this took 10 minutes to do

Learning how to draw the whole gang slowly but surely. Here’s a little Keyleth on very bad paper

story time
  • so during this show
  • (cinderella)
  • (i was a stepsister)
  • we made a bet
  • it was a bet on me
  • but not some wishy washy bet for a sandwhich deal
  • this was real life
  • this was money
  • and the bet was that I could not touch every butt of every person in the show
  • (every butt)
  • i took the challenge immediately 
  • (i am not weak)
  • but I had to do it all in one show
  • and i had
  • 10 minutes
  • (10 minutes of time when i was not onstage)
  • so what is a girl to do
  • i can not touch every butt backstage
  • (every butt)
  • i had limited time
  • i had to get
  • creative
  • i get the techies first
  • it took me the whole ten minutes
  • (they run fast)
  • and I get the extras and some others in the dance sequence
  • (multitasking)
  • but here’s the thing
  • now I have to get the main actors
  • how will she do it?
  • you ask
  • well
  • i will tell you
  • i’ll tell you how i did it
  • it’s called acting
  • i touched the butts
  • onstage
  • (all of the butts)
  • i touch the prince’s servant’s butt on my way onstage
  • (a light tap)
  • (too fast for the naked eye to see)
  • oh but he felt it
  • he knew
  • he knew i was out for the butts
  • (every butt)
  • i saw the fear in his eyes
  • no
  • he mouths to me
  • but it is too late
  • i’ve gone too far
  • i must not stop
  • twenty minutes until the end
  • i must work fast
  • i touch my stepsister’s butt
  • she is not surprised
  • she has bet money on this
  • (she knows what i am capable of)
  • i touch my stepmother’s butt
  • she is standing
  • she forgets her line
  • (she has lost seven dollars)
  • and now things become
  • difficult
  • i am on the floor of the stage
  • (for the scene)
  • and the prince
  • (the next victim)
  • (he has bet against me)
  • he is standing above me
  • facing away from me
  • butt first
  • this is my chance
  • it is now or never
  • i put a hand on the back of his leg
  • he knows
  • he is speaking
  • his voice cracks
  • he smells defeat
  • his defeat
  • my hand ventures up
  • (towards the butt)
  • he begins to sing
  • i touch the butt
  • (every butt)
  • i have won
  • he stumbles over a word
  • he is the loser
  • the curtain closes
  • i have done it
  • all that is left is the wedding scene
  • i have touched all the butts
  • (every butt)
  • i can’t believe you got cinderella’s butt
  • one says backstage
  • my heart stops
  • i have not gotten the last butt
  • (the most precious butt)
  • i cannot do it
  • i think
  • i am in a quick change
  • (another girl’s hands are down my pants)
  • i cannot do this during the wedding scene
  • but i will not lose
  • i have come so far
  • i stop
  • your shoes
  • the techie says
  • i cannot come back
  • it must be done
  • i walk
  • no
  • i run
  • to the next room
  • cinderella is there
  • wearing a tan leotard
  • this is it
  • i think
  • i do not know this girl well
  • (she is catholic)
  • god forgive me for the sin i am to commit
  • i whisper
  • (i cross my chest)
  • the time has come
  • a crowd has circled around the room
  • they are watching
  • waiting
  • cinderella does not know
  • she has not yet truly been exposed to the world and its horrors
  • (she will be)
  • i stop
  • i am so close
  • i do it
  • both hands are on the butt
  • (the most precious butt)
  • i have done it
  • i’m sorry
  • i say
  • it had to be done
  • don’t stop
  • she says
  • what
  • i say
  • i did not expect this
  • a variable has been thrown into the equation
  • (the butt equation)
  • i like it
  • she says
  • she looks back at me
  • i look at her
  • (ten seconds until curtain)
  • she does not blink
  • (nine seconds)
  • i do not know what to do
  • (eight seconds)
  • my hands are still on the butt
  • (seven )
  • i want to move them but i cannot
  • (six)
  • i am not wearing shoes
  • (five)
  • the stage manager busts in
  • (saved by the manager)
  • the next five seconds are a blur
  • my hands are no longer on the butt
  • (i don’t know how)
  • i am on stage
  • i am not wearing shoes
  • the theatre teacher is in the audience
  • she knows
  • she sees
  • this is the end
  • i think
  • it was worth it
  • i bow
  • i am smiling
  • i have won

