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🌟💖 to jonghyun: my sun, my moon, my stars, someone who i'll love forever  💖🌟

i don’t know how to start this properly so i’ll do so by saying i’m coping the best i can be given the circumstances but it still feels like there’s this void in my chest. 

when i first started listening to k-pop i figured it’d just be a fun pasttime for me and, for the most part, it has been. i just didn’t think i’d get as attached as i did to an idol as i did jonghyun because i’d never been the type to get super attached to celebrities to begin with but i was really drawn to him from the get go. i remember the first time i saw him in the “lucifer” mv. i was like: ”wow, who is that dude“ so i started looking into him and grew to like him quickly. this was before he started to show more of himself to shawols / the world. after that point he made his twitter and began to interact more with fans by showing how clever, intelligent, fun loving and socially conscious he was. and his sense of humor was so strange - which was something that i could relate to. that’s probably when i knew he was going to be my ult for a long time.

i remember when he supported kang eun ha back in late 2013 and i was so relieved because i was just starting to really come to terms with the fact that i was queer and it was comforting to know that my ult would accept me for that. in the short time that followed we were able to see him grow and develop as a person. he started to bare his soul to the world through blue night, always more than he was obligated to, and he was always graceful and thoughtful in doing so.

i remember at shinee’s fifth anniversary party when he debuted “beautiful tonight” to shawols. i was so proud of him because i knew that it’d always been his dream to make his own music and that was the FIRST time that he was able to share something with us that was completely his. 

when it comes to shinee .. i haven’t been here since the beginning. i became a fan during the summer of 2011 but i’ve always felt like i was present during the timeline that was the most pertinent in his growing as a human being.

blue night was always so special to me because it opened us up to a side of him that he had been careful to share before then. people had these fixed stereotypes about him and, while some have lingered on, he was able to blow most out of the water through the show. without blue night we wouldn’t have been able to hear a large percentage of his beautiful solo work. looking back i can see that this was a burden to him and it makes me ache knowing something he loved became such a weight for him but i’ll always cherish the work that he gave to us.

he was always trying so hard. it doesn’t take what happened to know that. he never shied away from telling us when he felt lost or lonely or upset and he never made fans feel as if they were wrong to feel that way either. honestly he never made fans feel like they were in the wrong for anything. he’d support them through even their most ridiculous (and some of the funnier stories he got on blue night were proof of that) and the love he had for us was undeniable. you could see it in his eyes whenever he was given the chance to be face-to-face with us: at events with shinee, for blue night, for himself. it always looked like he was … ridiculously content just breathing the same air as his fans. this extended to international fans as well. he didn’t speak up on it often but it was obvious he knew about the disconnect / distance that we’ve always felt in being so far away from him and shinee. we got “selene 6.23” to show for that one.

it was also thanks to jonghyun and the rest of shinee that i was able to make most of the close friends that i have today. that, and they were also so charming that i was able to have my older friends become a fan of them as well. they also gave me a reason to be able to travel twice in the last year and a half: once to chicago and another time to los angeles. i’ll always be grateful that i was able to see them twice - that i was able to see him twice.

i’m starting to feel too introspective so i’m going to switch over and talk about a few of my favorite things about him:

1) he wasn’t perfect. he made mistakes but he always apologized and tried to make amends for them in the end. he was constantly trying to better himself and become education / sensitive to a variety of issues. i feel he excelled there, really.

2) his love for roo. i think it goes without saying that a good deal of the funnier content involving him was related back to roo. and remember the time she photobombed minho taking a picture of jjong with his music show trophies? yeah.

3) how much of his life he dedicated to making his mom and sodam feel loved and appreciated. i really don’t know what else to add here that isn’t obvious already.

4) he wasn’t afraid to show the world the side of himself that was what most would regard as being “childish” or in geeking out about things that made him happy like naruto or how much he had fallen in love with (and been touched by) kimi no na wa.

5) when he wanted to cry he cried and he made sure that others were aware that it was alright to cry too, to be weak sometimes because to be “weak” is to really be strong.

6) he was such a great and caring friend. he just … was. there’s no denying that. he was always nonjudgmental and willing to be there for his friends at the drop of a hat when they needed him (like when he drove two hours to pick up dongwoo when he needed a ride home from a random location).

7) jinki. he was always a pillar of strength for him and this worked both ways. he took the spotlight for him when he wasn’t able to do it himself and he was always the first to understand his strange jokes and puns and play off of them.

8) kibum. he was kibum’s first friend when they became trainees. we’ll never know what kind of connection they had in full but it was obvious it was something special that went beyond words.

9) minho. minho is probably his biggest fan. he could read him like an open book and he was always the first to be there when he needed him most and it’s obvious that hasn’t changed even now.

10) taemin. he was HIS biggest fan. we all know that. he wasn’t just his friend and brother but his baby and you could see how proud he was to see him develop as both an artist and person. i’m glad he got to see up to now even though it hurts me he won’t see all he is capable of achieving.

11) the relationship he had with his blue night family - listeners included. they helped him so much. they gave him stories to use that helped broaden his work as a singer-songwriter and he developed meaningful friendships with both regular guests and pds.

12) taeyeon, suho, yoona, krystal, heechul, donghae, jungmo. all the friends that he made within sm when they began training who he knew for just as long as the other members of shinee. and all of those who have left sm since that were close to and meant a lot to him at a point as well, like luhan, jessica and tao. plus those that he became and stayed close to after debut. yeri, lee jonghyun, hongki, crush, zion.t, jung joon young, younha, tablo, wheesung, minkyung, gray, zico. i know they’re all hurting too.

13) he wrote a beautiful book where he used all main characters as a template to show different sides of himself to readers. he was writing another book too and i’m glad he was at least able to share his idea for it with us.

14) he was able to release four amazing solo albums in such a short amount of time and i honestly feel like he helped to break some of the bias sm had toward allowing their artists to release their own work.

15) he wasn’t afraid to gush over other men that he found attractive. looking back on his fanboying over gong yoo is always going to make me laugh.

16) i really loved how much he loved the moon and stars and space and mythology and all that whimsical stuff because he could be pretty whimsical himself at times.

17) how much of a dork he was for poetry. remember when he sent that wreath to wheesung with that bertolt brecht poem? iconic.

18) he really admired and looked up to prince. you could see his influence in both the sound and styling of his solo work and that makes the stereotypical minnesotan in me happy.

19) more of a random anecdote but how excited he was when he was dying his hair pink for “she is” promotions. the story about how he’d kept on showing the other members a photo of the shade he was trying for excitedly will always be one of my faves.

20) he was the kazoo king.

21) random little physical traits of his like his blingspot and all his pretty moles and birthmarks, his bottom teeth, how his legs were bowed.

22) how he pretty much laughed with his entire body and how his nose scrunched up when doing so. how expressive he was. how you could pretty much see every emotion he was trying to convey in his eyes and they’d sometimes sparkle like there was an entire universe in them (i used to say that a lot).

i’ll move on from the facts from now but this is … a lot. emotionally.

(death tw, suicide tw) honestly i feel like i can’t say much else that hasn’t already been said and that i won’t be able to completely do justice to who he was as an artist, bandmate, brother, son, friend, colleagues, so on and so forth. but you can feel it at least. i guess words?? aren’t really needed always?? you can feel it in how many people have went to pay their respects to him in the last day. he was SO loved and he left such a mark on the industry, not just of his immense and unique talent but because of how kind, generous, soft and understanding he was.

i’ve said this a few times already to close friends of mine but as much as it kills me to know that he’s gone and that he was in as much pain as he was i’m also relieved that he isn’t feeling that pain anymore. what else can you really say in situations like these. he hurt more than anyone deserves to and maybe it’s cheesy to say but a part of me feels like he was too good for this world. i’ve never really been religious but i hope that if there is an afterlife that he feels content, warm, happy and comfortable for once. maybe now he’s a star, hanging around the moon, or maybe he’s a star pup. that’d be wild. he’d probably love that. or maybe he’s jamming out with his favorite musicians who’ve passed. who knows.

anyway. i think that’s all i’m gonna say for now. in the future i may revisit this post - maybe i’ll add on to it or maybe i’ll use it as a template to make a new one. who knows but the only other thing i can say before closing this off is that he’ll always have a special place in my heart and i’ll never forget him.

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Phil never really expresses his love for Dan? He doesn't seem very outwardly loving to me.

Honey, you came to the wrong blog. I’ve put my writing fingers on and there’s a storm coming for you.

Just this year, Phil has featured Dan in at least 11 of his videos. Some of those videos, Dan wasn’t even a necessary part of. But Phil still included him, happily. 

Phil has also included Dan in 17 (including a drawing) instagram photos just this year, including beautiful ones from Singapore (may we never forget).

Dan went to the fucking Bahamas just so he could stay with Phil and Phil’s family on a vacation, and I don’t know who would do that for someone who wasn’t loving. On that note, who would plan a second world tour with someone who wasn’t loving? Who would move into a third apartment with someone who wasn’t loving? 

Phil helped Dan film his video about depression, which I’m sure was difficult for both of them to relive, and then he posted about world mental health day and wore a fucking cheese costume on a liveshow pretty much just because Dan wanted him to. He showed his support for Dan and the video through a liveshow of his own as well.

Throughout the year, he’s mentioned Dan in pretty much every liveshow I’ve watched. He told people to buy tickets to events that he himself wouldn’t even be at, just so they could see Dan. He would do promos for every video that Dan uploaded, and give reasons as to why people should watch. He’d also tell people to subscribe to Dan, even though Dan already has like 2 million more subscribers than him.

They made a board game together, and it was originally Phil’s idea, but when people pointed that out he made it clear very quickly that Dan turned an idea into an actual thing and helped make the game just as much as he did. He gave Dan every bit of credit that he could, to the point it was like, “alright, we get it, you did it together!”

Most recently, Dan went up to Isle of Man just to spend a few days with Phil and his family for the holidays. In Dan’s own words, he went for a day, which makes it even more ridiculous than if he went for 3-4. 

Taking things into consideration that weren’t just from this glorious year (excluding a very important thing we don’t talk about): Dan said he randomly showed up at Phil’s door to do laundry when he was in college, and the first thing Phil asked was if he was moving in. That doesn’t sound like an unloving person. And I doubt Dan would have went to Phil in the first place if Phil was a jerk. 

And then there’s that video where Dan got really sick and had to go to the hospital, and Phil stayed by his side the entire time. Through hours in the waiting room, and then before and after his surgery. I’m sure he was the one to take the photo that Dan had of him lying in the hospital bed. Listen to this: My dad didn’t even stay with my mom at the hospital overnight when she thought she was having a fucking HEART ATTACK. He left and came home cause he was “tired” and “needed sleep.” But 23(?) year old Phil stayed at the hospital with Dan. I believe it was during that time that he also brought Dan McDonald’s because the hospital food sucked.

