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“And Everyone You Love.” Part 2

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Requested: Yes! 

Warnings: Angst, Blood. 

Word Count: 3k 

Part 1 


The next day at school was nothing Peter would have ever expected from you. You always had a bright smile and always wore an outfit that gave away a positive vibe–you would walk by people with a smile and a wave and people couldn’t help but smile and wave back, but today this was not you.

Your hair was up in a tight bun but that wasn’t the unusual part, you had a tight leather jacket on, a white revealing top, regular black pants–black converse and deep red lipstick. Peter liked the look, except for the fact you didn’t really look like you, not even a grin peeked from your face. You looked cold and heartless, with dark circles sprawled under your eyes–under them your cheeks were tinted pink due to all the crying you had done last night. Everyone was looking at you unsure how to react, but you didn’t care. You didn’t say “hi” when people said “hi” to you, you walked straight to your class, completely ignoring Peter.

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I currently have two other fics pulled up that I’m trying to write and what happens? I spot @whore4batfam ‘s headcannon about Damian not quite believing Bruce could want him, and this happened. 

Thanks so much @whore4batfam for letting me write this, I hope you enjoy it. 

Warnings: Angst

Words: 1106

Original HC 

Edit: I have been informed that I forgot a very important Robin in my list and have fixed it, I love Steph very much and need to write more stuff with her in it.

Time was supposed to be the healer of all wounds right? Damian didn’t believe it, not at least at this current juncture in his life. He had hoped that after working with his Father for as long as he had, he’d trust him a little more, or at least be willing to listen.

“What happened out there tonight, Damian?” It wasn’t a question, but an accusation, one that demanded an answer.

“I did what I had to, Father,” his voice was as clipped as Bruce’s and Damian didn’t care, this conversation was one they’d had too often for his tastes and he was tired of it.

“You almost killed him.”

“But, I didn’t.”

“That’s not the point, being Robin means showing restraint.”

There it was, the lesson Damian had known was coming, the same lesson he’d learned countless times while with Grayson and later with his Father. The same lesson he’d put into play tonight during their fight. The man had been a killer -a child killer- and Damian could have easily killed the man, but he’d made a promise and he wouldn’t break it. Not that his Father seemed to believe him.

Bruce never seemed inclined to believe Damian. They’d been working together for longer than he had with Grayson, and been through so much more and yet it still seemed to him that sometimes Father still seemed to think of him as the old Damian instead of who he was now.

Damian couldn’t help but wish sometimes that Grayson was still Batman or that he was Damian’s partner instead. Grayson trusted him, or at least knew him well enough to understand his intentions during a battle. Most days his father still didn’t even seem to want him around, let alone take time to discuss his reasoning during battle.  

Damian knew he was being harsh, but how else was he supposed to feel when they argued more than they talked about these kinds of things? He took in a breath, perhaps that was the problem, he retaliated more often than he should. Talking was always the better option, no matter who started it.

He managed to ease the irritation out of his voice and hoped he sounded as sincere as he felt, “If you would let me explain what happened, I think you’d understand the situation a bit better, Father.”

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You go into labor/ getting to be with the baby (GOT7)

Y/S/N: your son’s name

Y/D/N: your daughter’s name

JB: -it was supposed to be a cute moment between father and son for the first time while he was putting on his diaper. But your Y/S/N thought it would be a nice time to pee right onto Jaebum’s shirt- “well at least we know it works. I didn’t bring spare clothes Y/N”

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Mark: -he’s been preparing himself for the moment your water broke. He’s packed a bag, made sure his schedule was cleared for the week you were due, and made sure someone was with you at all times. So when your water broke and you told him he went right into action- “don’t worry Y/S/N daddy’s gonna get you safely to the hospital and you’ll be in my arms in no time!”

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Jackson: -he knew you were in pain but you were being so harsh to him about it ‘you’re such an asshole Jackson. You did this to me and better love you son because he’s the only one you’re getting!’ Jackson got giggles and looks from the nurse- “baby you wanted to have sex. Don’t take this out on the future Wang’s, we need to have more babies at the rate we go we’ll have tons anyways”

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Jr: -her big brown eyes were looking up at him, as he sat there with her in his arms as he stroked her hair lightly. You were in and out of sleep for the past few hours but she’s been in his arms almost the whole time. So when you were finally fully awake you whispered his name- “Y/D/N is so beautiful. She’s so small and soft. I never want to let her go baby”

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Youngjae: -he walked out of the room where you were giving birth in and took a seat with the other boys. He gave them a smile before they asked why he was out there- “they said I was getting too pale and I was getting in the way. So I can’t go back in until after Y/D/N is born so yeah”

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BamBam: -his little bet with you was if it was a boy he’d get to name him and if it was a girl you’d name her. So the boys were in the lobby when BamBam came rushing out to them- “guess who’s has a son. He’s healthy, handsome, and you guys can’t see him yet. So enjoy the lobby more”

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Yugyeom: -your daughter was a preemie at 33 weeks and needed assistance breathing. He’s barely gotten to hold her because he was worried he’d mess up the tubes. But he’d always come to visit her when he could just to talk to her- “hi babygirl you’re doing so good you know. Daddy can’t wait to get you out of here and take you home”

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Taking a bath - Blackwall x Lady Adaar (non sexual intimacy meme)

so here is for @elvenmaleficar (thank you for the patience) another filled prompt. (I’m really getting shit done here :D )

Set at Halamshiral after the mighty Inquisitor saved the day. Some nudity (due to the subject) and the usual guilt and hints of angsty fluff that we always have with our problem bear. Enjoy!

