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december 31st, 2015, 10:23 pm: i saw you for the first time. you were talking to a girl and i could tell that you were capturing her with every syllable that left your mouth. and i knew why: you were beautiful and bright, and i was drawn to you even then, like the planets are drawn to the sun.

december 31st, 2015, 11:58 pm: we met standing in line for the bathroom. you introduced yourself, and asked for my name, smiling when i gave it. “lovely,” you murmured, and repeated it a few more times, rolling the letters around in your mouth like a new food.

january 1st, 2016, 12:05 am: i could still feel you on me, your lips, minutes, hours, months later. the clock had struck midnight and you just grabbed me, didn’t ask if it was okay until it was over. you were laughing, brushing it off, all teeth and well-kissed lips, but i knew i saw you blushing. 

january 21st, 2016, 1:12 pm: you got my number through the mutual friend that threw the party. i still don’t know how you got my address. i didn’t remember telling you. you couldn’t tell me, either.

february 14th, 2016, 9:12 pm: you took me out to dinner and bought me chocolate and roses. it was all so cliche, and i loved every second of it. when you kissed me good night, i swore i could feel the rest of my life, pressed right up against my lips.

february 26th, 2016, 11:33 pm: we made it official. i remember how you asked me, how shy you got, like you didn’t know what the answer would be.

march 17th, 2016, 5:43 pm: we spent the day at the saint patrick’s day parade, and you filled yourself with beer and kissed me hard against the bar bathroom door. i drove you home and that was the first time you told me you loved me.

march 18th, 2016, 9:24 am: you called me and told me you loved me again. “i want to make sure that you know i still mean it when i’m sober,” you said.

march 24th, 2016, 1:09 pm: i met your parents at easter brunch. you had demanded i come with you, and i was glad i did. your mother was kind and beautiful, and your father was warm and handsome, just like i knew they’d be. after we’d eaten, your mother got me alone. “he’s never brought a girl home before,” she told me, “normally he isn’t very open about who he’s dating. but you, you’re different. don’t read into this, but i think he may really think you’re special.”

april 12th, 2016, 8:31 pm: you saw me naked for the first time, and you kissed every inch of my skin. i’d never felt that much love from anybody before that night, and i haven’t since. not even you could replicate those few hours.

may 5th, 2016, 4:57 pm: we fought for the first time. i ran into my ex at the grocery store and wanted to chat for a few minutes. you didn’t. when we got in the car, you told me that if i was still in love with somebody else i could just leave, and i told you that you should trust me and not be so insecure about our relationship. we screamed the whole way home and you slammed the car door when i dropped you off. i almost crashed three times on the drive home.

may 6th, 2016, 8:03 am: you came by with flowers and breakfast. “I’m sorry,” you told me, “you just mean so much to me, and the thought of you ever being anyone else’s makes me sick.” i smiled, “but you don’t have to worry about that now. i’m yours.”

june 16th, 2016, 10:51 pm: for my birthday you took me out to dinner and gave me a beautiful necklace with a silver chain and pearl pendant. we drank expensive wine and stumbled back to my place and fucked. i had never been fucked before, not like this. i woke up the next morning with bite marks on my neck and hickeys all the way down my stomach, but you were gone. “had to run,” you’d written on a post it note, “i love you.”

june 18th, 2016, 2: 41 pm: i hadn’t seen you since my birthday and you weren’t picking up when i’d call.

june 19th, 2016, 3:13 am: “ had to run,” the post it note had said. maybe you were running from me. i couldn’t tell if it was the 3 am darkness talking or the part of me that already knew.

july 1st, 2016, 4:01 am: i looked over at you, sleeping in the darkness beside me. when we were together, things felt perfectly normal. but now, i could feel the shifts. “are we falling apart?” i whispered to you, and although i hadn’t expected an answer, the silence broke my heart all the same.

july 4th, 2016, 6:47 pm: we were at a barbecue and i saw you across the crowd, talking to a girl. i saw the way she was drinking up every word that escaped from between your lips, and that’s when i knew. that’s when i knew you weren’t mine anymore.
july 21st, 2016, 7:08 pm: i brought it up to you. “i think we’re starting to grow apart,” i said, “there’s a distance between us that wasn’t here before.” you reassured me that it was all in my head, but i didn’t hear it in your voice. i didn’t see it in your eyes. you knew it was there, too, but unlike me, you weren’t trying to do anything to stop it.

august 10th, 2016, 11:37 pm: i lay awake and thought about what your mother said, all these months later. “don’t read into this.” but of course i did. i couldn’t help myself. fuck, i loved you so much.
august 15th, 2016, 1:12 pm: you invited me over and i discovered that the key you’d given me no longer worked. “i had the locks changed,” you said, “i’ll get you a new one.” it was a lie, and i knew it. you didn’t get me a new key.

september 8th, 2016, 2:00 pm: i caught you cheating. in a desperate attempt to revive the romance we’d had at the beginning of our relationship, i bought dinner and brought it to your place. when you finally opened the door, i saw it written all over your face; the way your eyes widened, the way your jaw dropped, the way your cheeks drained of color. i heard it in the stammer of your voice, the sharp intake of your breath, the grinding of your teeth. when the girl walked up behind you, half naked, asking who it was at the door, i already knew. “how could you?” i whispered, and you just opened and closed your mouth. the girl pieced it together and started screaming. she hadn’t known. i left the food at the doorstep.

september 10th, 2016, 1:49 am: you never called after that, never came by, never reached out, but it wasn’t like we’d needed to confirm anything. i knew it was over, but it took every ounce of willpower i had not to go back to your place and find out why, why everything.

september 27th, 2016, 6:20 pm: i kept finding myself huddled in a ball; in my bedroom, in my kitchen, in my shower. not crying, or yelling. just huddled, clutching my body close to myself, staring. still not understanding.

