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tell me about the memes ppl create in the dc universe

-bruce “don’t make me adopt u” wayne

-pictures of nightwing’s ass compared to dick grayson’s

-take a shot every time superman says ”y’all’d’ve”

-random pictures  of lightning and captions like “guys it’s the flash!!!”

-”aqualad, are u aquamad or aquasad?” *deep, deep sigh*

-couples recreating lois lane being caught by superman in mid-air


Day Four: Favorite Villain/Rivalry

Stahma Tarr

It was so satisfying to watch Stahma grow from the seemingly harmless and complacement good wife to embracing her full potential as a person. As she put it, “Once again the strong Castithan male falters, and I am left to open the airlock door myself!” Stahma was cunning and strong, someone who always found a way to decide her fate, even before she decided to try to become an equal partner in Datak’s criminal empire. One of my favorite quotes from the entire show was what she told Christie in “Doll Parts”: “We all do terrible things to get what we want. It’s unavoidable, I think. The most we can hope for is that what we want is worth the evil we do.” That’s Stahma in a nutshell, and it was a glorious thing to witness. She was a complex villain and proof that it’s ALWAYS the quiet ones that are more deadly.


“Is it okay to just watch? Won’t you be left out alone again? Is it scary to join that circle?… There is no such world… where someone would rescue a person who doesn’t do anything and just watches in silence. Don’t cover your heart. Show your determination. If you really wish it, I’ll stand by you.”


*Gianni Morandi is an italian singer and actor. He has been considered a meme twice, but they are really different from each other.

The first meme about him is really old and kinda offensive. I never got around to confirm if it’s true, but it was used to say that he was a coprophagist. It was around the time that “meme” meant a random picture with white captions up and under, so it’s pretty old.

The second meme about him it’s a total revolution and it’s generally really positive. In fact, since he started being more active on his Facebook page, people commented being ironic/sarcastic, but he took time to respond to most of them with really cute and positive messages, often ending the comment with “un abbraccio, Gianni”, tr. “(I send you) an hug, Gianni”. So now it became a meme, everyone is taking screenshots of his replies and sharing them, and receiving a reply from him, being both sassy and nice at the same time, it’s almost an honor! He often shares updates about his life, his training routine and his friends on his page, it could be considered even motivational. A meme into the memes could be that in every selfie he posts where his hands are showing, most of the people comment about how big they are.

Some of his most famous replies:

- *pic of him at the beach* / facebook user: “Gianni, have you tried making hand-prints on the sand?”

Gianni: “There wasn’t enough space!”

- *pic of him at a vegetable garden* / facebook user: “Gianni, take a place at the EXPO and teach kids how to peel peas!” (innuendo to give an handjob)

Gianni: “Dear xxx, I’m great at peeling potatoes too!” (same type of innuendo, about girls)

and my personal favourite:

- *pic of him greeting* / facebook user: “Gianni, your hands are huge!”

Gianni: “Not only the hands. Kisses, Gianni.”

Kombat Kids Vine headcanons

Because now I’m thinking about it more

  • Cassie is friggin’ comedic royalty. How she packs this much into six seconds is unknown. The other Kombat Kids frequently make appearances. Even some of the adults just might cameo. Though it’s hard to say which ONE Vine is her most famous, my favorite is the one where she smacks Kung Jin in the face with a box of tampons (fear not; it was scripted!). (see earlier post)
  • Jacqui is the type who, when some bullshit happens in the world, drops the bombshell comment. The rest of the time, she’ll Vine nice little scenes from the farm or of performances she sees. Jax cameos relatively frequently. Sometimes she’ll Vine her friends without warning just to mess with them, though she’d never actually post them without their permission. One of her most famous Vines, however, is a six-second shot of one of Johnny Cage’s Blueberry awards. And nothing else.
  • Takeda takes a little while to “get” Vine. You know what I mean. His first several Vines are just of relatively random things with captions as comments, but as time goes by he tries to be funny on the Internet. Even if it falls flat, it’s endearing. His most famous Vine is, no doubt, the ONE where Hanzo completely startled him mid-Vine.
  • Kung Jin takes a while to warm up to Vine, period. For a while, he doesn’t see how six-second videos are meant to convey anything. He mostly just appeared in the other Kombat Kids’ Vines until he became curious enough to set up an account via Cassie’s phone (because I can’t imagine monks having their own phones…). His first Vine was just him saying variants of “What is this?” or “How does this work?” with rising levels of exaggerated bewilderment. The last shot is of Cassie, and he asks “HOW DO I VIIIIIINE?” while shaking the phone. It’s beautiful, it’s hilarious, and it actually becomes pretty famous.