dark continues…

Dark mentions “He” again. Saying this person promised he would let him in. Again. Who promised Dark and what promise was made between them? 

This is where the theory begins. The main idea of this theory is based on a small post I made a while ago. If you have already read it, then you’ll understand where I’m going with this. If not, I suggest you read it really quick HERE

And now… we shall truly begin. 

Dark begins our one-sided conversation with: “I’ve been pushed aside, replaced, mocked.” But what also connects with this statement is what he says later: “ I’ve been waiting patientlyHe promised he would let me in again!” Now, since Dark is basically Mark’s inner demon, I could only assume that the “He” Dark keeps talking about is Mark. But what promise did Mark make with Dark? This is where I start to lean back on my older theory I hope you have read. 

I believe that Dark is in love with us. Or… at least has some sort of feelings for us. Or is at least curious about us. So, I think in the past Dark asked Mark permission to take control over Mark’s body so that he could spend time with us. Get to know the person he has unexplainable feelings for. Mark complied. Promising Dark that one day, Dark would have the opportunity to talk to us. But that day never came. And now Dark feels as if he has been Pushed aside. Replaced. And Mocked. These feelings have been repressed, but now since Mark is on this “adventure”, or “date” with us, Dark’s feelings and anger have come out. Dark feels that he has been pushed aside because he literally has been pushed aside. This date was supposed to be the date Dark was finally allowed to spend time with us. But instead… he got pushed. Pushed into the deepest, darkest, places of Mark’s mind. Mark didn’t want Dark to come out on this date. Because he was planning, later down the road, to propose to us. And he didn’t want Dark to ruin it. So Mark took over Dark, replacing him, even though he promised Dark that he would be allowed to take control. And now, Dark feels angry, hurt, and mocked. Mocked because today was supposed to be his day with us. But now he has to watch us through Mark’s eyes. Unable to do anything. Unable to talk to us and ask the questions he’s always wanted to ask. All he can do is stand back and watch the person he has feelings for go on a date with someone who betrayed him.

“And then he had the gall not to invite me to his little adventure with you.” This connects to what I said above. Mark has pushed Dark aside and didn’t allow him to take over on the date. Quite literally, he wasn’t invited on the date. He was casted away and replaced. But the one word Dark said that caught my attention was: “Adventure”. Why did Dark call it an adventure when he knew it was a date. A proposal, even? I believe the reason to be simple. Dark is angry and jealous right now. He doesn’t even want to call the event we are going on with Mark as a “date”. So, instead, he calls it an adventure. Making it easier on him and his heart. Also hoping in that calling it an adventure, he’ll make Mark look silly and foolish. As if he doesn’t know what a real “date” is. 

This part was very interesting. After saying all he said, spewing out his anger and frustration, Dark fixes his tie and suit, straightening up and saying: “ I’m tired of giving people a choice.” From what we have learned earlier, this sentence can only mean that he is tired of giving Mark the choice on controlling when and where he can allow him to take control.

But then, Dark sighs, saying: “But I suppose I could give you one last option.” Hearing Dark say this was extremely odd to me. Didn’t he just say that he was tired of giving people (Mark) a choice? But yet right after, he turns around to give us options and the ability to choose? I think he does this because no matter how closed off or frustrated he may get, he still wants to give the us the ability to choose. Since he has some sort of feelings for us, he doesn’t want to force us into something we don’t want to do. 

He continues: “Take your pick. Anything of four different choices, more than he could’ve ever given you.” Why did Dark give us so many options. Why did he bitterly say “more than he could have ever given you.”? And why did all options but one actually lead to a place that continues the story? 

I think the bitter remark and the option of more choices go back to Dark’s “adventure” statement. He wants to make Mark look foolish. Make Mark look like he can’t provide for us as much as he can. Even if it’s something simple as being able to go more places. But why, in giving us all these options, did only one actually go somewhere? It’s because, even though Dark does have feelings for us, he still is “dark”. He is still evil, demonic, etc. He purposefully made only one option that actually goes somewhere. He makes us go on a “date” with him (later on) the only way he knows how. Manipulation and Illusion. He gives us the illusion of choice, when really he manipulated it so there is only one right way. And that is to go on a date and spend time with him. 

This makes him sound pretty evil doesn’t it? That he just manipulates and cheats his way through until he gets what he wants. And that may be true, but.. At the same time, it’s actually pretty sad. That is all he knows. To cheat, to steal, and manipulate… Dark was toyed with and replaced. Promised he would be allowed to be with us. But that didn’t happen. And now Dark is forced to make his own path. Struggle to take control over Mark, and find a way to where we will spend time with him. Not Mark.

“So take your pick. Show me what you’ve got. And maybe… We’ll have a good date after all.” Wait what?! Did Dark look down shyly at the ground… Smile… And say “Date”?! This really blew my mind after I watched it a couple times.

After taunting us on by saying: “Show me what you’ve got.” Dark pauses, his face suddenly seems to soften. “And maybe…” He cracks what looks to be a smile and briefly looks down at the ground, “ We’ll have a good date after all.” He looks back up, but his face and body immediately harden and become cold and static once more. What just happened?! Mark randomly says “Maybe we’ll have a good date after all.” And he shows emotion and smiles? Why does he do this? I think I know why. 

Obviously, Dark has been waiting to spend time with us. And now that he has Mark under control and is alone with us, he finally realizes that his dream of being with us is soon to become reality. He smiles and quickly looks down to hide his emotion that he is excited for this long awaited day. And, instead of calling it an “adventure” like he did when he vaguely defined our outing with Mark, he says “date”. Making it official and saying it more for himself than us. But then, after he realizes he slipped: showing emotion and calling our alone time a “date”, his face hardens and he composes himself back into the stone cold Darkiplier once more. But in trying so hard to compose himself, he lets a small, angry frown dance dance across his face before straightening. Showing that he is angry with himself for showing so much ambition.

(Note: Phew! This is a lot of writing! I hope you guys are doing ok and you like this! Stay in your seat, there’s a lot more to yet come!)

*We choose “Freedom”*

“If dinner is what you want then I can provide…” We are now officially on what Dark described as a date. He glitches and we are suddenly sitting at a table with what looks to be a cup and a bottle of wine to the side. As I watched and rewatched this, I found it interesting that Dark chose to place us in a dinner date situation. The same setting we were at when we were with Mark. And say things like: “I can provide…” Why did he place us in a dinner date setting? Why did he say if we wanted dinner, then he could provide it? The answer is interesting. 

