this too might become a series maybe

Suga Kenta and Kimura Tatsunari
Livedoor Interview Translation

Translation continues under the Read More.  It’s important to note the actual interview took place about a month ago, it’s just this second part is now finally published.

Q: This will be my third interview with the two of you after the re-run “View from the Top,” and “Karasuno, Revival!” 

Kenta: Whoo! [applause] Thank you each and every time!
Tatsunari: That’s right, and for this particular production…
Kenta: Whoah whoah, no, too fast! [laughs] They haven’t asked us anything yet!

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Anan translation - Endo Aya’s strategies for going after the sextuplets.

Totoko’s voice actress’s comments about what the brothers might be like to go out with and her tips on how to win them from the recent Anan special magazine. 

Endo Aya’s strategies for going after the sextuplets.

Totoko-chan, the super cute only girl in the group. She’s very popular with the sextuplets, and we’re as jealous as could be. Together with Endo Aya who performed her, we’re going to examine their manly charms in a somewhat serious way!

She’s Totoko-chan so she understands?! The sextuplets “manly charms.”

The beloved heroine Totoko, whom the sextuplets never stop admiring. Since she is approached by them constantly on a daily basis, she’s bound to know about their attitudes towards love, and (we’re not sure whether or not they actually have any) their manly charms. Therefore, we threw Endo Aya, who played Totoko the closest observer of the sextuplets for half a year, the silly question, “What are they like as men?”

(Endo) To start with, whatever they may say, I think that they are kind boys. No matter how selfish Totoko gets, they face her head on and take the blow. This time, I tried thinking about each of them carefully, but even though they are jobless virgin NEETs who sponge off their family, there are moments when I suddenly felt like they were “good men” and I got flustered, lol. Despite telling myself that “If I went out with them they’d definitely be a burden,” I had a hard time keeping my cool. (Lol)

So she has analysed each of their manly charms, from Osomatsu to Todomatsu, and has proposed her strategies for going after them.

With this you can be just like Totoko… perhaps?

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My Impressions on TMNT 2012 finale 'Mutant apocalypse' (warning spoilers)

You know,Watching the TMNT series finale special ‘Mutant Apocalypse’ ,It feels kinda depressing when you see the series finale takes place  when the world becomes an apocalyptic wasteland.I guess this is one of the reasons why Nickelodeon change the production order of the final season,So that young viewers don’t want to see the series end on a depressing note.I guess adults are worried and overprotective about the safety of their children especially to prevent them  from watching too much  violence much  violence from television and movies .

Maybe the special might have taken place in an alternate future where the turtles failed to defuse the Mutagen bomb which triggers an explosion causing the death of billions of humans,or turning humans  into mutants or both,Turning the world into a world populated by only mutants.Though it made me wonder why chompy is included .Perhaps in one of the episodes of previous seasons,I am not sure ,i mean the true finale  of the TMNT 2012 series is Owari while the current final season might be an epilogue series which is kinda an anthology format.

Anyway the aftermath of the Mutagen bombing many years later caused the turtles to split up but changed with Raphael now a older but muscle bound wanderer who lost part of his memory after the mutagen bombing  with Donnie who is now a robot after his original body was destroyed by the bombing ,Mikey now an old hermit and kind of looney but still has his sense of humour back from his younger days and Leo sadly due to the effects of the mutagen bombing turns into a musclebound mutated  freak and  turned into a different person with no memory of his past self calling himself Maximus Kong.

If this is an actual future for TMNT 2012 series,It made me wonder how Renet’s future is made probably that the Turtles might have found few human survivors after the episode ends off screen.

So anyway this special may take place in a possible but sad future but this special is about the reunion of the four turtle brothers reuniting as a family while helping a mutated raccoon girl who is a part of her tribe massacred by some ravagers find the oasis which revealed at the end is actually the ruins of the Turtles sewer lair now turned into a forest with a beautiful lake.

Even though the series may end on a depressing but  hopeful note especially leaving loose plot holes but at least this special shows us brotherhood and family when the turtles who either of them were thought to be  deceased after the bombing are finally reunited.

