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Secrets Out {Part 1} {Part 2}

When you made your way to their dorm later that day with the hat that you had taken, you were nervous to say the least. You wanted to ignore that gut feeling you had yesterday. ‘I’m just being paranoid’ you said to yourself quietly ‘they’re my best friends they wouldn’t just do anything to jeopardize that’ you kept reassuring yourself.

When you got to their dorm. you placed the hat on the countertop closest to you and right away you heard whispers, you couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying but from the words you did hear, you knew it sounded somewhat serious? When you closed the front door to get their attention it immediately went quiet. You fought yourself so hard to not overthink it, you crossed it out of your mind. Gone and forgotten.

You walked in to where they were all sitting, and sat in between Jungkook and Jin, you didn’t know how to explain it but it felt different, the whole atmosphere changed, Jungkook felt uncomfortable around you and Namjoon seemed to have sat straighter when you sat down and you saw it. Remember that pit in your stomach from yesterday? Well it was back and deeper than ever, you wanted to bring it up but you couldn’t seem to find the words and there was an awkward silence before Taehyung stood up making everyone jump a bit. “hey y/n! Let’s go play video games!” “tae-” you couldn’t finish your sentence before Taehyung pulled you up and dragged you to the living room where all the video games were. Taehyung got your mind off everything happening around you, but those slight moments where you would look around to see Namjoon, Jin, and Yoongi standing in the back whispering amongst themselves made you sink back into the depressing state where you question everything. Taehyung quickly picked up on your pauses and brought you back to the games. You felt him trying so hard to make you happy and get your mind off it, he knew about what was going on and he was trying to distract you?

Jimin came into the room being his giddy self but you felt it was forced. Was he forcing himself to be happy around you? why would he do that? Jungkook ignored you at almost all cost, something was eating at him and you were determined to find out what it was. What have they all been hiding? Usually you wouldn’t be afraid to speak up, ask them, but now it seemed as you were the source of the problem. You excused yourself to the bathroom to pick yourself up. when you came out, you must have been really quiet because none of the boys seemed to have heard you. Before you turned into the living room you heard voices you stayed behind the wall determined to find out what they were talking about, how you could fix it. “hyung I really can’t take this anymore every time I look at y/n I feel like crying” you recognized it as Jungkooks voice. “Jungkook you can’t say anything, she’ll be so hurt if we told her” a voice you heard as Namjoons said. “what we did was cruel and I’m also hurt we did that but why now Jungkook? Why suddenly after all this time you feel like you need to tell her now?” “Jin hyung please see where I’m coming from, I like y/n more than just a friend, but I can’t ask her out knowing what we did” Jungkook said he sounded as if he was so close to crying. “guys shut up y/n…” jimin said quietly. You’ve been spotted. You just stood there almost frozen. What have they done that was so bad? You’re going through all these years you’ve been friends with them in your mind. Wondering what has been happening behind your back.

They knew about your problems with trust and ‘friends’ in the past, they knew how you overthink everything, they knew about your anxiety, but it didn’t seem to matter anymore. “y/n…I’m-” Jungkook mumbled. “I don’t know what you did or what it has to do with me but you better tell me… now!” you were angry. That pit in your stomach seemed to have dropped to your feet. Your mind racing with thoughts. “y/n I think you should sit down” Jin said softly following a mumbling in agreement from Jiimin, and Hoseok. You didn’t know what they did but you felt like crying again, you felt like your world was falling apart. Your surroundings turning dark. you sat down in front of them analyzing each of their faces.

Jungkook, Taehyung, and Namjoon looking like at any second they would burst out in tears more than you were, Jin and

Yoongi just look worried like they were thinking about what you were going to do and not having a conclusion. Hoseok is clearly upset with himself he looks like he’s mentally punching himself, he has that triangle mouth that appears when something is really upsetting him. What was going on? Why are they acting like this? What did I do? What happened? Can I fix this? Shit. You were breathing fast while not breathing at all. The silence was painful you were losing your patience. “well someone speak!” you said loudly making them all jump. You looked around once more and all of them seem to be either in tears or near tears. Jin took a deep breath, he grabbed your hand as if to make sure you won’t walk away. “y/n, we….”

A/N: ok so idk how much i like this and i feel like i rushed it and its getting to the problem too fast? idk but there is a lot i want to write that works with this so we’ll see a lot of you have been asking for a pt. 2 and i was so happy a lot of you liked it since it was my first time writing a series type thing, but I’m happy and thankful. i forgot to put the title of the story on the first part but i think ill be calling this series ‘Secrets Out’ what do y'all think? ok i hope you liked this part~ pt. 3? (ps i feel like the angst was weak with this one so I’m sorry)

I’ll admit it. It’s been a rough couple of years for me. As for the people who know of my story , I know what they’re all thinking after they’ve heard it, how sad.

Every time I explain the moments that bit at my soul, it would be ripped off viciously again.

Again. And again. And again.

