this took 2 hours enjoy it. like it

my mom was such a weird but iconic Young Single Mom like

she didnt trust any baby-sitters (in her defense, there werent a lot where we lived) so sge took me everywher3 n i had to be a lil well behaved bitch. going to the bank? hope smol geraldine enjoys swinging her legs and reading mortgage pamphlets for 3 hours. going to work at the family business? actually that was more chill bc everyone treated me like a queen and let me play that mine game on the computer or stamp shit. going 2 work @ the hospital tho? hope ur fucking ready to be entertained by the glimpse of a hall n a kitchen u cant go to and stay drawing there.

also she took servsafe classes like 2 times n honestly like ik so many useless shit lord knows my ass isnt gonna need 2 know how to wash different spaces of an industrial kitchen. shed make me quiz her n shit

also she was always Done like she used to tell me ppl werent allowed to move the wheel bagging thing at the supermarket u could get fined if u did and like other shit like that ONE TIME SHE TOLD ME THAT IF I TURNED ON JACUZZI ENGINE BUBBLE THING ITD CATCH ON FIRE AND EXPLODE ALSO THERE WAS A GAZEBO IN OUR YARD N SHE TOOD ME IT DIDN’T HAVE A FLOOR JUST A CARPET OVER A HOLE N FOR YEARS LIKE UP UNTIL I WAS PROLLY 12 I LIVED IN FEAR OF THAT GAZEBO LIKE SHIT COULD HIDE IN HOLES MAN

The Boss Pt.2

It’s a little later than I had planned, but here it is! I hope you guys enjoy part 2! Thank you so much for your kind words on part 1; you’ve given me so much to live up to, haha! (I’m giffing the fuck out of the I’m Dying Up Here trailer).

After your shopping trip with Nat, Bucky wants to see where his money went (4,000 words; 70′s Bucky x Reader; 18+, smut; 70′s Bucky Barnes strip club AU; WOO BLOWJOBS!; Part 1.)

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The Beauty Of A Scientist

[Summary]: Being Bruce’s lab partner, you’ve gotten to know the Avengers pretty well. But there’s a certain Super Soldier you’ve been eyeing. Does he have the same feeling for you as well?

[Pairing]: Bucky x reader

Requested by: @my-unique-mind

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A/N: This request has been sitting in my ask box what seems like forever (even though it’s only been 2 ½ months!) and I’m finally getting around to doing it. Sorry this took so long, hun! I really hope you enjoy it. As always, feedback is appreciated.

Originally posted by leafierleaf

You don’t know how it happened. It just… did. Being a well known scientist in biochemistry had you on SHIELD’s radar for some time. It just took till after the Ultron catastrophe to finally have them call you and you graciously accepted their offer.

Working with your number one role model, Bruce Banner, was the most amazing thing that happened to you. The first few days you worked with him, you had to try and control the fangirling side of you that wanted to bust out so bad. Several months had passed and that feeling still quietly resided in you. And you still couldn’t get over the fact that you were amongst the Avengers! It was just too much to process.

There was one Avenger that you started having your eyes on about six months after you got the job. But every time you thought of him and you as couple, you laughed it off. ‘He would never have those feelings towards me. He probably doesn’t even know I’m there’ you’d try to tell yourself.

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Soulmate!Jeonghan

Request: Soulmate!Jeonghan AU
Requested by: @keshuasd
Word Count: 2,622
Genre: F L U F F
Warnings: None!

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to write, school work has really got to go man. Anyway, I hope you like it cause I had loads of fun writing this one! Enjoy!


Originally posted by wonshi-17

That section of your hair wouldn’t stop glowing. It started of as a faint shade of red, but within the last hour, it had turned a bright red colour, and it wouldn’t fade at all.

“Wow, your soulmate must be pretty worked up over something.” Your friend commented, taking a sip from her iced latte.

The two of you were chilling in the cafe that you frequented. You initially planned to talk about your school work with her, but eventually the two of you got distracted when your hair started to glow.

It was a magical thing, this whole soulmate business. You found it absolutely fascinating that there was someone out there who was made for you, and you found the fact that you could actually see how they were feeling fascinated you even more.

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Just girlfriends being gross.