Especially where the final scene flashes back to the turtles glory days where they take a picture with master splinter as shown at the end of my impression post.

The special did end with a dedication of a peter laird type drawing of 2012 leo holding a signboard saying ‘For Kevin and peter’ as shown here :

which is a probably a special thanks  to the original creators of the TMNT franchise Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird  which is a nice touch especially that it resembles a dedication art from the first page of the ninja turtles first issue from 1984 as shown here:

So anyway TMNT 2012 series is ended but their memories will live on to many viewers alike who watched the series for five years though another reboot of the TMNT series by Nickelodeon called ‘Rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles’ will air on 2018.


By the way this picture was used for the TMNT 2012 crew’s wrap up party poster as shown here: 

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Is it fair to say that "Aang grows in power" and "Korra grows in maturity and as a person"? I see many people using this argument to diminish ATLA and I think it's too simplistic, but I can't quite explain why.

Do they? This argument seems really simplistic indeed and I think that’s because there’s a lot more subtle aspects to these characters that this argument does not take into account 

Both Aang and Korra start out immature in their own ways, and have to mature as the series progresses. Aang might have started a bit childish, and his journey involves learning the elements, and maybe becoming more mature while also remaining true to himself by not letting completely letting go of the person he was before.

Korra starts out the exact opposite of Aang. She’s brash, rough, hard-headed. Where Aang never wanted to be the Avatar, Korra spent her entire life wanting only to be that.

If were to think about this using the metaphor used to describe the difference between DC and Marvel, where DC is gods becoming human and Marvel is humans  becoming gods, Korra would be the DC heroine to Aang’s Marvel hero. Aang is the mortal who–like your Spiderman, Captain America, or Hulk–learning to become to this new identity. Korra, in contrast, would be more akin to someone like Wonder Woman or Superman, trying to fit into the world around them. 

It’s not exactly an accurate comparison, but I just wanted to kind of demonstrate the difference between these two different Avatars. 


I’ve been working on a little project called Night Vale Inspires, which is, quite simply, a series of typographic posters with moving or inspiring quotes about love, and life, and being. Things that have stuck with me from the show. Maybe they’ve stuck with you, too.

If you have any lines that stay with you–like a spider-like flickering in your peripheral so constant that it becomes a familiar comfort, you know the ones–then feel free to drop them in my ask box. I might make up a poster for it. :]

( lose control ) - Baron Corbin


You wind up sharing a hotel room with Baron Corbin when you get stuck in a town for a few extra days.. You’ve had a thing for the Lone Wolf for a while now and you’d pretty much all but given up on admitting it. But then you walk in on a personal moment between baron and his hand… You wind up losing your virginity to Baron that night.


Baron Corbin


Mature obviously

Word Count:



Inspired by this post / ASK for Thirst party Saturday. Enjoy everybody.. Oh and this might become a mini series thing too.

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Hi, could you do a pros and cons of dating Jisung and Minhyun? thanks 💛

i already did minhyun’s here so check it out :) and here is meme jisung for you <3 


  • he’s one of those amazing boyfriends thats not only your boyfriend but your friend, your best friend and older brother
  • mucks around a lot and smears cake on ur face
  • a ray of sunshine making u laugh all the time 
  • tells the lamest jokes
  • imitates cartoons, animals, celebrities anything tbh just to make u laugh 
  • despite being a silly cute bean he’s really mature
  • you guys trust each other with everything 
  • hes patient and kind and offers good advice
  • can actually read ur mind and feelings really well 
  • really encouraging and supportive of ur decisions 
  • if u were to learn something new
  • he would look it up and learn with you and teach you 
  • gives really good hugs
  • esp when he’s patting ur hair 
  • if theres a fight he would try to calm u down and listen to u and give u space and be rational tbh
  • and whenever u achieve something or something good happens
  • he would shed tears of joy and happiness
  • and u’d be like : dont cry  !!
  • but then u also end up crying of happiness with him
  • he’d also take care of u really well when ur sick
  • would stand guard the entire time and try to cook u something to help you feel better 
  • meeting his sister and becoming best friends with her
  • and she tells u all the juice about jisung
  • and jisung jealous hahah


