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“You. Me. Movie marathon.” in which I really wanted to be original but hello Liam/Scott

“Come on,” Liam starts, because Scott’s just sitting there, elbows resting on his knees, staring at the ground. He’s smaller, somehow, in the way that people get when they’re exhausted, and Liam’s entire body is buzzing with the sense of needing to do something. He taps Scott’s shoulder. “Let’s go.”

“You think,” he says, slowly, “there’s any chance of winning, here?”

For a second, the silence overwhelms the sounds of the Tempest around them. Liam waits, hesitating, before he takes a set next to Scott. Scott’s still clad in his armor, the N7 stripe of his father’s helmet that he holds in his hands a sharp contrast to the whites and greys of his Andromeda Initiative armor.

It fits, then; Scott’s a sharp contrast to his father, a glimmer of reality and humanity after the hardened machine that Alec Ryder was.

“I think if anyone’s got a chance at it,” Liam says, reaching out to grab Scott’s helmet, “it’s us.”

“Not the angara? Not the Nexus?”

Liam almost laughs–the angara, maybe, with enough power. The Nexus? “Yeah, right. Nexus doesn’t know when to do anything.”

“Kind of like the Council back home.” Scott’s lips turn upwards, the smile playing across his lips slowly. Liam holds his breath until the urge to kiss him fades away. “God, I remember how Shepard couldn’t get a word in edgewise about them.”

He lets the helmet go, and Liam sets it down beside him, gently. Reaches for a few of the latches on Scott’s arm and says, “Comparing yourself to Shepard?”

Scott makes a face. “Hell, no. Are you kidding me? I’m having a hard enough time handling this job as it is without comparing us.” He sighs, looks down to where Liam’s got half the latches undone already. He reaches for them, brushes his fingers against Liam’s, and says, “Sorry. It’s just…”

“I get it. It’s a lot for anyone to handle. Just remember to come out of your head sometimes, yeah?” He squeezes Scott’s fingers, just once, before he pulls away.

Scott gives him a long, unreadable look. Liam gives him a shaky smile, unsure what to expect. Then, his voice quiet and intimate, he says, “Thanks, Liam.”

Liam exhales, slow. “Come on,” he says, once Scott’s got his armor off and put away again, “You, me, movie marathon.”

A chuckle escapes Scott’s throat as he rubs at his neck. Good to know Liam’s not the only one nervous, then.

This thing between them, the shock and buzz that overcomes Liam anytime they touch—it’s been growing since they met. Liam thought, maybe, it was just the thrill of a new galaxy. But Scott’s more and more becoming one of his best friends, and that shock hasn’t once dissipated.

“You got the beer?” Scott asks, and Liam slaps a hand on his back, once, twice—and holds it there.

“You steal snacks from Vetra and I might share.”


So I’m back from my France trip! Here’s some photos from my insta lol.

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#13 for shepard/kaidan or ryder/liam? whichever you're more interested in writing right now!

  1. “The way I feel when I’m with you…”

this was an evil choice I’m just sayin

Kaidan’s hands are warm at Shepard’s shoulders, pressing against the knots in his muscles with practiced ease. He hums as he does it, and Shepard’s dozing off comfortably when Kaidan stops and wraps his arms around Shepard’s waist, resting his head on his shoulder.

In the quiet, low-light of the cabin, it’s easy to shelf what’s going on in the universe for later. To be able to forget. To have five minutes of sanity.

Shepard reaches down, puts his hand overtop of Kaidan’s, and leans back into him, breathes him in and relishes in the time between them, because not long from now, his alarm will chirp and it’ll be back into the heat of things.

For now, though, this is good. The gentle light, the calm swimming of the fish in the tank on the other side of the room. The press of Kaidan’s lips behind his ears.

“Shepard,” Kaidan says, nuzzling his nose against Shepard’s neck. No urgency in his voice this time. Something akin to a prayer, maybe. No demands, no requests.

