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Fetch! (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)

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“(Y/N)! Stop poking me!” Nat said playfully. It was a boring and hot summer day. You and Nat, who had taken you under her wing since you joined the Avengers, to a point you sometimes called her ‘mom’, were laying on a couch.

She was reading a magazine and you were finding new ways to annoy her and kill your boredom at the same time.

“But, I am bored.” You groaned and she chuckled.

“Ok, I shouldn’t probably do that. But…” her known sneaky smirk formed on her lips as she got up and motioned you to follow her.

She guided you to a room that looked like a storage room and opened the door. You gasped at the sight. Steve’s uniforms were neatly folded in shelves, his boots had their own drawer, his gloves were put around creating a perfect color palette. This man sure loved order.

But, what caught your attention was the shining shield that was calling for you behind the glass.

Natasha, like she read your mind, opened the glass case and handed you the shield. “There.” She said, her smirk never leaving its place. “Go play with your friends.” You rolled your eyes but took the shield nevertheless, earning a giggle from Nat, who shuffled your hair.

You put the shield in your arm and flash her a confident smile. “You could definitely cover Steve in a day off.” She smiled and you saluted her and sprinted towards your girlfriend’s room.

You opened without knocking as per usual, and found Wanda and Pietro, laying on Wanda’s bed, their legs spread on the wall and their heads hanging down off the bed.

“What are you guys doing?” you laughed and the shield almost dropped off your arm. “Meditating.” Pietro mocked and got up. “Where did you get that?” his thick accent filling the room as he approached you and touched the shield, hesitantly as if Steve would jump around the corner any time and scold him.

“I have my connections.” You said mysteriously. “Did Nat give it you?” Wanda joined you. “Wanda! Do NOT reveal my connections.” Wanda chuckled. “You have to be punished now. Cause ‘Murica.” You mimicked Steve’s voice and sent the twins laughing. You snaked your free arm around Wanda’s waist, bringing her closer and started leaving light pecks all over her face, tickling her.

“Get a room.” Pietro showed you his tongue.

“We shall. Later.” You said as you explained your plan to the twins.

Finally, you were all gathered together on the big lawn. Wanda, Pietro and you had managed to assemble many of your friends for an old good game with the ‘frisbee’.

Peter had immediately agreed and surprisingly so did T’Challa. It was good for him to relax and have a good time since he was always running around with his tasks as a king. This week you had a visitor from a school of gifted people, who were people who had been born with powers also know as mutants.

You and the twins had instantly befriended Kurt and so did he. He agreed to play and brought Erik in the game, too.

“Ok, let’s pass it around and whoever drops it, they lose. Until we get down to one player. They shall be the winner.” You announced. Everyone nodded and you knew that this would be a difficult game. Pietro was super fast. Wanda had telekinesis. Kurt teleported. Erik controlled metal. Peter and T’Challa were fast and could climb fast. And of course you could manipulate time.

You were ready to begin when Steve’s voice snapped you from your focus. “Is that my shield?” he said.

“Change of plans!! Protect the shield from Cap.” You shouted and Steve knew that this was going to take a long. The look of despair that formed in Steve’s eyes made you laugh.

Cap stormed to you but you stopped time, pressed a kiss on Wanda’s cheek and handed her the shield.

Time began again and Steve, stunned, looked around for his shield. Wanda whistled him and he started running towards Pietro, as he guessed that Wanda would throw the shield to him, but she threw it in the air as T’Challa caught it.

Steve sighed and ran towards the king but the shield was already in Piet’s hands. He ran around Steve and after he had got him a bit dizzy he passed the shield to Peter.

“Come on, Peter. As a Brooklyn boy to a Queens boy.” Steve tried to work his charm, but Peter being the teaser he was, he extended the shield towards Steve as he sighed in relief, but just then Peter winked and Kurt teleported in front of Steve grabbing the shield and teleporting away again.

Steve facepalmed and ran towards the boy. Kurt hung from a tree with his tail and threw the shield to Erik. Steve almost caught it but the Erik lifted the shield too high for anyone to reach.

Time stopped again as Erik motioned the shield towards you and you caught the shield with ease.

You unfroze time and Steve fell in the grass, giving up any hopes of getting his shield back. You looked at the others and nodded, as you all run towards Cap, embracing him in one big hug.


Obviously OK GO are the Kings of the land of “we make the coolest videos” but this one is my all time favorite that i like to show everyone. THIS IS REAL and the SONG IS AMAZING. just  so much coolness!!!! 

they have a BUTTload of videos like this so check them all out. 

Changed - Part One

Part 1:  “Dog Tags”

Summary: A/U in which the Reader is married to and has a child with Soldier!Steve.

Pairings/Characters: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Natasha, Peggy, OC Daughter – Emma

Warnings: Angst. Funerals. Death. Language. General Sadness.

A/N: Thank you to @bovaria and @bionic-buckyb for helping me out with this. I originally started this series as a Supernatural fic but left it unfinished, switching it to a Marvel story and completing it. First Marvel fic, ever! :)

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“Any word from Steve yet?” your father’s voice softens.

“Nothing yet, no. You know he couldn’t tell me anything about where they were going but he said they’d be out of range for a few days.”

“Well, it’s been three weeks, honey. Aren’t you worried?” He questions, trying not to sound worried himself.

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Another Little Meme-thingy !

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Last movie you watched: The BFG. I loved the book as a kid, so I had to see if the movie adaptation measured up. Meh. Maybe I need to read the book again.