october 31st 2016, 9:01 pm: i spent halloween haunted by the ghost of you. your face was around every corner. i could still feel your touch trickling down my spine. that night, i lost it. the anger surged through the sadness and bubbled to the surface. i screamed until my throat was raw, screamed at nothing, about nothing, for no reason other than i was too full.

november 10th, 2016, 2:17 am: you called me when you were drunk and i answered. i listened to you ramble, vomiting up apology after apology. near the end, you told me you loved me. “call me tomorrow when you’re sober if you still love me,” i said.  you didn’t. 

november 25th, 2016, 7:15 pm: i went out on a date with somebody new. they didn’t pull me in like you did, but for a few hours, i forgot about you and i felt okay. i drank myself to sleep that night so i wouldn’t have to think about you. the next morning, the hangover hurt more than you did. it was a start.

december 24th, 2016, 8:12 pm: i was spending christmas with my family, and i was doing great until my aunt asked about you. i told her you cheated, but i was doing okay, and then i excused myself and threw up the appetizers into the toilet. i called you then, and when you picked up, i let out a sob. “you ruined me, you fuck,” i croaked, “and you can’t even apologize. not when you’re sober, at least.” there were a few seconds of silence, and then you hung up. i still hope that it ruined your christmas.

december 31st, 2016, 10:23 pm: i saw you for the first time in months across the crowd. it made me sick to know that even after all that had happened, you were still the most beautiful person in the room to me.

december 31st, 2016, 11:55 pm: you found me in the kitchen. “i wanted to tell you i’m sorry,” you yelled over the music, “and i miss you.” and in those final moments of the year, i thought about it. i thought about letting you back in. the countdown started, and you moved closer to me. and i.. i pushed you away. i turned away from you and said, “no. i can’t.” and i walked out of the room.

january 1st, 2017, 12:05 am: i have forgotten how you felt against me, your lips. and for the first time, i am finally okay with that.

—  a year in review -c.h. // instagram: (via @poeticaffinity)
Daddy Issues

Pairing: JungKook & Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Summary: A top student, marks always high. College was not a dream for her…Except she didn’t have enough money. Her parents never earned much so they literally took care of themselves. Her boss acting as a dick towards her she quited her job. Even though she had no idea what she let herself into this was her only option.

Other Chapters - 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

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Falling for You (END)

genre: fluff & light angst

summary: You were hopelessly in love with your best friend. Jungkook just wanted to help out. Never would he have thought he would fall for you along the way.

pairing: jungkook x reader x taehyung

a/n: oh gosh, I can’t believe that this is the end. ahh, this is my second completed series now (the first being ‘firsts’ but I had written that one all in one go so it didn’t feel the same as this one, which took me like months to finally finish!) anyway, thank you so much for giving this au so much love! I appreciate every single read, reblog, reply, & ask <333

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“It looks so beautiful.” Jisoo beamed, wiping a non-existent tear from her eye. You were sure the real tears would come in later at the curtain call.

The two of you stood by the front row of the auditorium, admiring the set of Jisoo’s tragic love story. You remember staying up with her at night, making sure she had enough snacks and your insightful comments to help her finish her script for her advanced theatre class. And now here were the two of you, ready to bring her story to life.

“I’m going to head out to the foyer and greet the professors.” She told you as she excused herself, her black heels clicking against the tiled floor. “TEN MINUTES TIL SHOWTIME!”

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Now that Theo is getting older, I want to try new, longer trails and hikes. She definitely enjoyed herself today taking on the South Big Gulch

So last night I was coming home from visiting my aunt and I left her house around 4. I was driving down the highway when I noticed two black dots moving and as I got closer I realized that they were two dogs both terrified and starving running around on the streets so my dumb ass does some illegal shit to go to the other side and I pulled over and immediately got out of my car and went and sat on the grass and called them. It took a few seconds but Delilah (the brown and black one with stripes also I’ve named theses dogs so this is bad) came running over to me and she immediately licked my face and fell to the floor excepting a belly rub. Now ruby on the other hand took a little convincing of 3 minutes to come over to see that I am not gonna hurt her and she immediately licked my face. So I got back in my car and pulled over to the lot and opened my back door and sat in there hoping they would hope in it took a few seconds but Ruby was the first one to come in and sit next to me and then Delilah followed. Ruby looks like she’s been a mother before and Delilah has not. Theses two pits are the sweetest dogs I have ever met in the condition we met and as I’m typing this right now I’m in bed with two pit bulls that I found on the street not longer than 11 hours ago and I feel completely safe. Pit bulls are not born mean it’s just the people who make them mean. Same goes for humans. Now moving on I already have three dogs of my own and sadly cannot keep both of theses guys but I’m hoping with a little power of the internet we can find these guys new homes or their original owners! I found them in the silver lake area in Leesburg if anyone knows anything or might be interested please contact me at or by kik halirosee. It would mean the world to me if I could find them new homes as them seem to have been neglected and abused. Please share!!!!

Freal luv

About: Yoongi x Reader one shot, mafia au, lots of fluffy and soft Yoongi, mentions of panic attack

Word count: 1,9k words

Summary: Late night date + He’s constanlty in danger and you have trouble dealing with that.

So Freal luv came on shuffle at 3 am and this is the result. Hope you enjoy!

(not my picture, credits to the owner)

The colors mixed together in a captivating blur as you sped through the empty roads of Seoul. The lights of street lamps and neon signs contrasted perfectly with the dark sky and displays of closed stores. It was almost 4 am, everybody was asleep, but not you, oh no, you were wide awake. Looking out the car window you admired the beauty of the night while the music blasted loudly from the speakers. It was better than getting high, you were enjoying yourself getting lost in the sights and Yoongi loved seeing you like that. He smirked from the driver seat at the amazed expression on your beautiful face. 

It was moments like this, in the middle of the night, doing stupid and crazy stuff, that you two realized how deeply you were in love. Those moments when you got high on adrenaline and music, when the daily life and problems didn’t exist, when it felt like it was only him and you in the whole world.