Dan’s stuck up for Phil multiple times when Phil wouldn’t stick up for himself, which I never find myself doing for someone who shows me nothing in return. “Can Phil express an opinion?” is one moment, but others include calling a pizza place when Phil burnt his mouth on cheese, calling people out when they copied Phil’s 7 second challenge video without giving him credit, and going on a rant when a fitness trainer overworked him at the gym.

But going back to the 7 second challenge- That was also Phil’s idea, but he included Dan in that as well… And OH YEAH, he also asked if Dan could be a part of the radio show with him when BBC1 only asked him to do it. What a jerk!!

He was the one who convinced Dan to start YouTube, he was the one who helped Dan when Dan didn’t know what to do about college, he was the one there through Dan’s existential crises, he was the one who Dan wanted to go back to all the time when they lived apart, he’s still the one that Dan wants to go back home to now, and if you ever come to me saying that he’s not outwardly loving I will outward-lovingly take you down to the park and whoop your butt. Have a lovely day!


So I’m here to go on another mini rant about a YouTuber.

BrisxLife on YouTube. He is a reactor who came into the Kpop world reacting to BTS. And there are a lot of people on YouTube who first get into Kpop reacting to BTS/EXO/GOT7. A lot of them start out with those 3 groups and then kind of branch out to others and get to know them. And to be honest, I like watching people get to know members and music and I like to see genuine reactions. I have zero issues with new fans. Late to the party? So what! At least you’re here now. However, when someone is a shitty person, I’m not about it.

#1: This man just started reacting to kpop 3 months ago. And I am NOT hating on the fact that he is a new fan, but his ego is ENORMOUS. He watched a video of a guy calling him out on YouTube, and he said “I have been reacting to videos for 3 months and I have done more for the kpop community than you ever have.” First off, you don’t even fucking know this guy. He could’ve done loads for the kpop community (he hasn’t, but it’s the point.) Second, what the hell have you done for the kpop community? You react to videos and took people’s money to go to the AMAs. “I am a black man reacting to kpop. That’s unique.” No? It…isn’t? That’s the amazing thing about the kpop community. There is so much diversity and all different races and people from all different places. You are NOT the only black guy who likes kpop or reacts to it. “I have the littest vlog at the AMAs watching BTS. Go search it up right now.” Dude, I’ve seen better camera work done by my 5 year old nephew. “BTS official twitter put me in their article.” Okay? Now you’re just bragging about shit. “I was on the news in South Korea. Like? Come on.” Dude, calm down. Your fucking ego is the size of Australia.

#2: When he watched this video calling him out, he said “You need to deactivate your comments on this video. Because if you don’t, you’re going to be very sad tonight. Because Bris Gang (literally the name he gave his ‘fans’. Literally gave himself his own fandom name), we’re going to go over there and we’re going to flood the comments.” Seriously telling people to go send hate to someone and ENCOURAGING it. When he says on his channel “I just want to make people happy. I want to make people smile.”

#3: He made a GoFundMe and gave his PayPal link asking Armies to send him money so he could go and see BTS perform at the AMAs. He said in his video that he promised he would have the littest vlog at the AMAs if they did this for him and that he might even get to meet them. Lmao. In the end, they gave him over a grand. And this guy lives in compton. Which is like at most an hour drive to LA. He didn’t need that much. He just needed money for a ticket basically. So he went out, bought himself a new suit, and went to see BTS. To be honest, it rubs me the wrong way that he, a grown man with a job, asked his viewers which are 85% young teenagers….for money to go see BTS. It really made me go…what the fuck.

#4: He captioned a CL reaction “I wish CL was in BTS. She should be in BTS.” ……

And captions his Hyuna reactions “Leaving my girl for Hyuna tonight!!” Or “I left my girl for Hyuna!”

Note to his girlfriend: Please fucking drop him. Please.

#5: There is a video circulating right now of Korean people reacting to BTS’ worldwide success. To which one girl said in the interview “EXO is more popular. I like EXO more.” Which is bound to happen sometimes? Some people prefer different groups? Like…that’s a thing. BTS isn’t the only group that exists. And EXO are a bit more popular in Asia than BTS. That is actually true. And he reacted to this video and when that girl said that he paused it and went “Hold on.” And then acted like he was zipping his mouth shut, locking it and throwing away the key. And then went on to say “I mean…BTS is…you know…they’re BTS.” With a look on his face like 'Come on, you know what I mean.’ I mean…yeah they are BTS. That’s correct. And EXO is EXO. And they are also incredibly talented. And deserve fans and love as well. This is why some fanwars start. We don’t need this.

#6: He was watching a series on YouTube called An Introduction To BTS. And each member has a 20+ minute video that this person took their time to make basically telling you important things about each member. When he was watching Jin’s version, there was a part in the video where it talked about how during their debut stage, his pants fell down due to the mic pack being too heavy on them and when the stage was over, he cried. And he looked at the screen with this like 'what the fuck’ face and said “Why are you crying man? Cut that shit out.” Or something like that in a really weird way. Like saying men shouldn’t cry or it was a stupid thing to cry over. Okay first off, idols train for a long time, some for 5+ years and they expect every detail to be perfect when they debut, and a lot of idols…including Jin, pick at themselves and think that they aren’t good enough or talented enough and they try so hard. Imagine training for years for this one moment and perfecting it, only for the moment to come…and your pants fall down. That is definitely a reason to cry. He was upset and disappointed. Leave him alone.

#7: As everyone knows, the kpop world lost a beautiful, incredible talent 2 weeks ago. Kim Jonghyun of SHINee. I miss him so much. May he always rest in peace. And BrisxLife took advantage of this tragedy, and made reaction videos to either just Jonghyun or SHINee all together with #RIPJonghyun in the title of all of them and put them into parts. He even made a reaction to a tribute video. Who makes a reaction to a tribute video? So just that in general…rubbed me the wrong way. But wait, there’s more. He MONETIZED three of these videos. T H R E E. For those of you who don’t know, that is when you turn something on on your videos on YouTube to make MONEY off of them. It is automatically off when you upload and you choose to turn it on. So he was making money off of a tragedy. Off of someone’s pain. Someone’s depression. Someone’s suicide. And if that isn’t one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard…I have no idea what is.

Anyway in conclusion: BrisxLife rubs me the wrong way and makes me uncomfortable. He has done nothing for the kpop community? Lmao. He has made a bad name for kpop reactors. And he has made money off of tragedy. And I can only speak for myself but…as an ARMY…I don’t fucking claim this guy. And that concludes another one of my rants about a YouTuber.

Shit Oh Sehun did in 2017

-Mistook Jeonghan (svt) for Johnny (nct)

-Movie date with suho

-Slayed at the gaon chart award show with a solo dance

-Paris vacation/date with suho

-Got called best dressed man at a Louis Vuiton catwalk and then proceeded to spend the next day walking around Paris with a hood, baseball cap and a cowboy hat on his head all at one time

-Revealed his bed time snuggle routine with Suho, no shame attached

-Was supposed to debut as an Actor Oh in February, but didn’t…

-Was supposed to debut as an Actor Oh in March, but didn’t…

-Got an award for being himself (popularity award)

-Was supposed to debut as an Actor Oh in April, but didn’t…(NoT EvEn a FRackin TraIleR)

-Waved to a tablet instead of the camera, tried to play it cool by continuing to do so

-Posted about his big chilli… 0.0

-Got 15 points on a drawing game while everyone else got over 100 (he drew love hearts and wrote ‘I’m sorry’ for everything and still couldn’t accept being last)

-Howled because of sour pickles

-Members accuse him of being the prime suspect when food goes missing in the fridge, he agrees

-Used binoculars the wrong way round and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t see (Suho to the rescue and an embarrassed osh as a result)

-Gets driven around by big brother chanyeol

-CAN SING (might as well be in exo’s vocal line)

-Biyak Biyak 4 lyfe

-Rubbed his head on a random guy’s stomach (who looks like he’s his sugar daddy)

-Made suho sad because he didn’t go to a premier with him, but went to a festival with Chanyeol and guy whose stomach he rubbed his head on

-Danced (????) at said music festival. By dance I mean chicken fingers at the crowd wtf @ exo’s main dancer

-Can ya tell iv given up on the debut of Actor Oh

-Graced his instagram with such artistic pictures of rice, spoons and cereal

-Only one ft BoA returns

-KING OF SPOILERS sehun the cereal rice (kokobop) poster

-KING OF SPOILERS PT2 dancing the dance with kai can you all please stop this isn’t good for me

-Comments ‘is this exo’s official account?’ On exo’s official account

-“What did you do in preperation for this album?” “Loyalty”

-Passionately talked about eel reproduction

-“Favorite fruit?” “Water with ice”

-Gave flowers to the members because he’s their cute baby omfh (it was a punishment but same thing)

-*gives Kai a rose* “it fits you, you’re sexy and dark red suits you”

-Baekhyun confirms Sehuns big DIACK

-“Sehun has absolutely no interest I’m women. How do I know? Sehunnie said he has no interest in women”- Baekhyun

-Bragged about a really good noodle place, took 30+ people to eat and payed for them- but the food was disappointing

-“Say something to the EXO-L for their birthday” *sehun claps*


-*brags about his dog at every chance he gets, literal protective father to vivi* “I am a cat person”


-“We’ve been roommates for 6 years I want to cross the line”

-Producer Oh

-“I’ve arrived!” \(-°o°-)/

-Date in NYC with suho (ft the third wheel JD)

-Pulls out chair for suho

-“Its enough just to film me, suho’ s voice in the background is fine”

-Couldn’t believe that a waitress in NYC can’t speak Korean

-Theatre date with suho (ft the late third wheel JD)

-Kicks suho out of their room

-SBS power fm- more like 2 hours of sehun whinning and crying from embarrassment while suho laughs

-“I really like chocolate milk. I think it’s love”

-“Sehunnie is upset~ upset~ really really upset… huhuu” AEGAO KING WHAY

-“I’ve been having a hard time too. At times like this, we should all embrace each other. There’s something I always tell the members and that is to to ‘hug/embrace (me)’. Let’s cheer each other on, got it everyone? Cheer up always and yea, that’s it” and this is why we love our baby

-Sehun irl- “I love all my hyungs to the moon and back #se-rang-hai-yo”
Sehun in manwha- “who cares”

-LA date with suho


-“Let’s goo” \(^o^!)__

-Just sehun trying to control his face while riding the drift car

-King of being HOT, calm and panicking at the same time when their car stalled

-Also Oh Sehun driving someone hold me

-Heart-shaped sweatpatch on his back

-“Excuse me… sir… ketchup ketchup yahh… thank you”

-“The hardest time isn’t when we have a lot of schedule but when the members have different opinions (argue). It saddens me a lot”

-Me me da

-Fan- “do sehun and i have something in common?”
Sehun- “we’re human”

-Las Vegas date with suho

-Volunteers suho to go sky diving first like the little shit he is

-Wears a dress shirt and leather shoes to sky diving

-Acts like he isnt shitting himself on the zipwire

-Shamelessly wore nothing underneath an easily unzip-able hoodie

-MC Oh

-“Who is the scariest hyung?” “All of them”

-Tries to prank suho by putting a sticker on him, fails misrebly and then loses the sticker

-White suit blue shirt

-Chanyeol saying Sehuns voice is so good he wants to produce him PLEs


-Hello councellor MC’s @ seho “stop touching eachother are you guys coming out right now?”