Fuck, he’d missed this. He’s not sure they’ve ever really had it, in such a concrete way as this, but everything between them feels comfortable, like a natural progression from all those years back on Eden Prime. Like they’d known each other inside and out from day one. Talk about a turn on, Shepard thinks, craning his neck so Kaidan can kiss along his shoulders.

“Hey, be careful. Don’t want your neck to go back out.”

“This’d be a hell of a lot easier if you’d let me turn around.”

So Kaidan does, lets him straddle his lap, rest his arms over Kaidan’s shoulders. His hands are warm up his sides, too, trailing fingertips leaving goosebumps as they go. Kaidan offers a smile. To it, Shepard says, “See something you like?” all bravado, acutely aware of where Kaidan has stopped his hands, across one of the scars from cybernetics.

“I love you, Shepard,” he says, in a breath, and Shepard feels his heart race. The things he’s seen, what he’s been through, and Kaidan still gets his heart racing. A different kind of beast, love. Shepard’s never gotten to experience it as viciously as he has with Kaidan.

Shepard runs a hand through Kaidan’s hair. “Yeah, love you, too.”

Kaidan ducks his head, his eyes darting back and forth from hand to hand as he thinks. “You’re an incredible man,” he says, pressing his lips to Shepard’s chest, his collarbone. “Unbelievable, what you’ve accomplished.”

“I’ve got a good team behind me,” Shepard says, by means of explanation, as though it’s so simple. Maybe it is. Without them, Shepard wouldn’t have made it past Saren. He wouldn’t have made it back from the Omega-4 Relay.

He wouldn’t be sitting here, the love of his life beneath him, playing with the hair at the back of his neck, resting in the glow of a successful mission on the road to almost definite hell.

“You’re quite the leader, Shepard,” Kaidan continues. “An inspiration to all of us, out there.”

“Now you’re just flattering me.”

“No, I’m being serious. The way you make me feel is…” Kaidan says, then pauses, hesitating. Shepard brushes his thumb over the skin beneath his ear, drops a kiss to the top of his head, a silent encouragement. “You have no idea what you do to me, do you?”

Shepard smiles, not quite as devious as he would normally. “I think I have some kind of idea.”

Kaidan laughs. “Don’t be so modest. But I’m serious, Shepard, you—you…” He shakes his head. “I’m not sure I have the words.”

A million one-liners run through his head, but Shepard doesn’t—couldn’t—say any of them. “I know,” he says, instead, because he does. It’s hard to explain, Shepard thinks, their bond. Like soulmates, if Shepard believed.

Kaidan makes him want to.

Shepard opens his mouth to say something when his alarm starts beeping—a call from Anderson downstairs. He sighs, and starts to pull off Kaidan.

“Just a second,” Kaidan says, pulling Shepard down by the back of his neck for a kiss, capturing his lower lip between his own, and Shepard melts against him—moves with him, rocks his hips on Kaidan’s lap, gets lost in the sensation.

He opens his mouth to say, “Kaidan,” and his alarm chirps again. He closes his eyes. Urgent, then. Shepard really shouldn’t put it off.

“Duty calls,” Kaidan says, but if he’s disappointed, he doesn’t let it show. He taps Shepard’s hip and lets him go, this time. Just before he gets up from the bed, Kaidan reaches for his wrist and says, “Come back to me, after.”

Shepard knows, with the Reapers, a lot of once-certainties have changed to unknowns, complicated by the war against an ancient race of machines that refuse to quit. But he’ll be damned if, after the dust has settled and the Reapers are finished, he’s not holding up his end of the bargain.

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Hi! I like your scenarios so much, they’re so descriptive and thorough and soulful, just wow, you’re doing such a great job! Thank you! Please keep on.) As for request I’s like to ask an imagine of Todoroki and his s/o’s relationship progress after graduating Yuuei?

Oh my god you are so kind thank you 😂

It makes me so happy to know people enjoy this aaaa you made my day❤

Thanks for requesting darling!

I’m not a %100 sure this is what you wanted…I hope it is tho XD This is…way too long….and it took me 10000 years… I’m sorry 😱


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