  • um i suppose if you’re not the crying type you might find jisung a bit too much and sensitive maybe ??? idk honestly 
  • a lil second hand embarrassment but lets be honest we love meme jisung
  • ummmm super young looking??? what am i saying here

lol guys i honestly feel like i should have just done a boyfriend series rather than “pros and cons of dating” bc legit my cons aren’t even cons hahah i guess im just doing this as a different concept to others ^^ hope everyone’s been enjoying them :) 

other wanna one members: minhyun (x), sungwoon (x), jihoon (x), daniel (x) 

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I don't think you're homophobic, a bad person, or any of that and am sorry you're getting outright hate BUT I think you're missing a lot of the point. I am not going to presume that you aren't LGBT, but I am unsure if you understand how LGBT people are irritated at how het pairings as "overt" as v*****ri are typically accepted as they are (/cont)

(cont) yet so many gay pairings portrayed in the same vein are “ambiguous” or argue that it isn’t canon. The “they’re DEEPER than romantic love” is also hurtful as people aren’t discriminated against for friendships and erases what makes them so special to LGBT fans.

(cont 3/3) Essentially, I think although you have good intentions in trying to be objective, with what I said in mind when you add separate commentary such as pointing out that soulmates can be platonic or the late night drama thing it does deeply hurt people, because it sounds like you’re trying to downplay them—intentionally or otherwise

Hello! First of all, thank you for making a concrete example and articulating your point logically!

I’m taking this occasion to write a long reply that encompasses my view of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship also with regard to heterocentricity. It’s long, but hopefully it’s exhaustive… 

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Fave Robbie moments: Crystal Caper

When he gives Sportacus the fake crystal!

This scene is so great because it starts off with Robbie shakin that booty all over the place for so many reasons✨

Like the face he makes in the first pic?? is just too cute??? he’s a bit nervous awww AND THE GENUINE(?) SMILE WHEN SPORT SAYS “YOU’RE AMAZING” 😂😍 lookit that blinding smile he’s proud that his plan is working! (and also maybe because Sport is proud of him😊)

faeriexqueen  asked:

FOR THE BREAKING A CHARACTER DOWN - I'm asking about both of your children (Kanda and Alma). XD

OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m always to talk about them all the feel I have ;___;

Starting with Kanda

How I feel about this character: It’s a little bit ironic to me, I remember how I thought he would be the least interesting character, but here I am now. Kanda is just… such a good kid??? He makes me so sad, but at the same time I am so proud of him for living through so much awful things, and his character development destroys me. He lived for so many years dealing with a trauma and trying not to care about people who belong to the organisation that brought so much suffering to his life, but even after being able to leave, he returns to help Allen. And how he stops blocking all of his emotions, dealing with them now, even if it hurts. Oh god, I just want him to take more care about himself. 

All the people I ship romantically with this character: Oh that’s too simple XD I can’t really bring myself to ship him with anyone who is not Alma. I don’t mind other ships, of course, cause everyone can ship what they want, but Yulma is just such a special ship for me, they just really got on the highest level of love I could feel toward pairings. I’m so inspired by them, I have too many feels about them, and I just can’t stop appreciating everything they had in canon. This writing, this tragedy, all the spoken and unspoken love they had for each other in both lives… It’s just way too beautiful ;_____;

My non-romantic OTP for this character: THERE’RE SO MUCH. I really enjoy him interacting with others, because it speaks so much about his character! I really love the sibling-like relationship he has with Lenalee - it feels like they do not even need to talk much to understand each other. Same goes to him and Marie, man, I’m so happy that they were the first one to see Kanda when he returned to the Order AND HE SMILED AT THEM OH MY CHILD. 

I’m also really happy about how much his friendship with Allen improved?? Like, we couldn’t even call that a friendship at the beginning, but they’ve come so far, and the things Allen did for Kanda and Alma after learning their story breaks my heart. Allen’s truly an angel ;w; And so is Johnny, I really enjoyed the chapters with their interaction. 

I’m also really week for him interacting with Link, I just really enjoyed their talk. And I believe in combat they could be LETHAL.

