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SELFISH (Part One) - Stiles Stilinski smut

Title: Darling Spread Your Legs For Me

Summary: A visit from Allison prompts you to think on the nature of your relationship with Stiles. Shortly after, the man of the hour makes a surprise visit (get your holy water).

Word count: 4.9k

Warnings: NSFW! Unprotected sex, oral (female receiving) annnnd a handjob. Lots of dirty talk. Like seriously. Oh! Swearing too :)

A/N: I said in the introduction that you didn’t need to read that part to understand the rest of the series. Whilst that still holds true, there’s a small part that references the events of the charity gala, so I’m gonna briefly summarise that part under the cut! 

I realllllly hope people read this haha. If you have any thoughts AT ALL, please let me know. It’d honestly mean the world to me. Happy reading!

SONG OF THE PART: listen here. /// Thanks to @isacclahys for supplying me w a song that sets the tone for this fic so, so well. It’s great.


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We’re pretending this gif is Stiles. Shhhh…

Previously on SELFISH…

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The Case for YA

Yes, I read YA. Yes, I like it. No, I’m not too proud to admit it. Young Adult (YA) books offer some things that “adult” books don’t. Here are just a few reasons why I think you should give YA a try.

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1. Representation

In my experience (admittedly limited, I’ve yet to read ALL the books) YA is ahead of the curve when it comes to representation. Not only has it been easier to find YA titles with diversity in mind; the YA titles I pick up for one reason or another have a wider variety of people in them then the average adult book I read. Anecdotal, yes, but since it has been holding true for me, and I want to continue reading more diverse books, I’m going to keep picking up YA.

2. Honesty

YA tells The Truth. A trademark of the YA books I’ve read is authenticity and honesty. The YA characters I’ve read are fierce and unflinching in telling you how they see the world and how it shapes their experience. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and Labyrinth Lost spring to mind.  One of the complaints I often hear about YA is the emotions are “so over the top” or “extreme.” That’s just a part of the honesty of it. That’s part of the realness, part of the appeal.

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3. My kids are getting older

And so am I. The older I get, the harder it is remember what being a young adult is like. Not to mention things like technology have dramatically changed life for all of us. Reading YA helps me gain a bit of awareness of what that world is like.

4. Empathy

One of perils of aging is to eyeing younger generations with suspicion and disdain. (See any series of articles about things Millennials are Killing). Reading YA helps me see another’s point of view; it helps me respond in a way that is better informed with another’s perspective. So instead of thinking “Kids these days…” I can have some idea about where the kids these days are coming from. 

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5. There are good stories being told there.

If you ignore an entire genre, you’re going to miss out on some great stories. And that’s all there is to it 

the one where sherlock plays the guitar

“Nobody said it was easy… It’s such a shame for us to part.”

“Sherlock? I’m home, is that you?”

“Nobody said it was easy… No one ever said it would be this hard.”

“Oh, you’re… That’s nice. It sounds familiar.”

“Oh, take me back to the start. Hello, John. Did you pick up my toenail beds from Bart’s?”

“Reluctantly, yes. That song, it’s Coldplay, isn’t it?”

“You’ve heard of them?”

“Have I - yes, Sherlock, I’ve heard of Coldplay. I’m more amazed that you have.”

“Why does everyone think I’m some sort of hermit holed up since the nineteenth century, avoiding technology like the plague? I listen to contemporary music, John, and sometimes I even enjoy it. The horror!”

“Sherlock, you’re the one who spreads those rumors yourself. You curse the radio whenever I turn it on.”

“Oh, right.”

“So you like Coldplay, then?”

“I like any songs about scientists, John, regardless of the artist. This one happens to fit the bill. See, it’s right there in the title.”

“I think it’s more metaphorical than-”

“I was just guessing at numbers and figures, pulling the puzzles apart…”


“Questions of science, science and progress…”

“… Alright, alright, fair point. Rosie napping?”


“I’ll let her be. I’m enjoying the show, after all.”

“She’ll be awhile, I just changed her nappy and put her down. You owe me a Frozen watchalong, by the way. Owe her, rather.”

“Can I switch it out for Toy Story instead? I rather like that one.”

“Hm. I’ll have to negotiate it with the boss, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope. She’s a true tyrant.”

“Oh, I’m sure.”



“… Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me. Oh, and I rush to the start…”



“Are you serenading me?”

“I don’t know. Is it working?’

“I don’t know. Play it again.”

Creepypasta #1194: Nightly Chats

Length: Short

I know I’m a “big kid” now, and Dad says I shouldn’t be afraid of monsters anymore. But he doesn’t hear them. The things they say. Not to me, but to each other. Nasty-sounding things.

“About time that stupid old man left,” says The Monster Under the Bed.

“Too true. I hate having to wait for our talks because he can’t hurry the hell up and go,” says the Closet Monster.

I can’t see them. I don’t know what they look like, but I’m certain that they’re a lot worse than I imagine them, since they can make themselves sound so much like people.

“Now then, where were we?” Bed Monster says.

“I believe we were talking about the others.” Closet Monster replies.

“Ah, yes. Now, and this may be none of my business, but isn’t Basement Monster losing his touch?”

Another thing I find odd. They use their human-given titles instead of whatever names a monster might have.

“True. Not as ruthless as before, and he always lets his victims get away with nothing more than a little scare. Honestly, how pathetic.”

“Um,” I ask. “Don’t you and Bed Monster do that all the time? After all, you haven’t eaten me yet.”

“There is a difference, child,” Closet Monster snaps. “We are on hiatus, thus, we won’t bother with you until you are much fatter. Now shut up and let the monsters speak.”

“Too true,” Bed Monster mutters. “By the way, isn’t it appalling how Pantry Monster believes he can hold the rest of us in such disdain? I mean, no one’s heard of a Pantry Monster.” He asks, “Have you?” I don’t answer.

“As I thought.”

“The others couldn’t possibly compare to us.” Closet Monster chuckles. “I don’t know why they bother.”

“True, but I’m worse than you are, Closet.”

“You wish, Bed.”

“You hide among clothes.”

“And you hide among the trash.”