Updated on JULY 24 2016

Asks including more than 2 characters:

Cuddling with their S/o - Sebastian, William, Snake, Ciel, Claude, Soma

Most to least likely to enjoy cards against humanity

Most to least likely to be yandere

Would the characters want a dominate or submissive S/o

Their S/o is in the hospital due to not eating - Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, Claude, Undertaker, Joker

Caring for an emotionally unstable S/o - Alois, Ciel, Claude, Sebastian

Bad pick up lines (Admin Elizabeth version)

Bad pick up lines (Admin Hailey version) 

Their reaction to a witch/warlock S/o - Claude, Sebastian, Angi

Who says I love you first them or their S/o - Ciel, Sebastian, Elizebeth, Joker, Doll, Snake, Dagger, Beast, Drocell, Undertaker, Grell

Characters zodiac sign based off personality

Characters reactions to their S/o singing for them

Their reaction to a ghoul S/o - Sebastian, Grell, Ciel, Undertaker

How they drink their tea - Grell, Ciel, Claude, Elizabeth, Alois

Comforting their S/o after a nightmare - Sebastian, William, Undertaker, Angi

Their S/o drew them is too afraid to show them - Charles grey, Sebastian, Bard

Characters guilty pleasure song

Describing them with desserts - Ronald, William, Grell, Undertaker, Alan, Eric

Love at first sight - Charles Grey, Charles Phillips, Ciel, Sebastian

What they look for in a relationship - Charles Grey, Finnian, Sebastian, Undertaker, Grell

How they will react with his S/o when they are in labour - Sebastian, Bard, Snake, Lau, Undertaker, Pluto

Finding out their S/o is a ghost - Undertaker, Ash, Joker, Beast

Do they want a S/o with a quiet or loud voice 

Their reaction when another demon flirts with their S/o - Sebastian, Claude, William, Ronald 

Their reaction to their S/o being pregnant - Ciel, Finnian, Sebastian, Elizabeth, Ronald, Alois

What kind of Father they would be - Edward, Snake, Bard, Ronald

Their reaction to a S/o who is too busy for them - Ciel, Sebastian, Undertaker

Preference on their female S/o - Sebastian, Claude, Angi, William, Grell

Supporting their S/o through exams/finals - Snake, Claude, Joker

Celebrating after exams/finals - Snake, Claude, Joker

Comforting S/o who feels unworthy of their love - Ciel, Claude, Sebastian, Edward, Soma

Going on a date with a famous S/o - Claude, Sebastian, Snake, Soma

Their S/o is turned into a demon - Claude, William, Sebastian

Holding their newborn child for the first time - Sebastian, Finnian,Alois, Ciel 

Bragging about how great their kids are - Grell, Sebastian, Undertaker

Handeling their S/o’s period - Sebastian, Soma, Angi

Getting extremely jealous - Angi, Snake, Finnian, Bard

Most to least likely to be a morning person 

Superpower headcannons - Ciel, Alois, Elizabeth 

Lazy cuddling - Lau, Soma, Edward

Yandere headcanons - Undertaker, Lau, Soma, Agni 

Claude Faustus:

NSFW headcanons

Description songs 

What gift would he give his S/o 

When his S/o is trying to make him laugh

First time Nsfw headcanons 

Teacher/Student NSFW headcanons 

His kinks NSFW 

When he proposes 

Relationship headcanons 

Cuddling with his S/o 

Reaction to a angel S/o 

His kinks NSFW

Taking his S/o on a ice skating date

Hannah Anafeloz:

Relationship headcanons 

Sebastian Michealis:

How he would care for a blind master 

Wedding headcanons 

His reaction to his S/o losing interest in him 

His crush going on a date and he ruins their date 

His reaction to his S/o being better than him

His S/o is dead and Grell is coming to get their soul 

Description songs 

Valentine day plans with his S/o 

Sebastians true form 

Sebastian not liking Christmas but his S/o being a Christmas freak

Sebastian finding out his S/o he is in love with is cheating

Ciel confessing his feelings for Sebastian 

Confessing his love to his future S/o 

Morning NSFW headcanons 

When his S/o is trying to make him laugh 

Teacher/student NSFW headcanons 

He finds his S/o dead in their bed 

Sebastian helping Ciel write his S/o a love letter

Morning fluff (Vauge I know)

