this threatens my marriage

BBC Jekyll sentence starters

1. “I’m your dark side, it’s not like we chat.” 

2. “S/he’s coming.” 

3. “At least they took the snotty one. That shows consideration.” 

4. “Trust me, I’m a psychopath.” 

5. “Husband/Wife. I have questions.” 

6. “You’re scared of me.” 

7. “I’m your new nanny.” 

8. “It’s called marriage, Honey.” 

9. “Are you threatening my family?” 

10. “Oh, this is so much better. Wine, a woman, and a tied-up old guy.” 

11. “They’ve turned off the cameras. All of them. No one can see or hear us…. Suckers.” 

12. “What do you think? Are you proud?” 

13. “S/he’s out of my head! Hallelujah, home alone!”

14. “All day, every day, without killing someone? What kind of life is that?”

15. “Three words: We are coming.” 

16. “S/he’s awake. I can feel him/her.” 

17. “S/he drank. S/he took the car. Why am I getting the look?”

18. “My dark side likes Mary Poppins. No wonder I was bullied at school.” 

19. “I love children, me. Snack-sized people, always leave you wanting more.”

20. “Gentlemen! If any harm should come to ______, I will kill all of you, one by one! And I will take. my. time.” 

21. “Oh, this feels good. Roomy! Look at all this space. I could put up shelves!” 

22. “Well isn’t that just so typical. That’s so like a wo/man, isn’t it? There’s always something they’re not telling you. ‘Sorry, Hun, should have mentioned I’m Dracula!’”