“I could kill the child any time I wanted.”

“And you think I couldn’t?

“Um, me again,” I whisper. “But it seems to me that since you’re the only monsters I’ve heard of, that you’re both the scariest?”


“You believe we’re the scariest?” Bed.


“Honestly and truthfully?” Closet.


“The most powerful and cunning?”


“The most deadly?”


“Oh, my. It seems you’re mistaken child. Ceiling Monster is the one you have to look out for.”

Credits to: TeamShadowWind (story)

Sick of Losing Soulmates - Daenerys Targaryen

You knew this time would come; when Danereys would set off to take The Iron Throne. Except, in your mind, you were going with her. Imagine your surprise at hearing she didn’t want you there, beside her as she ruled over The Seven Kingdoms. (Words : 1956) (Based off of : Sick of Losing Soulmates by dodie)

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When you met Jorah in Essos, you had no idea what was in store. You didn’t think you’d have the honor of meeting the last Targaryen; the true heir to the Iron Throne. You definitely didn’t know that you’d fall for his sister. Amongst all of the wild Dothraki, her sweet, calming features stuck out to you. She was a strange being, when compared to those around her. Her fair skin and silver hair caught you gaze; but it was her heart and fire that kept you around. You were hesitant to get closer to her, knowing that Khal Drogo would not stumble when it came to having your head severed from your body.

Despite her husband’s fierceness, Daenerys brought you along with her wherever she went. You stood at her side as he brother died, ready to defend her. It was you, along with help from Jorah, that brought the Khaleesi to the aid of witch when her child was ready to be born. You were also there when she mourned her lost son and husband.

Through it all, you caught glimpses of her tender heart; which she had hidden under a tough exterior. When she woke from the flames of Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre, you knew without a doubt, she was destined to lead and take back Westeros. The stories that Jorah told you about his home country made it seem as untamed as the Great Grass Sea. Daenerys’ older brother, Viserys would have failed to unite such an unruly country; but you knew that Daenerys would succeed.

With her quest for power set, your spot beside her was cemented. The bond between you only deepened at that point. After everything you had been through together, you finally opened up about your cloudy past. You told her how Jorah saved you from your harsh Master in Meereen, without fearing what she’d think of you. She pleaded with you, entreated you to tell her more about your captivity. Once you had recited your life’s story, Daenerys grabbed your hand.You looked up, meeting her light blue eyes that were slightly hidden with her loose hair.

“I swear to you, Y/N L/N that we will take Slaver’s Bay and free those barred in the same chains that held you. I swear this to you, ñuha jorrāelagon mēre (my dearest one).” Never once had you loved someone more than you loved Daenerys Stormborn in that moment. You held back from leaning in with all of your might; but your entire being wanted to kiss her pink lips. You had heard what she said : She’d never marry again. But you couldn’t help but love her.

“Thank you, Khaleesi,” you whispered, trying to restrain yourself. Your face was a mere inches from hers; you were so close you could smell the hint of wine on her breath. Her hand, the one that was not holding yours, went up to your face. Soft fingertips traced your face, as if trying to memorize it. You held your breath, still staring into Daenerys’ light eyes.

“Do you swear yourself to me?” she asked lowly, making you shudder lightly. “Do you swear to defend me,” Daenerys continued, “fight for my honor, and cherish me?” She was so close now, too close. If you were to lean forward, you’d finally kiss her.

“I do,” you whispered steadily, “I swear it. From this day to my last.” Daenerys smiled softly, lingering in your personal space. Almost like she was waiting for you to move. Waiting for you to press your lips to hers and sweep her off her feet. Maybe your kiss could make her forget about everything that had happened, even if it was just a moment. Sadly, against your wishes and her hope, you remained still. You were scared to take that step, so instead, you cherished her as she commanded; as you swore to do.

And cherish her you did. Even as she slept with Daario and exiled Jorah; your affections remained. Every so often, you’d think back to that night. Locked in Daenerys quarters with, what was probably too much to drink. If you had an ounce more of courage, you would’ve kissed her; but now you were sworn to live as a mere friend. As part of her Queensguard.

The day soon came, long after you first laid eyes on Daenerys Targaryen, when the rightful Queen announced her departure to Westero. You lingered outside of her door as she spoke with Daario about the finalities and loose ends in Meereen. She had confided in you, telling you that she wished to leave Daario behind to care for her city. You agreed that it was a good idea; you’d finally be rid of the source of your jealousy.

Yet, you couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for the mercenary. From your post at Daenerys’ door, you could see him exit her room. He peered around until his eyes finally landed on you.

“Our Queen wishes to speak with you,” he said sadly. You furrowed your brows, but nodded. You had started to walk off in the direction of her door when Daario spoke up again. “At least now you can be with her without the shackles of her other lovers. Until Jorah comes back, that is.” You turned your head, giving Daario a strong glare; but the man paid no mind.

You swiftly walked into Daenerys’ room, looking around for her familiar head of silver hair. As you looked, Daario’s words lingered in the back of your mind. Now that he was out of the way, you had a chance; however it was slim. You knew that Daenerys didn’t love Daario, but she did carry an affection for Jorah; as he did with her. If it came down to you and Jorah, fighting for the Queen’s love, it would be a close match. Jorah confessed his love to her while you still barred it deep within your heart. You had a chance to meet on a leveled playing field that night so long ago, but you had now missed you chance.

“Khaleesi?” You called out, after finding no trace of her in her bed chamber. You walked back out to the meeting table and smiled at you glanced out at the balcony. There she was, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains, the one you loved. “Daario said you needed a word,” you said, standing at the opening of the balcony. Daenerys nodded, still staring out towards the city of Meereen. You waited silently and she finally turned around. Her face was stern, brave as ever.

“You swore yourself to me long ago, before I took your home city of Meereen.” You nodded, not really knowing where Daenerys was going with that recollection. “You, as well as Daario, know it’s streets better than anyone else.” No, this wasn’t happening.

“My Queen, what are you saying-” Daenerys stepped towards you, the movement silencing you. Her blue eyes held your gaze and you knew your nightmare had come true. “You can’t leave me here,” you said strongly, trying to hold your ground.