Going through the main street once again you finally glimpsed at your boyfriend. His dark eyes were focused on the road ahead but his smile told you he knew you were staring. No words were spoken as he went to your favourite spot on the outskirts of the city from which you could see the mesmerizing sunrise.

He sat next to you on the dash of his car and took your hand in his, the small gesture very meaningful as neither of you was a big fan of skinship. And you stayed like that for the next hour listening to the city waking up with the sun. And you were high again, it felt like the only thing stopping you from going to a different dimension was the skinny hand holding yours. You didn’t know but Yoongi felt exactly the same way. The spark in your eyes and the slight flush on your cheeks made him fall for you over and over again. 

For a moment you tried to trick yourself into thinking that it could last forever, that there was no one waiting for the perfect occasion to hurt you. You tried really hard, but the fact that Yoongi was in a gang was always on your mind, pushed somewhere in the back, but still, it was there.

A sigh escaped your lips and your boyfriend noticed the change in your expression as the smile was no longer there. 

‘What’s wrong?’ he asked in a deep but gentle voice looking at you closely trying to figure out what’s bothering you.

'Just life, I guess’ Yoongi knew very well how stressed and worried you got every time he had to work as there was always a possibility of him not making it back home. 

'Come here’ he pulled you into his soft embrace kissing the top of your head and you closed your eyes inhaling the familiar smell of his cologne.

'Are you happy right now?’ came a question and even though you weren’t entirely sure what he was getting at you just nodded your head.
'Me too, you have no idea how much actually. And when I go there today I will still be happy so even when something happens I will have no regrets. I want the same for you, y/n. When I go, remember how happy you were just this morning and nothing else because if I.. if I don’t come back, I want this moment to be your memory of me' 

A tear escaped your eye but he didn’t notice it as your head was buried in his shoulder. That was another reason why you loved this kind of dates with Yoongi - he could show you his vulnerable and soft side here. When people were watching he was the cold-blooded killer, sometimes straight out ignoring you, arguments also weren’t foreign to you. But here, there was none of it. It was just the two of you loving each other endlessly.

'I love you, y/n’ he whispered holding you tighter. 

'I love you too, Min Yoongi’ you replied tiredly and he took a notice of that.

'You’re so tired, let’s go home to catch some sleep, yeah?’ you glanced up to meet his also tired eyes.

'Not yet, just stay like that for one more minute’ he obeyed silently as he actually didn’t want that moment to end just as much. The minute turned into ten, then into ten more. Somehow you managed to fall asleep with your head on his shoulder and he noticed only when he asked if you wanted to go now but got no response. 

After putting you in the car with his strong arms he checked his phone only to see 4 missed calls and a few text messages mainly from Namjoon and Hoseok. They were already preparing for today’s mission and the sniper was needed at the base. Sighing, he got into the car himself and drove into the rich part of Seoul where your apartment was located.

You woke up around 2 pm with a strong need of taking a shower. Washing your hair with some expensive shampoo that Yoongi gifted you for one of your anniversaries, your mind went back to the late night date with him. You still were somewhat high as the smile wasn’t leaving your face. But when you stepped out of the foggy bathroom into the cold and silent apartment the reality hit you - Yoongi could be dying right now. Being in such a situation almost on a daily basis you knew how to calm yourself down or at least try to. 

With a cup of your favourite tea and a small snack, you sat in your comfy chair in the living room from which you had a clear view of the front doors. Even though he wasn’t probably coming back before 10 or even 11 you found comfort in being able to see if he’s there or not. Losing track of time you fell asleep with the book in your hand.

Waking up in complete darkness got you scared. A gasp left your mouth and you needed a good 5 minutes to realize you’re in your living room safe and sound. Quickly turning on the light you felt a sharp pain in your neck from sleeping in such an uncomfortable position and you cursed yourself for not being careful enough. Seeing it was already past midnight you decided to move to your bed where Yoongi was-


Is he home? He should be.

You ran to the bedroom. Empty. Bathroom, kitchen, guest room, the closet - all empty. He wasn’t home.

It was getting harder and harder to breathe, your heart was racing along with the worst thoughts in your mind. 

'Calm the fuck down, he probably called you when you were sleeping to tell you he went out with Hoseok or something’ you said out loud while reaching for the small device on the coffee table next to the chair. Clicking on the power button your eyes landed on your lock screen which of course was him. You took the photo a week ago when you two were at the mall trying on the most ridiculous outfits. He was grinning at you from the phone, a pink and yellow asymmetric hoodie decorating his frame. You would have smiled at the sight but your mind didn’t acknowledge anything apart from the lack of messages or missed calls.

The phone fell to the ground with a thud but you couldn’t hear it as the panic attack hit you with a full force. Falling to your knees while clutching your chest you gasped for breath. With wide eyes, you tried to locate something that might help but you knew only seeing Yoongi walk through the doors well and alive could help you.

The tears were streaming down your face and somehow you managed to take in some air only for your lungs to fail you once again. The images of him being shot or taken away were dancing in your mind which didn’t help your already severe state. You were sure you were going die until strong arms wrapped around you from behind. A familiar smell of cologne surrounded your trembling body and your hearing came back.

'Breathe, y/n, please baby, in and out, I’m right here, I need you to breathe, baby’ his voice was slightly panicked but he did his best to hide it while repeating the same words over and over again until you calmed down enough to breathe properly.  

'Shhh, baby, I’m right here’ he moved you so you could see his face while still being in his comforting embrace. Realizing that he’s indeed okay and actually home you started crying once again.

'What’s wrong, baby? Tell me what’s going on’ he kissed the top of your head just as he did the night before making you clunch onto his shirt. Noticing you weren’t able to make any other sound than the quiet sobs he gently picked you up and carried bridal style to bed. The soft covers managed to calm you down completely and soon you were just laying there with Yoongi cuddling you lovingly.

'Sorry’ your raspy voice filled with guilt took him by surprise and for a second he stopped caressing your shoulder but continued the action once he got over the slight shock.