Remember, the whole date you were having with Mark, Dark was also seeing and experiencing. So that means, Dark was there even for when Mark misplaced his wallet, making you have to pay for the meal. This obviously annoyed Dark. Enough to the point where he had to physically point out and show us that if we wanted dinner, he could pay. He could provide us with a meal. This is basically a big slap in the face to Mark. Once again, Dark is trying to make Mark look idiotic and that the outing/ date we were on with Mark, wasn’t a date after all. And that he can do a better job on planning a date and providing.   

The date carries on. “And I can take you wherever you’d like to go…” I found this odd when Dark said this. It’s kind of a random thing to say on a date isn’t it? But it all makes more sense when you look at it this way:

Near the beginning and basically throughout our whole date with Mark, he keeps saying that he has our whole day planned out. And that he can’t wait to take us to certain places. I think Dark said this as yet another jab towards Mark. Mark had our whole day planned, swiftly leading us from one location to another. But Dark said: “ I can take you wherever you’d like to go..” almost as a counteroffer to what Mark was doing for us. There is a sense of freedom when Dark says he can take us wherever we would like to go. A sense of freedom and choice. Dark seems to be using this statement to try and make him look more appealing to us than Mark. Possibly even more fun or risky than Mark.  

After Dark states he can take us anywhere, he then dumps this heavy and scary: “I can especially take you to where you don’t want to go..” on us. 

Honestly, I was a little confused on why he would say this. Is it because he’s “dark” and evil and he would actually enjoy to take us places we would hate? Or is he using some weird, vague form of reverse phycology? Is he saying that “the places where we don’t want to go…” is back to Mark? It would kind of make sense. After saying and telling us of all the things he can do for us and provide for us, the last thing he would want is for us to still choose and go back to Mark. But he says that he can take us to where we don’t want to go, meaning that he would take us back to Mark if we chose that. 

Dark continues to talk, but then he begins to glitch and shake. He is then suddenly screaming: “I can give you anything!” And then as fast as it came, it goes, and he continues talk to us normally saying: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…” Ok… What just happened here? He was screaming one minute and then normal again the next?

I think Dark glitches and screams “I can give you anything!”, because he momentarily looses his composure. He’s been spending a good portion of this date trying to show us that he can provide for us and comparing himself to Mark. I think he starts to become frustrated in himself and how we aren’t reacting the way he would have hoped. Thus, his inner voice comes out, screaming, frustrated and angry that we can’t understand that he can give and provide everything we want and need.

After his short episode, he continues talking. Saying he’s been waiting a long time to “get some personal time between us…” I think he’s saying this because the only time he has ever been with us, or has “spent time with us”, is when he is being pushed to the back of Mark’s mind and has to watch from the sidelines and listen and hear Mark’s words and thoughts. But now that he has finally taken over Mark, he can truly get the personal alone time he’s always lusted over.      

The date continues, and Dark has one more episode. But what happens next is interesting. Dark says: “So.. Now that we are here together… We should really get to know each other…” And then suddenly, it looks like Dark is split in two. One part of him thrashing around and screaming. Why? Because it’s Mark… Trying to escape Dark’s possession of his body. 

Remember, this whole time we have been with Dark, Mark has been there, watching and listening to what Dark is saying. (Which also explains why at times, Dark twitches his head. Its because Mark is there in the back of his mind try to take control once again.) So Mark has been fighting Dark this whole time, and it seems Dark is slowly running out of time and loosing control, hence the episodes he keeps having. But notice where Mark made a big push to take control when he did. He did it right after Dark said we should “get to know each other…” It seems as if Mark didn’t like the idea of Dark getting to know us, and vise versa. Probably thinking Dark is going to take advantage of us at some point on the date. So, he tries and puts all his strength in trying to take back control before Dark can do anything to us. But once again, as quickly as it starts, Dark glitches and the image of Mark is gone, and Dark is back to normal.  

You just need to let me in… It’s as simple as that…

When I first heard this, I thought that Dark meant that we should allow him into our mind or soul. But as I began to create this theory, I began to think… What if Dark didn’t mean our soul or mind… But our heart? I mean, during this whole date he has been trying and trying to show us how much better he is than Mark, and how he can do all these things for us. Basically saying, how he can care and love us, just in a very “Darkiplier” way. What if he just wants to be loved by us. Accepted by us? And the only way he knows how to say that is something off putting like: “You just need to let me in..” Maybe all he wants is just a chance  with us. A chance to show how much he cares and ask us why he is feeling the way he does about us? 

After asking us to place him in our heart, and give him a chance, Dark then takes us outside. Believing that he has taken full control over Mark and boasting about it by saying: “You’re never, EVER, going to escape me…Not now-” He is confronted by Mark, in physical form. (Now this part can basically just completely eradicate my theory that Dark has taken over Mark, and not that they are two different people with their own bodies. Now that theory, COULD technically work here, but I decided I like the “Mark and Dark are two in one” theory better. Since Dark IS essentially Mark’s inner-demon. So I’m going to say that this part is actually where Mark gains some power within his mind, and now Dark and Mark are fighting for dominance.) 

After they fight for a while, a gun is dropped and you now have to decide to choose whether to shoot the left or right Mark. Later on, we find out the the Right is Dark, and Left is Mark. And this is where I was confused with what they are saying until I put up the captions. And what each of them were saying was interesting. 

Left Mark (the real Mark) starts off by saying: “You don’t have much time he’s going to kill everybody.” 

While Right Mark (Dark) says: “Shoot him. He needs to die.” 

The thing I found interesting was what they both first said to defend themselves. Left Mark (Mark), immediately starts off by saying that: There isn’t much time, and that Right Mark is going to kill everyone. Mark is trying to warn us. While Right Mark (Dark), just simply says off instinct: “Shoot him. He needs to die.”… Now that’s harsh. Mark just wants to warn us that if we don’t shoot Dark, we will all die. So he’s trying to save both us and himself. But Dark just spurts out that Mark NEEDS to die. No note of concern, or worry. No thought of what might happen afterwards. They keep talking, still trying to convince us: 

 Mark says: “He’s got weird eyes. Don’t trust him at all.” 

While Dark says: “He does bad things to good people.” 

Now, the thing I found extremely interesting was this part right here. Mark says that Dark has weird eyes, which is true. He is known for having completely Dark eyes. But how he said the next part is what caught my attention. Mark said: “DON’T trust him at all.”. He didn’t say “I don’t trust him at all.” But simply, “Don’t trust him…” Therefore, Mark was telling US not to trust Dark. It was a command. Because he knows what Dark is able to do. 

