this tommeh

Imagine: Thomas couldn’t sleep at night because he couldn’t stop thinking about you

9 PM: I’m going to sleep
10 PM: *still staring at the ceiling, thinking about you*
11 PM: *chuckles quietly, thinking about you*
12 AM: *you you you*
1 AM: *thinking of your dazzling eyes, beautiful smile*
2 AM: *couldn’t get you out of my mind!*
3 AM: *I wish I could be with you*
4 AM: *oh Y/N, how can you be so perfect*
5 AM: *thinking of pickup lines then doze of to sleep*
7 AM: School

Alright Dovid Bowe fans, its time for a Dovid Bowe ask meme!

  1. Which Bowe is your favorite and why?
  2. Have you ever drawn a Bowe?
  3. Which Bowe ship is your favorite?
  4. What is your favorite Dovid Bowe post?
  5. Would you rather speak in Tommeh’s language or Perot’s language?
  6. If you do a Bowe RP blog, which one would you be?
  7. Which Zaegy picture is your favorite?
  8. What is your favorite Bowe song?
  9. Would you ever want Dimmd Dawg as a pet?
  10. Which Bowe creator is your favorite?

Just realized my first thought of Tom Holland :

My sister and I were in the theater and Tommeh came on the screen and my sister went “he’s hot,” And I just replied with,

“Elise, he’s like four.”



Last night was the best night of my life.

Finally, they came out at 2.30 am and we were just 12 fans waiting for them in the cold, in the dark and in the fog! I was half freeze to death!!

I talked to Sergio for 5 minutes, asking him every kind of things. It was like talking to a friend! I gave him a little present and then I told him that he’s like the sun for me, he’s my inspiration and I started to learn to play guitar because of him, but I’m not very good. He was really encouraging, telling me that he wasn’t good too, but I should continue and go on. Suddenly he took my frozen hands and he warmed them with his hands!! Omg, that was a little gesture but I appreciated it immensely. He’s the sweetness in person, he’s my angel.

Tommeh was soo crazy, he told me i’m short!!! How dare you?? Ahahah, but then he told me: “oh you’re so cold, let me hug you!!” awww and he gave me a kiss on the lips! I am dead!!.

I will never thank you enough.