Please listen to me when I say this - The Presidential Election is in less than a week. If you have the ability to go vote, go. Please. Vote early. It took me about 10 minutes for the entire thing. I really don’t wanna go through 4 years of Trump. I can’t do it. I just got a lot of my rights, I don’t wanna lose them, and I sure as hell do not trust Donald Trump with the power of war. Vote for Hillary. Please. She has the best resume of just about any Presidential candidate ever. Please please please vote for Hillary. Our country cannot take 4 years of Trump.

Domestic Bliss (Lin/Reader)

This is for the 10 minute writing challenge that someone asked me to do 300 years ago! @the-real-tony-stank sent me a prompt for some bedtime routine fluff, and that’s what this is. I meant to post this for her on Galentine’s Day, but Valentine’s Day works too :)

Word Count: 591

Note: Full disclosure, I actually took about 12 minutes.

As the credits rolled on the episode of Parks and Rec you had just watched, you untangled your legs from Lin’s and stood up off the couch to stretch.

“We should probably get ready for bed,” you suggested as you quickly finished the cup of tea he had made you earlier. “I’m just going to put the mugs in the sink. I’ll take care of them in the morning.”

“It was your turn to do the laundry this week. Any chance I’ll actually find clean pajamas in the dresser?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

You gave him a guilty smile and he laughed. “Go take your shower. I’ll empty the dryer and leave clothes for you on the counter.”

As you walked past him on your way to the bathroom, Lin caught you by the waist and smacked a kiss on your cheek, making you squeal in surprise.

“Just so you know, I still like you even though you make me do your half of the housework.”

“Of course you do. You know you married up,” you said through a laugh.

You escaped his grasp and made a run for it as he started to tickle your sides, letting out a smug cheer when you made it to the safety of the bathroom. You were rinsing the conditioner out of your hair when you heard the door open followed by Lin rummaging through the medicine cabinet.

“Pajamas are on the counter, babe,” he called, clearly speaking with a mouth full of toothpaste.

You shut the water off and wrapped yourself in a towel, Lin wagging his eyebrows at you as you stepped out of the shower. You took the opportunity to shake your wet hair out in his direction and he laughed and jumped backwards. 

“See? If I did that, it would be grounds for divorce,” he accused.

“You do that literally every morning while I’m trying to get dressed, you jerk.”

“I washed the mugs so you don’t have to worry about them in the morning, and I made sure the front door is locked,” he said. You snorted at the obvious change of subject.

“Thanks,” you smiled. “Now get out of my way.”

He left and got into bed while you finished up in the bathroom.

After brushing your teeth, you slipped into the clothes Lin had set out for you, rolling your eyes when you realized he hadn’t actually given you your pajamas. You walked out of the bathroom and saw your husband reading in bed, his hair somehow already wild even before sleeping on it for the night.

“Nice choice,” you said to him, gesturing at the old t-shirt of his that you had on.

“Hey, if I have to fold the laundry, I get to make a few wardrobe decisions,” he responded, lowering his book and giving you a pleased grin. “You know I like you in my clothes.”

Lin folded down the covers on your side of the bed as you approached, raising his arm for you to cuddle up under.

“Ready for lights out?” he asked.

“You can read for awhile longer if you’d like. I don’t mind,” you answered, resting your head on his chest and closing your eyes.

He dimmed the bedside lamp and dropped a soft kiss on the top of your head. You fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat and the feeling of your husband gently scratching your back.


little big rappers ♥ (2014 - 2016 debuts)

A face so pure and sweet - a glamour spell

This is a mask that my sister gave me the recipe for, she’s in school to become a skin care specialist. I told her I needed a mask to shrink my pores and get rid of my black heads and she sent me this. It’s all natural which is why I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make it into a spell.