What Dark says also caught my attention. Why would Dark say: “He does bad things to good people.”? Isn’t Dark supposed to be the “bad guy” here? Manipulating and weaving around things to get to what he wants? True, that is what he did to get us to date him. But just because he did those things, do you think he even wanted to? We have already proven that in the past, Dark asked for permission to spend time with us. But since that didn’t happen, Dark had to take control. All because Mark betrayed his promise to Dark. So maybe, Dark is saying “He does bad things to good people.” Because he’s hurt and angry that Mark didn’t fill out his promise. That Mark led him on only to be trapped in the back of his mind again, while he got ready to propose to the person Dark had feelings for without even been given a chance. 

After we shoot Left Mark, Right Mark comes over saying: “You made the right call. Come here, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Assuring us and embracing us. We then continue the date by getting ice cream. We sit down while Right Mark continues to talk, saying: “We’ll enjoy some nice, dairy-based treats. And erm, get to know other. Really, personally…” We then begin to eat our ice cream when the screen flickers and glitches. We look back up and are greeted to see Dark sitting across form us. Dark then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice. But now we’re going to be together… forever.”

When I first watched this side of the date, I paid no regard to what Right Mark said. But after rewatching the mini date we had with Dark, and going back to this, I noticed something. Dark always seems to talk about getting to know us, or getting close to us. Spending personal time with with. Before, during our private date with Dark, he said: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…”  So when right Mark said: “Really, personally…” It became obvious that it was Dark sitting in front of us. After Dark transforms into his true self, he then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice.” I believe Dark said this because he knew, that if we knew who the real Mark was back when we had to decide who to shoot, we would have chosen the real Mark hands down. So he kept quiet. Hoping that with luck, he could say the right words and look innocent enough and emulate Mark, that we would shoot the wrong man. Before we are met with “Try Again?”, Dark continues, “But now we’re going to be together..forever.” and smiles. The first time I heard this, it sounded creepy, and some of you might think so as well. But I think Dark said this because he was finally free. Free of Mark’s hold on him. And free to be with the person he is curious about and has unexplained feelings for. He’s finally free to provide and care for us, without Mark battling for control in the back of his mind. Because that part of him is now dead. He can finally get to know us. Get that personal, intimate time he has always yearned for. He’s finally found freedom from being pushed aside. Being replaced and being mocked. He can finally have a true chance with us. A chance… for us to let him into our heart. Because we’ve always been in his.     

Another speedpainting for my Road Trip picture book project! This time it’s of good ol’ Twilight and Rarity. I think I’m getting a hang of the coloring style for the project now; this one only took me about 2 hours to complete. C:

Anyway, for the image: the gang’s all stopped during their trip for a lunch break at a road-stop Diner that’s popular with celebrities. Given Twilight’s fast metabolism she eats likes a lion, and Rainbow took a quick snap of her mid-chew because her expression was just too good to pass up. Rarity was caught by surprise but, as per the fashionista, she almost always turns out lookin’ like she’s ready for the picture. She claims it’s a gift. xD

Got a snippet for the image? Let me know! c:

Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy the image! ^.^


Back in 2015, I made a pair of bingo cards for @just-a-h3artbeat-away and I to play during the premiere of Descendants. It only seemed fitting to do the same for the sequel!

Feel free to print out your own set and play along with a friend while watching the premiere of Descendants 2 this Friday at 8 PM on whichever one of six different channels you choose.

Please Stay

First and foremost, can we just talk about ‘Sign Of The Times’?! I’m telling you guys, this song is going to get Harry his Grammy. It’s ICONIC and a CLASSIC. His gorgeous, majestic, enchanting and mesmerizing voice is a gift to us. I just love them so much! I’m so proud of everything our boys have achieved!   

 Now hope you guys enjoy this part 2 of ‘Only If’. Hope you like it as much as ya’ll liked part 1 :) xx 

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Just girlfriends being gross.

creepyflyer666  asked:

For a fluff HC, would you like to write how the RFA would react to MC having to live at in college dorm further away from them? Like 2+ hours driving time. Only if you're feeling up to it of course :)

Sorry this took so long! I just always got lost when attempting to write it. Hope you enjoy though!



♬ why do you want to leave him? ಥ_ಥ

♬ education is useless anyway!

♬ please stay?

♬ he’d get it eventually and even drive you up there

♬ Zen would miss you so much

♬ 24/7 texting

♬ Skype goes from your least to most used app

loads of Skype and phone sex

♬ he loves listening to the fun stories you tell him

♬ he comes to pick you up whenever you are due to visit

♬ that way you can already catch up on the car ride home


★ he is very proud of you

★ but also salty, cause it’s so far away from him

★ Yoosungs thinks about switching over to your Uni

★ after all hell is the same, wherever you go

★ sadly, he’s been pretty lazy so his grades aren’t good enough

★ the two of you still raid until 2am every night

★ he gets his drivers license only so he can visit you

★ talks to you during the entire ride to your dorm

★ ever break longer than two days is spend together

★ when visiting on campus he never lets go of your hand


♨ she’s happy that you take your education serious

♨ and the school you did get into is a great one

♨ sometimes when you send her photo’s she gets nostalgic

♨ she asks you to text her as often as you can

♨ you text her after every lecture, even with photo’s

♨ Jaehee in return decides to start writing you letters

♨ she also sends you a lot of packages with thing to remember her

♨ you always make a video of you unboxing them

♨ Jaehee is very busy because of work, unable to call for weeks at a time

♨ but she never once misses out on sending your monthly package and letter


♛ you’re surprised he doesn’t seem to be sad at all

♛ little do you know that the two people you befriend are bodyguards

♛ he just wants you to be safe, okay?!

♛ perk of being rich: helicopters

♛ 2+ hour drive gets cut in less than half

♛ when he cant come to you, he sends someone to pick you up

♛ you see each other every weekend (at least) without fail

♛ still isn’t enough

♛ offers to pay for private professor if you come back

♛ you instantly have to move in with him once you’re done


☼ distance has never been an issue for Saeyoung

☼ especially not when he can hack the cameras on campus

☼ you’re so cute when you’re studying

☼ still, sometimes he misses cuddling with you

☼ good thing that his cars are hella fast, right?

☼ eventually seeing you once a week isn’t enough

☼ lucky for you, your boyfriend is a genius and hacker

☼ he enrols in your University to study business

☼ that way he can open that toy store he dreamed about

☼ he can also live in the same dorms as you •̀.̫•́✧


Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Call me whatever, I don’t mind c:, awesome request; thank you!!