'It’s alright, baby, just tell me what happened, I got so scared to see you like that’ he mumbled loud enough for you to hear him. 

'I didn’t want to get you worried, I’m sorry-’

'It’s really fine, baby, tell me what happened’

'You weren’t home.’ you shut your eyes at the painful memory 'It was late and you’re always home at 11 at most and you didn’t call me and I just got so scared, I-I couldn’t breathe a-and-’

'Shhhhh, you don’t have to say anything more’ he hugged you tightly 'Things got out of hand and we needed to visit some places which took lots of time. My phone, of course, died before I could even get a chance to call you, I’m sorry for scaring you so much baby’ the regret was clear in his voice and you smiled at the turn out of events. He was there with you, safe and sound, and that was all that mattered.

'I love you, Yoongi’ you whispered as you pulled him into a soft kiss which he gladly returned. He didn’t even need to say back the words as his actions were much louder. Only then you actually noticed how worn out he looked and instantly you felt bad for causing him even more trouble. Wanting to make it better you started playing with his hair just the way he loved while he closed his eyes in pleasure letting out a soft moan.

It was a matter of minutes until he fell asleep and you laid there just staring at his handsome face. Every single day you were realizing how deeply in love you were, how happy you were. It was still not clear to you how this one man was able to make you feel so worried and loved at the same time. You hated his job, but it was his life and all you could do was tolerate it and enjoy the moments when you didn’t have to think about it. Focusing on these happy memories you too fell into oblivion in the arms of the love of your life.

My 20 year old Idol Husband - [Day 11 - It’s Definitely You]

20 yr old Jungkook, at the top of his idol boyband career, has a secret only he & his bandmates know – An underground relationship, with you, a girl he met at a fanmeeting. Things get a little out of hand and you find out you’re pregnant.

Read: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 / Day 7 / Day 8 / Day 9 / Day 10 / Day 11

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry if this is uncomfortable for you to answer and you don't have to if you don't want to. But what is your opinion on what's happening in Catalunya right now? From the perspective of someone who is Catalan and really knows, what's happening there?

You might have noticed this blog has gone on “fandom-hiatus” and the only thing I do is reblog once a day or post something related to this issue. So by scrolling a bit through my blog is very evident everything I need to say. 

So to just sum it up:


1. There is a percentage of population that wants in dependence. It’s not the majoritarian percentage but it’s very loud, passionate, insistent and pushy. They also got the support of the government (or are controlled by it).

2. That’s why there are two, opposite fractions of the government that want independence. The industrial elite, heirs of the right-wing party CiU and the Anti-system CUP + friends (ex: esquerra republicana). They found a common ground in it because LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE HAS BEEN DONE FOR YEARS but talk about the secessionist plans. 

3. 20 years ago CiU began an indoctrination process from schools, based off twisted, transgressed history and symbols. They were smart and when the recession arrived, used the cuts that they made, that all of Spain had to make, but where the other regions’ governments accepted their responsibility, the catalan governemnt diverged the attention from them and popularized the “Spain is stealing from us” slogan, and actively used the drive to independence to rise in power, by promising utopia wonders in an independent Catalonia. 

4. Fast forward a few years of increasing tension and we got a very, very aggressive secessionist movement, led by politicians that raised themselves to the status of Gods for their followers. Young people are extremely susceptible. Because of the aforementioned indoctrination and because the government asks to “disobey and rebel against the fascist Spain”. Young people love “disobeying” and it also became a social trend. 

5. We live in a moment and a region where anyone who disagrees with their opinion becomes an outcast. Some months ago students were beaten up till critical state in the Barcelona University just for being anti-independentist. Which is why most people that are against it don’t speak it out loud. You just can’t speak it out loud. You can’t voice your opinion, you can’t HAVE a different opinion. 

6. For the Catalan government and its followers the non-secessionist Catalans ARE NOT CATALANS. We are called traitors, fascist, we are insulted in every possible way, harassed, boycotted, silenced…

7. They lie about everything. They say that an independent Catalonia will be the new Andorra (meaning rich), when the most prominent Catalan companies already announced that they’ll leave in case of a unilateral-independence-declaration. (Sabadell bank left just hours ago for Alicante). Or that it will be part of the European community, when the EU told several times that it won’t happen. There will be a commercial blockage and no recognition. Because the EU is trying to ERASE BORDERS not to create more. 

8. The media is extremely manipulated and polarized. In the rest of the Spanish newspapers you can lean to the right or left, but you get the information more or less. Catalan media is ultra-radicalized and not only outright lies but omits whatever the information they want that could make their plans look unsure or negative. (The government also has no problem booting out members of their own party that express doubts, so that’s nothing, really.)

9. There is a governmental network called “Diplocat” (that is paid by our taxes, whether we agree to it or not) that has the ACN (catalan news agency) in its pocket. Among other things they also build “catalan embassies” in other countries, send representatives to talk in big universities about the “catalan freedom” (it’s not about fucking freedom! it never was!) and pay journalists and authors around the world to talk about Catalonia. 

10. The added problem to this is that the central government is a bunch of limp dicks that spend decades pretending this problem didn’t exist and would go away by its own. We had one party (Ciutadans ) rise to be the 4th political force in Spain, from Catalonia, mostly by proclaiming themselves anti-secessionist. They are the main opposition to the government here, but they are not strong enough to actually do anything, and the problem is that the parties that have “anti-secessionist” as a common factor don’t really agree on anything else, including how to face the problem. So they are just flopping around like “???” 

11. Now. About the 1st of October. 

What happened was that that an illegal “referendum” took place. It was a mess from the moment it was announced till this very second. 

You could argue that this is “democracy” (which is what they do) but it was all very well planned to precisely make it badly, rushed, makeshift, and illegal by both Spanish and European laws. 

But I guess you’ve seen the news. One side of the news. 

It was all very well orchestrated. I agree that sending police to confiscate the urns was not a good move. Not because it was “cruel” or “dictatorial” but because it was DUMB AS FUCK. They should just have let it happen and then ignore the results because the “referendum” was illegal in the first place. 