-Sehun @ LVTN

-Gets customised bags from LVTN

-Sehun @ Moncler (also makes the CEO come out just to take pictures with him we love a powerful man)

-Peace signs in his pockets when hes told not to do it

-Doesnt follow seungri back on insta because aesthetics

-Omfg okay elyxion antics begins here


-Wrote and co produced his solo In At thE CONCERT COZ WE LOVE A TALENTED KING

-Lovingly strokes suhos face during touch it

-Comforts kai, upset because he made a mistske in his solo, during cmb

-Danced to ka-ching with CBX

-Suho “after our concert ended at midnight yesterday, sehun and i went back to our door and boiled 20 eggs. 2 adult men peeled them seriously and ate 10 eggs”

-Kisses baekhyuns neck

-Eats pizza at the concert after holding back for months, members happy give us one last chance at seeing THE ABS

-Went crazy and got chanyeol too drunk on his birthday

-Fansites “please dont crop our watermark we work really hard for these pictures”
Sehun ;)

-Cute instalive of him just trying on the filters and telling us not to be stressed and play


-“OK!! goo” *pouts*

-“Hey dog, look at me~”

-“Cheese many manyyy”

-*is just standing there posing*
Photographer “youre cute”

-Didnt know it was just him, kai and baekhyun in the lightsaber mv

-“Sehunnie makes the most delicious soju” byun baekhyun


-Makes a personal training room in their dorm that can barely fit his own ass

-Supports suho at his musical despite both going through a tough time

-Struggles with the rudolph hat


-Subtly strokes suhos face on a national award show

-Make chanyeol kneel whenever he wants something from him. We love our king

-Curly haired solo on mbc gayo

-A beautiful family picture from Oh Sehun to end 2017


Cr. Lerandomexotic

I had a lot of fun making this, just thought i needed to record sehuns never ending loveble antics etc

Feel free to add whatever else i missed

Hopefully he’ll just keep getting crazier next year too, and exo themselves will grow to be greatet and stronger

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if luke and leia were born during the clone wars

like, during season 4, not after when everything went terribly wrong

- Padme, 6-9 months pregnant, rushes into combat all the time. Anakin has an aneurysm. “YOU ARE A SENATOR. HOW DO YOU GET SHOT AT ALL THE TIME???” and yet she never actually takes damage because she is ~flawless~

- officially, Padme’s children have no father. In an interview with the press, she said “I wanted a baby, so I acquired one” and that’s that. unofficially, anyone with the Force knows Anakin is the father. Honestly, anyone with eyes knows Anakin is the father.

- because you know how Anakin and Padme are the least subtle secret couple? Yeah, that goes out the window when she gets pregnant. Anakin kisses her mid-battle and smooches her back at camp and watches her with stars in his eyes and professes his love for her all the time. When Padme asks about this, he just shrugs and says “well they haven’t kicked me out of the order yet!”

- which is mostly because of Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan is deliberately pretending he didn’t see his former padawan makeout with a senator. it’s like, okay, he knows he’s supposed to do something about this, but they are in the middle of a war, and if they have to kick Anakin out of the Order right now for knocking up a senator then they will lose this war. Obi-Wan has more important things to worry about than Anakin’s libido. 


- speaking of the clones, oh man, they are so fiercely protective of Padme. She is their general’s lady and their senator and they would gladly die before letting her or her babies get hurt.

- (but also, preggars Padme makes them sad, because will any of them ever get that for themselves? probably not–they were made to die, and with the rapid aging…but maybe one day…)

- Rex has absolutely had to go get weird food combinations in the middle of the night for his general’s wife. absolutely. that is in Rex’s job description.

- also you thought Padme gave effective speeches before? Imagine pregnant Padme giving speeches about needing to end the war for peace for the future. 110% approval rating comes from soft pregnancy glow.

- the twins are born on a battlefield in a camp where there’s blasterfire and smoke not two feet away. Obi-Wan is there, and he intends to tell Anakin and Padme both that he’s sorry, that they’ll get the twins for a little while, but they’ll have to go to the temple, they’ll have to be raised in the creche–

- but then luke is born, and the Force screams at Obi-Wan this is your padawan and obi-wan goes “oh” softly.

- also, Leia comes into the world and Ahsoka watches and goes “oh look it’s my padawan. I mean I’m a padawan myself but that girl is going to be my padawan some day this is rad.”

- so Anakin relaxes a bit, ‘cause the Force is going to take care of its grandchildren okay, it wants it’s favorite son to be happy.

- which means Palpatine has lost any and all chance of converting Anakin to the dark side. It will never happen now.

- i’m not saying that after they are born, Anakin and Padme strap a twin each to their back and then head out into battle, but Luke and Leia’s first lullaby is the sound of blasterfire and lightsabers

Seriously, Jk? (Right in front of my salad?)

Jungkook’s mouth to brain filter malfunctioning yet again and leaving me speechless. Like, really, Jk, REALLY??

1. You mean to tell us that of all the times you went to Japan, your most memorable moment is Jimin sleeping until noon? Not the sights, the food, nor Disney, not even something that you personally did, but Jimin playing on his phone till late and waking up 3 hours past the time? Of all the possible things literally the most uninteresting and mundane thing ever!

2. Or maybe you just can’t get past your personal trip and wanted to mention it but couldn’t find a safer option to talk about?

3. OR simply everything Jm does is fascinating to you. You did after all made a whole video of 90% Jimin and 10% Tokyo. Yet another proof that this trip was important to Jk not because of where they were, but because he was with Jimin, they were together!

4. And how exactly did Jimin kept you awake, Jk? Maybe by sharing a room with you? (Is this the new doing laundry?)

5. No one, literally no one finding this story interesting but Jk!

6. Jhope trying to salvage the situation by interrupting Kook but NO!!! The bunny wants to share his story so he shall not drop it! Even when they all went “oh… (internally screaming: not again)”

7. And God, was it beyond awkward! The reactions of the other members were like “please, for the love of everything holy don’t bring this up”. The “oh..”, the silence, the strange glances 😂

8. Jk’s satisfied expression after his little rant was so funny! He was so happy with himself like he legit gave a meaningful answer and not the most bizarre and uncalled for ever! Like, do you not notice the mood you created? Do you not see how only you find this memorable or do you simply just not care anymore?

9. Jimin’s embarrassed but also secretly proud and happy little smile like “I love you , Bae and I appreciate the sentiment but maybe not now?”

10. The 10th time one of them has brought their trip together. When they went, all of us were freaking about not disturbing them, we thought they would act distant around each other after it and maybe wouldn’t ever mention it. But oh, how wrong we were! Not only are they acting more questionably gay than ever but they are not shy about it either! “Where do you want to go” “Disney”. “New Japanese words you learnt?” “Steak bowl” (two times). “Most memorable moment in Japan?” “Oh, when Jiminie hyung and I..”

This is the overall goddamn mood of the century!!! If this ain’t the “Arrest me” pt.2 I don’t know what else is. It is so awkward, so funny and so goddamn fond! Like, really get you a man like Jungkook! Someone who knows everything about you, who remembers even the smallest things. Someone who is so excited to travel with you and to share the experience! Who will make a whole video about you for the world to see!

Jimin is seriously so spoiled, so loved and so cherished (like he rightfully deserves). It warms my cold little heart to be honest. Jikook is thriving and I am living for it!

P.S: all in all judging by how elated and fond Jungkook looked to talk about it, I really do believe the whole trip was very important and precious to Jk (both of them actually). Maybe it truly helds a special place in his heart. He probably is reminiscing about how they were free from all schedule to just enjoy themselves, just the two of them, free to wake up late next to each other, cuddle and kiss in bed with no worries. It may have been the happiest moment they had in a long time. I hope they have many more chances like this.

Zuko X Reader - Hopeless

Request:  Could I have an imagine for A:TLA? Zuko is hopelessly in love with you but while you do return his feelings, you refuse to make any ‘big’ decisions before the war is over, so could the imagine include his many attempts of sealing your hand for him? -Anon

Well, here ya go! It’s really long, like over 2000 words oops.

Yesterday you had kissed Zuko. Today you were avoiding him.

While you and Zuko were close, and you both had strong feelings for each other, you wanted to wait until the war was over and done with to make any rash decisions regarding your relationship with him. It would hurt you too much if something happened to him and you were together. At least this way, if one of you was seriously injured, or even killed, you wouldn’t be losing a partner. You’d only be losing your friend.


“Zuko, I told you. I can’t, okay? I can’t make any huge decisions right now.”

“Can I remind you that you kissed me yesterday? That seemed like a pretty huge decision.”

“I was tired and overcome with emotions then. I just think it’s best we not get involved romantically until after… all this.”


“I have to go, Zuko. Toph wanted to spar.” You began to walk away, but paused a moment to look back at the teen. “I just don’t want to risk losing my boyfriend as well as my best friend.” Zuko nodded, which you took as a cue to leave. Zuko understood the reasoning behind not wanting to make the decision before the war, but he thought that was all the more reason to make the decision. If you were about to go to war, it would be good to let go of your feelings, right?

Zuko was determined to at least get you to admit you loved him before the war was over.

Attempt #1: Flowers

“Katara?” Zuko held a bouquet of flowers in his hand. It was small, and the flowers were mostly wilted as they had been growing in a shady, sad spot in a forest, but it was a bouquet nonetheless. He was bringing them to the waterbender to see if she could maybe perk them up, or at least to see if the flowers had the stamp of approval before being given to you.


“I have a question. If someone gave you these flowers, would you accept them?” He held the small bouquet out to the girl, and she looked at them before reaching out a hand to hold them closer and take a better look.

“Well, they’re kind of sad, Zuko. Are these for (Y/N)?”

“Yeah.” He pulled his hand away as Katara grabbed the entire bouquet.

“Oh, nice flowers. I didn’t know you and Katara were a thing, Zuko.” You seemed to come out of nowhere, just in time to see Katara taking the flowers from Zuko’s outstretched hands.

“Oh no, I’m not- we’re not… I was just-”

“Relax, I was joking. Katara, Sokka wants us to go get some supplies.”

“Alright, I’m coming.” She handed the bouquet back to Zuko, giving him a quick look of pity before walking off with you. As you walked away from Zuko, Katara leaned closer to your ear. “They were for you, you know.” You sighed, nodding your head.