Prompt: “Hello again Sweetcheeks! (Hope ya dont mind calling you like that, tell me to stop if it bothers ya) Maybe Raph and his brothers are training, and his crush/bestie is there, cleaning something with a wooden mop and suddenly his sai ends up flying at them but they use the wooden part and deflect it, ending in catching the sai in there hand before telling them to be careful, as if what they did hadnt been no big deal, but it is and Raph has more appreciation for his crush being awesome like that”

Word count: 750

Warnings: Swearing

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

You had to make a personal reminder to never make a bet with Mikey, ever again. It was one thing to make a bet with him in the first place, but when you lose, it’s even worse.

The bet was stupid and meaningless, but it had you doing Mikey’s chores for the next 3 months. Chores that included, making his bed every morning, ordering pizza and cleaning the dojo. Because you enormous terrapin friends worked out so much and trained, the dojo constantly smelt of 4 teenage boys’ B.O, which is essentially what it was, but Master Splinter hated it. He could smell it from the other side of the lair because of how sensitive his nose was.

You had your bucket, the peg on your nose and a mop. The ninja’s sweated literal buckets a day, leaving giant puddles on the floor. Mikey usually had to clean it up, but not today. Grumbling to yourself, you got to work.

Leo had come up with a new training regime for the brothers. First, it was sparring; he knew Raph would enjoy this. It was kind of like a tournament. Raph against Donnie and Leo against Mikey, and then whoever won those fights went to the next round against each other. Sparring between 2 people usually took half an hour to forty-five minutes, due to their almost equal abilities at fighting. 

Raph got into position, Donnie hesitating slightly before grinning at his older brother.

“I’m almost positive I will beat you this time, Raph.”

“Key word Donnie: almost” Raphael charged aimlessly at his brother, but Donnie caught on and jumped, using Raphael’s shell to his advantage and using it to jump the other way, landing behind his brother and pushing him with his Bo stick.

You had your headphones in, listening to a random pop song that had come on the radio station you were listening to. It was easier to enjoy cleaning that way. You were completely oblivious to what the brothers were up to on the other side of the room. You’d forced them to move when they came in, so they didn’t sweat even more in the areas you’d just cleaned.

The music was so loud, that you couldn’t here the grunts and the clashing of metal, and you definitely couldn’t hear Raph’s yell to get out of the way when he watched his sai fly towards you.

It was an accident, he was aiming for Donnie’s Bo stick, but Donnie ducked out of the way quickly, and you were the next target.

You only realized what happened when the sai hit your mop, and cut your thumb slightly. Pulling the headphones out of your ears, you looked at your mop, eyes widening slightly and you pulled the heavy weapon out of the wood, only for it to be taken out of your hands.

“Yer not comin’ in ‘ere when we’re trainin’. Ever again.” Raph pointed a finger at you, picking you hand up and letting the wet mop drop the floor between you.

Without saying a word, he pulled you out of the dojo to the first aid kit that was strapped to a wall. He pulled out band-aids and shoved you on to a chair.

Although it was cute struggling with the backs of them, you rested your hand over his before taking it from him and wrapping it around your cut thumb.

“See.” You held your thumb up in front of him “All better,” you stood up in front of him, smirking at him cheekily. “If you’re really concerned, you can kiss it better.”

What shocked you, was that he took your hand and placed and small kiss on your thumb before pulling you into his chest.

Mitch Marner - Layover

Originally posted by brandoncarlo

Request: “  Can you write one where you meet Mitch marker on a layover in the Toronto airport? You can take it in any direction. Thanks, love your writing!!!! 💗 “

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume you meant Mitch Marner? But thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy my writing.

Also, just a quick disclaimer, I haven’t been on a plane since I was like, 2, so excuse my horrible execution on requests like these.

Warning: None

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Caius x F!reader

Originally posted by abgrvnd

I got you a rose, it reminded me of you

You had been in Volterra, Italy for about 2 months and have been mostly kept in yours and Caius’s room, which made you wonder if he really cared for you. If he did surely he wouldn’t let you die from boredom.. would he?

Just then you heard the door swing open and Jane waltzed in carrying a tray with a gourmet meal, which was one of the good things about this place. “I thought Caius would be bringing my food from now on” Jane continued to walk over to the small table under the window over looking the beautiful mountains setting down the silver tray,  "He was but something came up, I am supposed to stay here with you until he says otherwise" She stood by the door staring off out the window. "well nice to finally meet you, Jane" her head snapped at your direction she had the tiniest smirk you had ever seen, “And you Y/N, Now eat”

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Request Complete :D

I could not make it directly from this drawing but I finished the drawing of the user Oc @weeklysylveon even so, I took about 2-3 Hours, besides, As not to draw Eevee and its evolutions, use images of help to be able to do it, I hope And like the content of the Blog, Enjoy it a lot! Postscript: I will practice in making Eevee and his evolutions òwó

The following Drawing is going to be for @archiesonicbrony

And do not forget to send me your question ;D

Paris boom was so extreme actually I’m still shaken. I’ve literally lived my whole life for this very moment, I’ve never been so happy

They’re all so tall oh my god

I barely remember the first 30 minutes, I was too shocked to understand anything

Yongguk’s voice is so real y’all, they’re all so real. I mean, I’ve never felt it so damn well before. They made all their way from Korea to Paris, we made all our way from our places to Paris, and then we took time for each other, enjoying the same experience, the same music at the same place, at the same time, sharing the same experience during 2 hours. We were there for each other, babys for b.a.p, and b.a.p for babys

It’s actually even better than anything I’ve imagined before. They’re so… hearty.

  • Himchan was literally overflowing with love. He’s the biggest baby stan in the whole universe istg. I’m sure he took tons of photos.
  • Meanwhile Youngjae was hyper, like this boi was clearly enjoying himself, it was beautiful.
  • Daehyun was, as usual, the brightest sunshine ever. He looked so happy oh my god he was about to cry he was so excited. Youngjae told us Daehyun wouldn’t be able to sleep.
  • Junhong was so so so random lmfao someone collect him. Dabbing at times then randomly touching his ass, then teasing Jongup. His vocal solo is no joke, like seriously he can do everything I’m so impressed and proud.
  • Yongguk was really really intimidating omg. I mean his voice… I froze like instantly when I heard it. But for the second part of the concert (with songs like Be happy, Feel so good, Carnival) he just looked really happy to be there. He loves babys a lot.
  • And Jongup. He was so confused at first when it came to get organized with the translator (thanks for her work, she did amazing), then turned super shy when he picked that girl in the crowd bc her outfit matched the dress code he chose. He was soooo kind to her and took her hand to lead her back in the crowd. My son is such a beautiful person oh my god. He also remained really concerned about babys during the whole concert. And the second half of the time he was burning the stage and fucking babys up. Literally. This boy is a threat.