Things you‘ll need:

Raw virgin coconut oil (make sure it’s non-gmo)

Raw honey


A lemon

A bowl & a spoon

What to do:

  1. Put 2 tbs. of coconut oil, 1 tbs. of honey, 1 tsp. of lemon juice, and ½ a teaspoon of turmeric into a bowl and mix.
  2. Charge with intent
  3. Apply to face (it gets kind of runny)
  4. Wait 10 minutes or more before washing off

I took a ritual bath with a bath bomb I made and put a spoonful of this into the water. The bath bomb had purification powder in it, and this mask’s ingredients are heavy with purifying properties. My skin feels amazing and I smell pretty amazing also. I don’t know where she got the recipe from, so I’m not claiming to have made it up on my own. I may put instructions for the ritual bath!

I suggest storing it somewhere cool, so the coconut oil stays solid.

I charged the mask with the intent of purification and to draw in a lover (the honey).

This is also a super low-key spell for witches who are in the broom closet.

*EDIT* Lemon is a natural toner / astringent, and it also lightens skin. So if you are darker complected and don’t want your skin to lighten. (though I don’t think that would happen with this) Replace the lemon with something that would appeal more to your skin tone! :)

Today’s efforts at unfuckening the house.

For a while both my partner and I were busy with work or sick, so the house got a bit messy and I decided this morning I was going to fix that!

Took me four 20/10’s (give or take a few minutes here or there) and got the bedroom tidied and laundry away, lounge room tidied and vacuumed, and kitchen cleaned and most of the dishes cleaned and put away.

There’s still a bit to do (not pictured) that might have to wait until my partner can help me with it. It feels nice to be in a clean room again!


#HappyDINOday #빛나는_찬이의_열아홉을_응원해 || 10/∞

“The reason for my existence is you.” [dino edition]

©  (screenshot to the end of the gif to get the icon^^)

Happy Birthday to the most precious human being in my little svt heart, Dino. You’re finally 18~ You’re finally an adult. You’re no longer my baby Channie;;. Thank you for being such a wonderful multi-talented maknae for SVT and congratulations on your recent graduation. You completed one of the many achievements in your life and there will be many more in the near future. I wish I can protect you from the whole world but sadly I’m at the other side of the world and frankly, you’re much taller than I am. Enjoy your special day, Dino~


I saw this quote from @incorrect-voltron-quote and thought it was hilarious because it actually took me a few minutes to understand it since the first rhyming word I thought of was enthusiasm XP. 


recently my “dad” cut off the money he’s been sending us for my brothers child support, for whatever reason i have no idea - im just going with: cuz he’s a massive wanker

so mum needs help with money, for like. food and bills and stuff. all i can do are commissions, i also have a redbubble and etsy store if you dont have enough for commissions.

my commission price is £30 an hour, plus a small fee for paypal(its usually like £1-2). all the commissions ive recieved it took between 40 minutes to an hour and 10 minutes. heres my commission tag for examples. if you need more examples, just look at my blog.

However, once the commission is done and it’s not within the budget you thought, I don’t mind negotiating the price. Even before the commission you can let me know your budget and I’ll do my best to work within the time (pls know the lower your budget, the less details i can do)

i know all the examples i’ve given above are mostly full body, you dont have to commission a full body thing, but you gotta be specific with if you want a bust, up to wait, or full body. outfit references are also helpful ! just as many references as u can get ur hands on

Things I can draw:

  • literally almost anything
  • from most fandoms
  • u want The Sexy Stuff ? no problemo
  • as long as the characters in question arent underage

things I cant draw:

  • probably mechas
  • and cars
  • outside scenes too, probably
  • but i will still try
  • if i struggle, i’ll let you know i cant do it and the commission will be cancelled

for traditional commissions, if you want it sent you’ll have to pay for shipping fees:

Within the UK
stickers: £2
posters: £3

Outside the UK
stickers: £3
posters: £4

Australia (sorry)
Stickers: £5
posters: £6

when it comes to paying, you don’t need to do anytihng. i will send you an invoice to your paypal and all you have to do is press a button that accepts the transaction


Concrete Slab Pad (starter home)

How’re ya’ll doing? I hope you’re all good. I’ve been meaning to make a follower gift, but every time I start on something I end up deleting it again because it looks like utter shit. ANYWAY! I took a tiny challenge. “10 Minute build”. You have 10 minutes to build a house that has at least 1 bedroom 1 bath. 