“I know.”

Zuko simply frowned at your receding figures. He was going to have to try harder to get you.

Attempt #2: Fire

It was a rare night, everyone huddled around a fire, laughing and acting like the world was alright. Katara and Aang sat next to each other, talking in hushed tones to themselves. Sokka was poking at the fire, making sure he kept it aflame despite the fact there were two individuals who could firebend sitting across from him. Toph was doing her best to make Sokka’s attempts fail, sticking rocks up into the fire and kicking pebbles in Sokka’s general direction. You and Zuko just sat next to each other, watching the others and occasionally saying a few words.

You were tired. It was rare you had a night that you weren’t stressing or working, and you wanted to take this opportunity to sleep early, but spending time with the rest of the Gaang was so rare that you were sticking it out. After your fifth yawn in twenty minutes, though, Zuko nudged your shoulder.

“Hey, go to bed if you’re so tired.”

“I’d much rather stay out here with everyone. Besides, it’s more comfortable out here, right?” You and Toph had bent some makeshift couch-like seats for everyone to sit on, and sitting with Zuko on one of the rock couches by a fire was much more comfortable than laying on the ground with only a blanket and a small, worn pillow.

“Go get some rest, (Y/N).”

“I’m not-” you yawned “-that tired.” Zuko simply rolled his eyes, as if to say, “Whatever you say,” and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

Only thirty minutes later, however, you had fallen asleep. You were pressed against Zuko, arms wrapped around his waist and head resting on his shoulder. Your hair tickled his neck, and your breathing was loud, but he made no effort to move you. Instead, he asked Sokka to grab his blanket and pillow and got comfortable.

The next morning you woke up to the sound of Aang’s laughter and Appa’s noises. You opened your eyes to see Aang playing with his beloved animal, which as strange because you didn’t remember falling asleep outside. It wasn’t until you sat up that you realized you and Zuko had fallen asleep around the fire. You quickly got up, leaving Zuko with the blanket, and went to change. You ran into Katara moments later, and she looked at you with knowing eyes.

“Friends fall asleep with friends, Katara,” you insisted, but she knew what was really going on. Zuko might just succeed in his quest after all.

Attempt #3: Sparring

It was good to practice, especially with the war coming up. You and Zuko were doing just that, sparring in an attempt to brush up on your skills.

“I’m probably not the best person to be practicing with,” you had said over and over, knowing that Zuko planned on going after his sister and that he should be practicing with Aang, a firebender. But Zuko had other plans. He didn’t really need to practice, he just wanted to spend some alone time with you, and work on getting you to admit your feelings out loud.

“It’s fine. It’s always nice to spar with an earthbender.”

“I can go get Toph, she’s a better opponent.”

“No, no, you’re fine.” With that, you two began to train. Toph had taught you some moves, and you were now able to sense where people were with your earthbending. You were practicing that by trying to spar Zuko with your eyes clamped shut.

“You sure you can do that?” he kept asking you, but you nodded every time.

“I’m good. I’m pro.” You would laugh and send a rock his way. Now, you were far from pro. You could kind of sense where he was going, but when it came to his bending, you had no clue when it was coming or where it was going. You were on your butt more than you were on your feet.

“Yeah, you’re a real pro,” Zuko said, holding his hand out to help you get up. You sensed this and reached out to grab it. He pulled you to your feet quickly, and you were launched up. You opened your eyes to see Zuko’s face mere inches away from yours, and you felt his arms hovering around your waist. “Sorry. You’re light,” he said, not making an effort to move away from you. He was staring into your eyes, and you were staring into his enchanting gold ones. You two stayed like this for what seemed like ages. You wanted to pull away, but you simply couldn’t bring yourself to it.

“Hey, (Y/N), using those techniques I’ve been teaching you?” You were broken from your trance and quickly pulled away from Zuko, knowing that Toph would be able to sense how close you two were.

“Yeah. I’m not too good, though.” You laughed, glancing over at Zuko as you did so. “I kept getting knocked off my feet. Think we could practice some more?”

“Sure, I’m not doing anything.” Toph waved, motioning for you to follow her, and you shot Zuko a quick apologetic look.

“I’ll ask Aang if he wants to spar you. Seriously, it’d be better to train with someone who would actually be a challenge.” Zuko shook his head.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll go to town for some food or something.” You shrugged and walked off with Toph, who was shooting you a grin.

“So, you and Zuko were pretty close together back there.”

“Oh, shut up.”

Attempt #4: Clothes

“Zuko! Hey, I need your help with something.” You had your head stuck out of your tent, and you were motioning for Zuko to come in. He slipped in and you immediately began to talk. “Okay, so I thought that since we’re hiding out in the Fire Nation for a bit I should wear some Fire Nation clothing, right? But I think I look ridiculous in it.”

“Ridiculous how?”

“Ridiculously out of place.”

“Let me see.” You dropped the blanket you were using to cover yourself to reveal your outfit. A red, midriff-baring top and a pair of simple red pants. Zuko began to laugh, and you quickly went to cover yourself again. “No, no. You only ridiculous because you tied the top wrong.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. Here, turn around, I’ll fix it.” You spun, and Zuko began to fix the top.

“Thanks. I’m glad I didn’t go outside looking like a complete idiot.” You could feel Zuko’s breath against your neck as he chuckled softly.

“Only I would’ve noticed.”

“Still.” You felt his hands brush against your back as he finished tying your top.

“There. I fixed you.” You turned around and gave him a smile.

“Thanks, Zuko.”

“No problem, (Y/N).” Once again you were in a situation where neither of you could look away. You were frozen.

“Well, I better leave. Now that I can go into town, I want to look at some stuff in this shop Katara told me about.” You broke the trance, moving around Zuko to leave your tent. “Thank you again.” Zuko simply smiled in response, and you left him alone in your tent.

Attempt #5: Before the Battle

“(Y/N).” You stopped to turn to Zuko, who had just called your name.

“Yeah?” You were getting ready to go with Katara and Zuko to find Azula, and you still had to grab one more thing when Zuko called you.

“Look, we’re about to go fight my sister. She’s really dangerous.” You nodded your head.

“I know, Zuko. Can I go? I have to grab something…”

“(Y/N), just wait.” He put his arm on your arm to keep you from leaving, and you looked up at him. Once again, you were trapped in his golden eyes. Slowly, he leaned down and connected his lips to yours. You found yourself almost kissing back, but you pulled away.

“Zuko, I-” Words escaped you. You couldn’t think of what to say. “I can’t kiss you.”

“But you have.” Zuko had tried to understand, but at this point, he couldn’t. You were kissing him back, dammit! But you still wouldn’t admit anything. “(Y/N), I love you. I’m in love with you, you know that. How could you not? But you still refuse to admit your feelings for me. I just want to hear it once, ‘I love you, Zuko.’ Just once, (Y/N).” You bit your lip.

“Zuko, I’m sorry. I’ve made my decision. Not until after this.” You shook your head, a sad look on your face. “Look, I have to grab something, then we can leave. Go get Katara.”

Zuko had messed up. He realized that as you walked away.

What Got You:

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Zuko was taunting Azula, something about not using lightning. Azula then shot some lightning at Katara, who Zuko quickly jumped in front of. He was struck, fell to the ground, and you heard yourself and Katara scream as Azula laughed. You began to sprint towards Zuko, but Azula shot at you with some fire, so you stayed back. Katara tried to approach him to heal him, but Azula then began to fire at her.

There were tears streaming down your eyes. You watched in fear as Azula went after Katara, but you knew the waterbender could handle herself, so you ran to Zuko. You collapsed beside him, held his hand, begged him to be alright. It felt like ages before Katara chained Azula down and ran over to heal the fallen prince.

“Thank you, Katara,” he mumbled after she had worked her magic. He sat up slowly and looked from Katara to you. You were both crying.

“Zuko,” you whispered through your tears. “Zuko, I thought you were going to…” You broke into tears again, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso, momentarily forgetting his was injured. “I thought I was going to lose you.” Zuko loosened your grip around his body and looked you in the eyes. He reached a hand up to wipe a tear from your cheek.

“You tied your top incorrectly,” he said after a moment, causing you to giggle slightly through your tears. “It’s actually better that way, I think.” You couldn’t stand it anymore. You leaned in and captured his lips with yours. It was a gentle, sweet kiss, and you never wanted it to end.

“I love you,” you whispered against Zuko’s lips. “I’m in love with you.”

“I know,” Zuko mumbled back, a small smile playing on his lips. “Now kiss me again.”

It’s a Fuck Yes (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Request: 7 with Steve 💕

Prompt: “You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.”

Word Count: 1384

A/n: I hope you guys like this. I think it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written.   It’s almost the holidays so I wanted to wish you all a Happy Holidays!! ❤️❤️❤️

Originally posted by finnwolfshards

Desperate times called for desperate measures. Steve knew he couldn’t talk to Jonathan, what with you being his twin sister, and Nancy was completely off the table. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, things were still too awkward for him just appear out of no where to talk to his ex girlfriend about his feelings for another girl.

Steve resorted to talking to the next best person: Dustin Henderson. While the kid had never had a girlfriend before, let alone fallen in love with a girl, (that he knew of), Steve knew that Dustin’s advice would be honest. Besides, over the weeks he had spent with him, the older teen had bonded with the young boy and had come to trust him more than almost anyone in the world at this point.

That’s how he had gotten himself sitting in Dustin’s living room ranting about his feelings for (Y/n) Byers.

“Just calm down Steve.” Dustin tried to reassure Steve, but it wasn’t working. “If this is about how you think Nancy will react, she’s long over you dude.”

“This isn’t about Nancy.” He rubbed his temple in frustration.

“Well, if it’s about Jonathan, then I think you’re in the clear.” Steve sighed lightly but disagreed.

“I just don’t think that Jonathan thinks that I’m enough for (Y/n). You know?” Steve looked desperately at the young teen. “I’m just the guy who can’t get an A for his life and whose parents don’t care for him enough to ever show up to anything.” He paused feeling tears trying to break their way through. He hated being vulnerable. His father always told him that it meant he was being weak.

Son,” Steve’s father spoke, “Don’t ever let your guard down. Crying is for losers, and losers don’t win in life.”

That was one of his motto’s in life and Steve Harrington could never forget it, ‘crying is for losers,’ would play in his mind on repeat. It was one of the only pieces of advice his father ever gave him, but it hurt him more than it helped him.

Dad.” A young 11 year old Steve came crying to his father. “I miss you. You’re always gone and I miss you.” Unlike most parents who would scoop their child up in their arms and coo, saying ‘I know bud, I miss you too, but everything will be alright,’ like Steve expected, instead, his father yelled.

What have I told you about crying Steve?” His father’s voice was raised and harsh.

Defeatedly and scared, Steve replied, “crying is for losers, and losers don’t win in life. I know dad but-“

But nothing Steve, I didn’t raise a quitter. I didn’t raise a cry baby.”