“And leave my cities in the hands of Daario alone? Who would be the fool,” she said, putting on a soft, but fake, smile. “You have shown promise as a warrior and leader. You are one of my most trusted friends, Y/N, this is an honor.”

“With all due respect your Grace,” you said, lingering on her title, “it is an honor I do not wish for. All I want is to be at your side when you take the Iron Throne from the usurpers.” Daenerys took another step towards you, a small hand reaching up to brush against your cheek.

“This is an order,” she said lightly, her brave face wavering slightly. Your hand reached up, clutching the one of hers that rested against your face.

“Daenerys,” you whispered, hoping to appeal to her sense of friendship towards you. “Without you I am nothing. If you hadn’t found me-”

“Jorah found you,” she interrupted, trying to stop your speech. You simply shook your head, slowly moving towards her. She looked away from your eyes.

“He may have found me but it was you that gave me purpose. What in the hells would I be without you?” Her gaze softened when it met with yours again. “Your fire lead me out of the dark, Khaleesi. So I beg of you, don’t leave me in the dark, alone again.” Daenerys frowned and you could see the starting of tears in her eyes.

“Y/N, I must leave you here.” You shook your head again, closing your eyes to stop your own tears from falling. You needed to be with her, or at least tell her you desperately needed to be with her. You couldn’t be alone again. Jorah wouldn’t come back to find you, he’d go off to Westeros to find Daenerys. You’d be left in Meereen, the city you never really trusted. You opened your eyes, meeting her gaze once more.

“Why? I need a better reason than I’m your most trusted friend. You seemed to trust Daario quite a lot.” Daenerys had a sharp intake of breath, as if your words hurt her. “Sorry,” you whispered, “but it’s true.” Now it was her turn to shake her head.

“Not in my truth,” the very truth she still hid, “I trust you with my life, with my heart. That’s why I can’t truly lose you.” Your eyebrows furrowed together at her words. “I’m sick of losing soulmates,” she said sadly. “I’ve lost my husband and child, my closest friend to a sickness he might not heal from, so I cannot lose you.” Her hands went to your cheeks, cupping them as tears fell from your eyes and hers. “I won’t be alone again,” she said lightly, her eyes closing, “not because of fighting. I won’t let my war take you away.”

“If you won’t let me go with you,” you started, “and you’ll make me stay here where a grand sea splits us apart, how do we win?” You closed your eyes, leaning down to press your forehead against hers. All you felt was the warmth of her body, that was close to yours, and her soft hands against your skin. Silence was what answered your question.

Daenerys pulled away from you slightly, just far enough away to look into your eyes. You could see a fire burning deep within her soul; that same fire would burn all of those who oppose her in Westeros to the ground. IN her eyes, you also saw a bittersweet truth.

“We don’t win,” she whispered, giving voice to that truth, “at least not this time.” Her hands slowly fell from your cheeks, allowing you to step away from her small frame. Daenerys moved past you, leaving you on the balcony.

“If you need me at your side once more,” you started, “send word. Send a raven.” You turned your head to see your Queen stop and turn around. Her blue eyes met yours again, a soft yet sad smile playing on the lips you still longed to kiss.

“I’ll do one better,” she said, turning to walk out of her room, “I’ll send a dragon.” You smiled to yourself as your Khaleesi left her room for the last time. You walked towards the edge of the balcony, resting your hands against the wall around it. You gazed out to the waters surrounding the Bay of Dragons, admiring the fleet and army Daenerys had put together.

You’d see her again, you knew that you would. You were soulmates, forged in fires and struggles of life around you; and that bond is unbreakable.

im sad tonight but how about Evgeni Malkin, the most stoic and wordless player on the Pens (”No more questions; I’m not know English”), announces his engagement to PR manager Sidney Crosby in a YouTube video titled, “Cooking with Geno!!” And in that video, Geno is the most lively person, cracking jokes and smiling and pulling his fiancé close to nuzzle him. 

“I’m not so great cook,” Geno admits, holding Sidney from behind and propping his chin on Sidney’s shoulder as Sidney sauté the potatoes. “But Sidney not so good, either.”

“Hey,” Sidney says teasingly. “I made you eggs this morning.”

“Anyone can make egg,” Geno says. “Baby make egg.”

“Not true,” Sidney argues back. “Your eggs had shells in it when you brought me breakfast in bed.”

“No, I’m–wait, really?” Geno wrinkles his nose.

“Yeah. I just didn’t want to tell you because you looked so proud.”

“Oh. Hm. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Sidney teases, turning his head for a full kiss. “I want better eggs next time.”

The entire video is very sweet–Geno dipping Sidney in an impromptu dance in the kitchen, Geno dropping an egg and whispering, “Oh, God no, egg run away,”  Sidney giggling his heart out as Geno blows raspberries into Sidney’s nape. In fact they don’t even explicitly say they’re getting married. The viewers only figure it out when they notice that Sidney and Geno are both wearing matching, gleaming rings on their left hand.

The hockey interviews all try to ask Geno about Sidney–”Evgeni, is Sidney your boyfriend? Is he your fiance? Husband?” And all Geno says, smiling, is, “Sorry. No more questions. I’m not good English.”

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Line After Line

Caroline’s just about to start yelling (or whisper yelling – they’re at work and she’s not an animal) because Klaus’ feet are on her desk.

She was beginning to think he had a death wish.

Caroline had googled the crap out of him (and then his family) when they’d become cubicle mates. From what she’d gleaned he’d grown up in a super fancy house, had probably had etiquette lessons and a stern Nanny to correct his behavior so there was no excuse for him treating her desk like an ottoman.

Other than the fact that he seemed to take great pleasure in being the most annoying person on the planet. At least to Caroline. Other people seemed to find him perfectly charming, a couple of the girls down in marketing were forever attempting to pump Caroline for info in hopes of snagging Klaus’ attention.

Did he date often? How did he take his coffee? Did Caroline think he was the type who liked it when a woman made the first move? In the beginning she’d demurred, dodged. Eventually she’d just started making up amusing lies. At this point they thought Klaus was an avid lawn bowler who collected vintage picture frames.