My unpopular opinion about this character: I don’t even know?? I only remember seeing long-long-long ago one opinion that Alma’s arc has ruined his character and I’m still so angry about it, because, I really love this arc and the way his character is developed from being overpowered closed person to a very tragic child, who went through so much awful thing he didn’t deserve. So I just want to protect him, and I’m glad he’s appreciated enough here on tumblr.

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: why did ch. 200 just happened? It really really hurts me, that his most treasured memories for now are about Alma dying in his arms because it’s the only time they were able to spend together after so many years apart ;_____; They both deserved so much more! 

But sadness aside, I really am intrigued and happy about the arc Kanda’s getting now, becoming a General and going deeper to the Order’s core man that really gives me Roy Mustangs vibes somehow. And him finally being able to remember Alma makes my heart warm. I also want to know so much more about their past lives, and I hope we’ll get there in manga someday. 

And just… I really want them to meet each other in the end, whether it an afterlife or reincarnation. Not too soon of course, because Kanda has a lot of things to do, but I believe Alma would wait for him forever, what was their promise to each other after all ;w;

And of course how can I not talk about Alma too ^^

How I feel about this character: Alma is one of the dearest characters to me, honestly! I actually got myself into DGM because my friend noticed to me that I might like him, and she was right! He breaks my heart and his story reminds me of my another most favourite character ever from Fate series. Maybe it’s just my type of characters - I easily fall for those, who went through too much, who are filled with rage and hatred just as much as they are filled with love. And that really suits to Alma, not to mention the narrative of becoming a monster just because other people wanted that. The way he tried to use hatred to cover from unbearable sadness and fear of being unloved by the most precious person… It makes him so human, I want to cover him with a blanket and say lots of nice things to make this child feel easier ;___; Sorry, I just really love him, ahaha.  

All the people I ship romantically with this character: well, we all know the answer, I’m so invested Yulma it’s not a secret for anyone anymore ^^

My non-romantic OTP for this character: his relationship with Sixth Laboratory breaks my heart. He loved them genially despite them hurting him, and that’s the reason why his rage was so hard after learning the truth. Ah, I really love to think of some happy modern AU where Edgar and Tui adopt him, and Bak is the most nervous elder brother Alma could have (but most precious too)  

I really like to think of him being really close to Lenalee in some kind of AUs. I feel like they could understand each other’s bitter feelings about the Order, and help to each other with dealing with them. Not to mention that Lena is one of the closest to Kanda, so she might have understand how important to him Alma is and would do her best to support him. And she could tell him more about what kind of person Kanda became while they were apart <33 Ah, that’s too much of opportunities to explore! I could talk about all of them for hours I guess ^^”

My unpopular opinion about this character: Well… I guess I just really want him and his past incarnation to be treated and appreciated as different characters, and same goes with my love to my ship. I’m endlessly in love with the aspect of them being reincarnated lovers, but I actually fell for their relationship and story in their current lives. So, it makes me a little bit uncomfortable when people say Kanda loves Alma because he is that person he had been searching for. Their relationship is so much more complex than just that. 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: like I said already, sometimes I wish ch. 200 didn’t happen, but that’s also a thing that makes me love Yulma so much, so… I’m just really happy that Hoshino even has drawn an AU for us with him being okay, how can I complain after that? So I just wish for them to have at least one hint of reunion in the afterlife or reincarnation or anything like that, because they SHOULD be happy and together, they deserve it so much! So I’ll keep on believing ;w;

knapp-shappey  asked:

They already killed off Michael so I wouldn't put it past the writers to kill off another main character but I hope not. Maybe it will be a fake ass telenovella death this time around though. Rafael 'dies' and then comes back half a series later to reveal it was all about bringing down Luisa and Rose idk

Yeah, I’m hoping it’ll turn out like that. Especially since it’s likely a memorable and well-received character like Petra or Luisa might be killed off.

Tbh I don’t see Raf “dying” since he’s become the main focus alongside Jane plotwise. He’s too integrated into the plot to die.

At 8:48 PM, @shadowlillium​ texted me out of nowhere:

“How scary can we push him?”