Feeling like I was cursed to relive those moments for the rest of my life because there is always going to be someone who will not know. Who will ask. Who will say, “I want to know more about you.” Who will not have anything to say after other than I’m sorry.

The one thing I noticed was that people would take my words and choose the ones they believed were the most depressing. As if I was a non-fictional essay novel with its pages open for the world to dissect.

While I do not mind anyone who’s heard my story to do this, no one has picked the one I thought was sad.

“No one ever taught me.”

The only reason I think this one saying is so sad is because I’ve heard it so many other times from other people and yet I thought nothing of it. Now having gone through what I did, I’ve said that. Those exact words.

Now sure some people might say it in complete confidence, as of way to show that they were a strong individual. That they didn’t always have to depend on someone.

For me…that wasn’t it.

Sure, I’d try to play it off with a big cheeky smile when I was fifteen and all of my friends thought it was so cool that I knew how to drive. How smart and independent I was.

No one taught me.

I didn’t have choice.

—  @foreverdreaming252 || I kept trying over and over again. ||
the language of post-it notes|| jjk

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Jeon JUNGKOOK | | the language of post-it notes 

fluff  | jungkook x you

high school!au, shy!jungkook

&&- Drabble

-   “P.S. I never got to tell you that I wasn’t rejecting you.  I was going to say yes. :) …. I just don’t know Korean.”

It may have been unspoken, but everyone at Seoul High School knew that Jungkook was not a blunt boy. Despite his charming good looks and his undeniable physical abilities, the boy was the epitome of diffidence. His voice was soft, like that of a blanket for a small child and his bunny-toothed smile was welcoming in a sense that made him have viridity that every boy who attended lacked. The scar on his cheek was endearing and the beauty mark on his lip was breathtaking. It was an awful shame, all the girls who tripped over him to get his attention when all his attention was on you.

He cursed himself to hell for all the times he had been caught foolishly staring at you – there had been biology in fifth period, Geometry in freshman year, AP English literature in junior year — and all those times were merely in class. As school progressed, he tried to grow bolder with you, he’d purposely leave his sweatshirt as his lunch table that was across from yours or in P.E. in which he purposely got himself out just so that he could next to you. Once, he even managed to convince of the elder jocks to switch partners with you just so that he could see your smile in a radius that was less than four meters… but despite all of that, you never noticed.

There had not been other boys, because how could there be when there was Jeon Jungkook? There was no boy as adorable, funny, cheeky, sweet, and all other positive adjectives, as Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook, himself, with his bashfulness, he never knew that your lack of attention wasn’t because of his shyness – but rather because you knew that you had to indulge yourself in studies and not of the opposite sex. After all, the age-old icebreaker  ‘where do you see yourself in ten years?’ did not forecast a Jeon Jungkook in your future.

So with this in mind, you were surprised to find Jeon Jungkook standing beside your locker at the end of the day. His head hung low and you could see the tremble of his hands. A small, folded post-it note was in his hands and you noticed that he had folded it far too many times out of nervousness. You watched him from around the corner for a second, confused as to why he had been standing there. Did you forgot to return him a pencil?

“Jeon Jungkook?”

His name sounds foreign on your lips, but Jungkook likes the childlike symphony you carry when you say it. He doesn’t say anything at the call of his name. He only stands there quietly, a blush painted on his cheeks form being so close to you. Were you always this pretty? His heart flutters at the very sight of your gray oversized hoodie that you always wore when you felt casual (which was practically every day). He always felt like you were the prettiest when you weren’t over-embellishing yourself.

“Jungkook…? Are you there?” Jungkook’s thoughts of you come to a halt once he hears your voice again. His cheeks redden and he nearly tears the post-it note in two from clenching it so hard.

“I-I wanted to give you this.” His voice is barely audible as he averts his gaze to the ground. He could never let himself meet your eyes – especially not when you were an angel. He’s thankful that he listened to his older friend, Park Jimin, for advising him not to cut his fringe, because he would die if you could them.

You watch the boy in front of you, brows knitting at his actions. You heard of how shy he could be, but the thought never crossed that the reason could have been you. After all, you were just Y/N. “Jungkook? You haven’t given it to me.”

“O-oh,” He blushes softly. “Right.” He holds the small red post-it note in front of him, as though it is his first born son that he does not want to give up.

You take in his nervous gestures: how he nervously chews on his bottom lip with his adorable bunny teeth, the way that he averts his eyes from yours every time you turn your gaze on him.

Deciding not to torment the boy any further by waiting, you unfold the note. You blink for a second as you stare down at the note in front of you.

나랑 사귈래?

Jungkook cannot help but feel anxious as he waits for your reaction. Were you about to turn him down? Were you going to laugh at him for thinking he could ever ask you out?

Jungkook begins to speak before you can.