Steve looked down sadly and nodded, “Yes sir.” He replied walking out of his fathers office, but on his way out he muttered under his breath, “you didn’t raise me at all.”

So, from then on, Steve Harrington was cautious about showing his vulnerabilities, but he knew in that moment, he could be sad for a split second because he knew that Dustin would never judge him. “The Byer’s are a tight knit family,” he continued, “and I’ve never had that.” This went deeper than Steve’s fear of rejection from Jonathan or even from you. “How am I supposed to love her like she deserves, if I don’t know how?”

Steve’s parents had never been there for him, which resulted in him hiding his abandonment in jokes and silly gags. In doing so, he had lost himself a little bit to the popularity of being King Steve, and was glad that Dustin and the kids were helping him find himself again. But the best thing that came with being himself, was being able to spend more time with you.

“Steve. You’ve proven countless times to the Byer’s that you are worth trusting. You’ve proven to everyone that you are worth trusting.” Dustin smiled at his ‘mentor.’ “You’ve changed a lot in the past year.” He laughed at the thought. “If I’m being honest, before I got to know you, I thought you were just a ‘douchebag,’ Steve Harrington, but you proved me wrong. Now I know you’re one the coolest people on the planet and if (Y/n) can’t see that, she’s not worth your time.” Dustin knew how much you both liked each other, to the point where your endless dancing and quiet glances were getting annoying.

“Thanks bud.” The older teen perked up, happy to hear how Dustin felt about him.

“No problem dude.” Dustin smiled wait for a fist bump.

Steve returned the fist bump, a grin plastered on his face. “But what the hell am I supposed to say to her? ‘Hey Byers. You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.’”

“I suggest that you don’t say that.” Dustin laughed.

“No kidding kid.” Steve watched Dustin carefully. “You know that’s not what I was actually going to say right?”

“Yeah sure Stevie boy, if that’s what you say.” He teased. “I never know what you’re going to say around (Y/n). You become really flustered and unpredictable.”

“Shut up toothless.” He mocked the young boy knowing how much he hated the nickname. “I do not.”

“So,” Dustin started, “Are you going to ask her out or not?”

Steve jumped at the revelation. It was only 4 in the afternoon so there was still time to ask you out if he could gather up enough courage to do so.

“Uh. Yeah,” he smiled, “I’m going to go ask her out.” He let out a laugh he didn’t know he was holding. “I’m going to go ask Byers out.”

You were reading a book in the living room when there was a knock on your door. “(Y/n) can you get that?” Jonathan yelled from his room.

“Yeah.” You shouted back walking towards the front door. As you opened it, you revealed Steve Harrington holding a bouquet of flowers. You smiled at him happily.


“Hey.” He smiled, his smile coming off lopsided from how nervous he was.

“If the flowers are for my mom,” you teased, “she’s not here at the moment. You’ll have to come back later.”

Steve laughed nervously. “Uh, actually Byers, I was wondering, I mean, uh. I’ve been trying to ask you this for the longest time. Shit, get it together Steve, uh I-“

“I like you too Harrington.” You smiled softly as his eyes widened.

“Oh thank god.” He let out a shy of relief. “I was actually starting to get really nervous there.”

“Steve Harrington nervous,” you exclaimed, “I never thought I’d live to see that.”

“Yeah,” he rubbed his neck slowly, starting to gain back his confidence.  “So that’s a yes on the date?” 

“It’s more than a yes Harrington.  It’s a fuck yes.” You laughed at the smirk on his face.

“Well that,” he raised an eyebrow, “is a better reaction than I could have imagined. But I mean, who would reject a date with the king of Hawkins High?”

“Someone who is damn stupid.” You grinned flashing him a smile as you grabbed your coat.  “The diner and then the arcade yeah?”

“Yeah.” He replied.

“Alright.  Jonathan,” you yelled, “I’m heading out for a bit.  I’ll be back by 9.”

Steve realized as he stood there with you that one of the things he loved about you was your colorful words.  For such a quiet and sweet person, when Steve really got to know you, he realized how funny you really were.

“I’m just going to grab my hat,” you said, ““be right back.”

“I’ll be waiting in the car.” Steve opened your front door and walked towards his car.  He opened the door to the drivers seat, putting the keys in the egnition.  He couldn’t believe that you had said yes. He really couldn’t believe that you wanted to go out with him.  Now all he’d have to worry about was Jonathan finding out.  Surely he wouldn’t approve.

He watched you exit your house and was struck by how beautiful you looked, your cheeks reddening in the cool winter air.

Under his breath he muttered, “How’d I get (Y/n) Byers to go out with me?”

anonymous asked:

Do you have any badass Keith fics?? Like, a lot of fics seem to make him a damsel or they downplay just how badass he is, so I was wondering if y'all know of any where it's emphasized?

i was able to find these! -Rotem

Block, Punch, Dodge by chasing_the_sterek (1/1 | 3354 | Teen And Up)

“You’re not bad,” Keith says.

“I’m going to take that as a compliment and not think about the implication that you thought I was going to be terrible,” Lance shoots back, eyes tracking Keith’s hand when it twitches towards his hip.


In which Lance is a secret badass, Keith is surprisingly not as emotionally constipated as normal and everyone cheats at least little bit.

Set Course for Earth by dancingfox (1/1 | 1673 | Not Rated)

While the Universe chose Keith to be a Paladin, Keith doesn’t like the Universe back. When it tries to take Lance in the heat of battle, Keith takes matters into his own hands.

//abandonment issues

Gimme That Fire by umbraja (1/1 | 2111 | Teen And Up)

My mother told me ‘Son let it be’ but I sold my soul to the calling and now I’m gone.
Keith and Lance are on a mission to raid a Galra ship’s database but Lance keeps getting distracted. It’s not always a bad thing. At least Keith is there for him.

//canon typical violence, death

The Red Paladin by DietyofChaos (3/? | 7124 | Teen and Up)

The Red Paladin is an infamous name within Altea City. He is a vigilante, fighting for justice in streets riddled with crime. Some believe he is in the wrong for not abiding the law, and others celebrate him for getting the job done.

What the city isn’t aware of, is that The Red Paladin is simply a kid. Keith Kogane might be a teenager, but he is the successor to an infamous and feared name. Shiro, who was the original one to take on the mantle, has noticed that Keith has little regard for human life, and his instincts are getting in the way of his thoughts.

So, he decides to send the teenager to school. Hopefully in the process he will learn what it means to be human.


Live. Die. Repeat. by greenteafiend (5/? | 42093 | Mature)

On the day of the arrival Keith is forced to watch as a mysterious monster slaughters first Shiro, and then his classmates from the Garrison, one by one. It kills him too, but not before he manages to wound it grievously.

And then he wakes up back in bed that morning, alive and unharmed.

aka Keith is stuck in a time-loop and every time he dies, the day resets.

//panic attacks, homophobia, serious injuries, (temporary) major character death

Adrift by MarcusAfterMidnight (4/? | 6832 | Mature)

What if at the end of season 2 Lance went missing instead of Shiro? What if Lance had been sent into a wormhole, sent adrift into space? What if he woke up on a planet, galaxies away from the rest of the team? What if Lance gave up hope in ever being found by his friends? What if Lance gave up thinking they were his friends at all?

Damn, that’s a lot of ‘what if’s.’

//shallura, hunk/shay

a Black Mirror season 4 review

possible spoilers

1) USS Callister (8/10) - I liked this episode a lot. I love the tone and the message and the classic Black Mirror flipping of your perception of the protagonist. I think the exposition was great, I was kind of worried from the trailer that it maybe wasn’t going to be grounded more realistically since it only showed the mock-Star Trek scenes, but I love that they did a good amount of worldbuilding that gave time to establish a suspicious kind of wary empathy for Daly before ripping that apart. However, I agree with others that the ending felt pretty rushed, and I kind of wish we got a resolution from the real world too. It would’ve been cool to see them find Daly stuck forever in his catatonic state or dead or whatever. I also think it’s really interesting who you empathize with in this episode. Obviously Daly was terrible, but real-world Walton was to an extent too, it’s interesting how his virtual self redeems him. (Side note this episode made me love Jimmi Simpson, I wasn’t a huge fan of him in Westworld) 

2) Arkangel (7/10) - I like the concept. I’m not so sure I agree with a lot of others that the helicopter parenting thing is way too overdone a trope, I didn’t think the technology felt stale. At the same time I didn’t love the tone, it was a little anticlimactic, and it was a little straightforward. (And they either should not have cast 21-year-old Brenna Harding as a 15-year-old, or just adjusted the character’s age? I think it would’ve made more sense if Sara was maybe just a little older than 15). The plot was kind of boring and the characters/tropes (Sara, Trick, the mom), that’s what felt overdone to me. They were all kind of embodiments of stale tropes and nothing more. The mom was nothing more than a helocopter parent, Sara wasn’t much more than the bare bones of a rebellious teen, and her “love interest” was just a stereotypically annoying stoner kid. Final comments: Trick was a creep and more could have been done with the Arkangel technology.

3) Crocodile (7/10) - I think this was the wrong plotline for the technology not to have been like the central central component. Obviously the recaller was motivation for the ending to have happened (and I kind of really liked the little witness twist at the end), but Mia’s character didn’t feel incredibly real. I get that the initial event really changed her as a person but with the “spree” she goes on, it should’ve shown more of her inner turmoil and struggle for it to have been more believable. For a character to develop the way Mia did, usually in Black Mirror it would be a side effect of technology that desensitizes people to violence or intrapersonal relationships, and I guess the technology did increase her paranoia a ton which drove her to murder, but still. Overall, I think they could/should have done a whole lot more with the concept of the recaller, which I think was really cool and original in a season that deals a lot with consciousness and consciousness-related technologies. The recaller felt fresh but almost wasted on a weak plot. Shazia was the high point of the episode.

4) Hang the DJ (9/10) - I LOVED this episode so much. It had all the components of a classic Black Mirror episode and still such an uplifting ending: a plot twist, little hints along the way, characters to root for (!!!!) I loved the dialogue, the concept, everything. I’ve watched it multiple times since Friday already. However, although I understand the comparisons to San Junipero, I don’t think they’re exactly the same caliber. In my opinion, San Junipero went so much further in terms of worldbuilding and had a more fleshed out story, and the characters had much more distinctive personalities, so I don’t really agree with the statement that Hang the DJ is “straight San Junipero.” I mentioned I really liked Hang the DJ’s hints along the way, but even that I think San Junipero did better (Yorkie’s car accident hints, just every little thing you pick up on when you rewatch SJ, of which there are a ton). However, I think I preferred Frank and Amy’s dialogue to Yorkie and Kelly’s, SJ’s was almost clunky at certain times but Hang the DJ’s dialogue was so sweet and flowed so well. If not for Black Museum, this would be my favorite episode of the season. I can’t forget to mention that the score is amazing. Sigur Ros !! The end scene is so sweet and such a feel-good moment and emphasizes just how much you root for the characters as people and their relationship. The Smiths’ Hang the DJ tied everything together so perfectly at the very end (just slightly less iconic than Heaven is a Place on Earth playing over Kelly’s coffin lowering into the ground).