BUT EVERYBODY KNEW THERE WOULD BE POLICE. It was notified left and right. It was all a scene for the media and the internet. 

So you’ve seen these policemen on the news or on twitter. What you didn’t see were people waiting for them to arrive and start throwing stones, water and broken glass at them, spitting and yelling them in the face, pushing them and throwing themselves against them just to get a bruise to then post on the internet. 

You didn’t see that most of the reported cases were fake. Including a woman that went viral because “she had all her fingers broken” but then confessed on regional TV that she only had a capsulitis in one finger. Or the kid bleeding that was a photo from 2012 when the catalan government sent the regional police (mossos) against the 15M protestors. In fact, a LOT of photos were from that time. 

I’m not saying that there hadn’t been some police brutality. But it had certainly not been to the extent they made it look like. And honestly. I would have lasted way less than these agents before starting defending myself from these beasts. 

12. You certainly didn’t hear that THE URNS WERE ALREADY FULL BEFORE THE VOTING BEGAN (it’s on video, GDI!! stop denying it!). Or that the same person could vote several times. Or that CHILDREN could vote. 

(Yes, these people used their own children as human shields even though they knew before leaving home that there would be police, made them vote, and then they call the rest of us “inhuman” for not thinking like them.)

13. There was absolutely no census. And only those that wanted the “yes” went to vote. So the percentages are bullshit. 

Not to mention that out of the 5,5 million Catalans entitled to vote. According to them, 2.2 million voted with a 90% yes. (remember the urns already full and people voting several times? Well, including that!!) 


(Which is what Puigdemont is threatening) 

14. The national police had been harassed since then, physically attacked, THEIR KIDS singled out and threatened in schools by teachers, classmates and neighbors. Some had to send they families away because they are in danger. (are these kids not catalan too?) 

15. Everything is a giant, scary mess. This is so way out of hand, there’s no actual plan, nothing is sure. 

16. If you are not secessionist, you are fucked. If you are - you are too, just don’t know it yet. 

And this is my summary of events for you. 

Of course I can say all of this here because of the anonymity of tumblr. If I did it in real life it would be a social suicide at best and land me in the hospital at worst :))

But I will be there, in Barcelona, for the anti-secessionist protest this Sunday. I hope your international media doesn’t forget to report that too. 

|C.H.| CEO Slut

BASED OFF THE REQUEST: A really rough calum smut with over stimulation, orgasm denial, and bondage please!

Word Count: 5,868

Having my husband be the CEO of a company has its pros and cons. Of course I’m happy he’s so successful and living his dream, but unfortunately he’s so busy all the time I barely get to see him. Him coming home at midnight then leaving again at 7 leaves little time for us to do anything. He texted me a couple hours ago that he had time to meet up for lunch today, so I was extremely happy.

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New Year’s Eve

I guess this is after Blood of Olympus? Anyways, enjoy, and Happy New Year!

It was a quarter after ten when Nico went to the beach for the Camp Half-Blood New Year’s Eve party. He was greeted immediately by Reyna, Jason, and Hazel, who offered him a cup of punch.

“Thanks,” he said. “So what’s going on?”

“Not much,” Reyna said. “Just talking about our resolutions.”

Nico raised his eyebrows and Jason offered, “I’m going to finish the shrines this year. Or at least try.”

“Good luck,” Nico chuckled.

“I’m sure I’ll need it,” Jason said, sounding exhausted already.

“So,” Hazel said, changing the subject, “are you going to have a New Year’s kiss, Neeks?”

Reyna and Jason smirked, and Nico looked down, shifting his weight from foot to foot.

“You know you wanna,” Reyna teased.

“I don’t - He doesn’t-” Nico stammered, struggling to form a sentence.

“Calm down, Neeks,” Jason said, playfully pushing the other boy’s arm. “If the time feels right, you’ll tell him, and it will be perfect.”

“Yeah, right. Will Solace would never be into me.”

From behind, Nico heard a voice. “Hey, Nico!”

Wide eyed, Nico turned around, finding, you guessed it, Will Solace.

“That’s our cue to leave,” Jason whispered, dragging the two girls away.

“Hey, Will. I don’t suppose you heard any of that?” Nico scratched the back of his neck.

“Oh, no,” Will assured him. “I was just walking by.”

Nico exhaled in relief.

Will glanced at Nico’s now empty cup. “Would you like some more punch?”

“Oh, sure,” Nico said, handing the cup to Will.

“I’ll be right back!” he said with a grin.

Nico was grateful for the time to compose himself. He took a few deep breaths and was able to mostly steady his shaking hands before Will returned.

“Here you go,” Will said cheerfully. “You wanna go to the campfire?”

“Sure.” Will extended the crook of his elbow, which Nico sheepishly took. Nico saw out of the corner of his eye Jason and Reyna pointing and squealing.

Will and Nico found seats, and Will immediately picked up his guitar. “What should we play first?” he whispered to the dark haired boy.

Nico shrugged, a small smile tugging at his lips.

Will pondered a second before he seemingly made up his mind. He played a few chords, and began to sing the chorus softly.

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel

Nico grinned and sang along.

Rock me mama any way you feel

Hey, mama rock me

The chatter died away and slowly more voices joined in.

Rock me mama like the wind and the rain

Rock me mama like a southbound train

Hey, mama rock me

By the end of the song, all of the campers’ soft voices filled the air. After the last line had fallen from their lips, there was applause. Will and Nico grinned at each other before Will exclaimed, “What’s next?”

At five minutes to midnight, the campers scattered along the beach. The Stoll brothers were off setting up fireworks, and others were fighting over which song should be played during the countdown.

Nico walked towards the shores, and Will joined him at exactly 11:59. They stood in comfortable silence before everyone began the countdown at 30 seconds.

Nico took a deep breath. It’s now or never, he thought. “Hey Will?”








“I like you. Like, like, you,” Nico blurted. He instantly regretted it.