NSFW headcanons 

His reaction when his S/o grows cat ears and a cat tail

Him dancing with his S/o at Ciels ballroom dance 

Putting his child back to sleep

Accidently making his S/o cry

His reaction when his child falls for Edward 

His reaction when his S/o is sad 

His S/o names their cat after him 

Reaction to his S/o being turned into a demon 

When he proposes 

Having a food fight with his S/o 

Jealous Sebastian 

Poly headcanons 

Relationship headcanons 

Cuddling with his S/o

 Him teaching english to his lover 

Reaction to a angel S/o

Reaction to his S/o who is allergic to cats 

His kinks NSFW


Fluffy headcanons

NSFW headcanons 

Grell Sutcliff:

Friendship headcanons

Description songs

Going shopping with her S/o 

S/o is afraid of the dark and power goes out 

Sleep cuddles

Poly headcanons

Fluffy relationship headcanons

Finding out her S/o is pregnant 

Sad headcanons 

Possessive headcanons 

Ronald Knox:

Reaction when his S/o is afraid of abandonment

How he courts his crush

Fluffy early mornings 

Sleep cuddles


First time NSFW headcanons

Dirty talk NSFW headcanons

Kinky NSFW headcanons

Cute and fluffy Christmas headcanons 

Reaction to kittens crawling all over him

NSFW headcanons

How he treats a self conscious S/o 

When Yandere! Undertaker gets jealous

Comforting S/o who had a nightmare

Angst (Vauge but great)

Undertaker getting drunk

Actor! Undertaker falling for his make up artist 

Comforting his sad S/o 

His S/o is a shinagami and leaves everything behind for him

Teaching english to his S/o

Fluffy relationship headcanons

Possessive headcanons 

General headcanons 

Him finding out his future s/o is in love with him 

What youtubers he watches 

William T. Spears:

NFSW headcanons

Putting his child back to sleep 

Cuddling with his S/o

Taking his S/o on a ice skating date 

Description songs


Proposing to his S/o

Apperance/personality headcanons for his S/o

Virgin NSFW with S/o who is a bit scared

Realising he is in love with his S/o

His cuddling with his S/o

Fluffy relationship headcanons

Teaching his S/o his traditional dance

Alois Trancy:

When his S/o truthfully but sleeply tells him they love him

Description songs

SFW and NSFW poly headcanons

Christmas cuddles 

His S/o is getting bullied and he finds out

Reaction to a necromancer S/o 

Morning NSFW headcanons

Rough, passionate NSFW headcanons

A carnival date with his S/o 

Relationship headcanons

His reaction when his S/o is afraid of the dark and abandonment

When he is jealous

General headcanons 

His reaction when his S/o is marrying Ciel

Arthur Wordsmith:

SFW headcanons


General/NSFW headcanons

Charles Grey:

Proposing to his S/o

Accidently making his S/o cry

Cuddling with his S/o 

Reaction to his S/o making him his favorite dinner

Playfully teasing his S/o

He’s jealous ‘cause some is flirting with his S/o

Teaching his S/o how to fence

Fluffy relationship headcanons

Charles Phillips:

His reaction to his S/o making him his favorite dinner

Ciel Phantomhive:

Finding his S/o dead in a train accident

Description songs

Spending Valentines day with his S/o 

Poly NSFW and SFW headcanons

His reaction to his S/o telling him they’re a witch

Morning NSFW with his S/o 

NSFW headcanons 

His reaction to Sebastian and his S/o acting silly 

Ciel and Lizzy as children headcanons

His kinks NSFW

He dresses up as a girl so he can dance with his S/o in public (???)

Everyday activities he does with his S/o

Playing with kittens because his S/o loves them

When he tells his S/o he loves them in his sleep

Ciel falling asleep on an expensive date

Fluff with his S/o

Helping his S/o through an anxiety attack 

Jealous Ciel 

General headcanons 

Edward Midford:

Finding out his S/o has gone missing

He finds out his S/o is an angel

His reaction to his S/o bringing home a puppy

Everyday things he does with his S/o

taking his blind S/o out on a date

Teaching his S/o how to dance

Major fluff with his S/o

Relationship headcanons

Elizabeth Midford:

Finding out her S/o has gone missing

Teaching her S/o how to dance

General headcanons

Relationship headcanons


Angst headcanons

NSFW headcanons

Fred Abberline:

His reaction when his S/o tells him they love him 

Gregory Violet:

General headcanons


First kiss with his S/o 

NSFW and romantic headcanons

Cuddle headcanons

What gift he would make/give to his S/o

His S/o was kidnapped by Kelvin

His S/o gets amnesia and forgets about him

Lawrence Bluewer:

His S/o steals his glasses

Prince Soma:

Love at first sight with his S/o

His S/o is a young demon

Teaching his S/o his native dance

Vincent Phantomhive:

Fluffy headcanons

NSFW headcanons

Woldram Geltzer:

Fluffy headcanons

Ash Landers: 

NSFW headcanons

Having his S/o wash his hair for him

He’s jealous because his S/o is getting flirted with

Fluffy headcanons

Drocell Keinz:

His reaction when he finds out his S/o is being bullied

What he wants in a S/o 


Relationship headcanons


Relationship headcanons

Virgin headcanons NSFW with a nervous S/o 

NSFW headcanons

Confessing to his very shy crush that he loves them

Cute fluff with his S/o


방탄소년단 (13.06.2013 - FOREVER).
FROM 2 COOL 4 SKOOL화양연화 pt.2.



Never again try to do pixel type fonts manually. Took me 2 flipping hours.

So since I can’t do anything for the days of Genoary, might as well do something like I did Crossember…? But its a Wallpaper sorta,, feel free to use but credit if its used as a header.



Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies

Genoary challenges belong to @shinydiamondblog

Art belongs to moi


A long time ago my mother taught me this old song about two lovers dancing and enjoying each others company, the main line is, “If you love me honey dear, wont you dance with me under the moonlight?” I was humming it today, and given that we’ve seen Pearl and Amethyst be so comfortable casually dancing with each other, i decided to draw a pic of them inspired by the song. ^_^

Close your eyes (Ch.2)




A/N: I could cry lol This son of a bitch took five hours to write and I don’t even know why. I am not entirely happy with it, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t bring myself to like it lol but I hope you guys enjoy. Again, this was originally a request by a lovely anon, who wanted Negan still being Negan but gentle with a first time reader.

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Let’s make a baby part 14 D|H

A/N : I’ve got news. I really like the word bittersweet. It’s a great word to describe the news I got. So I’m telling you: This is the last chapter of the LMAB series. It feels like a good time to finish. I had always planned it like this. But don’t worry I’ll still continue to write weekly imagines for you. I guess we are welcoming a baby and saying goodbye to a series that I really enjoyed. masterlist

Looking back, I don’t remember the car ride to the hospital. I know that London’s night life was rushing by in front of my eyes. It was a 20 minute drive to the Charring Cross Hospital, but since I had lost all sense of time it felt like I was in the cab for 2 hours. As soon as the black car stopped at the entrance of a huge building it felt like it only took as 30 seconds to get there. After I had handed over the money to the driver I shut the door and rushed into the hospital. This is where everything starts to become a confusing blur. I must have stumbled to the front desk to ask for my fiancé. The receptionist shouted  room numbers and seconds later I was in the elevator on my way to the ninth floor. I had just presented a huge award show in front of thousands of people but this was by far more nerve racking than anything I had done before. My hands were trembling, cold sweat had formed on my forehead and my heart was currently running a marathon. As my feet hit the ground  the sound echoed through the quite hallway. I will never forget the moment when I pushed the door to room number 965 open. This is where my clear vision came back.

Louise had tried to get through to somebody at the Brits so they could inform Dan. When she called  30 minutes ago she said she talked to a lady. I still have no idea if that lady can help get the message to Dan. Louise is already on the way here, at least I don’t have to do is all alone, but I still imagined my fiancé to be here with me. Three nurses flashed around my bed in order to prepare everything. The contractions came regularly now and although I thought the ones at home were bad those were even worse. Out of a sudden the door burst open. The handle smashed against the wall. At first I thought Louise had already arrived, but Daniel Howell stood in the doorway, a mixture of both horror and excitement visible on his attractive face. The nurse’s eyes shot up as soon as they saw him. Tall, handsome and wearing a formal suit to the birth of his first child.

His broad figure stormed towards me and through all this pain that all of my bliss had numbed I did feel relief.

“Holy shit!” Dan babbled, waving his huge hands unable to say more.

At 3 AM spine crawling screams filled the room. I pushed, breathed and panicked all at the same time. Whenever one of those dreadful screams left my lips I felt Dan next to me shudder. He squeezed my hand like there were no bones to crush and I took hold of his whole underarm.

“You can do this, darling. I love you so much.” Dan repeated. His voice was soothing and somewhat calming.

At 3:15 I pressed my eyes close in agony. Dan told me afterwards that he had concentrated on every single detail in my face, just so he wouldn’t look down to where everything was happening since he was sure he’d pass out instantly.