“I-I’m sorry,” Jungkook stammers as he stuffs his hands deeper into his green and black varsity jacket. It is hard to ignore the flush of his cheeks when it contrasts so deeply with the usual sun-kissed tan of his cheek. “I-I’ll just go.” His voice is shaky and he feels lightheaded. He knew he shouldn’t have made a move.

“Jungkook,” your voice shakes a little as it begins to piece together. His nervous actions, him always staring at you, his flushed cheeks… did Jeon Jungkook like you? “Wait,” You call out to him. But before you can stop Jungkook, he is gone. What burdens you the most is that you do not get to tell him that you didn’t reject him, but that you could not read Korean.

The next day, Jungkook is flustered as he sits at his biology table. His leg jerks with nerves as he dreads you coming to sit beside him. After yesterday, the last thing he wanted to do was see the girl who rejected him. Would you laugh at him when you saw him? Would you tell everyone about his fumble?

Jungkook’s thoughts are interjected when you slide in your assigned seat beside him. His cheeks are redder than ever and he nervously - purposely but he doesn’t want you to know that – drops his pencil to avoid seeing your beautiful face. He swears to himself that you’re much too pretty to be walking around Seoul High School. You deserved to be in an art museum in his opinion.

Jungkook puts his mechanical number two pencil on the black table in front of him and his brows knit together as he stares down at a red post-it note. He gulps, immediately eyeing you as though this was a cruel act by the fates on him. Your eyes are too fixated on your biology teacher’s PowerPoint (at least that is what you want him to think) to notice him looking at you.

His hands shake ever so slightly and he nearly rips the post-it note, much like he had before, once he opens it. His entire heart flutters when he reads the response.


(P.S. I never got to tell you that I wasn’t rejecting you… I was going to say yes :) …. I just don’t know Korean.)

Jungkook’s finds himself giggling ever so slightly at the note. You smile at the melodious keys that erupt from him as he giggles. Jungkook is too excited to take notes for the rest of biology and for the rest of class, he spends his time trying to hide the blush on his cheeks.  

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hi! i really loved your story about taako in neverwinter and losing his memory but i’m a bit confused about what exactly is wrong with him? could you maybe clarify? i’m sorry, it’s not a fault with the writing, i just have a hard time understanding things unless they’re straight up explained to me

Yeah sure! I kept it kind of vague on purpose, I wanted to keep it pretty short.

Taako has had Lup with him almost his entire life, so when his memory was erased, a significant portion was erased - half of every memory, almost. His mind had to account for those missing pieces and probably constructed false memories of Taako living his live on his own to fill in the empty spaces left behind. (I’m not an expert, but in my understanding minds don’t like empty spaces and sometimes invent memories or ideas to fill in or justify gaps.) So when he got his actual memories back, there are two versions of almost every memory.

Now, my thought is that this arrangement is usually okay - he knows what’s real and what’s manufactured - but sometimes minds get confused by things. So, sometimes Taako just can’t quite remember what Lup was doing during certain memories and has to ask, and sometimes his mind decides one or the other version of the past is true - or just gets overwhelmed and shuts down for a bit on particularly bad days. Those days Taako doesn’t even bother getting out of bed.

In the fic, Taako’s brain abruptly switched to the “always been alone and works for the BoB” memory track (because the “got sister back” present doesn’t jive with that, it’s just tossed), leaving him with no explanation for why he’d be in Neverwinter. There’s no context, no one with him (Lup is still in the store he just stepped out of), and no reason for him to be there, so it’s very jarring. Trying to justify Lup, someone with his face who shouldn’t exist according to these memories, confuses his brain immensely. After a rest, the memory track switches back to the real one; Lup is waiting to make sure it’s okay for her to get close, so that the same thing doesn’t happen. Not the first or last time it happens, and understandably upsetting every time.

im sorry for the rants but people are saying zutara should have happened but like there was no room for growth for that relationship… he joined the gaang at the very last second and there was literally no time for feelings to spark..,,,,

And y’all say kataang was forced. Susan, if Zutara had happened it would have been the forced relationship of the century

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Yo listen,,, reddie and stenbrough when they meet up again as adults and realize oh shit I'm still in love with this guy (stans not dead watchu mean :) )

Babe, I got'chya. Also, it took me a really long time to get motivated to write this🤷🏻‍♀️
Sorry it took so long, I hope it ain’t shit.


- When Richie’s eyes meet Eddie’s for the first time in almost 30 years his heart drops into his stomach and the void he’d been feeling the whole time is suddenly filled.
- When their eyes meet they don’t break apart until Eddie is wrapped almost completely by Richie, the taller man bringing Eddie so close it was as if he was trying to absorb him.
- “I’m so sorry I forgot you.”
- There are some real tears. Richie’s not gonna say that he started crying first but he totally did.
- When they break apart they don’t stop touching for the rest of the night.
- Whether it be their knees, their hands or their shoulders the men where never out of reach.
- In the privacy of the men’s bathroom Richie pulls Eddie just as close as before and presses his slightly chapped lips to Eddie’s soft ones.
- The bathroom wasn’t ideal in Eddie’s mind, but he’d waited too long and loved to little to object to having Richie in his arms.
- Eddie hates that he settled for Myra.
- Eddie decides he’s not going back to her after spending the night in Richie’s hotel room.
- “God, I love you, Ed’s. I’ve always loved you.”
- “I love you too, Trashmouth.”
- When they leave Derry Eddie divorces Myra and moves in with Richie.
- Rich “Records” Tozier’s radio show plays more love songs than it ever had before.