Maybe we’ll get lucky and you guys will see her takes, too. :3c

I kinda wound up taking him and going with sort of a ghoulish look, like he’s humanoid but definitely Not Quite Human.  In this reimagining, I kinda see Goldy here as functioning sorta outside of human morality in the beginning, becoming more familiar with people’s values as the series goes on.  While not exactly a “Hero of Justice” on his own, he thoroughly enjoys meting out his brand of punishment… perhaps too much.  (Could be why he was sealed away to begin with.)  The main characters would be understandably hesitant to trust him early on, but over the course of the series, maybe they’d start to see a bit of change in him…?

It may take some doing, of course, considering he can’t actually speak.  Kinda hard to do that without lips and a tongue.

Anyhoot, ye.  I might clean these up later, but I really wanted to share them now.

I wasnt going to do this, I told myself not to do this, but after seeing the “Mewnipendence Day” episode poster I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I mean, seriously. Look at this thing.

isnt that just fucking ominous?? Look at everything going on here. Now, thanks to the episode description, we know this is going to be a retelling of Mewni’s history, of an important day in Mewni history. But look at Ferguson- doesnt his costume look vaguely like Buff Frog? So maybe Ludo and his minions have something to do with this day. 

But anyways, moving on. Look at the top of the poster- behind Star. Some knights, probably from Mewni’s army. And oh, look, to her left, some dragonish/reptilian monsters. Where have we seen those before?


So now I’m thinking, what if this mural is actually depicting a scene that has to do with that day in Mewni history? And also, why does Star look like she’s been turned evil? Because she looks like shes ready to summon some pretty dark, evil, and powerful stuff with that wand.

Before the episode poster, I was actually starting to buy into the “omg theres a face in the mural MARCOS FACE IS IN THE MURAL” theory (hey, it could still be him in there), but now im thinking maybe its just part of Mewnipendence?

I dont exactly know why a mural of Mewnipendence would be in St Olgas, but considering Miss Heinous has the cheekmarks and is most likely related to the Butterfly family somehow, I’m guessing St Olgas was probably created as a result of this battle. Maybe Heinous actually IS the Queens sister,and she went dark after the crown wasnt handed to her, but her sister. 

I don’t exactly know…

But seriously, whatever happens in this next episode, I’m betting you it’ll be a pretty significant plot episode.

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Remember that Meguro interview thing (not Soejima oops look at those 3 hours of sleep)? Turns out the one I actually wanted to translate was Kaneko’s but I made a…slight miscalculation at some point. So here it is! Warning for long ass interview, awkward translation done at 3 am and possible mistakes.

Notes: babyface = “hero”; heel = “antagonist” [wrestling terms]

The theme of Digital Devil Saga is people’s deeds (karma) = “eating”

Q: So far, you have been involved in character design, art direction and many others regarding the Megami Tensei series, but what were you in charge of in DDS?
A: Besides the biggest point of the system, “eating”, I also contributed to parts of the story from the early days of the project, as well as the basis of the world setting. Not only the visuals…but also the scenario draft; however, after that I entrusted the concrete parts to the present staff and in the end I became in charge of the character design.

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anonymous asked:

You don't like Jay and Tim as friends?

Oh no I really love their friendship! My problem with it is that it just doesn’t make sense? Like, between them there used to be malice and wariness, and suddenly bing-badda-bing we got this best buddies thing going on? What??

I would love love love a 20+ issue series about those two slowly becoming friends. Going on missions together and grudgingly starting to admire the other (well Tim already admires Jay but was pretty fed up with his shit and really kinda… tense around him? I mean I would be too if I had to play nice around my attempted murderer y'know).

Like maybe Tim saves Jay’s ass and Jason’s like ‘hmm aight fine you might be a little cool but don’t let it go to your head, kiddo.’

Or Jay gets Tim outta trouble and Tim’s all; ‘okay that’s a nice turn from y'know, tryna kill me and all that jazz.’

I don’t even care what the situation is I just wanna see ☆*~friendship~*☆ ensue slowly and with lots of bumps and struggles.

lindseyylu17  asked:

I'd love to see J and C go on a beach vacation. They meet another couple and become friends with them. Maybe the men try to "out-romance" each other?