“We are nearly there, honey.” the love of my life told me his voice shaking this time.

Boo was born five minutes later. They were done with all the check ups shortly before 4am. I was cuddled into Dan’s arms worn out and completely exhausted but as the nurse came back with our baby, I seemed to forget how intensely tired I was.

“Your little girl is all healthy.” we were told with a honey sweet smile.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling I felt when I held our child for the first time. Never in my life had I seen somebody this beautiful. Me and Dan looked down onto the tiny body of our baby like she was the most precious thing in the entire universe. That was what she was to us. I remember that tears twinkled in both of our eyes. We shared our first kiss as parents before we kissed our daughter all over her soft skin.    

Dan let me hold her for quite some time since I was the one who had just given birth to her. After a while I carefully handed her over, supporting her head while doing so. Dan nervously eyed me for a second before he took her into his hands. It was surreal how tiny our daughter’s body was compared to his massive frame. God she nearly fitted into his huge palm. His eyes sparkled with admiration and his face lit up like a thousand stars.  

We stayed on the hospital bed till the sun announced that the morning was close. Cuddled into each other’s arms we just took in the fact that we were a family now. A flashback reminded me of the day on which we both had made the decision to try for a child. We have come a long way since then.

I’m still the sun. My colourful dresses, the light radiating from my body and the way I laughed when our girl yawned give that away. And Dan, well Dan is still the moon. His deep thoughts, his sparkling eyes and the way he softly caressed our daughter’s cheek give that away. After all, we are still different like night and day. Although that thought worried me before by now I have completely lost that fear. Because there was something that united us. That something was tiny and fragile, had Dan’s chocolate brown eyes and my head shape. That wonderful girl was sound asleep in our arms, eyelids closed and a slight smile on her angelic face. She would always be the connection between us two very different souls.

She was able to perfectly unite the sun and the moon. That’s why we named her Skylynn.

Of Things Lost and Gained (Rafe x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Hope you guys enjoy! Drabble for “You shouldn’t be trusted with small children, should you?”. Took inspiration from a Parks and Rec episode for this one, haha! P.S. I added the whole ‘submit your name’ feature on my blog and I’m pretty excited to see if people like it or not! Lemme know! :) xx

Word Count: 2,174


“You will arrive at your destination in five hours and fifty-six minutes.” The animatronic voice of the GPS is dulled by the blaring of horns, the distant swearing of someone with their window rolled down and the too-heavy bass of a car that cost more than your house.

“What the hell?” you mutter under your breath, resting your head back on the soft leather of Rafe’s BMW. You had told him he needed to get the damn thing replaced, but with the way traffic was going you were beginning to think it might not be broken after all.

The car panel screen lights up as the highway finally comes to a standstill: Rafe Adler.

You press the answer button and your boyfriend doesn’t skip a beat, “Y/N, are you almost home?”

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My little Trip

Today was a beautiful, warm and sunny Day with over 21 Degrees Celsius and no Cloud in the Sky.

I decided it`s Way to nice out there to stay the whole Day inside,so i lifted my lazy Butt from my Desk Chair,got my Bicylce out of the Basement and made a small 2 Hour Tour through the nearby Forest.

I live in the German Town Neu-Isenburg and we are pretty much surrounded by Forest….AND Highways and a huge international Airport :D

I really enjoyed it,the Air smells so Spring-like and the Birds were singing,the perfect Day in Spring.

I made a few small Breaks to enjoy the Surroundings while sitting on a Bench and i also took some Pictures.Nothing special,just for Fun.

On my first Stop i saw this small Stone with a swirly Symbol on it sitting on a Tree Stump that also had some swirly Markings on it,most pretty much washed away.

Don`t know what this was or is,of course i left the Stone there on it`s Place.

I also passed a small murky Pond with a crooked Bench nearby and stayed there for a While.

No one else was around so you could hear Animals rustling through the dry Leaves on the Ground,Birds up in the Trees.

Certain Mistake (Joker X Reader) Part 2

•holy shit you guys really enjoyed part 1, it’s so insane to see how many people liked it, so I took more time to fix and add more detail so this part is hopefully a little better (even though it’s still short, my bad).


After what seemed like hours, you peeled open your eyes so see him just standing there, but with a small grin on his face. Many emotions swirled through your body but confusion took over. You though he would be enraged, screaming and blaming it on you or throwing things around, breaking them instantly, but surprisingly he was incredibly calm. He snaked one of his arms around your waist, holding you close, while the other hand wiped away falling tears.