Nico hastily added, “I totally get it if you don’t feel the same way. I mean, I’m like the least-liked person at camp-”

“No, Nico…”



“I like you too,” Will finished finally.



“Really?” Nico squeaked.

Will giggled. “Really.”



“Will you be my New Year’s kiss?” Nico asked awkwardly.



“I’d love to.”

Nico became suddenly nervous. What if Jason and Reyna saw? Gods that would be embarrassing…




As soon as their lips touched, Nico forgot all about Jason and Reyna. He was dimly aware of the fireworks exploding around them. All he could think about was Will. He, Nico di Angelo, was kissing Will Solace. Will Solace was kissing him. Will Solace liked him back. He couldn’t even fathom it. Jason had turned out to be right: it was perfect.

Fingers Trace Your Every Outline

Headcanons of spot with a touch starved s/o? Like spot going out of his way to be always touching his s/o? I love your writing sm I hope you have a good day!!

A/N: I loved writing this because I relate! My family isn’t the touchy-feely bunch

Spot Conlon x Touch Starved!Reader Headcanons:

  • So you were born and raised in Brooklyn
  • You were the 3rd out of 6 children
  • Your father worked in architecture
  • And your mother worked at the local laundry shop
  • So they were barely around
  • Your two eldest siblings still lived at home
  • Your parents payed them as nannies
  • And your family was just a rowdy bunch as it is
  • Your family’s form of affection came in pinches, punches, and pokes
  • Everything about your house angered you so you would take a morning walk (to be ready for the day) and a night walk (to let out all your stress)
  • This was how you became associated with Spot Conlon
  • Each morning you walked down the same Avenue that the King of Brooklyn used to sell papes
  • And every evening when you took a walk on the docks, he was there
  • Sometimes he brought his along shot and other times he was just hanging out
  • Everytime you saw him you would smile and nod at him
  • And he would smile (or more of a sreturn and nod in return
  • It was like you shared some silent language
  • And over the course of time, you two became friends
  • One night he approached you at the docks
  • “I see you around all the time, but we’ve never really talked or said hello”
  • And you would smile
  • And that’s how the both of you became so close
  • You told him about your loud family and constantly working parents
  • And he listened to you
  • It was almost 11:30 when you said goodbye to one another
  • And then he hugged you
  • You skin loved the sense of warmth he gave off
  • It took you a second, but you did tenderly huh him back
  • So now you and Spot are kind of like an item
  • He never really asked you to be his girl
  • But people saw it from the way he touched you
  • Almost like he couldn’t get enough of you
  • And you never had enough of him
  • Hugs:
  • So Spot loves to hug you
  • Because one evening at the docks, you admitted that you loved the ways he hugged you
  • (You loved any touch Spot gave you because it made you feel like someone truly cared for you)
  • In the mornings, he would pull you close to his chest and press a soft kiss to your fore head
  • At night, he would hug you from behind around your waist and nuzzle his face into your neck
  • By when you two were alone, he’d lift you up, spin you around, and hug you close
  • And they same feeling of warmth on your skin was always electrifying
  • Cuddles:
  • The pair of you didn’t cuddle much
  • He had never been to your house before and you’d visit the lodging house maybe once a week
  • Spot was usually the big spoon
  • He draw little circles on your hips with his fingers
  • And press light kiss to the crook of your neck
  • This was the softer side of Spot that only you ever got to see
  • Kisses:
  • The way Spot kissed you varied a lot
  • When he pressed soft kisses to your temple, forehead, or cheek, it made your heart melt
  • When he would peck kisses in anyplace on your body, you would be so giddy
  • When he tenderly pressed a kiss to your lips and cupped your cheek, you felt loved
  • And when he eagerly grabbed at our hips and roughly kissed you (basically every make out session, you felt wanted
  • Types of kisses would also vary around people
  • Normally he’d just press soft kisses to your cheek, or peck your lips
  • But when he was jealous, he’d pin you to a wall in an alleyway and you two would have a make out session right then and there
  • Ugh!
  • Spot just wants to make sure you always feel loved because he knows you don’t feel that with anyone else
  • Hold onto this boy forever
Atlantis: The Lost Empire - sentence starters

1. “You’re so skinny, if you stood sideways and stuck out your tongue you’d look like a zipper.” 

2. “Sat in the dirt, didn’t you?” 

3. “Hey, what’s ____’s story?”

4. “Hey, Junior. If you’re looking for the pony rides, they’re back there.”

5. “That thing is gonna keep me up all night.”  

6. “Me, I hate fishing. I hate fish. Hate the taste, hate the smell, and I hate all them little bones.” 

7. “This is wrong and you know it!” 

8. “Well, as far as me goes, I just like to blow things up.”  

9. “Hey, look. I made a bridge. And it only took me, like, what? Ten seconds. Eleven, tops.”

10. “Hold on. Back up. Are you saying this whole volcano could blow at any time?” 

11. “We’re this close to our biggest payday ever and you choose now of all times to grow a conscience?” 

12. “This here’d be a good place not to be.” 

13. “I’ve got some questions for you, and I’m/you’re not leaving this city until they’re answered.” 

14. “It’s about time someone hit him. I’m just sorry it wasn’t me.”

15. “Thank God I lost my sense of taste years ago.” 

16. “I got your four food groups: beans, bacon, whiskey, and lard!” 

17. “Eh, looks like gibberish to me.” 

18. “Nice, isn’t it? The catalog says that this little beauty can saw through a femur in 28 seconds. I’m betting that I can cut that time in half.” 

19. “Forgive me. I could not resist.” 

20. “I’m so excited!” 

21. “Kid, relax. We don’t get paid overtime.” 

22. “All right, who’s not dead? Sound off!” 

23. “You presume much to think that you are welcome here.” 

24. “Don’t forget to eat the head. That’s where all the nutrients are.” 

25. “You do swim, do you not?” 

26. “Hey guys, what’s going on? What’s… what’s with all the guns?” 