She’d been tempted to offer her Great Gran’s foolproof man catching strategy – less hair, more boobs – but she figured that wouldn’t go over well. Gran had been married three times though so she had clearly been doing something right.

Plus, he might think he was subtle but Caroline had noted that Klaus’ eyes tended to dip whenever her necklines did

Caroline stands at the entrance to their workspace, fuming while Klaus pays her no mind. When she notices the manuscript in his hands, the one he’d perusing with great interest, all biting words about his appalling lack of manners die on her lips.

It’s her manuscript.

That was not meant for his eyes.

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My Taboo (Supernatural AU! Lay)

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Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Can i request a scenario where lay is a witch and the other exo boys are like various other mythical creatures and they all go to a magic college (kinda like hogwarts but not) and lay falls in love with a human and its a huge taboo pls??

Getting to go into the human world was always a special thing for the members of Gemwinns College of the Supernatural. Most of the students rarely interacted with humans in the first place. Vampires of course one of the exceptions they needed human blood to function but even then they got blood bags. The mentality of purity was always strong with the founders and parents of the school. Meaning a human had not once graced the grounds in it 1,000 year existence unless they were dead and for display. But no live human has really touched the grounds. 

The supernatural played between the lines of the Earth, they lived on it but basically in a parallel sense of it. Just like the fictions of Harry Potter they had classes of people. Dirt, the barely magical creatures worn down by mating with humans. Impure, the first generation contaminated with breeding outside of their own kind. Puritans, those who’s bloodlines haven’t been touched by anything but another puritan. Many students in the school were in the Impure and Puritans category. It became hard to remain pure without causing inbreeding so in many cases they creatures would mate with creatures similar to them. 

Zhang Yixing was a Puritan, a member of the oldest wizarding families out there. One of the only lines that managed to stay within where they have to be. He was to marry and fall in love with a witch his family had arranged for him but at the same time he didn’t want that. He wanted to study and learn without the thoughts of marriage looming over him so he said no until he was ready. But that all changed when he discovered the true human link to the supernatural. 


The door opened with a little bell dinging above Yixing making him look up at it. “Never seen a bell before?” he heard a voice say as a young girl leaned on the counter. His eyes widened as he stared. “Hello” he snapped out of it as he pulled out a piece of paper with a list on it. “Um you have these books yeah?” he asked you as you took it from him “these are some old titles but I think we might have them. Would you mind holding the ladder for me?” you asked as he nodded quickly. He followed you, he grabbed the ladder as you climbed up. You climbed down the ladder and tripped landing in his arms. “Hi there” you laugh as you stepped away. “Magic right?” you asked him as he made a sound “the book, it’s Latin. I think it’s magical” you say as he smiles “yeah it is.It means magic” he corrected himself. 

His phone went off as he pulled it out “hello” he says “dude I have fallen in love with pizza” he heard from Chanyeol as he had his mouth filled with pizza. “That’s cool man but I have to go” he says as he ended the call as he looked up and blushed as he caught the tattoo by the edge of your skirt. “Can I take you somewhere?” he asked you as you came down the ladder “what is your name?” you asked him “Yixing” he says “then I would love to” you tell him “well I haven’t been here before so um where should we go?” he asked you as you chuckled. 


The next two weeks you and Yixing spent hanging out. You and him were very much enjoying his hotel room as well. He hadn’t let out yet that he was anything more than a college student. His lips danced with yours as he had you lean on him before the door was pounded on. “It’s probably one of my friends I’ll be right back” he says as he kissed you on last time before he got up and headed to the door. “Baek, what do you need?” he asked as he friend rushed in “when was the last time you ate?” Yixing asked him as Baekhyun’s eyes were bright red. “Yixing what’s wrong?” you asked him before your wrist was grabbed. “Don’t!” Yixing called out as Baekhyun’s teeth sunk into your wrist and you let out a light scream “Baekhyun” he says he quickly grabbed you and pulled you away. 

“I needed that” Baekhyun moaned as he licked his lips, you stared at him in shock as Yixing stopped the bleeding “you can’t keep her Yixing, you’d be thrown out from your family. Why would a human be worth that?” Baekhyun asked as you quickly made Yixing let go of you. You rushed out of the room “Y/N” he rushed over towards you as you pressed the elevator down button. “Hey no” he grabbed your arm “what the hell is going on?” you asked him “Baekhyun is a vampire” he says as you look at him like he’s crazy. “I’m a wizard” “I’m not a fool” you tell him. “What’s your favorite book?” he asked you “what?” you asked him “book” he says as you sigh “Brother’s Grim” you say as his hand went behind his back and the book was soon in front of you. 

You were confused “I like you okay. I’m not supposed to because it’s wrong with my kind” he says. “I’m a wizard” he then says. “What do you think?” he asked “I’m so confused” you tell him “are you going to ditch your family magic?” you asked him. “No. At least not yet” he whispered. “I’ll come back to you” he says “if you will let me” he fixed and smiled. “I’m crazy but I think you will” you tell him as he smiled largely. “I’ll go beat up Baekhyun now” he says as he takes your hand and pulls you back towards his hotel room. “I’ll be your little secret, but for how long?” you asked him “don’t know we’ll see” he hummed as you sighed. 

You were crazy but you liked it quiet a bit.

Title: Hold Tight

Author: cristallodineve

Length: Chaptered

Status: On going

Rating: M

Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut

Warning: Graphic depictions of illness, homophobia

Summary: Baekhyun met Chanyeol on a gloomy day, but that same day, he also met the greatest love of his life.

Admin Notes: At first I was wary when I started reading this because heavy angst is not my cup of tea and damn, this fic really had heavy angst that got me bawling my eyes out it’s heart wrenching 😢 This had truly shown me what true love is all about and baekhyun’s love for chanyeol here is just so pure and strong i’m just 😭😭 nothing’s stronger than the power of love 😍 It was a roller coaster of emotions but I loved every moment of it, the angst and ofc the romance 👌 this is just so beautifully written I can’t wait for the next updates;; I JUST WANT TO HUG BAEKYEOL HERE FOR BEING STRONG AND FOR THEIR GREAT LOVE FOR EACH OTHER I LOVE U BOTH ♡♡ and for the author omg BLESS U for writing such a masterpiece ILY 😚

P.S. prepare for tissues readers! and HOLD TIGHT! 😂 

- Admin Elle ♡


Fairy Tail’s ending

Well since everyone is giving their predictions on Fairy Tail’s ending. I thought I might as well throw my hat into the ring as well, but I’m going to do something a little different.