“Then why are you leaving darlin’?” He asked, smiling.

“You don’t want a kid, you don’t need the hassle, I’ll just go and be out of the way.” You sighed and walked around him, trying to leave, but he grabbed your shoulder tight, stopping you in your tracks immediately.

“Now who said that?” He asked, spinning you around so you were facing him again. His eyes back to the soft blue and his words held a smooth, calm tone. Your tense muscles relaxed as you realized your previous thoughts were incorrect.

“You’re not mad? You want to keep the baby and I?” You asked as the tears dried up and the love for the man came back, flooding your veins with excitement.

“Of course not, will it take some time to get used to? Yeah, but it’s worth it, I’m not loosing you… or this baby,” He smirked rubbing his hand on your stomach lightly. You stared at his shiny smile, enamored by the man in front of you. He was surely a different kind of human, but he treated you like a queen and now, he has his own prince or princess to love. He pulled you tight for a warm hug filled with comfort and safety.

“Now, let’s go unpack that suit case so I can feel a little better, don’t you ever think to leave me again.” He firmly stated, almost as a nice demand.

After quite awhile of unpacking and neat folding, the well needed cuddling that you yearned for finally happened. He held you gently, his soft skin against yours, feeling his heart pound in his chest below all the intricate tattoos. It was just what you needed to confirm that he did indeed care for you and that having a family may not be so bad. Although he was a great criminal, maybe he could be a great father too.


Months went by and everything was all well, besides the profuse vomiting late at night. J would hold your hair and rub your aching back until the sunrise, causing him to be awfully tired during work, but he refused to leave your helpless side of you’re feeling ill. It’s so astonishing to be dearly cared for by a man some may say has no heart or his blood runs ice cold, because it simply wasn’t true when it came to you and the child growing vastly inside. He did everything you wanted or needed, all the cravings he subsided, every pain he eased, all the love he gave.

Part 2 of the Reaction Below:

Wow this one is even longer than the first half! Sorry it took so long, but it took me like 3 hours to write this! I hope you guys enjoy what I’ve done so far. This one was extremely long, but most should get answered way faster than this one did! Thank all of you for the support so far! :3

MacCready: You’d think MacCready would be the most calm considering he’s done this before, but he wasn’t. He knew what would happen, and he knew what COULD happen, and he was terrified. He’d stayed up for days with Lucy reading all kinds of parenting books, and most of it was pretty straight forward as long as you had a competent doctor. Then he read all the things that could go wrong, and a disturbing amount led to things he wouldn’t even think about now. Lucky for him, Duncan’s birth went smoothly, but what if he wasn’t lucky enough for that to happen again. God what if something happened? He held Sole’s hand so tight he started to worry if he was hurting her. She was in the middle of labor, and all he could do to keep himself under control was to think of something else. He thought back to when Sole told him she was pregnant. He couldn’t believe it, he just sat there like an idiot, trying to process what he had been told. Sole thought he was upset, and when MacCready saw the smile on her face turn into a grimace, he shot up. He brought her into his embrace. “This is the most wonderful news you could have given me Sole.” And he meant it, he was just scared. Only 22 and he was going to be a father of two! He and Sole planned to go get Duncan after the pregnancy so they could have their family all together. “It’s a girl!” The announcement brought him back to the present. A girl. He wondered if he could be the father this baby needed. And when the doctor gave her to Mac, all he could think was it didn’t matter, he would give it his best shot. She was beautiful. “Hey darlin’, thanks to you the commonwealth just got a whole lot better.” He turned to Sole with the biggest dopey grin on his face. “Say hi to our ray of sunshine.” He said as he handed this little gift to Sole. She held the baby and gave her a little boop on the nose. “Hey angel. Welcome to the family.” He looked at Sole and instantly thought he would do his best to protect them. He would do better this time. “Hey Mac.” MacCready looked up at Sole “Yeah?” “For a name… I was thinking… How about Lucy?” MacCready’s throat hitched. “…It’s perfect.” He said trying his best not to let his voice show the emotion he felt. He kissed the top of Sole’s head while hugging the both of them.

