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you're a cis woman, you have no need for them/they special snowflakery transtrend pronouns bullshit. also, stop trying to pander to tumblr mentality with the whole "nb monsters" and "no no, there will be no cultural apropriashun!11" crap. i used to think you were an intelligent woman.

This might come as a shock to you, but I don’t think I care what your opinion of me is. I’m just a person making art and trying to not be an asshole. 

some songs to listen 2 if ur close to having an anxiety attack

i’ve always had issues w/ anxiety attacks and if available, i love to listen to music to calm me down - so i wanted to put a tiny list of songs together that chill me out when i feel overwhelmed and upset.

feel free to add any songs that make you feel good if u wanna!!!

okay so since you guys asked, here is, WITHOUT QUESTION, the oddest and most powerful object that I own.

so the story behind this thing is that I was performing as a mime in an alleyway in Boston for the 2013 Honk! festival. nothing special. I was with a band and we did about an hour worth of sets. 

so I (a mime) am like, a third of the way through the show and this lady just comes up to me, mid performance, and jams something into my hand and walks off. doesn’t make eye contact, nothin.

so I (a mime) just kind of hurriedly jam the object into my vest pocket and go on with the show. afterwards, I pull it out to take a look, and sealed my fate as this object’s new owner

it’s a postcard, and an OLD one. on it is a picture of an old-timey mime and it’s somehow the most disturbing object I’ve ever seen. it radiates a dark energy and I don’t like holding it. (I pulled it out to snap pics, then shoved it back into a drawer)

on the back, scrawled in writing that I’m pretty sure was already there and NOT done by the woman who handed this object of power to me, it says:

“What is the mime saying? Honk! that  (the mime)
the statue The one in Davis Square is saying
NO more War”
the young (man?) facing him was the first young man in Somerville to die in Vietnam
the woman next to him his mother
the mime empha”

what young man??? what woman?? it reads like a lost page of House of Leaves

just, this object has no possible explanation.

obviously it’s an object of strange power that was passed to me as its new owner. probably I could only get rid of it if I jammed it into the hand of another mime in mid-performance and ran away.


everyone out here’s all hyped up for halloween but i’m just here waiting for november to come around so that i can listen to christmas music without getting judged..

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Do you have advice or any good comebacks for homophobia. Some stupid homophobic kid in my drama class that says gays are bad and they'll go to hell. I came out as pan and was actually so happy and surprised that other people were gay/bi/pans too!

every time he says ur going to hell pull out a Monster energy drink TM chug it crush it against ur head and tell him ur already there