- When Bill see’s Stan, he can’t even get the other mans name out.
- It frustrates him till his eyes are clenched shut and his hands are balled into fists.
- When Stan hears Bill struggling to speak, he rushes (as much as calm, cool and collected Stan could rush) to Bill’s side to firmly grasp his shoulders.
- He did that when they were kids. Stan doesn’t remember that detail but Bill does.
- When Stan’s hand makes contact with the skin on Bill’s neck, intimate moments flood back into both of their minds.
- Every sleep over, every lingering touch, every time their eye contact lasted longer than it should’ve. Everything.
- Bill is awestruck by how undeniably beautiful and graceful Stan is compared to the awkward and lanky boy he was 30 years ago.
- Stan says Bill hasn’t changed at all.
- When they’re saying goodbye that night, Stan tells Bill that he was the main reason he came back.
- “Because when I remembered you, when I thought about you, my life seemed so..”
- “Empty”
- When Stan kisses Bill, his world tilts and everything becomes to blindingly clear.
- It was like he’d been wearing Richie’s glasses for the last 30 years of his life, unaware, and suddenly they’d been pulled from his eyes and Stan was revealed as the missing piece from Bill’s life.
- When they leave Derry, together, Bill no longer writes horror novels. Instead, he writes love stories.

Some Reasons

Why I love Pixelberry’s employees and customer service. @playchoices

I think I’ve been far too negative recently? And I have been reminded that oh, yes, there are so many reasons why I’ve played these games for years and have been happy to spend my money to support them. 

-The fandom, back when the games were High School Story and Hollywood U, had some drama with cyberbullies and the like. (ironic, given that high school story was all about how awful cyberbullying is?) Pixelberry wrote a response that said we don’t approve of this behavior, please be kind to each other, if you need help you can reach out to these resources.

-They’re a small company but they handle bug crashes and the like quickly. And they usually offer apologies with it. High School Story wasn’t porting well for android? Android players got some rings and a bonus outfit. Weekly goals were down in High School Story and Hollywood U? Free tickets. The very bad glitch for Choices? Fans were told “sorry, we figured out the problem, but it’ll take awhile for us to fix it. We’ll let you know.” And the affected players were compensated. 

-A fan once wrote to them talking about how much High School Story meant to him, because they’d play it while they were in the hospital. The fan then asked if it would be possible to put in a quest about the disease he had so people could be educated on it. The developers published the letter (with permission), and talked about how heartwarming it was to receive that letter. And then, a bit later, we got that special quest, and that fan was given a cameo in the game to talk about it. 

(I am completely blanking on the name of the fan and the other details about this quest, I am so sorry!!)

-The collaborations they’ve done with organizations in general to talk about issues, and even the issues that they talk about on their own. The company’s goal is to educate us as well as entertain us, and it shows. We’ve had quests dealing with grief, sexism, politics, harassment. All are researched and presented with love and care.

-Personal story time, but awhile ago (a few years now, probably?) I sent them an email saying hey, I really love Hollywood U. But I feel as though it’s so heteronormative that I just can’t exist in it and I feel a bit bad playing it as a result. You have non straight characters in High School Story, would it be possible to add someone like Mia to Hollywood U? And the response I got back was great. It said hey, don’t worry about sending us a text wall, we know it’s because you care. Sorry if this quest made you feel bad. We’ll forward it to our writers for consideration.

-And holy moly. How much better have the games gotten about diverse sexualities!! And now we have a canonically trans character? Past me would’ve been psyched if they’d known this was coming!

-And I think the best one was when Hollywood U introduced their in game chat option. I made a post saying hey I want to make a profile, but I have to pick my gender to do so, and there’s only male and female.
A game developer responded and showed us how to make a profile without having to select a gender for it. And it felt great because it was acknowledging me and that I existed, and acknowledging that other nonbinary and trans players like myself existed.

Pixelberry is full of wonderful people and while I may not personally like everything that happens with them, I know they care and that they try their hardest to show that.

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Who's your senpai, katty-pai ?

well damn, this is gonna be a long list. i consider anyone i look up to or get inspired from in any way a ‘senpai’ so thats the definition i used when putting up the usernames:

@beeswaxdraws hands down, i wouldnt have gone beyond my first post on the frans kids if it hadnt been for bee. so if you hate my ocs you got her to blame lmao. 