Maxson: “Cade how much longer is this going to take? She’s hurting here, isn’t there anything you can give her?” Maxson yelled while holding Sole’s hand with both of his. “Not much longer Elder, there’s not a whole lot I can do, this is mostly up to Sole and the baby. And no, I can’t give her anything she hasn’t already been given.” Knight Captain Cade said a tad more annoyed then he would have normally been allowed to get away with. Maxson knew Cade was capable, and he didn’t doubt he knew exactly what he was doing, but GOD, couldn’t this go a little faster? He hated seeing Sole screaming every couple of seconds. He was trained for battle, to lead, to make decisions. None of that lent itself to this. It certainly didn’t calm his nerves about being a father. He had been trained with things that could be learned from a manual or experience. There was no manual for fatherhood, he knew, he looked. And he was worried about the fact that the only way to get better at being a parent, was to do it. What if he messed it up? You mess up a training exercise, you did it again. There was no real consequence. It didn’t seem fair that he may be a skilled parent only after fucking up his kid. When Sole told him she was pregnant, he looked like someone punched him in the stomach. He was already the leader of the people he thought would save the country, and now he was in charge of a family. How would he even raise this kid? He and Sole had discussed that he would have to gentler. This wasn’t an initiate, this was a child. Unfortunately for Maxson, that was the closest he thought he had to being part of a family before this. He’d been raised in the military since he was a small child, and he didn’t want the same thing for their child. He thought back to Sarah Lyons. How much more tender she was with him than the rest of the Brotherhood growing up. That was it. He would raise this child like Sarah would have, with a gentle and respectful tenderness. “It’s a girl Arthur!” Cade exclaimed. Maxson was brought out of his epiphany when Cade placed the child in his arms. “Wow.” A girl. A beautiful little thing she was too. How could something so soft and beautiful come from someone who comes off as so harsh and rigid? He looked up at Sole, she was gently smiling at him and the baby. “No wonder she’s so perfect, she’s just like her mother.” Sole held out her hands to receive the child. “Hey boo.” She moved the little bit of light blond/brown hair across the baby’s forehead. She smiled up at Maxson. “That’s your daddy. He thinks he’s real tough but he’s a big softie, you can see it in his eyes.” Maxson felt so honored everytime Sole refuted his hard exterior. She saw him as just Maxson, not a cold military leader, and he loved it. “What are we going to call the little lady?” Maxson asked kneeling by Sole’s bed. “I’ve been thinking for a while now… and, hear me out… what if we called her, Sarah?” Sole was nervous asking the question because she wasn’t sure how Maxson would react. Maxson was shocked. He suppressed the tear that wanted to spill “I love it.” He got up and gave Sole a kiss on her forehead and gently held the back of the baby’s head, playing with the hair on the back of her head with his thumb.

Nick: “Hang in there doll.” Nick was doing all he could to support Sole in the middle of her going into labor. Nick was still amazed that he was in this position. He never thought this was going to be the outcome of meeting a little vault dweller when he was rescued from Skinny Malone and his band of goons. He had refused Sole’s advances a few times because he said it was unfair for her to be stuck with an old bag of bolts when she could be with a real man, or hell, at least a better looking synth. But she was determined, and she wasn’t having any of his self-deprecating excuses. Looking back, he’s glad she did. And when Sole mentioned starting a family, he was the happiest he had ever been. Nick Valentine, a father. And now everything the two of them had worked for was about to come to fruition. How great he thought, this kid would have two parents with pre-war morals and ideals. All the information this kid would have available to them. “It’s a girl Mr. Valentine!” Dr. Sun announced. “A bouncing baby girl, wow. And she’s got you eyes Sole.” Nick muttered. He could immediately see the resemblance between the baby and Sole. “This bundle of joy is going to give you a run for your money in prettiest thing to walk into the commonwealth doll.” He handed her over to Sole who was eagerly waiting to hold their new pride and joy. Nick was so amazed that the baby didn’t cry when she saw him. He knew she couldn’t tell the difference between him and her mother in their composition, but something told him that this innocent babe would somehow see everything wrong with him. Sole smiled at him. “Say hi to your daddy sugar, he’s one of the good ones. And apparently you do have my eyes, because you can see just like me, how he’s just like everyone else here. And you don’t even know what a human is, but I promise, he’s the most human one here.” Nick would have cried if he could. He came close to Sole’s bed and hugged the two of them. He was going to love them as long as he was alive.