Lucy: Finished! I thought I’d never get done.

Lucy - now in her mid to late twenties - looks over the manuscript for her book titled “The Fairy’s Tail” and holds it up to the rising sun. It is now several years after the war with Alvarez. 

After showering and dressing for the day Lucy heads out of her apartment. She now owns the building, inheriting it from her former landlord a couple of years prior.

Lucy: Oops! Almost forgot!

She heads back inside and grabs Aquarius’ key from her nightstand. Her manuscript secure in her bag, she makes her way to the Fairy Tail guild hall. 

Magnolia has gotten much bigger over they years, becoming one of Fiore’s biggest tourist spots due to Fairy Tail. 

Upon entering the guild Lucy is greeted by everyone. After returning their greeting she proceeds to a table near the door which is where Levy is sitting, but not before a small child similar in appearance to Gray runs past her in nothing but his underwear. Juvia is hot on his heels with his clothes in hand, yelling at him to stop running away put his clothes back on.

Levy: Hey, Lu. What’s up? You look pretty tired.

Lucy: I pulled an all-nighter. *she smiles wide* But I finally finished it!

She holds up the manuscript to a shocked Levy. 

Levy: Really?! Let me see! Let me see!

Lucy promptly hands it over.

Levy: “The Fairy’s Tail” huh?

Lucy: I know. The title is still a work in process.

Levy: No. I like it. It’s nice and simple. Kind of draws you in. Are you sure you want me to be the first to read it?

Lucy: I made a promise didn’t I? Besides, you’re the best editor I know.

Levy chuckles.

Levy: I’m the only editor you know.

Lucy: That’s not true. Jason is an editor too. I just trust you more.

Levy: Well lucky me.

Suddenly a set of twins - a boy and a girl - resembling Levy and Gajeel pop up from under the table where Levy is sitting.

Twins: Hi, Aunt Lucy!

Lucy: Hey you two. Having fun?

Levy: I thought I told you two not to play around on the floor. Where are Jet and Droy?

Twin 1: Uncle Jet and Uncle Droy said they were tired.

Twin 2: They’re taking a break.

Levy looks over to her teammates. They were both huffing and puffing at a nearby table. When they spotted her they gave her a weak thumbs up, prompting an apologetic smile from Levy.

The twins start fixating on the manuscript.

Twin 1: What’s that, mommy?!

Twin 2: Yeah what’s that?!

Levy: This a book Aunt Lucy wrote. She’s been writing it since before you two were born.

Twins: Wow! Can we see it?

The pair look to Lucy with hopeful eyes. She smiles at them.

Lucy: I don’t see why not. Just don’t be too rough with it ok?

Twins: Ok!

Lucy: Where’s Gajeel?

Levy: On a job with Lily. They probably won’t be back until later this afternoon.

Lucy: Left you with the hard work, huh? *she laughs*

Levy: *sighs then smiles * I’m used to it by now.

Lucy: I’m going to say hi to Mira. Let me know what you think when you’re done.

Levy: Will do. See you later, Lu.

Twins: Bye, Aunt Lucy!

Lucy waves bye to the three and heads to the bar. 

Mirajane: Good morning, Lucy.

Lucy: Morning.

Mirajane: Finish the book?

Lucy: Yep. Just handed it over to Levy.

Mirajane: I hope you let me take a peek as well.

Lucy: *smiles* Of course.

Mirajane: I’m looking forward to it.

The two look over the guild. 

Juvia has finally succeeded in catching Gray’s mini-clone, bringing him back to the ice wizard in question, who coincidentally was also in his underwear, who was arguing about something with Lyon while Meldy looks on with a smile.  

Elfman and Evergreen - who have been married for around a year or so - are also arguing about something or other while Lisanna and Freed try to keep the peace.

Upstairs Fairy Tail’s new guild master, Laxus is talking to Makarov, Gildarts, Sting, Kagura - the new master of Mermaid Heel - and Ichiya - the new guild master of Blue Pegasus.

Wendy - now resembling her Edolas counterpart - and Carla are talking with Cana and Chelia at the bar.

Asuka - now in her early teens - is showing off her newest gun to her parents.

Romeo - who slightly resembles Natsu at the start of the manga with his clothing and wild hair - is talking to his father and Wakaba.

Warren - who has become rich from selling his Lacrima Phone designs - and Max - who is now in charge of Magnolia’s tourism board - are also speaking about something.

Finally the two of them spot Erza and Jellal - now a free man along with the rest of Crime Sorciere - sitting and talking near the stage.

Mirajane: Time sure flies doesn’t it?

Lucy: Yeah. It feels like only yesterday that I joined Fairy Tail. *she looks down at her guild mark, remembering all the adventures she had and the people she met over the years.*

Mirajane: Is it just me or is someone missing?

Lucy: Now that you mention it. Yeah. Where’s-

Just then the guild doors burst open, revealing Natsu and Happy.

Natsu and Happy: We’re here!

Lucy and Mirajane smile.

Mirajane: He certainly knows how to make an entrance.

Lucy nods in agreement.

A child with pink spiky hair similar to Natsu’s pokes their head from behind his leg. When they look to the bar their eyes widen in joy.

Child: Mama!

The child takes off running, passing the bar and leaping right into a smiling Erza’s arms.

Erza: Hello, sweetheart.

Natsu and Happy approach them.

Natsu: Hey, Jellal.

Jellal: Hello, Natsu.

Erza: What took you so long? You were supposed going to be here an hour ago.

Natsu rubs the back of his head nervously.

Natsu: Sorry. Our fishing trip took longer than we thought.

Happy: Yeah. We’re sorry.

