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“16 for dialogue prompt Fred Weasley x reader?” - @getawaymuggle

16: “Here, take my jacket/blanket.”
“I told you, I’m not cold.” *shivers*

(A/N): I did one for Cedric with the same prompt, but I do love a challenge! So I will try to come up with something different. Requests are still open.

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“Fred, I swear to Merlin, if you are taking me on a camping trip, I’ll kill you.” 

“Y/n, I already said that we weren’t going on a camping trip. And besides, you knew you could never kill me.” He smirked. 

“Watch me.” She threatened. Fred just grinned and shook his head. 

“Fred, you asshole, why did you lie?” Y/n groaned, looking over at the trees. 

“Come on, it can’t be that bad. Why are women against camping anyways?” Fred asked as he took his bag. 

“It isn’t a women thing! I just don’t like sleeping outside!” She exclaimed. He rolled his eyes. 

“Woman, stop complaining and enjoy the scenery.” 

“Just so you know, I am so not doing you tonight.” Y/n pointed out. 

The fire was finally out, but Y/n didn’t want to sleep. The ground was hard, the wind was cold and the forrest was too dark. But she didn’t complain. Maybe Fred was right, maybe she did complain a little too much. She really tried to enjoy it, but for once, she couldn’t set herself to do so. Another sight left her lips. 

“Fred, I am tired. Can we go to sleep?” She asked. Fred smiled.

“Sure, it is pretty late.” Y/n rolled her eyes and crawled between the sheets. She noticed Fred had a thiner blanket. 

“Sleep tight, Y/n.” Fred said, she could hear his smirk. 

“Whatever.” To her surprise, she fell asleep pretty fast. However, she soon wake up. She felt Fred shiver next to her. 

“Fred?” She asked, “Why are you awake?” 

“I could ask you the same.”

“You are cold, aren’t you.” Y/n stated with a raised brow. 

“Nope. I am fine.” Y/n roller her eyes. 

“Come here, take my blanket. Hop on under.” 

“I told you, I am not cold.” 

“Fred, you are shivering. Come on, don’t be a baby.” Fred mumbled something and moved closer. 

“Better?” Y/n asked. Fred nodded and wrapped his arm around her waist. She giggled when his hair tickled her neck. “Next time, we won’t go camping, okay?” Y/n asked. 

“Yeah yeah, you win.” Fred said. “Jerk.” He whispered. Y/n laughed and playfully slapped him. 

“It was your idea!” She said. 

“I know! And you are right. I hate it.” He chuckled. “I want to sleep.” 

“Yeah because now you are warm. But don’t you dare  touch my boobs, I told you I’m not doing you tonight.” 

“I know, I know.” He sighted. “Too bad.” 




Color guard.

Long ago, the sections preformed together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the percussionists attacked.

Only the band director, master of all four sections, could stop them. But when his band needed him most, he disappeared.

One marching season later, they discovered a new leader, the drum major.

Although their conducting is great, they still have a more instruments to learn before they can lead the band.

But I believe the drum major can save the band.


You, sir, are illegal. ©

business au pt2 - rin gets seijuurou to sign on haru, and sousuke being unhappy about it is a gross understatement

apparently i wasn’t done with this au yet

Seijuurou had heard Rin talk about his friend, Nanase Haruka, before, and from the name, he’d always assumed it was some really buff woman if she was also an Olympic medalist. He didn’t expect Rin to walk through the door of the fundraising banquet with an attractive young man who was also dark-haired and blue-eyed but definitely not Sousuke.

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Help Seventeen - awards

Hi everyone!

I know most of us worked really hard to get Seventeen to win their first award by tweeting and streaming as much as we could. However, we didn’t win. But that’s okay, cause we can win next time!! 

The issue is that we were really lucky this last time, since the other fan bases weren’t so big. We might not have a chance next time if we are competing against groups with larger fan bases like Got7, btob, etc. 

I do think though that we can win next time if we are more organized and work as hard as we can. That’s why I am looking for people to help administrate a help blog. In this blog, we’ll be posting informations and details about the awards and votings, as well as organizing mass streaming/mass votings and projects to help the boys as much as we can. We will also be helping anyone who has questions and one of our main goals will be to promote and let people know about the voting/streaming (this is because part of the fandom was unaware of the last voting). 

I don’t need people who will dedicate to this 24/7, just people who are willing to help with information + brainstorm ideas + will help by reblogging posts and promoting projects and other stuff. 

 Please come talk to me on my ask if you are interested!!

Also, please reblog this post even if you don’t want to be part of it, your followers might wanna help :)

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Can I ask for this au The first time you heard me say a cuss word worse then “damn” was when I yelled “fuck” when I was losing at Old Maid - nalu plz thx!