@kamilecn one day i’ll be able to make lineart as nice and neat looking, and colour as beautifully as kami. one day

@anorha-nono this beautiful person (along with kami) is who made me ship frans to begin with. also i adore the way they draw the ut characters and their style in general

@mercy-monster do i really have to say why? beautiful art, a painting style i aspire to reach and a sona that i wanna squish and i wont even care that i’ll get third degree burn. 

@thebananafrappe introduced me to the wonderful world of frans/ut sin. beautiful writing that immerses me no matter the subject matter, and a beyond sweetheart to talk to. 

@onetee another amazing writer that doesn’t get the recognition she deserves at all, yall have heard me gush about blurry too many times so yall know the drill. i feel like a star whenever blurry has reblogged anything from me, her tags makes me feel so loved :’)

@momoishy her art style and attention to detail makes me cry tbh. also the hard work she and @smollvivi puts into the Faith tale comic is something to be admired. momo has a wonderful personality as well n v n

lastly, all of you give me inspiration and drive to keep making and posting art, so in a way every single one of you is my senpai, hahah ♡

happier // jack avery

request: none but i was inspired by the song “happier” by ed sheeran

i really fricking love this so so much and i’m sorry for making this sad but enjoy because i love this one!

triggers: it’s just kinda sad whoops

tags: @boomboomboomwayhoo @jonahgarl heh

walking down 29th and park, i saw you in another’s arms,

it was all supposed to be a normal day for jack. well, as normal as it could get when he was feeling the way he was.

he was out with the boys, walking down the sidewalk of 29th street when he heard the familiar melodies of her laughter. it seemed like time stopped as his eyes found y/n’s form, wrapped in the arms of a person that wasn’t him.

his breath got stuck in his throat as he saw the way she looked at the newfound companion. it was the way y/n used to look at him.

only a month we’ve been apart, you look happier,

it had only been a month since the fight. the fight that tore his heart in half, and he thought it had torn y/n’s too. but it seemed like he was wrong.

he watched with a broken stare as she smiled up at her newfound love, with a look that used to be reserved for jack, and jack only. she looked, so, happy.

how could she be so happy when jack felt like, well, like complete shit. how dare she walk away so happy when jack felt like he was falling farther down a dark hole.

jack was paralyzed, watching as y/n leaned up to kiss the lips of her lover, his heart aching. how could he be so broken but her so whole?

saw you walk inside a bar, he said something to make you laugh,

y/n took her love’s hand and began walking towards a restaurant, causing jack’s heart to break even more than it was.

the boy who was holding y/n’s hand pulled her closer, wrapping an arm around her waist as he whispered something in her ear.

she laughed loudly, pressing a kiss to his cheek and they walked into the restaurant, leaving jack’s limbs numb as he simply stood. his face was stone cold, but the tears forming in the corners of his eyes were enough to see that this was the final step in breaking him.

i saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours, yeah you look happier, you do.

an image of their wide smiles burned itself into jack’s brain. she was so happy.

she looked happier than she had ever been when she was jack. what did this new guy give her that jack couldn’t? what did this new guy have that jack didn’t?

how could this guy elicit such a beautiful smile from y/n in merely a month when jack couldn’t for a whole year?

ain’t nobody hurt you like i hurt you, but nobody love you like i do,

he had regretted every word he said the moment she had walked out the door on that fateful day. he knew he had fucked up, and he beat himself up for it every single day.

were the tears running down her face as she walked out even real? did she hurt as much as he did for what she said to him?

he knew he had hurt her, but did she know he was hurt too?

his heart was crushed in her palm as she let it fall to the floor, and yet his heart still beat only for her. he still loved her, he loved her so much it pained him.

promise that i will not take it personal, baby if you’re moving on with someone new.

“jack? dude, we have to get moving,” daniel’s gentle voice rang in jack’s ear drums as he was lightly shaked out of his trace. jack’s hands went up to hastily wipe away the tears that were nearly spilling out of his eyes.

“s-sorry, let’s go now,” the boys began walking, but jack just couldn’t seem to lift his eyes off where she had stood only a minute ago.

it was where she had stood with the biggest smile he had ever seen plastered on her face, a look of pure adoration stretched across her features.

jack, he thought. if you truly do love her, you should let her be happy.

seeing the look on y/n’s face as she looked up at her new love was enough to see that she was better off without jack. and it was time for jack to accept that.