Piper: “You literally survived a nuclear apocalypse Blue, you can handle this no problem.” Piper stated with a smirk. She was so excited. She loved Sole with every fiber of her being, and when Sole told her she wanted to start a family with her, she almost screamed. A family! She thought she was content with being with just Sole and Nat, but now she knew what was always missing. There was no going back, once Piper had the idea in her head. She went and started to get all the arrangements ready. She did all the research she could. She didn’t want to rely on old world techniques alone. She interviewed every parent she came across that would let her, especially mothers with small children. What would she need to get ready for? She had basically raised Nat herself, but that was different. Nat was her sister, and Piper did what she could to keep them alive. But this was her child. She wanted to do the absolute most, she didn’t want to just survive, she wanted to live. She started a whole segment in the paper about starting life as a mother and tips for a smooth pregnancy, along with things she thought expecting parents should be aware of. Sole was holding Piper’s hand and squeezing it furiously, if Piper wasn’t wearing her gloves she’d probably be yelling along with Sole. “It’s a boy!” Dr. Sun handed the child to Piper, and she couldn’t smile any larger. “Huh, a little boy, finally some testosterone in this family.” Piper joked, she had honestly expected a girl, she wasn’t quite sure why, maybe because her family this far had been primarily female. None the less, she loved him. “What do you think Blue? Perfect? Or absolutely perfect?” She asked as she handed the baby to Sole. “Perfectly perfect Piper.” She said with a smile as the baby grabbed her pointer finger. “Hey we finally found someone you can’t even ask for an interview.” “That’s where you’re wrong Sole, there’s not a person in the commonwealth I can’t interview. Hey boo bear, you love your mommys?” Piper asked gently brushing the baby’s hair to the back of his head. The little boy giggled and both of the new mothers smiled. “See? I told you. Sounds like a headline to me.”

Preston: Preston was nervous to say the least. Sole had walked into his life and saved him more than once. She had saved the Minutemen back in Concord, but Sole had saved HIM. He wasn’t even sure what he was fighting for after all this time, he didn’t even really do it for the “greater good” anymore, he secretly wished he wouldn’t make it back from one of these missions. But Sole changed everything, now he had a reason to fight, he had a reason to live. And now here he was with Sole. She was about to give birth to their child, and Preston felt so blessed. He couldn’t have been happier when Sole walked up to him about 9 months ago telling him she was pregnant. He picked her up, spun her around, and kissed her on the cheek. He made Sanctuary as family friendly as he could with Sturges. He baby proofed the house and kept Sole as comfortable as possible during the pregnancy. He found the best doctor he could that would travel right to their house, he didn’t want Sole to have to even have to get out of bed a few days before the expected arrival date, regardless of the fact that Sole was tough enough to lead all of the Minutemen, he wouldn’t have it. Now he was sitting by Sole’s bed while she was giving birth telling them they were the strongest person they knew and they would be fine. “It’s a boy!” The doctor happily announced and gave the baby to Preston. “Wow. He’s perfect. Look at us Sole, we’re really a family.” He turned to Sole and saw her smiling at him and the baby. “Here, you hold him.” He gave Sole their new addition to the family, and she gladly accepted. Preston watched as Sole played with their child. “Hey there. Aren’t you a cutie? The second most handsome guy in the room aren’t you?” Sole smiled up at Preston. “We’re going to be a great family.” Preston said and smiled at the two most important people in the world to him.


anonymous requested: Hi, could I please request a one shot where the reader is smart like Tony Stark, and pretty, but self conscious because she is taller than average and Steve has a crush on her and ends up getting fed up with her constantly saying she isn’t pretty, too tall, etc and sorta scolds her and inadvertently admits he likes her? Then fluff? I am just self conscious about my height and stuff, but if it’s too much you can delete this

Author’s note: This was adorable and I’m so in love with this request - I’ve always wanted to be taller, and so this made me so happy to write. Hope you enjoy! Also, this took me like 2 hours for some reason…  ( update, i still can’t do titles )

Steve Rogers x Reader

Working at the Avengers base was amazing. You were constantly surrounded by superheroes, your job was to help design suits and technology to help save the world and keep it safe, and somehow you had managed to become friends with the Avengers. You were a main technician, and you’d helped develop many things like enhance Falcon’s wings, upgrade the War Machine suit, and even keep Captain America’s shield in top shape. But you couldn’t escape the same kind of things that girls everywhere worried about - your looks. Even though you were almost as smart as Tony Stark (don’t tell him you said that), and quite pretty, you were taller than most of your coworkers, male and female.

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