Well Smutty Saturday is off to a slow ish start. But I loved this one. I might have to make this into a small series as well because it’s too much fun to stop here. But it will have to stop here, just for the moment.

“No. And that’s final, Claire. I’ll no’ let ye go out in… in… that!”

“We’re in Jamaica for our wedding anniversary, Jamie. You don’t need to make a big fuss.”

“Big fuss?!”

He stared at her, looking pointedly up and down her body, before lifting one brow in question. 

“Honestly, we’re not going to a nudist beach. You should be happy your favorite bits of me are covered.”

“But no’ much else!”

“Every other woman on the beach will be wearing a bikini!”

Suddenly filled with insane rage and lust, he stepped so close to her their noses were touching.

“Every other woman on that bloody beach isna my wife! I’ll no’ have ye traipsing around in that… thing, for other men to ogle at ye. It’s no better than you going out in your bra!”

She had a glare to equal his own. But he was a Fraser, born and bred. There was no arguing with them when they’d made a choice.

And he had certainly made his.

“Fine. If you don’t want to be seen with me in this, I’ll go to the beach by myself.”

“No! Claire, that isna what I meant!”

Placing her delicate hands on her hips, she stared up at him in utter defiance.

“I know perfectly well what you meant. But I mean to enjoy our vacation here for our anniversary. We haven’t gotten to celebrate very often, what with my medical school and you being busy with the estate. We didn’t even get a proper honeymoon.”

His ears began to burn, no doubt turning deep pink at the tips. Their honeymoon had been… Interesting. “Breaking in the new flat” is what she’d said. They’d certainly broken things all around the flat, but he was sure that wasn’t what she’d meant.

“Aye, I ken that fine, Sassanach. But look at ye!”

“Don’t you like the way I look?”

There was a brief flash of insecurity in those golden eyes of hers. It wasn’t very often that Claire Fraser dealt with that emotion and she hated feeling helpless to it.

“A’course I do, Claire. Have I no’ told ye so a million times since we wed?”

“You have, but…”

“The reason I dinna want you going out in that, my love,” he whispered, hooking a finger under her chin and forcing her to meet his gaze. “Is because I dinna want to flatten every man that sees ye. I ken the things I think when I look at ye in that, but I’m your husband.”

That made her smile a little.

“James Fraser gets jealous?”

“Oh aye. I dinna want any man lookin’ at you the way that I do.”

She nodded twice before heaving a deep breath. 

“I understand, Jamie. I do. But, this is the only bathing suit I packed. I honestly didn’t think it would bother you so much. I’m sorry.”

“Dinna fash, Sassanach. I’ve an idea.”

Leaving her in their suite, he galloped down the stairs to the wee shop on the first floor of the resort. He could have used the elevator, but that felt lazy. He had to keep himself in shape to keep his wife happy.

In the corner, he saw what he was searching for. Standing in line to buy the cover-up dress (which seemed like a ridiculous name to him; it was a knitted patter and didna cover much of anything in his opinion), he let his mind wander. They’d been here two days and would be leaving in two more. They’d needed the break from life, time to reconnect.

He’d begun planning their trip the day after their appointment with the fertility specialist. Four years of marriage (as of yesterday) and nearly two years trying to conceive and nothing. Claire had become convinced that she couldn’t bear children and he’d seen how much it had broken her heart. The doctor had been optimistic about their chances, though the actual pregnancy could become ‘high risk’. It scared him to death to think that having a child with her could end up killing her. But she wanted a wee bairn of their own.

They’d decided this trip would be a time of togetherness and celebrating four years. They would discuss having a baby if the timing felt right. So far, it hadn’t come up.

“Erm, sir?”

Jamie shook himself from his thoughts, muttering in Gaelic.

“I beg your pardon,” Jamie said, realizing the cashier was waiting on him. “I was lost in my own thoughts.”

The man behind him smiled and, after noticing the silver ring on Jamie’s left hand, got a twinkle in his eye.

“Honeymoon?” he asked.

“Och, no. Fourth anniversary.”

The kind man put out a hand to shake. Jame shook it and went up to pay for the covering for Claire.