Child: Mama! Mama! I caught a really big fish today!

Erza: Really? How big was it?

The child stretches their arms as far as they can.

Erza: That’s amazing, honey. We’ll cook it for dinner when we get home.

Child: Yay!

Lucy’s eyes meet Natsu’s and they both smile as wide as they can. When he starts to walk over to the bar, Gray crashes into him.

Natsu: What the hell was that for?!

Gray: Don’t start yelling at me! It was Lyon’s fault!

Natsu: You did that on purpose!

Happy: Uh oh.

Erza: Both of you stop this now. It is far too early in the morning.

Gray: You calling me a liar, ash breath?!

Natsu: If the shirt fits, ice for brains!

Child: Go, Papa!

Erza: Don’t encourage him.

Gray: That’s it!

Natsu: Bring it! 

The two start brawling. Erza sets down her and Natsu’s child and tries to break up the fight, but is pulled into it instead. In a matter of moments nearly the entire guild is fighting. Even the guild masters start to get in on the action.

Lucy watches the entire scene with a smile on her face as she dodges flying bodies.

Lucy: Guess some things will never change. No matter how much time has passed. 

Fade to white.

There is more to the hallway scene than first meets the eye.  A true accounting of actual events.  Also titled:  Mr. Mulder and Mr. Duchovny Need a Better Support Fabric Network, or Denim, Speedo…What’s the Diff?

It is very late and I am INNOCENTLY up doing work when this sweet gif set of the hallway scene (lovingly put together by @thewhofiles crosses my dash.

Me:  “Oh, how great…a new take on the hallway scene–without the nasty distraction of irresponsible actors who can’t keep their tongues in their mouths and there crotches separated for more than a couple of minutes.”

Gets to the last frame….

Me:  “Woah…hold on there cowpoke…what is that?  What IS that?”  

Realization dawning…or, growing, shall we say.

Me:  “What the fuck is THAT, David…er, um, Mulder?  No wonder Scully is running.  She’s scared of THAT.”

Why, oh why, did I not notice this the first 899,999,999,997 times I have watched this scene/GIF/outtake?  

Moral of the story:  No fabric can hold back frustrated Duke/Mulder Jr….Gillian/Scully never had a chance…that denim may have well been a Speedo.

Time~ Seth Rollins Imagine

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Note : I just found this in my laptop. Thought I share, this was written long ago. if I didn’t tag you, I’m sorry I know I am forgetting people.

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“ Is that who I think it is?” I turned my head seeing my Samoan Superman friend standing there. “ Ro” my face beamed seeing him. “ It’s really is you, cupcake, how you been?” He embraced me into a hug.

 " Been okay, sorry about your lost yesterday" He shrugged sighing, “ You’ll get your moment, I promise you” He nodded smiling at me. “ I’ve missed you little one” I punched his chest playfully. 

“ How many time do I have to tell you, I am not little just fun sized” He laughed throwing his head. “ Well Well Well if it isn’t Noelle Elizabeth Jackson” I smiled hearing Jon’s voice.

 " Well if it isn’t Jonathan Good, himself" He smirked before grabbing me raising me up. “ Did you get shorter or did you get smaller?” “ Ha, Ha, great jokes” “ Wait, are you sure your ready to see him again?” By him they meant Colby. Sighing, nodding my head grabbing my bags. 

“ Let me help you with those” Jon said grabbing one while Joe grabbed the other one. “ Aren’t you quite a pair of gentlemen” They walked me to the Diva’s locker room. “ Wait till they see you” I looked at the two confused. “ The girls have been dying to see you since you left” “ Oh boy” “ Thanks boys, see you later?” They nodded kissing both my cheeks before leaving. I unlocked the door , the girls stopped talking as they had their eye on me. “ Noelle! ” Elle" “ Jackson!” “ N!” the girls screamed as they saw me. Opening my arms for them, smiling wide, “ I am home” They all raced to me hugging me. I laughed feeling the love from them.

 Pulling away Saraya was the first to speak, “ Look at you, I can’t believe your actually here” Chuckling I nodded, “ Here I am. All cleared to wrestle” “ I am so happy to see ya” Becky clapped her hands as she beamed. “ Hi to you Becca ( Becky’s real name is Rebecca) ” Same old Elle"  Brie said eyeing me up and down. “ Something wrong with that?” “ Nope good to have you back”

Everyone was so happy to see me back, well mostly everyone. I haven’t seen Colby yet, I don’t plan to. I hope not. Seeing him wasn’t going to be that great. I can’t see him yet. It’s too soon. Call me crazy, it’s been a couple of months but I can’t. I won’t let him see what he’s done to me. I hope tonight would go smoothly. Tonight I didn’t have a match, although I would be caught backstage, a surprise for the fans and for Colby probably.

 I heard Colby had a match with Brock because last night he pinned Joe not Brock and that wasn’t right to walrus ( Paul Heyman). Pacing down the hall, I turned around to see him. Why now? Why not never? I refused to look him in eye. “ Lizzy…” He said shocked holding the title on his shoulder. I stared at him, feet not moving. He came up a step closer, I stepped back making sure he didn’t touch me. “ It’s good to see you back” I blinked not responding anything to him. How dare he come and see me? “ I heard from the girls you were back. I wanted to see for myself it was true. Your here” He smiled. I turned my back to him, it hurt way to much to see him right now. “ Noelle, talk to me” I didn’t have anything to say to him.

 Tears brimmed my eyes, I didn’t want to see him cry. He never did see me cry. “ Hey” He touched my arm but I took it out his grasp. I needed to walk away from him and that’s what I did.

 I left him standing there in the hallway. Rounding the corner, I put my back against the wall looking up at the ceiling as tears ran down my cheeks. 

Sniffing, wiping my tears away, just then someone stopped in front of me. “ Cupcake?” Raising my head, Joe was looking at me with worry. “ What happened?” “ C-colby” “ What did that son of a cake do?” I let out a small smile at the “cake” before he embraced me in his arms. 