Last song you listened to: This Too Shall Pass by Ok Go is playing right now as I write this

Last show you watched: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The Lemonade episode. OMG.

Last book you read: Reading Son of Neptune at the moment by Rick Riordan.

Last thing you ate: Chilis guacamole burger and chips and salsa. Yummm

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? Out on a boat, on the water, with the sun warming my skin and a gentle breeze.

When would you time travel to? The future. I’m not someone who feels its necessary to go back to the past. We already know what happens, I want to know what will happen.

First thing you would do with lottery money: Pay off student loans, buy a house and hire help, so my OCD butt doesn’t have to rely on family anymore

Character you would hang out with for a day: Luna Lovegood

Time right now:  7:21 Pm

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when the morning comes // a mix for making mistakes, being afraid, and moving forward, even when you think you can’t. 

i. weight of living part 2 bastille // ii. olly olly oxen free amanda palmer // iii. rabbit heart (raise it up) florence + the machine // iv. i’ll be alright passion pit // v. the science of selling yourself short less than jake // vi. magpie the mountain goats // vii. everything is alright motion city soundtrack // viii. tidal wave owl city // ix. connect clariS // x. this too shall pass ok go

[listen at 8tracks] [cover art by churaghost

Overwatch Character Playlists

So I’ve spent the last few weeks compiling some of my favorite music to all the playable characters in Overwatch.  The playlists can be found on Spotify by clicking HERE and going to the “Public Playlists” tab.

Each playlist has 10 songs and is roughly 30-45 minutes.  Most are lyrical, although there are some instrumental songs mixed in.  Each playlist ends with a song that has something to do with the character’s ultimate ability (whether it be the song title matches the ultimate name, or the song gives off a vibe of how you feel while using the ultimate).

Below the Keep Reading tab I’ve put the track lists and links to each individual playlist.

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A Dragon Age fanmix for the spirits that help you on your journeys.

Fiona Apple - Across The Universe ✧Ella Fitzgerald - Nature Boy ✧ Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark ✧ The Smiths - How Soon Is Now ✧ When In Rome - The Promise ✧ Carly Simon - Touched By The Sun ✧ Radiohead - Karma Police ✧ Moby - Porcelain ✧ The Sundays - Wild Horses ✧ Mazzy Star - Fade Into You ✧ Dido - White Flag ✧ OK Go - This Too Shall Pass ✧ Muse - Starlight ✧Massive Attack - Teardrop ✧ Nina Simone - Wild Is The Wind

18 lessons I learned during my 18th year:

1. Dancing makes you happy. Run for the hills from anyone that makes you feel otherwise.
2. Dark lipstick & a good book is only a temporary fix. Face your problems head on (you can wear dark lipstick in the process of doing so)
3. Any decision you make is a good decision
4. Casual sex rocks when you do it for no one but YOU
5. Legit everything happens for a reason at the exact time and length that it happened in your life so don’t question it. Example: your parents divorce, being in a toxic 3 and a half year relationship, the introducing of feminism.
6. High school was fucking great but it isn’t the best time of your life, it only goes up from here
7. Everything tastes better at 2 in the morning, so eat everything in the pantry…twice
8. Your mom is superwoman, never stop giving her props
9. Your friendship with Sis is one some people don’t ever get a chance to experience, you’re very lucky
10. Buying clothes 5 dollars and less, with years of stories behind them, is much more fun than spending money at forever 21 
11. The real world is no joke. Don’t let it make you too hard of a person
12. Change is inevitable. Don’t force it or battle it, just live in it. People, places, faces, memories; they come and go. Cherish it all
13. Think before you judge or speak, you never know what seems like a “rude” person went through before encountering you
14. Feel EVERYTHING. Cry when something or someone makes you feel like you have to cry. If you feel that way for 3 minutes or 3 weeks.. It’s ok, this too shall pass (same goes for smiling or any other feeling)
15. Moving out of the only home you’ve ever known is really fucking tough.
16. Anything takes adjusting, especially New York City. Give it time.
17. Never stop setting goals, anything you want to happen will happen
18. Always say goodnight. Always say I love you. People can’t read minds, and health, tomorrow, or really anything isn’t promised for any one

This, too, shall pass.
If you’re gong through a dark time in your life, it’s ok. It happens to the best of us. But the important thing to remember is that those times won’t last forever. It’s ok to have negative feelings, but don’t let those feelings define you. The good times are right ahead of you if you keep pressing on.

Leather and Lace Series

Episode 1:  “Dog Tags”

Summary: A/U in which the Reader is married to and has a child with Soldier!Sam.

Pairings/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean x Jo, Ellen, OC Daughter – Emma

Warnings: Angst. Funerals. Death. Language. General Sadness.

A/N: Thank you to @ohfora67impala, @roseringleader13, and @abaddonwithyall for helping me out this. This project is VERY personal to me and I really appreciate the input. As always, let me know what you think!

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I Don’t Want To Live Like This (But I Don’t Want To Die) - A mix for optimists with depressive tendencies.

Optimist / Zoe Keating // Alright / Five For Fighting // Good Day / Jewel // High / Young Rising Sons // Northern Downpour / Panic! At The Disco // This Too Shall Pass / OK Go // Alpha Rats Nest / The Mountain Goats // Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall / Coldplay // In The Sun / She & Him // Some Nights / Fun. // The Obvious Child / Paul Simon // Finger Back / Vampire Weekend