And for the first time, I felt an unbelievable closeness with them all. I mean, it wasn’t the kind of sensation you feel when you see them performing on the other side of the world. This time, they were there for us, and we were there for them. This time it was kinda… reciprocal. They knew we were there

I have so much respect for those persons. I’m so grateful for their existence, I’m so grateful for having been able to see them, I’m so grateful for Jongup’s back, I’m so grateful for babys’ endless love for Yongguk, I’m so grateful for everything I received this night. I’m really, really grateful.

Thank you, B.A.P. Thank you so much

Her Sunshine Smile (Part 1) (Phillipa Soo x Reader)

Summary: Reader visits New York to see Hamilton, and unexpectedly meets Pippa at a café. They hit it off immediately.

Warnings: None? Too much fluff?

Words: 2139

A/N: This is my first fic! Sorry it took a bit long, but I’m planning a part 2 because I had a lot of fun writing this! Feedback on this would be cool to see if people like it or what I could improve on…Enjoy!

You giddily look out the window to see New York City becoming larger and larger below you. The plane is preparing for landing. You smile from ear to ear for the thousandth time as you remember that you’ll be seeing Hamilton at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in less than 48 hours. Ever since you bought the tickets months ago, you’ve been dreaming of the moment that you will finally see this fantastic show. You practically leap out of your seat with excitement once the plane lands, gaining a couple of weird looks. There’s only so much time in nine days to spend in this wonderful city! You’ve already researched the best coffee shops in the area, so you grab a cab and head straight towards a cute french cafe. Jamming to Non-Stop in the back seat gets you pumped for the wonderful couple of days ahead of you. You get so into it, the cab driver gives you a poke on the shoulder to remind you to get out of the car. You walk into the sweet cafe and sit down at a table alone. You didn’t come here with any friends or family members- the tickets were too expensive. This trip is all for you, and you’re determined to make the most of every second. You begin to plan every activity in your phone’s notes, head bobbing along to Take a Break, when the chai tea latte that you ordered arrives at your table. You look up to thank the waiter, but no words escape your mouth as your heart rises to your throat. Your eye has caught someone sitting a couple tables ahead of you, reading a book while running a hand through her silky black hair. It’s none other than Phillipa Soo.

Your heartbeat accelerates. You’ve never met a celebrity in public before-let alone your celebrity crush. Forgetting the waiter was still standing to your left, you jump when he leans closer to you and taps your shoulder.

“That girl has been checking you out since you got here,” he whispers, seemingly on the verge of giggling.

The waiter winks and walks away, leaving you feeling stranded. When you finally muster up the courage to go tell Pippa how big of a fan you are, she looks over at you. God, she’s even more beautiful in person. When she smiles, her whole face lights up. Before you know it, she’s walking over to you. Your heart skips a beat as you notice how her hair swings behind her back and how her hips move as she walks. She pulls out a chair and stands on the opposite end of your table.

“Hi! My name is Phillipa, but you can call me Pippa. Mind if I sit down?” she asks you, blushing lightly and playing with the ends of her hair.

“Sure-yes! Yeah!” you stutter, making her giggle. “My name is (Y/N).”

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you, (Y/N). I couldn’t help but notice you sitting here. You looked so happy amongst this crowd, it just brought a smile to my face,” she exclaimed, beaming. The sight of her smile warmed your heart, as if she had found a way to put sunshine inside you.

The two of you talk for over an hour at your little table, but by 4:00, it seems as if no time has passed. Your conversation flowed effortlessly, the two of you instantly connecting. Pippa’s wonderful sunshine smile never left her face, and it seemed as though she was been flirting with you the whole time. When your feet touched under the table you saw her cheeks turn a deeper red, but she didn’t move. You learned that her favorite color is blue, she loves caramel flavoring in her coffee and her favorite dessert is cheesecake. Something tells you that these little things will stick in your mind for a long while. But alas, you can’t set your hopes up too high. Pippa is probably tragically heterosexual, and you don’t have any chance with her anyway. You don’t even live in the same state. You keep this in mind as she hugs you goodbye (very tightly), and you can feel her warm chest against yours. You suppress the urge to lean in when she pulls away and your faces are inches away for a second that both of you seem to hold on to for a moment too long. As she walks out the door, you remember that you’ll see her again tomorrow night. You’re already planning what to say.

26 Hours Later

Your heart has been beating at an abnormally fast rate since you woke up at 8:00. You took almost two hours to get ready, wanting to look as perfect as possible. It’s 6:00 now, which means you’ve nearly reached the moment you’ve been dreaming of for months. Your seats are front mezzanine, so you’ll have a great view of the whole cast. This makes you even more nervous. What if Pippa was flirting with you? What if she sees you in the audience? You’re in your seat almost half an hour early, just to make sure you don’t miss a moment. Before you know it, the lights dim and you hear the opening piano chords.

Hamilton does not disappoint in any way. The music is amazing of course, as is all the choreography and the cast- but what you didn’t expect was the effect Pippa would have on you. Her entrance brings tears to your eyes. Even in the darkest moments, Pippa is a light that can’t help but draw your eye. Her character alone makes you feel a million different emotions. During Helpless, she plants sunshine in your chest once again and makes you smile from ear to ear. You can’t help but imagine yourself as Alexander when he kisses her, making your heart swell even more. You laughed during Take a Break when she beatboxes, joy clearly radiating off of her. Her scream at the end of Stay Alive Reprise tears your heart out, making tears fall down your face without you realizing it. Finally, at the end of the show, she gasps and seems as though she looks straight at you, although you know you’re probably imagining that part. Nevertheless, you feel a distinct connection with her, as if you were the only audience member in the theater. After the cast finishes their bows and walks off you run to the back of the stage. If she stage doors, it will be your only chance to see Pippa for most likely the rest of your life. You have to make the most of it. You are a nervous wreck as you wait out in the cold, praying the girl you’ve been dreaming of all day will come out. After what seems like forever, the door opens. She doesn’t walk out.

Your heart sinks to your stomach. Of course you are delighted to see Lin, Jazzy, Anthony, and Renee (the only four that walk out), but it’s hard to come to the reality that you’ll probably never see Pippa again. After greeting Jazzy, Anthony and Renee (and coming to the conclusion that you’ll never meet a sweeter trio), you gasp when Lin goes out of his way to walk right up to you, catching you off guard. “Are you (Y/N)?” he asks urgently.

“Wh-yes?” you say, completely taken aback.

“Oh my god! Pippa has been talking about you all day! She saw you in the audience, and asked me to see if you wanted to meet her in the dressing room. Whadd’ya say?” he says, all with the hugest smile on his face.