Sure thing :)


“I don’t even know how to play Natsu.”

He looked me at, shuffling the deck of cards in his hand and rolled his eyes, “I’ll show you then, relax.”

I sighed, stretching out my legs on the carpet to my apartment and listened to him set the deck down, putting the queen card aside.

“How do you even know how to play?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Igneel. Believe it or not it got kind of boring living in a forest.” He answered, shrugging.

A while later, after a few rounds of practicing and me still utterly sucking at this game, we decided to play for real this time.

“Okay, if I win this round, I get to sleep in your bed tonight.”

I shook my head, he so knew I was in no place to be making bets. What a snake.



"Damn it!” I hissed, throwing my cards at him.

He laughed, picking them all up, “Alright, free day where you owe me your services, check.”

He started shuffling again while sitting up straight excitedly, “I like playing with you, let’s keep going!”

I scoffed, glaring at him as he threw my cards at me. I hated this game. I’ve been beaten to a pulp by lowlifes and seen my guild destroyed way too many times to count, yet this was going to be the thing to blow my top off.

He dealt again and I held in my breath the whole game. I had to win one game, I just had too.

“If I win this then…” He started, thinking deeply, before looking up to me with a wicked look in his eye, “You have to do one thing Happy tells you too, no exceptions.”

I don’t think I’ve ever rolled my eyes that hard before.

He took that as an agreement.


I stared at the cards in my hand. I was so close, I could win this. Maybe?

I saw Natsu leaning on his hands, relaxed and look to me with a knowing gaze. He rose an eyebrow. And placed down the last of his cards.

I’ve heard the phrase ‘blind with rage’ before, and I’d like to say it was accurate, but right now I was leaning more towards ‘cannot actually function with pure burning rage oh my god’

“Fucking FUCK!” I yelled, throwing my cards across the room, “I-”

I just stood up, gritting my teeth to bite back any more words threatening to come out of my mouth. I paced my room, hearing a deep laugh coming from Natsu behind me.

What did you just say?” He asked, his mouth gaping open.

I glared at him, raising a brow, “What!”

He covered his face with his hands, his laughing getting harder and harder, “I’ve never heard you curse before, holy shit.”

I gawked at him falling on his side laughing, “What are you talking about, I curse…regularly. Just as much as anyone else?”

He shook his head very noticeably, his grin huge, “Not like that, I’ve heard you say damn and that’s it.”

I felt my face heat up in embarrassment. I rolled my eyes again and fell back to the floor in front of him. “Shut up.”

“Never heard you say fuck,” he insisted.

“Yeah I got it,” I hissed, “Jesus get over it.”

He shook his head no. He was on his side now, looking at me with more attention than I’ve ever asked from him before in his life.

“Say it again.”

I gave him a look, “No.”

“Cmon please Lucy, say it.” He pleaded, smiling.

I pouted, feeling morally bad now for cursing. “No, it’s a bad word.”

He started laughing harder now, falling on his back. “How old are you?”

I shuffled and dealt the cards, deciding to switch up the game. “Shut up and play.”

Natsu finally relaxed and we played crazy eights instead, and everything was actually going pretty normally. That is until he slapped the last eight.

God you little f-”

He raised his eyebrows, looking at me expectantly.

I panted, forcing the words back in my mouth and tightening my lips. 

“I know you wanna say it.” He said, crawling closer to me.

I shook my head quickly, keeping my mouth shut.

I shuffled away as he came closer, “Say it Lucy, come on. Say it!”

“No!” I screeched as he tackled me to my back, jabbing his fingers in my sides, “It’s a bad word!”

He wrestled me down and I started laughing, tugging myself from his arms. He waited for me as I got quiet, looking back to him with big eyes.

fuck.” I murmured.

“What was that?” He asked, pulling me back towards him.

“Fuuck,” I hissed through my teeth.

He started laughing again, falling into my shoulder blade.

“I won that game, you have to say that every day for me for a week.”

I whipped to him, “What? No!”

He nodded, still laughing, “Too late.”

I groaned loudly, elbowing him away from me uselessly and ground my teeth. “God…”

He grinned at me.

“…dang it.

Liz: Red, I get it, I’m pissed off too but let’s just leave it
Red: No
Liz: Please, I hate making a scene…
Red: Lizzy, this is important. It’s a point of principle.
Liz: *sighs
Red: For god’s sake, what’s taking so long?!
Liz: They’re busy. Please can we just go?
Red: Fine. Okay, you win, sweetheart. But next time we come here I want my birthday cupcake AND the staff to sing me a song
Liz: Oh, thank god. Can we go now?
Red: *grumbles
Liz: I’ll sing to you when we get home, don’t worry
Red: 😁