5) Metalhead (5/10) - I don’t really have much to say about this episode. I didn’t like the black and white or the limited dialogue. That’s definitely just my personal opinion, but for me it made the episode that much harder to sit through and difficult to want to pay attention to. Usually Black Mirror has my full attention but this episode did not. I didn’t really like the Shining-esque score, and I know the limited worldbuilding was also intentional but I’d have preferred some more background, but I know that’s just an opinion and some feel the limitations supplemented the story. It feels like a lot of the scenes weren’t content, just filler. I personally did kind of like the final twist, but overall the only saving grace of the episode was the actress’ performance, I just don’t think the episode was that deep. 

6) Black Museum (9.5/10) - Ok this episode was pretty close to perfection. My only complaint is I think they started off with the strongest anecdote, Dawson’s pain/pleasure mishap addiction thing. That was the most captivating. I have mixed feelings about Carrie’s consciousness thing (it might just be that I think the chair concept is awkward), but overall this episode was amazing. I love that it was a compilation of references and easter eggs (Saint Juniper’s, Shazia’s husband’s bathtub, TCKR, so many other things in the museum, “like when they upload old people to the cloud?”) Highlights included the acting ! Shit ! Leticia Wright and whoever played Rolo Haynes (sorry). Overall, it was a really comprehensive story that keeps you hooked and guessing and waiting, and this is a great episode to watch with others, because when I watched it with a friend we were yelling “holy shit” every 45 seconds and trying to catch foreshadowing to stay 1 step ahead, but like always Black Mirror always comes out of nowhere. I’m not doing a great job of emphasizing how great this episode is, but it’s a must watch.

Final comments: I loved season 4. I don’t like how so many people are saying it’s been so far dumbed down for American audiences. Some of the episodes retain the same tone as the first 2 seasons. Anyway, I don’t think Charlie Brooker would sell out like that, but I agree with some saying they should bring in some other writers too to supplement him before his ideas start getting staler, it’s amazing what kinds of ideas collaboration can bring about. Yeah a lot of the episodes are more cinematic, and I prefer the smaller production vibe with Black Mirror too (except SJ, cinematicness worked amazingly there), but I don’t think the bigger budgets have (for the most part) impeded on the storytelling.

In relation to other seasons, I’d say it’s about on par with season 3, checks and balances of the high and low episodes considered. The way I scored it, season 4 gets a 45.5/60 (honestly this is with the episodes all relative to each other held to an impossibly high Black Mirror standard, universally all BM is 10/10) and season 3 I gave comprehensively a 48/60. Let me know what you thought! I’d love to hear

Nothing (Jungkook/Reader)


Genre: Angst

Words: 1,779

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: “W-what?” You stood there stunned, staring back at your boyfriend who couldn’t even looked at you in the eye. (Trigger: slight mature content, cheating, heartbreak)

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Little Bean

Sweet Pea

Warnings: Pure cute floof

A/N: Hadn’t seen an idea like this so I just kind of ran with it, playing a lot with flash forwards and backs lately to make things interesting, let me know. This text block thing is killing me lately so I’m sorry a lot of speech isn’t separated


“Where the fuck is he?!”

“Would you please calm down I’m sure he’s a very busy man Sweet Pea”

“Well he should be busy with us yn we should be top priority! I’m going to go find him!“

“Sweets the doctor will get here when he gets here, please calm down your rising blood pressure is causing my blood pressure to rise which isn’t good for the baby” he went from pacing to collapsing to your bedside, clutching your hand with the iv digging into it.

“Do you need something honey?! Water? A pillow? A blanket? My jacket? That man in the lobbies jacket?” You laughed at your panicked husband.

“What I need is for you to please calm down!” you turned your hand so you could run the back of his instead, his eyes wild.

“You’re right, it’ll be grand”

“Of course it will, you’re here with me”

“You’re right again my gorgeous wifey, we’re in this together…now where the fuck is that doctor!?” He jumped again from your side and you rolled your eyes, collapsing back on the plush off white pillow.

“There’s probably other babies he’s seeing to first Sweets”

“Well there isn’t another baby as important as ours!” You smiled sweetly at your already proud husband and then watched him take off out the door.

After another hour or so Sweet Pea had practically hauled a doctor in off the ward by the throat, with you apologising the whole time.

“Hmm you seem to be at 10cm but the baby isn’t coming? Nurse it’s time to prepare for an emergency C-section”

“What what what?! Where are you taking my wife!” the medical team unlocked the bed from the wall and began wheeling you through the corridor with Sweet Pea still clutching your weakening hand.

Soon Sweet Pea was decked out in scrubs and you had just been decked from the morphine, you laid splayed out on the surgical table, a team of surgical personal like ants around you. A tarp placed in front of both you and Sweet Pea to shield the operation, Sweet Pea turning almost green.

“Babies almost here honey”

“Oh fab, we should go skiing sometime or hay maybe sky diving” he laughed at your drug induced words. Through the doctors scurrying and Sweet Peas gentle encouragement your baby was soon screeching into life. “Congratulations, it’s a girl” they carefully handed her to her new dad. Sweet Pea looked at his little bean in his arms and was almost afraid he’d break her.

“She’s so beautiful Pea”

“You’re so beautiful ynn, I’m so lucky” tears came to his eyes as the nurse took her from him to be cleaned. He turned his attention back to you, rubbing your hand gently and kissing the top of your head as you were sewn back together.

“Thank you yn, thank you so much for our little bean.


5 years later.

“Come here you little terror!” Sweet Pea playfully chased your little girl around the island unit of your home.

“Hey be careful!” You laughed from the kitchen table. Sweet Pea collapsed on the seat next to you, totally out of breath. “We should have another ynn”

“Emm can we focus on the two we have first” you smiled down at the 6 month old baby boy asleep in your arms. Dressed in a little Serpent jacket from Uncle Fangs, he yawned before smacking his lips together, returning to his sleep. “Dad play!”

“In a second Evie, Dad needs a rest” he put a large hand to his quickened heart and you laughed at him.

“Can I play with Ryan?”

“Not yet Sweeties he’s still too small and you’re too strong” she seemed sad at first by your answer but then decided to take it as a good thing and continued running around.

Finally with the kids asleep in bed, Evie content with the two books Sweet Pea had read, the two of you laid in bed staring at the ceiling.

“Yn I love you so much” you rolled into his side.

“Really? Even after two kids?” You teased.

“Especially after two kids, mom’s are hot” he kissed the top of your head smiling. “Not as hot as dad’s”

“Oh talk mom to me” he laughed kissing your cheek.

“We need-to renew-the insurance” you managed between kisses.

“Keep going” he hummed with a goofy smile.

“Cut-the-grass-tomorrow- or I’m- leaving you” you smiled back before meeting ferociously, Sweet Peas leg just began to tangle with yours as a small voice came to the door.

“Dad I’m scared” you broke apart and rolled your eyes at each other before Sweet Pea sat up and called Evie over.

“It’s okay little bean, dad will always protect you” he pulled her into his chest. You had tried time and time again to get Sweet Pea to stop leaving her sleep between you both but he really couldn’t help it. He was putty in Evie’s hands. She laid between you both but of course faced her Dad.


11 years later.

“Evie! I said no!“

“Dad! Im 16! I’m old enough to drive! Why can’t I go away with my friends camping for the weekend!”

“Because I said so! And take off that Serpent jacket!”

“Ugh!!!!” She shrieked, ripping the jacket from her shoulders to reveal her crop top and stomping up stairs.

“And put on a poncho for Christ’s sake!” He shouted after her.

“Dad you should just let her go, it’d be easier on all of our eardrums if your screeching Bean is appeased” Ryan collapsed on the couch in the den alongside you. “Don’t you have homework to do?”

“Oh yeah, annoyed with the favorite so we’re all punished” he pushed himself off the couch and sauntered into the kitchen.

“We don’t have favourites Ryan” you called after him laughing.

“Sweets sit down” he sat as close as possible, cupping your hand in his.

“I think we should let her go” “Absolutely not”

“Why not though, we went camping together when we were 16”

“Exactly, reason number one why she’s not going, how we spent our camping trips” you smiled at your husband while his eyes were fixed on the stairs.

“And about the Serpent jacket…”

“She’s not joining them, I want her to be proud of her Serpent blood but that doesn’t mean I want her to live it!”

“You have to let her make that decision herself Sweetie” “So you want her to die”

“Of course not!-” you hit him with the pillow “-but I know we’ve raised her strong and smart so I know she’ll make the right decisions”

“im going to go talk to her” you nodded in agreement and he took off up the stairs. You snuggled down into the couch, enjoying the peace and quiet before-

“YN!!!! EVIE IS GONE! OH SHE IS SO GROUNDED!” he came flying down the stairs taking two steps at a time, ryan came running in.

“I get her bedroom after you kill her!”

“We are not going to kill her….okay you can have it” you winked before tying up your coat and helping Sweet Pea with his, his rage enabling him from buttoning it correctly.


2 years later.

“I get your room now you’re leaving”

“Oh wow Ryan I’ll miss you too” Evie ruffled her brother’s hair, her suitcase in hand, standing in the kitchen doorway.

“College is going to be great sweetie”

“thanks mom” you gave her a hug, Sweet Pea stood behind you almost afraid to look. The doorbell went off behind him.

“Wait wait that’s Dean, I’ll get it!” She ran passed Sweet Pea, ripped open the door and leaped into the tall boys arms. You could hear Sweet Pea growl so you tentatively took his hand.

“So, you’re the boy who thinks he’s seeing my daughter”

“Emm em ye-yes sir” he put out his hand to shake Sweet Peas and you immediately thought what a mistake. Sweet Peas strength had Dean biting back tears.

“Well come on Dean! We better go before traffic gets bad. Bye everyone!” She hugged you and Ryan quickly before standing in front of Sweet Pea, Dean after running away with the bags.

“Bye Dad, love you, I’ll be back at Christmas”

“i love you too little Bean” she kissed his cheek before leaving the porch for her new college life. The three of you stood in the doorway waving her off.

3years later

“Mom, Dean cheated on me!” Evie was sobbing down the phone. You however were secretly happy, the whole family having never liked Dean in the first place.

“It’s okay Evie, you’ll be okay sweetie”

“Is that my little bean?” He looked at your worried face and his face dropped the smile.

“Oh god what’s wrong?!” he snatched the phone from your hand and repeated the question down the phone

“Dean cheated on me Dad!” Sweet Peas eyes grew wide and he handed a hysterical Evie back to you.

“Wait Sweets where are you going?”