 " You saw him didn’t you?“ I nodded in his chest. ” Who told him?“ ” Th-he g-girls" He sighed before wrapping him arm around me as he let me down the hall. Standing by the corner was Colby as he heard Noelle cry and Joe comfort her. Hitting his head on the wall, he sighed. He wished he had Noelle back. He missed her more than anything but he had to go and break her heart.

 He had a title match with the beast, Noelle was put to the back of  his mind as he walked away heading to the curtain adjusting his title on his shoulder.

Miss Officer

Summary: Riley Carter is a WWE superstar dating Mustafa Ali in the cruiserweight division. During his tag match with Kalisto, She hears Enzo spew out a personal insult to Mustafa. After his victory, Riley gets an crazy idea on how to celebrate his victory and surprises him at the hotel with a new outfit.

Warnings: Smut, Fluff, Roleplay

Author’s Note: Hey, It’s me again. Back at it again with another fic. This time with the ever handsome and good looking Mustafa Ali! (Prince Ali! Fabulous he! Sorry, I’ll stop.) Anyway, enjoy!

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Power Couple (Part 2)

*Part 2 to “Power Couple” since it was requested so many times! I loved writing the first part and hope the second part satisfies your needs.*

“Here they come,” Chuck said and Thomas almost chuckled at the immense amount of admiration in the young Glader’s voice. He would have laughed if he hadn’t felt the same awe that was evident in Chuck’s eyes.

Y/N and Minho came running out of the Maze, first together at the same pace before Y/N sped up.

“She always does that,” Thomas commented and watched as the girl swiftly ran past him, Minho close behind her, smiling an uneven grin.

“She does it just to remind everyone that she’s faster,” a voice said and Thomas and Chuck turned around.

Alby crossed his arms across his chest and watched as the couple ran into the Map Room to finish up their day’s work.

“Y/N is the fastest Runner we have. I’m sure you know the story about the competition. And no matter how many times I tell her she should be Keeper, she shuts me down. Says she doesn’t need a title for everyone to know she’s the best. It’s true, but we know it’s because she loves that shank too much,” Alby finished and the boys’ minds went to how dynamic the duo was.

A few minutes later, the two walked out of the Map Room and Thomas saw their hands brushing against each other constantly.

Chuck saw Thomas looking and sighed.

“They never hold hands. They hug and kiss and all that but never hold hands,” he said and Thomas couldn’t rip his eyes off of the two. It was like they had some magical power that refused to shut off at even the simplest of moments. Minho wrapped his right arm around Y/N’s waist and swiftly pulled her body against his, whispering something into her ear. She rubbed her hand up and down his upper arm as she smiled at what he was saying.

“I don’t understand how they can be so balanced and content in this place,” Thomas said honestly and Alby cleared his throat.

“Y/N stayed overnight in the Maze one time. Dumbest thing she could ever do. Minho stood outside those walls all night without moving a single muscle. Just stood there for hours,” Alby explained as Y/N reached into Minho’s hair and ruffled it, then fixed it.

“When the walls opened up, he still didn’t move. I think he was expecting her to just walk out of the Maze alive. Surprising thing is, he was right,” Alby continued and Thomas looked at him in shock. How could a girl survive a night with the Grievers then walk out totally fine?

“Nobody knows what happened in there. Minho might know but Y/N doesn’t like to talk about it. Every time anyone brings it up, Minho will pop up out of nowhere and make sure the shank slims it,” Alby said and Chuck nodded, probably having witnessed or experienced Minho’s wrath.

The boys were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn’t notice the couple approaching them.

“Hey,” Thomas heard and snapped his head in the direction of the voice.

“Y/N,” Thomas said and looked at the girl, taking in her strong-willed eyes and unwavering grin.

“You okay?” She asked and Thomas nodded, suddenly nervous in her presence.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say this shank has the hots for my girl,” Minho said and Thomas blushed.

“No, I-” he began to protest but was interrupted by Y/N’s laughter ringing through the air.

“Relax, he’s kidding. Anyways, I’ve seen you run, and I think we could use you in our route,” Y/N said and Thomas inhaled quickly. Joining Minho and Y/N in their run through the Maze was a big deal. No one’s ever done it before.

“We need to find a way to get out of here, and if Y/N thinks we could use your legs, then I agree,” Minho said as he placed a protective hand on the small of her back.

“So, what do you say? Ready for the big leagues?”

Take Care

Fandom: 13 Reasons Why

Character/Ship: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Warning: So much fluff

Writer: Cassie

Words: 1042

Requested by: @kent-mcfuller-is-life

Summary: Y/N is home sick from school so Jeff decides to help her get better


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Just like … imagine what happens when Varric’s new book gets published and Lavellan finally finds out about it.

Also, the real reason we’re going to Tevinter. (This is the worst thing I’ve ever done and I’m sorry.)

Cassandra:  May I ask you something?

Lavellan:  Sure go ahead.

Cassandra:  It’s kind of personal.

Lavellan:  … OK.

Cassandra:  Is it true that you and Solas made love beneath the stars in an Elven ruin the night before we entered the Temple of Mythal?

Lavellan:  *blinks*

Leliana:  Oh, that was my favorite part too!

Lavellan:  … what.

Josephine:  It was really romantic.

Lavellan:  What is going on right now.

Cassandra:  *blushes* I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. Forget about it.

Lavellan:  Uh, no. Someone needs to tell me what’s going on.

Leliana:  Varric’s new book has been published and-

Lavellan:  Varric’s. New. Book.

Cassandra:  Yes, and it’s lovely.

Josephine:  The title is somewhat lacking.

Lavellan:  He didn’t.

Leliana:  “This Shit is Weird: The Inquisitor Lavellan Story.” Yes, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Lavellan:  *puts her head in her hands*  Get a party ready. We’re going to Kirkwall.

Leliana:  You mean like a traveling party? Just you and Cass and Harding?

Lavellan:  No, I mean a fucking war party. We are burning what’s left of that shithole to the ground.

Cassandra:  Is it … is it also true that he still visits your dreams?

Lavellan:  What.

Cassandra:  That you see a great wolf in your dreams and when you hold out your hand to it-

Lavellan:  Are you shitting me right now.

Josephine:  Ooh, that part was so sad.