You had never experienced your breath being taken away quite as intensely as in this moment. Phillipa Soo likes you! She’s been talking about you! Lin-Manuel Miranda is having a conversation with you! Trying to process everything, you stand silent for a couple of seconds with your mouth hanging open like a stupid fish.

“…Yes? No?” Lin giggles, snapping you out of it.

“Yes! Wow, yes!” you practically yell, getting a couple of confused looks from all the avid fans around you.

“Cool! Let’s go!”

Lin takes your hand and helps you climb over the barrier to go inside the theater. You can see the jealous looks coming from all the people in the crowd, but you honestly couldn’t care less. You’re going to see Pippa because she specifically asked for you.

Lin takes you on a little backstage tour of the theater, showing you everyone’s dressing rooms and every hallway. You are introduced to Groff, Oak, and Daveed, who all give you big hugs and kind greetings. When Daveed learns your name, he gets immediately giggly and blurts out, “(Y/N)! Pippa has been obsessing over you all day oh my god it’s so cute she has the biggest cr-” before Lin pinches his arm and whispers something in his ear.

Leading you towards Pippa’s dressing room, you look over your shoulder to see one last playful wink from Daveed. Finally, you reach the door at the end of the hallway that says “Phillipa Soo” in big letters.

“Well, this is it. I’m gonna leave you here so you guys can have a bit of time alone. We all hope to see more of you soon, (Y/N)!” Lin says, smirking. It’s prevalent that he’s not telling you something. He gives you the biggest bear hug and walks away.

“Pippa, are you there? It’s (Y/N)! Lin brought me in!” you exclaim eagerly.

“(Y/N)!” Pippa screams from inside before throwing open the door. She grabs your hand and pulls you inside her room, laughing that wonderful, bubbly laugh of hers. Before you know it, her arms are tightly wrapped around you. She holds you for a solid ten seconds, neither of you wanting to make the first move and let go. Finally, you pull away and look into her eyes, hands still resting on her hips.

“How are you?” you say quietly.

“Now that you’re here, I’m fantastic!”

Even you can tell that Pippa is acting oddly attached to you. You’re moving unnaturally fast, considering you only met a day before. You did talk for a little over three hours, but your mutual excitement to see each other at least seems a bit more than platonic. Hey, you’re not complaining!

Pippa gives you a little tour of her dressing room. It’s like a small apartment, with a TV and everything. The two of you end up sitting on the couch, Pippa eagerly telling you stories about the cast and what it’s like to be in Hamilton. You see the time is past midnight, but apparently the night is just beginning. You can hear the faint sound of dance music coming from Oak’s room, where the guys are hanging out.

You and Pippa have slowly been inching closer on the couch. Her thigh touches yours, and your faces are close enough that your breath mingles as you talk. The tension brings butterflies to your stomach. Yawning, you rest your head on her shoulder. Pippa jerks away, alarming you.

“Oh my god- I’m sorry, I-” you stutter before getting interrupted.

“(Y/N), I’m sure you’ve already figured this out, but I am falling for you. I hadn’t believed in love at first sight until yesterday. When I lay my eyes on you, my heart swelled and I couldn’t think and I’m sorry for being too forward but-”

Pippa never never has the chance to finish her sentence when you press your mouth to hers. Her lips are soft and warm, seeming to answer a question you didn’t know you had. You feel Pippa relax into you as you place your arms around her shoulders, pulling her as close to you as possible. She rests her fingers just underneath your left ear as she slowly and hesitantly pulls away. You’d never before noticed the light freckles resting on the tops of her cheeks or the golden streaks in her light brown eyes.

“I think I might be falling in love with you,” she whispers, “and i would be truly honored to call you my girlfriend.”

“And I would be honored to call myself your girlfriend, Pippa.”

“C’mere,” she says, pulling you in for another kiss, which proves to be a difficult maneuver when both of you are smiling from ear to ear.

After a while, the two of you lay down on the couch, with Pippa’s head on your shoulder and your arm around her. You kiss her forehead and run your hand through her hair, making her hold you even tighter. You listen to her breathing become steady as she falls asleep. You know you’re both safe. And you will find a way to make this work.

The Beauty Of A Scientist

[Summary]: Being Bruce’s lab partner, you’ve gotten to know the Avengers pretty well. But there’s a certain Super Soldier you’ve been eyeing. Does he have the same feeling for you as well?

[Pairing]: Bucky x reader

Requested by: @my-unique-mind

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A/N: This request has been sitting in my ask box what seems like forever (even though it’s only been 2 ½ months!) and I’m finally getting around to doing it. Sorry this took so long, hun! I really hope you enjoy it. As always, feedback is appreciated.

Originally posted by leafierleaf

You don’t know how it happened. It just… did. Being a well known scientist in biochemistry had you on SHIELD’s radar for some time. It just took till after the Ultron catastrophe to finally have them call you and you graciously accepted their offer.

Working with your number one role model, Bruce Banner, was the most amazing thing that happened to you. The first few days you worked with him, you had to try and control the fangirling side of you that wanted to bust out so bad. Several months had passed and that feeling still quietly resided in you. And you still couldn’t get over the fact that you were amongst the Avengers! It was just too much to process.

There was one Avenger that you started having your eyes on about six months after you got the job. But every time you thought of him and you as couple, you laughed it off. ‘He would never have those feelings towards me. He probably doesn’t even know I’m there’ you’d try to tell yourself.

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Forever pt.3 (Saeyoung x MC)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Pairing: Saeyoung/MC -you
Summary: All of the desire that Saeyoung feels for MC leads to SMUT and SIN∠( ᐛ 」∠)_. 

And! He reassures Mc that he likes her just the way she is! (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ)

Author’s Notes
: Ok so this took me a while to write, like look at it, it’s so long…(that’s what she said) but..god..I hope you guys like it. This is actually born from a request (the desire from Saeyoung -> SMUT) + a new request I got (MC feeling insecure because of her body). So I really hope you guys enjoy reading this! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Pt 1 PT 2  PT 3

The room was beautiful, bright and big. Let us change one thing though, the brightness – I dimmed the lights and set up the room while you were taking your long shower.

We arrived at the hotel a couple of hours ago and honestly it took me all of my strength not too take you in the car and I do think you noticed. Because you were playing the whole ride in the Limousine with your dress – pulled it up over your knees and started to take of your shoes and showed me your sexy legs, which looked stunning in white stockings. The hairdo you wore was now – because of all the dancing and your slight drunkenness disheveled, so you undid it and your shiny locks fell naturally and seeing you so messy yet seeing the whole you, made me uneasy, it made me feel unworthy. But I promised myself that I would prove to you that I can be the man that you deserve and need.