27. “Mercenary? I prefer the term ‘adventure capitalist’.”    

28. “What’s to know? It’s big, it’s shiny, it’s gonna make us all rich.”

29. “There were not supposed to be people down here. This changes everything.” 

30. “Wow. Look at all those tattoos.” 

31. “Of course, it’s been my experience that when you hit bottom, the only place left to go is up.”  

32. “I didn’t say it was the smart thing, but it is the right thing.” 

33. “Just follow my lead.” 

34. “He’s never surprised, and he has a lot of guns.” 

35. “You said we were in this together!” 

36. “Well, I have to hand it to you. You’re a bigger pain in the neck than I ever thought possible.” 

37. “Now, let’s go over it again, just so we got it straight.”  

38. “Come on, ya’ll, let’s get one last shot in front of the fish!” 

39. “We were once a great people, but now we live in ruins.” 

40. “Ooh! I like her.” 


First Undertale comic I ever did in November 2015 to latest comic done a few days ago.  Not the same story.  The first one was for a failed comic called “Fallen Family” and the last one is for my current one “Broken Bonds”

So, it’s been about a year and one quarter between these works.  The first one took about as long as this latest one … 10-11 hours of work.  The first one was a combination of Sai Paint Tool and Photoshop, while this latest one was all done in Clip Studio (I am still slow as all heck but considering that there are way more panels in the second one, I guess I am NOT that slow?… dunno).  

I am glad that despite my complains about the work, (I’m always complaining about work, it’s like my natural state) that I have stuck with it.  I do see improvement in my work and I hope I continue to do so.  

I’m posting this to remind myself that while, yeah, I’ll probably never be as great as I see other artists be.  However, I can be a lot better than what I am now if I continue to keep an open mind about improving.  Is not a race against others, if it must be a race, its a race against giving up.   

So, thank you all for the likes, reblogs and feedback. When I am in the office doing a job that barely pays my living expenses, I am at least glad to hear that people are enjoying my little contributions to the fandom.   And hopefully, someday soon, I will be extending these efforts to my own original mind taters.


Bite Me (Part 12)

Characters: Reader, Sam, Dean (…a pairing is approaching…) Guest appearance by Castiel

Warnings: torture scene, mild language

Overview: You were raised in the hunter life. You fell out of it. It wasn’t your choice to get pulled back in.

Word Count: 1,522

A/N: This is the twelfth installment in my first ever fanfic. I was excited to bring Cas into this one :) He’ll make another appearance in a later chapter. Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch for letter checking and sidebar commenting - you make me a better author, love! These words, like everything else I write, are for me. Feel free to join me in the adventure.

Read (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8) (Part 9) (Part 10) (Part 11)

I was burning. Literally.

The metal table I’d been tied to had been steadily increasing in temperature for the past few minutes. What had started as a warm glow had passed “overly hot shower” a few seconds ago. The blood that had seeped from all of my wounds had pooled around me. I could see small bubbles start to rise from the red liquid.

“You know,” the demon drawled, “I should really take over a smart person’s body more often.” She traced a long, fake nail through the sweat on my forehead, “This engineer girl really knows her stuff.” She gestured to the table that had been rigged with hot coils.

I collected every last bit of liquid and blood in my mouth and used the strongest breath I could to shoot it in her direction, “Bite me, bitch.”

The demon wiped her cheek where a few speckles had landed, “Now, now, Y/N. Don’t tempt me to play with my food.” She sniffed, “But I must say, you do smell tasty.”

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2017 Top 11 Favorite Songs (July-December)

This was way harder than I thought. I couldn’t even cut it to 10. I’m glad it’s only for the last half of the year!

Don’t forget, these are my personal favorites, totally biased. If you don’t like it, make your own list 😘 (please do, and write it in the comments)

My top ten for January-June: Part 1 | Part 2

#11: Penomeco - HUNNIT

Originally posted by shitmtm

Penomeco’s style is just… cool. The epitome of cool. His voice is so smooth, and that beat never lets me down. I’m still blasting it three months later.

#10: SUNMI - Gashina

Originally posted by hiraimz

Sunmi took the summer back. The song, the video, the style all combined to create a classic jam that will never age.

#9: SEVENTEEN - Lilili Yabbay

Originally posted by is-your-mac-fully-loaded

Three seconds into the song and I’m body rolling. I love most of the songs off of the “Teen, Age” album, but Lilili Yabbay is so DIFFERENT. It goes from smooth to EDM to sultry to it’s own sound. It’s a work of art, and I’m not even talking about the performance!

SEVENTEEN honorable mentions: “CLAP,” “TRAUMA”

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Self Learning Languages: My Experience

Languages are mediums or methods we use, in order to communicate with other humans around us. This system of communication is used worldwide, with 6909 known living languages and 2,473 endangered ones, which people from all countries, backgrounds, classes and colours learn and use on a regular to daily basis.

My name is Caitlín Kirby, I am sixteen year old Irish student, who over the past few years has taken a great interest in worldwide communication, languages, linguistics and history. At a young age, I began learning the Irish language as a mandatory subject in school. Though I took a disliking to this language as a child, I now view it as a treasure, that was once strong and loved, and I now appreciate that it is woven into majority of Ireland’s history. Currently, I study this language in my second last year of school, and will sit an exam for it in 2018. In all honesty, my understanding of the Irish language has grown since my younger years, but has never flourished in my school studies, like my self learning endeavours have.

At age 11/12, I began learning French, staying behind after school with a handful of fellow classmates to study this language, that was taught to us, by a woman I still greatly admire, who had an extraordinary understanding of the language - she was my teacher. Though I was never very good at speaking this language, and still struggle with it, I admire all of it’s speakers, and will persist on my endeavour to achieve fluency. I chose French as one of my exam subjects, because I have a love for languages, that I only discovered in 2015, when I despised school and lacked motivation. Fortunately, I was soon introduced to the Korean language, culture and media that I instantly took a liking to, and that is where my journey started.