‘cause baby you look happier, you do,


one day when we were laying in bed cuddling, i told you that your happiness was mine, and nothing would ever change that. and i’d like to think i’m a man of my word.

and seeing you today, well, it showed me that you are truly happier without me. so i’m happy for you. when you were with him, it was like nothing else in the world ever mattered. it was never like that when it was you and me.

there was a look in your eye when you looked at him. a sparkle. a sparkled that never appeared when we were together. and realizing that right now, it makes me feel a thousand times worse. were we ever really in love?

my friends told me one day i’ll feel it too,

daniel told me after we saw you, that one day i’ll be as happy with someone else as you are with him.

how could i be happy after my heart was ripped in half? how could i ever recover so quickly like you did?

will i ever recover from the heartbreak? i want to believe daniel’s words, i truly do. i also believe that one day, i will.

and until then I’ll smile to hide the truth,

but until then, i’m hurting. how could you move on so quickly while i’m here stuck in the mud? how could you be so joyful while i’m drowning in my own sorrows?

i’m hiding behind fake smiles and faux words of joy, each laugh and grin a mere display to show that “i’m okay”. but i’m not. i’m not okay without you.

and i’m not sure if i’ll ever be okay again.

but i know i was happier with you.

y/n, you were my happiness. my love, my light. you kept me going, you helped me see the true beauty of life. and without you here, i’m not sure what i see at all.

every single day i regret the words i said to you on the night we broke up. how could i be so stupid? i let go the most important piece of my life.

and i know you’re happier now. you’re a thousand times happier with him than you ever were with me. but even though you’re happier with him, i’m happier when you’re with me.

- jack

jack folded the letter, staring as tear drops made wet circles on the paper covered in his shaky scrawl.

he walked over to his desk, opening an empty drawer and carefully placed the folded paper in the drawer. he closed drawer, watching as the piece of paper disappeared into the mahogany.

just know i’ll be waiting here for you.

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I have a theory! What if Zarum is Mr. Strange when he was sane? He looks kinda like him to me! You said he lost his mind a long time ago, and Zarum is 23 and Mr. Strange is 38. So, maybe Zarum and Strange are the same person? I dunno, is just a theory! (Also, VERY sorry about your stomach! I've been having internal problems( with my tailbone) too, so I know how it feels. I hope you feel better very soon)! :)

Zarum is a girl 

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Remember that time when they were having a Vlive back in 2015 and Jimin asked Jungkook: "I actually like Jimin-hyung" and Jungkook said: "Of course I like him" and he looked so offended that they all thought that he didn't like Jimin. He looked at Jimin like: "Are you serious?", but the thing is I really think that Jimin needed that confirmation. Jungkook said many times that he's too shy to express his feelings, but he's doing better now. 8D <333

Oh, sorry for the delay. This is the moment that I will show to my descendants for sure.  That’s why he looked like “why is that even a question”, and he was pretty lost too. I think Jimin knew that Jungkook liked him but wanted to hear it from Jungkook himself bc It’s not a secret that Jungkook is stiff at expressing his feelings towards beloved ones. Now he does it more often, like telling Jimin how handsome his bare face looks, or saying how proud he is of Jimin.
Well, and Jimin is that friend who wants to hear I love you from time to time, to be honest. (and what person on earth will hug someone whom he doesn’t like to sleep)

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You know you’ve got a “god sent angel boyfriend” when…

… he kisses your forehead whenever he can.
… he calls exactly when he says he’ll call you, not an hour too late, no “sorry babe I forgot”.
… he knows all your girlfriends by their names and stories (“How’s Claire’s brother by the way? Did he dumb that girl ?”)
… he makes time for you as much as he can because he wants to be with you.
… he always makes you feel beautiful, no matter what day or time, no matter if you have pizza all over your old and ugly sweater or not.
… he loves deep conversations with you, staying up until the morning to discuss the things that move you the most.
… he makes an effort to spend time with your family and already considers you as a part of his family as well.
… he has had a normal life with no paparazzi, no hiding, no flying across the globe almost every week, no staying private, no made up stories online about him and his family and still tells you that he won’t ever leave because he loves you.
… he’s always mad after hiding from the paparazzi when he’s outside with you - not because he’s annoyed but because he’s so afraid that they might get too close to you and hurt you.
… he makes you live a normal life, including going to kebab shops at night, restaurants with friends and taking London buses even with you having a wig on because he wants to share his life with you.
… he feeds you well and makes you understand that he loves you even with a couple of more pounds on your hips or with your natural hair that sometimes might be a bit messy because you’d still be you and that’s who he loves.
… he gives you a few drunk hours of pure happiness while meeting him for the first time before you’re going back to your current boyfriend who doesn’t even come close to making you feel as happy as when you were with him.
… he sits on front of you on a hot summer day and listens to you talk excitedly about something while smiling at you as if you were the most adorable thing on this planet.
… he still makes you nervous and he still lets fireworks explode in your tummy whenever you get to touch his hand and look into his ocean blue eyes - even after one year.

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Ricks breath is warm and steady against the back of your neck, a strong alcoholic scent settles that you can’t quite place. You only associate that smell with him, now. One of his arms is draped over your waist, his head resting on the other. Your body’s are pressed so close together with what little space you have on your couch. It’s 3am.

When you wake up in the morning he won’t be there. He’ll be gone again, back to the important things in his life. Back to reality, just like you. Another mundane day in your life. Normal. Average. Boring.

Seeing him was what you always looked forward to. Like when you decide to go to your favorite bakery and pick out a treat. You wait until you get home to enjoy it thoroughly, and it tastes so good because you took the time to enjoy it.