“I need to handle something, Ryan! We have business to attend to son!”


6 years later

“Mom make dad stop crying” “Leave him alone sweetie, his little girl just got married”

“Oh please stop talking about it I’ll be sobbing…again” he put his hand up to you, forcing his eyes off his little girl in a big white dress. You kissed your teary husband tenderly before persuading him to look at his gorgeous daughter.

“You look so lovely my little bean” “Thanks Dad” “SP! We’re related now can you believe it!” “No Fangs, I really can't” his voice was dry and his tears were gone upon seeing Evie’s father in law.


4 years later

“Do you need anything my little bean? Water? A pillow? A blanket?” “Dad I need you to calm down please, it won’t make the baby come any faster” you sat by your daughter and laughed at her reply, Sweet Pea hadn’t changed much in this regard.

“I have to go find the doctor it’s time to get this baby out!” He paced, almost to the point he was wearing hole in the floor. Fangs arrived shortly and quickly joined Sweet Pea. “Ryan sends his love and will be home from college as soon as he can” you stroked your daughter’s hair as she ended another contraction. “Excuse me but only the dad and new mom can be in here for the birth” the small nurse was more than half the size of Sweet Pea. “You have to let me stay! That’s my daughter!”

“Come on Sweets” you kissed your daughters head before having to physically haul your husband out of the room. The three of you stayed out in that bright hall for more than 3 hours. Both you and Fangs taking opportunity to nap on Sweet Peas shoulders, Sweet Pea wired awake. Finally the little nurse came out and granted you access, Sweet Pea hurdling himself at the door.

You got to hold your granddaughter first, Fangs cooing over your shoulder, his son doing the same.

“I’m so proud of you little bean” he rubbed her hand before hugging his daughter. “Thanks Dad, for everything….you want to hold your granddaughter?” he nodded gently in reply. The miniscule baby was pried from your hands and gently settled in her granddad’s arms.

“Hello there my little bean”


Xx Chrissy.

The Best Day of Your Life

Anon:  Soulmate AU! Where on your fifteenth birthday the name of your soulmate appears above your heart.  With Jaybird please!

A/N:  You have no idea how excited I am for this.  Jay is my true love, and thinking about this request just gives me chills ^.^

(Y/F/S) – Your favorite show

Word Count:  This is hella long.  I have no regrets.  7,087

Warnings:  Language, sexual talk, sexual crap going on (not much detail)  NO SMUT

Also, this is my first reader insert.   So, please, cut me some slack!  And you may notice some similarity to Batman: Under the Red Hood. Well that’s because that is what I was going for.  But I had no way to watch it when I wrote this, so it is definitely different.  Oh well.  Let me know what you think!

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Chapter 29 - Behave

Originally posted by katherine8595

Chapter One & Two  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22  Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28

A/N - This is pretty much just 4k of smut. It was supposed to be tamer than this but apparently when I drink I write filth. So uh, Merry Christmas - have some Sehun smut. This little fic is now one year old and it still has so much to go. Thank you for reading my little trashy trashy story and as always comments are appreciated.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. You hadn’t moved since he asked you to punish him and he was starting to look concerned.

You were up for the task but you were just worried since you didn’t know what he liked sexually. The others at least gave you a starting point with their requests and you went from there. The last thing you wanted was to punish him and have him be made to feel used or taken advantage of. “It’s just. The others have all explicitly told me what they wanted to do so I’ve known how far to take things. I need you to think about what you would have requested if you’d gotten a reward so that I can work from there. And I need you to tell me if I go too far, communication and trust are vital right now ok?”

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Just Breathe - Chapter 4


“Where are you? I’m coming.”

Wait, what? Ben, we haven’t even talked through things-

“I told you that you were not alone. That was a promise. So what bloody planet are you on Scavenger?”

We hadn’t touched since the night he found me sobbing on an old cot.

I struggled to breathe for a moment, looking at the bare hand offered before me. Calluses covered his palm, and a burn marked the edge of his thumb. Glancing up to meet his gaze, his eyes burned with so many emotions I couldn’t place them. He had just called me a princess. I had no idea how to deal with this – He was the royalty in this situation. I was a scavenger.

But if we are being completely honest, I might fall off my own shoes at the moment.

Nervous out of my mind, I carefully reached out and felt the solid pressure of his hand. I didn’t plan on feeling such a moment of release. His palm was warm, even through the force bond. The obvious calluses were not rough and gritty like I expected, but instead were strong and solid. His hand felt as solid as the ground.

I didn’t know how long the force bond would hold, or if I even trusted him to support my weight.

It was plain as day that he was still mad at me, and I him.

But I should probably practice walking.


“Yes?” His voice was husky all of a sudden. I pulled my focus to his face finally and saw a man burning alive.

“What’s wrong?” Startled and worried.


Oh Rey, nothing is wrong except I’m not actually with you while you look like a goddess.


It was subconscious what happened next.

I pulled her weight forward and up, quickly pulling her in to a twirl. The fabric of her dressing following easily in suit, creating a blur of colors at the edge of my vision. I could hardly look away from her face. It was something I had done a thousand times jokingly with my mom. She had taught me the importance of being able to twirl a girl, she called it the quickest way to make a woman feel beautiful. So many stumbles, accidental crashes and laughs rose from my memories. But right now, it wasn’t about that.

It was for Rey.

The surprise on her face was so pure and honest, but her balance was clearly not saving her from the spontaneity of the moment, so I reached out with my free hand and caught her at her waist. I could feel her warmth under my hand and tried desperately not to get carried away. She was mad at me as it is, I didn’t feel like getting shot at by a blaster again.

Granted, she could shoot me with whatever she wanted dressed like this.

She swore lightly under her breath, but never broke eye contact from the moment I caught her.

“Nothing is wrong, you look beautiful.”

She could’ve had a fever with the vivid color that rose in her cheeks. Every freckle on her face washed away in a shade of pink.  I almost smiled. “You dance?”

Smirking, “No, not exactly. But you should probably try to walk before your friend returns.”

She rolled her eyes, but chewed her bottom lip.

“Get moving scavenger.”

The glare could’ve been a blaster shot.

“I’ll catch you, okay?” Giving her a small nod, and begrudgingly removing my hand from her waist. Rey gave me the same look she gave me on the elevator going to Snoke; she trusted me. Emotions tore through my body but before I could even register it, she had attempt her first step and I had to catch her full weight by the waist.

It was like an infant animal trying to take its first steps – amusing but pathetic.

“Oof!” She huffed, and scrambled to get her heels under herself. At this point I was holding her entirety as she tried to right herself. I couldn’t help it.

I laughed.

She froze.

“Holy shit, you can laugh!” Rey exclaimed, spinning in my arms to try to get a glance at my face.

Stopping immediately, I rolled my eyes and put her on her feet myself. I carefully went back to holding her hand, braced to support her weight if needed. No need to comment on her ridiculousness.

She studied me for a moment, her eyes burning with curiosity. “Hey, Ben it was a joke…”

I nodded, “I’m aware. Are you ready to try again?”

Rey looked a bit confused, but took a step in her petite golden shoes. She made it about three steps before collapsing again in a wobbly mess. I snagged her again before she hit the floor. Once on her feet, I put myself a food in front of her with both hands in my own. Logistically I should be more supportive here. “So you can take down an entire Praetorian guard, but you can’t walk in heels Princess?”

The term caught her off guard, “Technically, I took down half a Praetorian guard Ben.”

All of a sudden she smiled and squeezed my hands. I stopped breathing.

Could she possibly be a more enchanting human being?

But in a split second, the moment broke like glass


“Who are you talking to?”

My stomach dropped like a tie-fighter shot out from the sky. Looking over Ben’s shoulder I could see Leia, Rose, Finn and Poe had entered the room. Leia had been the one to speak, a look of pure confusion on her face.

She heard me talking to Ben.

The blood drained from my face and I couldn’t speak.

“Did you say Ben?” Poe asked, concern and confusion plain as day.

“What’s going on?” Finn asked, looking squarely at my obviously grasped hands.

Rose was the only that did not speak as panic overwhelmed me. All of a sudden Ben increased the pressure on my hands, and I turned back to him. Ben’s dark eyes were confused and upon registering my emotions he became immediately worried. A crinkle forming on his forehead and his mouth pinching together as he went on the defense. The force bond began to crackle and fade – our mutual panic was shredding it to pieces.



But that was it, he was gone.

I toddled forward from the loss of support, and barely caught myself against a nearby table. What have I gotten myself into. I hadn’t told a soul about the Force bond with Ben since getting back for obvious reasons. Primarily, I didn’t know how my friends would respond and I also didn’t want to hurt Leia. This wasn’t going to be easy to explain, but I wasn’t one to lie. I would tell them the truth, and so I did.

“I did say Ben.”

“Why?” Leia asked, stepping forward with her head tilted in confusion.

“Because I was talking to him, he was here.”


I swear that force bonds are the most unreliable use of the force ever.


A snarl ripped out from within me, as I chucked the nearest object across the room. My hands lunged towards my light saber when I stopped myself. I needed to try to get back through the bond and find out what was going on. I couldn’t do that in a full rampage.

With a swear, I clambered on to my bed and tried to meditate. The calmer I was, the easier it was to maintain the bond.

But there was nothing.

It was like slamming my head against a wall, pointless and fruitless. Whatever was going on had Rey in a full panic, making her incredibly guarded and she had sealed off her mind. Knowingly, I couldn’t be sure but her emotions were the problem in the connection for once. Bloody hell.

Flinging myself flat upon the disgruntled sheets, I flipped through options. I had no choice but to wait until Rey calmed down to even so much as check in on her, but at this point I doubted I could go back to sleep. I had to be here for her if she needed me.

If I only was bloody with her, everything would be a lot simpler.

Correction; if only she had decided to be with me, everything would be a lot simpler.

Huffing, I chucked one last item and decided I needed a break from the ship. I knew where I needed to go, but I had no clue where she was. Dressing in a hurry, I descended out of my chambers in a trudge. My lieutenants were annoying me within moments. Ignoring them proved more difficult than expected.


Force freezing the half dozen servants in their step. “I am leaving the ship, reports will go to General Hux. Any large matters he will send to me. Leave.”

I did not release them until I had descended into the hanger.

I chose my usual command shuttle for this journey, ignoring the crew that scrambled to assemble behind me. I needed space, to do something to keep busy until Rey was available. As soon as I shot off to light speed, I checked in on her. It was still sealed tight.

Several hours passed before I felt the small bleed of emotions enter my mind that were not my own.



Audibly gasping, I dropped the ship out of light speed and attempted to calm down enough to open the bond further. “Rey? Rey!”

I didn’t have to see her to know she was crying. Her emotions ravaged her mind, a flood of pure sadness and frustration. Isolation rang clear. “Rey! What’s going on? Are you hurt?”