“It’s nice, this dancing thing, Warden Blackwall.” her voice is low, next to his ear. Her full lips tickle slightly on the sensitive skin. “But I guess I have something even nicer.”

He looks up into her dark face and her deep grey eyes while they still move slowly to the distant music that barely reaches the balcony on which they were able to find some calm and  privacy after the rushed past hours in Halamshiral. A smile, hidden under his beard. “Is that so… Care to share, my lady?”

“Absolutely. Come with me.” and she takes his hand to sneak back into the palace, following long dark hallways, passing countless pompous rooms until they stop in front of a huge door. Odd enough, but she has a key and unlocks it.

“How…” he is speechless when they enter the ridiculous large and pointless luxurious bathroom.

“Empress Célene could simply not say no to this Ox-Woman asking for a simple favor after saving her precious life.” she does not bother to smile when she says this. He flinches like always when she uses the slur on herself. She seems not to notice, already busy to slip out of her uniform.

There’s a bathtub in the center, big enough to be called a basin. And it’s filled with water. Steaming hot and enriched with fragrances that make the whole room smell invitingly exotic.

He savors her beauty and the beautiful contrast her impressive dark appearance makes within this all white and golden shiny surrounding.

“So distracted, Warden?” She smiles. So broad that he can see her fangs that she usually hides around humans she does not wish to intimidate. “Don’t you want to join?” He literally wakes up. Begins to undress in a hurry. He won’t miss a second of this. A moment later he steps down into the milky, steaming hot water.

The basin is big enough, she can even float in it with her long arms and legs stretched out. He wades to the far end, where he finds a kind of bench to sit on. He places himself there, arms resting casually on the tubs’ edge and he keeps on watching, no, admiring her.

She enjoys the peace. Her eyes are closed and her ears are under water to intensify the quiet. She still floats on the opaque water. Her wonderful breasts perk out of milky white and also he can catch a glimpse of her delta where the water dwells between the island of black curls. She is beautiful.

He reaches out and grabs one of her hands, pulls her closer. “Come, my lady.” he asks. “Let me hold you for a while.”

She is different. Tonight. Now. He knows her being determined. Harsh at times, blunt and ruthless. Some would say even cold. A demanding leader, always hard but fair.

Now all this seems to be far away. A part of herself just for him. Soft and sweet she comes to his arms. Leans her back against his chest. Rests her head against his shoulder. He closes his arms around her. Wants her to feel safe and welcome. One hand caresses her cheek, her neck, her shoulder. He likes to believe that he is the only one who ever has heard her actually purr.

She rests her hands on his forearms that hold her tight. Caressing him with a soft touch, running her fingernails playful over his skin, playing casually with the silky hair that now clings onto his skin. She loves to move her hands over his body hair and he enjoys to watch her do it, likes the sensation of touch and the intimacy it holds.

“Do you like it here?” she eventually asks.

“Who wouldn’t?”

“I don’t know. I always thought you were not so fond of all the frilly kind of amusements the Orlesians use to fancy…”

He sighs. “To be honest, it doesn’t have to be all that frilly, but a hot bath at times has it’s perks. Old bones, you know?”

“Yeah, I can see that.” she mocks back, lolling cozily in his arms. “Maybe we should think about having a bathhouse at Skyhold, too.”

“Sounds good. Maybe you should suggest it to Josephine, I bet she would not oppose.”

She smiles and places a kiss on his cheek by turning her head. “It would be nice. But never as good as this moment here with you. Thank you for having always my back, Warden Blackwall. I would not know how to do all this without you.”

He turns to kiss her. Because he longs for her. And because he don’t know how to respond. And while they melt into a soft and passionate kiss, his heart bleeds over all the things he can’t tell.

Fresh Start

Pairing: Derek Hale x Y/N
Reader Gender: Female
Requested: Yes
Warnings: Mild violence
A/N: Y/EC = your eye color

External image

Someone once said that nothing hurts more than watching the one you love fall in love with someone else; and Y/N was pretty sure that they were right, it hurt like hell to watch the person you love, love someone else. But as she watched Derek start feeling something for Jennifer she moved out of the way, because her bother once told her that ‘if he truly loved you then he wouldn’t start loving her’. At the time she thought he was being harsh but now she sees how wise her baby brother is. 

Now Y/N was still in this small town and couldn’t get away from Derek or Jennifer. Every time she saw the two of them together it was like a knife to the gut. It didn’t take her long to pack up her stuff and move out of town. She honestly hated he thought of running away because she couldn’t stand the thought of her ex-boyfriend with another woman, but she refused to look at it like that; she was looking at it as a fresh start. 

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Anonymous asked:  Could you write an Alexander x reader fic with prompts 51 & 52, but with a happy ending please?

I know you said you wanted a happy ending but….,,,.,.,.., I just couldn’t find one. Maybe I’ll do a second part??? It was kinda hard to write bc this ‘’’’plot’’’’ is really overused but, I love angst. But I don’t really enjoy this one??? I’ve also linked a lot of real arguments I’ve seen and/or heard in this so idk how in character this is or how good but uh.

Prompt #51. “Go on then, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”
Prompt #52. “Go then, leave! See if I care!”

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