To his surprise, the man behind him was purchasing something very similar.

“Your honeymoon, then?” Jamie asked.

The stranger’s cheeks flushed.

“Ah, yes. We’ve been married two - no three - days.”

“Many happy wishes to ye and yer wife, sir,” Jamie said with a slight bow of his head.

“Thank you. And same to you. Will you and your wife be on the beach later?”

“Aye. If I’n get her to wear this thing,” Jamie held up the covering.

The new husband laughed and held his up as well.

“Good luck to you, sir.”

“And to you.”

Back up in the suite, Clare gave him a very flat look.

“That doesn’t really cover me any better than the bikini does.”

“Yes, it does. And I dinna want to spend three hours waiting for ye to pick a whole new outfit. So, I’ll make do wi’ this.”

With that searing smile, she the off-white cover-up over her head and twirled in a slow circle for him.


“Aye,” he muttered, watching her hungrily.

Rather than let his desires manifest in a stronger way, he took her hand and she picked up their beach tote.

“You know,” she said as they made for the elevator. “I might have another use for this after we’re done with the beach.”

“Oh? Do ye?”

“Mmhmm,” she said coyly.

“And what might that be, Sassanach?”

She popped up on her toes and nipped the bottom of his ear.

“Perhaps I’ll wear this to bed tonight.”

“I dinna think that would be very comfortable to sleep in,” he said absently, feeling her hot breath tickle the fine hairs on his neck.

“Only this,” she breathed. “And I don’t plan on sleeping.”

He groaned when the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

At the beach, they lay beside each other. He wore a thin tank top, uncomfortable with the scars on his back. It was only from an accident when he’d been a lad, but they looked awful and people tended to stare. As if his size and coloring didn’t draw enough attention.

“Was it a struggle?” came a voice.

Jamie pried his eyes open and sat up, looking for the source. The kind man he’d met in the shop stood beside a lovely girl who seemed to have a perpetual grin. That must be the blushing bride, then.

“Aye, a bit,” Jamie answered with a smile. “Jamie Fraser. This is my wife,-”

“Doctor Fraser!” the man blurted.

Claire sat up quickly.


“What a small world!” the man said. “I can’t believe it! I take my honeymoon Jamacia and you come here to celebrate an anniversary. And to run into each other on the beach! What luck!”


“Oh!” Denny said, suddenly remembering the woman on his arm. “This is my, er, wife. Dotty. Dotty, this is one of the best doctors I’ve ever met, Claire Fraser.”

“A pleasure to meet you both,” she said with a dip of her head.

One of the staff for the resort approached Denny and Dotty with a silver tray. On it was a bottle of what appeared to be champagne and two tall glasses.

“Mr. Hunter?” the staff person said.

“Yes, that’s me. Thank you, sir.”

Denny smiled back at Jamie and Claire.

“If you’ll excuse us.”

Jamie watched the young man leave, remembering his own honeymoon period with Claire.

“Jamie,” Claire said softly.

“Yes, my Sassanach?”

“Why don’t you do things like that for me?”

“What? Get ye champagne? I ken what you’re like when you’re gone wi’ drink. I’ll no’ have that on a public beach.”

“Hmph. Not just the champagne. Little romantic things like that. You don’t ever get me flowers either.”

“Perhaps I’ll work to change that before our next anniversary, Sassanach.”

If Denny Hunter, married only a few days, could figure it out, Jamie was sure he could as well.

Lapis isn’t a pure innocent angel and I don’t think anyone’s arguing that but Jasper… Jasper is just a bully, straight up. Like for some fans i gotta wonder if we’re watching the same show, because ppl act like there’s this beautiful sympathetic side of her that doesn’t actually exist yet. Of course, later in the series we might see her become more complex -I actually expect to see that at some point- but as it stands now, from her strictly canon, onscreen appearances, all we’ve seen is that she intimidates people, pushes them around, and is loyally devoted to the evil space empire that personally hurt our characters in countless ways. I know ya’ll love your cheeto puff but please…. please…… She’s still an asshole.. she’s still a villain… don’t prematurely force redemption on her… let the show take its time…. please…