  • The concrete slab pad is a small starter home for 2 sims.
  • It has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom
  • Its furnished with the basics
  • CC interior included
  • Library file AND sims3pack file included
  • Should be all base game

Download (SFS)


Peter Scanavino  - A Gifted Man Pt 1 of 100 probably because it took me forever just to do 10 minutes because he’s so good in it and so engaging I just keep watching and forgetting to actually cap the scene. Every second is so good! If you haven’t seen this yet….FIND IT!


Here is a story for an anonymous friend, that wanted to write a possession story about an adult man possessing a young student. I hope you will all like it.  If you also want me to write a story about you, just contact me and tell me what do you want me to write about.

I snapped a picture of me sitting in a car looking good as always and posted it on My story on Snapchat. Cool. Blues eyes were drawing attention and perfectly matched my new T-shirt that Alisha, my girlfriend, gave to me yesterday.

“Ok, time to go now.” I grabbed my stuff and put my phone into the pocket. “ I went straight to school from the parking lot. The way usually takes about 10 minutes, but today it took me longer, because I had an encounter with a weird stranger. He looked like homeless and probably a stoner, but I was happy to help anyone who asked me for help. 

“Hey could you please help me? You look like a well-behaved young man.”

“Sure, what can I do for you sir?” I politely answered.

“I got debts and I don’t have enough money to pay it all back. Mr. Bernetti, maybe you know him, is not a patient and a decent man like you. He is a mobster and threatened me to pay him a tax for my store. But not many people come to my store since Bernetii started to show his ass more often.” said the stranger shaking nervously.

 “Look, I would really like to help you, but I am just a student and I can’t give you any money. I need them too. Maybe you could ask somebody else or try to contact the police.”

“No. I can’t go to police, he has got his people there, I just can’t. But you could help me, I just need a hideout for a few weeks. And you would be perfect, he would never look in your house.”

“Look, I live with my parents, I can’t let a total stranger live in my house. I don’t even know you”

“Don’t worry, your parents won’t even notice I will be there. I fill fit in just right. All I need to know is to be you, to become you.” he said in a happy, but a still nervous voice and pushed me to the ground. 

“What are you doing? Get off me” I tried to push him away. He was touching me everywhere and screaming. “That bitch lied to me! She said that drinking that shit will be enough. I will kill her. Kill her!” Then he spotted a coming crowd of my friends and quickly ran away from me. They helped me to get back on my feet and came with me inside. 

I was stressed out. What did that guy mean? What did he mean by “become you” ? I was over thinking that moment all day. After school I headed to play football. I got changed and took my water bottle with me. I left it on a bench and went to play. I drank the whole bottle even thought that the water tasted a bit sugary. After practice I drove home. My parents were on their anniversary dinner. I unlocked the door and came inside. But before I could close the door that weird stranger came in.

“Get out, I swear will call the police.”

“You can try, but this time I made sure that it will work. Fuck, I will be so hot in just a few seconds” then he jumped at me again. But this time I didn’t collapse. My body just absorbed his and I felt like I couldn’t move. I felt paralysed, but still could anything happening around me. I could feel the wind, sweat drops on my forehead, anything, but I couldn’t move. But then my eyes started to move.

“Shit, that was a ride. Hey hot boy, you still in there? I hope you can see what I am about to do. I will stay in this body just for a while and then I will leave like nothing happened. Well I hope you agree with me, because you don’t have a choice and I can’t hear you. So…” came out of my body, but it wasn’t me talking. My hands started to move and touch my face.