In September 2015, at age fifteen, I decided to self learn the Korean language, and I wholeheartedly dedicated my free time to this despite my minimal effort in school. A few weeks before school was to start, I went to my local shop and purchased a simple, A5 hardback notebook, and with a determined attitude I sat down with a pen in hand, ready to start speaking a new language. My first thought was,“How in the world can anyone read this language?” This is a moment I look back on often, when I ask myself, “Was I really that bad at one point?” The answer is; yes, yes I was that bad at one point. I didn’t wake up sprouting Korean sentences in two minutes, days, weeks or months, nobody does. So, how did I learn? Textbooks, tumblr, the internet and interaction with other learners and pure determination.

After that very first day, of sitting on the floor for hours, writing line upon line of Hangul, I knew this was a very important language to me. Over the next few months I purchased grammar textbooks from Talk To Me In Korean, and saved up money in order to buy more books and aid my slow progress learning, throughout the school year. This is around the time I started informing people that in fact, I was learning Korean. I received mostly underwhelming reactions from family and friends, and began to get disheartened, until summer 2016 came around and I buckled down like never before and made a considerable amount of progress and found myself in a better mindset altogether. Over those three months, I learned how to depend on my self, and how to be proud of myself, when no one else was.

I established a very important domain for myself in late July 2016, a very minimal, very basic, blog. Eager to share my knowledge with others, I began posting Korean lessons on a little blog called fromirelandtokorea on I do admit that sometimes I am embarrassed about this, but I have carried on this blog to the present day, to aid my learning and others hoping to learn. With no one to share my knowledge and experience with in real life, I aimed to be a teacher and friend to those, searching for someone to share their language aspirations with on a daily basis. Over the past ten months, I have gained 2,300+ followers and have posted over 100 Korean grammar and vocabulary lessons that have been shared around the internet over a few thousand times. It is safe to say, this is ever growing in popularity and I am glad to share my knowledge with others with similar goals to myself.

Self learning for me has been challenging. It has distracted me from school work, school work has made me forget basic aspects of the language and I have lost motivation numerous times. Despite all of this, I continue to learn, with the ability to read, pronounce and partially understand the Korean language. I am only able to do all of this, because I persisted, because I worked and because I love languages. I can now say, I will unrelentingly throw myself into more challenges like this. My love for languages grows everyday, and I am excited to commit myself to new languages such as Russian, Italian and Norwegian in the near future.

This post is messy, it’s not well written or edited, but I wrote it to share my self learning experience, achievements and outcomes, in the hope that it will shed light on to the nature of self learning. It is difficult, it can be emotionally and mentally challenging, but it is self education and it is one hundred percent worth it in the end.

Thank you for reading.

snowbaz swim au

she actually did it. she wrote another chapter (*shock*) fyi its short but ill update again a LOT sooner 

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12


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2nd Draft: DONE!

It only took 11 months, but I finished the second draft of To Betray a Master! I was really beginning to believe it would never get done. I am taking a week before I start working on book 2, which already feels like a monumental task.

I am looking for beta readers and I am willing to swap. My work is adult dark fantasy with a touch of erotic-romance, so I am looking for adult readers. It does deal with some very heavy and mature themes, which I will disclose before anyone agrees to help me out.

I don’t ask this much, but please signal boost!

The Doctor is a woman. DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!

I completely disagree in a visceral way to the idea that the doctor or any fictional character who is not from a specific culture (i.e., Black Panther) needs to be male or female, black or god-forbid, white. Why exactly does the doctor need to be male? Because he has always been male? If he can regenerate and change everything from size to personality why not gender or race? It’s like people getting upset Miles Marales isn’t white or that the lead in Star Wars is female. Basically ridiculous as it’s a made up character who gets handed off to different actors and writers. It’s not like our Doctor Who is the same Doctor Who thy was created 50 years ago. And it’s not like the world couldn’t use a woman or person of color who goes around the universe, saving people with nothing but her brain and a sense of goodness.

They didn’t make a lady Captain Kirk by just giving Kirk a vagina without changing personality origin or back story. The doctor is a being that gets regenerated for a new life. Who says that life has to be male? It doesn’t. Why should we get a spin off? A spin off time lady is a knock off. It’s not Doctor Who. Why can’t the same person who is wise and brilliant and strange and crazy and a damaged hero be the same but with lady parts? Why can’t a woman be the lead of the second most popular show in the world? It disturbs me the idea that picking a woman would be a gimmick. Why isn’t it that it’s simply time. After 13/14 regenerations and losing the love of his life, losing his actual life 13 times, I would be ready to shake it up to be new. Just like after 11 regenerations he took a young face. Maybe after seeing Missy and how she changed, 12 will think “it’s time for me to be a new me” and so becomes a woman. It’s a canon that the Doctor has a say in who he becomes etc. I can see twelve who loved River and ran with everyone from Rose to Amy and now Bill would see the benefits in for once being female.

Check your misogyny and not in my freaking inbox

anonymous asked:

Hello! I need to find a fic, but i only remember one scene. It's chapters into the fic too so im sorry if this is hard lol. Betty wants to have sex with jughead and so after showering instead of putting on the clothes jughead intended for her, she just put on jugheads tshirt. Theres also something in like the next chapter or something (or im accidentally combining fics idk) where veronica calls jughead and asks why their phones are off and veronica figures out they had sex.

Hi, my dear! Sorry about the wait, it took a while for us to find this one!  You’re looking for Give them all to me And I’ll give mine to you by @hypnotizer ! Specifically, Chapter 11 for the first part of your ask, and Chapter 13 for the second. 

Rating : NR               Chapters : 15/?

Summary : "I - um" Betty took a deep breath and Veronica gave her a look couraging her to continue. “I.. I kissed someone. After.” Betty’s voice was weak. Veronica made a serious face but Betty didn’t neglet to notice the excitment behind it.“Who?”“Jughead"AU where no murder ever happened and Betty and Jughead only know each other through Archie