Me mumbles something and cuddles closer into you. If only he could show you this kind of affection when he was awake. Honestly, you probably wouldn’t like it. The way he is… is what you need right now. Nothing too serious, but still something.

You slowly, and carefully rolled over so you were facing him. You loved the way he looked when he was asleep- not quite peaceful like some might expect, but still.. different. Vulnerable. It reminded you that despite his personality, he was still a just a man.

You softly cupped his cheek, stroking it with your thumb. He was still, his breath now directly in your face amd strong as ever. Something this… made you blush… You want to kiss him. You intended to kiss him, but some small ache in your chest kept you from doing so. Something about it made you feel… wrong. Not because he was asleep, God knows how many times you woke up to him touching you- but this felt different. This would be just for you, and that made you feel strangely guilty, like you didn’t deserve this. You can’t kiss him.

You removed your hand slowly, and rested it between the two of you, settling for just watching him sleep until you dozed back off… slowly closing your eyes.

His lips pressed against yours and you gasped in shock, but before you could fully pull away his hand cupped your face and pulled you back into the kiss.

He pulled away, and glared at you, before pulling you back into his arms and sighing, grumbling.

“Next time don’t take so damn long.”


Request: stan likes her, she finds out when she hears eddie and richie talk about it, but she is in love with bill and stan doesn’t understand it, but she chooses bill.

Request: can you do a Stan x reader were he gets jealous?

A/N: sorry this is kind of sad? also I hope you don’t mind I did two requests in one!


It was unrequited. Stan knew that. He knew that Y/N would never love him. He knew that no matter what he did, or how hard he tried, Y/N would always love Bill. He tried to ignore and suppress his feelings at the start, telling himself it was just a silly little crush and that he would get over it. After a while, it got harder and harder to say those words because over time, they got meaningless. It was not just a silly crush and he wasn’t getting over her.

It all developed when Y/N stood up to Henry Bowers and protected Stanley from a vicious beating, he couldn’t help but feel grateful. Afterwards, he noticed the other little things she would do for him, like defend him when Richie was teasing and always holding the door open for him. It was the little things that Stanley really appreciated. He began giving her flowers, in secret, and writing her sweet love poems and notes that he’d stick on her locker. A lot of the time, Patrick or Henry would see them and tear them off, laughing at whoever they had pulled one over on. However, the odd times, he would see one peeping out of Y/N’s backpack, or he would see her clutching one to her chest as she exited the school gates. Truth be told, he knew she probably thought they were from Bill, but he did have hope. She once had asked Bill about them when they were cycling home, he said he didn’t write her any poems. That sent everyone into a state of confusion, including Y/N. If bill didn’t write them, then who did?

It wasn’t even as if Stan had told anyone or was struggling to be discrete with his secret messages. He was very good at hiding his feelings for Y/N and made sure to leave the notes when no one was around. He was also a very mellow and shy type of guy so not accidentally spilling his guts, was something that came naturally.

Stan didn’t know why he left Y/N little flowers and wrote her sweet messages, he didn’t know what his end game was. He certainly wasn’t the type to sporadically exclaim his own love for Y/N and he wasn’t about to do it out spite. Neither was he about to drop his feelings for her in an instant, like he had initially hoped. So why was he putting himself through all of this hell? This pain?


“So, who do you think Stan the man likes? I mean he’s got to like someone!” Y/N heard Richie say as she peeped her head around the corner. She saw Eddie standing next to Richie as they continued conversing about Stan’s love life. She knew she should move away, it wasn’t her place and it wasn’t theirs neither, yet she stayed.

“I think I know, but, I’m not telling you, Richie! You’ll tell the full school and Stan would kill you!” Eddie said giggling as he teased his friends.

“No, nah, no I wouldn’t! Don’t lie, Kaspbrak!”

“You so would, Tozier!”

“Listen, Eddie Spaghetti, I so wouldn’t!”

“Fine! It’s totally, Y/N, isn’t it! There’s no way it’s Bev, so it has to be her!”

“Oh, my god! Stan the man has a crush on Y/N! He is never living this down! Oh my god!” He said pumping his fists against Eddies chest while Eddie smacked his hands off.

There was no way Stan liked Y/N. No way. She was with Bill. He didn’t like her in that way. No way.


Just as expected, she didn’t feel the same way. After Y/N found out, she left a note on his locker, it said she wanted him to stop sending her flowers and writing her notes and that she didn’t feel the same way. However, it did say she would do him the pleasure of not telling the others, how lucky was he?


My mother thinks I’m perfect.

Good grades, good life. I’m not all I turn out to be.

“You don’t have that stop believing you do.”

“Stop making yourself have issues, do you want that?”

I’m sorry mother but I’m not perfect. You would understand if you listened.

You cut me off. You make me bite my tongue.

I love you, I really do, but you’re like father.

You support me, but don’t listen. You encourage, but don’t understand.