She was surprised for a moment, and a broken whisper came through. Ben?

“Yes! Rey, I’m here. What happened?”

I didn’t know if I was even speaking out loud or just in my head. I was just grateful that she was back, regardless of what capacity it was in. She stifled a sob.

I’m alone on the Millennium Falcon.


This didn’t make sense, wasn’t the entirety of the Resistance aboard the Millennium Falcon? Before I could ask, she spoke again with heart break in every syllable.

Leia decided it was safest if I remained separate from the remains of the Resistance. Several of her lieutenants voiced concerns over you manipulating me. I was deemed a safety concern. They arranged for an ally to bring them another ship and they left a moment ago. Finn and Rose offered to stay behind, but I couldn’t do that to them. I couldn’t ask my friends to be cast off as well. They weren’t happy. I hardly know Rose, and she raised quite the fight. I agreed I will assist them, but from a distance.


These bloody, arrogant assholes.

“Where are you? I’m coming.”

Wait, what? Ben, we haven’t even talked through things-


“I told you that you were not alone. That was a promise. So what bloody planet are you on Scavenger?”


pA/N: Find Part 1 here, Part 2 here
I have so many ideas for this series, I just can’t help myself! For fans of Poe, he will be back in part 4! Let me know what you think! If you want to be add or removed from the taglist, let me know!

For the first time in days you were able to walk through the castle without a fancy dress or a forced smile, the past four days went by in a daze, meetings, dinners and god knew what. Everything to get the best out of this deal for your people and for the first order. You barely had a moment to yourself or a moment to talk with the man you were supposed to marry. The brunch in the gardens was the first and last moment you had with him alone and even that was under strict supervision.

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“So that’s it? You’re not even going to try and get her back?” Taehyung asked the older boy curiously. In reply, he just got a shake of his head. “Why not? You loved Y/N, and they loved you, so why are you letting them go so easily?”

Jimin groans as he tries to get the younger boy to understand his point of view. “Because I messed up, okay? I messed up and now they’re never going to want me back.”

“Are you sure about that though, Jimin? Like, completely sure?” Jungkook asks, pausing his Overwatch game to look over at his friend and help him with his love life struggles.

Jimin just looks at him in confusion and frustration. “I don’t know, okay? I don’t know what’s going on in their head right now, I don’t know how they’re feeling right now because of me!” The two younger boys look at their best friend in concern and sigh, knowing there is nothing they can do to help him. “I don’t know anything anymore, guys. All I know, is that they’re in pain because of me. I broke the love of my life’s heart.” Jimin whimpers, burying his face into his pillow to hide his tears. “And I can’t live knowing that I’ve put them through any kind of pain. But what can I do? Everything is done and dusted.”

“Maybe so, but can’t you at least try to get them back? Show them that you still care, at least. Isn’t that the least you can do after a 4 year relationship?” Taehyung suggests.

He got no reply.

The silence carried throughout the room until Jimin slowly sat up and wiped his tears with his hoodie sleeves, holding the pillow close to his chest. “Do you think that could still work?” He whispers, his voice nearly inaudible from the tears he’s just shed.

“Of course!” Taehyung exclaims, hugging Jimin close to him. “You guys were so in love and so happy with each other, I highly doubt you could spend more than two days apart.”

Jimin gives a small smile to his friends. Not a real, eye-smile, though - instead this smile holds even more emotion than normal. It shows hurt and regret, yet still determination, one of his most appreciated traits. “So, what’s the plan?”

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flower //kyle spencer

warnings: mentions of kyles moms abuse but no detail whatsoever. and mention of the titanic idk if that even needs a warning ndnxjssh??? but i’d rather be safe than accidentally trigger someone so

a/n: this is post death kyle btw

kyle’s accident and the aftermath of it all had changed your life in ways that someone could only imagine. but of course, that kind of thing would change anyone. the night of the accident itself had been absolute chaos. you hadn’t even caught news of the accident before franken-kyle was showing up on your doorstep with a girl you had never seen before, but you just assumed it was a friend of his. guessing kyle was just dressed up for another one of his crazy frat get-togethers, you ignored his weird appearance, writing it off as makeup for a costume, and opened the door a little wider like any other night and leaned in to kiss his cheek. he jerked back, eyes filled with bewilderment. you glanced at the girl once more, she looked pained, conflicted almost.

“we need to talk”, she declared before gently passing me and entering my house, kyle trailing behind her with his head held low.

she sat, staring at you with hesitant eyes and tapping her fingers against her knee while she waited for you to respond. and after a few moments, filled only with the noise of kyle scratching the carpet with his fingers, your eyes shifting back and forth between meeting her gaze and watching kyle mess with the fuzzy rug, you finally did. in fact, you had told her to “get the hell out of my house”. not exactly your nicest moment but honestly, who could blame you? you turned to kyle and yelled at him too, demanding that he stand up and leave, angry with him for attempting to play such a messed up prank on you. the moment you raised your voice at him his eyes filled with a fear that you’d only seen a few times before.

the fear in his eyes was as prominent as it had been during the nights you guys spent together when he hesitantly opened up to you about the hardships he faced with his mother.

recognizing this look, you knew something wasn’t right. you dropped to your knees and held his cheeks in your hands, softly shushing his cries and wiping his tears. he was hesitant to let you hold him, given that you’d just yelled at him, but he eventually let himself relax and lean into you. the girl, who you’d later learned was called zoe, gave you a knowing look and it hit you that this was all real.

the months following had been full of baby steps. children’s books, children’s ciriculum, random tantrums from kyle, scars from getting in the way when he lashed out and bags under your eyes from not only taking care of the giant toddler you called the love of your life, but from nights of laying awake wondering how everything could so wrong. but those months were also filled with significantly more ice cream dates, food fights, re-reading your favorite childhood books, and teaching kyle everything from how to comb his hair to how to tie his shoes.

to anyone else, it might sound fucked up. like really fucked up. from the outside, it just looks like a girl who’s in love with a man with the brain of a 4 year old. but it really wasn’t like that. obviously kyle had changed. he wasn’t the same kyle but he was still your kyle.

he was different in the way he walked and talked but he was the same in the way he liked 6 marshmallows in his hot choclate and in the way he loves the color orange. he was different in the shows and books he liked but he was the same in the way he gave big bear hugs and in the way he had to pet every single dog that we passed on the street. he was different, but he was also the same, even if it was only noticeable in the little things.

but there were certain days that reminded you so much of why you kept pushing for him. you really never worked long shifts anymore because you never wanted to stay gone for too long but luckily kyle had reached a point where he could stay home alone for small periods of time, so you could at least work.

on the days you had to leave the house and you couldn’t take kyle with you, you’d usually leave him at home with snacks layed out and turn on nick jr. or whatever other kids program he’s interested in that day.

today was one of those days. an hour had barely passed since you left for work when kyle had managed to accidentally turn the channel by knocking the remote when he sat on the floor. at first he was upset but that was soon forgotten when he got distracted by what was now playing on the tv.

kyle’s wide eyes stared at the screen while the titanic played. to say you were surprised when you entered the room to see your boyfriend watching the titanic would be an understatement. luckily you returned home before the movie had gone down hill. you changed the channel, saving him the inevitable emotional turmoil that is the death of leonardo dicaprio.

that evening, while eating your 5 star meal of kraft mac n cheese and apple juice in wine glasses, kyle kept staring at you. this wasn’t anything too unusual considering he’s easily intrigued but something about his gaze made you stare right back.

“you alright ky?” you questioned.

he slowly stood up and made his way to your side. you sat down your fork and stared at him with curious eyes, awaiting his next move. watching as he lifted his hand, you expected his fingertips to brush the ends of your eyelashes, as they often do. it always makes him laugh when your nose scrunches up when from this.

but your expectations were proved wrong when his hand moved past your eyes and his fingers brushed a small strand of hair behind your ear. you stared at kyle with wide eyes while he stared right back.

“ flower….”, he whispered.

“what ky?”

“flower. you..flower”

“ky i don’t understand what you’re-“

he started to get worked up, frustrated that you didn’t understand. he desperately looked around the kitchen for anything that could help him get his point across. suddenly he jumped up and ran away, leaving you sitting there in absolute confusion. but this didn’t last long because he was back in a matter of seconds with a book in hand while his eyes darted around the kitchen again, in search of something else. his eyes lit up when he saw the roses in the vase by the window. he quickly walked back over to me, now with a rose in one hand and a book in the other.

his chest rose and fell quickly with the adrenaline of running around the house so quickly. you continued to just stare at the determined blonde boy. your eyes flicked to the book he had retrieved, the little sailor. now that he had his book and rose, he went right back to trying to explain to what he meant.

“flower” he repeated.

you glanced at the rose again, assuming that’s what he was referring too.

“yeah ky, that’s right! you’re so smart, good job!”

“no!” kyle shouted.

you lifted your eyebrow at him, insinuating that you still didn’t understand. he then held up his book. you looked at the cover, seeing an illustration of a big ship in the water. kyle was getting desperate at this point. he held the book and rose right in front of your face, “g-girl, rrr, ro-se”. finally it clicked.

“you mean like rose, the girl from what you were watching on tv earlier?”. he broke out into a grin, glad that you were finally catching on. “yes!”, confirmed kyle. you. flower!”

it hit you. and it hit you hard. you finally understood. actually understood. he was calling you his rose. his flower. kyle’s grin immediately faded from his face when he saw your eyes getting watery, thinking he’d done something wrong. you caught saw this and immediately pulled him to you, wrapping your arms around him.

“no, ky babe. these are happy tears. i’m happy to be your flower. so so happy”

that night you layed in bed and thought. but this time, you weren’t thinking about the bad things. you were thinking about the best things.

kyle hadn’t said he loved you since the accident, but you knew that this was the next best thing. he literally called you his flower. in his mind, you were his rose and he was your jack. you could’ve laughed at how cheesy it sounded. but none of that mattered. it didn’t matter if it was cheesy. it didn’t matter if the only people that truly understood were kyle and you and it didn’t matter that still you had so far to go before he’d be back to being the same kyle as before the accident and that even then, he’d still be a changed man. the only thing that really mattered were you two. in the end, that’s the only that that would ever really matter.

A Pear In The Rocks II

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1488

Pairing: LokixReader

Summary: A family dinner with the Avengers. Loki will still only talk to you. Tony is intent on getting as drunk as possible. Natasha is hoping for it all to burn to the ground. Bruce and Steve are just trying to keep their heads down. Clint is hoping the food is good. And Thor makes a surprise appearance. Meanwhile, you’re the one that has to keep everything from falling apart - what could go wrong?

A/N: I had been so kindly asked for a sequel to A Pearl In The Rocks by the beautiful @fairytalesexistxx. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really anywhere for the story to go, so this kind of just spewed out onto my keyboard. So … enjoy?

Part 1 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

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The Labyrinth Chapter 17

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 2.1k
Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

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