“Please just get out, I will do anything, please.” I screamed, but didn’t hear anything.

“Hey I think I can feel your emotions in there, but don’t worry this anger will pass and you will enjoy being a passenger in your body. Now where were we?” he was touching myself again and posing in the mirror. “This is a really nice body. I have to admit you were taking good care of it. NIce abs, flat torso, huge biceps, damn bro, look at your nice package. Your dick is so huge. I need to get it wet with some hot girl. 

My whole life was in his hands. I couldn’t do anything. He bought new clothes, that I would never wear, stopped playing football, everything. All I could do was to be as much emotional as it was even possible. The first time he was with a girl, I tried to be disgusted and I think it worked. My… His dick couldnt get hard. He should have known that possessing gay guy is not going to be a holiday vacation for a straight homeless. Unfortunately he didnt mind. He found himself a nice twink to fuck and continued to ruin my life.

He is enjoying holiday now with bunch of other guys. It has been 5 weeks now and nobody suspects anything. They all thing that I just wanted to enjoy my life more. Maybe its better this way, but I would really like to have my body back one day, because it sucks to be just a watcher. All I do watch how he is having fun in my body, drinking  booze, using drugs and fucking other guys. “Hey, that guy has a cool tatoo on his arm, maybe he will fuck me later.


Ow. Goddamn ow ya’ll. Ok so my “core” aka torso was sore from yesterday so I decided to do some yoga, maybe stretch things out a bit get blood flowing, forgot that “engaging your core” is essential in like EVERY YOGA MOVE EVER that plank in Wake Up and Connect got broken up into 4 sets of 5 seconds each because that was the most I could do but still I decided I hadn’t done enough yet, that took less than 10 minutes, not good enough, so I did Level .5 of the first page of Hero’s Journey. (will do post re: Hero’s Journey in a bit, it’s really cool and deserves more space) I figure when I can do Level 1 all the way through I can move to the next page but so far I fell in the floor after doing 30/30/30 and 12 respectively. I feel good so about this whole thing so far, feeling stronger and kind of occasionally proud of myself, a little..

You Are So Beautiful: Josh Dun Imagine ft Tyler: Part 1: Request

Anonymous said to allthemimagines: can i request a josh piece where you’re feeling down and not good enough for josh and you usually hide your emotions so you run off and kind of breakdown alone but tyler catches you and comforts you and josh eventually walks in and it ends really cute?

You had been working with Twenty One Pilots since Josh joined Tyler. You had been with Josh for 5 months now, even though it didn’t seem like it. Josh and you had come to terms that keeping your relationship a secret was best to protect you and just the entire relationship overall. You agreed. 

You took a break from setting up the stage for tonight’s show because you felt if you saw another wire for the next 10 minutes, you would throw yourself off the stage. You walked backstage and towards Josh’s dressing room, stopping when you hear two woman’s voices coming from the room. “What do you mean?” One voice says. You don’t recognize it, but you do recognize the other voice that speaks up, it’s another roadie, the only other girl, Alice. “What I mean is only the crew knows that Y/N and Josh have a so-called thing. If she was that important, he would make it public like he did with Debby. She’s obviously not good enough to be shown in public with him. That’s why when he comes in here, I work my magic and I’ll be known as Josh Dun’s girlfriend. Who knows what i’ll get out of it? Y/N is just something he can play with before he meets a real woman.” 

You were mad, but more hurt than mad. Mad at the fact that she wanted to gain fame from Josh and that she would even think about trying to get with Josh. Hurt about the fact that maybe she was right. Josh was public with Debby, why not you? But, he told the crew? Maybe so you guys wouldn’t have to sneak around as much? A real woman? What does a real woman mean? You were too caught up in your thoughts to realize there were tears streaming down your face. You walked away from your hiding spot by the door, staring at the floor with a blank face as you drag your feet. You can hear muffled voices calling your name but you continue on as a zombie until your head hits a body. You look up to see Josh. He smiling, but his eyes grow wide when he sees your pale face, red eyes and the tears still coming down. 