Lavellan:  This is not happening.

Cassandra:  If you are worried about the scene at the Temple, I assure you it was very tastefully done.

Lavellan:  Where is my sending crystal?

Leliana:  If you really want to storm Kirkwall, I should probably send a few scouts ahead.

Lavellan:  Where the fuck is my sending crystal?

Josephine:  It’s actually quite a sympathetic portrayal of your time as Inquisitor, as well as the Inquisition as a whole. I’m sure we could use this to gather support among-

Lavellan:  I FOUND IT.  *speaking to the crystal*  Dorian! Dammit, Dorian, I know you can hear me.

Dorian via crystal:  Hello?

Lavellan:  Dorian, did you read it?

Dorian:  Read what?

Josephine:   “This Shit is Weird: The Inquisitor Lavellan Story.”

Dorian:  Oh. That. Well I haven’t read the latest version-

Lavellan:  What. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Dorian:  Well I read some of the early drafts. Just for fact-checking, you know.

Lavellan:  Dorian, did you tell Varric about my dreams?

Dorian:  *long pause* I may have mentioned something about that-

Lavellan:  Fenedhis.

Dorian:  You know, that takes on an entirely new meaning now when you say it.

Lavellan: *long pause* Leliana, gather another war party. We’re storming Tevinter.


CM Punk meets Bruno Sammartino
[April 7th, 2013]

The longest-reigning WWE Champion of-all time was Bruno Sammartino, only the second man to hold the title and beginning a reign that clocked in at 2,803. In 2011, CM Punk began a reign that would last throughout the year, through 2012, and would end only months before this photo was taken, at 435 days. Punk’s reign has been cited as “the longest of the modern era”, but Punk argues that he’s the champion who successfully defended the title more than any other champion before him, which may very well be true. In 2013, the two long-reigning champions met face to face, and Bruno endorsed Punk with some strong words:

Me and CM PUNK at the party after Wrestlemania 29. I will teach you some old school moves for showing respect. If you preach a drug free message and anti-bullying, here is my hand.

The band’s upbeat tune is already being pegged the “song of the summer” — an acknowledgment the two don’t take lightly as they join the ranks of their all-time favorite songs of summers past, including Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” and Smash Mouth’s “All Star.”

“Put that on my tombstone: ‘Writer of song of the summer before the summer starts,‘” jokes Chuck. “To hold that title would be a dream come true, honestly. To me, that’s my favorite song of the year. There’s always that one summer song.”

Darren continues: “It’s a really democratic process. There’s no Grammy attached to it, it’s pretty undisputed. The idea of making that many people have a good time with a beer in their hand by the pool — that’s bulletproof. You can’t take that away from somebody.”


Jonas Brothers: S.O.S

(I did not write this post in all caps, but when reading it I would like you all to picture me yelling every word. Thank you.)

Is there anything more 2007 than this song (and music video)? No, the answer is no. “S.O.S” was the second single the Brothers released from their self-titled sophomore album (the first single was “Hold On” an odd choice in my opinion). This was their first big hit, and their first song to reach the top 20. Nick Jonas wrote this song in ten minutes, TEN MINUTES. Nick wrote a damn near perfect pop rock song at age 14, IN ONLY TEN MINUTES. Now, who knows if that’s actually true? I feel like there are a lot of artists who like to say that a song came to them in a dream, and it only took them minutes to write. But that’s the story he told, and I choose to believe it.

First I’d like to talk about the chorus, which contains a great example of the element I love the most about the Jonas Brothers music—they feel everything SO much. I touched on this in my post about “Mandy”, but it’s worth mentioning again. They’re teenage boys experiencing dating, love and heartbreak for the first time. Every breakup feels like the end of the world. Nick wrote this song when he was 14, of course he would describe a breakup this way. His hearts in two, he can’t find the other half, it’s like he’s walking on broken glass and you better believe he bled. It would seem melodramatic if it weren’t so real, and so authentic. That’s what makes this song great and that’s what makes the Jonas Brothers great.

Second, and most importantly, we need to discuss possibly the greatest lyric of the 2000’s:

Next time I see you

I’m givin’ you a high five

‘cause hugs are overrated, just FYI.

Alright, lets break that down, shall we? The next time Nick runs into this girl, who broke his heart in two (and hid the other half somewhere? Perhaps she hid it across a room with broken glass on the floor, and also snatched his shoes?) Anyway, Nicks been through it. So what does he plan on doing next time he sees her? Give her a high five. A HIGH FIVE. This is the most wonderfully passive aggressive move to pull when you run into an ex, and we all wish we were cool enough, like Nick is, to pull it off. Imagine, no really imagine!! You run into your ex at let’s say, a mutual friend’s birthday party. It’s the first time you’ve seen each other since everything fell apart. (Oh and they broke up with you, out of nowhere, and how dare they? You’re great!) You walk across the room to where they are, you just want to get this over with, acknowledge their presence and then ignore them for the rest of the evening. AND THEN YOU GIVE THEM A HIGH FIVE. Incredible, truly fucking incredible. They will never forget this and neither will their friends. Oh my god, and we haven’t even gotten to the second and best part of the lyric yet. Why the hug? Oh, cause HUGS ARE OVERRATED, JUST FYI. Ughhh!! And the way he sings it!! His throat is coated in pettiness. He had a Hall’s lozenge before recording and the flavor was contempt.

And just when you thought It couldn’t get any better than this—there’s the music video. It’s great, it’s fun, they’re on a boat, they’re wearing cool hats and scarves, and the purity rings get close-up shots! (The only unfortunate thing about this music video is whoever uploaded it to their Vevo page really fucked up the aspect ratio. It’s so stretched out! It’s truly a crime against humanity.) The BEST part of the music video when Kevin (poor, Kevin) check his Blackberry (his BLACKBERRY) to see a text message from the girl he’s seeing that reads “I like u but…I dont like u :-(“ I would need 10,000 more words to unpack all my feelings about that text message, but I’m not going to get into it. Instead I would like to end this post by giving you a fun tip: send that exact message to everyone you match with on a dating app. If they know what you’re referencing, you’ll know you’ve found a good one.