You looked at me, through all that messy hair and gave me a goofy lopsided smile and poked my cheek.

“I love you, you know?” you lulled, but I don’t think you even realize how much I love you, my sweetest. My body aches because off all of the love that I have stored up for you, it might be pouring out of me, if it was… would it heal the world and patch up all of its flaws? Would the love I feel for you save the world of all the pain?

Because that is how you make me feel – saved, healed and loved.

The messy, yet beautiful you leaned on my shoulder and you let out a small laugh. “I love you and all of your silly remarks, I love you, I love you so much Saeyoung.”

I let out a chuckle and tilt your head gently with my hand on your chin. Your lopsided smile is now gone and you are crimson red, your eyes are hazy and slightly glassy. Ah, look your eyes are completely swallowing me. You wait in anticipation and I pull you closer and give you a deep kiss, you moan sweetly in my mouth and leave me an opening. I softly and slowly prod my tongue against yours. Completely lost in all this lust, you melt into me. You are leaning against me, trying to be steady and you pull away.

Breathlessly you speak up “Your kisses always make me so dizzy.”

Beloved, you are the one who makes it so hard for me to hold back.

Finally we arrive at the hotel, we rush to our room, while holding each other’s hands. We are by now running, touching each other as we go, in your free hand you are holding your shoes.

My love, my beautiful space princess. While we are running the corridors you stop in front of the door and show me the number 707 and you start to giggle like a child.

»Was this your plan, cutie?« and you only nod and type the code and pull me inside.

But what you did next surprised me…you pushed me on the bed and smiled mischievously.  

Then all of a sudden you were on top of me, you came closer, slowly you were near my ear.

“Wait here, I need to prepare for this occasion.”

Dumbfounded you left me…alone on the bed.

Sometime later, I was still alone on the bed and I sighed to myself.

God darn it, she said she wanted some alone time, so that she could prepare for this night, but quite frankly I could take her with or without any preparations…No matter what she wore, how styled her hair was or how much make up she wore…to me she was perfect in every single way.
She said she wanted some alone time, so that she could prepare for this night, but quite frankly I could take her with or without any preparations…No matter what she wore, how styled her hair was or how much make up she wore…to me she was perfect in every single way. 
I often noticed how she fumbled with her clothes and hair, how hard she tried to look good…for me. It did make me happy that she worried but at the same time it pained me to see her that way, why wouldn’t she just realize that she didn’t need to worry about that.
Then I would even worry if maybe it was my fault, that she felt that way. 
Sometimes I even evaded touching her on the parts where she would flinch…but did she not know, how much I desired her?
Today and every day before that…I could barely contain myself, I always stopped myself before I could hurt her and make her hate me. But finally tonight she would become truly a part of me and I would be a part of her.
And then she makes it harder and wants to prepare herself?

I did know that it was her first time and I did want it to be special, that is why this hotel room is the way it is. Filled with flowers, the sheets made of silk and rose petal splayed on top of it, candles lit in safe distance…a sweet aroma filling the room.

I couldn’t take it anymore it has been 40 minutes and my groin is starting to hurt…what was she doing?!

In a frenzy I stood up and opened the bathroom door in which she stayed for all those painful 40 minutes

“MC, what is taking so long?!”

Then…there on the floor she sat with her bath towel covering her. She shuddered and seemed to be in tears?
Slowly I lean down to her and take her hands.
In a hushed voice and calmly I speak out “Hey, sweetheart, what is wrong? Are you alright?”

But she wouldn’t speak she only shook her head.
I came closer and she covered herself with her arms folded in front of her chest. Was she afraid?

I looked around to see if she hurt herself and saw….a bag from a negligee store and the contents of it thrown into a corner…
Ah…I understand.

In a second I came closer and picked her up and carried her to the bed.

“This ends now.” I exclaim as I put her on the bed.

A look of horror on her face.

“This. ” I point at her body.
“And this and all of this. And every small thing that makes you – YOU is perfect!”

As I yell the last part out I pull her closer by her waist then I lay her down, next I slowly hover over her. I gaze deeply into her eyes and try to say the next words with as much confidence as I can.
“You are perfect. In my eyes, every inch of you, your beautiful body, every small part of you, even those things you call flaws - you are perfect in my eyes. I love how you, worry about such things, but I don’t ever want you to think, that to me you are not enough. You are so much more, your body either with stretch marks, small rolls or whatever you call them, I love it all!”

By now I was almost yelling, but you, you wore such a goofy expression, your eyes were shimmering and you started to laugh and then you enveloped me in an awkward hug. Awkward, only because you were,…well for the most part naked.

Then you sighed out and pushed me away.

“Saeyoung, I do want you. I want you so much, my whole body is tingly and weird, but as I was in the bathroom all I could think of was how I wish that I was fresh and clean .That my body wasn’t filled with sin. So that there were no marks on my soul. My heart is crumbling and my lungs are heaving with every breath I take. And you pour all of your sweetness on my heart and it’s all sticky like caramel and soon my heart is covered with it whole. My brain is fuzzy and I can hardly think, all I see are my flaws and I don’t want to be like that, because before you I didn’t know what happiness feels like. But now, now I do.” As you finish you brush your hand against my cheek, but with all of those words…I can’t hold back anymore, I push your hands up above your head.

“No more words, no more explaining, I want you…NOW!”

At that I crush my lips against yours and you breathe me in, the passion has built up over the past few weeks. The longing we felt, how much we craved each other touch. I realize how hard I made it for you, to push you away, to make you feel like you were hated, but honestly I hate myself for it.

I release your hands and slowly kiss your neck, my sanity is long gone and I take a small nibble at your earlobe.

You are squirming underneath me, panting, begging me to continue.



Seeing Saeyoung above me, being dominant and his eyes filled with hunger, hunger for me … it awakened something in me. Something animalistic. As he starts to nibble on my ear, I can’t hold back anymore, I want him, I want him..I want him.

I push myself up and kiss him back, I don’t want to lead, I just want him to take of his clothes. I start to undress him and he only smiles against my lips. How cheeky, how adorable and sexy. He then gently pushes me away and in a painfully slow motion takes his shirt off. I don’t know why, but just that image of him on his knees above me, with his shirt off, made my mind go blank and my stomach make wild turns, it was starting to get hot and by now I was grasping the sheets. He bit his lip seductively and pushed me down so now he was only an inch away from me.

“Tell me, do you find me attractive, do you think I’m sexy?” He asked, while wearing the most seductive smile, I have ever seen. And as I was just about to answer, he let out a chuckle and started to laugh, which in itself made me laugh.

“This is going to be really hard.”