“Y/N?! What happened?” He has his hands on your shoulders now. ‘I can’t tell him.’ ‘I have to deal with it myself or else someone will get hurt’ ‘Don’t’ These thoughts run through your head. You were used to keeping your feelings to yourself and you thought it was changing being with Josh. Should you speak up and just say there was a sad video on Youtube? Should you speak up at all? You just ran. You ran to the back of the venue and out the door. Where should you run? The bus was too obvious. You looked around quickly and saw a fire escape on a building in an alley across the street from the venue. There. You to the fire escape as quickly as you could and climbed up, not caring how high it was. You made it to the roof and ran to the far back corner so you couldn’t look at the venue. You fell down to the floor out of exhaustion. 

You weren’t alone for long because Tyler’s shoes were now in line of your stare at the ground. Tyler knelt down and wrapped his arms around you and you couldn’t help but break down. Through yours sobs, you asked, “H-How did you find me?” He had his hand on your head, “When Josh and I ran out after you, I saw your shoes as you got on the roof. I sent Josh another way so I could talk to you first.” He said “What happened, Y/N?” You released yourself from Tyler’s comforting hug and he sat on the floor too across from you and waited for you to speak. You couldn’t look at him in the eye, so you looked at the sky as you spoke. “Is it wrong to be crying this much? I’ve never been this type to cry over a guy.” You said. “This is about Josh?” He asked. You nodded. “I heard Alice in his dressing room. She said Josh is keeping us a secret is because i’m not good enough to be seen with him, that i’m just something to play with, that he needs a real woman. Whatever that means. It still hurt.” Your confession let some stress off, but not all of it. 

“Is that what you think?” It wasn’t Tyler’s voice. It was Josh’s. You saw Josh standing on the side of you, you hadn’t noticed as a result of being too focused on the sky. You stood up quickly and tensed up. Would he say that it was all true? Would you to leave your two best friends? You got your answer when he grabbed you by your cheeks and kissed you. It was too little, but wasn’t too much. It was perfect. He pulled away from the kiss and made you stare into his eyes, “What she said is bullshit. I wanted to keep us a secret to honestly protect you. I know how it is, Y/N. I didn’t want you to get hurt by the negative things people said. You’re not just some toy. You’re everything to me. I care about you so much. You’ve been there since the beginning and through everything. I made you mine because you were way more than enough. I had to make you mine before you realized you were out of my league.” You laughed at his last line. 

You remembered why you fell in love with Josh four years ago. He was genuine. Watching him go through girls, watching him be with his ex, hurt you. Now, you were his and he was yours and you planned to keep it that way. “Sorry, to break this happy moment, but we really should get back. And this sight is a little awkward for me.” You guys had completely forgotten you two had an audience. You guys safely came down from the roof and started towards the back door, but Josh’s hand in yours stopped you. “What are you doing? The fans might see us.” You tried pulling your hand away, but he only held tighter and smiled. “Let’s show Alice how proud I am to have you. We’re walking through through the front of the venue. Your hand in mine, and I won’t let go.” 

As all three of you walked through the fans, you held Josh’s hand tighter. You could hear the camera’s go off and the infinite amount of people saying “oh my god!” Through the sea of people, until they went on stage, and even after, he didn’t let go. 

Mart of Pets again, since I started my job we have always announced closing in 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and actually being closed. The other night a family came in and got fish a minute before closed, staying and asking questions for a HALF HOUR after close. At about 20 minutes after close the closing manager for the night was like hey, how many more fish are you planning to get? But in like a really polite way and they took the hint and said that those were enough. But then asked questions for 10 more minutes. We are normally leaving the store at the time they were checking out. We can’t leave until the manager does and the manager can’t leave until they count down all the registers and they can’t do that until the customers leave. On top of all of that they let the little girl run around unsupervised and mess up the entire store and basically undo all the facing that we had done.