I’m wasting my breath trying to get out what I’m trying to say. I’m losing time trying to explain how I feel.

Please mother, listen. Your child has issues that you may not know about because that’s the one thing you don’t do.


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I am a second year in uni, english major with a focus in creative writing and I... just don't want to write. I know why I started writing, and I want to want to write but after a full school year of writing analytical essays and professors criticizing my writing style, I am awfully unmotivated and I feel like none of my stories are worth anyone's time. I have a blog I keep about my life, but I am too nervous to feature any creative writing there for fear of being criticized again. What do I do?

Hi friend! Sorry for the delayed reply; school is happening and my motivation for other things is pretty low.

I’m really sorry to hear that you’re struggling to write, especially since it sounds like such a huge part of your life. It’s ok to take a break from doing something you really enjoy if it’s just not happening. Burning out is real and it sucks a lot. I can totally relate to not wanting to write after all those essays. Sometimes I won’t even touch my laptop for a couple days after turning in a big assignment. 

Motivation comes and goes, as I’m sure you already know. I find that if you want to do something consistently then only doing it while motivated is not terribly effective. If you’ve taken a break from writing for yourself, maybe try and ease back into it rather than trying to force yourself right back into your old writing habits immediately.

As for your stories not being worth anyone’s time, that’s a really difficult feeling to experience and I wish I could wrap you in a blanket and give you a cookie. I have two trains of thought on this one. The first one is that your writing doesn’t have to be for anyone else.The second is that there is always someone out there who would love to find your story. I have read so many things in my life where people were like ‘ sorry I’m a terrible writer this is no good :/’ and I absolutely loved it because they took what was in their brain and and described it so other people could see it. And honestly?? That’s a superpower. Not everything you write is going to be groundbreaking or life changing and that is ok. 

I usually write specifically with the intention of having my friends read it because I thrive off that type of validation, but it is also 100% ok not to share all of your writing. Write what you want to, just for your own enjoyment. Grand adventures and silly stories and humorous one liners that may never go anywhere- just jot them down and appreciate that you are a creative being and you made that.

If you’re still worried about sharing your writing, maybe you could make a blog specifically for your writing and share it with people in your life that you feel would be supportive. That way your personal blog stays personal but people have the option to see your fabulous work. 

Hugs ~Nicole

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Could you do HC's for a very tall+curvy mc? I'm 6'2" with DD's so I don't see my body type often, haha. For Saeran and Vanderwood too, please! Have a nice day/evening!

Sorry because it took me so long to respond to your request :( 


  • Loves it 
  • he’s really happy
  • feels like your hugs are protecting him 
  • and who doesn’t love curvy girls? 
  • most of the time trying to make you feel beautiful no matter how you are 
  • he’s your cute little puppy 


  • at the start he’s a bit intimidated 
  • he wants to be the one who can protect you 
  • but your heigh is making it hard for him
  • but realizes its better 
  • you don’t need that much protection as a small girl 
  • he’s a lover for big chest 
  • gets super jealous when you go out with a revealing top 
  • because doesn’t like how others see your body 
  • loves every inch of you


  • totally fine with her 
  • because she likes you for the way you are 
  • and of course loves your curves 
  • and the way you fit in your clothes makes her admire how beautiful you are 
  • always stepping on her toes to kiss you 
  • she wears tons of heels so she can be closer to you 
  • but is fine because her legs look amazing with heels 


  • loves it 
  • I mean he loves you so damn much 
  • how could he not love your body 
  • gets a professional designer to made tons of nice clothes specially for you 
  • get involved in fashion just to put models of your size in fashion shows
  • you get to have million of cute bras because he loves to see them on you


  • is a bit surprised 
  • he knew you were tall 
  • but wow 
  • anyway it doesn’t matter 
  • he likes you like that 
  • and is a really nice way of sleeping 
  • he’s the little spoon 
  • DD?? 
  • oh hell yeah! 
  • he’s really happy (hehe) 


  • the first time he saw you he thought he could made some good use of you 
  • wanted you as his assistant 
  • but slowly fell in love 
  • and your heigh was nothing to him 
  • no matter that he looked small
  • he was used to be small since a child 
  • loved your body 
  • and made sure to tell you every single day 


  • doesn’t say nothing about it 
  • is not important to him
  • loves you 
  • so he doesn’t actually see it as an uncommon thing 
  • and he’s crazy for curvy girls 
  • but doesn’t like to say it to you 
  • but when someone says something about it 
  • oh he goes crazy 
  • and I mean crazy 
  • probable ends up in a fight over how beautiful you are 
  • and that your heigh just made you more perfect 


super short hc bc I don’t know what is like to be tall :( sorry 


Lotor X Reader


Is it okay if I send in a prompt for lotor? “Fuck… I miss you.” Going along with “too bad” real angsty you know?


Langage, Angst


Lotor is being a pain ass

Author’s Note

I feel like a terrible human for not writing lately.

I am soooooo sorry.


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