“You mean just as hard as you are?”

And then we laughed even more.

Finally we recovered from all the laughing and being us, we continued. But now, I wanted to lead. So I started to undo his pants and he helped me take them off, I kissed him and planted kisses from his neck to his belly. I slowly kissed him all around his stomach. AS I was just above his center I slowly kissed all around it, I kissed his inner thighs, I kissed near it but never kissed it directly.

Then I licked the palm of my hand and started to pump him, he was already wet just by himself, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hurting him. I slowly went closer with my head to the tip of his member and smiled up at him.

“D-don’t t-tease meee, ppp-please.” I enjoyed him, being so weak under my touch but I complied and licked his tip, he started to shiver, his head leaned back and he let out a “f-fuck” moan/noise. By now his member was twitching as I licked it teasingly, then I licked him from top to bottom, mischievously I licked him and it made me feel so good, seeing him like this. Suddenly his hands were resting on my head, at first he was only petting me gently in a way as if he was praising me, how good of a girl I was. But as I was probably, being a little too mean, he pushed my head and his member was in my mouth, he started to move his hips at first slowly and after a while more daringly and deeply into me and I loved it, I loved how he moaned, how loud he was and how I made him feel. I could hardly breathe but, as he heard how I moaned in pleasure, just by giving him head, he started to moan even louder, he was saying my name over and over again, then he looked down at me. Those hungry eyes, that desire, I felt it in my core.  Just that look felt so good that my whole mind began to turn hazy.

I held on to his hips with one hand and with the other, I tried to pleasure myself. I was feeling frustrated I wanted to feel him in another hole, throbbing and hot. As though he noticed, he pulled out and smiled at me. “Good girl. Now my turn.”

He turned me on all fours and without a warning started to lick at my entering, his hands were grabbing my backside and with the sounds he was making, like he was truly enjoying pleasuring me, well that was the thing that made me go even wilder, I held on to the sheets and moaned out his name “Sa-saeyoung, please…”

I was trying so hard, to tell him to stop, it was a feeling I felt for the first time and It made me feel as if I was floating.

Only his humming noises of appraisal could be heard as he was eating me out and enjoying every minute of it, then he continued while using his finger, gently pumping in and out, I heard him take a deep breath and he spoke up “You taste better than honey butter chips, sweetie.” At that moment I had to bite into the pillow, because I was starting to feel something in me built up and I felt how my walls were clenching his finger and at that he only let out a low growl and bit my backside.

He pulled his finger out, I looked back at him and let out a moan of frustration built he only teased me more, by licking all of me off of his finger.

“Well are you ready? Ready for me to take you to see the stars?”

He didn’t wait for my reply, he only positioned himself near me and rubbed a few times against me and then he pushed inside, slowly and it didn’t hurt at all.

It felt like all the buildup I had inside of me was being released, we both took a while to get back to planet earth, since just by him inserting himself into me, felt so, so good, we both only let out a loud “aaaah”.

Then he took hold of my hips and started to move, as he felt that I was very, very wet for him, he started to pound harder into me.

With every thrust I felt him near, there where it felt as though I could finally feel my release, as if he knew he only teased me. I pounded my hands against the mattress, with ever thrust he made, it felt good, but my body knew exactly what it wanted.

So I turned to him and pleaded

“Saeyoung, p-please, harder.”

He was all covered in a layer of sweat, his muscles were now more visible and the way his hands were grabbing me – all of the veins being visible, how his muscles were flexed and how he bit his lip in ecstasy, my whole body shivered from my back to my head. He winked at me and pulled me by my hair. He was starting to get rough, he yanked me up looked at me and said.

“Tell me exactly how you want it.” At that his thrust were just one sudden movement, but I needed for him to thrust in motion, deeper to hit there.

“Fuck me, fuck me deep, please.”

At that he growled, took both of my arms and started to pound in me, uncontrollably, hard and with so much build up frustration.

It was wild, I smelled him and myself, all of it mixing up together, I felt how wet we were all over our body’s how my hair clung to me, how I heard the pounding of flesh and him moaning.

Then there it was, that sudden movement, that sudden motion he made, finally made my vision go white and I became numb, all I felt was this lightheaded feeling and this sudden, yet blissful relief. Right after me I felt how he twitched against me and how his hot fluids poured into me. He plopped himself right down on me and started to kiss my head.

Breathlessly he cried out with a big smile on his face “To infinity and beyond!”

I only laughed and replied “I love you too, you dork.”

In Good Company

Second part is here. And yep, that means the fic is finally complete!

Title: In Good Company

Rating: T

Pairing: Sorey/Mikleo


“So I heard your new P.A. is your type.”

Damn it, it had only been two hours since Rose’s disastrous call. Mikleo sorely wished the actual work could be finished at the speed it took gossip to spread in this place.

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Here’s a painting I just finished of NateWantsToBattle, it’s a still from his Live Long Enough To Become The Hero video that I really liked. Hope you enjoy it!

I used 100% watercolour paints, and this took me about 2 hours. :D I even made it Tumblr aesthetic for you, so be happy XD

New Beginnings

Bucky x Reader, Jack Curtis (OMC), T’Challa

Summary: With a promise to help turn in your father’s drug ring and putting him behind bars for good, you and Bucky will have complete safety, support, and protection. With the chance to start a new life.

Word Count: 2,950

Warnings: Language, slight depression, mentions of abusive past, mentions of drugs

A/N: Because I really liked this and decided to do add a 3rd part!  I hope you enjoy it! This the last part, so it’s going to be a tad bit longer and sorry if my translations are bad. Bold lines are T’Challa talking. 

 Part 2 if you missed it. Happy reading!

“You think I don’t fucking know that?” You could tell Bucky was watching as you talked on the phone for the past hour. It took awhile to reach them, but now you had to get past one more person in order to talk to him. But of course, there was always another barrier.

“Of course what I’m asking is crazy beyond belief…..Well I’m still alive, aren’t I?…Yeah, yeah I know that, what do you think I’ve been trying to do?…….oh so he’s busy?” Bucky swore he could hear your teeth grind down into a powder from how much you were containing whatever form of verbal assault you were wanting to throw at them.

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Delicate Part 5/9

Originally posted by mebeingbored1

Warnings: Swearing

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/S - Your Astrological Sign

A/N: Reader is brilliantly smart but has spent her life being exploited by anyone who finds out about it. She is recruited by Fury to come to the Avengers facility, but it may not be for the reason she thinks.

Not going to lie, I listened to the song Delicate by Damien Rice about a million times while writing this. Also the trailer for Gifted not only left me an emotional mess it also seems to have seeped it’s way a little into this story.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9

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